KE1HAgoddard: Im sure I read that USB 30. was initially upported in a 2.6.3x version somwhere, it your specific harward not supported?00:01
goddardso far no00:02
goddardi have a fourm post about it let me dig it up00:02
goddardin fact when i have anything plugged into it one of my other USB ports doesn't work00:03
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KE1HAHere's what I had bookmarked: http://www.neowin.net/news/main/09/06/11/linux-is-first-os-to-support-usb-3000:03
goddarda usb 2.0 port00:03
MuftiManMy god that's alot of lurkerz ;p00:04
KadirBwhats up people!00:07
goddardKE1HA: let me know if you come up with anything on my forum post00:08
goddardpatch information00:10
zachlrso there's no Ubuntu Netbook Edition anymore, it's just Ubuntu 11.04?00:12
KE1HAgoddard: Is the xHCI patch supported in upstream now or it is still a custom build if you want 3.0 support?00:14
oskar_hola como puedo buscar un canal aqui?00:14
bjpennhow to add apache to automatically start up whenever the system starts up?00:15
oskar_alguien me puede ayudar?00:15
m4v!es | oskar_00:16
ubottuoskar_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:16
goddardKE1HA: im not entirely sure I had to modprobe it myself i did have another driver initially00:18
Gr33nhi anyone around?00:18
yutanianyone familiar with scite?00:19
KE1HAgoddard: these are probably questin better suited for the moto / ub-kernel folks.00:19
Gr33n:( having an issue dual booting ubuntu with windows xp00:19
h00k!dualboot | Gr33n00:19
ubottuGr33n: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:19
Gr33nwell thats the thing i been to those sites00:20
KE1HAGr33n: what's problem?00:20
Syanugood evening. is there a channel for german support too?00:20
Gr33ni installed ubuntu from cd and in seemed to install fine set 35GB to it and the rest to xp00:20
Gr33nbut now its just booting to XP00:20
Gr33ni cant get in to ubuntu00:21
KE1HAGr33n: was XP installed first?00:21
yutaniGRUB didn't install?00:21
KE1HAGr33n: well that's the good news then, all ya need to do is go in and rebuilt Grub2, are you using 11.04?00:21
CrysLet's try again ... I need some advice to get jack sensing working on my HTPC. It's an Ubuntu 11.04 AMD64 box and has an Intel HD Audio (Azalia) with Realtek ALC892 codec. The front panel supports HD audio and jack sensing is working on my secondary Windows 7 installation, too. The front panel works on Linux but plugging in head phones doesn't mute the speakers.00:21
JimmyNeutronGr33n, boot into Linux single user mode, and issue dd if=/dev/<linux root> of=bootsec.lnx count=1 bs=51200:22
JimmyNeutroncopy the bootsect.lnx onto a USB stick and copy it to C:\ and modify boot.ini00:22
Gr33nsorry i got DC'ed00:23
Gr33nyeah windows XP was installed first00:23
Gr33nI don't think Grub installed because its just booting straight to XP i tried to install unbuntu twice00:23
Gr33nboth times it installed without an error00:24
KE1HAOk, well there's seems to be a diff on how to do this, I use Grub to boot my Win-XP / UB box, and it works well. If it's not installed you cna do that post Ubuntu installation.00:24
CrysGr33n: do you have two hard disks? maybe you have installed it in the wrong MBR.00:24
Gr33nno just one its a netbook with an external CD drive00:24
gmachine_24Hi - I am running a Compaq Presario F500 with Ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS. Can someone please give me the CLI commands to release and then renew/reset the wireless network device? Thanks.00:25
Crysgmachine_24: are you using the network manager?00:25
adamkexdoes ATI on linux do 1080p?00:25
gmachine_24Crys, no.00:25
adamkexsmooth video playback00:25
Crysgmachine_24: then it's probably ifdown wlan000:25
gmachine_24Crys, could it be eth1?00:27
Crysgmachine_24: "ip list" displays a list of devices and links00:27
KE1HAHmm looks like Gr33n DC'd again00:27
Gr33nsorry got disconnected again hopefully the last time00:27
Gr33nyeah my install was on just that HD00:27
Crysgmachine_24: it depends on the hardware. try iwconfig or ip link00:27
KE1HAGr33n: Try this, should doo what your needed: http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/00:28
gmachine_24Crys, the problem is when I go to Starbucks the computer recognizes the attwifi network but my computer will not connect to it. If I reboot into Windows 7 it connects fine.00:28
Gr33nthank you KE1HA!00:28
Gr33nill give that a go00:28
KE1HAAll that is doing is, using the LiveCD to mount a linux system, then chrooting in then re-sinstalling Grub200:29
gmachine_24Crys, yeah........ no matter which query I use it comes back that eth0 is the hardwire and eth1 is the wireless00:29
Crysgmachine_24: wireless is a tricky beast. You may need to fiddle with wpa_supplicant and lots settings.00:29
lapagaGr33n: Gr33n just to try something easy - from term type sudo update-grub and see if that does anything00:29
KE1HAlapaga: he can't get into Ubuntu00:29
Crysgmachine_24: Fore desktop users I recommend 11.04 and network manager. It makes life much easier.00:29
gmachine_24Crys, ok. thanks. I've been doing this for almost 10 years and this is the first time I've ever had trouble connecting at Sbux.00:29
Crysgmachine_24: ah, you are a pro, sorry :)00:30
lapagawell that would make it harder to type that then:)00:30
gmachine_24Crys, which network manager. I tried gnome and then WICD and although they both work fine on my home network neither connects at Sbux. No I am not a pro.00:30
Gr33nlol @ lapaga ;)00:31
gmachine_24Crys, I'm just sort of out of options at the moment.00:31
Crysgmachine_24: there is only one network manager. The gnome tool is just a GUI app to control the network manager daemon.00:31
Gr33nwaiting for it to boot in to live mode00:31
KE1HAlapaga: Yeah, he jsut needs to re0nstall grub2 and update, but make sure he's chroot'ed in properly.00:31
gmachine_24Crys, ok. So......... wicd and gnome-network run the same network manager daemon?00:31
gmachine_24ok, not run, but you know00:32
CrysI don't know anything about wicd, sorry.00:32
gmachine_24Crys, I'm pretty sure it's just a diff GUI.00:32
gmachine_24Crys, but it has worked at times when I could not connect otherwise00:33
CrysIn the past I've configured wpa_supplicant and my networks manually. Nowadays I stick to nm on desktops because it's easier to use and stores the password in the wallet.00:33
gmachine_24OK - perhaps I am confusing old DOS commands with Linux commands It happens sometimes........00:34
gmachine_24Crys, thanks for your help.00:34
Crysyou are welcome00:35
Apocalipsehello people...00:35
JoeR1so Ubuntu took a bog old s**t on me that is vaguely reminiscent of the complaint I hear about windows, The Irony of it has not escaped me.00:35
Apocalipsei am having problems with minicom...00:35
Crysgmachine_24: anyway, why are you running LTS on a desktop machine? The latest version has more recent drivers and software which may make your life easier.00:35
Apocalipsecan anybody help me?00:35
KE1HAGr33n: If your around, here's one that is a bit easier to follow: http://blogging.dragon.org.uk/index.php/mini-howtos/howto-reinstall-grub2-on-ubuntu00:36
JimmyNeutrondont ask to ask, just ask00:36
gmachine_24Crys, because I don't like ......... whatever the new desktop is called. and I know I can switch but I am lazyl.00:36
Crysthe new gnome thingie. Yeah, I'm a KDE user00:36
sudokillgmachine_24- all you have to do to get rid of the unity bar is go to classic mode00:36
sudokillthen its like 10.1000:36
gmachine_24Crys, ha. Yeah. Plus I have a bunch of multimedia installs configured on this computer which are not always so easy for me to do.00:37
CrysI've moved from fvwm2 to kde about ten years ago or so.00:37
gmachine_24sudokill, hi. Maybe I will give the live boot version another go. I just hate reinstalling a bunch of software which has in the past given me a headache.00:38
induzis there any program that can search a doc file[resume] in my computer that was modified some 2 months back??00:38
gmachine_24I did an upgrade once - after my first install - and swore I would never do another.00:38
Crysgmachine_24: you have to in 2013 eventually.00:39
CrysIIRC LTS has desktop support for three years.00:39
gmachine_24Crys, but if my math is correct, that's two years from now00:39
Crysalmost ;)00:39
lauratikai have a problem now when i login i choose ubuntu classic and it loads unity, if choose ubunut classic no fx the it loads as expected (gnome style) but no effects at all... what can be wrong and why ubuntu classic isnt working when selected?00:39
JoeR1OK, so the symptoms: windows no longer have the min/max/exit controls, the Background doesn't appear, (I'm using Xubuntu) the contextual desktop menu does not appear, many windows cannot be moved once opened, many windows, after being opened, cannot be interacted with, windows no longer "lock" to the sides of the screen00:39
sudokillJoeR1- reinstall lol00:40
induzI have to find my resume on my comp but there seems to be tons of resume.doc on my system... I updated my resume some 2 months back but can not find it00:40
JoeR1this only happens under my progile and please do not advise me to re-install or setup a new profile00:40
induzis there any way i can locate that file with ;name' and ' Modified date'00:41
KE1HAJoeR1: You may want to ask charlie over in #xubuntu  he's usually there most of the time.00:41
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Crysinduz: locate resume.doc | xargs ls -la00:41
JoeR1induz - catfish00:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:41
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110400:41
Crysinduz: or find /home/user -name resume.doc | xargs ls -lt00:42
wildbatinduz:  find /yourdir -iname 'resume.doc' -mtime -6000:43
jgelineed help /usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a disk with multiple partition labels or both partition label and filesystem. This is not supported yet - what does this mean and how do I fix it?00:43
induzi dont know the drictory, its in the computer00:43
BookmanI don't seem to be able to get any flash content to play anymore.  It worked find up until this morning.  I've tried re-installing Flash 10 via synaptic but it still will not work correctly.  I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 and Firefox.  My system is completely up to date.00:44
Crysinduz: it's most probably in your home dir00:44
induzits hard from command line for me00:44
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GruffyI just realized how annoying conflicting theme managers can be...00:45
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wildbat_semi_afkinduz: just / then00:45
induzjust /then ???00:46
wildbat_semi_afkinduz:  find / -iname 'resume.doc' -mtime -60  2> /dev/null00:46
KE1HAthat's gonna seach allot of file, xargs may help then00:46
CrysKE1HA: yeah, I'd use | xargs ls -lt00:47
KE1HAGruffy: Choise is good, but sometimes a bit of a pain :-)00:47
induzthe name of the resume is I am not sure but it has Resume on it and its a doc file in my system, modified about 2 months back00:47
argentico75Ive a problem with this web page: http://translate.google.com.ar/#es|en|00:47
induzfind / -iname 'resume.doc' -mtime -60  2> /dev/nul.....shows nothing00:48
Crysinduz: find / -iname '*resum*' | xargs ls -lt00:48
argentico75but I don't know if Its me or the web page00:48
induzCrys, it gives me a list on command and i dont know what to do with it00:48
argentico75can someone check it? It s supposed to be of google00:48
tjiggi_foargentico75, works here00:48
nessonicTrying to use scp to copy some files between computers, but I keep getting "could not resolve hostname"00:48
induzCrys, it says permission denied00:49
GruffyKE1HA: True, but sometimes when you don't know what you have installed, it can be really fustrating.. Like I have my emerald and gnome conflicting.00:49
Crysinduz: ignore the errors00:49
nutcase_i'm looking for a dvd creator any recommendations00:49
wildbat_semi_afkinduz:  are you sure the name and the modified day? ~ extend the day to within 90 days may be .00:49
KE1HAI like Emerald, but I've always had troubles with it.00:49
GruffyI can never get anything I want working completely. It's either partly or nothing.00:50
argentico75tjiggi_fo, but for me it opens a second web when I use it as home page00:50
induzits showing a lots of output but i dont know how to interpret them00:50
Gr33n=/ didn't work00:50
gmachine_24Is there something in Ubuntu that runs ActiveX?00:51
induz find / -iname '*resum*' | xargs ls -lt....shows a lot of results but I dont know how to locate and open my file00:51
jgelineed help /usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a disk with multiple partition labels or both partition label and filesystem. This is not supported yet - what does this mean and how do I fix it?00:51
argentico75tjiggi_fo, Ive erased the cache and all in .mozilla/firefox/ but its the same00:51
induzwildbat_semi_afk, yes the name and modified dates are right00:51
KE1HAGr33n: What are the symptopsms your gettign now00:52
Crysfind / -iname '*resum*' -and -type f 2>/dev/null | xargs ls -lt00:52
induzis there some simple program, i had it on my ThunderBird but it crashed too00:52
gmachine_24Ok - thank you one and all. Have a good evening.00:52
GruffyNothing now, as I had uninstalled emerald.00:53
GruffyI like gnome better anyhow.00:53
induzfind / -iname '*resum*' -and -type f 2>/dev/null | xargs ls -lt.....> shows nothing00:53
KE1HAGr33n: Following this simple version should work: http://blogging.dragon.org.uk/index.php/mini-howtos/howto-reinstall-grub2-on-ubuntu00:54
induzis there any GUI program00:54
tjiggi_foargentico75, just tested it as homepage and working as expected in FF5.0 Canonical00:54
treyhwow the room is kinda quiet!00:55
nessonicanyone knowledgeable in ssh?00:55
KE1HAGr33n: However, be certain when install Grub2 you use /dev/sda  and not /dev/sda1 or /.sda2 etc etc00:55
treyhnessonic: post your question00:55
nessonictrying to use scp to transfer some files between computers, but I keep getting could not resolve host00:55
rypervenchenessonic: What command are you using?00:55
Gruffynessonic: what are you using to ssh00:56
wildbat_semi_afkinduz: find / -iname '*.doc' -mtime -90  2> /dev/null                     this will give you all the doc edited within 3 moths. if you can't find it ~ you must have somthing wrong, like you didn't mount the drive ~ it is in USB in your pocket etc.00:56
nessonicI've tried a few, such as "scp myfile myname@myhost: ."00:56
treyhnessonic: can you ping "myhost"00:56
rypervenchenessonic: the man page will tell you how to do it.00:56
nutcase_does transcoding dvd take as long on ubuntu as its does on wins i never tried before00:56
Crysnessonic: you need to provide a full path after the colon00:57
Gruffynutcase: It depends on what you use to transcode.00:57
Crysnessonic: user@host:/path/to/directory/00:57
nessonicI'm able to ping myself00:57
nessonicand I read that the . will make it default to local directory, but I've tried pathnames as well with no luck00:57
treyhcan you ping the remote side?00:57
KE1HAcan probably pong urself too ... sri couldnt' resist :-)00:57
treyhKE1HA: lol00:58
Crysnessonic: ~ works for me as home dir00:58
induzwildbat_semi_afk, it gives me a list on command line but i dont know wht to do with that00:58
Gruffynessonic: What are you using to ssh? Terminal?00:58
nessonicI can ping the remote computer00:58
rypervenchenessonic: You put a space in btween the : and ., try it without00:58
treyhnessonic: can you ssh to the remote side?00:59
nessonicI'm on a mac, using terminal. I've also tried my ubuntu partition with the same error00:59
Crysnessonic: can you ssh into the machine?00:59
nessonicI am connected to the ssh successfully yes00:59
argentico75how can I eliminate a spyware from firefox 5?00:59
argentico75or malware00:59
treyhnessonic: scp source-specification destination-specification00:59
edbianargentico75: spyware / malware does not usually install itself in the browser.00:59
edbianargentico75: It usually uses the browser to install itself to the system.00:59
edbianargentico75: no?01:00
nessonicAlso, would I be able to ssh if port 22 is closed? I've quadruple checked it in router settings according to a couple guides, but network utility on my mac claims it's closed01:00
Gruffynessonic: Try going to your Ubuntu partition and using the file browser itself to ssh.01:00
argentico75maybe some of the extensions01:00
RudyValenciaMy PC's BIOS (er, EFI actually) uses the "Fixed 16px" console font :O01:00
GruffyI did this yesterday with my iphone and it works beautifully01:00
argentico75forecast bar, adblock plus, user switcher agent01:00
edbianargentico75: Look at your extensions.  If they are from the official firefox add-ons website they are almost def not malicious01:00
edbianargentico75: None of those are malicious01:00
argentico75yes, official01:00
edbianargentico75: What are you asking?01:01
nessonicTried scp without the space before the period, same luck01:01
induzis there any graphical program on ubuntu to locate a doc file that as modified last month01:01
argentico75I erased all in /.mozilla/firefox01:01
argentico75also the extensions01:01
treyhnessonic: sounds like the port is closed01:01
argentico75and Its the sae01:01
KE1HAor the port is not actually on 2201:01
nessonictreyh: would that only block file transfers? or the whole ssh? I figured it was open because I was able to ssh in01:01
wildbat_semi_afkinduz: like i said the list is the file named *.doc which edited within past 3 months ~ .... the resume should be in the list01:01
treyhargentico75: ever user or just yours?01:01
nessonicthe sshd_config says to listen on 2201:02
GruffyKE1HA might be right.01:02
argentico75I tried with the web page .com and also .com.ar and is the same01:02
argentico75my laptop. anyone touch it01:02
edbianargentico75: What is 'the same'  What is the problem?01:02
treyhnessonic: specify the port, -P 2201:02
lauratikaargentico75; what is the question?01:02
induzwildbat_semi_afk, I see a list of files after inserting the command but how can i locate the file01:02
nessonicsame issue01:02
induzits somewhere in the system01:02
argentico75it opens the web page of google translation and two other tabs, one about "virus in your PC" and another blank01:03
induzsorry for Caps01:03
induzwildbat_semi_afk, sorry for caps01:03
treyhnessonic: try using sftp instead01:03
lauratikaargentico75: what browser you use?01:03
argentico75I happens when I put this direction as home page and open a new instance: http://translate.google.com.ar/#es|en|01:04
edbianinduz: hahaha01:04
argentico75firefox5 on ubuntu 11.0401:04
induzedbian, I am nervous as i can not find my file01:04
argentico75also with http://translate.google.com/#es|en| (not .com.ar)01:04
lauratikado you try with another wbe broswer?01:04
nessonictreyh: gives same error, but adds "couldn't read packet: connection reset by peer"01:04
treyhnessonic: whats the error, connection refused?01:04
edbianargentico75: The official language for #ubuntu is english.  I recommend you use the channel for your first language01:05
induzedbian, pl dont make fun of me01:05
KE1HAnessonic: just making sure, this is the format your using correct? : scp  <file> <username>@<IP address or hostname>:<Destination>01:05
edbianinduz: What file?  I can help you find it :)01:05
nessonicyes, is the username at IP my local (the machine I'm on now) or the remote one where I'm getting the file>01:05
edbianinduz: I'm not making fun of you.  I just thought the accidental yelling was humorous01:05
wildbat_semi_afkinduz: lol~ that's all we can help ~ as per your discription ~ the find didn't hit ~ . open the document editor and hope that it is in the recently opened list :>01:05
wasanzy I have been task to write down a backup system plan, and in fact, for more than three hours now, I have just been thinking on where to start with no idea coming in my head, please who can help me with ideas, at least on how to start?01:05
treyhnessonic: remote username01:05
wasanzyfor the software, I will advice them to use backuppc01:05
argentico75Im writing in english and anyone is in the spanish channel01:05
KE1HAnessonic: you ahve to tell it what file to copy and where to put it on the other end.01:06
treyhlocalhost# scp local-file user@remotemachine:remote-file01:06
dr_willis!backup | wasanzy01:06
ubottuwasanzy: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:06
jgelineed help /usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a disk with multiple partition labels or both partition label and filesystem. This is not supported yet - what does this mean and how do I fix it?01:06
lauratikaedbian: why are you senindg some one to another channel if he is using english, read the issue01:06
edbianwasanzy: your backup plan:  cp -r / /path/to/some/other/hdd/01:06
KE1HAnessonic: and if either of them are wrong / do not exist, it will fail to execute.01:06
nessonicThis time it asked for a password, then said "your/directory: no such file or directory"01:07
edbianlauratika: I can't understand him.01:07
nessonicwith your/directory being where I want it on my local mac01:07
treyhnessonic: paste the command so we can advise01:07
edbianargentico75: What is the problem?01:07
nessonicscp macaddress ness@nessmain:/Users/toby01:07
lauratikathat does not mean he is not using english and the problem is what and how he is explaining not that his english it's bad01:07
lauratikathe fact that you dont understand the question is absolutely no reason to send him to another channel01:08
dr_willisnessonic,  you do have the case of 'Users' correct? linux is case senesetive.01:08
wasanzythank you both, am actually not looking for the command to use, but some thing like project plan, which they call backup and recovery plan or some thing01:08
KE1HAnessonic: no, when you opent he terminal, you need to cd to where the file is, or specify the full path like: ~/uploads/some-file-name.doc  and the destination path must also exist lile /home/some-username/upolads01:08
treyhnessonic: try this: scp macaddress toby@nessmain:macaddress01:08
nessonicdr_willis: yes01:08
wildbat_semi_afkinduz: are you sure it is not in external drive etc? have you email it ,if so check your SENT box? unless you wanna let ppl ssh in you PC and help the search  (risking stealing your info , install virus maybe ;p j/k ) , that all i can help.01:09
edbianwasanzy: My point is that backup does not need to be a complicated thing.  Just make a copy of everything and put it on some other hdd.01:09
dr_willisnessonic,  oddly named directory.. I alwaya have to double check scp syntax -    scp myfile.txt user@myserver.com:/tmp/mydir01:09
nessonicthe directory is on my mac, where mac has every directory capitalized01:10
edbianinduz: wildbat_semi_afk what file are we searching for?01:10
dr_willisnessonic,  you could ssh into the remote box. cd to that dir.. then scp from the   other box..01:10
KE1HAexactly, cus if you dont, you can overwrite a dir with a dile or file with a dir.01:10
farty_pantsWHats the best software that will convert avi to dvd AND burn as well?01:10
treyhnessonic: also never hurts to use "tab" locally when you type the command to put the format in cirrectly01:10
edbianfarty_pants: devede01:10
dr_willisnessonic,  ahh.. a mac.. If i 'rember' right.. the mac does some  magic - where the case of files the GUI shows does not match the case in all cases. (: P)   that the underlaying OS/shell/  shows...01:10
edbianfarty_pants: my opinion of course01:10
farty_pantsit will also convert?01:10
nessonicI've been trying tab, but it never completes for my mac, only the remote linuxbox's01:10
treyhnessonic: i know the fix, quit using mac01:11
nessonicit's my only laptop, and I've tried the linux partition01:11
wildbat_semi_afkedbian: he have a latest resume.doc need to dig up ~ he said it is 'resume.doc' and edited last month but find / -iname 'resume.doc' -mtime -60  2> /dev/null shows nothing. :>01:11
dr_willisnessonic,  im not sure tab completion can work for a remote box like that.. that WOULD be a neat trick for tab completion to do...01:11
farty_pantsedbian: will it also convert?01:11
KE1HAI've got a MacPro, and I know the pain he's feeling, some things are great, other, man what a nightmare !01:11
edbianwildbat_semi_afk: Then that isn't the name :P01:12
dr_willisnessonic,  ssh to the mac and double check the  path is about all i can suggest. or send the file to  some tmp dir on the mac first. the move it.01:12
edbianwildbat_semi_afk: induz Where would you save it besides somewhere in your home folder?01:12
induzedbian, my resume as a .doc file buried somewhere in my system01:12
treyhnessonic: does sftp user@remoteip work?01:12
edbianfarty_pants: yes01:13
nessonicI did that, it says connected01:13
nessonicwith sftp>01:13
treyhokay exit01:13
farty_pantsedbian: thanks ill check it out01:13
treyhcd to the dir with the file "macaddress:"01:13
edbianinduz: Is it not .odf ?01:13
induzi made numerous folders in my home Folder01:13
edbianinduz: ahhh :)01:13
induzedbian, it was .odf but I saved as .doc caz most of headhunters work on MS Office01:14
treyhnessonic: 1. cd to the directory with the file you want to transfer 2. sftp user@remoteip01:14
nessoniccd while in the ssh?01:14
treyhexit out of sftp01:14
wildbat_semi_afkedbian: lol if induz know we won't be searching :>  so you should have a copy in odf format then try find it01:14
induzanyway..thanks for your help...i feel like breaking the comp apart and taking out my .oc resume  from within01:15
nessonicalright back to sftp>01:15
KE1HA:-)_ tried that, it dont work induz01:15
treyh1. exit out of sftp, 2. cd /path/of/file/you/want/to/transfer 3. sftp user@remoteip 4. get name-of-file01:15
treyhnessonic: 1. exit out of sftp, 2. cd /path/of/file/you/want/to/transfer 3. sftp user@remoteip 4. get name-of-file01:15
nessonicit has the file, but the "bar" says 0%01:16
induzI have a hardcopy of it so i will sit down and type it again01:16
nessonicand a new line with sftp>01:16
induzbye for now01:16
induzgood night guys/gals01:16
treyhnessonic: type ls01:16
wildbat_semi_afknight , and good luck , induz01:16
treyhdoes the file show up?01:17
KE1HAit's there then01:17
treyhokay exit out of sftp and etc01:17
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
treyhssh to the remote box and verify it's there01:17
nessonicin it's original directory; my home directory on the remote linux01:17
induzwildbat_semi_afk, hope i find the resume and the job too01:17
treyhnessonic: then do a dance you're done01:17
wildbat_semi_afkinduz: i hope i find a job too XD! later ~    OT.01:17
nessonicit's only located on the remote box though, not my local laptop where I'm at01:17
treyhnessonic: okay so you want to download the file?01:18
treyhyou want to transfer the file from linux-->mac01:18
nessonicyes, transferred to this mac01:18
treyhssh to the linuxbox01:18
treyhand do the exact same steps01:18
treyhcd to the dir, sftp user@macmachine01:18
treyhget name-of-file01:18
treyhthen dance01:18
KE1HAman scp would nahve been so much easier, I cn't figure out why sftp adn ssh work bu not scp01:19
treyhall good nessonic01:19
nessonicthat's what I did last time, it gave the constant 0% and a file search on the mac shows no "macaddress" file01:19
treyhi think you got the process reversed01:19
JoeR1my desktop has stopped working on my main account in Xubuntu, and please don't recommend #xubuntu, I have been there and they have offered recommendations that did not work so now I turn to this room.01:20
=== soreau_ is now known as soreau
MonotokoJoeR1..have you told them there recommendations haven't worked?01:21
noneabove1182does anyone have any ideaas as to why my ubuntu 11.04 SOMETIMES boots but most of the time goes to a flashing cursor and then just a black screen ?01:21
nessonicI ssh'd into the directory with the file, went into sftp, checked if the files there, typed get macaddy, then 0% exited, and still nothing (though it's still in the remote directory)01:21
th0rJoeR1: that description of the problem isn't going to get you very far01:21
KE1HAJoeR1: what did you do or were you doing when xface stopped workign correctly?01:21
noneabove1182hey again edbian :P01:21
JoeR1Monotoko, yes I have and he seems stumped01:22
edbiannoneabove1182: hello friend!01:22
noneabove1182edbian how goes??01:22
JoeR1KE1HA, it happened between reboots01:22
edbiannoneabove1182: great.  How are you?  Need Ubuntu help?01:22
=== kyle_ is now known as ubuntunoob
farty_pantsI have a question.. not to be biased to linux but why does it look like my linux OS has better graphics than my xp?01:23
KE1HAJoeR1: did you install anything, change anything modify anything, or it just stopped dowing what it was suppsoed to do.01:23
JoeR1I am currently logged in as root because the root account still works for whatever reason, and don't bother telling me how thats a bad idea01:23
farty_pantsits on the same pc01:23
noneabove1182edbian good and bad, and yes :P01:23
MonotokoJoeR1, that isn't very nice now is it?01:23
JoeR1KE1HA, it just stopped, no recent changes01:23
edbiannoneabove1182: :(  What's the issue?01:23
KE1HAJoeR1: Intersting .. haev you tried a quick reinstall of xfce401:23
spankbotfarty_pants what vs of LNX are you running?01:24
JoeR1Monotoko, what do you mean?01:24
noneabove1182edbian so the liveCD did in fact work haha, but now ive got a slight problem with the booting XD once in awhile it boots normally, like it did just now, but most of the time i get a flashing curser then a blank screen that leads to nothing :(01:24
MonotokoJoeR1, sorry, wrong room! Got about 50 IRC windows open >.>01:24
JoeR1KE1HA, no, I am trying to resolve this issue without any re-installs01:24
treyhfarty_pants: what version of windows and linux you running01:24
Monotokoover various networks01:24
th0rJoeR1: what do you mean01:24
edbiannoneabove1182: turn on nomodeset   do you know how to do that?  (strange btw that it happens sometimes)01:24
th0rJoeR1: just stopped....ran out of gas? brakes locked up?01:25
KE1HAJoeR1: well ok, could be workign on that for a while then.01:25
ubuntunoohey guys guess what01:25
noneabove1182edbian yes i do, and ive done that, it does start, but the resolution is very wrong and its not in unity01:25
abc_dallasHi everybody. I'm trying learn Ubuntu & figure out how to use AppArmor; do I have to learn Unix commands first?01:25
edbiannoneabove1182: What graphics card do you have?01:25
ubuntunooi finally got my ipod to mount01:25
JoeR1th0r - indeed, I logged in and thing that once worked had stopped functioning01:25
farty_pantswhat do you mean vs?01:25
edbiannoneabove1182: This system is fully updated too right??01:25
Monotokoabc_dallas, bash commands would be a good start :P01:25
[THC]AcidRain11.04 is leet01:25
KE1HAJoeR1: but it's rather odd that, with no changes, no updates, no apparent config changes, that somehtign static would sudden'y break,01:25
spankbotfarty_pants if you are comparing a recent distro of LNX against XP.. which was released almost 10 years ago, that's why.  So in theory you are comparing a car built in 2011 against a car build in 2001.01:26
=== root is now known as Guest84730
th0rJoeR1: I am not going to play 20 questions, but I am curious what 'thing' is01:26
ubuntunooi found this app from cydia that lets me emulate msc mode on my ipod01:26
farty_pantsspankbot: I know but the hardware is the same01:26
ubuntunooand it works perfectly01:26
farty_pantssame video card01:26
JoeR1KE1HA, I know this will take a long time, Linux ALWAYS takes a long time o do what I want01:26
farty_pantsIm using mint01:26
noneabove1182edbian i have two actually, an intel one and a radeon one, most likely radeon is cause the problems >< and yea its updated, except the graphics driver cause that causes other problems, though if updating fixes the black screen and we can fix the problems it causes then i guess we could go that route XD01:26
farty_pantsthe graphics look much crisp01:26
abc_dallasMonotoko, is that Unix...i'm looking it up in the forums now...thank you01:26
spankbotfarty_pants and?  your OS is not, just like I said, one is 10yrs older.01:26
treyhfarty_pants: what version of windows01:26
AaronMTcan someone ping me01:26
nessonic@farty_pants he means xp is designed from years ago, not for nowadays' much bigger lcd monitors, etc.01:26
farty_pantstreyh: xp01:27
edbiannoneabove1182: I have no idea if updating will fix the black screen problem.  Do you have radeon blacklisted on this install?01:27
treyhfarty_pants: xp is from 2003, mint is from 201101:27
noneabove1182edbian no i dont, i did that a few boots ago but it didnt seem to fix the black screen01:27
treyhfarty_pants: xp was not designed to be "crisp" in the same way mint is01:27
spankbotfarty_pants and?  compair your LNX distro against Win7, 7 is much better.  But I'm really digging Gnome3 though.01:27
noneabove1182edbian unless the permanent one would fix it01:28
JoeR1th0r - the contextual desktop menu is gone, windows do not appear on the panel, windows no longer have the min/max/exit controls, some windows are immobile, some windows cannot be interacted with after opening01:28
treyhfarty_pants: 7 and mint are similiar but different on my hardware01:28
ubuntunooby the way, if anyone is having problems mounting your ipod touch or your iphone, add this to your cydia sources and install usb drive: http://apt.dmytro.me01:28
propmantreyh:  mint?   thought i was in the wrong channel there for a sec  lol01:28
edbiannoneabove1182: make sure it's not blacklisted.  what does lsmod | grep radeon    say ?01:28
ubuntunooi couldnt mount mine at all until i installed it01:28
treyhpropman: it's the distro farts_in_my_pants is running01:29
farty_pantsmy other question is.. what would be the most compatible video card with linux01:29
ubuntunooonce i installed it it mounted like magic01:29
farty_pantsnvidia or ati?01:29
noneabove1182edbian oh okay, im pretty sure its not but ill check just incase, and give me a sec01:29
treyhfarty_pants: the most compatible video card with linux? VGA01:29
farty_pantsI have a ati but it does not like linux too much01:29
spankbottreyh XP released Oct 25 200101:29
ubuntunoosaved me 170$ from buying a new archos 4301:29
edbiannoneabove1182: k01:29
farty_pantstreyh: yes pci-e01:29
treyhspankbot: lol even more point, xp vs mint01:29
propmantreyh:  ohhhh ok......me run mint too. :-)01:30
KE1HAubuntunoo: why does it have to be ona hacked system to work?01:30
JoeR1th0r and others, if you will excuse me another idea has been posed by #xubuntu and I have to log into the broken account to try it so I am going to do that and I shall report back if it is unsuccessful01:30
treyhpropman: same :P01:30
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:30
ubuntunooi still haven't figured out how music on it, but it mounts fine now01:30
nessonicI believe I've found the issue, I no longer get the could not resolve error...but every folder I try to get it in says permission denied, no matter if I'm sudo'd or not, or if I change the permissions on the mac side for that folder01:30
treyhfarty_pants: linux shouldn't have that many problems running either, and if the current drivers don't suit your needs, try the bleeding edge ones01:30
ubuntunooke1ha: if you have 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 it mounts without jailbreak01:30
spankbottreyh I've not run mint, is that running Unity too?  Had too many problems with 11.4 & Unity, I've gone Fedora15 for now.01:30
ubuntunoobut i had to jailbreak mine01:31
noneabove1182edbian well there is an amd thing blacklisted but radeon is not, give me a sec to email myself the ouput so i dont have to type it haha01:31
KE1HAubuntunoo: ok tnx,01:31
ubuntunooand install that app01:31
treyhspankbot: Unity = no, gnome by default but i'm running gnome panels + cairo dock01:31
ubuntunoomine didnt mount before at all before01:31
treyhspankbot: i'm a hardcore ubuntu fan, but mint is nicely packaged01:31
ubuntunoonow it mounts like a usb drive01:31
edbiannoneabove1182: sure01:31
ubuntunoothe app emulates msc mode01:31
KE1HAubuntunoo: I dont have an ipod .. but just wanted if for my notes.01:32
ubuntunoobtw, if anyone wants to know the cydia repo for USB Drive, here it is: http://apt.dmytro.me01:33
Zungohey, i just got some troubles package get failed, log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/663859/ why?01:33
noneabove1182edbian radeon                982152  0; ttm                    76664  1 radeon; drm_kms_helper         42136  2 i915,radeon; drm                   227495  6 i915,radeon,ttm,drm_kms_helper; i2c_algo_bit           13400  2 i915,radeon01:33
noneabove1182edbian ; = new line01:33
edbiannoneabove1182: mmmm, that means radeon is running.  I have to go, here is some helpful reading: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/BlankScreen01:34
edbiannoneabove1182: Good luck! :)01:34
edbianZungo: hello01:34
noneabove1182edbian thanks haha01:34
ubuntunoomy ipod never mounted when i plugged my iTouch in my Ubuntu box, but now that have the msc emulator, it works awesomely01:34
treyhZungo: relax dude takes time to open pastebin01:34
treyhZungo: looks like dead links01:34
treyhZungo: sudo apt-get update and try again01:35
Zungowhy 403?01:35
spankbottreyh I'm hardcore what works.  Windows 7 for (windows development, C#, .NET SQL), Fedora15 for (java development, Android dev), VMWare for all my Server virtualization, so I'm not tied to one OS... but I run LNX as my host and VM all of my Windows, LNX Server and Utilities01:35
Zungoit´s forbidden not dead link01:35
Zungobut, why?01:35
abc_dallasi searched for "bash commands" in ubuntuforums but not finding anything; can anyone help me w/ a link on that?01:35
treyhZungo: no way to know, but not your fault, it's theirs01:35
treyhZungo: http://www.checkupdown.com/status/E403.html01:35
wildbat_semi_afk!anyone | abc_dallas01:36
ubottuabc_dallas: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:36
ubuntunooedbian: don't know if you heard already, but i finally got my Ipod touch 2g to mount in Ubuntu, i installed this app from Cydia called USB Drive, and now it mounts like it's supposed to01:36
KE1HAspankbot: what's you base OS?01:36
th0rabc_dallas: check the linux documentation project tldp.org01:36
Zungoah ok01:36
* Zungo asked in #ubuntu-ar.01:36
zrutyWhat is the smoothest way to convert a bunch of FLAC to MP3?01:37
jribzruty: probably ffmpeg01:37
treyhspankbot: same here dude, win7 for hyper-v management, run all of my windows box as vm's on my laptop, we use hyper-v, vmware, and xen for virtualization01:37
Zungoso, what i can do with it?01:37
dkogHi - does iptables try to load config from a specific file anywhere (like in redhat's /etc/sysconfig/iptables) ?01:37
KE1HAzruty: with a bash script, for in in /some-dir do; convert all these puppies to big dogs; done01:37
abc_dallasUbottu, what do you mean by my next question (aka 'the real one')?01:38
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:38
treyhZungo: you can try a sudo apt-get update , then try the package again. if it still fails you can wait a day or two to see if it comes back online01:38
abc_dallasthanx Thor i will01:38
treyhZungo: or try "403 error package-name" in google01:38
Zungotreyh: wtf, 403 error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/663859/ that´s forbidden :(, so what i can do? ufff01:39
lnxn3rdanybody here?01:39
spankbotKE1HA For my workstation (Fedora15) x64 / for my server vSphere (ESX 4.1) x64 / MobilePhone Android 2.201:39
abc_dallashi there01:39
treyhZungo: i can't say this any more clear, you can update your repo's to make sure they're trying the correct packages, you can wait it out, or google for an alternative location01:39
lnxn3rdI'm a java developer ..01:39
lnxn3rd15 years old ..01:39
KE1HAspankbot: So you run Virtualbox on Fed-15?01:39
jrib!enter | lnxn3rd01:39
ubottulnxn3rd: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:39
jrib!cli | abc_dallas01:40
ubottuabc_dallas: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro01:40
lnxn3rdhey all ..01:40
lnxn3rdanybody there?01:40
lnxn3rd2 chat with me01:40
treyhlnxn3rd: no we're all bots01:40
jriblnxn3rd: this channel is for support.  If you want to chat, please join #ubuntu-offtopic01:40
spankbottreyh now you're talking.. what's the big diff in ESX and Hyper-V?  Did you know that Hyper-V was build using the original VMware Kernel?  That's why Microsoft supprts VMWare in licensing.01:40
treyhlnxn3rd: quit spamming, ask question or answer them01:40
ubuntunooim not a bot01:41
zrutyjrib: KE1HA: ffmpeg - I will look into it. Thanks!01:41
MonotokoI'm not a bot, I'm a real boy!01:41
abc_dallasthanx Ubottu. I need to learn some commands before I start messing with the terminal tho but i am following that link now thank you01:41
lnxn3rdaha support .. , oh thank you ..01:41
spankbotKE1HA Oh hell no, VMware Workstation... I have to be able to create Clones and share them with my team.01:41
ubuntunoomonotoko: xD01:41
treyhspankbot: nothing too different, normal stuff linux vs windows, but hyper-v has micro kernels :)01:41
Zungolnxn3rd: go #ubuntu-offtopic then01:41
JoeR1well no such luck with the suggestions from #xubuntu, any ideas over here?01:41
bikcmphi all- how do you make sendmail use a specific IP address to send mail out?01:42
jribJoeR1: most of us have no clue what your issue is01:42
ZungoJoeR1: ask, maybe we can help you01:42
[THC]AcidRainserious issue01:42
[THC]AcidRainmy comp is turning off by itself01:42
lnxn3rdZungo:how can i run .run files , please?01:42
[THC]AcidRainim looking at the system monitor. nothing is out of the ordinary01:42
treyhspankbot: microkernels with hyper-v and 2008r2 is amazing01:42
[THC]AcidRainanyone know what would cause my system to do that?01:42
stealzwhy is it that there is no proper manual/information and I have to pick every bit of stuff I want to do together by reading forums throughout all the internet just to find out that the info is outdated... is there no working wiki or something?01:42
noneabove1182hey guys, anyone know how to fix a problem of ubuntu no longer running in unity after updating graphics driver??01:42
Zungoi don´t know01:42
JoeR1 the contextual desktop menu is gone, windows do not appear on the panel, windows no longer have the min/max/exit controls, some windows are immobile, some windows cannot be interacted with after opening01:42
jribstealz: I'm not sure what your question is01:42
Zungostealz: there´s a wkik01:42
lnxn3rdAnybody does!?01:43
ObrienDaveAcidRain: umm... low battery???01:43
globeboa noite01:43
KE1HAspankbot: Yeah, I run loads of VM boxes, I;m on 10.04 LTS on my VM Box as the base OS then have loads of VM's doign this or that, or testing things.01:43
dkogSomebody please link me to info on how iptables starts up?  All info I find seems outdated.01:43
[THC]AcidRainJoeR1, what you doing?01:43
jribdkog: why?  What do you want to accomplish?01:43
[THC]AcidRainObrienDave, no, its hooked to the wall01:43
[THC]AcidRainthis is a desktop01:43
[THC]AcidRainit has happened 2 times when im converting music01:43
stealzjrib: right now its about getting alsa to reroute to pulse, I got to there after trying 4 different ways to get wine to work with sound, all of which went to completely different directions01:43
dkogjrib: I want to a) configure my firewall, and b) better understand how ubuntu networking works (i am coming from redhat)01:43
[THC]AcidRainim about to try again to see if it is consistent01:43
JoeR1[THC]AcidRain, I assume you mean to imply that some action of mine has caused this result?01:44
abc_dallasnoneabove, I had ssame problem w/ Unity on my 32 bit computer. I bought a new computer01:44
jrib!iptables | dkog01:44
ubottudkog: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.01:44
stealzZungo, the search funtion on that wiki isnt working properly for me if you refer to ubuntuwiki01:44
treyhlnxn3rd: you have to make the .run executable and then do ./name-of-file.run01:44
spankbottreyh I'm very interested if you have any knowledge in SQL Server performance gains between ESX or H-V, it seems like the whole SAN/NAS datastore drive and ESX host has become the norm for DB server builds, but they run like shit over time in ESX.. or corrupt the DB.  IMO.. only been running ESX + SQL for 3yrs and that's what I've seen.01:44
[THC]AcidRainJoeR1, no. i mean what system are you talking about01:44
[THC]AcidRaini know your not good enough to hax me ;)01:44
dkogjrib: my install (11) doesn't have ufw.  Should I 'apt-get' it or something?01:44
ubuntunooabc_dallas: i have problems with unity as well01:44
jribdkog: what version of ubuntu is this exactly?01:44
KE1HAdkog: ufw is what most folks need but if ya really want iptable info we can get it too ya: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UncomplicatedFirewall01:45
ubuntunooabc_dallas: just goto the login screen and select ubuntu classic (no effects) or ubuntu classic01:45
JoeR1Xubuntu 11.04 - and I have been consulting the #xubuntu room as well, to no avail I might add01:45
abc_dallasI couldn't get it to work on my 32 bit computer but 11.04 is perfect on my 64 bit no problems at all01:45
treyhspankbot: i'm not a sql guy, but i remember over eharing a conversation about esx vs sql. are the vm's overloaded?01:45
dkogjrib: how can I tell which version exactly?01:45
jribdkog: how did you install?01:45
ObrienDaveabc_dallas: did you install 32 bit version???01:45
dkogjrib:  rackspace cloud server01:46
[THC]AcidRainJoeR1, i agree with everything you say. new ubuntu interface sucks. switch to classic and find a way to remove all traces of new ubuntu01:46
[THC]AcidRaini think my cores are overheating01:46
dkogjrib: is there a file in the system that contains the actual version number?  eg in redhat, it's /etc/redhat-release (or something like that)01:46
abc_dallasObrienDave, I did install it but it said my hardware wasn't capable of running UNity01:46
abc_dallasi got caught using craked win 7 ultimate01:46
jribdkog: you should ask them what they installed because I believe ufw is pulled in by ubuntu-standard01:46
dkogjrib: the portal I created the server in says 11.0401:46
treyhdkog: cat /etc/apt/sources.list01:47
ObrienDaveabc_dallas: boot into classic. get rid of that unity POS01:47
spankbotKE1HA If I can get Gnome3 to run stable on 10.04 I'm back to Ubuntu, I'f not I'm torn at the moment.  The Ubuntu community, this IRC alone blows away any distro support community.  PPL are so cool here, they even help me out on my Fedora issues.01:47
noneabove1182has anyone else encountered or heard of a problem where after updating the video graphics driver unity no longer runs on 11.04? using radeon card (yes ive heard of its issues)01:47
abc_dallasi used it for all of 5 mins before switched to Ubuntu. I want to put Ubuntu on all my cpus and be able to use it01:47
[THC]AcidRainboth cores are maxing out at 100% usage01:47
aeon-ltd[THC]AcidRain: heh, overheating? unless you OC'd ,your thermal paste is almost non-existant or your fan failed/clogged/slowed down; you'll be fine01:47
treyhnoneabove1182: say with 10.10 until 11.10 comes out01:47
[THC]AcidRainaeon-ltd, my comp is very clean01:48
=== root___ is now known as galamar
aeon-ltd[THC]AcidRain: recent?01:48
noneabove1182treyh as much as id like to, i just spent SO long getting this to work.. XD01:48
[THC]AcidRainaeon-ltd, but did you see my message that both cores are maxing out?01:48
[THC]AcidRainnah they are maxing out right now01:48
KE1HAspankbot: Yeah, lot really good support people here in Ubuntu, one of it's best atributes I think. e.g. Gnome3, I've looked at it, but to be honest, havn't had time to mess around with ti much.01:48
[THC]AcidRaincause im converting music01:48
aeon-ltd[THC]AcidRain: yes but that's normal01:48
[THC]AcidRainonly 34 songs01:48
[THC]AcidRainso that wouldnt cause it to do that?01:48
[THC]AcidRaini took the front plate off and i have a house fan on it01:48
abc_dallasthere is so much cool stuff in Ubuntu I haven't had time to mess w/ a lot of stuff yet01:48
[THC]AcidRainaeon-ltd, what other reasons would my comp just shutdown? perhaps a power surge?01:49
[THC]AcidRaini do have ALOT of stuff hooked off like 3 power surges into 1 outlet01:49
treyhnoneabove1182: you can look to see if there are cutting edge drivers for your card that might help01:49
dkogKE1HA: are there docs on how/when iptables is started?  i don't see it in the init files i'm looking at, but i'm probably looking in the wrong place.01:49
aeon-ltd[THC]AcidRain: shutdown or did it crash first?01:49
galamarhey can anyone tell me how to mount my memcard in a pre-X livecd? so I can save some log files to it.01:49
[THC]AcidRainits just a crash01:49
kmwhiteI've been trying to get Encrypted LVM up-and-going using the guide at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1262546 , but it appears that the newer versions of ubuntu (the guide is from 2009) are lacking a /dev/.udev/db directory in initrd . Any idea how to create it, or what it was replaced with?01:49
[THC]AcidRainit turns off instantly01:49
[THC]AcidRainno warning01:49
kmwhiteIt's cited in Part II of the link.01:50
treyh[THC]AcidRain: how big of a power supply do you have? how many drives and etc. hooked up?01:50
jribdkog: in any case, ubottu provided info for both ufw and iptables01:50
[THC]AcidRaintreyh, 3 drives01:50
noneabove1182treyh its weird, because without the updated driver i get the black screen problem 9 boots out of 10, but unity works... then with new driver, no black screen but no unity ><01:50
[THC]AcidRainpower supply is 550watt01:50
[THC]AcidRainis that enough?01:50
KE1HAdkog: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo    ... beyond that I dont go :-)01:50
treyhnoneabove1182: oh thats simply, your video card isn't beefy enough to run unity, you're probably stuck with gnome301:50
[THC]AcidRain2 external drives. 1 internal01:50
aeon-ltd[THC]AcidRain: should be, unless you're rocking sli setups01:50
[THC]AcidRainthis is very odd01:51
[THC]AcidRainit just happened 2 times back to back01:51
treyh[THC]AcidRain: disconnect as many things as possible and see how it runs01:51
[THC]AcidRainand it happened once about 1 week ago01:51
[THC]AcidRainwell im on it now... it seems to be running fine01:51
[THC]AcidRaincores went back down to about 40% each01:51
noneabove1182treyh i have AMD Radeon HD 6XXXm or something, high end  :S01:51
abc_dallasi'm going to study terminal commands and linux documentation. Thanx ya'll   l8r01:51
ObrienDaveAcidRain: crashed twice and rebooted that fast???01:52
noneabove1182treyh and it runs without the update which is what confuses me01:52
[THC]AcidRainObrienDave, yeah... lol01:52
[THC]AcidRaini didnt smell anything bad.01:52
galamarI know how to mount it, I am just having trouble with the correct path to the memcard.01:52
[THC]AcidRainand like i said... it seems to be doing fine. there are no signs at all that something is wrong01:52
treyhnoneabove1182: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers01:52
ObrienDaveAcidRain: you sure it's the 'puter and not video card?01:53
treyhnoneabove1182: it's all about the driver, if the default one isn't working for you, try a newer one, https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers01:53
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noneabove1182treyh oh okay sure, ill give it a look, thanks!01:53
DigDugAnyone have a reccomendat01:53
treyh[THC]AcidRain: random power offs can be anything from heat, not enough power, grounding, 1 piece of bad hardware, and etc.01:53
treyhnoneabove1182: glad to help :P01:53
noneabove1182treyh real quick is this all radeon or general?01:54
treyhnoneabove1182: general i believe let me check01:54
[THC]AcidRaintreyh, good lord. i have so much stuff01:54
treyhnoneabove1182: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/radeon01:55
ObrienDaveDigDug: finish the question01:55
KE1HAYeah I was think'en the same thing, remomendation fer what?01:55
treyh[THC]AcidRain: exactly, never know if 1 piece of that "stuff" is the culrpit. unplug everything but the barebones :)01:55
noneabove1182treyh thanks :)01:55
treyhnoneabove1182: have fun with the drivers :P01:56
DigDuganyone have a good recommendation for a great USB flash-friendly distro? I am an avid Ubuntu user, and thought to ask you all.01:56
DigDugObrienDave, sorry 'bout that.01:56
kmwhiteI've been trying to get Encrypted LVM up-and-going using the guide at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1262546 , but it appears that the newer versions of ubuntu (the guide is from 2009) are lacking a /dev/.udev/db directory in initrd . Any idea how to create it, or what it was replaced with?01:56
treyhkmwhite: find an updated guide01:57
Tobi90chicas donde andan01:57
ObrienDaveDigDug: any ubuntu liveCD distro woorks pretty good. been trying them all for a month or so01:57
DigDugFor USB? Aren't there more frugal distros out there?01:57
kmwhiteThanks, treyh . I'll take that under consideration.01:58
KE1HADigDug: all linux distros had an issue fro time to time, but I've been with Ubuntu since the 5.x.x days, and it's pretty hard to beat the optons available with Ubuntu.01:58
ObrienDaveDigDug: you can try the alternate install. seem to be on the slim side01:58
treyhkmwhite: just found 2 in 15 seconds01:58
Tobi90alguna chica01:58
Blazentoi upgraded ubuntu, now my top menu is gone... how do i get to system/applications01:58
DigDugKE1HA: That's true. Ubuntu is just so polished. I wish there was a really USB-focused distro of it.01:59
treyhBlazento: add the menu to the bottom panel01:59
ObrienDaveDigDug: I'm running regular ubuntu on a 16GB stick right now.01:59
linuxuz3rsup guys01:59
KE1HALubuntu / Xubuntu / Edubuntu all nice diubuntu for low resource machines like my little stro's, I like teh Edubut for allot of cool apps we dont normally think about, and Lubuntu or Xubuntu for my low resource machines like my Dell D400.01:59
noneabove1182treyh hey one more question about the driver stuff, for the manual add (cause the auto add didnt quite work..) where is says your ubuntu version here, do i put natty or 11.04?02:00
DigDugObrienDave: Oh, nice. I tried Slitaz, and while its really light (whole thing loads into RAM!), it didn't have the drivers for my my WiFi.02:00
treyhnoneabove1182: read the instructions over again, it will tell you what to put02:00
KE1HAWell so much for that statement, I dont know how parts of old statments are getting mixed in with new ones, sri abt that folks, Konversion seems to have a cache issue I think.02:00
DezineI'm trying to run a server behind a router, I imagine I need to make a static ip. How do I do that? I tried this: http://goo.gl/lZWgu and it didn't work02:01
noneabove1182treyh well it has maverick and lucid, just wanna make sure 11.04 is natty02:01
diamondshowdy friends02:01
|Slacker|hey Diamondcite02:01
FloodBot1|Slacker|: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:01
diamondsso you're not going to believe this, but I'm having issues with my wireless02:01
DigDugTotal aside: I have a $75 promo gift card for Dell. Any ideas on what to spend it on?02:01
ObrienDavenoneabove1182: if it says 11.04 it's natty02:01
diamondsand |Slacker| is having issues with tab completion!!02:01
|Slacker|DigDug: a backpakc?02:01
KE1HADigDug: When you say USB distro, do you mean a distro to run from a USB devise or support for USB devices in general?02:02
diamondsDigDug: some RAM02:02
DigDugA backpack? I have a nice laptop bag02:02
noneabove1182ObeinDave kk thanks just like playing it safe02:02
DigDugKE1HA: To run from USB Drive.02:02
diamondsI'm on... what's the new UI called02:02
ObrienDavenoneabove1182: np02:02
diamondsanyway I'm on the new UI02:02
DigDugdiamonds: DDR2 is so expensive. I'd need 4GB modules for (2x4GB)02:03
KE1HADigDug: Got it, I've rolled a couple of my own, just learing how things work in build releases and such. It's really not that hard actually.02:03
Gruffynew UI for what? 11.04?02:03
diamondsbut I *don't have ANY networking icon*02:03
|Slacker|DigDug: some cordless mouse?02:03
diamondsin my top right icon area02:03
diamondswhich is odd02:03
EgyParadoxDezine:NetworkManager->choose connection->edit ->IP v4 settings-> method-> manual02:03
treyhnoneabove1182: follow the default link and it should all be fine https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa02:03
diamondsin any event I wouldn't care if wireless were working02:03
diamondsso I tried rfkill unblock all02:03
ObrienDaveDigDug: 2x4GB about $12502:03
DigDugSlacker: all great ideas! I have a nice wireless mouse from Logitech already.02:04
KE1HADigDug: For USB, small & lighweight is key, and strip down the unwanted aps. It's all about intended use there I suppose.02:04
DezineEgyParadox, I tried that, any help on what settings I should use?02:04
DigDugObrienDave: DDR2 for laptop?02:04
DigDugSorry, should have mentioned laptop02:04
ObrienDaveDigDug: yep02:04
DigDugReally? Link?02:04
diamondshere's my iwconfig http://pastie.org/pastes/2358876/text02:05
KE1HAFry or Newegg02:05
DigDugObrienDave: But I have a Dell Promo Gift Card. :(02:05
ObrienDaveor www.outpost.com02:05
diamondsrfkill unblock all I have ALL unblocked02:05
|Slacker|DigDug: headphones or speakers? mp3 players? dock stations?02:05
diamondsdoing sudo lshw -C network now....02:05
ObrienDaveDigDug: yep for laptop02:05
DigDugQuestion: Does 8GB really change things, if I have 4GB already? I never notice memory issues.02:05
diamondsok so I get *-network DISABLED02:05
diamondswhat means this02:05
KE1HADigDug: Not much unless you keep hitting the wall at 4GB02:06
EgyParadoxDezine: ifconfig eth0 netmask up02:06
diamonds^sudo lshw -C network02:06
DigDugKE1HA: That's what I thought. That's why I'm so stuck! There's really nothing to get at Dell that I don't have. I have a 2TB Raid backup, nice headphones, nice keyboard and wireless mouse, new router, enough RAM.02:06
EgyParadoxDezine: you can edit /etc/network/interfaces as well02:07
ObrienDaveDigDug: yes and no. you won't notice a performance issue unless your running apps that swap memory a lot.02:07
diamondsEgyParadox: I'll try that as well!02:07
DigDugOf course I want a new computer, but a $75 GC can't justify that ;002:07
diamondsThat seemed to help last time02:07
diamondswhat do I need to execute to see the network manager icon?02:07
KE1HADigDug: and if your runnig from RAM, super fast timmings and speed / overclocks are not going to benoticed by the operator, maybe in some benchmark app or app that uses super fast sppeds, yes, but nto to the user.02:07
|Slacker|DigDug: at least it's a start :p02:07
EgyParadoxDezine: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html02:07
DigDugObrienDave: I Was thinking that with 8GB I could run the whole OS in RAM (i.e. no swap)02:07
zykotick9diamonds, nm-applet i think02:07
diamondszykotick9: will try, ty02:08
diamondssays an instance is already running02:08
ObrienDaveDigDug: don't know enough about linux to tell you about that one02:08
realubotWhat is Mod1, Mod2, Mod3 and Mod4 kays in Ubuntu?02:08
diamondswhat's the "desktop" shortcut on unity?02:08
ObrienDaveDigDug: seems right though02:08
diamondsshow desktop (compiz)?02:09
DigDugObrienDave: No worries, I appreciate the help. I remember reading about the "Is the Swap Necessary?" issue. People argue it back and forth.02:09
KE1HADigDug: You dont need 8GB f Ram to run the OS, you strip out all the junk you dont need.02:09
noneabove1182treyh after the sudo apt-get update i get a couple of error messages02:09
DigDugKE1HA: How do I go about learning how to strip out the junk I don't need?02:09
realubotMod4 is SuperKey I think but which is Alt, Ctrl and so on?02:09
diamondshttps://imgur.com/INkTv < note: No networking icon02:09
zykotick9swap is a good thing, seldom used stuff can be moved to swap so physical memory can be used for "real" stuff02:10
KE1HADigDug: You lean about building your own Ubuntu Distro, start with somethign like Lubuntu / Xubuntu as the Base Distro for OEM, then  remove all the stuff ya dont want a re-roll it.02:10
DigDugFor someone so involved with computers, I don't really do anything fancy with them. Just surf the web, really. :). No gaming,02:10
diamondswhere is the gd network manager applet??02:10
noneabove1182treyh would you like me to paste them in here?02:10
DrPenguinhey there. I am having a problem with VMWAre Server 2.x.. I just instaleld it on my ubuntu box but I cant use it. On chrome there is no console plugin, and for some reason firefox just refuses to load the admin console02:10
EgyParadoxdiamonds: gd?02:10
treyhnoneabove1182: let me guess, key errors?02:10
diamondsEgyParadox: god damned02:10
ObrienDaveDigDug: same argument over windows vs. linux. personal preference really. you will ALWAYS have naysayers on both sides of the fence02:11
DigDugKE1HA: Of the re-rolls you've done, what do you think was the sweetspot?02:11
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:11
noneabove1182treyh, no failure to fetch, 404 not found02:11
diamondsEgyParadox: :( entrapment!02:11
EgyParadoxdiamonds: its on the upper right of the screen02:11
KE1HADigDug: For me, the sweep spot was getting one to boot after I did it :-)02:11
diamondshttps://imgur.com/INkTv < EgyParadox02:11
treyhnoneabove1182: what did you type to add the repo? or to set it up?02:11
realubot04:08 < realubot> What is Mod1, Mod2, Mod3 and Mod4 kays in Ubuntu?02:11
KE1HADigDug: But anywhere equal to or less that he total available RAM is a good target.02:11
zrutyKE1HA: jrib: I found a reasonable option, but with this for - do - done, how can I make sure that the filename of the FLAC will also be the filename of the MP3?02:12
realubotWhat keys are Mod keys? Anyone?02:12
DigDugKE1HA: Haha! See, that's what I don't have to deal with. I don't have the time to trial and error this.02:12
KE1HADigDug: The you have 1/4 for Swap, 1/4 for RAM and use the USB as your /home to store changes.02:12
DigDugI was hoping that there would be some projects out there that would have different purposed forks of Ubuntu (or whatever).02:12
zykotick9diamonds, it will probably disconnect you from the net, but you could try "killall nm-applet && nm-applet" to try restarting it02:12
DigDugFat momma install, then slim install, then micro install.02:12
EgyParadoxdiamonds: try running this in terminal:  nm-applet --sm-disable02:12
diamondsEgyParadox: see also http://pastie.org/pastes/2358881/text02:12
DigDugSLitaz is 30mb!02:13
diamondszykotick9: ok, i'll try EgyParadox's thing first02:13
zrutyKE1HA: jrib: I found a reasonable option, but with this for - do - done, how can I make sure that the filename of the FLAC will also be the filename of the MP3?02:13
DigDugIt was surprising to see such a lightning boot-up and OS02:13
treyhDigDug: you could use the ubuntu-mini installer, then just install only the things you8 need and want. those downloads are only about 25min02:13
treyhDigDug: *25mb02:13
noneabove1182treyh i did the : deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/radeon/ubuntu natty main  deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/xorg-edgers/radeon/ubuntu natty main, and the sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 8844C542, then did sudo apt-get update, then errors02:13
KE1HAzruty: Do a small sample test on jsut a few files, check the results first and make a backup of the original files.02:13
diamondsthere's no man page for nm-applet...02:13
treyhnoneabove1182: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa , sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get dist-upgrade is the correct way02:13
diamondsEgyParadox: what does that switch do?02:13
EgyParadoxjust run it without man02:13
treyhnoneabove1182: correction, it's the easier way02:13
DigDugtreyh: That's a great idea! What is the ubuntu-mini installer intended for?02:14
diamondsEgyParadox: instance already running02:14
treyhDigDug: minimal installs :) or for when your cdrom is bad but you have to use it to install02:14
zykotick9DigDug, mini is basically Debian's net-install with Ubuntu repos02:14
DigDugIs the mini installer GUI?02:14
noneabove1182treyh yea i did that the first time and got the same error on the update part02:14
diamondsok zykotick9, I'll try yours :)02:14
DigDugor is it some command-line yuck?02:14
treyhDigDug: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:15
diamondszykotick9: hot diggity damn!02:15
KE1HADigDug: The other option is SSD's, there super fast and they are read/write02:15
coz_DigDug,  well it is a text install however,, it is very easy to work with and only 19 megs02:15
treyhnoneabove1182: check PM02:15
diamondsI got an icon :)02:15
diamondsbut my terminal is tied up :/02:15
noneabove1182treyh sorry to say this, but how??02:15
DigDugcoz_: Oh, like the alternate CD. That I can handle, when I setup encrypted LVMs.02:15
diamondsdo I have to ^c out of this nm-applet command?02:15
treyhnoneabove1182: depends on your chat client, look on the top, bottom, or side for another tab with "treyh" on it02:16
coz_DigDug,     exactly like the alternate :)02:16
zykotick9diamonds, you could re-run from alt+f202:16
KE1HADigDug: Smallest Non-Ubuntu distro I've used is DSL and Puppy, of the two, DSL is pretty nice.02:16
noneabove1182treyh ohhhh personal message... gotcha XD02:16
DigDugKE1HA: DSL is polished?02:16
diamondszykotick9: yeah I can just open a new PS tab :)02:16
KE1HAOverall I'd still prefer Ubuntu, rolled to suit my needs over DSL02:16
KE1HADigDug: Yes, DSL very polished.02:16
coz_DigDug,  the big difference is  not only are the files downloaded and installed,, you will get a list of availabe things to install,,  I generally only choose Ubuntu-desktop,, however,,   the arrows  scroll the list and t he "Space"  bar ticks the box not Enter :)02:16
DigDugI'd ideally like to have the polish that comes with Ubuntu, so I think I am going to try the mini installer.02:16
diamondsok so it still doesn't "see" networks02:17
juareaI have disk spaced used up and was wondering if there is a way to see all files that are big in size?02:17
diamondsI'm checking lshw..02:17
juareaI cannot burn a movie for this reason02:17
juareait said I need 10GB of space at least02:17
KumquatHow would one use a laptop running Ubuntu to bridge a connection between a wireless network and a desktop?02:17
KE1HADigDug: Check out an applkicaiton for Ubuntu call Reconstructor, you'd be suprised what you could come up with.02:17
EgyParadoxdiamonds: rightclick on the upper panel ->add to panel-> indication applet complete02:18
diamondshrm... I get "device not managed" for wireless02:18
DigDugKE1HA: Thanks for the tip!02:18
diamondsrightclick does nothing :(02:18
zykotick9juarea, you might want to start by checking how much your apt cache is using "du -sh /var/cache/apt" these files aren't required really02:18
diamondsbut I have the up/down Icon now02:18
diamondsnow I just need the wifi icon...02:18
EgyParadoxright click on free space in the panel02:19
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
juareazykotick9: 168M/var/cache/apt02:19
zykotick9diamonds, "device not managed" will appear if something is specified in /etc/network/interfaces for the wireless02:19
zykotick9juarea, that's not very big02:19
juareaI know02:19
diamondszykotick9: someone told me to add a couple lines there02:19
DigDugQuestion: How would I achieve the minimal setup on my USB key? Would I run the minimal installer from the key itself?02:19
juareaI dont know whats clogging it02:19
juareazykotick9: I cannot figure out where the siwe is02:20
zykotick9diamonds, if you added anything for your wireless that would explain the "not managed"02:20
diamondsauto wlan0\02:20
diamondsiface wlan0 inet dhcp02:20
diamondssorry, remove that slash I mean to say02:20
diamondszykotick9: so can I start it from iwconfig or what?02:21
zykotick9juarea, "du -sh * 2>/dev/null"02:21
diamondsremove it from /interfaces then restart nm-applet?02:21
zykotick9diamonds, as long as you have that in interfaces you can't use nm-applet02:21
juarea3.1GDesktop 4.0KDocuments 4.9GDownloads 80KFirefox_wallpaper.png 4.0KMusic 4.0Knettoyageglobal.sh 14Mopera_11.10.2092-1mint1_i386.deb 4.0KPictures 4.0KPublic 4.0KTemplates 4.0KVideos02:21
diamondszykotick9: where do I manage it if it's in interfaces?02:21
diamondsand more importantly, where the heck did the wireless icon go last time??02:22
diamondswifey uses the computer when I'm out of town at work, and I can't walk her thru all this02:22
zykotick9diamonds, in the interfaces file???  I've never done wireless with it, but it is possible02:22
diamondszykotick9: I got the advice in this channel :p02:22
diamondsbut I'll remove the last two lines now and restart the applet02:22
zykotick9juarea, sorry try "du -sh / 2>/dev/null" to check your root filesystem02:22
zykotick9juarea, you do have 5GB in ~/Downloads02:23
diamondszykotick9: what must I clear to reload that interfaces file"?02:24
diamondsIt's still showing "not managed"02:24
zykotick9diamonds, "grep wlan0 /etc/network/interfaces" is anything NOT commented out?02:25
diamondszykotick9: nothing returned02:25
KumquatGaah stupid unreliable wireless. Did someone answer my question while I was away?02:25
diamondsI removed it02:25
zykotick9diamonds, perhaps "sudo service networking restart"  - probably disconnect you02:26
diamondsevery time i  turn around rfkill has a block on wifi02:26
diamondswhere the heck is it getting that from??02:26
=== semitones_ is now known as semitones
KumquatHow would one bridge a connection using Ubuntu?02:28
diamondszykotick9: http://pastie.org/pastes/2358948/text02:28
dkogKE1HA: fyi http://packages.debian.org/sid/iptables-persistent can be installed to auto-load iptables config02:29
diamondszykotick9: sorry, it says "restart: Unknown instance: " every time I service networking restart02:29
zykotick9diamonds, now try nm-applet02:29
TheFuzzballSo, GNOME looks normal (http://www.dropmocks.com/mYj54) for a second before switching to a classic ugly theme (http://www.dropmocks.com/mYj55) Is there a fix for this bug?02:29
diamondsnot managed.... :(02:30
diamondsthis is getting oldish :(02:30
diamondsI had wireless working 2 days ago, broke, got it up again02:30
TheFuzzballGoing into Appearance and changing the theme has no effect on the menu bars.02:30
diamondsworking yesterday morning, broke, I was out of town02:30
diamondsI gotta figure a way to KEEP this working02:30
treyhdiamonds: what version of ubuntu you running?02:31
diamondsspending  an hour trying to debug every time I want to use the wireless nick is... suboptimal UX02:31
treyhthats your problem02:31
treyhdell laptop?02:31
diamondstreyh: correct02:31
diamondswhat should I be running?02:31
diamondsI'll reinstall02:31
treyhwhat model laptop02:31
treyhlol hehe02:32
FloodBot1diamonds: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:32
treyhe5510 here, i feel your pain sec i'll find the link to make you happy02:32
diamondsthat's just kinda sad that ubuntu is SO hardware specific you're fked if you have the wrong dell02:32
diamondsor the wrong version02:32
treyhit's not that02:32
treyhti's the wireless driver's fault02:32
diamondsPlus *****I had it working yesterday!!!******02:33
treyhwhen you went to install it, the restricted driver failed right?02:33
diamondsit was working yesterday morning02:33
KumquatHow would one bridge a connection using ubuntu02:33
treyhdiamonds: quick question, you updated and etc. ?02:33
diamondstreyh: yes02:34
Mr_Twhowas pr0ton02:34
diamondsperhaps I should treat it like windows: restart and cross my fingers02:34
treyhdiamonds: i had the same problems with 11.04 which drove me to fedora for a while, then i went to linux mint which is based on ub 11.0402:34
EgyParadoxKumquat: internet connection sharing u mean?02:34
diamondsjimminy cricket...02:34
* diamonds sigh02:34
diamondsI had avoided ubuntu/linux for a while fearing it wasn't ready for prime time (my friends were always having issues)02:35
KumquatEgyParadox: I want to use my netbook to connect to the Internet, and use an ethernet cable from it to get a connection for my Desktop02:35
UbuBeginhi guys, Let's say I have a cpp file.. I wanna convert it to text file(open office if possible) with color coded syntax and line number02:35
diamondsbut I figured that given my super-common hardware and ubuntu's maturity, it would work for basic stuff at this point02:35
treyhdiamonds: it's not that there are problems no matte what you use, just depends02:35
treyhdiamonds: not always linux's fault, some people are picky about being able to use their drivers and hardware02:36
diamondstreyh: I'm not picky :)02:36
diamondswhat can I do?02:36
treyhdiamonds: finally found the link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:36
treyhdiamonds: the short description, remove this:  bcmwl-kernel-source02:37
treyhdiamonds: install 10.10's version of  bcmwl-kernel-source02:37
treyhdiamonds: lock it to that version in the package manager, problem solved02:37
EgyParadoxKumquat: Choose shared to other computers under methods under IPv4 settings in network manager02:37
=== walter is now known as jpsman
juareawhat command do you put to download and install java... is it apt-get download java?02:38
jpsmanshoot, who do I message on freenode to get verified again?02:38
szal!java | juarea02:38
ubottujuarea: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.02:38
treyhjpsman: log out and log back in, there will be a link with instructions02:39
jpsmantreyh, naw its the nickserv02:40
jpsmanthanks anyway02:40
UbuBeginhi guys, Let's say I have a cpp file.. I wanna convert it to text file(open office if possible) with color coded syntax and line number02:41
mrdebwhat does it mean when disk check says non-continguos02:41
treyhUbuBegin: no conversion needed, simply open it with a text editor that has color coded syntax and etc.02:41
jpsmanUbuBegin, is that a C plus plus file you're talking about?02:41
UbuBegintreyh, actually, i want to copy the color-coded syntax and paste it into a open office document.. How'd you do that ???02:42
treyhUbuBegin: the colors and line #'s are built into the program, if you don't want to edit it after placing it in open office, screen shot it02:43
jpsmanI dont think gedit can output the color coded syntax into say an XML....02:43
juareastill here?02:43
juareaok good02:43
KumquatI want to get a wireless connection to my laptop, and use an ethernet cable from it to get an internet connection to my desktop02:43
mattgyverjuarea, I think its sun-java-6, but you have to have the partner repo enabled02:43
diamondsI think I'll just shut the gd thing down and see if that fixes it02:43
diamondsthe ol' windows trick02:43
rslackeso..since I got disconnected: is there a keyboard shortcut for desktop grid?02:43
rslackein unity02:43
zachUbuBegin, maybe upload it to pastebin.com and copy the HTML formatted text into an open office document.02:43
=== rslacke is now known as |Slacker|
|Slacker|nevermind..just found it02:43
* diamonds sigh02:43
diamondsnow I'm back to lshw telling me *-network DISABLED02:43
Internetpci there any one ??02:43
diamondsjust restarted02:43
treyhUbuBegin: here you go, this should do it: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/coooder02:44
=== jpsman is now known as JPSman
diamondstreyh: ok.....02:44
diamondsthis isn't going to kill me?02:44
theadminUbuBegin: In Vim, do :runtime! syntax/2html.vim02:44
treyhdiamonds: okay what did you do?02:44
theadminUbuBegin: That's how I'd do it02:44
subarubdubHi ppl02:44
diamondstreyh: I just restarted02:44
diamondsbut now http://pastie.org/235900602:44
diamondsit wasn't disabled before... I got that turned off some how (the disabling)02:45
subarubdubI r newb w/ubuntu but no more windows for me. I have libre office but I want open office, cant figure out how to install it.02:45
treyhdiamonds: did you see the link i posted earlier?02:45
diamondstreyh: yes...02:45
theadminsubarubdub: From openoffice.org, but I don't see why you02:45
bindi_subarubdub: libreoffice is the replacement to openoffice02:45
subarubduboh ok02:45
treyhdiamonds: did you try the short method ?02:45
diamondsI'm just trying to figure... I don't know I had it working before!!!!02:45
subarubdubso just hang with libre02:46
diamondstreyh: I'll try it now02:46
JPSmansubarubdub: you an install open office too if you want.  ubuntu software center or the synaptic package manager02:46
treyhdiamonds: sec i'll find you a link02:46
subarubdubit is sometimes confusing to install apps on their own02:46
JPSmanI have a far more advance question.  How can I directly interact with the screen?  like, BELOW the x server....02:47
subarubdubI found it in the software center.02:47
propmantreyh: diamonds post says he's running a  PRO/Wireless 3945ABG not a Broadcom02:47
JPSmanwhat bytes in what file would I have to modify to put say a big red circle on the screen independant of the x server?02:48
subarubdubbut libre is newer and has everything anyway?02:48
treyhdiamonds: that changes the game lol02:48
diamondssubarubdub: yes, you want libre02:48
mrdebwhat does it mean when disk check says non-continguos02:49
UbuBegintheadmin, how do i insert html file into the open office document02:49
JPSmansubarubdub: I dont know, I have yet to try/use libre - best of luck :0D02:49
propmantreyh:  that one works straight out of the box in mint.....I have it on my laptop02:49
* diamonds sighs02:49
subarubdubit replaces libre with open office. better stick with libre02:50
diamondssubarubdub: correct02:50
treyhpropman: the broadcom ones? yes they do :)02:50
diamondsnow I'm getting "wireless disabled by hardware switch"02:50
theadminUbuBegin: You can open it in OpenOffice and save it as .odt02:50
keithclarkI cannot seem to get the Startup Disk Creator to select a .iso image to use.  It is stuck on one I selected quite some time ago.  When I try 'other' and select a different .iso, the same one remains.02:51
diamondsWTF DOES THAT MEAN!!?!02:51
treyhkeithclark: use unetbootin instead, much easier02:51
treyhdiamonds: you have a physical switch thats turned off02:51
diamondstreyh: nope02:51
diamondsI've switched it both ways02:51
treyhdiamonds: convert from ub 11.04 to linux mint 11 and your problems should go away02:52
diamondsit's fn+f202:52
diamondstreyh: my problems will go away, or THIS problem will go away?02:52
treyhdiamonds: besides the function option, there may also be a physical switch you have to move?02:52
diamondstreyh: no02:52
diamondsthere's not02:52
treyhwhats the model of your laptop again?02:52
diamondslinux is just confused02:52
diamondswhy should lint work and ubuntu not?02:53
diamondsthis is a networking thing....02:53
keithclarktreyh, I tried that but it does not work either.  I try Diskimage, iso and then when I try to search for my file it only shows the root directory tree02:53
UbuBegintheadmin, how do i add the line numbers and also there seems to be grayed indentation (how to remove that?02:53
theadminUbuBegin: I don't know about indentation, never saw this. As for line numbers, :set nu02:54
UbuBegintheadmin, thanks will do that02:54
treyhdiamonds: might be turned off in the bios02:54
subarubdubso can libre still edit doc/docx and xls/xlsx02:54
* diamonds bangs head on table02:54
diamondstreyh: thank you for the suggestion but that is SO f'ing unlikely :p02:55
theadminsubarubdub: Yes it can02:55
theadminsubarubdub: LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice02:55
treyhkeithclark: copy your iso to the root directory for a few minutes and call it good02:55
keithclarktreyh, got it figured out, thanks!02:55
treyhdiamonds: no reason to be so negative02:55
diamondstreyh: if it is, it's some magical ubuntu bios manipulation, because it never happened in XP02:55
diamondstreyh: sorry :(02:55
diamondsI'm just frustrate because there doesn't seem to be any systematic way to fix this very common issue02:56
diamondsit's "try a half dozen things and see if any of them work"02:56
treyhdiamonds: have you googled it?02:56
diamonds(it's not your fault)02:56
diamondstreyh: yes02:56
diamondsI don't find info for my 1. version 2. model 3. wireless card02:57
diamondssometimes I find one or two points matching02:57
diamondsusually just one...02:57
treyhdiamonds: you tried: linux-backports-modules-wireless-maverick-generic02:57
propmandiamonds:  in that paste to http://pastie.org/2359006   on the screen it says you are running an Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG   and therefore not a Broadcom wireless02:57
diamondspropman: agreed02:57
t0rcSo my touchpad is messed up. I'm on a Sony Vaio and the mouse buttons don't always register. They are very intermittent and such. It's a bit frustrating.02:58
diamondsthat's a command?02:58
treyhthats a software package02:58
t0rcI'm wondering if there's any way for me to fix that.02:58
treyhsec researching it more02:58
diamondstreyh: found it here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Atheros/AR928502:59
treyhdiamonds: nice find, worth a shot!02:59
treyhsudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-maverick-generic03:00
diamondstreyh: I tried :903:00
diamondsno package found :(03:00
treyhdo sudo apt-get update03:00
treyhthen try again03:00
diamondsstill doesn't find it03:01
diamondsand when I go thru the website software center says there's no such package03:01
treyhdiamonds: might have removed it03:02
nfirvineHi all, need help with runlevels/upstart, namely that I want a custom runlevel, but upstart apparently doesn't support them?03:03
diamondstreyh: I see03:03
theadminnfirvine: Right, there are no runlevels in Ubuntu03:04
hirokoHello, I need to wipe an HDD. I want to do it faster than normal, so i just want to set every fourth bit to zero. How can I do this with a shell command?03:04
treyhdiamonds: the only thing i can suggest is to try using 10.10's drivers and etc. for your card03:05
diamondstreyh: how do I do that?03:05
treyhdiamonds: if that doesn't work, try another version of different ubuntu flavor, 10.04 was pretty solid03:05
diamondsand why did they choose to break wireless on 11.04?03:05
diamondswas this a business decision?03:05
diamondsI mean, why would you update something to make it work less?03:06
nfirvinetheadmin: Okay, maybe I can accomplish this another way.  Instead of powering off my desktop at night, I want it to go into "server mode" where it would consume less power but still serve files, etc.  Mainly, I want to stop X (gdm).03:06
treyhi'm sure that was their goal03:06
theadmindiamonds: Well, this is Linux for ya03:06
treyhdiamonds: they don't want your wireless to work03:06
diamondstheadmin: don't say that, you make it sound like linux sucks!03:06
theadminnfirvine: You can boot it with "text" appended to your kernel line.03:06
treyhdiamonds: lol to make things better, things have to change. with change and innovation comes success and failure03:06
theadmindiamonds: Nope, just up-to-date-ness is above stability.03:06
diamondsthat roxx03:06
treyhdiamonds: 10.04 is considered the long term support version, aka LTS03:07
theadminnfirvine: Or you can just... "sudo service gdm stop"03:07
diamondssure, I can't connect to the internet...03:07
treyhdiamonds: LTS is more stable, 11.04 is newer but less stable :)03:07
diamondsbut check out this expose effect!03:07
diamondstreyh: ok03:07
* diamonds sobs03:07
nfirvinetheadmin: Yep, but I'd rather not have to restart the whole machine.  Yeah, I could just stop all the services I want, but it feels like there'd be a better way to do it (like runlevels ;)03:07
diamondsbut I had it working yesterday!!!03:07
theadminnfirvine: Except there ain't03:08
treyhdiamonds: if you want stability go back to 10.0403:08
theadminnfirvine: Maybe you should try another distro for a server, *with* those :D03:08
propmandiamonds: fwiw, the PRO/Wireless 3945ABG has worked right out of the box for me on my laptop for several linux mint installs now (currently at linux mint 11)03:08
diamondsthose pricks.... 11.04 is the default version to download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download03:08
nfirvinetheadmin: You're saying start with server then add on top?  Thing is I want both, and the ability to switch between  :D03:08
diamondsthey should call it unstable if it is in fact unstable03:09
treyhdiamonds: there is a dropdown to choose your version03:09
theadminnfirvine: What I mean is, if you want runlevels maybe Ubuntu's not for you03:09
nfirvinetheadmin: Also, noticed that in /etc/init/gdm.conf, this line: stop on runlevel [016]03:09
diamondstreyh: "the DEFAULT version"03:09
treyh!ignore | diamonds03:09
ubottudiamonds: If you really don't wish to see the messages from a particular person on IRC, you can use /ignore nickname03:09
nfirvinetheadmin: so obviously it knows something about runlevels03:09
diamondstreyh: I don't not want to see your msgs :)03:09
celltechSoftware center is refusing to instal programs I download03:09
ttuttleHow do I turn off Compiz?03:09
treyhdiamonds: again no need to be a negative nancy03:10
diamondsbut you see that I'm saying it's the "default" version, right?03:10
diamondstreyh: k03:10
theadminnfirvine: Ah yes, but you have to configure them yourself :D03:10
syntaxxis there a way i can preserve the home directory during preseeding?03:10
theadminnfirvine: man update-rc.d03:10
treyhdiamonds: you're in the box, you hate the box, there is no helping you, install windows03:10
nfirvinetheadmin: Exactly, and it looks like the /etc/init/ files are not for hand tweaking03:10
nfirvinetheadmin: and I already used sysv-rc-conf, but gdm is disabled in it already03:11
theadminnfirvine: Ah, odd03:11
diamondshow to fix ubuntu wireless on your dell (according to #ubuntu): "Install windows"03:11
diamondsI'm so close...03:12
diamondsI can taste my wireless internet03:12
nfirvinetheadmin: I think because it's a pure upstart service03:12
theadminnfirvine: As I said, check update-rc.d out, I think that still works03:13
diamondsdown at the very bottom: http://pastie.org/pastes/2359145/text03:13
diamondswhat does this mean? "wlan0     IEEE 802.11abg  ESSID:off/any  "03:13
nfirvinetheadmin: Cool, I will thanks.  Now I'm leaning towards just tweaking /etc/init/gdm.conf03:13
diamondsdoes that mean it's off?03:13
diamondseh... I'll try restarting again03:14
KumquatI'm trying to use my laptop to set up a network bridge using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConnectionBridge, but now I don't seem to have an Internet connection on either computer03:18
diamondswireless working!03:21
diamondsreset 3 times, just like XP03:21
diamondsI think it might have to do with the state of the hardware switch ON STARTUP03:22
diamondslike, I think you maybe can't change it once the computer is running03:22
theadmindiamonds: Could be03:22
theadmindiamonds: Awkward hardware issues03:22
noneabove1182anyone know how to delete a ppa ?03:23
* diamonds sighs03:23
diamondswell I was gonna sort out this issue then watch a show03:23
diamondsbut now it's been 2hrs...03:23
theadminnoneabove1182: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/your-ppa.list03:23
diamondsand it's late03:23
diamondsoh whellll03:23
diamondsthx everyone! I'll leave trayh a note...03:23
noneabove1182theadmin is your-ppa supposed to be replaced with the one i want to delete?03:23
noneabove1182theadmin dont wanna assume XD03:24
rww!info ppa-purge | noneabove118203:24
theadminnoneabove1182: Obviously :D03:24
diamondswhat was that dude's name?03:24
ubottunoneabove1182: ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr56 (natty), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB03:24
noneabove1182diamonds treyh left03:25
diamondsnoneabove1182: I know.  I was leaving a memoserv msg03:25
diamondsbut I forgot his exact nick... done!03:25
noneabove1182theadmin and alright so not sure what that was about purging but i will try the other thing you said03:25
theadminnoneabove1182: apt-get install ppa-purge ; ppa-purge your-ppa03:25
theadminnoneabove1182: Just an easier way :D03:26
noneabove1182and should that be the url in place of "your-ppa"?03:26
hanasakiis there a java7 packet for natty?03:26
theadminnoneabove1182: No, it should be a ppa address like ppa:mozilla-team/firefox-stable03:26
mrdebis firefox 3618 still safe to use03:27
theadminmrdeb: I wouldn't03:27
noneabove1182theadmin alright ill take a loot thanks03:28
tswiftany idea how to make my terminal copy text when it is selected?03:29
coz_twitch,   shift+ctrl+c03:29
JakeWhartonhi all, i'm installing ubuntu on a fresh bare metal machine and am facing issues with a crap SATA controller allowing booting from a mirror or even single drive. I was hoping to use GRUB on a USB flash drive (since that boots fine) and boot a mdam mirror. It all seems straightforward on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID but i'm curious when I install GRUB how do I point it to the mirror so it'll boot even if03:29
JakeWhartona drive is failed?03:29
tswiftbut in redhat it works without doing shift+ctrl+c03:29
tswiftjust copies automatically03:29
tswiftor maybe its the vnc client that does it03:30
tswiftwish I could have it that way03:30
mrdebso why is it not ugprade03:30
moktiDoes anyone here use WMII with Ubuntu?03:35
hanasakiwhat is wmii03:36
rww!info wmii | hanasaki03:36
ubottuhanasaki: wmii (source: wmii): lightweight tabbed and tiled X11 window manager, version 3. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.9.2+debian-2ubuntu2 (natty), package size 382 kB, installed size 944 kB03:36
konsumerhow i can i check what LAN IP im using ?03:36
konsumeri want to forward a port, but i have no clue what local ip im using03:37
rwwkonsumer: ifconfig or probably somewhere in networkmanager03:37
konsumeripconfig did not work03:38
hanasakiwmii looks interesting... I am looking for something new... gnome3 is eh... loved gnome2 and ubuntu ditched gnome3 for unity anyways... kde is to pretty and heavy  but I want transparencies.. thoughts?03:38
GruffyQuick facebook question, how do you block people from posting on your wall?03:38
konsumerNo command 'ipconfig' found03:38
theadminhanasaki: xfce maybe03:38
DoYouKnowHow do I get my touchpad working in ubuntu 10.10? It seems to be very slow on this dell xps m153003:38
theadminGruffy: Umm... That's not Ubuntu-related03:38
hanasakirww:  mokti   looks like wmii is in the natty packages03:38
DoYouKnowthe mouse sensitivity settings don't do anything03:38
moktiifconfig, konsumer03:38
konsumerGruffy, go to #facebook03:38
rww!ot | Gruffy03:39
ubottuGruffy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:39
konsumeroh, i see, lol03:39
DoYouKnowany ideas?03:39
hanasakitheadmin:  never got the transparencies to work in xfce and it depends on gnome libs.. at least in ubuntu03:39
konsumerThanks rww and mokti  :D03:39
GruffyYeah I know what this channel is03:39
DoYouKnowmy usb mouse works fine03:39
Gruffyit was just a quick questio03:39
DoYouKnowbut my ps2 mouse does not03:39
KumquatI'm trying to use my laptop to set up a network bridge using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConnectionBridge, but now I don't seem to have an Internet connection on either computer03:39
=== Milos|Netbook is now known as newb
konsumerim guessing this is it. Right? "inet addr:"03:40
=== notapuff is now known as puffin
=== newb is now known as Millos
rwwkonsumer: sounds like it03:40
konsumerty sir :)03:40
=== Millos is now known as Milos|etbook
puffinMine is
=== Milos|etbook is now known as Milos|Netbook
=== S0lo is now known as Diabolik
moktianyone here use irssi? In some channels names don't get highlighted when my name is mentioned03:42
=== Diabolik is now known as S0lo
moktiI thought "/color auto" made this happen, but I could be wrong. Can anyone confirm?03:42
noneabove1182okay guys big problem.. installed ubuntu, now windows 7 is corrupt, will not boot, and if i try to reinstall it doesnt recognize any partitions... help? :/03:43
konsumermokti, i think theres an #irssi channel03:43
rwwthere is03:43
moktikonsumer: thanks, I guess I should have figured that03:43
konsumermost other chans besides this and debian are pretty much idle for hours03:44
hanasakiis there a java7 package?03:44
=== S0lo is now known as askl56
=== askl56 is now known as Logik
rwwhanasaki: no03:44
theadminkonsumer: That's true03:44
hanasakiany plans for one?03:44
=== Logik is now known as Logic
hitmooni want to use gpg to generate a pair of key, but i dont want to answer the follow questions , how  can i do this?03:45
=== Logic is now known as Trotsky
hitmoonany idea?03:45
=== Trotsky is now known as Armin
=== Armin is now known as Leon
=== Leon is now known as Intel
KumquatI'm trying to use my laptop to set up a network bridge using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConnectionBridge, but now I don't seem to have an Internet connection on either computer03:46
th0rhitmoon: that question makes no sense. What don't you want to answer?03:46
noneabove1182could really use some help with my windows 7 as i can no longer load into it and its kinda annoying and worrisome03:47
theadminth0r: The questions GPG asks interactively03:47
puffinYou can delete your windows partition. Problem solved!03:48
hitmoonth0r: i mean batch mode03:48
konsumerIs there a way to open more TCP ports ?03:48
konsumeri keep getting ping outs with Distro seeding on torrents03:48
konsumerseeding or just downloading03:48
hitmooni know the answer can be write into a file, then run batch mode03:48
hitmoonbut i dont know the format of the file03:49
noneabove1182puffin thanks ><03:50
hitmoonbecause i want to use gpg in a bash script03:50
hitmoonand dont want any interaction03:50
=== dave is now known as MrDave
KumquatI'm trying to use my laptop to set up a network bridge using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConnectionBridge, but now I don't seem to have an Internet connection on either computer03:52
MrDaveFirefox 8 windows stays hidden after it starts....03:52
D-coym4v o/03:54
MrDaveFirefox 8 windows stays hidden after it starts....03:55
=== david is now known as Guest79621
theadminMrDave: I don't think Firefox 8 is out yet03:56
MrDavetheadmin,  ff8 is ffnext or ff nightly03:56
MrDavei wonder where ff profile is stored03:57
theadminMrDave: ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles03:58
MrDaveperhaps if i delete it, that will fix03:58
Guest79621hi, I use Ubuntu 11.04 intel 32bit with Intel 82845G/GL graphic card, without unity. My RAM is 950 MB total and 930 MB used but when i check mem usage, i saw gdm 10%, firefox 17% thunderbird 10%  Xorg 12% and that's all the main, any tips ?03:59
Zungohey, how can i add myself (new users) to sudoers list?04:00
Guest79621hi, I use Ubuntu 11.04 intel 32bit with Intel 82845G/GL graphic card, without unity. My RAM is 950 MB total and 930 MB used but when i check mem usage, i saw gdm 10%, firefox 17% thunderbird 10%  Xorg 12% and that's all the main, any tips ? after a few hours my computer will freeze04:00
warddrGuest79621, in system manager go to view, and select all processes04:00
zykotick9!atemyram | Guest7962104:01
ubottuGuest79621: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html04:01
rwwZungo: sudo adduser usernamehere admin04:01
Zungoadmin group?04:01
Zungonah, going to do it via gui....04:01
visitor1after one of the last update my screen resolution changes after login, but only after the network connection is established04:04
Guest79621Wardje, firefox 138 MB,  Xorg 115 MB, thunderbird 68 MB, Metacity 53 MB, ubuntuone-sync 21 MB, is it ok, I don't like that04:04
=== Auriel__ is now known as Auriel
visitor1anybody know of this bug?04:04
visitor1nvidia graphics card, xubuntu 10.04 lts04:04
visitor1it changes to interlaced and i have to change it back and after that its working ok04:05
Guest79621zykotick9, thanks but the problem is that system freeze twice/once a day and it seems that it is because of out of memory problem ...04:08
numberstationi have a quick question, how do i check if there is a duplicate entry in a file?04:10
theadminnumberstation: entry?04:10
numberstationlike, i've got a bunch of words in a file04:10
DoYouKnowI'm looking at some of the updated ubuntu 10.10 packages... they have such futuristic names04:10
numberstationit's structured like "word word word word word"04:10
numberstationhow do i make sure that each word is UNIQUE?04:11
edbiannumberstation: using python is how I would04:11
DoYouKnowsort -u, I think04:11
DoYouKnowor is it -a04:11
DoYouKnowI think it's -u04:11
numberstationcould you write an example command?04:12
rww#ubuntu is not #homeworkhelp04:12
KumquatI'm trying to use my laptop to set up a network bridge using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConnectionBridge, but now I don't seem to have an Internet connection on either computer04:12
DoYouKnownumberstation: use awk/sed (forget which one, a google search should say) to seperate out the words, then use sort -u, to make them unique04:13
DoYouKnowwhich is basically a replacement of a space with a \r or a \n04:13
DoYouKnowwait, I'm not even sure that's needed... numberstation04:14
numberstationi'm REALLY bad a scripting, i'm not really a linux user04:14
DoYouKnowtry "cat file.txt | sort -u"04:14
numberstationcould you ...tell me which commands to put into my shell ?:P04:14
datruthDoes anyone know of away in ubuntu using openvpn, to track down clients vpn assigned ip and traffic associated via firewall/iptables?04:15
th0rrww: maybe it is #homeworkhelp <smile>04:15
qinnumberstation: wc ?04:15
numberstationwhat's wc?04:16
DoYouKnownumberstation: "cat file.txt | sort -u"04:16
qinnumberstation: word count04:16
DoYouKnowwhere file.txt is the file04:16
DoYouKnowthat contains the words you want to be unique04:16
arrtyhow can i run a test on my hard drive04:16
arrtyto see if it's failing04:16
numberstationwait wait wait, imma gonna pastebin a sample file04:16
nardevhi, does anyone know about software that can turn your PC into ham radio station by using wi-fi antenna?04:17
mattgyvernumberstation, I think you can just uniq04:17
DoYouKnownumberstation: what output did you get when you ran that command?04:17
th0rnardev: now that would be a cute trick04:17
numberstationwait, each word isn't on it's own line :P04:18
nardevth0r, :)04:18
numberstationit's one long line of "word word word word"04:18
KatronixSerfhi all, which file do I edit so that Ubuntu will never start X automatically?04:18
mattgyvernumberstation, try putting that all in a file and try, uniq -u <path to file>04:18
mattgyverblah, that might not work04:19
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
numberstationhow do i how do i split the file into one word per line?04:20
tensorpuddingnumberstation: you could replace all instances of spaces with newlines04:20
zykotick9KatronixSerf, one method is "sudo mv /etc/init/gdm /etc/init/gdm.disabled"04:20
numberstationtensorpudding: how do I do that?04:20
tensorpuddingnumberstation: sed or a reasonably smart text editor could do it04:21
KatronixSerfzykotick9, is that the best way?04:21
numberstationtensorpudding: i don' know these tools04:21
zykotick9KatronixSerf, easiest for sure04:22
KatronixSerfzykotick9, ok04:22
th0rnumberstation: please don't shout04:22
numberstation(not shouting, just making an announcement :P)04:22
mattgyvernumberstation, sed -i 's/ /\n/g' <file path>04:23
KatronixSerfzykotick9, mv: cannot stat `/etc/init/gdm': No such file or directory04:23
zykotick9KatronixSerf, "ls /etc/init/gdm*"04:23
numberstationTHAT WORKED!04:23
numberstationso, how do i make sure each line is unique?04:24
mattgyverso now try doing, uniq -u <path to file>04:24
th0rKatronixSerf: you might try just 'sudo service gdm stop' and see if that does it04:24
=== jsec is now known as jsecl0ngn1ck
mattgyversee if that works, cuz now there on seperate lines04:24
=== jsecl0ngn1ck is now known as jsec
zykotick9KatronixSerf, are you using Ubuntu or Kubuntu or something else?04:24
tensorpuddingnumberstation: oh, in the future, gedit can do it04:24
numberstationoh, sort it, then try the uniq thing?04:24
rootkitinstallerIs there any way to find out how old my existing Ubuntu install is? I want to make sure this install is at least older than one week...04:24
numberstationhwo do I sort it again?04:24
KatronixSerfzykotick9, I'm using ubuntu. I want to make it so it never enters run level 504:24
KatronixSerfeven on reboot04:25
tensorpuddingnumberstation: just replace, and search for a space, and replace with \n04:25
mattgyvernumberstation, if it does, you could just make it all one command by doing; sed -i 's/ /\n/g' <path> | uniq -u <path>04:25
tensorpuddingnumberstation: it's smart enough to match \n as a newline, and not a literal \n04:25
zykotick9KatronixSerf, right you need to disable GDM - forget about runlevels, they don't really apply on Ubuntu04:25
numberstationgrawr this isn't working04:25
qinnumberstation: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/abs-guide.html04:25
rwwKadirB: stop winking at FloodBot1, it doesn't like you ;(04:25
KatronixSerfzykotick9, ok04:26
DoYouKnowhow do I fix my mouse in linux?04:26
DoYouKnowit's very slow04:26
DoYouKnowit's a touchpad04:26
therugioh cool, a dedicated ubuntu support channel04:26
th0rDoYouKnow: synclient?04:26
arrtyis it safe to do the natty release upgrade over ssh to my server 2000 miles away?04:26
=== walter is now known as JPSman
htatIs there a way to make it so that I've deleted all users on this machine's ubuntu partition (running 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, the other is Windows XP which I want untouched), and allow it to be able to start Ubuntu as if it were a fresh install?04:26
JimmyNeutronDoYouKnow, change the Mouse Preferences04:26
DoYouKnowJimmyNeutron: those don't do anything04:27
numberstationqin: that's 989 pages if i were to print it out, seriously?04:27
tensorpuddinghtat: deleting all users won't make it a fresh install04:27
tensorpuddinghtat: the applications you installed will still be there04:27
DoYouKnowactually, they do04:27
JPSmanI have an advanced question.  what if i ran   sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/fb0   while X (gdm) was running?04:27
JimmyNeutronDoYouKnow, works for my laptop04:27
tensorpuddinghtat: you could delete all but one, create a new one, then delete that last old one, and it'd be the same effect04:27
JimmyNeutronnot sure why it doesnt work for yours04:28
htattensorpudding, Alright, sounds like what I thought I might have to do. thanks!04:28
qinnumberstation: Or rather this link with ready script: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/textproc.html04:28
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
mattgyverJPSman, what kind of device is /dev/fb0 ?04:28
JPSmanmattgyver: its the frame buffer - I am interested in starting to learn how it works04:29
stephenthemartyrwhy woiuld a song in LMMS  al;l the sudden playb super fast?04:29
JPSmanI just want to know if X would crash and screw something up permanently04:29
therugihey...i kinda screwed up, and now i'm staring at openbox without a mouse and no key commands configured and it's set to auto login04:29
cyphahow can I hibernate ubuntu, so I can allow the vbox it's on to give it more RAM?04:30
mattgyverJPSman, ahh, hmm... no clue honestly but you could just switch to another vt by crtl+alt+f1 or something and kill the dd process04:30
JPSmanscrew it i'm doing it04:30
cyphait basically is crapping out from too many chromium windows being open04:30
mattgyverJPSman, thats the spirit ;D04:30
mattgyvercypha, which machine is virtual?04:32
=== walter is now known as JPSman
oscurochustephenthemartyr: whats your question04:32
JPSmanwhelp, that went wonky04:33
stephenthemartyrlmms is playing a song i made in lmms super fast with no sound evenm though my sound is working04:33
urlin2ucypha, you want to hbernate the host to give the guest more ram?04:33
cyphai want to hibernate the Guest so I can give the Guest more RAM04:33
urlin2ucypha, do you have more than 1 virtual open?04:34
bullgard4_[Lucid] I have got a dead symlink /etc/motd. It points to /var/run/motd. Do I have to care, or can I simply delete it?04:34
mattgyvercypha, looks like there is a hibernate script in /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh04:34
oscurochustephenthemartyr: I had this same problem with mixxx on windows, and the problem was my sound API.04:34
urlin2ucypha, okay at least to me your not making sense.04:35
cyphawtf is having more than 1 virtual open04:35
oscurochustephenthemartyr: Do you have the option to change your sound API? Did this help?04:35
cyphai only have 1 guest machine running04:35
stephenthemartyroscurochu: sorry im not sure what that si?04:35
propmanurlin2u: lol  not the only one then!04:35
oscurochucheck in your settings.04:35
stephenthemartyr\for lmms?04:35
urlin2ucypha, if your going to swear in acronyms you will get no help.04:35
kruxcypha, you could have multiple vm instances running at once04:36
cyphakrux, that's why I said no04:36
cyphahow does that make no sense to urlin2u04:36
oscurochustephenthemartyr: I'm not too sure what it is either, I just remember it being an option in my settings, and changing it fixed the problem.04:36
stephenthemartyroscurochu: in the lmms settings what am i lookin for?04:36
stephenthemartyrwat is api?04:36
oscurochustephenthemartyr: I'm just taking a guess in the dark, it may be a totally different problem. I'm sorry if I was of no help.04:37
bullgard4_!prefix | stephenthemartyr04:37
ubottustephenthemartyr: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)04:37
therugidoes anyone know how to logout with a key command in openbox?04:38
urlin2ucypha, if your trying to increase the ram in the vbox your using you have to shut it down , open edit and add ore ram.04:38
cyphathat's fine04:38
cyphai just want the ubuntu session to be saved to the harddrive04:38
cyphathen I want to increase the RAM04:39
urlin2ucypha, is that a workable answer.04:39
cyphaand start it back up04:39
cyphai'm not asking how to add more ram04:39
oscurochuubottu: it was a pretty general question, its not that big a deal... stop being snarky04:39
ubottuoscurochu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:39
cyphai'm asking how to save hte ubuntu session04:39
stephenthemartyr<bullgard4>so what is my api or what is it?04:39
kruxyou could create a snapshot of your current state04:39
cyphaa.k.a. hibernate04:39
cyphakrux, that's fine, how do I do that?04:39
JPSmanhow can I put a red pixel in the middle of the screen using the framebuffer /dev/fb0 ???04:40
bullgard4_stephenthemartyr: API --  application programming interface.04:40
stephenthemartyryea i googled it but i dont know what that is04:40
Henchagood afternoon all .... :)04:40
=== _mattgyver is now known as mattgyver
cyphakrux: oh, you mean using vbox04:40
therugiokay how about this...does anyone know how to change the default desktop environment from the command line?04:40
cyphagood idea04:40
bullgard4_stephenthemartyr: Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_programming_interface04:41
=== mattgyver is now known as mattgyver83
urlin2uHencha, what's up?04:41
Henchafine bro04:41
stephenthemartyrbullgard4_: i did04:42
mattgyvercypha, so I tried that hibernate script... now, it did what its suppose to though I have never had hibernate work on this laptop so it crashed04:42
Henchaanybody know how to brute force file ts ?04:42
bullgard4_therugi: This depends on your Ubuntu distribution version and your display manager.04:43
mattgyvercypha, if you want to check it out just run, good luck though; sudo sh /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh04:43
bullgard4_stephenthemartyr: Good.04:43
cyphamattgyver: i'm instead gonna use vbox to take a snapshot04:43
cyphai think that's the safest04:43
therugibullgard4_: figured it out, just set auto login to false in /etc/gdm/custom.conf :) thanks anyway04:43
cyphacan't risk losing all this porn04:43
therugiwait, noooooo it's still auto logging in! grrrr04:44
Henchawhat's vbox ?04:44
mattgyvercypha, yeah its easy too, i was wondering why you wanted to hibernate a vm so now it makes sense04:44
theadminHencha: Virtualbox04:44
xgt001hey there...... I am facing a weird but serious problem...when running ubuntu 11.04, my system shows plymouth screen randomly after something like 10 mins of logging in and crashes04:45
cyphai think it would go a lot faster if I actually partitioned my physical drive and ran ubuntu off there (virtualized in windows)04:45
cyphatoo bad my ssd is only 12804:45
stephenthemartyranyone know why a song would be playing super fast in lmms?04:46
mattgyvercypha, its probably all relative, same hardware, and windows uses more resources than linux04:46
cyphastephenthemartyr: drugs04:46
therugiphew, ok, turned off timed log in too, that seemed to fix it, ah finally04:47
cyphamattgyver: at least windows runs smoothly. linux is disgustingly slow when it comes to X04:47
theruginever doing that again04:47
cyphaand I'm running openbox04:47
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
mattgyvercypha, interesting.  Ive never really had any X speed problems (aside over vnc) but until now also never heard of openbox, might have to give that a looksey04:48
cyphayeah, I don't see a reason for anything heavier04:49
cyphafor my needs04:49
cyphanot that I think I would do any video editing, or the like in ubuntu04:49
mattgyvercypha, yeah ill be setting up a cloud network in my home in the coming weeks so that could be something useful to use on my vms04:49
cyphamattgyver: what're you going to use to serve?04:50
stephenthemartyrcypha: not anymore i quit,but seriously04:50
mattgyverprobably xenserver, though I might go gangsta and just run ubuntu server and virtualbox and so alot of things headless04:50
noneabove1182any way to make my ubuntu always load up into failsafe graphic mode?04:51
bullgard4_[Lucid] I have got a dead symlink /etc/motd. It points to /var/run/motd. Do I have to care, or can I simply delete it?04:51
cyphawhy would you need virtualbox?04:51
mattgyverthats if i dont go with xen server, if i do then i wont need virtualbox04:51
theadminbullgard4_: Odd, that file is normally a text file containing your motd04:51
theadminbullgard4_: Not a symlink04:52
mattgyvercypha, the issue is i might not have the time to invest in xen and virtualbox could likely suit my needs04:52
bullgard4_theadmin: That's what I have read in Wikipedia too.04:52
cyphamattgyver: if you didn't go with xen, why would you need virtualbox?04:53
bullgard4_theadmin: man motd: "On Debian GNU/Linux this file is a symbolic link pointing to /var/run. "04:53
mattgyvercypha, I would probably just make a few VMs on my home server instead and just connect to them remotely04:54
cyphai still don't understand what the vm's are for?04:54
therugiman, i suck at openboxing :(04:55
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
mattgyvercypha, because it will be a completely virtualized network.  So instead of having like an office PC and personal PC, it will just be two vms but I can connect anywhere04:56
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest66667
cyphaaah, gotcha04:57
cyphabut you really don't need multiple vm's for that04:57
cyphayou can just create different users04:57
jenhow do I make lid adjustments04:58
jenfor when I want to make my computor shut off when I close the lid?04:58
jenlaptop I should say04:58
mattgyverTrue, but I want it all to be on completely "separated" instances because each actually have different use cases04:58
urlin2ujen, power management04:58
airtonix:< i need the devel version of inkscape so i can get the qrcode extension. wish they would just provide it as a standalone plugin.04:59
jenwhat does hibernate do?05:00
mattgyverjen, hibernate basically does a shutdown but remembers the systems state.05:00
jensweet ok05:00
jenthank you05:00
mattgyverjen, np05:01
airtonixjen: hibernate writes the contents of ram to the swap parition before power off completely05:01
jenheheh I got it ^^05:01
urlin2ujen, good deal. ;)05:02
jenwhat does spin down hard disks do?05:02
mattgyverjen, basically stops the hard disks to conserve power.05:02
jenI just dont like my computor getting hot05:03
jenit has shut down a couple times05:03
jenbecause of that05:03
csdserverwhich part is getting hot?  cpu probably?05:03
jenwell wait...thats not why I came in here05:04
jeneverytime I shut the lid05:04
mattgyverjen, honestly its a machine that you have to run a lot (like my laptop I use almost 8 hours a day for work) just get a cooling station.  Otherwise just set your timeout options for like every 15 or 30 min of idle time05:04
jenit doesnt suspend05:04
theadminjen: System -> Prefrences -> Power management -> Action on laptop lid close05:04
bullgard4_theadmin: Do you use Lucid?05:04
theadminbullgard4_: Sorry?05:04
jenyeah it was already like that05:05
jenlet me try it once more05:05
jenI do it slowly...maybe thats why05:05
bullgard4_theadmin: Where does /etc/mod point to on your Lucid?05:05
theadminbullgard4_: I'm not on Lucid o_o05:05
jenwould that be the problem?05:05
csdserverit should trigger no matter how fast or slow, unless the leads are broken at the connection points05:05
bullgard4_theadmin: Thank you.05:06
theadminbullgard4_: For what?05:06
jenok well Im gonna do it quickly and if I fix it05:06
jenI wont come back here05:06
mattgyverjen, its possible too that the hardware also isnt properly supported and if thats the case, its hell to work out.05:06
bullgard4_theadmin: Thank you for your information and the time you have spent to as an attention to my question.05:06
mattgyverbullgard4, if i recall /etc/motd is the what is displayed to telnet session users05:07
mattgyverbullgard4, maybe also ftp, i cant recall but its something like that.  thats probably why its even alerting you.05:07
bullgard4_mattgyver: Yes. But in Ubuntu normally this is the text that you will see after logging in on a virtual console.05:08
mattgyverbullgard4, you could probably just create the file to fix the symlink i would imagine, im pretty sure its nothing more than just text05:10
theadminbullgard4_: Well, on my system /etc/motd is an empty text file.05:10
bullgard4_theadmin: What distribution version are you using?05:11
theadminbullgard4_: Well, that's unrelated because I use Arch :D05:11
monaDeveloperI just moved an executable file to ntfs part05:11
mattgyverbullgard4, im on lucid and its blank on mine05:11
bullgard4_theadmin: So Arch does solve this task differntly from Ubuntu.05:11
monaDeveloperbut it doesn't execute anymore05:11
monaDevelopereven I tried many times to set the executable flag05:12
bullgard4_mattgyver: Ah! Intersting.05:12
monaDeveloperbut nothing05:12
mattgyverbullgard4, actually hang on one sec05:12
=== castiel is now known as Sadado_sem_vergo
monaDeveloperis there a solution to this issue05:12
theadminbullgard4_: Yeah, /var/run/motd doesn't exist for me05:12
mattgyverbullgard4, yeah it doesnt exist for me either actually.  I have /etc/motd that is a symlink to /var/run/motd but /var/run/motd doesnt exist.05:14
bullgard4_mattgyver: So /etc/motd  is a dead symlink in your computer too?05:15
mattgyverbullgard4, yea05:15
monaDeveloperanybody there?05:15
bullgard4_!ask monaDeveloper05:15
urlin2umonaDeveloper, what type of executable aimed at what.05:15
bullgard4_!ask | monaDeveloper05:15
ubottumonaDeveloper: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:15
monaDeveloperok thank you05:16
monaDeveloperI have a linux file located in ntfs05:16
mattgyverbullgard4, are you getting some sort of error message about it?  How did you notice it?05:16
bullgard4_mattgyver: My mc prints /etc/motd in striking read.05:17
bullgard4_mattgyver: My mc prints /etc/motd in striking red.05:17
monaDeveloperoops sorry again I've a linux file located in ntfs partition it did work when it's located of course on ext05:17
theadminmonaDeveloper: mount -o remount,exec,rw /your/ntfs/partition05:18
monaDevelopertheadmin: ok I will try that05:18
theadminmonaDeveloper: You can't really set the executable flag the normal way on Linux executables in NTFS05:18
monaDevelopertheadmin: so how can I do that05:20
goddardok so i got the fresco logic usb 3.0 working05:21
jenwell um05:21
jenit still will not suspend05:21
theadminmonaDeveloper: Just run the command I gave (as root)05:22
monaDevelopertheadmin: ok05:22
mattgyverjen, does the light at least turn off when you close the lid?05:23
jenwill it hurt my computor if I set it to shut down?05:24
a111I have Grub installed with a link to windows 7, cna i just remove grub and windows 7 will still boot?05:25
jenI heard that may harm my computor05:25
urlin2ua111, no05:25
mattgyverjen, if it works, it could over time hurt the filesystem05:25
mattgyverjen, by chance was this a windows install of ubuntu?05:25
a111so ill need to fix my MBR?05:25
jenwell i just installed a virtualbox05:25
urlin2ua111, yeah just one command from the install or recovery disc for W7.05:25
jenwell wait05:26
jenwhen I shut the lid it goes to a black screen05:26
mattgyverjen, okay05:26
jenit wont come out of suspend05:26
a111Im installing Debian over the ubuntu install i had GRUB installed for, I didnt make a seppeaate /boot or /home partition. fml.05:26
mattgyverjen, i have that same problem with that and hibernate.  In my experience ive never seen a laptop properly support either, in my experiences.05:26
urlin2ua11, it is not a wubi that now goes to grub is it?05:27
jenoki doki05:27
jenwell it was working for a while...05:27
a111Nah, i installed it from disk urlin2u05:27
a111not from within iwndows05:27
mattgyverjen, its really hard to say and to fix it goes pretty deep from what ive looked at05:27
urlin2ua111, easy fix if you have the mentioned discs.05:27
mattgyverjen, mine is like, half and half.  hibernate never works, but sleep sometimes does.05:28
a111Im just installing debain anyway, so ill just reconfigure it i suppose05:28
hack27_tar: Unexpected EOF in archive tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now05:28
hack27_wats the problem?05:29
mattgyverhack27_, corrupt downoad?05:29
mattgyveranyway to verify the md5sum?05:29
bug2000Can anyone please help me with ipblock/iplist?05:30
hack27_wats up05:30
bug2000It seems like it kills all outgoing connections after a while.05:31
lauratikahello every one, how can i read a external HD hfs (mac) on ubuntu? ithink my external just died.05:31
bug2000Not only the ones in the filter list.05:31
theadminlauratika: There is hfsprogs05:31
theadminlauratika: If it's not preinstalled apt-get it05:32
hack27_u check the network setting05:32
hack27_in ipblock05:32
Pat201can someone give me a basic idea of what a shell script is?05:32
mattgyverlauratika, shot in the dark, but you could likely plug it and mount it manually, mount -t hfs /dev/<location>05:32
lauratikatheadmin: thanx...does this works even if is dead...on mac wont be recognized?05:33
mattgyverPat201, a shell script is a series of commands that perform a specific action (or many).05:33
theadminlauratika: I don't think it'd work05:33
lauratikamattgyver: by location you mean?05:33
mattgyverlauratika, an easy test might be just plug it in, and do a sudo fdisk -l05:34
mattgyverif you see a new device in the list, then its not a power fault.  If you dont, it could be.  If you do see it, try to mount it.05:34
mattgyverlauratika, so i guess i should say, do;sudo fdisk -l  - then plug it in - and run the command again.05:35
fornowiamherelauratika, can you see it in bios?05:35
fornowiamherethen... I hope you didn't had something really important on it...05:37
gokulhi all05:38
lauratikafornowiamhere well just pix and music but still... was my back up  :'(05:38
gokulany one tell me channel name of linux05:39
theadmingokul: ##linux ?05:39
fornowiamhereif you cannot see it in bios the is really bad.. There might be another way: remove the hdd from its case and connect it directlly to the pc (sata)05:40
ru6yxxI managed to save a HD that wasn't powering up once, after some liquid damage05:40
gokulanyone help me i forget my netgear login password for wifi....05:40
ru6yxxI took it apart and connected to a SATA  drive on my desktop05:41
mattgyvergokul, hold down the reset button on your router ;D05:41
mattgyverfixes all problems.05:41
mattgyvergokul, make sure you figure out what your default admin username and password are for your brand router first though05:41
gokulthankz mattgyver05:41
urlin2ulauratika, if you can get the HD to show you might try this for recovery. http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk05:42
ru6yxxI managed to copy all the files over05:42
gokulactualy i forget my default user name and password05:42
gokul07 of my router05:42
mattgyvergokul, you only need it so you can get back in and enable your wifi or other custom settings (if necessary)05:43
gokulthanks bro05:44
lauratikacan i intsall daul partition ubunut/mac05:45
mattgyvertest failed, press any key to continue05:45
superman097i want to ask, why i failed when installing libreoffice on my ubuntu lucid? --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/663970/05:45
gokulanyone tell me i want to increse my skills in hacking anyone suggest me the network or channel name05:45
sravanjeplz tell me anybody iam unable to download some packages05:45
ru6yxxYou will usually find that what is inside the External HD shell  is just an ordinary SATA drive, so you can still recover stuff by plugging it into a motherboard directly05:46
mattgyversuperman097, did you try installing libreoffice-core ?05:46
sravanjeit is saying error or unable to fetch05:46
FloodBot1airtonix: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:47
mattgyversuperman097, actually do you have open office installed currently?05:47
gokulanyone tell me i want to increse my skills in hacking anyone suggest me the network or channel name05:47
mattgyversravanje, what package are you trying to install?05:47
superman097@mattgyver yes openoffice installed curently05:48
superman097so better i removed first? isn't it?05:48
mattgyversuperman097, im pretty confident you need to remove openoffice prior to upgrading to libreoffice05:48
KM0201gokul: if you try going to a true "hacker" channel, you're gonna get "powned".. i'd suggest googling.05:48
superman097ok matt i'll try first, thx  for u'r suggest05:49
fornowiamheregokul, you needed help recovering yor password for your router and now you want to improve your hacking skills?05:49
sravanjemattgyver: i tried first update manager it is saying the server is not ready or check network connection or hardware support05:49
gokulthaks buddy.....what is "powned"05:49
KM0201gokul: lol, seriously?05:50
mattgyversravanje, can you try to install from the command prompt and pastebin the output?05:50
gokulyeah i have a both question in my mind bro.....but my first problem is that i want to treciver my password frm the router05:50
sravanjei tried but it is not supporting presently i am in 8.10 version05:51
sravanjei want to upgrade to newer version05:51
mattgyversravanje, so you are trying to upgrade your entire OS then correct?05:51
sravanjeit is not giving option like upgrade05:52
sravanjeyes i want to upgrade entire os05:52
mattgyversudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist upgrade05:52
mattgyversudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:52
sravanjei tried them alsop05:52
KM0201sravanje: what version of ubuntu are you using right now?05:53
gokulseriously i don t knw what is powned.....05:53
KM0201sraue: that is WELL past end of life, you won't be able to upgrade it "normally"05:53
KM0201!eolupgrade | sraue05:53
mattgyvergokul, its a term that means "owned" generally speaking - being hacked05:53
KM0201!eol | sraue05:53
ubottusraue: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:53
Myrtti!eol | sravanje05:54
ubottusravanje: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:54
KM0201dang.. sravanje see above05:54
KM0201Myrtti: caught me sleeping on bot commands.. :)05:54
sravanjeit is saying 404 not found unable to fetch05:58
ru6yxxgokul: if your router is any good you won't be able to hack it without the manual ....but you could look under it the default settings maybe there05:59
sravanjeiled to fetch http://mirror3.ubuntulinux.nl/dists/hardy-seveas/freenx/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found06:00
sravanjeFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/maindeb-src/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found06:00
sravanjeFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found06:00
sravanjeFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/jaunty/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found06:00
sravanjeFailed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/c-korn/vlc/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found06:00
FloodBot1sravanje: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:00
gokuli have a netgear......06:00
ru6yxxlook under the router then06:01
fructoseI'm doing a file transfer right now to a Windows 7 machine on my network and it's only getting 300 KB/sec. Both systems can download far faster from the Internet. Any idea what might be going on?06:02
fructoseAre there settings I can check in Samba or anything?06:02
SHVELOhowdy pardner06:07
danakaSo, I'm running an Asus netbook 1005HA and am planning to install ubuntu. I was wondering if there would be a noticeable speed increase if i were to install xubuntu rather than the regular ubuntu06:08
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
SHVELOdanaka: i think so06:09
danakaSHVELO: what would you recommend? xubuntu or lubuntu?06:10
mattgyverdanaka, I would say the machine meet the minimum requirements just go with ubuntu, otherwise yeah go with xubuntu06:10
fructoseAnyone know how Ubuntu does file transfers? In 11.04 I guess samba isn't installed by default, it seems06:12
ru6yxxI have a triple boot system but I can't get startup manager to start up the other OS's automatically, so I have to do it manually every time from  the GRUB boot screen06:13
mattgyverru6yxx, thats kinda how it works, you pick one as your default (automatic) or select another manually06:13
mattgyverfructose, I am not sure the transfer is related to samba as ive never run into any issues myself.  Is it possible the network has a high load on it right now or an old or bad card?06:14
WRAzbleh so my compizconfig just blew away my entire UI... is there a hotkey or anything to log off with?06:14
edrishello friend06:14
fructosemattgyver: Nope, it's a home network with 2 computers less than a year old06:15
edrisadakah orang indonesia di sini06:15
WRAzrestart it is >.>06:15
fructosemattgyver: Both can download at full speed externally, which is 7mbps06:15
ru6yxxmattgyver: what I mean is that if I point at Windows to start automatically, using startup manager, the Grub boot ignores me and continues starting up Ubuntu06:15
glebihanru6yxx, if I understand, you would like grub to remember your last choice ?06:16
mattgyverfructose, yeah that is kinda strange.  Though, even if samba could throttle it would likely be something not configured out of the box.06:17
glebihanru6yxx, or do you only want to change the default boot system ?06:17
ru6yxxglebihan: Yes and startup manager doesn't seem to save my settings.06:17
fructosemattgyver: Well, I just installed the 'samba' package, so I'm not even sure how things were being sent before06:17
glebihanru6yxx, startupmanager doesn't work with grub206:18
ru6yxxoh! but it used to on 10.1006:18
mattgyverfructose, ubuntu has ntfs support installed with ntfsprogs so i imagine thats how06:18
glebihanru6yxx, edit /etc/default/grub, add the lines "GRUB_DEFAULT=saved" and "GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=true" then run "sudo update-grub"06:18
ru6yxxok thanks06:19
=== babilen is now known as Guest42086
mattgyverfructose, actually theres also a package related with nautilus, i cant remember what its called though for sharing that it uses06:19
fructosemattgyver: I'm not sure what you mean. NTFS is a filesystem06:20
SHVELOru6yxx: use super boot manager06:20
glebihanfructose, the "samba" package is used to run a samba server, not to access a windows network06:20
fructoseglebihan: Ah, right. Do you know what service would be used to access the windows network? I'd like to restart it06:21
ru6yxxSHVELO: Thanks, I'll read up on it06:21
glebihanfructose, I think it's "smbd", but I'm not sure, haven't used samba for some time now06:22
fructoseglebihan: I was under the impression smbd was samba06:22
fructoseglebihan: And part of the samba package06:22
KM0201yes, it's smbd06:23
KM0201sudo service smbd stop/start06:23
mattgyverfructose, actually theres also a package related with nautilus, i cant remember what its called though for sharing that it uses06:23
mattgyverbah, sorry06:23
glebihanfructose, you're right, smbd is part of the samba package and is only used by the server06:24
mattgyverfructose, what i meant to say: smbd is samba server, and part of samba.  I think linux natively sees NTFS filesystems but just cant read/write to them and sees them as unknown types, ntfsprogs allows read/write06:25
mattgyverfructose, so the only "network" service would probably be network manager in this case, /etc/init.d/network-manager06:25
fructoseUgg. I don't want to restart that06:26
mattgyverbut, it could also be a problem on the other end too with the win7 box, hard to say so you might need to restart the tcp/ip stack on that06:26
fructoseKinda doubt it. In my experience it's always been the Linux end of things screwing up :-)06:26
mattgyverfructose, might sound dumb but how are you copying the file, (ie: nautilus, cp?)06:27
fructosematt1s: Nautilus, yeah06:27
fructoseerr, mattgyver06:27
me-1hi...is there any way i can install safari in ubuntu 10.0406:28
mattgyverme-1, maybe in wine but I havent seen a linux package06:28
mattgyverfructose, hmm, not really sure tbh.  Crazy things happen when windows and linux throw a party06:29
gokulwhat is unix....it is a os06:29
mattgyverfructose, Theres really no way to throttle a dl/upload though unless your using wget or some third party utility that I know of06:30
shannonAnyone that uses netflix? After installing Ubuntu 11 no extras, netflix played movies just fine. I'm thinking there was an update or something and it no longer will play. Says I need windows. This just started a couple weeks or so ago. Anyone got an answer for me on this one. Looking online all i get is netflix has not worked on linux but they are working on it...06:30
mattgyveror maybe iptables06:30
fructoseJust going to try a network restart for now...06:30
fructoseAm I still here?06:31
fructoseGuess so. Editing my smb.conf and /etc/init.d/networking restart took me from 200 KB/sec to 900 KB/sec06:32
fructoseSo definitely samba06:32
fructoseStill pretty damn slow though for a local network06:33
mattgyverfructose, what change did you make to your smb.conf?06:33
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
fructosesocket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=819206:34
=== aaasd is now known as aaas
mattgyverfructose, good find06:35
airtonixfructose: you should try samba406:36
airtonixor at least try the recently updated samba 306:36
Nicolushow to get the user name?06:37
fructoseairtonix: I'm still confused about which of these are servers and which are going to connect me to a Windows Network06:37
Nicolusdoing hostname gives me the host name but whats the command for username ?06:37
airtonixfructose: samba is always a server ...06:37
airtonixfructose: any windows/linux machine that partakes in ServerMessageBlock filesharing is both a client and a server.06:38
pratzhey guys i have installed skype 2.2 on ubunut 10.04 ,but i can not listen to my own voice, some thing is wrong with mics settings ??06:38
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
pratzany help is appreicated, its urgent06:38
airtonixfructose: sudo service smbd restart <--- restarts the component that connects and serves your files to the network06:38
pratzthe audio input is not working with skype06:39
airtonixfructose: sudo service nmbd restart <-- restarts the component that handles WINS resolution (share names, computer names etc)06:39
pratzany help on that guys ??06:41
zabomberhey guys. im settin gup free ubuntu shell accounts online. email me at: zabomber@gmail.com if you interested06:47
DKDude36well hello ubuntu world!06:49
licwinпривет вс ем06:49
glebihan!ru | licwin06:50
ubottulicwin: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:50
DKDude36does anybody here kno much about installing ubuntu on a late 2009 iMac?06:50
DKDude36i'm having problems06:50
DKDude36nobody can help?06:51
DKDude36am i on too late>06:51
zabomberim here06:51
DKDude36well hi06:51
DKDude36yeah so do u kno anything about getting ubuntu up on macs?06:52
zabomberDKDude36: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook06:52
ileacan somebody tell me a good program that is similar to strong dc?06:52
DKDude36zabomber: thanks for the link. i s there any one similar for iMacs? i've tried just typing in iMac instead of macbook but that fails06:52
zabomberlet me have a look06:53
DKDude36i'll take a second look sa s well06:53
cleanhi, friends, I have a problem with GNU screen and vim over the ssh session, every time I exit from vim, the screen is cleared automatically, anybody knows how to solve this? thanks06:53
zabomberDKDude36: http://www.nuketown.com/node/231606:54
DKDude36oh lol thanks06:54
zabomberDKDude36: http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f64/solved-ubuntu-10-10-live-cd-results-in-a-blank-screen-on-imac-g3-400-mhz-577052.html06:54
DKDude36oooh g3 that'll be totally different than any intel mac06:54
DKDude36thanks for the link but i don't think that'll work06:54
zabombersorry bud...06:55
DKDude36thanks for trying06:55
DKDude36very helpful06:55
zabomberi run MacOSX as my work platform and Ubuntu as my stuff around platform06:55
DKDude36have u heard of a situation before where i can boot into the live cd, and get to the low-res black screen where u can select install or whatever, and select install, and get nowhere from there?06:56
JarrodMI think that's pretty much my problem right now :(06:56
DKDude36JarrodM: sucks right06:56
zabombernope... you've just tweaked my interest... i have a 2010 MacBook Pro and if i could get ubuntu working on it... jusis... i'd be stoked! Is it possible?06:56
DKDude36why oh why does apple need to be such overlords?06:57
JarrodMunable to open /dev/sda/       -> chroot: can't execute mktemp : Input/output Error06:57
DaZit's an intel platform afaik, so why not :x06:57
DKDude36idk it's all uncooperating06:57
DKDude36no error messages or anything06:57
DKDude36just an endlessly jumping disk06:58
ArtVanda1aeHi all. Everyone once in a while sound stops working for me. I restart the computer and it starts working. So I've concluded that it's a software issue. I want to find out how I can get sound back without restarting my computer. I have restarted pulseaudio (pulseaudio -k) and the process is respawned, but still no sound. I try to redirect or pipe to both /dev/dsp and pacat and I get no static. What can I try next?06:59
DKDude36lol this is making me feel like 'just another guy that came in begging for help' lol07:00
JarrodMDon't worry, you're not alone :P07:00
DKDude36i might just post on ubuntuforums.com07:01
DKDude36nvm it's a .org07:02
lsvDKDude36: what was your question?07:04
DKDude36lsv: having problems getting it to boot on late 09 imac07:04
DKDude36get to that low res black screen where u can choose to preview or install kisk07:04
DKDude36i choose install07:04
DKDude36endlessly whirring disk07:04
DKDude36black screen07:05
FloodBot1DKDude36: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:05
DKDude36lol don't use enter as punctuation… my bad07:05
lsvDKDude36: I don't use macs, have you tried a diff version of the OS?07:06
DKDude36i've tired on 10.10 and 11.0407:06
DKDude36lol the only thing keeping me up right now is mahavishnu orchestra07:08
DKDude36i love john mclaughlin lol07:08
lsvDKDude36: and the screen is just black, no error msg?07:09
DKDude36that's what's so perplexing about the whole thing07:09
urlin2uDKDude36, to the one07:09
setepenrehow to install something from lucid-backports if on 10.04 lucid? for example, i am trying to install irssi 0.8.15 from lucid-backports but not sure where to start07:09
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
lsvDKDude36: I'm some what new, but I would start with this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSupportTeam/AppleIntelInstallation07:11
setepenrenvm, found this http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid-backports/net/irssi07:11
DKDude36thanks for the link lsv .07:11
lsvalso does it sound like the computer is working (blinking lights, sounds)? np about link.07:12
DKDude36the disk is whirring and jumping for like 10 mins. that's it07:13
=== b0nghittr is now known as b0nghitter
urlin2uDKDude36, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peOVAQVitr407:13
DKDude36thanks urlin2u07:14
DKDude36oh lol great song07:14
urlin2uDKDude36, I'm a Jazz musician. ;)07:14
DKDude36what instrument u play?07:14
urlin2uDKDude36, sax, flute,fretless bass, are the main ones07:15
DKDude36wow, diverse07:15
DKDude36i play guitar myself07:15
urlin2uDKDude36, most are multi-instrumentalist, a reed player should be clarinet and flute at the least.07:16
DKDude36well, sticking a bass in there is the interesting part07:16
urlin2ucough Allan Holdsworth. ;)07:16
lsvDKDude36: I would follow the guide and see if that helps.  I have to sleep now, good night and good luck.07:16
DKDude36i haven't listened to much of his stuff, but i think he's good07:17
DKDude36lsv: thanks for the help. i will07:17
DKDude36i have installed refit before, but it never made any difference. thanks again07:17
ShveloDiscuss your hobbies in #ubuntu-offtopic07:17
urlin2uDKDude36, Coltrane on the guitar.07:19
Misiexhi who know what samba error NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME is07:19
DeathspawnI accidentally the whole setup on this Windows 7 Wubi setup. did msconfig and selected normal boot without looking, now it doesn't have an option for ubuntu. what do i do?07:19
Deathspawncant uninstall through wubi either07:19
calwighi, how does someone drop a database from mysql?07:20
urlin2uDeathspawn, go back to the custom boot.07:20
bullgard4_What DEB program package is the »message of the day« (motd) associated with? (I'd like to report an error to Launchpad.)07:21
Deathspawnhow? ubuntu doesnt show in the os list07:21
Deathspawnits on selective startup now. but windows 7 is the only thing on there.07:21
urlin2uDeathspawn, boot,ini shows no ubuntu, not sure really on this I have installed wubi to check it out never looked in msconfig, have you switched back and rebooted to check anyway.07:22
Deathspawnyea, tried it, just booted straight into windows.07:22
Deathspawnand i have to configure the stupid thing via safe mode cause otherwise it wont save07:23
urlin2uDeathspawn, worse case scenario yu can access the wubi in Windows it is a file and sva e what you need and reinstall.07:24
Deathspawnwhere would that be?07:25
Deathspawnsorry, im useless at windows, helping my aunt... :/07:25
JarrodMAnyone know why an HDD wouldn't be recognised as SDA/SDB?07:25
urlin2uDeathspawn, you will have to look I haven't looked at the setup in about a year, it's there though. Here is a link but it is not addressing what you have done but may have some clues.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163919807:26
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=== nic is now known as randomn1c
shinsukeis it possible to add scripts under gnome menu/system/preferences/startup applications by console? thanks07:28
urlin2uDeathspawn, here is where wubi is in windows6th line https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How_can_I_access_the_Wubi_files_from_Windows.3F07:29
Deathspawnurlin2u: thanks a bunch, im looking at them. 3am and not going to sleep till this thing works. D:07:30
urlin2uDeathspawn, wubi help is difficult to get on the ubuntu forums there are only 2 isers that are on daily that help mostly, one is the thread starter.07:31
urlin2udifficult in general07:31
Deathspawnyea, if i had the space, id just backup her computer onto mine and wipe out windows... but i don;t07:32
rabbi1ibus is in startup application, but not loading on startup07:32
Deathspawni friggin despise windows, but kinda have to work with it >.<07:32
urlin2uDeathspawn, you can move the wubi to a partition as a altaernative.07:32
Deathspawnthought about that... will it mess anything up? ive never really messed with resizing/splitting a partition with data on it07:34
urlin2uDeathspawn, I was trying to find the page on the UF there is a script to do it, I will keep looking.07:34
WaltherFICan't add plugins to Gedit. Tried to add Zen-Coding plugin by adding the folder & file to ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins and to /usr/lib/gedit/plugins. The plugin is not listed on gedit's plugin list.07:35
Deathspawnim trying the livedisk method in the second link atm also07:36
WaltherFIahh, found the problem. What is the bash file rename command?07:36
WaltherFI...simple rename it seems07:36
urlin2uDeathspawn, I'm assuming this is still working I don't go to the UF anymore myself. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151935407:39
nullkuhlhello, i have downloaded ubuntu 11.04 at installation screen where the checkmarks for disk space, power source, etc. exist, i press next to go to disk setup, but i get a busy cursor forever.. any idea ? (i had the prev, kubuntu version installed on the same laptop some time ago as well )07:43
nullkuhlyes am stuck there busy cursor at the point where it should be showing partitioning table or so07:44
chupacabrahow big is your drive?07:44
nullkuhl320 GB and its has only 1 partition now and the rest is free space07:44
chupacabrawait on it.  how long is forever to you?07:45
=== aknm is now known as monk
* chupacabra remembers 2 gig drives. almost instantanious07:46
* chupacabra remembers 25 meg drives07:46
nullkuhlchupacabra: it takes more than 5 minuets07:47
nullkuhland still showing busy cursor07:47
nullkuhland showing nothing from the screen after checkmarks07:47
chupacabranot long enough instant grat dude07:47
nullkuhlchupacabra: its not my first time to install ubuntu, it seems like its stuck there,07:47
nullkuhlbluecrysmile: -h ?07:47
chupacabrayou could use a live cd and make the partitions.07:48
chupacabradid you verify the image on disk?07:48
bohlis there a package fur sun java7 jdk yet?07:48
mwaijandegany one who knows application which recover lost file due formating of disk in ubuntu please help me07:48
nullkuhlchupacabra: yes, and i tried a live cd and a live usb07:49
nullkuhli dont get to reach the page where the partitioning is done !07:49
bazhangmwaijandeg, on UE ?07:49
mwaijandegbazhang, yes on UE07:50
IdleOneUltimate Edition?07:51
bazhangmwaijandeg, thats not supported here. try their support channels07:51
bazhangIdleOne, yep07:51
bazhangmwaijandeg, no need for caps07:51
bazhang!alis | mwaijandeg07:52
ubottumwaijandeg: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*07:52
mwaijandegthank u ubottu07:52
chupacabradarn got trolled07:52
mwaijandegthank u bazhang07:52
mwaijandegLet me check it out07:52
FOCeranyone can direct me to the right direction to resize a linux partition live? i have converted a MBR to GPT disk. I have looked at the gdisk options to no avail.07:58
nullkuhlhello, i have downloaded ubuntu 11.04 at installation screen where the checkmarks for disk space, power source, etc. exist, i press next to go to disk setup, but i get a busy cursor forever.. any idea ? (i had the prev, kubuntu version installed on the same laptop some time ago as well )08:04
wildbatnullkuhl: try alternate CD08:08
wildbatFOCer: you can't resize a mounted partiton , and just gparted to resize08:09
nullkuhlwildbat: any idea if i can run some partitioning tool from the live cd ?08:11
nullkuhlwildbat: my live cd boots, but i get stuck in the middle of installation before partitioning part.08:11
ru6yxxA long time ago I used the Knoppix live CDs for partitioning. For some reason I can't remember well now08:12
wildbatnullkuhl: use try ubuntu option to get it and you can use gprated, etc.....08:12
wildbat!ot | ru6yxx:08:13
ubotturu6yxx:: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:13
nullkuhlwildbat: i opened kde partition manager, i think i get the problem it is showing me my old partitions structure, and i have just changed this partition using windows 7 cd, apparently my partition table isnt synced or something like that, any idea how to fix this ?08:13
Deathspawnurlin2u: found this: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/20340/how-to-restore-the-wubi-ubuntu-bootloader/ Downloaded an older version of the program (old versions are free, heh.), and it worked perfectly. :D08:13
wildbatnullkuhl: repartiton it ?08:14
nullkuhlwildbat: other than that as i dont want to lose my data :)08:14
wildbatnullkuhl: y u wanna use GPT... windows don't like them....08:15
nullkuhlGPT ?08:15
wildbatnullkuhl: oh sorry mixed up :>08:16
FOCerumount the partition or reboot the server won't be an option, it is my understanding that GPT should allow resize of partition live08:17
wildbatnullkuhl: try gparted.08:17
nullkuhlwildbat: based on partprobe now, i get that i had a GPT table deleted it and am using msdos table now, and thats quite true.. but the gpt table seems not to be cleanly deleted08:17
nullkuhlso any idea how to delete the gpt table proprely08:17
urlin2uDeathspawn, I wondered about easybcd good job. ;)08:19
wildbatnullkuhl:  testdisk and try to fix mbr may be08:20
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nullkuhlwildbat: i think it was labeled a guid and i should change it to mbr08:24
nullkuhlnot sure how though08:24
wildbatnullkuhl: pick intel in testdisk ~ have it scan all the partition and rewrite the Partition table.08:25
wh1zz0i guys..08:26
wh1zz0Anyone home?08:26
* wildbat don08:29
* wildbat don't have a home :>08:30
wh1zz0I'm trying to use ubuntu one music to purchase some songs and have them backed up. I just installed rhythm box but on the left pane all I see is jamendo and magnatune08:30
wh1zz0wildbat.. lol..08:30
AlexDevilLXhow to install awesome08:30
movan2011@whizz have you installed the ubuntu one store plugin for rhythmbox?08:31
wh1zz0Ouch... can't find the plugin08:31
movan2011@whizz.  Go into synaptic and search for ubuntuone rhythmbox08:31
wh1zz0Okie.. thanks movan201108:31
movan2011Or type "sudo apt-get install rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store" in a terminal08:32
psypher246hello all, does anyone here ever use empathy for msn chats, if so do you also find it absolutely horrible, unreliable, can't add new friends, messages go missing and never arrive, randomly. I don't get how this app can be the default in ubuntu when it's THIS bad. Even now while typing this message the chat client is jumping all over the place cos it does not line rap what i am typing???08:33
hiexpopsypher246, use pidgin08:33
psypher246thats what everyone keeps saying08:33
wh1zz0movan2011: Found! thanks a bunch!08:33
psypher246WHY DEFAULT then?08:33
jpdspsypher246: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EmpathyVsPidginUsability08:35
nullkuhlwildbat: scanning now with testdisk, at first scan it read the wrong table agian, but with deeper scan, it the one correctly08:37
nullkuhlhow to write the results to partition table ?08:37
ru6yxxIf I want to install a private cloud server at home will i need an http://mysite.com type address to log in to or can i somehow connect via my router?08:37
flametai1Does anyone know of a SplitCam/ManyCam program but for Linux?08:38
llutz_ru6yxx: if you are on dialup, get a dyndns account to access08:38
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=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
jpdsru6yxx: I think cloud technologies like OpenStack depend on valid forward and reverse DNS for all hosts.08:41
jpdsru6yxx: But you're better off asking in #ubuntu-server .08:41
ru6yxxok thanx08:41
koshieFinalRelizHi everyone08:41
koshieFinalRelizActually I've two screens, my 15" on my laptop and a new of 24", when I connect the new on the laptop (VGA) I can't have the 15" on the left of the 24", just a clone or nothing. An idea ? I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.3. Thanks.08:43
kurtpHi guys, Got some minute to answer this noob question?08:47
larryonestupid caps08:48
larryonei may have seemed to be overly enthusiastic there08:48
llutz_larryone: "setxkbmap -option ctrl:nocaps"08:49
kurtpI can't seem to login on my GUI, but can login on terminal using recovery mode. After I entered my pass on GUI, the screen will be blank in couple of seconds and then will be back on login screen.08:49
kurtplarryone: hahaha Have you encountered this problem?08:49
kurtpbtw, I'm using 10.10 maveric08:50
llutz_kurtp: filesystems full?check using "df -h"08:50
rabbi1unable to mount external hard disk ......... :(08:51
kurtpllutz: nope, it's not full. already checked it.08:51
larryoneso something is causing wither the gnome-session or X to fail08:51
psypher246switched to pidgin now,  cannot take empathy's uselessness anymore, does anyone know how i can make pidgin defualt in the messaging menu, so when i click chat it opens pidgin, google not helping08:52
llutz_kurtp: "ls -ld /tmp"08:52
cheatercan someone go to the terminal, do "echo $DISPLAY", and tell me what they get?08:52
salamcikjust installed an android emulator with whatsapp. NO MORE PHONES!08:52
kurtpMy suspect is the theme macbuntu. I think08:52
salamciki hate carrying around a phone08:52
llutz_ Do you have any ubuntu support related question? salamcik08:52
bobobobI am trhello, I am trying to cp ~/abc/def/ghi.file to /somewhere/lol, and the result being /somewhere/lol/abc/def/ghi.file - that is, I want to copy a single file, relative to the point I am at (~) and auto create the folders it needs to have the same structure08:53
bobobobthis is because I don't want to copy all the files that exist there, just about 50% (which I have in a script)08:53
psypher246salamcik: do you not need a sim card for whatsapp to work?08:53
salamcikllutz_ just wanted to say that its possible in ubuntu 11.04 that is all08:53
kurtpllutz: I will try, I will reboot now. I have dual boot. It's weird.08:53
salamcikllutz_ also i needed to share my joy with the world is that so wrong?08:54
llutz_salamcik: simple thing, its offtopic here08:54
llutz_bobobob: use rsync, not cp for that08:56
rabbi1110.04 unable to mount my external hdd (seagate_08:56
boboboboh, yeah. you think? so, I have 100 files, and I have a list, on each line, of 50 files I want to move out. so I can run an rsync on one file?08:57
bobobobllutz_: will I need a lot of setup, like setup an rsync root?08:58
bobobobor can it be run as a single file? I am googling,08:58
larryonebobobob, cp -a might do it08:58
bobobobhrm, lemme see cp -a08:59
larryonedoes -a actually create necessary path08:59
llutz_bobobob: use rsync -au    and it should only copy those files not existing on target08:59
larryonei cant rememeber08:59
llutz_(or replace older ones)09:00
bobobobyeah, I could... cp with a destination file (but it only supports a directory right?)09:00
boboboboh it supports target file...09:00
Cradamhi is their a way to make ubuntu rescan the available monitor resolutions?09:01
driller_bobobob: what are you trying to accomplish with rsync?09:01
bobobobdriller_: not, trying to copy from ~/, run cp a/b/c/file to /tmp and end up with /tmp/a/b/c/file, so needs like cp -c, create, but my cp doesn't have that (says qnx)09:02
bobobobso, how to automatically create necessary directory, I guess I can do a mkdir -r09:02
bobobobor something, in the command, like09:03
cradam_is their a way?09:03
=== wildbat is now known as wildbat_semi_afk
bobobobmkdir -r /tmp/a/b/c;cp ~/a/b/c/file /tmp/a/b/c/file09:03
cradam_i dont fancy a reboot09:03
driller_bobobob: mkdir -p directories/to/create/a/b/c09:03
bobobobmkdir -r /tmp/a/b/c;cp ~/a/b/c/file /tmp/a/b/c should work too09:03
bobobob-p, ay, ok, solved. shame cp can't create directories09:04
cradam_bobobob: tar then cp the untar09:04
rabbi11friends, for unmounting ntfs partion problems read: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1333205.html09:04
llutz_bobobob: cp --parents09:04
driller_bobobob: you can also use cp -R09:05
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=== Taftse1 is now known as Taftse
driller_(or if copying to remote; rsync -av should preserve your directory/file structure)09:06
llutz_bobobob: "cp --parents a/b/c/file  /tmp"  does exactly what you want09:07
phoqueI always use rsync -av --delete <here> <there>09:07
cradam_anyway to scan the available monitor resolutions, i dont fancy rebooting just for this09:07
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phoquethat way it'll delete files on the other end that have been removed inbetween two rsync's09:07
cradam_phoque: but that would be the actions of mv not cp09:08
=== cradam_ is now known as Cradam
phoquecradam_, indeed. Don't know what he wanted, hence the explanation :-)09:08
kedare_ifrHi all :)09:09
kedare_ifrI have a little problem with my Ubuntu, my numeric pad don't works anymore (even with num lock enabled), when I use it, it moves my mouse cursor...09:09
=== gord_ is now known as gord
gogetakedare_ifr: you must have thatnooption checked09:10
gogetakedare_ifr: to use the keybord as a virtual mouse09:10
kedare_ifrgogeta, how can I disable this ?09:12
gogetakedare_ifr: in the keybord settings09:12
kedare_ifrgogeta, Thank you, that was that ! :)09:13
kurtpllutz: what will I type if I will restore the themes on ubuntu to it's default?09:13
llutz_krups: idk, sry09:14
llutz_kurtp: ^^09:14
kurtpanyone knows how to restore the default theme on ubuntu?09:14
kurtpllutz: ^^09:14
phoquekurtp, at login09:14
phoqueclick your name, then select "Ubuntu Classic" at the bottom of the screen09:15
phoqueit'll remember your setting so you'll only have to do once09:15
llutz_that selects session/wm, not a theme09:15
gogetaphoque: thats not a heme that just gnome 209:15
phoqueyeah, I understood "restore default theme" like "give me Maverick-style back"09:16
kurtpphoque: yes, like that. ^^09:16
bobweavercan you see this ??09:16
phoquellutz_, gogeta, see? :-D09:16
gogetallutz_: yea hes correct09:16
Cradamubuntu theme didnt work for m when i upgraded from 10.1009:16
Cradamprobably because of all the WM's i had installed09:17
gogetaCradam: uity fail]09:17
Cradamim really glad i had xfce installed09:17
* gogeta is a xfce user09:17
Cradamthe only one working properly09:18
JakeR003is there a way to lock ubuntu system configurations from being changed?09:27
sam555hello all!09:27
sam555after running fsck on my hard drive, where do I find the results?09:28
ShveloIs there a way to build linux apps on windows?09:29
nitram147i don't know09:29
koshie_Actually I've two screens, my 15" on my laptop and a new of 24", when I connect the new on the laptop (VGA) I can't have the 15" on the left of the 24", just a clone or nothing. An idea ? I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.3. Thanks.09:32
=== zalbisser_ is now known as zalbisser
Cradamkoshie_: do you have an ATI card?09:34
koshie_Cradam, Intel09:35
Cradammy fix wouldnt work then09:35
koshie_Cradam, damn :)09:35
Cradami am using an intel, i just turned my laptops screen off09:35
JakeR003Cradam cool09:36
koshie_Cradam, yes but it's better with two screens :D09:36
koshie_And on KDE I can do that.09:37
Cradamswitch to kde then :P09:37
koshie_I'm upgrading my 10.04.3 to 10.10 and finally to 11.04 (for Unity)09:37
koshie_I will see with it.09:37
sandricis anyone knows, '?' in ps command output means daemon?09:37
Cradami would suggest a fresh install of 11.04 koshie_09:37
koshie_Cradam, it's not a problem because I will buy an other PC, it's just for see if the upgrading are really dangerous / not clean09:38
koshie_Just for fun.09:38
sandricis anyone knows, '?' in ps command output means daemon?09:39
X0Rc0recan someone tell me how you would modify the fw of this chip: SAMSUNG 825 K9F5608U0D PIBO ?09:40
danakaokay. so I just installed 11.04 and it's VERY unstable, hard locks quite often when under load.  i looked in my system manager and it's reporting info on 2 cores. I only have one. how can I mend this?09:40
JakeR003danaka must be hardware problem09:41
JakeR003yeah drivers but i think stability of your hardware09:41
JakeR003CPU, RAM, PSU09:41
JakeR003like overheating problems09:42
JakeR003bad power supply unit09:42
JakeR003bad RAM09:42
llutz_sanchaz: those are processes without an control-terminal (running detached in background), some are daemons09:42
danakadon't you think ubuntu recognizing it as 2 cpus would make it unstable under load?09:43
llutz_sandric: ^^ sry wrong nick09:43
JakeR003because we are in 2011 and they extensively test the sotware before releasing it to the public09:43
elisrumba havana09:43
JakeR003danaka that's a start09:43
Cradamkoshie_: found something for you09:43
rumbaelitess: lol, i didn't even know about that09:43
JakeR003danaka i ran ubuntu on two PCs. 1 quad cores i7 & the other quad core i5... zero problems09:43
JakeR003both new system less than a year old09:43
JakeR003so check your hardware for stability problems09:44
danakaokay, so there's no core count modifier that i could hop into and change a number in?09:44
llutz_danaka: grep "model name" /proc/cpuinfo09:45
danakaits shows 2 intel atoms09:46
llutz_danaka: HT counts as cores09:46
danakabut i don't have a dual core09:46
danakallutz_: what is HT?09:46
llutz_danaka: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N280   here, also 2 cores reported. hyperthreading-technology09:47
llutz_virtual dual-core09:47
danakaooh okay09:47
JakeR003a netbook?09:47
danaka1005ha asus09:47
llutz_danaka: so all ok, nothing to worry09:47
danakathanks llutz_09:47
JakeR003ok then your problem is something els. maybe hyperthreading?09:48
sandricam i invisible7709:48
=== Mud is now known as Guest67622
danakaim going to update bios and start doing stability tests09:48
danakathanks guys09:48
shantanuhi all, need help on installing nvidia driver09:49
shantanuerror ocurring 'you don't have libc header installed'09:49
gogetallutz_: what abought the n28009:49
gogetallutz_: it also has 64bit emu even thow it not09:50
llutz_shantanu: sudo apt-get install build-essential09:50
shantanualready did that09:50
llutz_gogeta: nothing, just an explanation why single core-cpu is reported as dual-core09:50
gogetallutz_: ah09:50
llutz_shantanu: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)09:51
gogetallutz_: n280 is win still used in very small single core devices09:51
shantanureturned 'already in newest version'09:53
llutz_shantanu: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libc6-dev09:54
gogetallutz_: slow night09:55
allenwuanybody use fedora09:55
shantanulibc6-dev: Depends: libc6 (= 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.7) but 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.8 is to be installed09:55
shantanuE: Broken packages09:55
bahamasallenwu: people in #fedora09:55
gogetaallenwu: we might get the the pitchforks and torches hear09:56
love4linuxhello everyone... I have an issue with the keyboard and mouse on both of my laptops.. I use a usb keyboard and mouse to do my work but when I remove either one to09:56
love4linuxplug it to the other laptop, the laptop's keyboard or mouse is not working..any ideas how to fix this?09:56
llutz_shantanu: sudo apt-get update09:57
jonzenhey, i accidentally deleted my graphic driver in natty.  i am using a livecd to get to here and need to know how i can re-install them on the hard disk.  any suggestions?09:57
llutz_shantanu: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libc6-dev              getting still the same error?09:57
love4linuxcan anyone help me or should I ask in the forum?09:59
allenwugogeta: I am sorry I can't understand what U said09:59
szal!patience | love4linux10:00
ubottulove4linux: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:00
allenwugogeta:I am Chinese10:00
love4linux: ) patience..the magic word10:00
=== weet is now known as thewawar
jonzenhey, i accidentally deleted my graphic driver in natty.  i am using a livecd from 10.10 to get to here and need to know how i can re-install them on the hard disk.  any suggestions?10:02
jribjonzen: easier to just do it from your install (press ctrl-alt-f1 or use recovery mode)10:03
love4linuxI have an issue with the keyboard and mouse on both of my laptops.. I use a usb keyboard and mouse to do my work but when I remove either one to plug it to the other laptop, the laptop's keyboard or mouse is not working..any ideas how to fix this?10:04
jonzenjrib, cannot get to recovery mode as the graphics turn off before the gui can start up...ctrl-alt-f1 is new...will try that if no other suggestions come.10:05
Majestikhey can someone hit me with the url for the standard xbuntu image i've updated to Alpha3 and am now stuck in irssi and term lol need to wget then iso so i can make a usb pen to recover10:05
jribjonzen: what exactly did you "delete"?10:05
jribMajestik: releases.ubuntu.com10:06
szalMajestik: define 'standard xbuntu image'10:06
theadminMajestik: http://torrent.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/natty/release/desktop/xubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso10:06
jonzenjrib, catalyst and fglrx files10:06
jribjonzen: how did you delete them10:06
Majestikthanks theadmin i guess i can use images.ubuntu.com for the standard d/l10:06
theadminMajestik: Ah... I guess10:07
jonzenjrib, i was troubleshooting problem with going from full screen to windowed mode and having to reboot.10:07
theadminMajestik: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/11.04/release/xubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso10:07
jonzenjrib, used software center and various apt-get-remove commands10:08
jribjonzen: use recovery mode, select root shell, there's no gui involved10:08
Majestikthink i'll leave Ubuntu11.10 for awhile thanks taking my trusty machine back to something abit more stable, ubiquity cant pass or mount the hdd to the kernel during install...it tells me this once i've formatted..nice lol10:08
llutz_!11.10 | Majestik10:09
ubottuMajestik: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:09
jonzenjrib, how do i get to recovery mode? been trying for 30 min and cannot get ANYTHING but bios and dead screen.10:09
jribjonzen: at grub menu, select recovery mode10:09
Majestikjonzen: I believe you need to press Shift these days to get GRUB prompt10:09
jonzenshift? that is new...during boot-up hit shift?10:10
AltanIs it possible to run Ubuntu off parallels with OSX Lion?10:12
Majestikyes Altan well it works for me with 11.0410:13
Majestikthats on a 2010 macbook 15"10:13
AltanWell I've got a late 2008 macbook10:13
Majestikat the moment dude i'm stuck in CLI with no X11 lol10:13
Majestikif your around in about 30-45mins when i fix this damn thing i'll help you out10:14
=== kieran is now known as Guest95066
AltanWell I actually don't have Parallels right now10:14
AltanI was just wondering if it was possible10:14
dasdasdasdanybody speaks german here?10:20
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:20
dasdasdasdor do i need to speak english?10:20
phoquewhere can I see if my rc.local is actually being executed?10:20
grydasdasdasd: only english here10:20
gry!de | dasdasdasd, but there is a German channel too10:20
deemdasdasdasd: der bot hat dir nen channel genannt. such dir einen aus und geh dahin =)10:20
ubottudasdasdasd, but there is a German channel too: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:20
llutz_!pm | dasdasdasd10:22
ubottudasdasdasd: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.10:22
dasdasdasdok anyway10:22
dasdasdasdcan i ask my question in english then?10:22
dasdasdasdi got ubuntu and i want to get my usb headset to work10:22
Altan^I need that bit of information too. OSX Doesn't have the best support for USB based microphones.10:23
dasdasdasdits called wh-46 wintech10:23
=== Mud is now known as Guest46147
dasdasdasdi am sorry if thats a stupid question and i cant be that precise10:24
dasdasdasdbut i thought i give a a try10:24
AltanGot any answers?10:25
AltanIf you don't just tell us/me so I can go look somewhere else.10:25
gry!wait > Altan10:25
ubottuAltan, please see my private message10:25
szalpatience doesn't seem to be the virtue of choice today ^^10:26
cyphaif there's someone that is good with wmctrl, I would pay for a script10:26
dasdasdasdok so actually nobody can help me?10:26
Altan!wait > dasdasdasd10:27
ubottudasdasdasd, please see my private message10:27
bazhangdasdasdasd, with teamspeak? whats the exact nature of your issue10:27
llutz_phoque: for testing add a line like "logger -t RCLOCAL  -g /var/log/messages success $(date +'%F %H%M')" and check logfile later10:27
dasdasdasdyou have it?10:27
bazhangdasdasdasd, just saying usb headset with zero details wont get much help10:28
dasdasdasdlike we talk the problem thgrough?10:28
dasdasdasdok which information could i add10:28
dasdasdasdthe headset doesnt work10:28
dasdasdasdwether in skype10:28
dasdasdasdor in any test10:29
bazhangdasdasdasd, distro version, what app it may or may not be working with, model number, etc10:29
dasdasdasdthe lamps a shining10:29
dasdasdasdso its actually working10:29
dasdasdasdafter i did this10:29
AltanI need information kinda similar to that. On OSX while using a USB based microphone/headset, a support issue from Apple often makes me sound 'robotic' using Ventrilo. I was wondering if Ubuntu would fix it. :310:29
szal!enter | dasdasdasd10:29
ubottudasdasdasd: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:29
dasdasdasdps: i hope i am allowed to post links ^^10:29
bazhangdasdasdasd, on a single line please, its very hard to read otherwise10:29
dasdasdasdit is finally making a noise10:29
dasdasdasdbut u cant here the voice10:30
szaldasdasdasd: now you're contradicting yourself -> [12:28:58] <dasdasdasd> the headset doesnt work [12:29:27] <dasdasdasd> so its actually working10:30
bazhangAltan, are you actually using Ubuntu?10:30
AltanNo, I'm on Snow Leopard right now.10:30
szalAltan: we don't support Mac OSX here10:30
bazhangAltan, so how does that relate to Ubuntu support in any way shape or form10:30
AltanI was wondering if there are any similar problems when using Apple hardware with Ubuntu.10:31
szalAltan: try it & see for yourself, that's what live CDs are for10:31
bazhangAltan, yet you have no ubuntu install, correct? check launchpad.net for bugs perhaps10:31
bazhangAltan, this is for actual installed system support, not what *may* work10:32
Altan:3 Sorry.10:32
bazhangKiak, hi altan10:33
KiakIs there a way to get Ubuntu to work with Parallels?10:34
bazhangKiak,  of course10:34
KiakI didn't see any particular product for it on the Parallels site.10:34
ParkerRHmm never tried Parallels myself. Sorry10:34
bazhangKiak, thats really a parallels issue though10:34
szaldidn't Pulseaudio have an application for testing the microphone?  I saw it one day here from someone's screenshot, but can't remember the name..10:34
Kiak How?10:35
bazhangszal, thought skype it self did. dasdasdasd never told us whether he adjusted the sound levels or not10:35
bazhangKiak, check the parallels support forums10:35
KiakGot a link? :310:36
bazhangKiak, try alis or search the web, not an ubuntu issue10:36
bazhang!alis | Kiak10:36
ubottuKiak: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*10:36
dasdasdasdok i finally fixed it on my own! thank you very much for your support! the link did finally did it. bb have a nice day10:36
szalbazhang: to be able to test the mic in Skype you need to have the correct hardware taking up the mic signal; the Skype test is not infinite in length, sadly, so you don't have time to search for the device while the test is running10:36
bazhangszal, thanks for the info, not used it in ages10:37
* szal found his mic using Audacity10:37
uabn93hey, can someone help me with my trackpad? it doesn't work as soon as i log in to any user. i think a recent update caused this bug.10:40
gryjorgeeer: Hi there.10:43
gryyouri: Hello.10:44
KiakWould selecting "download onto USB stick" when downloading Ubuntu work with an external hard drive?10:47
ikoniaKiak: should do10:48
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gryjorgeeer: a?10:58
jorgeeersorry i touch my keyboard accidentally11:00
edgyHi, I have a geforce 540M CUDA 1GB but lspci shows Memory at a0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]11:01
ikoniaedgy lspci just lists devices based on profiles matching identifiers, don't worry about it11:02
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:04
ubottu日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。11:05
Kiakno turkish? D:11:05
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro11:05
ubottuქართული ენაზე დახმარების მიღებისთვის გთხოვთ შემობრძანდით #ubuntu-ge / Kartuli enaze dakhmarebis mighebistvis gtkhovt shemobrdzandit #ubuntu-ge11:05
ikoniaok - enough11:05
ikoniawe know there are language factoids11:06
phoquejeeez, Empathy's "incoming message" icon is still missing in natty?11:06
UncleLazempathy is under messaging indicator icon11:06
miktoris there a simple command/program to see the battery status?11:08
UncleLazdon't you have battery indicator icon?11:09
miktorno, I'm running dwm11:10
miktori just forgot the command/program to check the battery status11:10
systemclienthow do I enable PHP on vanilla apach2 install?11:10
miktoralso i can't get it to read .xinitrc, but this is probably not the place to ask for help with that11:10
ArtVanda1aesystemclient, you need to enable the module, i.e. run a2enmod as root11:11
sudokillmiktor- acpi -v11:11
ParkerRReally? Ubuntu Classic fallback is going away in 11.10? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/739812/comments/511:11
ubottuUbuntu bug 739812 in unity (Ubuntu Natty) "Must use hardware keyboard to perform search for applications in Unity" [Medium,Confirmed]11:11
miktorlet me try sudokill11:11
UncleLazmiktor, acpi -b11:11
ParkerRSad day11:12
miktorthat's it ^^11:12
UncleLazparker, yes11:12
* ParkerR stays with 11.0411:12
theadminParkerR: And consider Xfce. Because it's similar to Gnome2 (which is what Ubuntu Classic is)11:13
gryParkerR: Bah, that's interesting news11:13
systemclientParkerR: yeah, that is what it seems. Don't you like Unity? :-P11:13
ParkerRI know, right?11:13
UncleLazi suppose it would be possible to install gnome2 on 10.10, so no need to panick11:13
UncleLaz11.10 pardon11:13
ParkerRI was gonna say XD11:14
systemclientArtVanda1ae: I tried to enable it, but it did not exist. I then reinstalled it, apitutde had to uninstall the mpm-worker to get the current version. It now woirks,. Thanks!11:14
AcidpunkIt won't be possible to install gnome 2 in 11.10, well it will be but it's going to break a lot of stuff11:14
systemclientParkerR: KDE now :-)11:14
systemclientAcidpunk: I guess they migrate a lot to GTK3, therefore you will have fun with GTK211:14
AcidpunkYeah systemclient everything is going GTk311:14
UncleLazunity in 11.10 will use gtk3?11:14
=== rudy_ is now known as Guest26620
AcidpunkUncleLaz: from what I've read yeah they are migrating to gtk311:15
ParkerRtheadmin, But I doubt I will get this look in xfce http://parkerlreed.imgur.com/ubuntu11:16
sudokillParkerR- what look?11:18
RobsonParkerR what is the best solution to run steam on nix?11:18
sudokillthe bars at the top?11:18
sudokillxfce can look identical to that11:18
systemclientRobson: virtualbox will work to some extend I guess11:18
ParkerRsudokill, I just mean I like the way it looks overall. Colors styles11:18
systemclientsudokill: so can KDE, irc11:18
ParkerRRobson, wine11:18
sudokillParkerR- xubuntu does look good imo11:18
sudokillsystemclient- yea11:19
sudokillsystemclient- i think ParkerR might be worried because xfce is lighter11:19
Robsonnice does anyone know if there is a solution for Wine+SC2 ?11:19
sudokillthinking its gona be ugly11:19
AcidpunkXFCE doesn't have to look ugly11:20
AcidpunkNor does LMDE11:20
sudokillthe default xuubntu is really nice actually11:20
ParkerRsudokill, No I just mean getting this look and theme and styles in xfce will be tough11:20
sudokillwith the grey theme11:20
ParkerRRobson, SC2?11:20
Robsonblizzard, starcraft211:20
theadminParkerR: Should be easy enough to do11:21
AcidpunkRobson: Why don't you check on http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=20882 instead of asking11:21
UncleLazas far as i remember, customizing xfce is easy11:21
RobsonAcidpunk well... asking works. you answered my question, thanks :D11:22
AcidpunkRobson: Google in future though11:22
Acidpunkit's not hard11:22
JakeR003what's a light weight browser for ubuntu11:22
JakeR003very very small memory footprint11:22
sudokillJakeR003- what a cli one?11:22
BenkinoobyJakeR003, chromium or midori11:22
gryJakeR003: elinks or links211:22
theadminJakeR003: Midori11:22
JakeR003ok i will try few of them11:23
JakeR003thanks guys..11:23
sudokillJakeR003- chromium works ok on my downstairs comp with 512 ram11:23
UncleLazopera is pretty fast11:23
RobsonAcidpunk :x11:23
JakeR003ok then chromiu11:23
systemclientsudokill: sure, KDE is a ressource hog, no doubt about that11:23
theadminYah Opera's great too11:23
theadminThat's what I run11:23
sudokilli find opera too complicated11:24
sudokilltoo many settings everywhere11:24
theadminsudokill: You do not need all of them.11:24
sudokilli know11:24
LasrodHello, I pressed Ctrl+Shift+F5 (I think) by misstake and this got me into terminal window... how do I get back to ubuntu ui?11:24
BenkinoobyJakeR003, opera, chromium, midori ... all of them are pretty minimal and have to most basic functions11:24
gryrekho: Hi!11:24
theadminLasrod: Ctrl+Alt+F711:24
JakeR003thank you Benkinooby11:24
theadminLasrod: And you pressed Ctrl+Alt+F5.11:24
Lasrodtheadmin: ahhh... thank you! :)11:24
theadminBenkinooby: Opera has much more than basic functions xD11:24
sudokillthis is gona turn into another browser war11:25
gryThey all are ok11:25
theadminJust don't say anyone here uses IE xD11:25
theadminIf so, yes, it'll be a war11:25
gryCli ones are easier on ram I would assume11:25
theadminOtherwise... meh I'm fine11:25
AcidpunkI know people that use IE9 happily11:25
sudokillimo cli browsers are only good if your stuck in a console and desperately need the net11:26
jesusie9 is a .....11:26
=== jesus is now known as Guest43031
UncleLazarguing about browser is like arguing about sexual orientation, leave it11:26
AcidpunkI know I tend to avoid the issue11:27
Acidpunkpeople use what works for them11:27
sudokillUncleLaz- ? whats the relevance there11:27
theadminAnd let's not start arguing about sexual orientation, now.11:27
Benkinoobygry, cli ones are hardly usable... even the site structure is messed up11:27
AcidpunkAt least it's not a distro war11:27
systemclienttheadmin: Opera is like KDE in this matter11:27
grysudokill: they're both personal taste11:27
gryBenkinooby: ^11:27
theadminsystemclient: Well, it starts up and works faster than FF though11:27
sudokillbut not as fast as chromium11:27
systemclientthis is very neat for the Gnome vs. KDE: http://raw-output.org/20051215/remote-controls11:27
systemclientchromium is the killer, but I fear the killer in non-privacy also :-/11:28
AcidpunkChromium is good and bad, I use it and I can tell you it's not perfect either11:28
AcidpunkSome things in firefox are better and vice versa same applies to Ie9 and opera11:28
sudokillAcidpunk- whats bad?11:28
gryLasrod: did it work?11:28
theadminWell whatever, stop the browser discussion please, we're offtopic.11:28
Acidpunksudokill: There are always bugs in chromium11:29
ParkerRAcidpunk, I enjoy Chrome very much. Havent had any issues with it11:29
AcidpunkParkerR: Chrome != chromium11:29
sudokillAcidpunk- actually there arent11:29
gryokay enjoy please11:29
grymove on, move on11:29
ParkerRI know11:29
ParkerRThats why I use Chrome :P11:29
grywe need to get more questions11:29
grythis one is getting too large11:29
Guest43031anyone knws how to work the wifi-adaptor sitecom?11:29
Acidpunksudokill: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/list11:30
theadminGuest43031: Sorry what?11:30
JakeR003what about privacy in chromium?11:30
sudokillAcidpunk- almost every program has bugs11:30
Guest43031Sitecom dualband usb 300N x5 on ubuntu11:30
theadminsudokill: If it doesn't have bugs it's dead11:30
AcidpunkThat was the point sudokill11:30
obyrithwhen i start up my computer i have no issues with my usb keyboard, neither do i in windows. However, when I switch to linux, sometimes it doesn't seem like it works at all, i can't type in my password or even change my capslock light. Every time I can fix this by changing the USB port of the keyboard, it doesn't seem to matter which one, as long as it isn't the one it started in. What could possibly be causing this?11:30
theadminsudokill: So not almost every.11:30
AcidpunkYou said there aren't bugs in chromium sudokill11:30
sudokillAcidpunk- so... how can you say chromium having bugs as a minus point?11:30
gryGuest43031: can you ask in one line please, and include all details?11:30
sudokillwhen every prog does11:31
Acidpunkbecause the bugs in chromium aren't the same as say bugs in firefox11:31
AcidpunkSo both have pluses and vice versa11:31
theadminStop this, please, this is horribly offtopic by now.11:31
RobsonWhy is the 32-bit Unbuntu recommended for desktop, and 64-bit for server, any specific reason?11:31
Guest43031Sitecom dualband usb adapter 300N x5 on ubuntu 11.04 64 bits (acer aspire 7750g)11:31
sudokillRobson- because 32 wrks with everything11:31
theadminRobson: 32-bit - better support for weird software, 64-bit gives more RAM11:32
sudokillRobson- in case someone installs the wrong one11:32
jribRobson: if your hardware supports 64bit, use 64bit11:32
sudokillimo ubuntu really need to remove that "recommended" thing by now11:32
miktorHmm, I'm having this problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161532111:32
sudokilli think in this day everyone knows what the difference is11:32
jrib!here | miktor11:32
ubottumiktor: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com11:32
ParkerRMy hardware supports 64 but I stay at 32 because I can just use the PAE kernel to use my 4gb of RAM11:32
jribmiktor: how are you starting X?11:33
miktorWell, actually the problem might lie in that i don't start x but dwm, but dwm doesn't work without x... anyway i made a login profile that looks like... (link in a sec)11:34
jribmiktor: you have to start x at some point11:34
theadminmiktor: Add "exec dwm" to your ~/.xinitrc and just xinit11:34
sudokillstartx you mean?11:34
miktorwell, then dwm doesn't start11:34
theadminsudokill: xinit, startx acts differently afaik11:35
jribno I mean he starts X somehow, whether using startx or some other way11:35
miktorand i can't do no nothing11:35
sudokillstartx just links for it11:35
chalcedony<- frustrated woman. my sound just quit on ubuntu 10.04 - does downloading teamviewer have anything to do with sound?11:35
jribmiktor: what exactly are you doing after  your computer boots11:35
theadminchalcedony: No.11:36
miktorlog in? The normal xsession doesn't work11:36
jribmiktor: log in how?  Using gdm?11:36
pobarahi everyone, I have tiny question:11:36
theadminjrib: I assume using a tty.11:36
pobaracan anyone tell me what is result of:11:36
pobara$ gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session session-name11:36
pobaraon Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity running?11:36
FloodBot1pobara: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:36
* jrib does not assume...11:36
chalcedonytheadmin, sound settings seem the same in System Preferences Sound11:36
miktoris gdm the standard ubuntu login manager? if so, yes.11:36
theadminchalcedony: Try restarting pulseaudio11:36
jribmiktor: what session do you select?11:37
theadminchalcedony: Open a terminal and... pulseaudio --kill && pulseaudio -d11:37
sudokillchalcedony- have you tried running alsamixer see the volume levels?11:37
chalcedonytheadmin, super thanks :)11:37
pobaradid my question get there or was it blocked by FloodBot1?11:37
miktorcustom session doesn't work, so i made an other one http://pastebin.com/eVH1ax6B11:38
javier__hi! I need help. I think a neighbour might be using my wifi connection. I tried to download something from "megaupload" and I got the message that my IP is already downloading and .avi file, and it's the same since a few days (when I want to watch an online video it tells I've already exceed the transfer limitation). While I'm sure noone from my house is downloading a thing. How to detect if someone (or something) is doing so?11:38
grypobara: up to 'on ubuntu 11.04 ...' line,it got through11:38
chalcedonytheadmin, pulseaudio is right but : ~$ pulseaudio --kill && pulseaudio -d11:38
chalcedonypulseaudio: invalid option -- 'd'11:38
chalcedonyE: main.c: Failed to parse command line.11:38
jribmiktor: that wouldn't run .xsession or .xinitrc though.  When you say "custom session doesn't work", what happens exactly?11:38
grypobara: It helps to ask on 1 line like that javier__ did ... ^ he did good11:38
UncleLazanybody knows how to disable chat notifications in empathy, it's annoying to see who entered the room and who leaved in here11:38
pobaragry, that was last line, so it's ok :)11:38
theadminchalcedony: Huh, odd...11:38
Ovomaltinehi people11:39
Ovomaltineis it possible to have support for mouse using eterm ?11:39
theadminchalcedony: Ah, it's "pulseaudio -D"11:39
theadminchalcedony: not -d but -D11:39
chalcedonyah theadmin :)11:39
chalcedonytheadmin, ~$ pulseaudio --kill && pulseaudio -D11:39
chalcedonyE: main.c: Daemon startup failed.11:39
theadminchalcedony: Odd :/11:40
miktorwell, i get the same background as in gnome. And then nothing happens. I think all the applications start up as if it were in gnome though? Which is strange, it's not supposed to be like that i can tell11:40
jrib!who | miktor11:40
ubottumiktor: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:40
theadminchalcedony: Try just doing "pulseaudio &disown" now11:40
miktorah right11:40
pobaraIs anyone running 11.04 able to answer to my question? pretty please :)11:40
jribmiktor: can you pastebin your ~/.xsession?11:40
jribmiktor: what ubuntu version by the way?11:40
miktorjrib sure11:40
miktor11.04 jrb11:40
Ovomaltinecould anyone answer my question please ?11:41
theadminchalcedony: Speaking of, please use a pastebin service like http://pzt.me to post your command output.11:41
Ovomaltinetheadmin: is it possible to have support for mouse using eterm ?11:42
chalcedonytheadmin, http://pastebin.com/TdWyjB9n11:42
theadminOvomaltine: I wouldn't know.11:42
miktorjrib, i actually don't have any ".xsession" i have ".xsession-errors", but it's insignificant, just font errors. or maybe you mean the .Xsession file in /etc/x11/ ?11:42
Ovomaltinewho knows ?11:42
jribmiktor: create a ~/.xsession that you want the "user script" option to run11:43
theadminchalcedony: Okay, it's running so... I dunno. If it still doesn't work, try starting alsamixer and make sure stuff isn't muted11:43
jribmiktor: ~/.Xsession probably works too11:43
miktorjrib, in the home folder?11:43
jribmiktor: yes11:43
miktorjrib, is it then supposed to work like xinitrc?11:44
jribmiktor: yes11:44
chalcedonytheadmin, thanks :)11:44
chalcedonystill no music on youtubes11:44
tripelbHOW do you end htop? I had to close the terminal window.11:44
miktorjrib, after I've done this, what should I do then?11:44
theadminchalcedony: Hey, it's no problem, always glad to help11:44
theadminchalcedony: Youtube... might as well be a flash issue11:44
jribmiktor: go to gdm and have it use your custom user session (wording may be different)11:45
chalcedonyi have the drum sounds11:45
tripelbsomething is eating my computer.. since the update? I use the Lucid LTS. every time I do anything it takes up all of memory for a time.11:45
=== DIrtyDawg is now known as DirtyDawg
* stilia-johny Hi. Does any know how can setup mu ubuntu as a network os??11:45
jribmiktor: reading the session scripts, it looks like it should say "User Defined Session"11:45
theadminstilia-johny: lolwut?11:45
chalcedonytripelb, what do you see in top when that happens?11:45
ParkerROvomaltine, first result on google for eterm mouse support http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/miscellaneous/68860-vim-eterm-mouse.html11:45
theadminchalcedony: Well, always glad to help :)11:45
chalcedonythere is kind of a new bug that affects my computer at times.. eats all the ram11:46
tripelbchalcedony, it's htop I dont know how to end. I see all of it. I tried q and esc and F1011:46
ParkerROvomaltine, fourth post down11:46
miktorjrib, Yep, i renamed it to xsession for my own reasons though. But i'll be right back if it doesn't work11:46
jribmiktor: renamed what?11:47
javier__someone can help me detecting who is transfering in my wifi? I suspect a neightbour or someone is using it11:47
tripelbIwhen chrome was chrome was bugging everything up I saw a lot of chrome in top11:47
stilia-johnyI know that theris way to have an ubuntu machine and conect other pc and load ubuntu from network.!!11:47
ParkerRjavier__, well then put a passwor don it11:47
Ovomaltinei dont want to use vim ParkerR i want to use eterm with a sotware moc (music on console) i dont know if vim was something about that11:47
miktorjrib, renamed "user defined session" to "xsession"11:47
histostilia-johny: you can do network install11:47
histo!install | stilia-johny11:47
ubottustilia-johny: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:47
jribmiktor: ok11:47
tripelbwhile nautilus was bugging everything up chalcedony I saw nautilus taking up 90%11:47
javier__i did nmap, with this answer: 256 IP addresses (0 hosts up) scanned in 103.17 seconds11:48
stilia-johnyNot network install network load!11:48
chalcedonytripelb, i don't run nautilus11:48
fatih93Türk var mı ?11:48
tripelbchalcedony,  I when chrome was chrome was bugging everything up I saw a lot of chrome in top11:48
tripelbchalcedony, ok so?11:48
theadmin!tr | fatih9311:48
ubottufatih93: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.11:48
stilia-johnyLoad network os11:48
stephenthemartyrhow can i replace half od my partition?i11:48
stilia-johnyNone know?11:49
histostilia-johny: did you check the document?11:49
fatih93eyvallah ;)11:49
javier__ParkerR: I already hav WPA security. I suspect this because I try to download something from Megaupload and says my IP already getting something11:49
stilia-johnyYes.. Nothing for network os!11:49
histostilia-johny: is the remote machine running linux?11:49
tripelbstilia-johny, you mean you want to shrink your partition?11:49
ParkerRjavier__, well then change the password11:50
chalcedonytripelb for me it was..gnome-system-mo11:50
ParkerRIf you think someone else is using it11:50
stilia-johnyYes the remote machine run ubuntu11:50
ParkerRChange it then restart the router11:50
chalcedonyi haven't seen gnome-system-mo before but it sure is using ram at times11:50
histostilia-johny: and you want to install ubuntu on it?11:50
javier__anyway, I would like to investigate if someone is really using my wifi11:50
tripelb chalcedony I have no idea what that is.11:50
histojavier__: you can look at who is assigned ips on most router pages11:51
tripelbjavier__, there's an ap for that11:51
stilia-johnyNo I wanna use a program to load ubuntu in local machine.. No vnc11:51
ParkerRHello stowoda11:51
stowodahow to delete lines from a file with sed? I want to delete all lines form 10 to 56 for example..11:51
grystowoda: Good question!11:51
javier__tripelb: do you know which is that program? I'm trying in google, but I don't really arrive anywhere11:51
histostilia-johny: then download a cd11:52
stephenthemartyrhow do you replace one side ofg a partition?is it possible?11:52
stowodagry, should be possible or?11:52
histostilia-johny: perhaps we don't understand the issue11:52
jribstowoda: d is the delete command11:52
stowodased -d '10:56'11:52
tomiola penis11:53
tripelbstilia-johny, you have to ask all on one line. It's hard to chase thru the talk and find out what you really are asking and what your os and situation are.11:53
theadmin!ops | tomi11:53
ubottutomi: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!11:53
salamcikhello all, i was wondering where i can change the default ctrl + w to super+w11:53
jribtomi: do you have a support question regarding ubuntu?11:53
urlin2ujavier__, in the router look at the lan list as well.11:53
grystowoda: yes, I'm frankly clueless - #bash or ##linux or just wait here11:53
histostilia-johny: you want to netboot ubuntu? like a thin client?11:53
tripelbtomi you are offtopic. go to join #ubuntu-offtopic11:53
histo!ltsp | stilia-johny11:53
ubottustilia-johny: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project11:53
IdleOne!language > tomi11:53
ubottutomi, please see my private message11:53
salamcikive looked in keyboard shortcuts but couldnt find the appropriate command11:53
salamcikctrl+w TO super+w halp11:54
jribstowoda: is that what you needed?11:54
stilia-johny Thats I need ltsp..11:54
stowodajrib, not sure. I am trying11:55
stilia-johnyDoes any know how can I setup my ubuntu 11.04 as a ltsp11:55
jribstowoda: what are you trying exactly?11:55
tripelbhello.. how do I end the program HTOP (actually it's htop) please tell me. these dont work q, escape, f1011:55
osmosis_paulSomebody here have configurate Jmeter ??11:55
jribtripelb: q11:55
osmosis_pauli'm trying to find one file that supoust the documentation in Unix should be there but is not11:55
jribtripelb: f10 also seems to work, yes11:55
fatih93hi  all, There is an application in Ubuntu 11.04 which is Basic 11.04. Is it include all features of Basic? It doesn't give answer when i use ";".11:55
tripelbjrib i'll try again (it works on top)11:56
histostilia-johny: i just sent you the link11:56
histo!ltsp > stilia-johny11:56
ubottustilia-johny, please see my private message11:56
salamcikcan anyone help me regarding to where i can change the default ctrl+w close window to super+w ??? Ive looked in keyboard shortcuts but to no awail11:56
ikoniafatih93: basic ? as in the programming language11:56
stowodaone moment jrib11:56
tripelbjrib now it works. I'll chalk it up. everything seems to choke the ram, since the upgrade. 10.0411:56
ikoniafatih93: basic doesn't exist on linux11:56
AlexDevilLXalias eth0  3c59x will work everywhere????11:56
tripelbwait jrib that's update not upgrade. sorry11:57
volkan_hii, how can i remove files without asking "are you sure" via ftp in command line?11:57
fatih93no, It's exist11:57
ikoniafatih93: it doesn't11:57
fatih93i found it at application store11:57
Trashihi guys. if i plug in a device into my usb hub, i get the syslog message: hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port X ... the devie isnt working ... does anybody know what to do?11:57
ikoniafatih93: what's it called11:57
stephenthemartyrhow do i change half of a partition?11:58
stowodaI geuess this: sed '10,56d' filename.txt, does what I want to11:58
theadminstephenthemartyr: You can resize the partition.11:58
jribstowoda: yes, well done11:58
ikoniafatih93: http://www.basic256.org/index_en11:58
javier__anyway, I cannot enter my router with to change the password11:58
stephenthemartyrtheadmin: how do i do that?and will it keep the half i dontr wanna change intact?11:58
stowodaI am new to this..11:58
urlin2ujavier__, you don't know or remember the password in?11:59
theadminstephenthemartyr: Yes, and you need gparted for that11:59
javier__I don't remember, but I cannot access it. I can't get the page11:59
histojavier__: most routers default to username: admin  and password: admin11:59
stephenthemartyrtheadmin: can i get that in synaptic?11:59
theadminstephenthemartyr: Yes.11:59
histojavier__: perhaps the ip is not
salamciktheadmin: do you know how i can change the close window shortcut from ctrl+w to super+w??12:00
theadminARGH. Why does everyone ask *me* random questions?12:00
theadminsalamcik: No, I don't.12:00
salamcikur always here and always online thats why12:01
theadminsalamcik: Ah, not exactly true12:01
jribtheadmin: hmm, why could that be...12:01
javier__histo: might be that. But then, what is it?12:02
AlexDevilLXi cant cat /var/log/messages12:02
histojavier__: are you runnign linux rightnow?12:02
jribAlexDevilLX: why not?12:02
AlexDevilLXdont know12:03
fatih93İf so, where can i find basic for linux ?12:03
jribAlexDevilLX: what happens when you try...?12:03
AlexDevilLXsimply wont worek12:03
AlexDevilLXcat: /var/log/messages: Нет такого файла или каталога12:03
AlexDevilLXno such file or directory12:03
jribAlexDevilLX: try again with LANG=C at the beginning12:03
histojavier__: if so type ifconfig in a terminal and it will show what IP is assigned to your current machine.12:03
javier__histo: yes12:03
histojavier__: should be 192..... or 10.....12:03
Trashihi guys. if i plug in a device into my usb hub, i get the syslog message: hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port X ... the devie isnt working ... does anybody know what to do? (ubuntu version = 11.04)12:03
=== cypha` is now known as cypha
AlexDevilLXwhat device? what hub12:04
AlexDevilLXtry another port12:04
hareldvdvolume control on the panel is gone. Any idea?12:04
jribAlexDevilLX: you can't cat a file that doesn't exist, yes12:05
AlexDevilLXbut why it doesnt exist?12:05
phoquewow, 11.04 messed up some of my keyboard special characters12:05
jribAlexDevilLX: syslog probably isn't setup to log there?12:05
HalabundWhen I run from battery, ubuntu dims the screen after a short time of inactivity.  When moving the mouse, it brightens the screen again, BUT NOT TO THE ORIGINAL LEVEL.  How can I get it to restore the original brightness?12:05
magikidAlexDevilLX: Are you running Natty?12:05
TrashiAlexDevilLX: same problem for all ports ... and i also try out different usb hubs ... ubuntu doesnt like any usb hubs12:06
javier__histo: in wlan0??? there it's said, but can't enter there neither12:06
magikidAlexDevilLX: seems to be a common problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172857012:06
histojavier__: okay then navigate to
AlexDevilLXhow soon i'll become linux master?12:06
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: really ?12:06
theadminAlexDevilLX: Never. Linux isn't dead.12:07
jribAlexDevilLX: syslog is just configured to not log to messages anymore.  Seems like things end up in /var/log/syslog anyway and they wanted to avoid duplication12:07
AlexDevilLXi'm blaming myself12:07
theadminAlexDevilLX: It keeps developing, so you can never master it.12:07
urlin2uHalabund, try setting the high with the fn-arrow lft-right keys.12:07
javier__histo: that was it :)   I forgot to study that part :P12:07
bazhangAlexDevilLX, lets stop the offtopic12:07
AlexDevilLXso i'm currently at modprobe level12:07
jribAlexDevilLX: you can read discussion about the deliberate change here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rsyslog/+bug/79472712:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 794727 in rsyslog (Ubuntu) "/var/log/messages is empty after upgrade to natty" [Undecided,Invalid]12:08
AlexDevilLXwhat level i'm studying12:08
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: that isn't a level - please stop with the random stuff12:08
sam_hi..m unable to use my webcam. i m new to ubuntu. help appreciated12:08
Halabundurlin2u: my point is that I have to do that after every time ubuntu dims the screen.  It does not restore the brightness I set using those keys, even though it clearly notices that I'm setting the brightness (it shows a popup with the brightness levels)12:08
ikonia!webcam | sam_12:08
ubottusam_: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras12:08
javier__histo: in windows, how to do something like that ifconfig?12:08
AlexDevilLXrunlevel=5 is logging isn't it?12:09
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: no, that's an init level12:09
jribAlexDevilLX: what do you want to accomplish?12:09
AlexDevilLXto make my eth0 to write log about internet dissconnection12:09
AlexDevilLXi know that debug=512:09
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: what are you on about debug=512:10
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: if your eth0 card dropping from the network, or is your internet dropping at the router/modem ?12:10
sam_ubottu  ikonia  i have installed cheese , but unable to use my webcam of Toshiba laptop12:10
ubottusam_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:10
AlexDevilLXoptions 3c59x debug=5This line specifies 5 as the value of the debug parameter in the 3c59xmodule.12:10
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: then your card won't see it drop12:11
AlexDevilLXno internet > log12:11
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: it's not a problem with your card to debug, you'll need to do that at your modem, or write a shell script to ping a host12:11
BluesKajHiyas all12:11
AlexDevilLXso what thing can i log?12:11
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: you'll be able to do it via a shell script - ping a host (or something that simple) and when it stops responding log that the internet has dropped12:12
AlexDevilLXthx anyway12:12
sam_Hi, I m having problem with WEBCAM (In Built Toshiba Laptop). I tried Testing it thru the application CHEESE..I get the message NO DEVICE FOUND. ANy help apprecaited12:12
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: your ISP will also be able to tell you when your connection goes down12:12
AlexDevilLXwhat camera12:12
ikoniasam_: did you read the debugging on that webpage ubottu sent you12:12
AlexDevilLXMy ISP is bad one12:13
javier__histo: i enter the router and there I saw "active DHCP clients": only my two computers IP there. So, guess no one is in here. Do you know why then "megaupload" detects my ip as downloading something?12:13
sam_ikonia  i m novice to Ubuntu, I already went thru that page earlier and installed Cheese, but tat dont seems to solve the problem :(12:13
pobaraI will ask again: on Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity running, what is written by: $ gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session session-name12:13
histojavier__: are the two ips that are there your MAC addresses?12:14
ikoniasam_: installing cheese doesn't "fix" anything it will just allow you to use your camera if you configure it12:14
ChessTeachIs there any good quick start launcher applications that behave like a terminal, I want to run a command with a directory as parameters and use tab to autocomplete. Anything out there that does this?12:14
sam_ikonia  what shud b done in tat case12:14
xboxoh is this a support channel ops i guess no1 know how to install adope flash for firefox on a xbox 36012:14
javier__histo: im not sure what is MAC address, but the two IP there are mine and my father's laptop12:14
AlexDevilLXone more question12:14
histoChessTeach: alt+f2 the run dialog has autocompletion12:15
ikoniasam_: please try to talk in clear english - text speak makes it hard to follow12:15
sam_ikonia  i apologize12:15
ikoniano need12:15
histojavier__: okay then your good i have no idea what megaupload is so can't help you there. You may want to contact their supoprt12:15
ChessTeachthe built in one, when i push tab it moves to another field, and doesn't autocomplet directories12:15
AlexDevilLXnew kernel modules arrive with new kernel?12:16
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: if needed, yes12:16
histoAlexDevilLX: ofcourse12:16
AlexDevilLXif i install new webcam do i need to modprobe12:16
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: no12:16
sam_ikonia first i need to check actually if everything is fine with my webcam and secondly if there are issues with the driver12:16
histoAlexDevilLX: no udev should handle it12:16
javier__histo: ok. It's just a website from where you download things, with a limit if you are not premium user (as me). Thanks then!12:16
AlexDevilLXso what handles it?12:17
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: udev - as you've just been told12:17
urlin2uHalabund, I see a bug report on this regarding the 2.6.38 kernels, and setting to low, but a lot of other hits with problem s= well. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/77341512:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 773415 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Natty: Screen brightness set to minimum and brightness controls not working" [Undecided,New]12:17
urlin2uas well*12:17
AlexDevilLXNO udev should hanle it12:17
phoquemy notebook hangs at boot during apparmor/cupsd profile loading12:17
miktorjrib, i can get it to start (only) the first application in .Xsession now, what am i doing wrong?12:17
phoqueany ideas?12:17
jribmiktor: pastebin your .xsession script12:18
AlexDevilLXikonia: histo wrote, that NO udev should hanle it12:18
honey_how can i get converter taht means form any player to any player?12:18
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: no, you don't need to modpobe, udev will handle it (that's what was meant)12:18
bazhanghoney_, try handbrake12:18
histoAlexDevilLX: yes... I was answering your question about mod probing. Then telling you that udev would handle it.12:18
gryhoney_: ffmpeg ?12:18
dean_Hey all is anyone familiar with Lubuntu in here?12:18
jribdean_: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)12:18
grydean_: #lubuntu ?12:18
bazhangdean_, somewhat, whats the issue12:18
AlexDevilLXudev like udev notify12:18
miktorjrib http://pastebin.com/622bcNUF12:19
histoAlexDevilLX: no, udev like udev12:19
dean_bazhang, I just wondered if there is a way to get wallpapers the default one is boring to say the least12:19
AlexDevilLXand modprobe handles pci12:19
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: no12:19
honey_whcich one is better handbrake or ffmpeg?12:19
xboxguess no one here can help me with installing adope flash on my xbox 360 ubuntu 10.1012:19
dean_gry, I tried Lubuntu no one talking in there12:19
AlexDevilLXudev handles pci?12:19
miktorjrib, it doesn't matter where i put the exec, it only takes the first command no matter what i do12:19
jribmiktor: well, your script executes dwm and then waits for dwm to exit before proceeding, do you see the issue?12:19
JakeR003is there a way to run a two instances of a program on ubuntu with two different network settings?12:19
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: do you actually have an ubuntu question ? rather than generic linux how to ?12:19
grydean_: try asking here so people can reply or send you elsewhere12:19
miktorjrib yes12:19
AlexDevilLXdean_: go2 #lubuntu12:19
ChessTeachhisto the built in one, when i push tab it moves to another field, and doesn't autocomplet directories12:20
miktorjrib, how do i make it go right onto the next one?12:20
histoChessTeach: ahh no idea that's why I always have a terminal open.12:20
jribmiktor: you probably want to do something like xrdb ~/.Xdefaults; nm-applet &; exec dwm (personally I don't use exec and then put things after dwm that I want to happen when I quit/log out12:20
AlexDevilLXif i put XFS, do i need to modprobe?12:20
histoAlexDevilLX: no12:20
Halabundurlin2u: I found the solution.  There was an option to lower the brightness when running from battery.  Apparently the meaning of this is: disregard the user's brightness setting when running from battery.  Windows simply remembered my last setting separately for battery / ac-power mode.12:21
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: because it's part of the kernel12:21
miktorjrib, alright i will try that12:21
AlexDevilLXis it module?12:21
urlin2uHalabund, I wondered about that since that is where the bar is.12:22
ikoniaAlexDevilLX: can we please get to ubuntu support rather than generic linux questions12:22
=== Halabund_ is now known as Halabund
adf_I dunno why my Cd is not recognized by ubuntu12:24
adf_I wanna try a cd with brasero or k3b but it doesn't see the cd12:25
locodir-userI Installed SPINFINITY Plymouth theme over my old text theme. I took help from a Web Tutorial. I succeeded to install the theme, but after the Animation of the theme Screen goes blank. I had to edit some files to install the same.How can I Fix this problem ?12:25
honey_gry:i install it but i coudnt find were is it how can i use it?12:25
bazhanghoney_, its command line if you  mean ffmpeg12:25
gryhoney_: man ffmpeg12:25
bazhanghoney_, which is why I suggested handbrake, which is not12:26
adf_any ideas? If I do  mount /media/cdrom0 It says that is already mounted12:26
=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
honey_bazahng:but i coudnt install it12:27
bazhanghoney_, there's a ppa for it12:27
honey_bazahng:it says  coudnt find any package12:27
honey_bazahng:so tell me wht to do12:28
Halabundanother question: I noticed that in natty, it's possible to control media players from the bar on top of the screen.  Is it possible to set up the media keys (if available on the keyboard) to control the current media player, without the media player having explicit support for these keys?  I just want to use media keys with Spotify (which integrates with gnome apparently)12:28
locodir-userLogin Screen not seen12:29
locodir-userpls help12:29
bazhang!handbrake | honey_ yes, this or ubuntu ppa handbrake to find the link12:29
ubottuhoney_ yes, this or ubuntu ppa handbrake to find the link: handbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr12:29
urlin2uhoney_, handbrake?12:30
locodir-userhelp me plz.12:32
bazhanglocodir-user, with what12:32
locodir-userno login screen after installing new Plymouth12:33
bazhanglocodir-user, new plymouth?12:33
locodir-userInstalled SPINFINITY12:33
bazhanglocodir-user, remove it?12:33
bazhanglocodir-user, how did you install it12:33
locodir-useram now booting from CD12:33
locodir-userintalled it as package @ terminal12:34
locodir-userhad to edit some file12:34
bazhanglocodir-user, then uninstall it the same way12:34
locodir-userdono how to do it12:35
bazhanglocodir-user, well tell us the exact way you installed it12:35
locodir-useram new to UBUNTU12:35
locodir-useri had a KUBUNTU Text plymouth12:36
bazhanglocodir-user, and what is the exact file you edited.12:36
locodir-userdon't know, Sorry12:36
locodir-userrefered a web site12:36
bazhanglocodir-user, then you wont get much help12:37
ChessTeachhisto: i do as well, but i don't like using an extra tab to run things in the background, also I do not like the output I get from the background applications getting pasted while i am working :-)12:37
Picilocodir-user: Can you provide the guide that you used/12:37
locodir-userwhich file does we  change to Make changes to plymouth ?12:37
Picilocodir-user: you shouldn't need to change a file manually.12:38
locodir-userbut i had to12:38
bazhanglocodir-user, whats the link12:38
locodir-userafter typing in terminal, an editor opened12:38
Picilocodir-user: That wouldn't be the proper way to do it then.12:38
diegowssorry, where is the LVM initialization in Ubuntu at boot? I "grepped" for vgchange/vgscan/... in /etc/ and nothing12:39
soerenbnoergaardlocodir-user: Do you remember if you did something like 'sudo apt-get install plymouth-theme-spinfinity'?12:40
hiatusso, can ubuntu play netflix with chrome now?12:40
Picihiatus: no.12:41
hiatushow can chrome os do it then?12:41
Picihiatus: Ask Google. Ask Netflix.12:42
hiatusits basically just gentoo with the chrome browser. did microsoft port the drm stack to moonlight or is it running as a plugin?12:42
hiatusthey dont have channels on irc12:42
honey_bazahng: iwas trying to copy this deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/stebbins/handbrake-releases/ubuntu lucid main  and deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/stebbins/handbrake-releases/ubuntu lucid main  to my source list but still i coudnt even i update it my database12:42
Picihiatus: That doesn't make it a question for this channel.12:42
urlin2uhoney_, did you import thekey?12:43
hiatuswell, i was wondering if anyone tried chromium nightly with ubuntu on netflix12:43
honey_urlin2u:wchi key?12:43
BlackArchDoghiatus: number one rule about using linux you must do research on your own its called google12:43
soerenbnoergaardhoney_: Have you tried to add ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases through synaptic?12:43
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.12:44
=== Guest92472 is now known as gry
hiatusi have been using linux long enough to know about the drm stack with the mono project. i know linux12:44
theadminBlackArchDog: "JFGI" and "RTFM" are not appreciated here.12:44
urlin2uhoney_, see signing key on the page or remove the source list one and run this  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:handbrake-ubuntu/ppa12:45
mfilipehi! is there any alternative to gnome-sensors and project-hamster to Unity?12:45
locodirNo Login screen :12:45
BlackArchDoghiatus: you know there is a forum called linuxquestions.org and I bet if you searched it there has been at least 20+ times this question has been asked12:46
Picihiatus: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. Providing support or discussion of the Chromium nightlies does not fall within that.  You can try another channel like ##linux, or perhaps there is a chromium channel on here somewhere.12:46
locodirlink is not available12:46
hiatusand the update was yesterday night. im pretty sure information about it isnt going to be all over google12:46
Halabundsomehow managed to get ~100 messages queued up in the notification system, how do I get rid of them so I won't have to watch them for the next half an hour?12:46
BluesKajhiatus, interesting question , been wondering about it myself , maybe we could discuss and ask others in #ubuntu-offtopic12:46
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hiatusim talking about netflix on ubuntu!12:46
BlackArchDoghiatus: what you dont think we get ubuntu users in linuxquestions.org since we have a community for every distro12:47
hiatushow does that not have to do with ubuntu? and it happened yesterday! it cant hve 10,000 questions on linux questions and this is the damn ubuntu support channel12:47
IdleOnehiatus: netflix on ubuntu doesn't work.12:48
IdleOneif google has managed to get it working on their OS ask them how they did it.12:48
hiatusit say so in the damn title. official ubuntu suppot channel and your answer is go to linux questions and use google. you are the worst support channel ever12:48
dr_willisnetflix uses silverlight and its DRM. moonlight on linux dosent have the DRM feature. Ive heard netflix is working on a HTML5 version that will work on Linux/Google CHrome.12:49
Picihiatus: I'm sorry that we provide support for our ditro.12:49
hiatusits not there os!its blooy gentoo and it was developed with canonical!12:49
Picihiatus: Please calm down.12:49
hiatusthere we go12:49
IdleOnecall canonical then.12:49
JakeR003hey dr_willis. do you have a minute if you can in private. when you have time please12:49
hiatusi mad!12:49
IdleOneit is not Ubuntu12:49
dr_willisJakeR003,  make it fast.. watching the grandkids...12:49
soerenbnoergaardHalabund: Perhaps killall notification-daemon12:49
gryhiatus: If you don't like our support, please take the honors of leaving.  As it's volunteer support, it may need just a few minutes.  If you're impatient, the support may stop being an option for you right here right now.12:49
BluesKajIdleOne, there was some spculation about netflix on ubuntu via the chromium browser using html512:50
KumquatHow does one bridge connections in Ubuntu? I have a WIndows desktop that is connected to my Ubuntu laptop which has wireless access and I want to get Internet access to my desktop12:50
BlackArchDoghiatus: here is a link to your question .... I'm done http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1498854.html12:50
locodiranyone knows how to remove Plymouth from CD ?12:50
coz_hiatus,  its likely , as already mentioned, that the issue isnt with ubuntu or even linux..at this point ,  there isnt much anyone can do with making netflix work on ubuntu12:50
Halabundsoerenbnoergaard, thanks!12:50
diegowsdoes anyone know where is the LVM initializatio in Ubuntu at boot?12:50
dr_willislocodir,  you would have to remaster it.. may be easier to just set the default configs to disable it.12:50
hiatusyour link is for june 1st. this update was yesterday12:50
Picihiatus: Try #chromium-support12:52
locodirNo Login screen : how can i change Plymouth in my UBUNTU from CD ?12:52
soerenbnoergaardHalabund: Now Alt-F2 and '/usr/lib/notification-daemon-1.0/notification-daemon start' or something like that to restart it I think12:52
BlackArchDogHey did you read the part about roku which runs a linux os can run netflix, but because netflix wants to make money they keep the driver or protocol out of the hands of linux users ... Its called making money12:52
dr_willis!nomodeset | locodir12:52
ubottulocodir: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:52
Picilocodir: If you cannot provide a link or instructions or something to how you changed it then we cannot help you.12:52
Pici!ot | BlackArchDog12:52
ubottuBlackArchDog: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:52
dr_willisBlackArchDog,  the Boxee box - can also do netflix its running some linux vaiant also. with special stuff from netflix i belive.12:53
Picidr_willis: Please use #ubuntu-offtopic, you know this.12:53
BlackArchDogdr_willis: cant talk about this I got haters here namely Pici12:54
KumquatHow does one bridge connections in Ubuntu? I have a WIndows desktop that is connected to my Ubuntu laptop which has wireless access and I want to get Internet access to my desktop12:54
locodirPici -  sorry for that, bt the Site address is bookmarked in the UBUNTU partition12:54
IdleOne!ics | Kumquat12:54
ubottuKumquat: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing12:54
dr_willisIm not even sure what the original question was... everyone is just ranting.12:55
=== brian_ is now known as jetsnoc
BluesKajdr_willis, netflix on chromium12:55
BlackArchDogdr_willis:  getting netflix to run in ubuntu12:55
artista-frustradI'm having some trouble with keyboards using ncomputing thin clients with ubuntu. Udev detects all keyboards as "us" while it should be "abnt2". Is there a way to force all keyboards to be recongnized as "abnt2" ??12:55
IdleOnePlease stop with the netflix topic.12:55
JakeR003guys is there a way to make you switch between two different sessions fast?12:55
coz_mentioning boxee as an alternative to netflix is not offtopic12:56
norbert79JakeR003: Sessions like GUI sessions? Alt+Fx makes the trick, if you want to switch beteween virtual consoles12:56
linuxdoanphamhow to install driver wusb54gc in ubunru 11.412:56
JakeR003FX what ?12:56
JakeR003you mean F1, F2?12:56
norbert79JakeR003: F1, F2, and so on...12:56
norbert79JakeR003: Correction: Ctrl+Alt+Fx12:57
JakeR003how can i clone my current account into a new one with different name without losing all my settings and programs?12:57
dr_willisJakeR003,  copy your users home to the new users home dir.. and fix the ownerships12:58
norbert79JakeR003: Just create the new account and copy everything from your old HOME to the new one... Except for some specific settings everything should work as before12:58
dr_willisJakeR003,  why are you even bothering with this song and dance anyway? what are you running that needs this weirdness?12:58
JakeR003because i'm crazy12:58
fuchan#italy Operazione12:59
dr_willisI think you may want to spend some time learning  some linux fundamentals then..12:59
BluesKajcoz_, i don't think boxee is much good outside the US , maybe the UK might provide some of it's servies ...in Canada netfix is the only one13:00
dr_willisJakeR003,  depending on what you are doing you can spawn a 2nd x session in its own 'window'13:00
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:00
coz_BluesKaj,  understood :)13:00
JakeR003yeah that what i want.. can we talk in private again dr.willis13:00
norbert79IdleOne: fuchan is a bot, or acting like one... Just ignore13:00
dr_willistalk in the channel.. theres no need for priv. chating  to tutor you linux.13:01
dr_willisplus i may have to run off after a 2 yr old...13:01
kruxhe wants yo number13:01
BlackArchDogBluesKaj: try tekzilla on youtube on rocku there in San Fran running netfilx the box is 199 plus subscription13:01
Kingsyguys, I have a p6t asus motherboard with onboard RAID.. if I am running ubuntu how do I set the RAID up in the operating system ?13:01
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:01
Kingsywith windows see it was kinda automatic13:01
bazhang!ot | BlackArchDog13:01
ubottuBlackArchDog: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:01
BluesKajBlackArchDog, I'm in Canada13:01
theadminBlackArchDog: Another Arch user I see?13:02
norbert79Kingsy: Well, Ubuntu installer provides you with that... But depends on what you would like to achive13:02
theadminSomeone ban fuchan13:02
bazhangfuchan, /join13:02
PiciBluesKaj, coz_, BlackArchDog, theadmin: Please move the conversation to #ubuntu-offtopic13:02
norbert79theadmin: You're theadmin, you do it :)13:02
theadminnorbert79: Um, that name is unrelated to #ubuntu13:02
auronandace!raid | Kingsy13:02
ubottuKingsy: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto13:02
Kingsynorbert79: well I was just looking for a standard mirror RAID setup13:02
norbert79Kingsy: ^^13:03
compdocKingsy, onboard raid tends to be whats called 'fake raid' - it requires drivers to work, and those drivers are only available in windows13:03
Kingsycompdoc: huh? so onboard raid just doesnt work in linux?13:03
chub_hi I'm a gentoo user, and I need some translation from ubuntu to gentoo : this article explains the fix on ubuntu (http://froebe.net/blog/2010/01/22/suns-virtualbox-3-1-x-getting-vrdp-remote-desktop-to-authenticate-properly-with-linux-pam/) but the problem is, I don't have a shadow group on my gentoo system, so I would like to know what this shadow group is13:03
norbert79Kingsy: Onboard RAIDs aren't real RAIDs...13:03
theadminchub_: Um, this isn't #gentoo you know13:04
Kingsynorbert79: agreed but still there must be a way of setting it up on ubuntu13:04
compdocKingsy, yup. However, you can disable the onboard and just use linux madam to create raid 1 mirrors, or, buy a real raid card13:04
norbert79chub_: The people who can have SUDO rights13:04
coz_chub_,   did you ask in the #gentoo channel ....yes?13:04
Kingsyoh ok, so you use linux to do the RAIDin ?13:04
Picinorbert79: no... Thats the admin group.13:04
theadminnorbert79: No, that's not "shadow". That's "admin", or more commonly "wheel"13:04
norbert79Oh, right13:04
norbert79mixed up them13:04
BlackArchDogchub, sorry they dont get the idea we use more then one distro13:05
chub_norbert79: aah ok.... so what is really happening there is that the user that executes virtualbox is actually doing so as user root?13:05
compdocKingsy, yes. Windows has the same thing13:05
Picichub_: no. norbert79 was incorrect.13:05
sudokillchub_- what are you trying to do?13:06
chub_Pici: ok so what does this group have access to?13:06
canurabusHi all. My package manager is very broken -- most things I try to get result in broken dependencies and so on. Trying to fix this in synaptic with Edit->Fix Broken Packages doesn't do anything. Could someone please help?13:06
auronandace!fixapt | canurabus13:06
ubottucanurabus: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »13:06
Vaati_hello all13:06
Vaati_I am using ubuntu netbook edition, and it doesnt seem to have the "sg" kernel module -- is there any way I can add it?13:07
chub_coz_: yes I did, but they are confused to what the problem is...13:07
coz_chub_,  ok understood :)13:07
TheFuzzballI have an Apple Keyboard and pressing Alt+3 doesn't give me the hash character. How do I get the hash character in Ubuntu?13:07
canurabusauronandace: APT didn't crash, db isn't locked.13:07
Halabundwhat CJK fonts do you folks prefer on Ubuntu?  The default (whatever that is) is a bit blurry for my eyes, after getting used to antialiased Vista fonts.  Note that I'm just learning the language, so I'm more sensitive to this than natives who are used to the shapes already13:08
Picichub_: /etc/shadow for one.13:08
urlin2ucanurabus, synaptic will list dependencies.13:08
BlackArchDogcanurabus: learn apt-get its easier13:09
norbert79Halabund: I use the ones normally which I also use in Windows. Ubuntu can handle Truetype fonts too13:09
coz_canurabus,  out of curiosity,, when you open a terminal   sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get install -f13:09
compdocTheFuzzball, wouldnt that be shift-3 ?13:09
sudokillHalabund- try using full hinting in the font settngs13:09
sudokillits not as blurry13:09
Halabundnorbert79, you mean you use YaHei / Meiryo on Ubuntu?13:09
marduk666having an issue with mounting a drive that's part of a raid 1 array, mdadm --assemble --scan gives me: mdadm: no devices found for /dev/md013:10
chub_Pici: did you read that article I posted? because I would like to know if there is an alternative (e.g. /etc/pam.d/textfile or ...)13:10
chub_Pici: if you can suggest I look at something else13:10
norbert79Halabund: You can also tune the font rendering too... I am not familiar with none of those fonttypes, but if they are in OTF or TTF format, yes, why not13:10
TheFuzzballcompdoc It's a British keyboard, Shift-3 gives me the pound symbol.13:10
theadmin"pound"? Do you mean the octothorp?13:10
theadminThe #?13:11
Halabundnorbert79, I mean, in my experience, Ubuntu renders fonts differently from Windows, so copying the Windows fonts over might very well give much worse results than using those that come with Ubuntu, and they'll usually look different on Ubuntu13:11
marduk666£ that13:11
auronandacetheadmin: £13:11
theadminauronandace: What?13:11
canurabuscoz_: here's the output: http://pastebin.com/TztSgRa513:11
auronandacetheadmin: thats the pound symbol13:11
norbert79Halabund: Did you try to to tune on the rendering going into the /Settings/Apperance menu?13:11
TheFuzzballtheadmin The pound symbol (GBP) is £13:11
IdleOnetheadmin: the currency symbol13:12
theadminTheFuzzball: Ah13:12
theadminIdleOne: Okay I get it13:12
BluesKajbritish pound symbol13:12
coz_canurabus,   ok  try  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:12
IdleOneonly took 4 tries.13:12
TheFuzzballtheadmin I understand the confusion, because a lot of people call the hash (she, octothorpe, crunch, etc) pound too.13:12
canurabuscoz_: what does that do? I don't want to upgrade my distro13:13
theadminTheFuzzball: I see :D13:13
compdoc# = hash13:13
Tivenhey guys, anyone know if its possible to tunnel internet through SSH on ubuntu ?13:13
coz_canurabus,  that will not upgrade to a new version but it will upgrade the system you are on including upgrading software , library versions13:13
ArtVanda1aeTiven, TCP protocols, yes (e.g. HTTP)13:13
dr_willisTiven,  you can set up SSH tunnels to tunnel most everything yes.13:14
urlin2ucanurabus, to fetch the key  sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys AED4B06F473041FA13:14
Tiveneven on windows ?13:14
BluesKajTiven, yes13:14
marduk666having an issue with mounting a drive that's part of a raid 1 array, mdadm --assemble --scan gives me: mdadm: no devices found for /dev/md013:14
ArtVanda1aeTiven, yes, even on Windows13:14
Tiveni mean, i have server on ubuntu but my laptop has putty to connect to it remotely13:14
ArtVanda1aeTiven, yes, Putty has an option for creating tunnels13:14
Tiveni tried it but i must have done something wrong cause it didnt work13:15
ArtVanda1aeTiven, what are you trying to tunnel?13:15
Tivenim supposed to set it on a port to forward on my machine right? nothing ubuntu side13:15
Tivenhttp would be nice ArtVanda1ae13:15
ArtVanda1aeTiven, correct, nothing Ubuntu side13:15
dr_willisTiven,  it pays spend an hr just reading up on ssh.. it can be a bit picky .  but a port forward is differnt then a tunnel..13:15
rabbi1Friends, I was just searching for a tool which keeps track of my internet usage ..... and alerts once crosses the specified databand.... :) any solution13:15
dr_willisTiven,  my router port forwards the ssh port to the correct pc.. i can then tunnel to the pc.13:15
Tivenyeah dr_willis the thing is that i have no http traffic right now :/ so i cant read13:16
=== luizschmitt is now known as lzschmitt
dr_willis http://localhost:tunnelport   --> goes to the remote pc's web server. :)13:16
=== Mud is now known as Guest17358
Tivenhey dr_willis i get ' No data received '13:18
norbert79rabbi1: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-ubuntu-users.html ? You might take a look at this13:18
asaccushi, does anyone know a way to monitor how many blocks of a harddrive where accessed?13:19
rabbi1norbert79: sorry, i entered a wrong search in google and good sentence here :)13:20
marduk666having an issue with mounting a drive that's part of a raid 1 array, mdadm --assemble --scan gives me: mdadm: no devices found for /dev/md0 -- disk could origin from a hw raid btw13:22
BlackArchDogcanurabus: Found it the Pacman Rosetta chart: This chart will tell you every package manager option for every major distro if you what to do something use Ubuntu follow the chart to apt-get and it will tell you the format for getting apt-get to run command13:23
BlackArchDogcanurabus: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman_Rosetta13:23
canurabusthats quite handy thanks :)13:24
BlackArchDogcanurabus: this is reason we use different distro's cause every once in a while we make charts to help everyone across linux13:25
escottmarduk666, are you sure it is an mdadm array13:25
marduk666escott: yea, pretty much... dmraid -r gives me ERROR: via: seeking device "/dev/sdb" to mdadm: no devices found for /dev/md013:26
marduk666escott: as well as ERROR: nvidia: seeking device "/dev/sdb" to 18446744073709550592 among others13:27
escottmarduk666, where did you get the array from13:27
marduk666from a hp server running win2009 r213:27
rabbi1any gui tool replacing vnstat ?13:27
escottmarduk666, then its not mdadm13:28
marduk666escott: yeah, supposed as much... any idea how to mount it?13:28
rabbi1norbert79: i read that, but all monitors, none keeps track of it and notifies me, vnstat is one good tool. but restart required every time.13:28
MoooookiEHello, i have installed rubygems manually. But now if i want to install for example libapache2-mod-passenger it has rubygems as dependency and install the ubuntu version over my own. Is there a way to prevent this?13:29
=== nicolas_ is now known as khonis
BlackArchDograbbi1: try conky small and helpful and you can edit your conky to look anyway you want it13:29
aeiou_hi there, does anyone know if there is an RFC explaining mail? i.e typical mail sent via sendmail13:29
marduk666escott: any ideas?13:30
aeiou_iceroot, AH thanks13:31
escottmarduk666, no13:31
rabbi1BlackArchDog: having a look....13:31
t0kenany linux sound ninjas up for helping troubleshoot a problem.  I'll pay if we can get it working13:31
marduk666escott: ok, crap :(13:31
marduk666does anyone know how to mount a hardware RAID?13:31
marduk666ActionParsnip: hello almighty wise hehe, would u happen to know how to mount a disk part of a hardware RAID?13:32
ActionParsnipmarduk666: not used fake raid dude, sorry13:33
marduk666ActionParsnip: can i mount hw raid with fake raid?13:33
BlackArchDogt0ken: yes, help we don't except pay this is friendly ... linux is not windows...13:35
nicofsI'm looking for a program to organize and sort my music library, so that I have all songs in one folder, as "Song Name.extension". I have a lot of devices that get confused by folders... bulk ID3-Tag editing would be good aswell...13:35
BlackArchDogt0ken: ask your question13:35
ActionParsnipmarduk666: you can only use hardware raid if you have a dedicated raid controller card rather than the garbage they put in home grade motherboards13:37
ActionParsnipnicofs: easytag is a great MP3 tagger13:37
marduk666it's a disk from an HP server ActionParsnip13:37
ActionParsnipmarduk666: then you may be able to tell mount to force mount it but it may cause issues13:38
marduk666for hw raid mounting, do i need the actual hw raid card? ActionParsnip13:38
nicofsActionParsnip, actually, id3-tags are the minor problem... i don't want to shift and rename all files manually...13:38
BlackArchDognicofs: doesn't windows manager already put them in alphabetical order???13:38
marduk666ActionParsnip: ok, now it's found as 0.0kb of /dev/sdb13:38
marduk666no partitions13:38
nicofsBlackArchDog, windows...?13:38
ActionParsnipnicofs: music apps usually use the tag, so if you arrange them well it will just work13:38
sulavwhat is ssh server for?13:38
Halabundin natty, how can I put "applets" on the panel on the top of the screen?13:39
ActionParsnipsulav: its a veritable swiss army knife of ability13:39
[THC]AcidRainrhythmbox in 11.04 seems to load songs much much faster13:39
somsipsulav: allows you to remotely connect to your machine in a terminal13:39
ActionParsnipsulav: sftp, remote console, remote execution of graphical apps13:39
Halabundin natty, how can I put "applets" on the panel on the top of the screen?  Like weather indicator or a dictionary (these are what I'd like to have)13:39
sulavHalabund, can i connect to linux machi from windows?13:39
nicofsActionParsnip, Banshee will create thousands of folders with one or two files in them each... i want all files in one root folder...13:39
Halabundsulav, how about using SSH?13:40
conductorCiao a tutti13:40
ParkerRIs there anything like Snagit but on linux. Wanting to do a scrolling window screenshot13:40
sulavHalabund, just to learn13:40
ActionParsnipnicofs: does it not look at the tag and put the artist tracks together?13:40
[THC]AcidRainnicofs, you can make a script to move them all13:40
ActionParsnipsulav: sure, use putty if you want SSH13:40
ParkerRActionParsnip, !! :D I finally got the problem fixed yesterday13:40
sulavActionParsnip, even in linux we have putty>?13:40
[THC]AcidRainisnt putty linux native? :/13:41
ActionParsnipParkerR: you can use import from image magic in a simple script13:41
ParkerRActionParsnip, have more details?13:41
sulav[THC]AcidRain, i saw it even in windows713:41
somsipsulav: you can use putty under Linux, but I find it's not required with a decent/.ssh/config13:41
nicofsActionParsnip, it does - that is the problem... they will be put in their respective folders after that - and that is what i don't want...13:41
ActionParsnipsulav: sure but you can SSH from terminal using:    ssh -X -C username@servername13:41
[THC]AcidRainsulav, thats where you messed up in life. looking at a win7 screen13:41
honey_still i coudnt install handbrake?13:41
ActionParsnipnicofs: so you want ONE flat collection of songs?13:41
nicofsActionParsnip, Exatly.13:42
[THC]AcidRainbtw, sulav plz watch the language. the word w1nD0w is very offensive in here13:42
bazhang[THC]AcidRain, stop that13:42
sulavActionParsnip, just sudo apt-get install ssh will make my linux machine a ssh server?13:42
Hedgehog456Is GNOME Shell functional on Natty yet?13:42
bazhangHedgehog456, gnome3? nope13:43
brettonI gotta display problem. When I put a software fullscreen, it becomes all white.13:43
[THC]AcidRainbazhang, why do you never let me have any fun? it seems like im the outcast trouble maker in this classroom. :(13:43
auronandace!gnome3 | Hedgehog45613:43
ubottuHedgehog456: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.13:43
EgyParadoxsulav: sudo apt-get install openssh-server13:43
brettonFor example vlc when I read a video13:43
Hedgehog456Since I don't use Unity, probably ok.13:43
auronandaceHedgehog456: 11.10 will support gnome 3 though13:43
Hedgehog456Thanks bazhang, auronandace13:43
ActionParsnipParkerR: import -window root MyScreenshot3.png        will take a screen shot of the current desktop, add that in a loop in bash with a small sleep to add a gap and it will work, there is also an app mentioned on omgubuntu to do the same13:43
HalabundIn Natty, how can I put "applets" on the panel on the top of the screen?  Like weather indicator or a dictionary (these are what I'd like to have)13:44
sulavEgyParadox, how do we start the server?13:44
sulavEgyParadox, how do i get its docs13:44
=== lng is now known as Guest74818
BlackArchDog[THC]AcidRain: lol funny... :)13:44
EgyParadoxsulav: sudo service ssh start13:45
ActionParsnipParkerR: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/07/timelapse-video-created-ubuntu/13:45
ParkerRHmm thanks13:45
EgyParadoxsulav: man sshd13:45
ActionParsnipParkerR: the script way is super simple though13:45
sulavEgyParadox, last help.what is my default password ?13:45
ActionParsnipHalabund: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/02/indicator-weather-puts-temperature-on-panel/13:46
rabbi1BlackArchDog: you there? wonder how to start conky ....13:47
HalabundActionParsnip, alright, that is pretty clear there: "For users unaware, the default Ubuntu desktop in Ubuntu 11.04 does not allow for the addition of traditional GNOME applets on the panel. Most of the features provided by these applets are now catered for elsewhere in Unity or can be acquired by installing extra indicator applets."  I did not know this.13:47
EgyParadoxsulav: what default password?13:47
brettonI gotta display problem. When I put a software fullscreen, it becomes all white. For example vlc when I read a video.13:48
ActionParsnipHalabund: me neither, I use LXDE so sidestep all that stuff13:48
ActionParsnipbretton: Which desktop do you use?13:48
brettonActionParsnip: gnome13:48
ActionParsnipbretton: with compiz?13:48
sulavEgyParadox,  pswd for openssl13:48
brettonActionParsnip: compiz fusion I think13:49
brettonso yes13:49
ActionParsnipbretton: same thing, if you use natty, log of and log in to the 'Ubuntu Classic' session. If you use Lucid or Maverick press ALT+F2 and run:  metacity --replace13:49
ActionParsnipbretton: this will take compiz out of the equation, is it still the same?13:50
rabbi1my ibus doesn't start at startup ... any clue why? i have added in startup applications13:50
EgyParadoxsulav:try logging with your own password and username13:50
brettonActionParsnip: but I won't have desktop effects with ubuntu classic ?13:50
ActionParsnipbretton: no but it's simply to test. It's not forever. It's called "Isolating the issue"13:51
EgyParadoxbretten: There is Ubuntu Classic (no effects option)13:51
EgyParadoxbretten: There is Ubuntu Classic (no effects) option13:52
ActionParsnipbretton: if its ok without effects then we KNOW what is causing the issue, don't we13:52
brettonActionParsnip: ok I test if I have this problem13:52
brettonActionParsnip: so the problem if the test works come from my video card driver ?13:53
ActionParsnipbretton: no it's compiz, not the video driver13:54
ActionParsnipbretton: then you can start to find guides on issus like yours with compiz and ask in #compiz too :)13:54
brettonok thx13:55
javier__someone knows how can I change my public IP (if so is posible)?13:57
escottjavier__, pay your isp13:57
Gentoo64javier__- like a proxy?13:58
javier__escott: what you mean? why pay? :P13:58
BlackArchDogme and [THC]AcidRaind started #cool_ubuntu were we dont boot you for change of topic come on over if you need real help...13:58
compdocjavier__, you dont pay for a static ipm address?13:58
Majestikjavier__, that is likely to be controlled by your router, you could reboot it and see if it gets a new IP but its probably leased to the MAC address of your router anyway so you'll get the same one from the BRAS of your ISP13:58
brettonActionParsnip: that was it :)13:58
Majestikshort answer - no point lol13:58
escottjavier__, they control your ip. you have to talk to them13:58
Gentoo64use tor13:59
ActionParsnipbretton: so now you know the root cause13:59
* ActionParsnip thinks compiz causes too many issues13:59
* auronandace concur13:59
archmanis there a way to disable joins/parts/quits messages in empathy?14:00
javier__Majestik, escott: I guess that's it. I rebooted, but get the same ip all the time. The problem is that it looks like I share that ip with other people, and some internet services detect us as the same person, and I cannot use those services (like megaupload, web storage of files)14:00
theadminarchman: I dunno about empathy, but on irssi I'd do: /ignore * JOIN PART QUIT14:00
ActionParsnipbretton: so you can direct 100% of your effort finding out what the deal is with compiz as you KNOW that is the thing causing the issue14:00
BlackArchDogImagine a IRC chat line were you could tell jokes, have fun and be cool to talk #cool_ubuntu is the place and get help14:00
brettonActionParsnip: yeah, I'm on #compiz. I hope someone'll answer.14:00
Gentoo64javier__- you could use an anonymous proxy but most disable java etc to use them services anyway14:00
archmantheadmin: yeah, i know about the irssi way, i'm gonna try it here...14:01
archmantheadmin: unknown command14:01
ActionParsniparchman: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59945314:01
ubottuGnome bug 599453 in Multi User Chat "Make it configurable whether system messages (e.g., "<nick> joined the channel") are displayed" [Enhancement,New]14:01
archmanActionParsnip: thanks!14:01
theadminarchman: Silly empathy :/14:01
ActionParsnipbretton: you could also search the bugs to see if it's been reported14:02
PiciBlackArchDog: Please don't advertise in this channel.14:02
brettonI'm on :-)14:02
archmantheadmin, ActionParsnip, i've been using irssi for two years until i accidentally rm -rf'd my system completely (arch) so now i'm back in the out-of-the-box land :D (works good for now)14:02
dr_willisarchman,  ive gotten where i perfer weechat to irssi these days14:03
BlackArchDogPici: let me see I'm only the super genuis of this planet why hang out with me...?????? ;)14:03
javier__Gentoo64: yes... I could do that, I think I will. But it won't be solving the problem...14:03
norbert79Oh boy... Another bot14:03
archmantheadmin: yeah, since I just don't want to spend days configuring my system anymore :/14:03
Gentoo64xchat is great14:03
theadminarchman: Switch to PM about that please.14:04
archmantheadmin: if only i knew how to do that here :D14:04
theadminarchman: /query theadmin could work...14:04
norbert79archman: Double click a name or use /msg14:04
norbert79or that14:04
dr_willisor right click on their name at the left side..14:04
ActionParsniparchman: should have backed up ~/.irssi ;)14:04
archmanActionParsnip: i have all my backups :)14:05
archmanActionParsnip: dunno if i should use irssi..14:05
ActionParsniparchman: try empathy a while, see which you like14:06
BlackArchDogarchman: irssi is far better then all I have tested as far as irc relay14:06
deemirssi ftw!14:06
archmanBlackArchDog: agreed!14:06
norbert79!offtopic | BlackArchDog14:07
ubottuBlackArchDog: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:07
ActionParsnipirc relay, not heard of that one14:07
BlackArchDognorbert79: Is every program that runs in ubuntu offtopic wow.... hmmm... I guess linux penguin is offtopic to... hmmm funny14:08
brettonC'est bon si je vais sur le site de ma carte pour rechercher un pilote libre ?14:09
theadmin!fr | bretton14:09
ubottubretton: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:09
CLN84Could someone assist me with Could not display "network:///" Error: DBUS error org.freedesktop.dBUS.error.noreply:14:09
IdleOneBlackArchDog: Why do you insist on pushing the limits of our patience, please keep the commentary to a extreme minimum and help with Ubuntu.14:09
BlackArchDogI'm leaving what a joke... Your going isolate yourselves from the whole irc channel good luck... Figure out why know one is going to use ubuntu in the near future with these remarks good bye14:10
RamsesKai, is that you?14:11
=== treyh is now known as thunsucker
klingelbartafter installing packages via apt-get install, in wich directory are the files stored?14:15
diamondshow can I change the user image?14:15
diamondsuser icon?14:15
escottklingelbart, depends. most binaries in /usb/bin but its not like windows there is no program files/program name directory14:16
klingelbartescott thx14:16
=== satan is now known as Guest3562
klingelbartexcott: thx14:16
designbybeckhas anyone tried this for Ubuntu 11.04? http://helmuthdu.deviantart.com/art/CONKY-Colors-244793180 Looks pretty sweet!14:17
EgyParadoxklingeblart: You can check synaptic , it shows where files are installed for every package14:17
diamondswhere's a good place for a file to share across users?14:17
genii-aroundklingelbart: If you look up a package on http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and go to the file list, it shows you the directories it puts all the files of that package into14:17
ArtVanda1aediamonds, /tmp :)14:18
dr_willistheres rarey a need to go to where a program is installed to. :)14:18
ArtVanda1aediamonds, note: you'll lose everything in /tmp when you restart the machine14:18
minimecklingelbart: base files and libs are stored in /usr/lib/yoursoftware. Shared stuff would be in /usr/share/yoursoftware; docs in /usr/share/doc/yoursoftware; systemwide configuration in /etc/yoursoftware; binary (launcher) in /usr/bin/14:18
thunsuckerdiamonds: you could also create a generic "share" user and store it in their home directory in a folder, then give permissions to that folder to the other users14:18
diamondsArtVanda1ae: yeah that doesn't seem like the best place...14:19
diamondsI'm trying /home/me/public14:19
escottdiamonds, generally you put the users into the same group and then chgrp the file to that group. most $HOME is at least readable to others so I can create a file in my $HOME and share it to others by chgrp to their group14:19
thunsuckerdiamonds: that would work just gotta make sure you set the permissions correctly14:19
Gentoo64diamonds- or use a different drive / partition?14:20
thunsuckerdiamonds: dropbox is perfect for that14:20
diamondsI'm surprised there isn't some built in functionality for this14:21
JakeR003when i restart ubuntu how to boot into GRUB menu?14:21
diamonds"/home/shared" or something14:21
yoshi_Any 1 know why i can't turn on advenced vizualation desktop?14:22
Gentoo64JakeR003- i think hold shift14:22
escottdiamonds, /home/shared presumes that there is only one group of users who need to share things14:22
thunsuckerdiamonds: i think that is what the user's Public Folder is for14:22
mattgyverJakeR003, hold down the shift key while rebooting I believe14:22
diamondsthunsucker: yeah but other users can't list it14:22
diamondsI'm checking the permissions now...14:22
escottthunsucker, diamonds public folder is for network sharing14:22
mattgyverJakeR003, sorry didnt see Gentoo64's response14:22
diamondsescott: ahhh...14:23
yoshi_any 1 know?14:23
diamondsescott: 755 Public/14:23
compdocyoshi_, what is that?14:23
diamondswhy can't I get a listing from another user?14:23
escottdiamonds, thats the same set of permissions for every other folder in $HOME. there is some special logic to enable samba sharing of ~/Public14:24
escottdiamonds, ls /home/joe14:24
diamondswhy is permission for ls denied if I have x privs on the directory?14:24
diamondsis the whole home directory just "special" protected?14:25
jribdiamonds: because you need to be able to read14:25
diamondsjrib: I have that as well14:25
escottdiamonds, by default you have the ability to browse joe's folder and see his filenames. you can even read his files, but you can't modify them or add files to his folder14:25
diamondsescott: not here...14:25
jribdiamonds: pastebin your terminal session and « ls -ld /path/to/directory/in/question »14:25
Lacabrahi penguins14:26
LacabraI'm having a lot of problems configuring a LG screen14:27
MediiiHi there14:27
ActionParsnipLacabra: what video chip does your video card use?14:27
Lacabraanyone can redirect to any tutorial that can halpme14:27
Mediiihow can I get info about cpu and dusk usage ?14:27
LacabraI'm looking for it14:27
Mediiiis there any command for that ? I m working with a repote server14:27
usr13Mediii: top14:28
LacabraI use a small toshiba netbook with a external 21,5" display14:28
usr13Mediii: and  df14:28
ActionParsnipMediii: df -h14:28
thunsuckerdiamonds: here is a simple solution. create a group called 'family', add your users to that group, make a directory /home/family, change owner of that directory to family:root, add a shortcut to each user's desktop with the path14:28
ActionParsnipLacabra: again, what is the video chip?14:28
ActionParsnipMediii: top    will show you CPU usage14:28
Lacabra<ActionParsnip> I'm looking for it14:28
thunsuckerdiamonds: oops actually change owner to diamonds:family14:29
ActionParsnipLacabra: lspci | grep -i vga14:29
thunsuckerthat way you own it, and they have access14:29
minimecLacabra: open a terminal and give us the result of 'lspci | grep VGA'14:29
Mediiithanks usr13 ActionParsnip14:29
ActionParsnipMediii: or:  sudo apt-get install sysstat; sudo mpstat14:29
escottdiamonds, ls requires read permissions. it is possible to cd into a directory but not have read permissions.14:29
Lacabra<ActionParsnip> Now I'm nos using linux, I'm back to windows beacause of the screen, but I'm trying to get back to linux again beacause windows is so extremely slow14:30
ActionParsnipLacabra: either OS will tell you the chip14:30
escottdiamonds you could use that to "hide" a folder inside another folder. revoke read on the directory, and only those who know the other folder inside it exists will be able to cd into the inner folder14:30
jribdiamonds: ls -ld /home/sequoia   please do not use imgur to paste text14:31
diamondsjrib: it was to show you the two different users14:32
diamondsjrib: 70014:32
jribdiamonds: well there you go14:32
diamondsOK so you can't list a dir with 777 you don't have read perms on the parent?14:33
Lacabra<ActionParsnip>    here it is Mobile Intel® GMA 95014:33
jribdiamonds: if you don't have executable permissions on all parent directories, yes...14:33
diamondsx or r?14:33
jribdiamonds: x...14:33
escottdiamonds, did you chmod o-x on $HOME14:33
jnsl_when i run free in my terminal, to see what memory is available, is it displaying the numbers in mb or ?14:34
escottjnsl_, free --help14:34
Faiob1bonjour tout le monde14:34
usr13jnsl_: k14:34
jribjnsl_: free -m  for megabytes14:34
diamondsescott: nope14:34
diamondsthat's ootb 11.0414:34
somsip!fr | Faiob114:35
ubottuFaiob1: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:35
tonysanI am rescuing a hard disk using ddrescue, the message "end_request:I/O error keeps coming out, makes it hard to track the progress, any way to suppress that message?14:35
jribtonysan: grep -v would be one way...14:35
JakeR003guys i started two accounts sessions but i can't switch between them using ctrl+alt+Fx14:35
Faiob1merci ubottu14:35
escottdiamonds, as jrib indicated the permissions on /home/sequoia block anyone but sequoia himself from accessing the folder14:35
jnsl_i need to adjust how much memory jvm can use for my app, but where i specify it the existing number is: 1024m ..is m for mb?14:36
compdocend_request:I/O error is a bad thing14:36
diamondsescott: I read what he wrote...14:36
tonysanjrib: I am pretty a newbie to regular expression...14:36
jnsl_thanks jrib14:36
jribtonysan: so just type the message verbatim14:36
diamondsI was replying to you asking if I chmod'd $HOME14:36
diamondsty everyone!14:36
tonysanjrib: could you show me some example?14:37
t0kenhi folks, so how can I increase the number of workspaces/desktops in natty/gnome ?14:37
jribtonysan: echo 'foo\nbar' | grep -v 'foo'14:37
usr13JakeR003: Are you saying you can not go from one console tty to another?14:37
usr13JakeR003: Like Ctrl-Alt-F6   &  Ctrl-Alt-F7  ?14:38
patrickindiaHi!I need a little help with ubuntu dialup.14:38
jrib!dialup | patrickindia14:38
ubottupatrickindia: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up14:38
JakeR003usr13 if i use switch user it ask for a password to unlock screen - ctrl + alt + Fx is not working at all14:38
escottdiamonds, do you have encrypted home? maybe thats why your permissions are different14:39
minimecLacabra: the GMA950 is supported for a long time, even though there have been regressions due to changes in the xserver architecture. What exactly do you want to do? A dual screen setup? In that case, it could be, that your settings do reach the maximal resolution capacity of the card. Maybe take a lower resolution on the laptop and try to activate the external screen.14:39
diamondsescott: I did tick that box, yes14:39
=== mobius is now known as Guest69916
diamondsescott: ty that's probably it!14:39
usr13JakeR003: I'm not sure what you are asking.  Ctrl-Alt-F6 should take you to tty6 and Ctrl-Alt-F5 should take you to tty5  If not, there is something basically wrong with your system.14:40
patrickindiaI specifically want help with bluetooth dialup.I went through official bluetooth dialup documentation,but I couldn't get it working!14:40
Guest69916greetings ;]14:41
usr13JakeR003: But yes, for sure, if you switch to another user, you will need to provide a password for that user.14:41
minimecLacabra: --> http://forum.notebookreview.com/1539840-post7.html14:41
patrickindiaplease help...14:41
patrickindiawith bluetooth dialup14:41
canurabushi I was told to run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to fix broken packages on my system. One of the packages it tried to isntall (some perl lib) went into an infinite loop and I had to kill the process. Now if I try to run apt or synaptic, it tells me to run dpkg --configure -a first. I do that... and it tries to install the stupid package that caused the infinite loop in the first place putting me back to square one. Can someone help?14:41
jribcanurabus: pastebin what happens exactly with this infinite loop14:42
usr13canurabus: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade is not for fixing broken packages.   sudo apt-get -f install  may be what you are looking for.14:42
canurabusI can take a screen shot, it's an infinite loop... too fast to copy/past anything.14:42
usr13canurabus: If you did   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade   you need to be patient, it will take a LONG time.14:43
jribcanurabus: well you can kill it and pastebin what's left on your screen (from the start)14:43
Younderuser13: ?14:43
Guest69916can someone refer me to instructions on how to restore the grub bootloader to my system? I had always used a rescatux live cd to accomplish this but after loading a non-linux OS ontop of my linux instance, my bootloader is gone.14:43
hwilde!fixgrub | Guest6991614:44
ubottuGuest69916: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)14:44
Syntheadanyone have experience with an ubuntu kickstart here?14:44
usr13!dist-upgrade | canurabus14:44
ubottucanurabus: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper way to upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.14:44
t0kenso fyi, when doing big long upgrade things like that.  you can grab all the output by piping things to 'tee' like "sudo apt-get blah | tee logfile.txt"14:44
YounderGuest69916, If you have installed it on top of you linux that is the least of your problems.14:44
patrickindiaI need help with bluetooth dialup fellows,my phone does not has a DUN profile14:44
usr13Hummm... seems they've changed the function of dist-upgrade    I am mistaken... I think...14:44
canurabusokay so there's a ton of information being given out here. I'm *not* trying to upgrade my distro. I can't install anything on it because packages are broken. I was told, *in this channel* that running the dist-upgrade cmd with apt would fix my dependencies, and specifically not upgrade my distro version.14:45
canurabushere's a screenshot of the loop: http://imgur.com/AFJaD14:45
bazhangusr13, dist-upgrade does not upgrade versions14:46
Syntheaduser --disabled seems to be ignored in my kickstart.14:46
usr13bazhang: It used to...14:46
bazhangusr13, nope14:46
mgolischsure it does..14:46
dr_willisdistt-upgrade is a more intenvive uggrade14:46
Piciusr13: Only if you modified your sources.list as well.14:46
mgolischif you changed your sources14:46
YounderGuest69916, In order to install a widows OS after linux you have to establish a first partion sda1  exclusively for windows. For windows 7 you will need a sdb1 as well if you have a second disk. This must be done with the partion tool BEFORE installing it.14:46
dr_willisnot sure abiut dust-upgrade fixing a briken ststem14:46
klingelbartwhat is the terminal command to open a folder?14:47
YounderGuest69916, Now you have little choice but a reinstall14:47
escottdiamonds, you cannot safely enable any other users to read your home folder with the encrypted home enabled. you will have to create a folder to share outside of $HOME14:47
iuriHi there, Is there any problems with ubuntu maverick apt-get repos?14:47
diamondsescott: ty!14:47
moktiIs anyone here running Ubuntu on a ThinkPad T420?14:47
nstridesout_anyone with a webmin installation manual?14:47
iurii can`t eve run apt-get upadte14:47
nstridesout_mokti: Oh yes14:48
usr13irenicus09: sudo apt-get upgrade14:48
dr_willisnstridesout_: best to not use webmin on ubuntu14:48
usr13Pici: Ahhh ok. That's it14:48
Piciiuri: Do you get an error?14:48
om26eris there a way i could remove bluetooth icon from the panel?14:48
moktinstridesout_: Were there any initial compatability issues with it? How old is it?14:48
nstridesout_dr_willis: why?14:48
minimeciuri: Do you get any error messages running 'sudo apt-get update'?14:49
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.14:49
fmauroom26er: click on it, and go to preferences, then uncheck the "Show bluetooth icon" box14:49
iuriPici,  nope. it only ggets stuck on 0%14:49
nstridesout_ubottu: thanks for the info14:49
ubottunstridesout_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:49
Monotokowhat should I use instead of webmin?14:49
iuriminimec,   nope. it only ggets stuck on 0%14:50
Syntheadnobody knows?14:50
Monotokois there anything as good as or better than webmin?14:50
canurabushow do I stop dpkg from installing any thing it might have queued up14:50
nstridesout_mokti: i actually helped install ubuntu yesterday on her thinkpad, those that came with vista, i dont remember the model14:50
dr_willisMonotoko:  i just use ssh. peehaps ebox14:51
nstridesout_monotoko: good question14:51
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).14:51
arnaudfHey guys, I have a GeForce Go 6800 Ultra which driver for ubuntu lucid do i need to install?14:51
w3bg33kdoes anyone here have experience with symantecs ralus agent?  i can't get it to install on 10.04 due to some dependencies that don't seem to be available anymore14:51
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-current lucid14:52
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 195.36.24-0ubuntu1~10.04 (lucid), package size 22757 kB, installed size 70860 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)14:52
arnaudfAcidpunk, thank you14:52
iuriminimec, any ideas why that could be14:52
w3bg33kie (libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2)14:52
Younderarnaudf, I think so.. at least I did14:52
arnaudfinstalling now14:52
ActionParsniparnaudf: should use a newer one, let me get  a link. Any particular reason to use lucid?14:52
minimeciuri: Would you be able to install software? Let's take imwheel for example. It's a one package software whitout dependencies. Would 'sudo apt-get install imwheel' give you any hint?14:52
arnaudfjust not updated14:52
ActionParsniparnaudf: i see14:53
arnaudfit scares me, i have too much stuff and im happy where i am at14:53
_pr0t0type_Hey guys, is there any where I can learn how to read the iptable -L output?  I haven't had success on google14:53
jrib!iptables | _pr0t0type_14:53
ubottu_pr0t0type_: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.14:53
iuriminimec, yes, i can download ubuntu .deb packages and install them with dpkg -i14:54
Younderarnaudf, make sure you know you know how to restore from backup before switching ;)14:54
arnaudfdont say that14:54
Ramsesgomenasai, gomenasai...14:54
theadmin!jp | Ramses14:54
ubottuRamses: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。14:54
fmauro_pr0t0type_: you mean the syntax? or does it not display?14:54
arnaudfok installed without errors, going to reboot, wish me luck!! :)14:54
minimeciuri: But you have to download them manually? You cannot use 'sudo apt-get install imwheel' for example?14:55
iuriminimec, that is the line where it gets stuck? 0% [Connecting to br.archive.ubuntu.com (] [Connecting to extras.u14:55
iuriminimec, no14:55
arnaudfuh oh14:55
arnaudfGeForce Go 6800 Ultra14:55
iuriminimec, i cant14:55
=== phuang is now known as penghuang
arnaudfErrors were encountered while processing:14:55
_pr0t0type_fmauro: no, I mean like the columns, and what all the fields mean.  Like for instance 'port opt source'14:55
arnaudf nvidia-current14:55
FloodBot1arnaudf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:55
_pr0t0type_I mean14:55
arnaudfhow do i find out what the errors where?14:55
_pr0t0type_'prot opt source'14:55
iuriminimec, btw, no proxy is set up14:55
ActionParsniparnaudf: install the package in terminal, you will get decent details. You can add this PPA to get a later driver which may help:  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates?field.series_filter=lucid14:56
fmauro_pr0t0type_: how about http://aplawrence.com/Linux/iptables.html14:56
nstridesout_anyone with proxies i can use14:56
klingelbartI'm using unity. I wanna create a symbol in my panel wich opens a special folder in nautilus. how do i do that?14:56
klingelbartI'm using unity. I wanna create a symbol in my panel wich opens a special folder in nautilus. how do i do that?14:56
Younderarnaudf, /var/log/messages14:56
klingelbartsry, wante to type it 1x14:56
_pr0t0type_fmauro: thanks, it looks like a good iptables source14:56
_pr0t0type_I will look into it14:56
arnaudfYounder, it said nothing in messages and the terminal info just said what i pasted..14:57
minimeciuri: CAn you open the synaptic package software once to see if it gives you any messages?14:57
Younderarnaudf, /var/log/sysinfo14:57
arnaudfill pastebin full error Younder14:57
trismklingelbart: right click the desktop, create launcher, and enter: nautilus /path/to/directory; as the command, then drag and drop the desktop file to your launcher14:57
klingelbartkk thx14:58
klingelbartis it possible to edit such a launcher file?14:58
klingelbartafter it is created?14:58
nstridesout_a friend's ubuntu software center cannot open. what can i do to help them?14:58
trismklingelbart: yes, you can also copy it to another folder in nautilus before dragging it to the launcher if you don't want it on your desktop too14:58
arnaudfhttp://codepad.org/ekFfYyTZ <-- Younder any ideas?14:59
fmauronstridesout_: no error message? how about running from terminal?14:59
klingelbarttrism: thx14:59
=== txdv_ is now known as txdv
Youndernstridesout_, sounds lie a python problem. Did he install a new version in /usr/local/bin ?14:59
nstridesout_fmauro:it opens but it freezes either way!14:59
fmauroand there's no message whatsoever indicating the freeze in the terminal output?15:00
klingelbartare ther invisible files in nautilus (as in windows directorys?)15:00
trismklingelbart: type ctrl+h to see the hidden files/folders (they start with a . )15:00
usr13Once you get a system upgraded to 10.04, and you want it to stick with LTS,  How is that done?15:00
nstridesout_younder: i think you might be right because the system update was not complete. i had just installed 11.04 on her thinkpad. i used the synaptic center to install other applications thoough!15:01
Younderarnaudf, lines 23 and 24 in that script give the location15:01
klingelbarttrism: thx, got it. do all hidden folders start with an "." ?15:01
minimeciuri: Next step would also be to try 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' in a console15:01
tuntungood eve15:02
tuntunany natty users here?15:02
jribtuntun: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)15:02
trismklingelbart: all folders starting with a . will be hidden, whether to can hide one another way, I don't know15:03
klingelbarttrism: thx15:03
theadmintrism: No other way15:03
tuntunI have a question how can I know that my intel graphic card drivers is installed?15:03
jribtrism, klingelbart: nautilus will also hide files listed in a .hidden file15:03
moktiAre there usually compatability problems with NVIDIA cards?15:03
Youndernstridesout_,  /usr/local/bin is searched befor /usr/bin and if you install a ner version that version takes control.  System software SHOLD use absolute filepaths, but is DOESN'T.15:03
klingelbartjrib: thx15:04
tuntunI have a question how can I know that my intel graphic card drivers is installed? im using ubuntu 11.0415:04
theadmin!repeat | tuntun15:04
ubottutuntun: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:04
nstridesout_Younder: thanks15:04
bazhangtuntun, are you using unity? or classic15:05
tuntununity sir15:05
bazhangtuntun, then the drivers should be there and working15:06
bazhangtuntun, not unity-2d then15:06
edgyHi, I am new to snort. I just installed it with acidbase in ubuntu. I did nmap but localhost/acidbase shows Portscan Traffic (0%)15:07
tuntunbazhang: not very familliar with unity  and gno but all I know is it's unity.15:08
moktiDoes anyone in here know a lot about hardware compatiability? Can I prv msg you with some specs?15:08
theadmin!hardware | mokti15:09
ubottumokti: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:09
bazhangmokti, ask here15:09
moktiNVIDIA Quadro 1000M Graphics with 2GB DDR3 Memory15:09
moktiI'll take a look at the pages you linked15:09
EgyParadoxedgy:Did you check the interface?15:10
tuntunbazhang: sir I found out my natty 11.04 is using classic desktop 2ith 2 panels15:11
JakeR003guys i created a 2nd account and the programs in the first account is not there. i did this sudo cp -R --preserve * /home/newuser15:11
JakeR003it only copid few trash into my account15:11
JakeR003i need the programs15:11
JakeR003not useless shortcuts and folders for music and videos15:11
theadminJakeR003: You forgot the .files15:11
JakeR003tell me how15:12
bazhangtuntun, whats the graphics chipset please15:12
theadminJakeR003: sudo cp -R ~/.* /home/newuser/15:12
edgyEgyParadox: it seems you are right, ps -ef |grep snort shows snort -i eth0 though my interface is wlan0, where is the file to set this?15:12
JakeR003ok thanks15:12
pigimanHey, I tried to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf by adding Option "SHMConfig" 'on' ('true'\'1'), and now I`m trying to open "gsynaptics" and I still see an error about setting "SHMConfig" to 'true' , any ideas?15:12
Cerrdorwhats the official python channel?15:12
kernixhi all15:13
theadminCerrdor: #python of course.15:13
Cerrdoranyone know thew official python channel?15:13
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usr13Once you get a system upgraded to 10.04, and you want it to stick with LTS,  How is that done?    In other words, if you have an 8.04 system that has the Update Manager set to LTS and you do sudo do-release-upgrade  Will it do a distribution upgrade to 8.10 or 10.04?15:15
bazhangusr13, keep it set to recognize only LTS option15:16
bazhangusr13, which will be 12.0415:16
moktiubottu: I don't see the card listed anywhere, does that mean it isn't compatible?15:16
ubottumokti: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:16
moktibazhang: I looked on the certified hardware list, and couldn't find the graphics card I'm looking at, does that mean that it wont work, or it isnt confirmed to work?15:18
bazhangmokti, whats the card please15:18
theadminmokti: Isn't confirmed. NVidia hardware typically works well15:18
=== max is now known as Guest24144
theadmin19:08 < mokti> NVIDIA Quadro 1000M Graphics with 2GB DDR3 Memory15:19
PakistanScript4-Asalam-o-alikum to Every one around and watching15:19
bazhangPakistanScript4-, hi15:20
moktiQuadro 1000M Graphics15:20
=== PakistanScript4- is now known as takpar
moktibazhang: NVIDIA Quadro 1000M Graphics with 2GB DDR3 Memory15:20
bazhangmokti, ok checking now15:20
djkIs there any way to reduce the unity launcher icon below 32?15:20
takparhi all15:21
theadminmokti: nvidia.com has Linux drivers for your card.15:22
theadminmokti: It's supported, therefore.15:22
bazhangmokti, thinkpad w520?15:23
moktibazhang: yes15:23
moktitheadmin: thanks!15:23
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1757821 mokti check this please15:23
clubberxJust installed the Unity2D updates via update manager and now have 2 instances of the launcher starting?!?15:24
bazhangclubberx, two unity-2d panels?15:24
bazhangclubberx, screenshot?15:24
Picimokti: I haven't fully read what you're asking, but I find http://www.thinkwiki.org/ a great resource for Linux on ThinkPads. (I have a T60 myself)15:24
Teknomanceris there a way to launch gnome-terminal with "always on top" set via a script?15:24
clubberxone as before one with some obvious style updates15:24
Teknomancerthis is for an automated session so no mouse-clicks etc.15:25
bazhangPici, its the optimus issue15:25
Picibazhang: ahhh15:25
Teknomanceri've been checking 'wmctrl' hmm15:25
feydI started my computer and GDM cannot login to the standard Xsession, XFCE session, or user defined session15:26
feydit flickers and bumps back to the gdm login15:26
clubberxA bit hard to screen cap - as you can't see both at once, one slides over the other15:27
bazhangfeyd, full /home ?15:27
bazhangerr ~/home15:27
theadminbazhang: err, ~.15:27
bazhangUncleLaz, success15:27
tuntunbazhang sorry for the late reply the chipset for my intel graphic card is intel GMA 4500M15:28
feydbazhang: I'm sorry?15:28
theadminfeyd: Does the partition on which your home folder is have free space?15:28
javier__hi! I have a problem with grub2. I have 2 SO, kubuntu 11.04 and windows 7. In grub2, keyboard doesn't work, so I can't go to windows7. Only after 10 seconds countdown kubuntu is selected. I'm in a laptop15:28
moktibazhang: It seems like some people at that link have it working, and some dont15:28
javier__(so, laptop's keyboard15:28
feydtheadmin: it has about 20 gigs of free space, so yes15:29
theadminbazhang: ^15:29
* theadmin is a bazhang-to-English translator I guess xD15:29
bazhangfeyd, out of how much total15:29
feydtheadmin: would my errors be logged in .xsession-errors?15:29
theadminfeyd: Likely.15:29
moktibazhang: I might be willing to pick it up and do some workarounds, do you think that they will get the drivers working correctly any time soon?15:30
theadminjavier__: Dig around in your BIOS... Sounds like an issue there15:30
feydbazhang: im not currently on the comp in question, but I believe it's probably something like 29/32 gigs free,  i forgot exact numbers but there is ample space15:30
bazhangmokti, that has solved on it, perhaps check launchpad.net for other possible workarounds15:30
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moktibazhang: They did solve it? It looked like some people still couldnt get it working (I dont have the machine yet I'm considering purchasing it)15:31
moktibazhang: I guess I should have looked at the thread title lol15:31
bazhangmokti, the thread is marked <solved>, so yeah15:31
=== fumanchu182 is now known as notFumanchu182
javier__theadmin: thanks, I will try that. Only thing is that it's my brother's laptop, and we are in different cities. We will try :)15:32
=== notFumanchu182 is now known as fumanchu182
theadminjavier__: I understand so well, that's just like me trying to help my girlfriend :D15:32
javier__theadmin: hehehe15:32
tuntunhow to know if my intel GMA 4500M is installed?15:32
moktibazhang: thanks for all the help15:33
Frank_Hello all! I have an issue with Ubuntu - it suddenly freezes after I start FireFox (or anything related to Internet) Now it dod not crash and I looked up syslog - thats what it says http://paste.ubuntu.com/664341/ Anyone an advice what to do? (Ubuntu 11.04)15:33
fedeHi, I've just installed Ubuntu 11.04, and my firefox crashes for about everything (even with flash uninstalled). libflashplayer.so an libfontconfig.so appear on the reports15:34
fede@Frank I'm having the same problems with Firefox (even with Chromium)15:35
fede@Frank_ I'm having the same problems with Firefox (even with Chromium)15:35
Frank_fede: I dont think your system freezes :P Or does it?15:35
tuntunfede: why not use google chrome?15:35
=== sean is now known as Guest59818
Kyle__fede: Frank_: did you run all the updates?  bounce the box when it asked to?15:35
fede@Frank_ no, my system won't freeze, only my browser. I need firebug :P15:36
usr13I think I found the answer:  (Someone correct me if I am wrong.)  If the line in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades says "Prompt=lts" do-release-upgrade will only look for LTS. If the line says "Prompt=lts"  it will just go to next release.  ...Right?15:36
fede@Kyle__ yes, I've run every updates available.15:36
Kyle__usr13: long term stable, but not the interem releases, like the .08s.15:37
theadminfede: This is no twitter, you don't have to put @ before usernames.15:37
tuntuncan't P2P connection with my natty.. how come? when I was till using 10.10 it was still okay?15:37
moktiOkay, I'm finding another compatibility problem15:38
moktithe wireless card15:38
Kyle__fede: Most IRC clients will auto-highlight lines that start with your nick.15:38
moktiHas anyone used a Thinkpad b/g/n card? I cant find anything in the online ubuntu documentation15:39
Picimokti: Which adpater?15:39
fedeKyle__; thanks for the tip, any ideas on how to fix my Firefox? I don't even need the latest version15:39
Kyle__mokti: use lspci or dmidecode to dig out the exact card.15:39
moktion the ThinkPad ordering site it says its a ThinkPad b/g/n, nothing else. I don't have the laptop, Im thinking about getting it15:40
Picimokti: Did you look at that website I gave you?15:40
usr13And the do-release-upgrade command came to us in 2009 ?   Is that correct?15:40
Kyle__fede: Sadly no.  I've had problems due to firefox before, but not the one you're experiencing. You say it's dying every time you launch firefox, or just when you open a page with flash?15:40
moktiPici: no, I was looking at the online wifi documentation, Ill take a look at that page, thanks15:40
fedeKyle__: it launches ok, but crash on random pages, not only the ones with flash. It even crashed at google!15:41
Kyle__fede: Umm.  Is the box otherwise stable?15:41
fedeKyle__: I think so. I've struggled installing both Nvidia and PCI Wifi drivers. Could that be the problem? A buggy driver?15:42
Kyle__fede: I suppose it could be, but wouldn't jump to that quite yet...15:42
Kyle__fede: Did you make any alterations, like say, turning off swap?15:43
TemporalBeing1quick question: is #ubuntu-app-devel still alive? I couldn't find it in the room list (and it'd probably be more appropriate for my question)15:43
usr13My question really is:  does the "Prompt-lts"  line in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades  limit the function of update-manager, or does it also limit the function of  do-relese-upgrade?15:43
fedeKyle__: mmm, no. But I've installed my custom partitioning set ( 3 partitions: / , /home, swap )15:43
javier__theadmin: what do you think about "boot-repair"?15:44
Kyle__fede: K.  Make sure swap is indeed being used.15:44
usr13One or both?15:44
tuntunwhere can I learn how to know more about ubuntu? any suggested sites?15:44
=== michael is now known as Guest66346
fedeKyle__ : how can I check my swap?15:44
moktiPici: the website says it is supported with kernel 2.6.34 and newer15:44
bazhang!manual | tuntun15:44
ubottutuntun: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/15:44
bazhang!wiki | tuntun here too15:44
ubottutuntun here too: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.15:44
moktiPici: Actually, I looked at another card that I could order with it and it said it is supported with that kernel15:45
theadminI'm going to idle for now. javier__ and anyone else expecting my help, ask someone else.15:45
Kyle__fede: look in /proc/swaps or /proc/meminfo.  Or even just run top15:45
moktithanks for the help, I'll keep that website15:45
Picimokti: Then you don't need to do anything if you're planning on running anything as new as or newer than maverick.15:45
tuntunbazhang,ubottu: thank you much appreciated15:46
love4linuxdoes anyone know a simple pdf reader that allows highlighting of text? I use foxit reader on windows which is great but the linux version of foxit is does not support highlight15:47
mongyanyone know how to get evolution to automatically add a couple of line feeds to a message.. as it is, if I forward inline or have a signature, it puts my cursor right on the same line as the sig or forwarded text.15:47
fedeKyle__ : my swap (8gb) is not being used, but I guess is because I've installed 4gb ram15:47
usr13love4linux: From what I have seen xpdf will on some pdfs but not all of them.  Not sure about Abobe Reader.... I should check15:48
ccvvccmy ubuntu is damaged15:48
Kyle__fede: K.  But it's there, which is important.15:48
usr13love4linux: I always thought it depended on the pdf document, and how it was created.15:48
love4linuxusr13 adobe reader pro will do the job but is not free15:48
ccvvccsudo apt-get remove samba doesn't work either15:48
usr13love4linux: o15:49
usr13love4linux: But what do  you mean, "highlighting text"?15:49
Kyle__fede: Did you try blowing away (or just moving to a new name) your ~/.mozilla directory ?15:50
loculinuxHola algun tio para follar con tio en almería?15:50
usr13ccvvcc: Try:  apt-get -f install15:50
love4linuxusr13 Emm.. simply select a part of text you want and then highlight it as you would with a highlighter on paper15:50
escott!br | loculinux15:50
ubottuloculinux: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.15:50
fedeKyle__: I'll do that, thanks15:50
nexesSo, I'm trying to manually upgrade to Catalyst 11.7 in 11.04. fglrx shows as a module in lsmod, but the desktop won't start and Xorg.0.log shows: Failed to load module "fglrx" (module does not exist, 0) ...Anyone know off hand what might cause X not to recognize the fglrx module?15:51
love4linuxusr13 thanks for the suggestion anyways15:51
usr13lollo64it: xpdf hightlights text.15:52
lucenutI have an HP Mini netbook that will only take 1G RAM and I'd like to install ubuntu and have it dual boot. It currently has Windows 7.15:52
lucenutI have downloaded the 9.04 netbook remix and the 11.04 iso.15:52
usr13lollo64it: Looks like it does it on most any document.15:53
lucenutIsn't an iso for burning a CD?15:53
lucenutCan't do much with it on the netbook. Don't most netbooks not have CDRs?15:53
bazhanglucenut, use a usb stick with unetbootin15:54
Jordan_Ulucenut: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download has instructions for putting it on a USB drive.15:54
Picilucenut: Be aware that 9.04 is no longer supported and you will not be able to install or update any software from the repositories.15:54
lucenutIs 11.04 a better option then?15:55
Jordan_Ulucenut: Definitely.15:55
Picilucenut: 11.04 with lxde or xfce (lubuntu or xubuntu) would likely be a better idea.15:55
lucenutThe netbook remix said it adjusted some menus and stuff for small screens.15:55
lucenutAre those plugins?15:55
bazhanglucenut, une is no more 11.04 does it by default now15:55
Picilucenut: there is no nbr anymore, as Unity is now the default desktop environment on Ubuntu.15:55
lucenutAh, OK.15:56
NixNinjacan anyone help me with a apache problem?15:56
canurabushi can anyone help me resolve a broken package manager15:56
NixNinjaI had 3 sites working then I did an svn install and now all I get is a file listing for one of my sites15:57
shinsukehi. how can i add blinking icons to the gnome panel like pidgin does? thanks15:57
usr13canurabus: Did you try   apt-get -f install  ?15:58
thunsuckershinsuke: if you want pretty icons and movings things and etc, try out cairo dock15:58
shinsukethunsucker, i check it out now, thanks15:59
canurabususr13: yeah, here's the output15:59
thunsuckershinsuke: you'll love it :P16:00
Aygoustosisixia vlepw16:00
canurabusthe only repos I have in my list are maverick main and security... so I don't know why everything's broke16:00
bazhang!gr | Aygoustos16:00
ubottuAygoustos: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes16:00
usr13canurabus: Did someone suggest  dpkg --reconfigure dpkg  ?16:01
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canurabususr13: did you mean dpkg --configure -a?16:02
canurabususr13: my dpkg doesn't have a --reconfigure option16:02
usr13canurabus: Yes, did you do   dpkg --configure -a  ?16:03
PakiPlease, on my windows computer I can join the irc.EpikNet.org server, but I don't know how to do it on the xChat client, can someone help me please ?16:03
PiciPaki: /connect irc.EpikNet.org16:03
Pakikthx I'll try16:04
PakiPermission denied - You are not an IRC operator16:04
usr13canurabus: And yes, you're right, it would be dpkg-reconfigure   not  dpkg --reconfigure16:05
PakiHow do I become IRC operator .16:06
canurabususr13: yeah, I get dependency errors:  http://pastebin.com/X87774GP16:06
PiciPaki: instead, try: /server irc.EpikNet.org16:06
Pakikthx I'll try again c:16:06
w30join #fedora16:07
glebihancanurabus, what does "sudo dpkg-reconfigure libc6" say ?16:08
canurabusglebihan: Here's the output: Use of uninitialized value $type in ucfirst at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/AutoSelect.pm line 35.16:08
canurabus/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: libc6 is broken or not fully installed16:08
PakiDid not work, it says : "reaserch of newserver" "host unknown"16:09
Zungohi, gnome 3 works on natty?16:09
PiciPaki: I don't know the, try asking in #xchat16:09
Pakikthx c:16:10
glebihancanurabus, then try "sudo dpkg --purge libc6" and then "sudo apt-get install -f"16:10
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DaemonproxyWhat is the best video editor program for ubuntu?16:10
Piciglebihan: er, that is likely to break things.16:11
glebihanPici, things are pretty much broken...16:11
ParkerRglebihan, umm yes very many packages depend on libc616:11
canurabusglebihan: the purge call isn't successful, get more dependency errors16:11
hari_super tux is not working in ubuntu16:12
ZungoDaemonproxy: idk, you should try and try, simple as that.or you can google it...16:12
ParkerRhari_, works for me16:12
ParkerRAnd he quits :/16:12
Zungodoes gnome 3 works on natty? i mean, what happens if i install gnome3 in top of gnome 2?16:13
canurabuscan I downgrade libc6?16:13
Zungocanurabus: you need to add older repos16:13
Pici!gnome3 | Zungo16:14
ubottuZungo: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.16:14
w30hari_wouldn't work for me without the Nvidia proprietory drivers16:14
mmncshow do i set up the correct access rights for a web project so www-data and I can access and create files?16:14
Picimmncs: Putting yourself into the www-data group is one way.16:14
DaemonproxyI was looking for a video editor program for linux and i found Kino,Cinelerra and jashaka16:15
zen_can someone help me with grub? i get error: invalid arch independent ELF magic.16:15
PiciDaemonproxy: There is also pitivi.16:15
ZungoPici: ufff, not that, i am NOT trying to use PPA, instead, i saw gnome3-session packages in natty repos....16:15
javier__theadmin: you found something?16:15
=== gary_ is now known as Guest76739
ParkerRIsnt gnome3 what natty uses under Unity?16:15
w30hari_try launching it in a terminal and watch the error message if there is one16:15
PiciZungo: That doesn't provide a full gnome3 environment. I'm not sure what exactly it does give you.16:15
JakeR003how to add custom resolution to ubuntu monitor ?16:16
ZungoParkerR: no, unity it´s just an interface based in gnome16:16
PiciParkerR: Unity is a shell for GNOME but it is not gnome-shell.16:17
YounderZungo, A interface created by ubuntu that is different from gnomes16:17
* ParkerR wonders why he had the argument with someone over gnome3 the other day that said gnome3 ruined Ubuntu16:17
shinsukethunsucker, are you sure you can use cairo dock for blinking notification icons in the gnome panel like pidgin?16:17
ParkerRPici, I know that16:17
YounderBut uses gnome underneath16:18
shinsukehi. how can i add blinking notification icons to the gnome panel like pidgin does when received a msg? thanks16:18
thunsuckershinsuke: cairo is a dock, it operates differently than the gnome panel. you can customize it to do many things, like spin icons and etc.16:18
glebihanshinkamui, what do you want to do exactly ?16:18
Zungoshinsuke: maybe you want pigdin integrate into the system notifications....16:19
thunsuckershinsuke: pidgin is programmed to do that, other applications may not have that ability. with a dock, you can customize the way the icons work16:19
canurabusdoes anyone have any suggestions at all? I only have the default repos enabled -- and now I have broken packages after a botched update. What am I supposed to do?16:19
Zungois there gnome3 in the reops?16:19
glebihanshinsuke, what do you want to do exactly ?16:19
delinquentmeheyy all .. So if im looking to make some Khan academy style tutorials ( screen-cap video with something like paint and voice overs )  what would be my best option?16:20
thunsuckershinsuke: what application are you wantitng to blink like pidgin?16:20
Picidelinquentme: There are a few options...16:20
glebihanshinsuke, are you developing an application or do you want some chosen icons to blink ?16:20
Pici!screencasts | delinquentme16:20
ubottudelinquentme: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.16:20
g105bCould someone help me configure/make/install the beta version of Qt? I just downloaded 4.8.0 beta (.tar.gz) and extracted the files, and now I'm lost :D not very confident in the terminal...16:20
shinsukeglebihan, i want cron to start scripts and to give me a visual notification so i do not forget about it16:21
Zungocanurabus: re update , reinstall or else, or use apt-get16:21
shinsukeglebihan, developing16:21
canurabusZungo: I can't call apt-get -- everything I try complains about broken packages16:21
Zungotry it with -f16:21
Zungoor just apt-get to get help16:22
glebihanshinsuke, cron won't be able to show icons in the notification area as it does not run in the desktop environment16:22
moktiHello, I'm back!16:22
thunsuckercanurabus: what happened, you ran what and it caused whhat to happen?16:22
shinsukeglebihan, but maybe i can run a programm with cron that does it16:22
canurabusZungo: I did. I tried issuing the original update command again as well.16:22
glebihanshinsuke, you still wouldn't have a connection with the display16:23
thunsuckershinsuke: setup a cron job and then setup a calendar or something that reminds you16:23
w30Zungo, Synaptic has a repair broken package option; Did you try that?16:23
canurabusthunsucker: when installing one of the packages it got caught in an infinite loop so I had to kill it. The output of the loop is here: http://pastebin.com/M4sYePss.16:23
Zungocanurabus: read w30 msg16:24
Zungow30: it was for canurabus...16:24
shinsukethunsucker, ok i try it16:24
thunsuckercanurabus: during a version upgrade?16:24
javier__yes, I use laptop16:24
moktiIf a video card is listed in the certified hardware catalog, it is completely supported, correct?16:24
w30Zungo, opps, my bad..16:25
canurabusw30: yes I tried Synaptic. It can ID the broken packages but won't let me repair them. I get some error...16:25
glebihanshinsuke, one (not simple) solution would be to use DBus to connect the script with some application running under the desktop environment to show the notification icons... but it would be a lot of work for such a purpose16:25
thunsuckermokti: if it's in the list then it's been tested and shown to work16:25
Zungopastebin the error log canurabus16:25
moktithunsucker: okay, thanks. It was listed under another model of computer though, should it still work okay?16:26
shinsukeglebihan, ok. i was getting into dbus anyway so it is a good practice. thanks16:26
datawormanyway to install Ubuntu on new Macbook Air that run Lion without using a cdrom?16:26
thunsuckermokti: probably, you can also boot a live cd and see how that operates first, if it doesn't work, simply reboot and take the cd out16:26
canurabusZungo: http://pastebin.com/zGDEhdhS16:27
glebihanshinsuke, then if you choose to go that way, the class used to display the status icons is the "StatusIcon" of gtk libraries16:27
Zungoheld packages and synaptic cannot fix it :(16:28
NixNinjaI have 3 web sites running on apache they were all working before I installed svn server now two of my sites work but one of them is only giving my a directory listing and not loading the page anyone know what configuration setting may be causing this?16:28
moktithunsucker: I don't have the machine yet, I'm thinking about buying it. The model that is listed is the a ThinkPad T420s, and I'm going to pick up a T42016:28
thunsuckercanurabus: did the problem occur during an upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10?16:28
fosterdvNixNinja have you attempted to tail your error logs?16:28
NixNinjanot yet but I will16:28
shinsukeglebihan, thanks again. linux will rule the world16:29
w30dataworm, I put ubuntu on a netbook with flash drive because of no cd drive; I would think it would work on a Mac also if you get the mac-ubuntu iso16:29
glebihanshinsuke, you're welcome :)16:29
canurabusthunsucker: no, the distribution wasn't being upgraded just updates16:29
auronandacemokti: thinkpads are great but i've heard reports that nvidia optimus graphics are difficult to get working under linux16:29
thunsuckercanurabus: did you try just: sudo apt-get install -f16:30
moktiI actually found a thread that solved some issues. I'll have to check a little further to make sure16:30
canurabusthunsucker: many times... get the same error synaptic gives me16:31
thunsuckercanurabus: read the bottom post: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/debian-linux/59318-package-problem-broken-dependency-more.html16:31
moktiauronandace: I actually found a thread that solved some issues. I'll have to check a little further to make sure16:31
javier__someone knows if I can safely change grub2 to another in ubuntu 11.04? grub2 doesn't work well (can't use my keyboard there)16:31
auronandacemokti: i've heard of bumblebee but it does sound more of a hack than a fix16:32
auronandacemokti: given time though, i'm sure linux will support switchable graphics better in the future16:32
designbybeckHas anyone hooked up a laptop with HDMI to their HDMI TV??16:33
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designbybeckI tried both Ubuntu and Windows and I have a lag on the TV16:33
theadminjavier__: apt-get install grub-legacy16:34
moktiauronandace: This thread is for a separate graphics card that also uses optimus, do you think this would work:16:34
moktiauronandace: sorry I forgot the link: ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175782116:35
fosterdvHello Nekken16:35
faint545designbybeck, how big is your tv16:35
NekkenCan I ask question about Ubuntu technical issue here (sound card issue) ?16:36
javier__theadmin: with that comand, says that "couldn't open the file" and "denied permission"16:36
designbybeck55in tv faint54516:36
faint545designbybeck, if it's really big, then there will be latency.. oh wow. yeah latency is expected of that size haha16:36
fosterdvNekken, I would think so.16:36
moktiauronandace: I mean, I could probably just disable optimus...16:37
NekkenI'm using Natty on Acer TimelineX 3830T16:37
theadminjavier__: Um.16:37
faint545designbybeck, nothing you can do really16:37
designbybeckdoh!! I didn't know that would happen? anyway to fix it?16:37
theadminjavier__: sudo apt-get install grub-legacy16:37
designbybeck:(( :(( :((16:37
thrillERboyHi, How Can I color the prompt of my CLI? ie How to make tboy@ubuntu:~$ look in different color that rest of the output?16:37
NekkenAnd I don't any sound except...... when I plug or unplug the computer to power supply16:37
designbybeckI told my boss we should have gone with a short throw projector!!16:37
javier__theadmin:  sorry, that was obvious. Thanks16:37
designbybeckThanks for the feedback faint545!16:37
moktiauronandace: idk, I'll probably be able to figure it out, thanks16:37
NekkenI mean ... not when it is plugged, or unplugged, but when I'm plugging:unplugging it16:38
auronandacemokti: like i said, more of a hack, essentially what that thread recomends is disabling optimus and blacklisting nouveau and framebuffers and using the nvidia card exclusively16:38
perlsyntaxHas anyone use q4wine before?16:38
theadminperlsyntax: I think PlayOnLinux works better.16:38
canurabusthunsucker: because the packages involved are perl and libc, following those instructions, specifically the part where it says 'mark the unmet dependencies in synaptic', basically makes synaptic reinstall my entire system.16:38
theadminjavier__: No problem.16:38
perlsyntaxThe prob is i have a hard time find out how to unmount it.16:38
blinki am trying to install limewire but it doesn't work!16:39
mksalguien que halla probado la beta de ubuntu 11.10 y halla podido hacer funcionar wepcrack16:39
distroiahi everybody. 1920x1080 on 23" monitor, ubuntu 10.10, gnome, default theme. My problem is, it's hard to resize the windows - the area at the window corner where the mouse changes shapes allowing me to resize the window  is too small. anyone had this same issue and solved it?16:39
theadmin!es | mks16:39
ubottumks: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.16:39
perlsyntaxwhy you say that for i never use it before.16:39
fosterdvNekken, the sound you have when you plug in and out, is that coming from the system speaker? or your actual speakers?16:39
Ramses...I I I I I wanna go go go go go go go...16:39
lngPlymouth SPINFINITY freezes. now unable to change the plymouth16:39
oCeanRamses: stop that16:39
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perlsyntaxtheadmin,Is it free16:40
theadminperlsyntax: Yah16:40
javier__theadmin: but no luck. It says that gurb-legacy is not available, but maybe "grub-ieee1275       grub-coreboot       grub-pc         grub-efi-ia32        grub-efi-amd64"16:40
fosterdvNekken: Have you tried to look up your laptop and find what soundcard or chipset is being used for your sound, and looked up and attempted to verify you have that driver installed?16:40
perlsyntaxtheadmin, it easy to unmount it to?16:40
Nekkenit is a laptop, and the sound is from internal speaker (not the buzzer)16:40
theadminBe back at some point in the future.