charlie-tcaChristopherNG: check out bug 70895700:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 708957 in linux (Ubuntu) "no more hdmi audio output" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70895700:00
charlie-tcaMight have help getting that sound at the tv00:00
charlie-tcaUse Alt+f2, xfsettingsd or Alt+F2, xfwm4 and see if the wallpaper comes back00:01
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: thanks!00:02
ChristopherNGHow many hours you spend in here a week btw?00:03
charlie-tcaor two00:03
ChristopherNGhaha! joke!00:03
Gr33nanyone around?00:13
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knomeGridCube, you missed him by two minutes.00:17
GridCubethat happens to me a lot XD i have part/joins hided00:18
charlie-tcaWhat happened to the three minute rule?00:23
firewallHey, what do i have to edit to make normal faenza icons show up here http://imgur.com/a/lYHgF#F7Nuh00:28
firewallthats docky btw00:30
charlie-tcaDon't know how to make them show in docky.00:30
firewallcharlie-tca: what do you use then?00:30
charlie-tcaNormally, just switch to them in Settings -> Settings Manager -> Appearance, icons tab00:31
charlie-tcaI use what comes in Xubuntu00:31
JoeR1I was told to come here and ask for charlie00:43
GridCubecharlie-tca ?00:43
JoeR1your guess is as good as mine00:43
JoeR1they only said charlie00:43
GridCubewhat problem do you have JoeR100:43
GridCubeyep im sure he is00:43
JoeR1get comfy this will take a sec00:43
GridCubehe is The Charlie00:43
JoeR1OK, so the symptoms: windows no longer have the min/max/exit controls, the Background doesn't appear, (I'm using Xubuntu) the contextual desktop menu does not appear, many windows cannot be moved once opened, many windows, after being opened, cannot be interacted with, windows no longer "lock" to the sides of the screen00:43
GridCubeyes common problem00:43
GridCubeeasy fix00:44
GridCubepress alt-f200:44
GridCubeand write xfwm400:44
GridCubeand run00:44
JoeR1well i am logged in a root right now because my profile was nigh unusable00:44
GridCubeyou should never do that00:44
JoeR1yeah yeah I know00:44
GridCubejust saying00:44
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JoeR1but I know what I'm doing and I had no choice any usability was not coming from my profile00:45
GridCubeexecute xfwm4 from alt+f2 launcher00:45
GridCubethat should fix things00:45
JoeR1sweet, I am amazed I haven't heard about this sooner00:46
GridCube:D you should come here first if you use xubuntu00:46
GridCubealso im making the top 10 common problems list00:46
JoeR1well mot of my issues aren't x specific00:47
GridCubethis was number 500:47
GridCube:) did it fixed your problems?00:47
JoeR1what is number 1?00:47
GridCube"my sound isn't working how do i fix that"00:47
JoeR1yes this did solve my problem and usually after I wade through the mounds of idiocracy in #ubuntu I can get a useful answer00:48
GridCubebut im not doing them in any order im just parsing common questions as i find them on the logs00:48
GridCube:D glad to know00:48
JoeR1well my sound works fine00:49
GridCube:P many people don'ts00:49
GridCubedon'ts now thats wrong00:49
JoeR1i had that problem when i ran xubuntu on my ps3 but never here in the x86 world00:49
GridCubeoh, look at that don'ts is correct00:49
GridCubeoh i never runend anything on a ps3, as i dont own one XD00:50
JoeR1found it for $100 on craigslist00:50
JoeR1a year and a half ago00:50
GridCubenice, where i live there is no craiglist, well there is but is pretty much useless, anyway00:51
JoeR1where is that?00:51
GridCubeargentina :)00:51
JoeR1ah so I see00:51
firewallCan you remove some of the space between the indicators plugin icons in the panels?00:51
JoeR1firewall - easily00:52
firewallJoeR1: how?00:52
JoeR1right click on the panel and go to panel preferences00:52
JoeR1right click-> panel -> panel preferences00:53
firewalland then?00:53
JoeR1then select the items tab00:53
JoeR1do you see "Separator"00:54
firewallAh no thats something else00:54
JoeR1those are the spaces so get rid of the ones you want gone00:54
firewallbetween the different icons in the indicator plugin00:54
JoeR1yes, they will be there00:55
JoeR1you mean on the right of the panel where all the indicators show up right?00:55
JoeR1oh well, you'll figure it out I have to go fix this junk box00:56
JoeR1ok one sec00:56
JoeR1well I really do hate to look and run but I am currently logged in as root and I would like to get my system running right again so I don't have to use the root account, you can also ask the Ubuntu room, they often have useful info and this should be an X specific issue00:59
JoeR1should NOT be00:59
GridCubethis actually is00:59
GridCubefirewall, im pretty sure you can't do that, you can't edit spaces between icons i mean01:00
firewallthat sucks =(01:00
firewallits just so uneven =(01:00
GridCubeyou can edit the pngs and try again?01:00
xrdodrxfirewall, what's the issue?01:05
firewalljust trying to remove some of the space between the icons ONLY in the indicator plugin01:06
xrdodrxfirewall, I'm more curious as to why you think it looks uneven01:06
xrdodrxcare to share a screenshot?01:06
firewallwell in comparison to the battery/quick synergy  icon01:07
xrdodrxit's an optical illusion01:08
xrdodrxbecause the network icon fills in the corners01:08
xrdodrxwhile the others don't01:08
knomethe indicator plugin does leave padding between the icons. nothing you can do about it, afaik.01:08
xrdodrxit appears that the network icon is closer to the others01:08
xrdodrxthe only thing you can do is come up with an alternate network icon01:09
knomenight ->01:09
firewalli can deal01:09
firewallwhat i dont understand is why docky doesnt use the icons for the terminal  http://imgur.com/a/lYHgF#F7Nuh and Thunar01:10
firewallbecause the pinned ones work, but when i start the applications they go back to the default icon01:11
JoeR1hey gridcube, are you still around?01:12
JoeR1GridCube, xfwm4 didn't work01:13
JoeR1ok is anyone out there?01:15
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GridCubeJoeR1, how it didnt work?01:17
JoeR1No, it did not01:17
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GridCubemmm so you don't have windows borders?01:17
GridCubedecorations and such01:17
JoeR1only on my account01:17
JoeR1root works fine01:17
GridCubemmm i see i guess you need to delete some config files and relogin so they start over01:18
GridCubei don't remember what those are right now tho01:18
JoeR1when i executed xfwm4 the output was gdm: can't init display - or something similar01:18
GridCubewhat... thats new01:21
JoeR1I could probably go get the exact output if you wish01:21
GridCubetry to move ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfwm4.xml   anywhere else01:21
JoeR1ok, this will take a moment because I have to log out and come bacck01:24
JoeR1No such luck01:39
JoeR1moving the xfwm4.xml file to another location did nothing except make the startup seem to take longer01:39
charlie-tcaJoeR1: next step is to try Alt+F2, xfsettingsd01:45
JoeR1must be the charlie I had been sent in search of01:45
charlie-tcaBut you have to be at the desktop for that to work01:45
charlie-tcaI might be01:45
charlie-tcaI was eating01:45
JoeR1I assume you mean the desktop of the affected account01:46
charlie-tcawhat release of Xubuntu are you using?01:46
JoeR1that is unfortuante because I have to log in as root to conatct these rooms so that means I will have to leave and come back01:47
charlie-tcaokay, let me give you a few commands to try when you login, then01:47
JoeR1very well01:47
charlie-tcaall work in Alt+F2, or if run in terminal, add & to the end after a space.01:47
charlie-tcalike     xfwm4 &01:47
charlie-tcaif in Alt+F2, & is not needed01:48
JoeR1i understand01:48
JoeR1one moment, I will need to get some paper01:48
JoeR1I have returned01:49
charlie-tcaFirst we use     xfwm401:49
JoeR1tried and failed01:49
charlie-tcathen we use     xfsettingsd01:49
charlie-tcathen we try01:49
charlie-tcaLet me back up the logs and read this again, now01:50
JoeR1very well01:50
charlie-tcaone of those will fix it, unless you installed compiz, then the fix is remove compiz01:51
charlie-tcawell, run      xfwm4 --replace     to replace it, actually01:51
JoeR1one moment01:52
JoeR1compiz is not installed01:52
charlie-tcano spaces in any of those commands, and make sure the dashes are in the right place. It will fix you up.01:52
JoeR1very well, I shall report back upon success or failure01:53
charlie-tcaWhy would anyone tell him ask for me?01:53
JoeR1are you still available charlie-tca ?01:58
charlie-tcaI am here much of time02:01
JoeR1a minor victory has been achieved, upon running xfwm4 in a terminal instead of alt-f2 it did restore functionality of the windows but the rest of the desktop is still incapacitated02:01
charlie-tcahow ?02:02
JoeR1also I have exhausted your commands without any further successes02:02
charlie-tcawindows now have title bars, what is not working? refresh my memory02:03
JoeR1the desktop contextual menu is still missing, the desktop background still does not load02:03
JoeR1although windows do now appear in the panel02:03
charlie-tcadesktop contextual menu? The right click menu?02:03
JoeR1in fact I dare say 100% of the window functions are back02:04
charlie-tcaWhat does the background look like, is it light gray, striped, dark, ?02:04
JoeR1it is a solid color, I would call it beige/brown02:04
charlie-tcaDid you install Xubuntu or Ubuntu (and add Xfce)?02:05
JoeR1Xubuntu straight, I added nothing02:06
charlie-tcaand you don't have the right-click menu on the empty deskto?02:06
charlie-tcadesktop isn't running02:06
JoeR1seems that way02:07
charlie-tcaAlt+F2, xfdesktop402:07
JoeR1very well, I shall try that again - one moment please02:07
JoeR1No command 'xfdesktop4' found, did you mean:  Command 'xfdesktop' from package 'xfdesktop4' (universe) xfdesktop4: command not found02:09
JoeR1xfdesktop - failed to parse argument : cannot open display02:10
JoeR1have I, perhaps, missed something?02:10
charlie-tcaThat's correct. leave the 4 off02:10
JoeR1keep reading02:10
charlie-tcaThen it's running already02:11
JoeR1that is the output from termnal yes02:11
charlie-tcaYou have a menu in the upper left?02:11
JoeR1lower left, but yes I have access to my panel02:11
charlie-tcaMenu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Desktop02:12
charlie-tcafirst tab, background02:12
charlie-tcaright side, check on single image?02:13
charlie-tcawas it already checked?02:13
JoeR1I suspect i have already tried this and it was of no use02:13
JoeR1I already tried this02:13
charlie-tcawhich image is highlighted?02:13
charlie-tcaokay, close the settings02:15
JoeR1if you will excuse me for a moment i am going to have a smoke02:17
charlie-tcaYou are using gdm, right?02:17
JoeR1it what way do you mean that?02:17
charlie-tcaThe login manager02:17
charlie-tcaWhen you login to the desktop, are you doing it through the CLI or the display manager?02:18
JoeR1to be honest, I do not know02:18
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JoeR1well gdm is installed02:19
JoeR1one moment02:19
JoeR1i am back now02:23
JoeR1also I think I misrepresented the situation, the desktop contextual menu is there but it is missing many of the options such as "Open Terminal Here" or the application list02:25
JoeR1also the desktop icons do not snap into place on a grid, they are free floating as it were02:25
charlie-tcaThat's because something isn't running02:28
charlie-tcaBut I don't know what02:28
JoeR1indeed, it is perplexing02:28
JoeR1there must be a script similar to the old autoexec.bat files from windows correct?02:29
charlie-tcayeah, but quite involved02:29
charlie-tcatry this, in the terminal,02:29
JoeR1invoolved is fine, do you have a name of the file?02:30
charlie-tcaxfdesktop --reload02:30
JoeR1very well02:30
charlie-tcamake sure it is two dashes02:30
JoeR1I will do it but when i ran xfdesktop it output to assume reload and therefore did it itself02:30
charlie-tcaI still don't think the desktop started02:30
JoeR1no effect02:31
charlie-tcaTell you it can't find the display again?02:31
JoeR1no, it output nothing and nothing happened, my system monitor seems to believe that xfdesktop is running02:32
JoeR1it is listed in the processes02:32
charlie-tcaYou didn't carry the /home from an old install?02:33
JoeR1nothing is carried from any old installs02:34
charlie-tcaCheck that xfce4-session, xfce4-settings-helper, xfwm4, and xfdesktop are running02:35
charlie-tcaThe only thing I know to try is a restart, not a log out, but an actual restart02:36
charlie-tcaUnless someone else can jump in with a suggestion, please?02:36
JoeR1ok one moment02:38
JoeR1all are running\02:38
JoeR1could I please have the name of the file i asked about earlier?02:38
charlie-tcaxfwm4 ?02:43
JoeR1the autexec.bat-lik file02:43
charlie-tca/etc/gdm/ , startxfce4, startx, files in /etc/init.d, files in /etc/init02:43
charlie-tcalinux isn't windows. We have to start many files to make it all work02:43
charlie-tcaand those have to start these files we been playing with02:43
JoeR1I understand that, but I intend to see if any files that are meant to be started are not being started02:43
charlie-tcaand if they all start in the proper sequence, and kick each other properly, it works :()02:43
charlie-tcahm, TBH, I have a list of about 123 files that start on boot02:43
charlie-tcaIf one fails, you don't get the desktop properly02:43
JoeR1indeed, and I intend to look through these02:43
JoeR1I take it you have never had to scour lines of code02:44
charlie-tcaI have probably read every file in /etc02:44
charlie-tcaand investigated many in /usr02:45
JoeR1then I fail to see why you would want to try to talk me out of this, it is not a big deal really02:45
charlie-tcaI also have written several public domain programs back in my day02:45
charlie-tcaI didn't02:45
charlie-tcaI gave several directories to start with02:45
charlie-tca/etc/gdm/ , startxfce4, startx, files in /etc/init.d, files in /etc/init02:46
JoeR1I apologize, I must have misunderstood02:46
charlie-tcaAlso check out /etc/rc2.d02:47
charlie-tcaThe rest of the rc??? are no longer used with upstart02:47
charlie-tcaI just don't have individual file names at the ready here. There are just too many that get involved in starting things02:48
JoeR1very well, I only wish this was the first time linux had been disappointing, I suspect that Ubuntu is ill suited for power users like myself02:48
charlie-tcaUbuntu as a distribution is aimed at new users from windows. It is quite hard on the experienced user and sometimes on the power user02:49
JoeR1could you recommend a distro better suited to the intermediate/power user?02:50
charlie-tcaI don't know, maybe gentoo is better. Arch is very good if you want to learn everything there is to know. It comes as nothing and you build it item by item02:52
charlie-tcaI hear very little about fedora02:52
charlie-tcaMIght be worth asking that in #xfce, if you like Xfce as a desktop.02:53
charlie-tcaKubuntu with KDE is supposed to be very configurable, with lots of eye candy02:53
charlie-tcaLot of power users go to KDE, because of the configurablility02:54
JoeR1I chose Xubuntu because someone said it use fewer resources (back when I was running it on my PS3) and then I became fond of the desktop contextual menu02:54
JoeR1if you will excuse me I am going to go restart the gmd02:55
JoeR1I have returned03:00
JoeR1charlie-tca, thank you for your help, by virtue of your advice all functions have been restored03:02
JoeR1I must go now, thank you again03:02
slipkid08hey everyone04:06
slipkid08I am running this chat through terminal irssi. totally kick ass04:06
jrmyidk how to use irssi well enough04:07
slipkid08it's really nice04:07
visitor1after one of the last update my screen resolution changes after login, but only after the network connection is established04:07
visitor1nvidia graphics card, xubuntu 10.04 lts04:07
jrmyi suppose i can read how to do multiple things liek in xchat04:07
visitor1it changes to interlaced and i have to change it back and after that its working ok04:08
slipkid08so how is everyone tonight04:09
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slipkid08you are known as yourself ;)04:19
therugiam i allowed to ask for help here?04:28
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=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
jrmydoesn't seem like much happens around this time of day05:26
jarnosI think Xubuntu is not responsive. Opening the Applications menu takes sometimes about 5 seconds by 1.6GHz Intel Atom minilaptop that has 1GB RAM.05:43
TheSheepjarnos: do you have any free space left in your home directory?05:45
jarnosTheSheep, 2.6GB05:45
TheSheepjarnos: does the ~/.cache directory exist and is not set to read-only?05:46
jarnosTheSheep, yes05:47
TheSheepjarnos: is you home on a network-mounted drive?05:48
jarnosTheSheep, no05:49
TheSheepand it takes 5s every time, or only the first time after you install something?05:49
jarnosTheSheep, not every time05:51
TheSheepjarnos: it does take longer when there were cahnges it the menu -- it has to rebuild it, that's normal05:54
TheSheep(perhaps it could display the old menu and update it when it finishes rebuilding, but for some reason they didn't do it that way)05:55
jarnosTheSheep, 5 sec is still too much.05:55
TheSheepthey accept patches05:56
jarnosTheSheep, why don't they rebuild it when they change it?05:59
TheSheepjarnos: to reflect the changes05:59
TheSheepjarnos: the language in which the menu entries is described is so complicated, that it's faster to recompute the whole menu from scratch than to try to figure out what changed06:00
TheSheepjarnos: it's the same language that gnome uses06:00
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jarnosTheSheep, it takes long time to open the menu after restart. Sometimes I have to click it twice, or maybe I am not patient enough.06:09
TheSheepjarnos: there might be some regression in there, personally I didn't notice a problem, but you might want to report a bug06:11
CrazyGirdoes grub2 do anything special to totally hijack the bootloader?07:29
CrazyGirI have just installed OpenBSD on my laptop, leaving in place my xubuntu partitions (I might come back to this, I'm running through some tests on this laptop), and flagging the OpenBSD partition as bootable, yet grub still takes over07:30
Sysigrub2 is the bootloader07:30
CrazyGirok, I'll rephrase..07:31
CrazyGiris grub2 doing some new magick that it didn't before, ineffect hijacking the boot sequence?07:31
CrazyGirIf I installed Windows on a partition, one would expect it would take over the boot process from grub07:32
CrazyGirI've done the same with OpenBSD in the past, and succeeded in this, and I'm not sure why grub would do this now, but I am not familiar with how grub2 is diffent in this regard07:32
Sysiif you select installer to write bootloader into MBR it should do that07:33
Sysinothing should be able to prevent that07:33
Sysiyou can select if you want to install grub2 to partition or to MBR07:33
CrazyGirtheoretcially, grub should not be running :)07:35
CrazyGirah, openbsd was nice and did not overwrite my MBR because I was leaving my partition structure in place :)07:44
CrazyGirfdisk -u <disk> in openbsd changes that, sorry for the noise, grub is not to blame07:44
gigenieksHello all, I was using nLite for creating MINIMAL XP installation .iso which I would use to install in Xubuntu via Virtual Box. But nLite didn't make .iso file it made directory with subdirectories and files. Question is how can I make .ISO file from them? Can I do it in Xubuntu? Or will I need to go in second PC in Windows to do that?08:43
gigenieksXfburn for example have option to "burn image" not to make "image (.iso file)".08:46
SysiI think that's problem with nlite, not xubuntu08:47
Sysiyou should first find out what you'd need to actually do with those files08:47
gigenieksnot an issue, I have all files (which if I had .iso image would be in that iso) Again: it's like if you had iso image to extract all files from it you get what I have now, and there is process in other way i.e. you have files and you want to create from them iso image08:54
gigenieksGet it? :)08:54
gigenieksSo you are saying in Xubuntu one can't create .iso image?? :O08:55
gigenieksALL the files needed I have.08:55
Sysiof course you can *somehow* create .iso, but how you're so sure that your ..blob would boot09:09
Sysias ansver, I don't know how to create .iso but I could try google09:10
jbrouhardeh.. huh?09:11
Sysimkisofs -o /path/to/xp.iso /path/to/files09:11
Sysigenisoimage should also work, if xfburn can't burn into virtual disk09:13
gigenieksjust to clarify "mkisofs" and "genisoimage" is terminal commands?09:21
Sysiterminal apps yes09:21
gigeniekswhich is already available in Xubuntu? (*buntu)09:21
Sysiinstall if it isn't09:21
jbrouhardsudo apt-get install mkisofs genisoimage i bet LOL09:22
jbrouhardor just do a sudo apt-cache search for those terms if all else fails09:22
gigenieksand what you ment with "if xfburn can't burn into virtual disk"?09:22
Sysijust other one needed09:22
Sysigigenieks: if it can't create .iso files09:22
Sysiburn data disk but set it to make virtual cd, .iso09:23
gigenieksSysi: it can as far as I checked ONLY make "Burn Image (Burn a prepared compilation, i.e. and .ISO file)" I don't have an .ISO file. I want to create one from directory I have. I would also want to do it in GUI not in terminal (as I am very new to Linux)09:25
Sysitry k3b or brasero09:26
gigenieksIsn't either of them KDE apps?09:26
Sysibrasero is gnome09:26
gigenieksDon't want to add unnecessary kde library yet.09:27
gigenieksXFCE type program would be awesome!09:27
Sysiit's not unnecessary if it gives you functionality :P09:27
gigenieksyes but it could also give me some problems / difficulties09:27
jbrouhardin what way09:28
jbrouhardhaving the libraries cna be a good thing09:28
jbrouhardit doesn't break any XFCE functionality as far as I can tell (I have a crapton of gnome libs running here already)09:28
Sysiapparently xfburn can do it09:29
gigenieksjbrouhard: How can I explain it more clearly.. (english not my first language) It's kinda like my approach to things... For example I have old PC and I want to get most of it.. meaning I want to have apps that do exactly what I want, nothing more.. :) I would like to optimize my system as much as one could... READ THIS and you will understand more clearly what I ment with that ----> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7779384&postcount=309:32
gigenieksthat is kinda my goal in long run09:33
gigenieksor at least that kinda approach09:33
cheburequeany russians here?)09:33
Sysichebureque: #ubuntu-ru should help with xubuntu problems too09:34
Sysigigenieks: lubuntu/lxde would be a bit more like that than xfce actually09:36
Sysiif you want to do stuff with very little resources, learn command line09:37
* jbrouhard chuckles09:37
Sysiit's quite nice actually, logical09:37
jbrouhardtho i'm chuckling at the forum post09:38
shantanuhi all09:38
jbrouhardI can't quite wrap my head around why anyone would wanna be *THAT* anal about their desktop like that09:38
shantanuneed help on nvidia driver installing09:38
shantanucan't find libc header , please help09:39
TheSheep!language | jbrouhard09:39
ubottujbrouhard: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:39
Sysihow you're installing the driver?09:39
shantanufrom a binary installer09:39
shantanudownloaded from nvidia site09:40
jbrouharder.. wait.. anal is a bad word in here ?09:40
gigenieksSysi: I don't want to use LXDE its UGLY! (at least in videos) I want to have nice gui, but optimized to speed! In other words use all your PC's possibilities. That guy in that post doesn't use LXDE he just is optimized etc to MAXIMUM meaning his system probably uses less resources than mine XFCE..09:40
Sysigigenieks: then change gtk theme09:40
jbrouharddidn't know that.  sorry folks09:40
TheSheepjbrouhard: would you use it speaking to your mom?09:41
Sysishantanu: system → additional drivers is preferable way, but you neet linux-headers and glibc-headers for installing propably09:41
shantanui tried the first way09:42
Sysi(was package name glibc-headers?)09:42
shantanuits saying 'you have held broken packages'09:43
Sysigigenieks: if you're all in about optimization, gentoo. You need quite plenty oh HDD space then though09:43
shantanui installed 'linux-libc-headers-2.6*' but no luck09:44
gigenieksbabysteps I am not trying to do that in one day or one week ;)09:44
gigenieksand I am new to linux as I told earlier ;)09:44
Sysiyou maybe should try learning first and then optimization09:45
Sysigigenieks: lubuntu with very similar theme than xubuntu: http://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-efHP8L1xHRI/Ti0jLfr1cBI/AAAAAAAAFfU/TD2m3rHB83k/lubuntu-11.10-artwork.png09:46
gigenieksvery good, default one is just *insert bad word*09:49
Sysiin lubuntu that is09:50
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prc33When I try to move a file 'bar' from a folder 'foo' to the desktop (i.e. hold SHIFT), I get an error "Error opening file '/home/prc33/bar/bar'." (I'm effectively trying to do "mv /home/prc33/foo/bar /home/prc33/bar"). Any suggestions? (I've modified .config/user-dirs.dirs to have XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/")11:07
knomeprc33, the desktop is not working 100% the same way as a thunar list. i think you've found a bug though (moving across two thunar windows work). i think matching the desktop features with the normal thunar features is WIP, but filing a bug doesn't hurt11:13
prc33Ok. Yes between folders works and copy to desktop works too11:14
prc33Should I file the bug with xubuntu or thunar?11:15
knomemaybe even xfdesktop...11:16
knomei don't know if that exists in launchpad, but in the xfce bugzilla it definitely does11:17
prc33Another problem that's been cropping up is that sessions seem not to be saved properly. I frequently have to do "rm -r ~/.cache/sessions/" and then login again (this is the lost title bars problem). Is there reason for this?11:38
knomeif you don't need saving sessions, i think turning that off will fix the issue11:53
prc33as in deselect "Automatically save session on logout"?11:56
prc33ok that was already done. nevermind it's not that much of a pain. I think it might related to when "Shutdown" doesn't work (sometimes it just logs out and I have to shutdown from the login screen, and others I have to do 'sudo poweroff')12:01
prc33not sure though12:01
knomesounds like it12:01
slipkid08hello everyone13:11
slipkid08how's it going?13:12
slipkid08man I love irssi and mutt14:19
slipkid08never knew there was so much cli fun to be had14:20
slipkid08i.e. mutt and irssi14:25
charlie-tcaPlease use this channel for support of Xubuntu, #xubuntu-offtopic is great for general chat14:25
slipkid08oh sorry14:26
icule2hello everyone14:38
icule2i have a question14:38
PiciDon't ask to ask, just ask :)14:39
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:39
icule2ok thanks, how do i rename hard drive icon on desktop?14:40
GridCubemmm tricky one14:40
GridCubeif its just a link you should be able to modify its name on rigth clic > options14:41
GridCubebut if you reaaally want to change its name you need to edit it whit gparted14:41
icule2ok thanks guys :o)14:42
GridCubeand will automount14:42
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions14:42
GridCubeor propieties? ... cant remember14:43
GridCuberemember that if you add those disk on the fstab they wont appear on the desktop14:44
bazhangDaew, with what15:09
bazhangwhoops hello15:09
DaewIm very new to xubuntu (and linux alltogether), can you please help me with smth?15:10
bazhangDaew, ask a question please15:10
DaewI am currently in xubuntu session. If I write startx -- :2 I can start a new session, but it is also xubuntu session. How can I start a different session (like xfce or fluxbox)?15:11
DaewSo I can have xubuntu and fluxbox session at the same time on different desktops15:12
bazhangDaew, you dont get a splash screen? you wish to start up in the text screen then use that command? is that it?15:12
bazhangDaew, nope, need different sessions15:13
DaewI go to new text screen (ctrl + alt + f1) and write startx -- :2 I get new session and I can switch between sessions with ctrl + alt + f7 / +f8 but they are both xubuntu sessions15:14
DaewI don't know how to start fluxbox, unless I logout from this session15:15
bazhangthats how15:15
Sysiput "exec fluxbox-session" or something to your ~/.xinitrc15:17
SysiIDK about sessionname but I guess that would work15:17
DaewOk ty I will try15:17
GridCubeDaew: you need to start gdm on the new session, there you can choose wich manager to use15:18
DaewDone, I now have 1 xubuntu session on f8 and fluxbox on f9. Thanks!15:19
jrmywhere do I find the desktop dir?15:24
Sysiuser's home → desktop15:25
jrmysorry about that anyways same question15:27
Sysiuser's home → desktop15:28
jrmydoesn't seem to be there15:29
charlie-tcaum users home -> Desktop15:29
jrmythe odd thing is when I logged back in all of my user directories were on my desktop15:29
jrmywell home folder..15:29
jrmybut Idk if they're copies or what15:30
charlie-tcacaptilization matters for it15:30
jrmyok they seem to be the same directories15:31
jrmysauerbraten aka cube 2 froze so I went itno tty mode and ran sudo reboot15:31
jrmylogged back in and now I have this problem..15:32
jrmyIf i try and delete the folders on the desktop they get deleted in my home directory15:32
jrmyis it called tty mode? I hit ctrl-alt-f1--f615:35
DaewWhat do I have to put in .ixinitrc so that "startx" will start xubuntu session?15:41
jrmysorry still getting the hang of irssi15:42
jrmyso anyone know why my home folder is also on my desktop as if they are both the same files??15:48
jrmymore so how to fix this15:48
jrmyaka if i delete \user\home\videos it also deletes the same folder on the desktop15:49
charlie-tcaSounds like ~/Desktop got removed15:49
jrmyso perhaps all I need to do is remake the directory?15:50
charlie-tcaworth a try. mkdir /home/USERNAME/Desktop15:51
charlie-tcathen restart and see if it gets fixed15:51
jrmyok, rebboting now15:53
bazhangI read that as rebotting15:55
charlie-tcaThat's what it says, too15:55
jrmyok, that didn't work16:02
jrmyI've seen stuff liek this happen before in windows.. but even then I don't understand why it happens..16:03
jrmyalso idk if I even had a desktop folder in the first place16:03
jrmydoes 11.04 come with this? moreover does the alternate version?16:04
charlie-tcayes, any installation should have a ~/Desktop16:04
jrmyI wasn't sure what the difference was initially16:04
jrmyI see that I got a non-live cd version on disc16:05
Sysixfdesktop can't function without /home/$USER/desktop16:05
Sysior thunar, but anyway16:05
Sysiremoving that folder should be impossible16:05
PiciFrom what I've seen in other desktop environments, if you don't have ~/Desktop, it looks at your ~/ instead. Again, I only started using xfce this week, so this might not be applicable.16:05
jrmywell when I use terminal it says user@user16:06
jrmywell not user @ user but you know what i mean16:06
jrmyno desktop portion like usual16:07
charlie-tcawhat wallpaper do you have?16:07
PiciI'm not sure what you mean.16:07
charlie-tcain a terminal, type     cd Desktop      and hit enter16:08
charlie-tcawhat happened?16:08
jrmyno such file or directory16:09
jrmywhoops forgot to capitalize16:09
jrmywell i made the directory earlier16:10
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jrmyso yeah it's there Im now in desktop16:10
GridCubejrmy: desktop folder is made by XDG you dont need to make it16:11
GridCubeif its not there you need to fix XDG16:11
charlie-tcaGridCube: it went away16:11
GridCubesorry then16:11
GridCubebut xdg should recreate it16:11
GridCubethats what im saying16:11
jrmydoes having 64-bit make any difference?16:12
jrmyI doubt it myself16:12
GridCubei could create a Desktop folder on my ~/ but it wont matter because XDG would look for ~/Escritorio16:12
Sysijrmy: would you mind losing xfce settings?16:13
jrmySysi: explain xfce settings16:13
Sysipanel setup etc.16:13
jrmythe panel would'nt be hard to setup again, I only made one change16:14
charlie-tcagood plan, Sysi. maybe have to erase .cache too16:14
jrmyso basically the xfce enviroment is going to be reinstalled16:14
jrmywell as far as I'd, the graphical part16:15
jrmysudo reboot is a safe way to restart my machine right?16:16
Sysinot very friendly to xorg maybe16:16
jrmyah.. well cube2 froze16:16
SysiI just figured that you propably need to reset some setting and I can't find xfdesktop's settings16:16
PiciIt should safely kill xorg and the rest of your processes/services.16:17
jrmyIf any of you know what game that is16:17
jrmyIS there an equivalent to windows' task manager?16:17
jrmyas well as a shortcut key to close things16:18
jrmyperhaps I could just close the unresponsive program in tty16:18
jrmyor whatever it's called16:18
charlie-tcajrmy: yes, it is called task-manager or something similar in System menu16:19
DaewFinally figured how to start custom new sessions. Damn linux is so awesome that I wonder why was I ever using windows before...16:20
Sysijrmy: on console you'd use "top" (quit it with pressing q) and kill or killall16:21
jrmy so console is what I'm refering to?16:22
GridCubexkill to kill particular windows16:22
GridCubeif you press alt-f2 and write xkill an X will kill anything you clic then16:22
jrmyxkill didn't work.. it says it can't hopen Xorg16:22
GridCube(only once)16:22
GridCubekill gdm16:23
jrmyalso that's only because I can't do anythign if Xorg's being taken up by teh frozen game.. alt-tab didn't wor16:23
jrmybut I could hjit ctrl-alt-f116:24
GridCubepress ctrl-alt-F116:24
GridCubelogin use sudo top16:24
jrmyok so like sysi was saying16:24
GridCubei guess16:24
GridCubeif you kill gdm you kill everything above xorg16:25
jrmywhat does top and gdm mean?16:26
GridCube!info top16:27
ubottuPackage top does not exist in natty16:27
Sysitop liststs running processes, what you see gdm being is loginscreen16:28
GridCube!info gdm16:28
ubottugdm (source: gdm): GNOME Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.1-0ubuntu3.2 (natty), package size 672 kB, installed size 2228 kB16:28
jrmyI'd assume I'd assume kill gdm would be a last resort16:28
jrmytop sounds much safer16:29
GridCubesure, but from top you can kill any process you want16:29
GridCube(if its sudo'ed)16:29
jrmyso anyone figure out how to fix my issue?16:41
jrmyI learned a command that could of prevented my problem but to bad I didn't know before hand.. can't learn how to fix a problem if it never happens..16:42
Sysiyou could try logging out from xfce, login to Ctrl Alt F1 and rm -rf ~/.config/xfce and sudo reboot16:42
jrmyalready using both lol16:43
jrmyirssi doesn't run right in the xfce terminal16:43
jrmyso log out of xfce and run that command16:44
jrmydoes it matter how many session I'm using with teh cttrl-alt-f whatever mode? aka one for irssi one for the command16:45
Sysinot really16:45
jrmyk brb16:47
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ChristopherNGhey folks i just installed a program which came in a .run format.16:50
ChristopherNGchmod +x thefilename16:50
jrmyno dice16:50
ChristopherNGthen ./thefilename16:51
Sysihow did it break your xubuntu?16:51
ChristopherNGThe really n00bish things i cant find it under applications.16:51
ChristopherNGNor can i run it from the cli16:51
ChristopherNGI did sudo apt-cache search teamspeak16:52
ChristopherNGto try and find the application name but no real luck16:52
ChristopherNGthe program is called teamspeak3 i got it from the website of teamspeak because the version in the repos is old teamspeak216:52
genii-aroundIt probably dropped the binary in the directory where you ran the file16:52
PiciChristopherNG: apt isn't going to know about something that you installed manually.16:52
charlie-tca.run doesn't work in debian derivatives16:53
ChristopherNGgenii-around: thanks i actually found it now16:54
charlie-tcadoes it?16:54
ChristopherNGcharlie-tca: I think it does, ive found the program16:54
ChristopherNGwhen you do chmod +x and then ./thefilename16:54
Sysi.run means script, propably something self-extracting16:54
ChristopherNGit makes a new directory, within that new directory there was a .sh which I ran16:54
SysiChristopherNG: apt shouldn't know it, but it can be in repositories16:55
Sysithough I don't know what magics teamspeak scripts may do, app itself is propietary afaik16:56
Sysimumble is nice open-source16:56
ChristopherNGSysi: Yeah I can understand that16:58
ChristopherNGits fine ive got it working16:59
ChristopherNGdang my push to talk but in interfering with irssi16:59
ChristopherNGMy problem with PPAs has been that i can download and install the ppa perfectly...17:01
ChristopherNGthe only problem i had was then finding the correct application name.17:02
ChristopherNGSo i was told if i ran "sudo apt-cache search T*"17:02
ChristopherNGfor example teamspeak it would find the package/app name17:02
PiciYou can always do something like: dpkg -L packagename | grep bin    to find the executable names.17:02
ChristopherNGPici: is that the easier way of doing it?17:02
PiciChristopherNG: Maybe I misunderstood what you were asking.17:03
PiciChristopherNG: The PPA page on launchpad has the list of packages that it provides.  Also, you don't need to use sudo for apt-cache.17:03
ChristopherNGPici: Yeah i noticed that late, its listed on launchpad the executable name of the application.17:04
PiciChristopherNG: the exectuable name is not guaranteed to match the package name.17:05
ChristopherNGPici: Thats my problem i dont alot of the time, well most of the time know the executable name because i have to guess or it doesnt match the package name.17:05
PiciChristopherNG:  This can help you find that: dpkg -L packagename | grep bin17:06
ChristopherNGOK let me save that! lol17:06
ChristopherNGwill a program run from a terminal always require that terminal to be open?17:08
ChristopherNGI know Irssi actually opens the program within the terminal itself.17:08
ChristopherNGbut alot of others you type "teamspeak" or whatever and it keeps the terminal open while the program is running, close the terminal and you close the program.17:08
jrmy so yeah the thing you had me try didn't work17:27
jrmywo now what?17:27
jrmyI don't remember who gave the instructions because by default irssi doesn't show me the messages sent when I join the channel again17:28
jrmydefinitely a client for programmers.. at least I'm sure it's easier then;some things make sense to me for certain commands because of the little of python I've read and tried17:29
jrmywhich reminds me, I should continue learning that17:30
jrmywell, this noob is patient for whenever the real geeks feel liek continuing with helping me17:36
GridCubejrmy: what was your problem again?17:53
jrmydesktop folder was missing can't get my home folder off of my desktop17:54
jrmyyou were talking about something restoring the desktop dir17:55
Sysiyou maybe should ask #xfce17:58
GridCubejrmy: mmm edit your xdg config files and tell it where you what your desktop dir to be18:06
jrmywell thats teh crap thing.. i don't know how to copy text in irssi18:09
jrmyI can't drag my mouse in tty mode18:09
GridCubecant you start an xorg session?18:09
jrmyyeah.. but xfce4-terminal dosen't let me use alt-1 or ctrl-x18:11
jrmywhich are essentially if i want to use irssi18:11
GridCubelol you dont need that18:11
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GridCubexorg copies everything you higlight18:12
GridCubeand pastes it whit middle clic18:12
PiciYou can use screen to copy things into buffers, but I've never actually used it.18:12
TheSheepalso, ctrl+insert, shift+insert and ctrl+del work as usual on any platform18:13
GridCubealso xfce4-terminal is not needed for irssi you can use xterm18:15
PiciI think jrmy is using a tty.18:15
GridCubei know i said to him to use an xorg session18:16
GridCubemultiple xterm windows ftw18:16
PiciI think that is a good idea as well.18:16
jrmyxterm? something i download?18:19
jrmydon't think ive used it before18:19
jrmy got someone else helping me but yeah..18:20
PiciIts a terminal emulator.18:20
jrmyI think I'm gonna have you guys help because i have no idea where the ~/.config dir is18:20
jrmyso I'll go back to Xorg and download xterm and open irssi18:21
GridCubeis on ~/18:21
GridCubeyou dont need to download it18:21
GridCubeits always there since xorg was invented18:21
jrmyhow do i open in?18:21
jrmyok nvm18:22
GridCubestart new session whit gdm and choose an xterm session... he is gone right18:23
jrmyok so xterm kinda sucks too.. seeing as its white with black text and I can't induce any alt combinations18:24
jrmyGridCube: but anyways the links again?18:25
jrmyor whatever you told me18:25
GridCubeon an xorg session you can launc xchat from an xterm, if you add an & at the end of the command it will leave the terminal free to use18:26
GridCubeoh well, jrmy so i have to go :/ sorry18:30
GridCubegood luck18:30
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feydmy menu file got changed randomly, it's now displaying EVERYTHING19:55
feydany way to revert it to the defaults of a fresh install?19:55
feydor can anyone tell me wahat caused it to do what it did?19:57
TheSheepfeyd: everything?20:00
TheSheepfeyd: and what did you do just before that happened?20:00
feydto explain 'everything' for instance, my settings submenu now shows all the items from the config settings window control panel thingy. The last thing I did was have trouble starting a normal session from boot, so I tried to run the session manually by just running 'startxfce4' from tty520:02
feydthat caused XFCE to open a new session, but it was loading ALL default stuff, no user settings were present20:02
feydwhich makes me assume it just loaded all xfce defaults20:03
ashmew2Hi , i am on the live CD of Xubuntu , the network manager on top shows me the Wired Network and Wilress Network as disconnected.20:26
ashmew2I have a Ethernet cable plugged into the system , but it doesnt work ...Help please20:26
jarnosashmew2, have you tried to make it work by network manager?20:29
ashmew2jarnos, how to do that ? It tells me eth0 Auto20:30
ashmew2I edit it and try and use a static IP ?20:30
Sysiplug out the cable and back in20:31
ashmew2and ... ?20:32
Sysidoes it work20:32
knomeoooops, wrong channel20:33
ashmew2no ... :'(20:33
Sysiknome: but right ansver!20:33
knomeheh, yeah..20:33
Sysiashmew2: can you click wired in networkmanager?20:33
ashmew2Sysi, you mean on the top right with two arrows , i click it , it tells me Wired network Disconnected. I cant click there , i can click on Edit connections20:34
ashmew2Any help on the no network issue ? I really need to get the network up20:39
AlexDevilLXHow to install russina in xubuntu?20:56
Sysiwhat is russina?20:56
genii-aroundProbably russian20:57
genii-around!info russina20:57
ubottuPackage russina does not exist in natty20:57
AlexDevilLXthere are cd but no dvds20:57
AlexDevilLXso i need internet?20:59
feydok I created a new user on my machine and found that my menu issues are localized to my user21:08
feydso what in the home folder can directly affect the XFCE menu?21:08
feydthere's .config/menu xml files21:08
feydand .local/share/applications stuff21:08
feydanything else? because those are both empty21:08
charlie-tcajust copy the files from the one that works21:10
feydthere's nothing to copy over though21:10
charlie-tcaneither user has anything in those?21:11
feydthats why im asking what can affect the menu from the home folder, because the 2 things I know of that can are completely empty21:11
charlie-tcatry deleting .cache then21:11
charlie-tcaon the user that is broken21:11
feydI actually did that already too, funny you mention it21:12
charlie-tcaoh, look in .config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml21:12
charlie-tcaThat's where they are probably stored then21:13
feydoh there is stuff in here, thanks21:13
feydthis just looks like xfce config sub items prefs files21:15
test34How can I get ssh-askpass to remember my passphrase until I logout?21:21
test34nevermind I will use ssh-add & ssh-agent thanks anyways21:30
ChristopherNGHey folks, my n00b questsion for the day is shell scripting, bash scripting, and bash shell scripting all the same thing, just different buzz words?22:46
ChristopherNGIm a little confused as why the same language would have these different names.22:47
pleia2bash is a type of shell, you can have shell scripts which are written in bash, dash, csh, etc22:47
ChristopherNGso a .sh file can be in bash, dash or sch?22:47
pleia2typically you look at the top of the file to see what it wants to use, if it links to /bin/sh then it uses your default non-interactive shell (in ubuntu that's dash)22:48
ChristopherNGHow similar are they? I mean if you know one is it fairly easy to learn the others?22:48
pleia2yes, it's pretty easy, the differences tend to be just enough to be annoying :)22:48
ChristopherNGoh great, I was thinking of learning to write bash scripts, now i find out there are also dash and csh.22:49
pleia2and zsh, and 50 others ;)22:49
ChristopherNGwell where to start then?22:49
pleia2ubuntu comes with dash for the system (non-interactive) and bash for the user (when you open a terminal)22:49
ChristopherNGI think i start with bash22:50
pleia2http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/ is what I learned from22:50
pleia2don't be scared off by "advanced" - it starts you off easy :)22:50
ChristopherNGis this technically a programming language of sorts?22:51
ChristopherNGthanks for the link22:51
pleia2it's a scripting language, strictly speaking scripting is a type of programming22:51
pleia2(don't tell a real C programmer that though :))22:52
ChristopherNGYeah this thing is just getting deeper and deeper, first i started of using linux because i was told to try it since the changes from the old distro i used to use, then i found myself learning the command line, and now bash scripts, and perhaps a CCNA down the road as a part time course whilst still at university doing my degree.22:53
ChristopherNGthere seems to be no end to this! lol22:53
ChristopherNGAll that whilst also doing other projects with my shell account, my vps, making a irc bot etc etc.22:54
pleia2I made a career out of it :)22:54
ChristopherNGpleia2: the thing is im at university studying to be an accountant and somewho ive found myself in linux learning all this stuff on the side as a hobby.22:55
pleia2I used to work in an accounts payable department22:55
* pleia2 notes that this whole conversation is probably better in #xubuntu-offtopic22:55
BurnZeZIs there a reason why XFCE refuses to use Nautilus instead of Thunar as the default file manager?23:08
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