ComputerChicHi all :) I am new to this channel.13:36
ephanHello ComputerChic13:36
ComputerChicephan: Hi13:36
ephanAny special reason you're joining it?13:37
ComputerChicJust learning I guess13:37
ephanLearning is good13:38
ephanHow did you find us?13:38
apwdo we know that people are getting two application switchers (ALT-tab) ?13:40
ephanYes we do apw13:41
ephanThere are a lot of bug reports on the new Alt+TAB and one of them includes that13:42
ephanLet me give you a link13:42
ephanbug 82492913:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 824929 in compiz (Ubuntu) "alt-tab showed two switchers" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82492913:42
ephanI see ComputerChic, there's a lot of ways to help with Unity, so feel free to help and contribute to Ubuntu :)13:43
ephanI myself joined this a few weeks ago and am already helping out with bugs13:43
ComputerChicI found the sidebar a but annoying.. Just a thought..13:45
ComputerChica bit*13:45
ComputerChicI may just wait until the next LTS release before upgrade again.13:50
apwephan, ta, yep same here "static switcher" still enabled for me13:50
ComputerChicHow are you all fairing with unity?13:51
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ephanAre applications ran with root privileges supposed to have the menu inside the frame instead of being in the overall panel?18:03
hyperairi don't believe so.18:03
ephanI wonder if it has been reported yet, let me check18:03
ephanI'm on 11.04 by the way, I don't recall seeing this on 11.10, but I'm not quite sure18:04
hyperairephan: how are you running it?18:04
ephansudo gnome-terminal18:04
ephansudo gparted18:04
hyperairsudo strips away a lot of environment variables18:04
hyperairamong them, the dbus-related things18:04
hyperairwhich prevent dbusmenu from working properly, as you can imagine.18:05
ephanIt makes sense indeed18:05
hyperairi'm not sure how one would go about fixing this though.18:06
hyperairmaybe adding dbus environment variables into sudo's whitelist18:06
ephan"Applications ran with elevated privileges don't have their menubar on the Unity panel"18:07
ephanI think that's a good name18:07
hyperairor "sudo clobbers environment required for dbusmenu to work"18:08
ephanOn an unrelated note, trying to run "xchat" with sudo is amusing18:09
hyperairwhy would you do something like that?18:11
ephanhyperair, also I'm quoting you repeatedly on the bug report18:12
hyperairyay i'm famous!18:12
ephanbug 82639118:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 826391 in unity "Applications ran with elevated privileges don't have their menubar on the Unity panel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82639118:13
ephanI love ubot518:13
ephanack now everybody knows the name of my computer18:14
hyperairmy computers' names are no secret.18:19
hyperairwhat's the big deal?18:19
* ephan appens "j/k"18:20
* hyperair has thinkpwn and ipwn. fitting names for a thinkpad and ideapad pair eh? =D18:20
ephanWould you be https://launchpad.net/~hyperair?18:20
hyperairyes i am.18:20
ephanoh o.O You have much more experience than I do around here18:21
hyperairflattery will get you nowhere, boi. ;-)18:22
hyperairanyway i'm off to bed.18:22
hyperairi'm supposed to be up at 7 tomorrow and it's already 2.30018:22
ephanhm, cya18:23
hyperairyeah cya around.18:24
ephanWhere is om26er when I need him18:44
ephanwhere is om26er when I need him18:45
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hacked_kernelHow do I recommend features for Unity?19:22
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om26erephan, which time zone you in?22:22
ephanGMT 022:22
om26er.pt is for?22:23
om26erah kkk so still on bugs ? :D22:23
ephanI fixed the Trash thing22:24
ephanI'm sure it works now22:24
om26erephan, you listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9bCLPwzSC0&ob=av2e  while I pull it and build :p heh22:27
ephanhow to pull with bazaar btw?22:28
ephangit pull22:28
ephanack, s/git/bzr22:28
ephanBecause I always rebranch XD22:28
ephanAlso nice song =)22:30
ephanAck, I have to go, please email me with the result om26er22:30
om26eruploaded to ppa ;)22:35

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