jussiSo, is there anyone here who can direct me to the correct place to file a bug in the canonical website?11:30
jussi(its just a 404, not serious, but kind of messes up the image for potential customers)11:34
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YoBoYhi jussi, have you tried the webmaster@ubuntu.com ?11:42
nigelbjussi: newz2000 is probably a good person to talk to.11:42
jussiRemember, this isnt ubuntu.com its canonical.com11:43
jussinewz2000: ^^11:43
cjohnstonjames_w: ping12:00
mhall119nigelb: he isn't webmaster anymore12:20
nigelbmhall119: oh.12:22
cjohnstonhasnt been for a long time12:22
YoBoYjussi: ho sorry, if it's canonical.cm try webmaster@canonical.com :D (it's what they say in the contact-us page ;) )12:23
cjohnstonjussi: do like I said.. report it against ubuntu-website-content.. they will sort it out12:24
mhall119yeah, ubuntu-website-content should get it to the right person12:30
cjohnstonthey have kind-of an odd setup of how they do stuff12:31
james_whi cjohnston13:24
cjohnstonhey James... 2 questions.. 1.. with status.. what is the need for it to login? can it just use the anon API or something similar? (asked by IS) 2.. Any chance of you having some time to do some summit work ;-)13:25
james_w1. probably13:30
james_w2. reviews or something else?13:30
cjohnstonreviews or some coding.. right now in trunk lpupdate is broken...13:31
james_wI can do some reviews, but I don't have time for any coding currently13:32
cjohnstonim not sure what all is pending code wise..13:32

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