mikeputnamh00k: did you pitch the Ubuntu Hour / Global Jam to them (NEWLUG) yet?00:31
h00kmikeputnam: indeed00:31
h00kmikeputnam: pretty sure, we had someone drop in00:32
h00kmikeputnam: perhaps bigbash00:32
bigbashthat would be me00:32
h00kOH HI00:32
h00kbigbash: are you in the Hangout right now?00:33
bigbashhi, i just happened to check irc right now00:34
h00kbigbash: hi :)00:34
bigbashi stay signed in via znc00:35
bigbashnewlug actually had a meeting tonight but i missed it00:36
h00kit's still happening00:36
bigbashah you in it?00:36
mikeputnambigbash: hit Google+ and find us!00:37
bigbashmy audio doesnt work00:40
bigbashbjt my video does00:40
bigbashok on00:47
h00khi :)00:47
h00kThe wife was wanting to Hangout ;)00:57
mikeputnambigbash: are you Shawn McGuire?01:23
bigbashI am01:23
mikeputnamHi there01:24
mikeputnamI work in Neenah01:28
bigbashcool, as programmer?01:29
bigbashI'm working in Appleton01:29
mikeputnamyeah. Oracle/PeopleSoft01:29
mikeputnamRoss here is erm "verbose".01:29
mikeputnamI live in Appleton01:30
mikeputnamwe are polar opposites01:30
bigbashNot a fan of the construction going/or will be going on01:31
bigbashI was driving from Oshkosh to Appleton for a while01:31
mikeputnamyeah. the commute gets a little tense in construction01:32
mikeputnamblech.  25 minutes?01:32
bigbashyea a lot longer in the winter01:32
mikeputnami did manitowoc to Neenah for 6 months01:32
bigbashwow that's rough01:32
mikeputnam17 minutes door-to-door now01:33
bigbashnice, that's about the same here, we used to be at the far end of Wisconsin ave so all the lights would slow me down but we move to the old Wave building now01:34
mikeputnamnice.  right off the exit01:34
mikeputnamDo you code too?01:35
mikeputnamfor work01:35
mikeputnamobviously you do on github01:35
bigbashumm a little bit, at work we are MS so I do C#01:36
bigbashright now it's mostly scraping stuff from terminal emulation01:37
bigbashI really want to learn Java and I've been trying to find time01:37
mikeputnamIt can be somewhat verbose, but ut's very capable.01:38
bigbashI don't mind that01:38
mikeputnampython is <301:39
bigbashHow do you take control of applications?  Like right now I take control of Attachmate application01:40
mikeputnamI don't follow01:41
bigbashlike right now I'd include a reference dll file, and do something like "using Extra;"01:43
mikeputnamyou mean in Java?01:44
bigbashthen Extra.ExtraScreen _xtraScreen = new ExtraScreen(); and then I can call _xtraScreen.SomeFunction01:44
mikeputnamthat sounds somewhat like Java's   import01:44
bigbashin either Java or Python01:44
mikeputnamFoo foobar = new Foo();01:45
mikeputnamin java01:45
mikeputnampython is different01:45
bigbashhmm then just use import for the reference file?01:45
bigbashdoes it matter if the application is Windows only?01:47
bigbashI'm actually looking at switch software to a Java based one01:48
bigbashok I gotta run01:57
EgyParadoxyou want to switch to Java since it works on any platform?01:57
bigbashshort answer01:57
bigbashI'll be back on later though01:58
mikeputnambye bye01:59
h00kI'm writing up a post about my VPS hosting provider.02:08
h00kI'm pretty angry.02:08
bigbashh00k who is your VPS provider?02:28
bigbashwow priority low?02:48
bigbashI'm curious to see what they come back with02:50
h00kMe too.02:51
h00kwhy the hell would you do that.02:51
h00kThat's just...bah.02:51

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