anduriland happy ham to none00:11
Sadinugh i always forget what the command is to give myself access to a directory like read and write permissions01:14
SamuraiAlbaHappy ham to all, too!02:15
ChinnoDogThis channel makes me hungry03:42
ChinnoDogI wish I had some canadian bacon03:42
* InHisName is sleepy05:33
SamuraiAlbame too05:33
SamuraiAlbabeen playing all day with new lappy05:33
InHisNameyouuuuuu are gettttting sleeeeepy, SamuraiAlbaaaaaaaaaa05:34
SamuraiAlbaI should go to the next plug or chug...05:35
SamuraiAlbathis laptop roxxorz boxxorz05:36
rmg51morning JonathanD08:50
JonathanDhi there sleepyhead.09:07
JonathanDsup rmg51?09:09
rmg51at the moment just me09:09
JonathanDand me.09:10
rmg51just setting the morning paper09:10
InHisNameHowdy JonathanD and rmg5110:22
JonathanDhey InHisName11:17
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all, and some happy ham, too!11:44
JonathanDIf you were at fosscon: http://bit.ly/fosscon2011survey13:38
pleia2JonathanD: you should say how many pages it is16:08
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!16:09
jedijfpleia2: just ate at zombie16:27
JonathanDandrew: can we say how many pages it is?16:28
andrewJonathanD: done17:09
* ChinnoDog slaps SamuraiAlba around a bit with a large cube steak18:05
SamuraiAlbacube steak!  WOOWOO!18:09
InHisNameOhhhooo we doing steak shapes ?    triangle steak (T-bone), round, and square burgers18:17
=== [1]SamuraiAlba is now known as SamuraiAlba
SamuraiAlbaanyone around?20:16
ssweenynobody here but us chickens20:20
SamuraiAlbacluck cluck20:21
ChinnoDogInHisName: cube steak is an actual cut of steak, not a shape20:22
ChinnoDogGotta know your cuts of meat if you are going to chat in here.20:24
jedijfwoot Your order for 1 Optoma PT100 DLP Playtime Projector on 08/11/2011 has been recently shipped via SMARTPOST.20:34
andrewSMARTPOST? Sorry to hear that.20:36
andrewSmartpost takes a week to do what Ground does in a day.20:36
jedijfthat's fast for woot; i'll take it20:49
jedijfestimated the 18th delivery20:49
SamuraiAlbajedijf, I has toys!20:58
SamuraiAlbaKnow anyone interested in a Toshiba C655D-S5057 AMD 2.1ghz dually with 500gb drive, 4gb DDR3 and Radeon 4200 lappy?  $30020:58

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