ianm_if I move a .pot file into a subdirectory, will it affect existing translations?02:21
aminpyhttp://dpaste.com/593859/plain/ <- how can I fix this?06:05
lifelessaminpy: let me see06:07
lifelessaminpy: its working here, which means you probably have a firewall issue06:08
aminpylifeless, my colleagues run it without any problem06:10
lifelessaminpy: that may mean they don't have a firewall on their machine, or have permissions on your corporate firewall, or something else.06:14
aminpylifeless, can I run it with ssh or ...?06:15
lifelessthat xmlrpc call is done to do directory service lookups06:17
lifelessvery recent bzr's do not do it at all06:17
lifelessaminpy: it looks like that is a proxy failure06:20
lifelessaminpy: do you have http_proxy or https_proxy set in your environment ?06:20
aminpylifeless, I tested it with proxy and without proxy06:20
lifelessCONNECT is used when connecting to https via a proxy06:21
lifelessthe error means it could not connect to your proxy06:21
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figure002hello. how are fuzzy translations currently supported on LP?09:34
lifelesswith code and schemas09:35
figure002so fuzzy translations are supported? because it seems that fuzzies are marked as untranslated on LP translations.09:41
lifelessthey get marked as needing review09:42
lifelessyes they are supported09:42
figure002strange, because i don't see my fuzzies appear as 'need review' on LP, am i missing something?09:45
figure002LP automatically imports my PO files from the bzr repo, but fuzzies appear nowhere09:45
lifelessyou might like to ask a question on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad about this.09:48
figure002i already did: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/13548709:48
figure002but it is marked as solved by someone else, should i make a new question?09:48
lifelessare you roland or serrano ?09:50
lifelessah, so you didn't ask the question :)09:51
lifelessyes, you should ask a new one.09:51
figure002nope, but i added a comment with a question :)09:51
lifelesson a closed ticket09:51
lifelessso it won't be in anyones queue for review or answering09:52
figure002yeah, that's what i thought, i should make a new question09:52
figure002new qustion posted: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/16792310:15
figure002thanks for the help lifeless10:15
lifelessno probs10:22
penguin42I'm getting a 'list something' message when clicking on an attachment in bug 825644   (the terminal messages at the bottom) - any suggestions?13:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 825644 in gnome-games (Ubuntu) "aisleriot start problem" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82564413:15
penguin42oops - 'lost something'!13:15
wgrantpenguin42: That's a regression with attachments with names containing spaces or some other special characters. It'll be fixed on Monday.13:41
penguin42ok, thanks14:08
penguin42is there a way to retrieve that file?14:09
penguin42ah - grab-attachments manages it14:40
DarxusI've had daily builds of lp:spamassassin working for a while.  I'd like to set up two additional PPAs based on it.  One basically identical to the existing daily builds, but only built once a month, and the second containing copies of the first after they're a month old.15:33
DarxusSo I can test snapshots for a month, and then make them available to everybody else after a month of testing on a regular basis.15:33
DarxusCan any of that be automated?  Is there even a way to get packages from one PPA to another at all?15:33
tumbleweedsounds like a cronjob that copies binaries is what you want15:34
DarxusCool, thanks.  I was just wondering a cron job running on my server might be useful.15:35
tumbleweednote archive.syncSources https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#archive15:35
DarxusBlows my mind that the SA devs insist there isn't enough manpower available to do monthly releases when I'm already doing and using daily releases.15:35
tumbleweedso you should be able to easily do this with a python launchpadlib-using script15:35
DarxusNeat, thanks.15:36
DarxusI just played with launchpadlib for the first time a couple days ago.  I could use more documentation :)15:37
tumbleweed+apidoc is pretty much all there is (that and some wiki pages on help.launchpad.net)15:37
DarxusFrom looking at what you linked to I.. really can't even guess how I'd copy a package from one PPA to another.15:37
DarxusThis might help more:  https://help.launchpad.net/API/Examples#Copy an old version of a package into your PPA for a newer release15:40
tumbleweedI'm guessing something like: lp.me.getPPAByName(name='testing').syncSources(from_archive=lp.me.getPPAByName(name='daily'), include_binaries=True, source_names=['spamassassin'], to_pocket='RELEASE')15:42
evolvhtf did I get here?16:38
penguin42evolv: Something involving a late night bar and a large drink?16:39
evolvwell, it was more like drinking at a buddy's place playing video games16:39
evolvthen I magically ended up here16:39
evolvI'm not sure what the general purpose of this channel is16:40
penguin42evolv: Bug reports and help about the launchpad bug tracking/planning system used by canonical/ubuntu16:41
evolvwell, it's been fun guys, but I definitely took the wrong turn here16:42
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DNS777hi guys! those autogen builds got stucked somehow https://launchpad.net/~dns/+archive/gnu/+builds?build_text=&build_state=building , i wonder why, because the i386 lucid went fine22:41
DNS777would be nice if there would be a "stop build" button22:43
TheEvilPhoenixthe errors are right there22:44
DNS777yes i c22:44
DNS777but i mean teh machines are stucked too22:44
TheEvilPhoenixmake: *** [build-stamp] Error 222:44
TheEvilPhoenixdpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 222:44
TheEvilPhoenixyes, probly there's no error handlers22:44
TheEvilPhoenixdid you email the email it said to email?22:44
TheEvilPhoenixbtw, your debian/rules seems to be screwed ;)22:44
TheEvilPhoenixat least the builders think so22:44
DNS777tbh it doesnt make so much sense to send an email if i cant see whole build log22:55
TheEvilPhoenixwell that's all there is23:01
TheEvilPhoenixif its hung up, they'd have to, i dont know, kill the build daemon or something23:01
TheEvilPhoenixwhich is indicative of a bug in the building daemons, no?23:02
DNS777not sure, but a button to stop would be fine (and can save resources)23:03
DNS777where i can send feature requests? at lp itself > bugs ?23:06
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