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corinthI think my package manager is broken - fresh install. Any help?01:20
ArchangelSe7enwhat makes you think it's broken ?01:21
ArchangelSe7ensorry , b0rked01:21
corinthRight, b0rked.01:21
corinthWell, I can install any packages, or download any packages.01:22
ArchangelSe7endefine "can't" , does it return any error messages ?01:22
corinthYep. http://pastebin.com/wksXDZeV01:22
ArchangelSe7enhm .. I've seen that issue like a gazillion times , I cant be of help sorry01:24
corinthYikes. Thanks, anyway.01:24
ArchangelSe7enthough I suggest checking that ISO for defects01:24
corinthI actually used Wubi.01:24
ArchangelSe7enWubi? yuck01:24
ArchangelSe7enthat explains it01:24
corinthNo it doesn't. :-P01:24
ArchangelSe7ennever been of fan of it frankly01:25
corinthHate if you want, but I have multiple Wubi installs on office machiens that work beautifully01:25
ArchangelSe7enthis one doesnt seem perfect though :P01:25
yofelcorinth: run 'sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty_main_binary-amd64_Packages' and try again01:25
ArchangelSe7enan "actual" install is suggested01:26
ArchangelSe7enor try yofel 's suggestion :P01:26
yofelstuff in /var/lib/apt/lists is generated by apt-get update, so removing them is ok01:26
yofelI've forgotten though why apt errors out there01:27
corinthyofel: I did that, now I'm doing an apt-get update. Doesn't look good. I'll post the output to a pastebin in a moment.01:27
corinthyorfel: http://pastebin.com/qejuQE2J01:30
yofelcorinth: @_@ - never seen that yet. as for the last one run 'sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* '01:32
corinthI know, it's a pickle of a problem. Heh.01:32
corinthOk. I did that. Still the same problem.01:33
corinthIs there a way to reconfigure the package mangager, like with dpkg or something? Or am I talking nonsense? >_>01:33
yofelcorinth: can you try a different mirror?01:35
corinthI've already tried that. I switched from the US mirror to the main.01:36
yofeland this isn't a dpkg problem, but apt somehow can't download the lists right and they seem to end up corrupt01:36
carlos1201alguno habla español?01:37
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:37
carlos1201grax por el consejo01:37
SIR_Tacoyofel: https://encrypted.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=6&ved=0CDsQFjAF&url=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D406481&rct=j&q=fixing%20corrupt%20apt&ei=1iZHTtOcB5OCsgLd-bHeBQ&usg=AFQjCNFtxZWTjAjX7AG9Ii62OEmHNb4SIg&cad=rja01:38
SIR_Tacoif your apt database (on your system) is corrupted, that should fix it01:39
corinthSIR_Taco: Could you give me a rundown of it? That site seems to be blocked on my network.01:39
yofelSIR_Taco: I'm not sure if that'll help with http://pastebin.com/qejuQE2J01:40
SIR_Tacoah, sorry came in late in the coverstation it seems.... no that wouldn't solve that problem01:42
SIR_Tacobut you have tar, bzip and md5sum installed?01:50
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LINKSWORD2Hey guys, I'm having trouble installing Kubuntu on an HP Pavilion laptop.03:14
LINKSWORD2Somebody mind walking through it with me?03:15
LINKSWORD2Who the heck is Bueller?03:52
bazhang!details | LINKSWORD203:52
ubottuLINKSWORD2: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:52
LINKSWORD2I've put the CD for Kubuntu 10.10 into the disc drive for this HP Pavilion dv1000 I'm working on, and it seems to load up. Then the disc drive slows down and the screen comes up with Process 232: GLib-Warning: Unknown User ID.03:55
bazhangLINKSWORD2, md5 the iso yet? burn at very low speed and do the disk integrity check?03:55
LINKSWORD2I know the disk works because I've used it to install on this system I'm running right now, an ancient Compaq Presario desktop.03:56
bazhangthen try some bootoptions, or use the alternate installer03:57
bazhang!bootoptions > LINKSWORD203:57
ubottuLINKSWORD2, please see my private message03:57
bazhang!alternate | LINKSWORD203:57
ubottuLINKSWORD2: The Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal03:57
LINKSWORD2Are the language packs necessary?03:58
bazhangnecessary for what?03:59
LINKSWORD2Or can I prevent them from installing?03:59
LINKSWORD2I would hope that most people in the USA know English.... Especially my friend I'm installing this for.04:00
LINKSWORD2Would I be able to prevent Kubuntu from installing additional and unnecessary language packs?04:00
bazhangdont see how that relates to your initial problem04:00
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: If your friend knows enough english to get to the package manager then the language packs are not needed04:00
LINKSWORD2We both natively speak English. xD04:01
draikYou both finally speak English?04:02
LINKSWORD2... /me ignores draik's comment.04:02
bazhangLINKSWORD2, did you have any actual other support questions?04:02
LINKSWORD2Finally got to where I can get Kubuntu installed.04:03
LINKSWORD2I may have questions about wireless connectivity, in about an hour.04:03
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: kk04:09
LINKSWORD2Wow. It seems my connection dropped....04:09
LINKSWORD2Is there a way I can test a system's speed in Kubuntu?04:23
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Daskreechand I'm back baby04:31
LINKSWORD2... You were gone?04:32
LINKSWORD2We shoulda celebrated while you were away. :P04:32
doublem9anyone know why after my laptop goes to sleep, the FN key brightness stops working?04:41
draikdoublem9: Best guess would be that it didn't recover from sleep mode.04:44
draikdoublem9: I used to have screen issues with sleep/hibernate on my laptop. It wouldn't recover so I'd have to restart my laptop.04:45
doublem9yeah..thats what im doing now04:46
draikMaybe related. *shrug*04:46
doublem9im liking this kubuntu distro04:46
ubuntuhi, is kubuntu+1 support in here or ubuntu+106:53
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nerd9000hey all...07:41
nerd9000anyone awake?07:43
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BlaXpiritdamn, wireless doesn't seem to work on my laptop... what should i do? there's really no information around the internet.07:46
nerd9000anyone awake?08:01
tdnWhat does this error mean: http://i.imgur.com/kS0DS.png ? I did not remove any hardware from the system.08:06
nerd9000did you disable your sound card?08:08
BlaXpiritwireless doesn't seem to work on my laptop... what should i do? there's really no information around the internet.08:12
nerd9000there's plenty of info online08:17
naftilos76hello, i need to know whether it is doable to connect an external wifi adapter on a laptop and disable the internal one08:53
naftilos76i am on Kubuntu 11.04 KDE 4.708:53
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testbonjour,   quelqu' un ?09:13
BlaXpiritcome on, please someone help me with wireless :(09:14
BlaXpiriti tried installing a windows driver09:14
testaie aie !  en anglais ?09:15
BlaXpiriti tried installing proprietary driver, it sez "error, see /var/log/jockey.log"09:15
BlaXpiritplease look what jockey.log contains: http://pastebin.com/Dt3KHpQ309:16
well_laid_lawnBlaXpirit: that says the module is blacklisted so it won't start09:30
ubottuTo compile modules and drivers that are not bundled with the standard kernel,  for more info /msg ubottu kernel  , install the relevant package, usually called "<modulename>-source", and run « sudo module-assistant » (you will have to do this again after kernel updates). To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist09:30
well_laid_lawn To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist09:30
tdnWhat does this error mean: http://i.imgur.com/kS0DS.png ? I did not remove any hardware from the system nor disable anything.09:48
Machtintdn: seen that a couple of times here.. didn't affect anything though09:49
Machtinso, if your sound does what it's supposed to do: I would ignore it09:50
tdnMachtin, what to answer to the dialog box?09:55
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BluesKajHiyas all12:04
LINKSWORD2Hey guys, I've got really dark tooltips & notifications coming up. How can I fix that?12:44
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cedric_bonjour à tous.13:57
lcbi mean, good day13:58
ashwinkwin is crashing for fullscreen for many apps.Do i need to disable any effects to avoid this?14:08
ionitehow do i make rekonq run java plugins?14:18
ionitehi. i got this error Applet not loaded properply. please reload page. it's from rekonq when i tried to load this website https://pib.uob.com.sg/PIBLogin/appmanager/Login/Public14:38
BluesKajionite, chromium gives the same error but it loads anyway14:42
ioniteBluesKaj: i dont get u?14:43
ioniteBluesKaj: it loads but i cannot input in the fields for my login?14:43
BluesKajdunno, must be not loading java properly14:44
contrastGreets, everyone. Suspend recently stopped working on my laptop. Could someone point me in the direction of how to troubleshoot? (I've already confirmed it's not due to a kernel upgrade.)14:45
BluesKajsomething wrong with the site, maybe ....or javaplugins ..firefox also gives the rerror, ionite14:47
ioniteBluesKaj: so what should i do?14:47
ioniteBluesKaj: when i'm using Xp. it doesnt give this error14:47
ioniteBluesKaj: i mean IE14:47
contrastionite: I don't get any errors on the page in Firefox... Do you have sun-java6-plugin installed?14:50
BluesKajionite, install the java-icedtea plugin14:51
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ionitesorry i got DC14:57
ioniteBluesKaj: what's ur last msg?14:57
contrastionite: Try installing the icedtea-plugin package.15:04
ionitecontrast: do i have to uninstall JDK?15:04
contrastAnyone know how I might get suspend working on my laptop again? It mysteriously stopped working (goes to a black screen with blinking cursor and blinking caps lock light on the keyboard) ~a week ago.15:09
BluesKajionite, install the java-icedtea plugin15:13
BluesKajhe keeps leaving ...15:14
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dreamy_my pc shuts down in the midle of kuntu 10.04 network install, does anyone knows why?15:16
dreamy_and when i installed kubuntu 9.10 it had alot of bugs15:17
BluesKajdreamy_, those are older versions ..why not install a newer one like 11.0415:17
dreamy_BluesKaj: you think it could be bugs?15:18
dreamy_BluesKaj: well, 11.04 will run a bit slow15:19
BluesKajdreamy_, older pc?15:19
dreamy_BluesKaj:  i was worried about my mermory but i did the MemTest and it was ok15:20
BluesKajhow much memory15:20
dreamy_512 plus 25615:20
contrastdreamy_: Have you tried installing from the alternate CD?15:21
dreamy_contrast: i might try the iso..15:22
BluesKaj768 is just adequate but it could run ok .. but as contrast says you'll probly need to use the alternate install15:23
dreamy_bb in a bit15:23
contrastgood luck15:23
contrastBluesKaj: Any ideas about my suspend issue?15:23
BluesKajcontrast, no sorry , my experience with latops and linux is rather limited since my laptop is with my daughter temproarily15:27
contrastNo worries-- I think this is the first time you didn't have a working solution for me. ;)15:28
dant3hey guys. I'm installed kubuntu on my new computer yesterday, but only today I noted I don`t have sound working. Sound card identified, I can see it in alsamixer and phonon settings, but then I try to use it phonon says there is an error16:00
dant3lspci says I have 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 6 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 05)16:01
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Guest65776ciao a tutti16:22
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alienHi everyone, can anyone help with dual screen issues i'm having with kubuntu? Basically I need help to extend my screen from my laptop to a second screen18:19
markithi, I want set a config file so that widgets are locked by default, but even locking/unlocking can't see any change in any of the .kde config file, or a "lock" relevant intem in them. Any idea?18:31
markitin short, where is that value stored?18:31
tomasz373hello, i've got a problem with skype and my camera ¨cif single chip¨. Webcam works perfectly with Cheese, but there is a black screen in test's window in Skype. My sistem is Kubuntu 10.10. Thank you for any help!18:43
tsimpsonmarkit: in ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc looks like it wants "immutability=2"18:52
markittsimpson: yes, I've found the immutability value, probably it's read only at login and wrote at logout18:52
markitthat's why never changed changing value18:53
markitwondering where the KDE config system is documented, I do really need it to setup ltsp server18:53
markitand have reasonable defaults for users (schools students)18:53
markituntil now is a trial and error18:53
markitwith find . -mmin -1 to find the last modified file18:54
markitand a diff to previous saved files18:54
markitnot really good18:54
tsimpsonI don't think it's really documented anywhere, but #kde is a better place to ask18:54
markittsimpson: really =2 is lock, =1 is unlock18:55
corinthHey all. My package manager is broken. I could use some help fixing it.18:55
markitwondering what else values it can take18:55
tsimpsonmarkit: it's probably some enumeration18:56
markitusually is a true/false thing18:56
tsimpsonthe only way I know of to look, is to look in the source code18:56
markitprobably is some hundred of files with no clue to what look for18:56
tomasz373I have solved my problem, I don't need help anymore ;)18:57
corinthAlso, after adjusting my monitor resolution, the panel won't stretch beyond the 1280 pixel mark :-(18:57
markithope I can put in /etc/kde4 to have a global config, let's try18:58
markitwow, works :)19:02
markitcorinth: do you mean that you enter the config of the panel and was not able to dragi it to max width of the screen?19:03
markitcorinth: if you select "maximize panel"?19:03
markitbtw, "maximize" is not working as expected... if you change resolution it does not adapt19:03
markittsimpson: by the way do you know where (and if is possible) configure what K menu items are shown for logout? I don't want "change user" or hybernato or so on19:04
markitalso I would like to remove the possibility of create/change activities19:04
markitis too confusing for the children's level (or better, for the teacher's level...)19:05
tsimpsonhmm, I'm not sure if/where that's configured19:06
tsimpsonI've never had to bother messing with it ;)19:06
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szalhmm..  is it just me, or is the kerning of the Ubuntu font a tad bit illogical?19:57
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szalif you have that font in your IRC client, see e.g. this word concatenation -> ent-Tumbleweed-ifiziert <- notice how the first dash kerns into the t, but the u doesn't kern into the T19:58
holocaust84Evenin' all ... Sorry if this has been asked a billion times, total linux noobie here :) ...I've got two 1tb samsung sata hard drives but kubuntu is only picking up one (the one it's installed on), the other doesn't show up.19:59
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szalinternal/external?  formatted?  even connected?20:00
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holocaust84Internal, formatted ext4 and of course connected lol20:01
holocaust84Problem solved, friend helped via PM.  I can see what you mean about the font btw, Szal.20:03
corinthmarkit: Sorry, I stepped away. Yes, you're correct.20:04
corinthHey all. My package manager is broken. I could use some help fixing it. Also, after adjusting my monitor resolution, the panel won't stretch beyond the 1280 pixel mark :-(20:06
corinthHey all. My package manager is broken. I could use some help fixing it. Also, after adjusting my monitor resolution, the panel won't stretch beyond the 1280 pixel mark :-(20:12
szalcan't have been important then ;)20:14
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holocaust84Hmmm, trying to install skype 2.2 beta via wget, downloaded fine, then getting "no file exists" when typing "sudo dpkg -i skype-*.deb21:45
holocaust84sudo apt-get -f install" ...I'm guessing I'm being dumb? :p21:45
Daskreechholocaust84: ls *deb gets you what?21:47
holocaust84sudo dpkg -i getskype*21:49
holocaust84encounters errors21:50
holocaust84(Reading database ... 119159 files and directories currently installed.)21:50
holocaust84Unpacking skype (from getskype-linux-beta-ubuntu-64) ...21:50
holocaust84Setting up skype ( ...21:50
holocaust84Errors were encountered while processing:21:50
holocaust84 getskype-linux-beta-ubuntu-3221:50
FloodBotK1holocaust84: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:50
holocaust84ah, forgot pastebin21:50
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Daskreechholocaust84: It doesn't have a .deb file name?22:05
holocaust84Daskreech: sudo dpkg -i getskype* worked, but it said encountered errors... when I checked in the GUI menu it was installed, runs fine, very strange :)22:09
Daskreechholocaust84: sounds like it22:10
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LINKSWORD2Greetings, all!22:11
LINKSWORD2:P I just successfully converted one of my friends to using Kubuntu....22:23
LINKSWORD2Goodbye, nasty Windows....22:23
LINKSWORD2Now we get to see just how much he likes shifting gears...22:30
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szalshifting gears?22:36
LINKSWORD2Yes. In reference to shifting between Windows, and Kubuntu.22:36
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markitLINKSWORD2: is the "long term conversion" that is often a problem... already tomorrow they will call you because some programs does not work (i.e. sync with cell phones, of update TomTom navigator...)22:41
markitso be prepared :)22:42
LINKSWORD2markit: Not a problem. He doesn't have a TomTom nav, and only a basic cell phone....22:43
LINKSWORD2Facebook. Music player, occasional DVD.22:43
markitiTunes? :)22:43
LINKSWORD2Nope. Cheap USB MP3 player.22:44
LINKSWORD2Besides... Amarok supports iPods. lol22:44
szalout of curiosity..  those that are on KDE 4.7 _and_ either Oneiric or using the ttf-ubuntu-font-family package from Oneiric -- does KDE use the correct font strength, i.e. Regular and not Medium?22:45
szalwhen font is set to Ubuntu Regular, that is22:46
markitLINKSWORD2: I've the feeling he did not owned a PC also, lol22:46
LINKSWORD2It appears to work properly for me, szal22:46
LINKSWORD2Oh yes, markit, he owns a PC.22:47
LINKSWORD2A markedly old one, but a PC, nonetheless....22:47
markitkde 4.7... am I the only one that misses a lot the "back" vertical bar on K menu? breadcrumbs is really good but should have been ADDED, not be insteado of the left back bar22:47
LINKSWORD2Blasted connection....22:48
LINKSWORD2Blasted connection....22:48
LINKSWORD2Anyway... markit: Alt + Left Arrow does wonders for the "Back" function.22:49
LINKSWORD2I do miss the back button, but not by much.22:49
markitLINKSWORD2: you have to leave the mouse and find on the keyboard, so bad22:50
markitLINKSWORD2: wondering what usability idea they had22:50
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LINKSWORD2I find that things are getting too GUI-oriented.22:51
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szalLINKSWORD2: are you on Oneiric?22:51
markitLINKSWORD2: true, but in any case you should have a good GUI :)22:51
LINKSWORD2Kubuntu 11.10.22:51
szalLINKSWORD2: ok22:52
LINKSWORD2I have a hard time keeping up with the release names, but I do keep my system up to date.22:52
k0shi all23:14
flakonhi all23:17
szalLINKSWORD2: I just installed ttf-ubuntu-font-family from Oneiric on my other machine where I have KDE 4.7.0 installed..  shows the same behaviour, using Medium instead of Regular23:21
szalLINKSWORD2: you see that when you compare the menu font in KDE and Gtk apps23:22
LINKSWORD2Either your systems are glitching, or mine is, yet mine is providing the normal result....23:22
flakonhi people23:29
szalLINKSWORD2: http://h5.abload.de/img/20110815_ffoxkonsolegkl2.png <- see here the difference between the Firefox menu and the Konsole menu23:30
LINKSWORD2Konsole's menu texts appear to be slightly bolder...23:32
szalLINKSWORD2: imho that's a bit more than slightly23:34
LINKSWORD2But for all we know, it could be an effect applied to the top active window.23:37
szalI can give you my word that it isn't, and if it were, I wouldn't know what effect that would be23:38
MalfermitaKodoHi, I am trying to compile something and gcc says the following... "/usr/include/gnu/stubs.h:7:27: fatal error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory"... what is that and where can I find it?23:40
draikMalfermitaKodo: What are you trying to compile?23:41
MalfermitaKodosbagen *admits*23:41
MalfermitaKodobut since that is in /usr/include, it should not matter, should it?23:43
soeesomeone once aksed obout slow KDE 4.7 hight cpu usage by xorg, is he here :? :)23:45
MalfermitaKodohow can I find out which package provides a specific file?23:45
draikMalfermitaKodo: dpkg --info <packageName>23:47
draikMalfermitaKodo: dpkg --contents <packageName>23:48
MalfermitaKodoI will not check every freaking package...23:48
MalfermitaKodowait... this still requires a specific package23:48
MalfermitaKodowon't do23:48
draikMalfermitaKodo: dpkg -L <packageName>23:50
draikThat may be best if you want to see the list of files provided by the installed package.23:50
draikdpkg -L apache23:51
MalfermitaKodoI do not KNOW which package provided the library23:51
soeeyofel, here ?23:51
MalfermitaKodobut it must be a kubuntu software as I have not compiled anything yet23:52
draikDon't know need to know the exact package name, as you can look for something that should have installed it.23:52
draikWhat file are you trying to find?23:52
=== _BS_ is now known as Guest90931
MalfermitaKodoI am trying to find which package provides stubs-32.h23:52
MalfermitaKodoas that is what a compile complained about23:53
yofelMalfermitaKodo: libc6-dev-i386 (I used apt-file to find it)23:53
yofelsoee: sleepy, but yes23:53
MalfermitaKodoah, thank you very much for the help for next time23:54
draikYup. I came up with glibc-devel, but yeah, what yofel provided is what you want.23:54
soeeyofel, when editing decoration settings under option to group windows, there is option to Turn on animation - what exactly is it for ?23:54
yofelsoee: I can't say I have any cpu peaks here with 4.7 and nvidia. Does disabling compositing change something?23:54
yofelhm, looking23:55
soeeyofel, if i turn it off all works smooth23:55
yofelthen it's either a driver issue or kwin23:55
soeealso if i change decoration to something other than oxygen all works fine23:56
soeebut i like oxygen so i had to turn off this option23:56
soeeand all works similiar like on 4.6.523:56
yofelno idea what the animations setting is about though23:57
MalfermitaKodogah... now the workaround requires a 32 bit version of certain other shared libs...23:58
yofelif you open 'oxygen-settings' there's a bunch of animations that can be used, maybe it's a simple setting for thme23:58
soeeyofel, they are all ON here and works fien even if this option i mentioned is turned off23:59
MalfermitaKodoaaaah, just had to delte the -m32 flag23:59
yofelthen I'm clueless (without looking at the code which I'm too tired for now) :/23:59

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