cyberangerman, I wish I could figure out what it would take for a dial up modem's "Modem on Hold" feature in linux04:01
wrsthowdy ChanServ13:55
wrsthowdy chris458513:55
Juzzycyberanger: welcome to the absolute hardest :)13:57
XpistosMORNING YAL14:02
Xpistoswrst: Capo14:02
wrstmornign :P14:04
Xpistoscould my router be stopping a flash page from loading?14:06
wrstXpistos: anything is possible but I kinda doubt it for some reason14:08
Xpistosmy home computers will not load or play http://ads.parentsconnect.com/sponsors/2011/quaker/chewy/singAndSubmit.php?page=sing&subPage=gallery&content=37BBFFFF022B64880017015494C214:09
Xpistosthey say loading and that is it14:09
wrstthat's how it works here also Xpistos14:09
wrsti'm on winders at the moment14:10
Xpistoscyberanger: was able to get to it and I can get to it here at work14:10
wrstXpistos: 32 or 64 bit flash?14:12
Xpistoswork is windows14:12
Xpistoshome is ubuntu14:12
wrstXpistos: here at work on XP, using chrome, firefox, and IE, I get the same result14:15
Xpistoswrst:  do you use opendns?14:19
Xpistosnvm that didn't work14:20
Xpistosfor it to not work at home but it does at work, there must be something going on14:21
wrstyes I have used it but not here14:21
wrsti'm thinking they site has issues Xpistos14:21
Xpistosand they may, but I can'14:22
Xpistost figure out what it could be14:22
Xpistoswhat ver of winders are you using there14:22
Xpistos32 or 64 bit14:23
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=== Xpistos1 is now known as Xpistos
cyberangerXpistos: still a problem then? darn15:40
cyberangerXpistos: does hulu & youtube work?15:41
cyberangerXpistos: does work put you on a strict firewall or proxy15:43
cyberangerwrst: did it work for you15:43
wrstnope nothing worked here cyberanger15:43
wrst3 browsers15:43
wrsthmm let me remote into the hosue and see15:45
wrstcyberanger: that is workign at home15:46
cyberangerwrst: to clarify nothing, what was tried, and any restrictive firewall involved15:47
cyberangerand what worked at home?15:47
wrstahh yeah :) Xpistos link worked at home15:47
Xpistoscyberanger:  The link worked at wrst house and my work, but not wrst work and my house15:48
XpistosI don't have any restricted firewall15:49
cosmicpizzahi there15:50
Xpistoscyberanger: I event tried to allow all incoming and outgoing traffic on my firewall with not luck15:52
cyberangerXpistos: sometimes work enviroments (and my own gear) use restrictive15:52
Xpistosbut I can get there from work and cannot get there from home15:52
Xpistosthat is what is driving me nuts15:52
cyberangerwhich is something I was thinking, not allowing everything, but denying anything flash asks for, unnecessarlly15:53
cyberangerwrst: what 3 browsers, and a firewall, and what 4th setup worked15:53
wrstcyberanger: here at work, XP Pro, chrome, firefox and IE,15:54
cyberangerXpistos: it's a nice video btw15:54
wrstat hoem it worked with arch x64 and firefox with teh 64 bit native flash plugin15:54
Xpistosthank you15:54
cyberangerwrst: that all failed, and all on XP Pro, any firewall?15:55
cyberangerand home, was that plugin via pacman or firefox plugin finder, or adobe's site?15:55
wrstcyberanger: yes we have a hardware firewall15:55
wrstbut i don't think that is the issue15:56
Xpistosif my modem is in bridge mode that should be doing anything firewall wise should it?15:56
cyberangerwrst: neither do I, but flash's behaviour changes with a firewall (I was thinking that, but this much difference, I doubt that now)15:57
cyberangerXpistos: it'd be your router15:57
Xpistosnetgear wgt624 v315:57
cyberangerXpistos: I don't think it's a firewall anymore15:58
XpistosI will try to get the email from my wife they sent her16:00
cyberangerXpistos: I'm thinking one of two things (and only one is really in our control)16:03
Xpistoshit me16:04
cyberangerI'm thinking flash version differences, bug or glitch in an older one16:04
cyberangerwrst had 64 bit, I had 32 bit16:04
XpistosI updated flash with the plugin you gave me yesterday. I have 32 bit16:04
cyberangerbut the actual versions might...ah drat, right16:05
cyberangersecond one (which isn't really anything we can deal with) is their server16:05
cyberangerif they use a CDN, they've got more than one server16:05
cyberangerand one is acting up16:05
cyberangerI'm trying to think of any other method to cause an issue with this much difference between the two failures16:20
cyberangerand any similarities between the two sucesses16:20
cyberangerit's nice when you got one problem, but with flash it's never just one problem16:24
cyberangerContent Distrobution Network16:30
cyberangerthink distributed servers, nyc, chicago, atl & LA16:32
cyberangeryou only contact the one closest to you (which is guesses about)16:32
cyberangerclosest to me is clearly ATL, for you it could be chichago or atl16:32
cyberanger(just as an example list)16:33
cyberangerand each will have more than one server16:33
cyberangerone has a server issue and hence the issue16:33
Xpistosbut why would work be good and home not? the page has been loading for 2 hours16:34
Xpistosand I work a mile from my house16:34
cyberangerbecuase it routed to a different server16:34
cyberangeryour distance isn't over a network (could be different ISP's too)16:34
cyberangerso that could even mean not just a different server, but different data center16:35
cyberangerI'm not saying that's it, I'm just trying to build a list of what it might be16:35
cyberangerthing with flash, it rarely is one simple issue with one simple fix16:35
cyberangerit's usually mutiple issues turing the pond to mud, hard to see the issue through the soot16:36
Xpistosshould I try using a proxy and see it that does the trick?16:39
cyberangerwith flash, it's a great idea, except flash like to avoid using them16:42
cyberangerthat's why my firewall question wasn't just about what you allow but what you deny16:42
cyberangeryou deny enough, flash listens to your settings, and uses the proxy16:43
Xpistoswell i have a proxy going, but should I just lock outgoing on my proxy16:47
Xpistoswell i disabled port 80 traffic and set the proxy that uses port 3128 I am getting a different status message now, "waiting for adobe.com...: which is different than transfering.16:53
cyberangerXpistos: port 80 isn't the only port19:20
cyberanger1935 is the main one19:29
cyberangerit falls back to 80 & 443 (I can't recall the order, I think that's the fallback order)19:29
XpistosI disabled them in and out as well. no change19:51
cyberangercodecs is the only thought I have left, but that's already explained away, when we did the upgrade last night19:58
cyberangerwell, the only thought that we could resolve20:06
Juzzywhats the problem?20:08
XpistosJuzzy: I can get to a page to see my daughters entry into a signing contest.20:11
XpistosI can see it at work but not from home20:12
Xpistosat home I get to the second loading screen and it does nothing20:13
Juzzydoes the redirect work?20:14
Xpistoswait that link is not work20:14
Juzzyrunning squid?20:14
Juzzyya gathered that20:15
Juzzyrunning squid?20:15
Juzzyor what's the problem?20:15
XpistosI am not running anything20:18
Xpistosthat is the link20:18
cyberangerJuzzy: flash is the problem20:25
cyberangeror so it seems20:25
cyberangertried on mutiple browsers & locations, even other OS's20:26
cyberangermy laptop worked on the second link20:26
cyberangerwrst had sucess at home, not at work20:26
cyberangerXpistos: your issue was at home, work suceeded, right?20:27
Xpistosand wrst was backwards20:27
* wrst heard his name mentioned20:27
wrstXpistos: I'm always backwards20:27
cyberangerJuzzy: so yeah, various attempts, mutiple variations, only constant is it's a flash video :-/20:28
Xpistosthe link that ends in gallery is not a flash page I don't think20:30
cyberangerXpistos: it has flash in it20:32
cyberangerbut the page is html20:32
Juzzysorry, back20:34
Juzzywhat protocol, port is the flash going over?20:34
JuzzyI'm guessign it's streamed and not a swf/flv over port 80?20:34
XpistosI guess20:36
cyberangerJuzzy: streamed, but idk what the failure is trying, 1935 80 or 44320:37
cyberangermy sucess is RTMP over HTTP or RTMP over HTTPS20:37
XpistosI can watch http://ads.parentsconnect.com/sponsors/2011/quaker/chewy/inspireAndImagine.php?page=inspire&subPage=roadToStardom without a problem20:41
XpistosI disabled 80, 443, and 1935 and used a proxy. still not luck20:42
cyberangeryeah, hence the mystery that still remains20:43
Juzzyhow did you enable the proxy?21:11
Juzzyinternet options?21:11
Juzzyor ff/chrome?21:11
Juzzyso how does flash know to use that?21:11
Juzzydo it in internet options21:12
XpistosI said for everything to go through the proxy21:12
Juzzyflash = 3rd party21:12
Juzzyit doesnt give a pooper about your ff settings - that I'm aware of21:12
Xpistosyeah, but if you tell it to go through the proxy and it can't go through a different port21:12
XpistosI don't see how the page can go through the proxy but flash not expecially when you turn the other ports off21:13
Juzzyfirst 2 links from glancing says flash doesnt use ff settings21:16
Juzzywhich would be my guess21:16
Xpistoschrome and midori then don't work either21:17
Juzzydunno bro21:18
Juzzyfind the port it's using21:19
Juzzyget wireshark, etc21:19
Juzzysee if upstream is blocking it21:19
cyberangerJuzzy: I enable it in firefox options, but flash reserves the right to ignore it, If you firewall it enough, it'll listen21:32
cyberangerflash can listen to firefox (as a plugin, it can see those settings) it just can disobey too21:33
cyberangergood idea on wireshark21:44
cyberangeryeah, something I worked on with others when hulu made it a pain, when I was involved in foxyproxy22:07
Juzzyhiphop-php is pretty spiffy22:26
Juzzytakes 409s to recompile the site though, heh :(22:28

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