MichelleQAhem.  http://blog.worldlabel.com/2011/tux-paint-kids-summer-drawing-contest.html01:29
MichelleQThought I'd pass it along, if any of you have or know chirrens who might be interested in participating.01:34
Cheri703do we think that is a troll or?01:43
jledbetterNo idea.01:43
Cheri703ok, not wanting to jump to conclusions, but...dunno01:43
Cheri703am wary01:43
MichelleQI'm gonna jump to that conclusion yes.01:44
elkyze has been trolling #defocus for the past week that i've seen01:44
Cheri703 /whois says "tony fisher"01:44
elkyyes, ze is claiming to be a transman I assume01:44
MichelleQI'm very tempted to actually give my opinion on the slutwalks.01:46
elkyMichelleQ, remembering that such questions are usually trying to get us to fight over the issue.01:47
MichelleQI know.01:47
* MichelleQ is not01:47
jledbetterI had to look them up.01:47
MichelleQThey've been the topic of discussion amongst my radical feminist friends.01:49
MichelleQAnd while I appreciate their intented message, I take issue with the terms they use to describe themselves.01:50
elkyMichelleQ, you mean slur reclamation?01:51
MichelleQyes.  I'm not 100% convinced that the manner in which they are reclaming the word is appropriate, and I'm also unconvinced that 'slut' is a term that needs reclamation01:53
* Cheri703 has NO desire in any capacity to be referred to as a slut, regardless of intentions01:53
elkyIt kinda wouldn't work if it were "womenwalk" it does need to be the term used, or something of equal value.02:03
MichelleQI'm not so sure it does.  Yes, I understand the principle, but I think it can be accomplished in completely different terms.02:06
Cheri703I agree with MichelleQ...I think that the point can be conveyed just as clearly but with different terms02:07
elkyIm not sure you can imply irony.02:07
elkyYou have to demonstrate it.02:07
MichelleQI suspect the irony gets lost in the 'omgboobies' reaction, though02:08
Cheri703take back the night = much better concept imo https://easilyriled.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/slut-walk-sigh/02:10
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