nhainesTime to head to Ubuntu Hour Lake Forest.00:04
jledbetterDarkwingDuck, UBT meeting happening now in #ubuntu-meeting00:09
jledbetterDarkwingDuck, I'm sorry :(00:30
DarkwingDuckThe council is in shambles.00:31
DarkwingDuckjledbetter:  Is PhilW trolling?00:33
jledbetterDarkwingDuck, I have no idea. I'm very confused. I think I should be drinking whatever some others are :)00:33
pleia2precious 3ds01:53
nhainespleia2: how do you like it so far? :)04:56
pleia2nhaines: I love it :)05:31
pleia2I checked - I bought my ds lite in 2006, it was time for new shiny05:32
nhainespleia2: I basically get every Nintendo system. I'm only missing the GBA micro!05:56
bkerensanhaines: I tried installing the market apk but then it said I needed to add an account to continue and when I clicked add account it did nothing05:56
nhainesbkerensa: yeah, you need to add the Google account module, that's all.05:57
bkerensawhich apk is that05:57
bkerensathere are so many?05:57
nhainesNot sure, sorry. I saw in a cookbook for rooting a coworker's tablet but I didn't pay attention. I just downloaded.06:02
bkerensa:) Its ok... The roms I have found only have windows toolkits kinda sucks06:02
pleia2I've only ever owned the NES, Wii and DS Lite06:05
pleia2my sister had the original Game Boy06:05
DarkwingDuckI like my PS306:05
pleia2I had a PS206:05
pleia2(sold that before moving to Cali)06:06
* bkerensa is going to try and run this Android firmware kit via wine (hope I dont brick)06:06
pleia2good luck06:06
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nhainesWine doesn't have hardware access.06:10
bkerensaYeah I just thought about that :)06:14
bkerensaI also remembered Amazon offers almost the same apps as android market but for none OHA android devices :)06:15
bkerensaI'm probably gonna attempt to put ubuntu on here tonight I figure if I brick this one I got two other tablets coming in the next week so eh06:15
philipballewId say game cube's are where its at06:26
nhainesI love my GameCube. I'm happy my Wii is backwards compatible.06:27
philipballewThere is a hack im thinking of doing there i take a lcd screen and solder it to the video output cable and I now have a portiable game cube06:30
philipballew^might be a project one day06:34
philipballewdoes anyone here do nintendo emulators?06:44
philipballewstarted a few years ago and never looked back06:45
nhainesI should have learned to program for the NES. But I didn't.06:49
philipballewI use mupen64plus and dolphin. both are nice06:52
nhainesI keep origina hardware. :)07:20
bkerensaI wonder how big the entire canonical repos are07:29
bkerensalike all packages combined07:29
philipballewim sure they say somewhere07:31
philipballewjust apt-get install everythng and see how bug the download would be07:31
DarkwingDuckLooks like I'll be working to help setup SCaLE this next time.17:00
seidosDarkwingDuck: maybe you can help me figure out what i should do with this ninja hood17:01
seidosactually, i should probably wear a suit to the next SCaLE and take the job search more seriously17:04
seidosthat may backfire though17:04
seidosmaybe i can build a decision support system to help me decide :(17:05
akkWear a suit if you want people to think you're a business person checking out this linux thing for the first time. :)17:07
seidoshmmm, that may be an idea17:08
seidosmaybe i'll bring more than one change of clothes17:08
seidosi had far too much fun at the last SCaLE17:08
jledbetterakk, lol True17:14
seidosnot that there's anything wrong with business persons interested in linux for the first time17:14
seidosi was kind of bummed the last SCaLE wasn't mentioned in the LA Times17:15
jledbetterWell if you're looking for a job as one that knows Linux, probably not good to look like 'em :)17:15
seidosthere is no tie17:15
akkI thought it was mentioned in the Times. Or was that the previous year?17:16
seidoswell, maybe it was prior to it occuring, but the following day i didn't see anything17:16
akkAnd yeah, newbies are awesome (whether business people or other), but that's not what you want to look like when job hunting.17:16
seidosperhaps i missed the issue17:16
seidosthe guys at the IBM booth were wearing suits17:16
seidosnot sure if they know Linux :)17:16
seidosmaybe i should bring a spear17:17
akkIt's always funny when a company has a booth at a linux conference and the booth is all windows machines.17:17
akkThat used to describe more than half the booths at LinuxWorld, especially from the big companies like HP and IBM.17:17
seidosjledbetter: job hunting17:18
nhainesakk: At SCaLE6X, HP had Edubuntu on their machines.  :)17:22
akkI think SCALE's a lot better than LW was -- LW always attracted the really corporate displays aiming at business/enterprise users.17:23
pleia2someone at the bay area debian meeting said the same thing (and mentioned that it morphed into OSW and eventually died)17:24
pleia2the Open Source Business Conference was like that too, but at least they set their clear expectations in the event title :)17:24
seidoslove is trailmix18:19
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