pmjdebruijnhi again10:02
pmjdebruijnI'm trying to upstartify dhcp3-server which basically works10:02
pmjdebruijnbut I'm trying to integrate the config check stuff too10:03
pmjdebruijnI have two issues10:03
pmjdebruijnI don't get any output, so I don't know if the script part is run properly10:04
pmjdebruijnif certainly doesn't prevent reload/restart 10:04
pmjdebruijnwhich sort is the point10:04
pmjdebruijnif the config check fails, I'd like the upstart script to _not_ reload or restart dhcp310:04
pmjdebruijnplease don't mind the start on part (which is intentional)10:05
pmjdebruijnany idea?10:10
wraidenas far as i can tell, there is no way to do that inside the job.conf as we have no pre-reload post-reload implemented...10:44
wraidenthe [initctl] reload command will take the pid of the process and sends a SIGHUP to it...10:45
pmjdebruijnok, that's not a huge problem11:46
pmjdebruijnbut it would have been nice11:46
pmjdebruijndhcp3-server old school init script has an excellent check before loading any new configuration11:46
pmjdebruijnto prevent downtime due to misconfiguration11:46
wraidenjepp, my httpd and bind sysv-init shell scripts had also such checks...12:55
pmjdebruijnyeah it's pretty nifty to have12:56
pmjdebruijnbasically only the "stop" action should work if the check fails12:56

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