BlazeixI know I'm late to the javascript minification article party, but is there any instance of an AV vendor flagging JS because it's minified?00:10
Blazeix"As with compression in other contexts, compressing the same object twice or more does not make sense"00:10
Blazeixthat seems to point to the author not understanding js minification at all00:11
rick_h_yea, part was him misunderstanding00:11
rick_h_but sounds like not minification, but packing would get it flagged00:11
Blazeixok, I'd agree with obfuscators being stupid00:15
Blazeixbut I imagine there aren't very many people that obfuscate/pack in order to reduce filesize.00:16
rick_h_well, closure compiler, yui compressor, etc00:22
rick_h_if you crank the settings up on there I wonder if they'd count/hit this00:23
rick_h_I mean, I've never run into it, but crazy to think that a user somewhere with some AV might block my site's JS because it's been cranked through yui compressor at full titlt00:23
Blazeixhm, I'd consider closure compiler and yui compressor to be in the same basic family as jsmin - minifiers00:28
Blazeixthough I suppose the distinction can be blurred00:28
BlazeixI guess I'll keep doing it until I hear about a problem with it; I imagine it'd be fairly big news.00:28
rick_h_yea, same here00:29
rick_h_it was more of a *hmm, hadn't thought of that* vs *OMG stop what you're doing!*00:29
Blazeixmy little brother is installing natty - we'll see how this goes01:30
Blazeixare there any tricks to help him configure it? I remember it being fairly unconfigurable.01:32
jrwrensnap-l: Keith Jarrett - Sun Bear Concerts01:46
snap-lBlazeix: There's a few out there.01:53
snap-ljrwren: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Jarrett#Idiosyncrasies01:54
snap-lI've tried listening to his music, but man, that hurrrrr really doesn't work for me01:55
jrwreni sometimes like it.01:55
jrwrenlike one of his live at the bluenote sessions is great.01:55
jrwrenoh man... he sounds nutty.01:58
jrwrenbut he is still an amazing musician01:58
snap-lYeah, he's a complete nutter.02:43
Wolfgerit's Friday?11:51
rick_h_better be or I'm going to have a fit11:52
brouschhm, the shop has been cut back to 32 hour weeks. might be time to dust off the old resume again11:55
brouschthere are actually a lot of jobs in GR, but essentially none of them are python11:58
rick_h_GR always seems a .net shop to me for some reason12:02
rick_h_are you hourly though?12:03
rick_h_I'd assumed you'd be salary12:03
brouschi am12:03
brouschwe're still under a 10% salary reduction started in 200812:03
rick_h_oh, ouch12:04
brouschstill down 2 office people from layoffs at that time12:04
brouschGR is .net and ruby12:04
brouschthen java12:06
brouschplaces like mutually human and atomic object are booming, busy, and hiring, but they're ruby12:07
snap-lbrousch: That sucks12:34
snap-lre the hour reduction / salary cuts12:34
ptenhoopenbrousch:  Sorry to hear about the cutbacks.  We were hit hard the last few years.12:37
brouschwell the initial cutbacks are what got me out of the basement to socialize, so it's not all bad12:41
Wolfgeryou used to work in the basement?12:44
Wolfgerdid you get your red Swingline back, too? ;-)12:44
brouschi actually do have a red swingline, though it's dark red, not bright red12:49
brouschnice stapler12:49
snap-lI have a red swingline on my desk12:49
snap-lhas a "Java Powered" sticker on it12:50
Wolfgeryou have to pour coffee on your stapler?12:52
WolfgerI mean, that's silly... but it makes more sense than you using Java intentionally. ;-)12:52
snap-lone sec, and I will share all12:53
snap-lWolfger: Is dropbox blocked?12:56
Wolfgerspeaking of Java Powered.... O'R's DotD :-)13:01
Wolfgersnap-l: Dropbox is not blocked \o/13:02
WolfgerAh, yes... now I remember why I pretty much stopped reading Slashdot: http://science.slashdot.org/story/11/08/12/0359230/Researchers-Make-Graphene-From-Girl-Scout-Cookies13:07
WolfgerBut the poll is made for rick_h_ I think ;-) http://slashdot.org/pollBooth.pl13:09
rick_h_according to gitstats run on bookie which I was hacking on last night13:14
rick_h_oh, but I guess that should include work code as well...hmmm13:14
Wolfgerso... the bottom option, as I suspected13:16
rick_h_naw, I think it's a bit crazy to have 1000s of lines of code in a 24 time period13:17
rick_h_though I do have a test for the new code in bookie last night and that counts as more LoC I'm sure13:17
rick_h_if you count lines of docs I might hit the "at least 500 less than 1000" I'd bet13:18
WolfgerI still can't believe anybody uses LoC as a metric13:18
rick_h_yea, exactly13:18
Wolfgerkinda rewards inefficient people for being inefficient13:18
Wolfger"oh, I won't create a reusable object, I'll c&p this code 10 times. Wow am I ever productive!"13:19
jrwrenwhat is wrong with that?13:19
rick_h_I mean, any good dev knows using keyboard shortcuts is the greatest of ideals to hold to13:20
rick_h_ctrl-c, ctrl-v13:20
Wolfgerwhat is wrong with c&p, or what is wrong with considering c&p more productive based on some arbitrary metric?13:20
jrwrenbut i can't keep trolling.13:21
jrwrencuz you said metric13:21
rick_h_I tried to help jrwren :P13:21
WolfgerHey, I use c&p a lot13:21
Wolfgerbut I'm not a very good coder13:21
rick_h_lol http://chris-lamb.co.uk/2011/08/12/careful-what-you-wish-for/13:22
rick_h_that's awesome on a ton of levels, man13:23
Wolfgerthat bass-ackwards13:24
Wolfgerinstead of combining the best parts of both systems, they're taking the worst13:24
Wolfger"Here! It's apt, but it's slow!"13:24
Wolfgersorry. I'm humor deficient this morning.13:25
* Wolfger goes to drink more coffee13:25
snap-lWolfger: Would you prefer to read that on reddit? "HEy guys, I was browsing the net for porn when I saw that scientists had made graphene from girl scout cookies. I abouot dropped my penis."13:29
jrwrenrick_h_: ZOPMG LOL!!!13:30
jrwrenif I had liquid in my mouth I'd ahve spit .13:30
jrwrenapt-gentoo LOLZ13:30
rick_h_jrwren: ok glad someone else appreciates it as much as I do13:30
rick_h_I was worried for a minute13:31
jrwreni esp love the "slowly scroleld"13:31
snap-lOh that is awesome.13:31
snap-lI must have it13:31
jrwreni'm tempted by it too snap-l13:31
jrwrenare you going to install it?13:31
jrwrenthis is the funniest thing since funrolloops13:31
jrwreni'm looking at you jcastro13:31
rick_h_you know, a designer did say that you need to make it appear that the ssystem "did work" even if it takes ms to do an operation13:32
Wolfgerrick_h_: no need to worry. It was amusing. I just had a cup of grumpy this morning.13:38
snap-lWell, apparently the latest version of Google Chrome from the beta channel has problems13:38
rick_h_ruh roh13:38
snap-lMy sync foo isn't working13:38
rick_h_hmm, latest changes went all encrypted with all sync data13:39
jrwrensync my cookies too damnit!13:39
jrwrenFF sync win13:39
WolfgerI'm thinking apt-gentoo has a future in Hollywood....13:39
rick_h_jrwren: sync my extension too! FF sync fail13:39
Wolfger"we want to show him updating his computer. That's what it really looks like? Can you do something to slow it down and make it more verbose?"13:40
snap-lMake it green screen13:40
Wolfgersnap-l: I think Hollywood finally learned a few years ago that monitors aren't green anymore13:42
ptenhoopenCool shirt - http://www.teefury.com13:56
WolfgerYeah. I like some of the side art more, though.14:04
nullspaceWolfger: I love grumpy-Os it's my favorite14:05
brouschug, feeling old. i've moved into the 35-49 age bracket in a survey14:06
_stink_take a salt tablet14:06
snap-lbrousch: Now your opinion no longer matters14:08
brouschi'm practically lumped in with my parents now14:08
snap-l18-34 <- taste makers14:08
snap-l35-49 <- Some taste14:09
snap-l49-65 <- Loosing taste14:09
snap-l65+ <- Needs salt.14:09
jrwrenbrousch: you are old14:25
Wolfgersnap-l: you are too old to believe that14:28
Wolfgerhe is just entering the age bracket at which lawmakers start caring about his opinion14:29
WolfgerIn fact, your entire age bracket scenario is opposite :-)14:29
snap-lWolfger: Bullshit. ;)14:30
snap-lYou're assuming they care at all about our opinion14:32
nullspacehey if you get voted in to office for being a rampant douche` can you really expect them once in office to not be a rampant douche`14:34
rick_h_dammit, finally get to go see a movie and nothing good out14:40
rick_h_damn you hollywood!14:40
snap-lrick_h_: Oh c'mon, there's plenty of movies out.14:41
snap-lLike, um...14:41
rick_h_the smurfs! how did I miss the smurfs!14:41
snap-lOf course! The sequel to Avatar14:41
rick_h_"on the other side of the universe...in a small small place...14:42
snap-lWell, this is cool. Firefox is crashing15:00
snap-land I can't start it back up15:01
snap-lApparently today is the day of weird crashes15:01
snap-lon the plus side, my car is fixed.15:01
snap-lso, woo hoo!15:01
snap-lif we're really lucky, the check from progressive will be in the mailbox today.15:02
snap-lPicked up the car. Woo hoo!17:44
rick_h_snap-l: a man with wheels yay18:01
snap-lYeah, it's used-car clean too18:02
rick_h_yea, I love when I take my car in for big work, always do a light detail on it for me :)18:02
snap-lthey didn't clean the cupholders, though18:02
snap-land they managed to lose the plastic cover that hangs out on the engine18:03
snap-lno big deal, but will take it back over there to get it replaced.18:03
WolfgerI think somebody posted this Programmers question to Slashdot by mistake... http://ask.slashdot.org/story/11/08/12/1433239/Ask-Slashdot-Am-I-Too-Old-To-Learn-New-Programming-Languages18:23
snap-lIf you have to ask...18:24
rick_h_heh, if you want to watch my boy get stabbed at the dr watch the news monday night18:28
snap-lOh joy18:34
snap-lWhich station?18:34
rick_h_not sure what local that is18:36
rick_h_but that video of her and getting Michael his immunizations is going to air during the 11pm news there I guess18:36
snap-lAlso, set cursorline is awesome.18:44
snap-lNot sure I'd' have it as default, but it does come in handy.18:44
rick_h_be aware it's a big cause of laggyness18:45
rick_h_I used to use it all the time, but it's a perf hit18:45
snap-lYeah, but it's good for what I need it for18:50
rick_h_cool just an fyi18:50
snap-lwhich is editing a list of items for my GTD.18:50
rick_h_there's lots of people on the list and such crying that ruby code highlight is slow, or other things18:51
rick_h_usually turns out to be cursorline18:51
snap-lYeah, if you're on a slow connection, any line-draw is going to be a drag.18:51
rick_h_it doesn't redraw the line though, vim works by whole screen18:51
rick_h_something like that, I read about it when I was having issues with it18:51
snap-lif they're using curses, it'll be a pain regardless.18:52
rick_h_yea, anyway, big drag, but pretty and cool18:52
snap-lcurses tries to be efficient, but slow connections are still slow.18:52
rick_h_http://www.vendorclientvideo.com/ is kind of funny18:53
rick_h_Wolfger: should show that to his chrysler bosses :P18:53
snap-lrick_h_: That video is awesome.19:52
jjessethat made me laugh20:02
jjesseits soooo true20:02
krondorfunny but a bit one sided, we need clientvendorvideo.com I think.  Show the cook buying that steak from outback and reselling it after adding some oregano.  Charging maintenance on the meal too...21:15

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