kyubutsusee? the activites thing? i believe it's finally taking shape00:00
kyubutsustarting to, that is..00:00
penguin42doesn't do much for me - I might try it a bit more; but I tend just to use a lot of desktops - although kde desktop switching isn't as nice as Gnome 200:01
kyubutsui give you that, but i just cannot get back to gnome2 or unity at this point [from an ubuntu standpoint]00:02
kyubutsui dun quite believe in 'many desktops'00:03
penguin42I use 9 :-)00:04
* kyubutsu chuckles00:04
kyubutsuyou funny00:05
penguin42I have them in a 3x3 setup00:05
kyubutsuyou know kyu means 9 in japanese?00:05
penguin42no I didn't - that's the 1st obscure fact of the day - and it's only 1am00:06
penguin42if kyu means 9, then what does butsu mean?00:06
kyubutsuwell.. semantically, you could say it translates as 'nine disciplines'00:07
kyubutsubut it's really just an americanization of .. stuff00:07
kyubutsuits complicated00:08
kyubutsuor. it could be more of a japanization of american concepts00:11
kyubutsukde ftw.. bottom line00:11
kyubutsuThe muon is an unstable subatomic particle with a mean lifetime of 2.2 µs00:15
kyubutsuthe muon is a chubby electron00:17
penguin42but not as chubby as a Tau00:18
kyubutsui see00:18
urlin2ucough mtheory00:19
kyubutsui think they used this sort of subatomic particle theory to think off the inFamous00:20
Daekdroomkyubutsu, but what did muon mean in that context?00:23
kyubutsunothing. it was MY theory ..00:24
kyubutsuanyway, muon is halted at 51%   :-/00:24
kyubutsuabort or not to abort, thats the question00:25
kyubutsuon libgphoto2-port000:26
C-S-BMy laptop seems to be trying to suspend and failing ( i think due to network manager) when closing the lid on power. I don't want it to even enter suspend on lid close but the setting has disappeared to control this.00:41
penguin42kyubutsu: I've found the KDE package manager often hangs part way through00:48
BUGabundonite folks! bed it is00:49
cjohnstonDoes anyone else have an issue after yesterday where the unity bar does not come to the front when the pointer is at the left (or top left) of the screen?02:01
C-S-BMy laptop seems to be trying to suspend and failing ( i think due to network manager) when closing the lid on power. I don't want it to even enter suspend on lid close but the setting has disappeared to control this.02:02
escottC-S-B, gnome 3 thats a known complaint. when gnome 3 extensions are enabled that may be more easily done. there may be a gsetting you can change02:03
cjohnstonI also have when I alt+tab, the new window switcher, plus the old one.. any ideas?02:04
C-S-Bcool, i'll have a look. Excuse my ignorance, where are gsettings02:04
escottC-S-B, http://afaikblog.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/on-laptop-lids-and-power-settings/02:05
ali1234all the makes me real glad i never use a laptop02:12
C-S-BThanks escott : gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugin.power lid-close-ac-action blank incase you cared. :)02:17
C-S-Balthough I do hope suspend gets fixed, worked in Natty, since its something to do with NM, I imagine I cant be the only one?02:18
escottC-S-B, thanks... i probably should set that on my own02:19
C-S-Bcmd failed on mine...02:20
Daekdroomcjohnston, try using unity --reset to reset compiz and have the old alt+tab disappear.02:23
C-S-Bescott, must have been a spelling area somewhere working now.02:23
DaekdroomBe aware that it'll reset your unity/compiz to default, and you might lose custom configuration.02:23
=== sagaci_ is now known as sagaci
bullgard6[GNOME 3] What program package is responsible for writing messages in the lower middle of the  screen image?05:25
bullgard6GNOME 3 tells me: "Wireless network disconnected" but annoys me endlessly with messages: "Authentication required by wireless network". How can I switch off these messages without infringing the ability of my laptop to find a new wireless access point when having moved to a new location?08:17
robin0800bullgard4, where are these messages in the log file?08:55
robin0800bullgaro6, where are these messages in the log file?08:56
robin0800bullgard6, where are these messages in the log file?08:59
bullgard6robin0800: These messages have appeared on the screen. --  What log file do you speak about in particular?09:06
bullgard6Youtube: "You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Upgrade to Flash Player 10." Where should I properly download Flash Player when using Ubuntu? As a Firefox 5 plugin via Firefox?09:12
topyliapt-get install flashplugin-installer09:13
bullgard6topyli: Oh dear! This command even downloads gcc-4.6. It takes 6 mins to complete.09:17
topylienjoy :)09:20
bullgard6topyli:  Done. It works. --  Thank you.09:28
topylibullgard6: cheers09:32
edgyHi, where is libreoffice?10:11
edgysorry seems there ;)10:13
Shvelowill the software centre in Onieric have the new look?10:19
* Shvelo is waiting10:20
IdleOnenew look?10:20
Shvelonew design of ubuntu software centre was announced on OMG! Ubuntu10:23
bullgard6[GNOME 3] How can I delete all games packages? I'd love that they will never re-appear.10:46
bullgard6[GNOME 3] Where are the reasons summarized that Canonical pefers Thunderbird against Evolution?10:59
bullgard6[GNOME 3] Where are the reasons summarized that Canonical prefers Thunderbird against Evolution?11:00
bullgard6What GNOME 3 substitute to Teatime can you recommend?11:07
edgyHi, kmail cannot sync the messages11:41
BluesKajHiyas all12:04
Hitmetoo much bots here12:06
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:06
BluesKajodd , now the app indicator icon in the taskbar disappears while app is open , rather than sticky after it's closed12:07
Hitmeim just asking is anyone alive?12:07
penguin42pre-breakfast, so I'm not sure alive is suitable12:08
bullgard6Hitme: I am alive.12:08
BluesKajcoffee being consumed here ..trying to wake up :)12:08
HitmeThe update manager keeps updating12:08
Hitmewhen i refresh the repo, it says partial upgrade and a distribution upgrade12:09
bullgard6IdleOne: Don't play just for playing. --  I asked several questions, and you did not answer them.12:09
Hitmeand its a endless loop12:09
IdleOnebullgard4: I did not know the answer so I did not answer12:10
IdleOnebullgard6: ^12:10
IdleOnebullgard6: if you don't like the amount/quality of support you are free to ask somewhere else also12:10
Hitmeafter the partial upgrade, the problem goes away, for a while until i install something or there is a update12:10
BluesKajhitme , close it , then in the terminal , sudo dpkg --configure -a , also may need to run sudo apt-get -f install12:12
Hitme269 not upgraded12:15
Hitmethe sudo configure command has no response12:15
BluesKajHitme, there won't be12:16
BluesKajHitme,  sudo apt-get -f install12:17
Hitmedid that12:17
Hitme290 packages not upgraded12:17
Hitme0 updates12:17
BluesKajI see you posted in ubuntu as well12:17
BluesKajsudo apt-get update12:18
Hitmedid that12:19
Hitmestill no change12:19
BluesKajsudo apt-get upgrade12:20
Hitme184mb to be upgraded12:21
Hitmeyes or no?12:21
Hitmei did it once and it keeps poping up after a while12:22
Hitmeits a temporary fix12:23
robin0800Hitme, best to use sudo aptitude safe-upgrade IMHO12:23
BluesKajHitme, your package manager has a bug if it keeps notifying12:24
Hitmethats the probwlm12:24
Hitmeand its the exact same packages12:24
BluesKajturn notificationsa off and update/upgrade thru the terminal12:25
astraljavaSometimes happened to me in 11.04 as well. Annoying, really.12:25
BluesKajwhich packages12:25
Hitmecore system packages12:25
Hitmelike unity, libs, etc.....12:26
BluesKajwhich package manager?12:26
Hitmeand im on Alpha 312:26
BluesKajhmm, I have some issues with synaptic as well, so I removed it , but I run kde anyway and muon seems to be ok for reference purposes.12:27
Hitmeim using ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 312:28
Hitmethats the latest version12:28
robin0800Hitme, well use aptitude then12:29
Hitmeor there is alpha 412:29
BluesKajyes alpha 3 here ....most ppl in this chat are using it as well12:29
Hitmeaptitude command not found12:29
Ian_Cornenot by default12:29
Ian_Corneapt-get install it12:29
Hitmeand i dont want to have 2 package manager12:29
robin0800Hitme, sudo apt-get install aptitude12:30
BluesKaj!aptitude | Hitme12:30
ubottuHitme: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide12:30
Hitmeits outdated12:30
bazhangHitme, no its not12:31
Hitmeand i have doubts on it running 11.1012:31
bazhangHitme, it runs fine.12:31
robin0800Hitme, only thing outdated is synaptic which is going to be removed12:32
Hitmehow about upgrade from terminal?12:33
BluesKajI used aptitude for many yrs , but apt has fianlly been "fixed" and it's as safe as aptitude used to be or more so now12:33
Hitmewould it work?12:33
bazhangHitme, yes of course12:34
Hitmei will try12:34
robin0800BluesKaj, I just love safe-upgrade for a development system12:34
Hitmejust asking, what is your opinion about the alpha version so far12:35
Hitmeis it better than 11.04 or somewhat worse?12:35
penguin42it's not too bad at the moment12:36
BluesKajrobin0800, safe-upgrade is used in apt-get as well , but it's not part of the command , from what was reading a few months back12:36
ikoniaHitme: you're using it - so you should know12:36
penguin42few bugs here or there, but it's also fixed one that was really annoying for me12:36
ikoniaHitme: you made statments in #ubuntu that you where using it,12:37
Hitmeyes why?12:37
robin0800BluesKaj, no I think only in aptitude12:38
Hitmefor me its better than 11.0412:38
ikoniaHitme: ok - so you don't need opnions, you know if it's better/worse for you12:38
Hitmei tried to uninstall unity on 11.04 and instead it uninstalled gnome12:39
Hitmetalk about desktop manager wars12:39
ikoniaHitme: because it depends on gnome,12:39
ikoniaHitme: do you have anything useful to say beyond complaining ?12:39
Hitmeim just giving my opinion12:40
ikoniaok - please don't, as it's coming across as blind complaining12:40
Hitmei hope the new software center would come when its the final version12:40
Hitmelooks coo,12:41
Hitmebut hidden12:41
Hitmejust asking, when i try to install some apps on software center, it say i need to use natty12:42
ikoniawhat exactly does it say and what application12:42
Hitmelike flash player and adobe reader12:43
ikoniawhat is the exact error12:43
Hitmeit says that i need to use natty repo12:43
Hitmeand gave a choice to revert or12:43
ikoniaI have never seen that. Have you logged if there is a bug logged for it ?12:44
Hitmeum no?12:44
ikoniathat's worth doing12:44
IdleOneyou have mixed repos in your sources.list12:46
Hitmeit say availabe from natty-partner source12:46
IdleOneshould have upgraded properly12:46
Hitmebut apt-get says its all oneric12:47
jtayloracroread is not available in oneiric yet12:48
jtaylorwill come later12:48
Hitmea reinstall perhaps for my system?12:49
dr_willisive not really seen a need for acroreader  on my linux installs lately..  could be it has some features i never need. :)12:51
Hitmei mean a ubuntu reinstall12:51
Hitme_sorrymy ipad crashed12:53
Hitme_thats why i dced12:54
dr_willisHeh  that will teach you!12:55
dr_willisIts going to be a "Tablet Xmas" this year i bet....12:55
dr_willisbig gift will be some sort of tablet. :)12:55
Hitme_i got mine last christmas12:56
dr_willisBest Buy guy said they are expecting like 40+ differnt kinds of tablets to be on their shelfs  by xmas. they are ging to have to rearange the store. :)12:57
Hitme_no ubuntu tablets12:57
Hitme_wonder when it will come ouy?12:57
Hitme_gtg bye12:59
BluesKajtablets don't do much for me ...they won't last , I hear stories about trying to keep scrns from becoming gummed up a real pita12:59
penguin42I can kind of see them being useful; haven't got one myself yet13:00
dr_willisgummed up screens? Hmm.. gummed where? :)13:00
dr_willisthe wife likes her phone but wants a bigger screen.. so a tablet is what she 'needs'13:01
dr_willisbut she dosent need a $500 one. :)13:02
BluesKajdr_willis, guess it depends who uses it ...keep it away from kids13:02
dr_willisHeh.. its the grandkids that constantly want to play 'talkng tom' on her phone..13:03
dr_willis3 yr old looks at a phone (any phone) and says 'kitty cat!'13:03
dr_willisshes mainly using it for email, and checking weather/websurfing    these days.. :) from her bed.. heh....  and as a tv-remote.13:04
BluesKajguess 'm just old ...regard ipads as phones with big screens ...who needs a phone that big :)13:05
dr_willispeople with bad eyesight.. like my wife. :)13:07
BluesKajgrandaughter is 12 ...Ipad for christmas...I thought that was bit much13:07
dr_willis2 and 5 here.. both boys.. :)  wife wants a granddaughter to spoil....13:07
dr_willisoh wait.. hes 2 and a half now.. :) he has to get that half in...13:07
dr_willishes a 'big boy'13:08
BluesKajI have 4 grandaughters ...too many ...I can't afford to spoil them13:08
* jussi reminds people about the channel that ends with -offtopic ;)13:08
penguin42OO is obviously just working too well13:08
dr_willisIm still not too sure how unity is supposed to work on tablets...   (back to ubuntu chat!) :)13:10
BluesKajseems so penguin42 , no real probs right at least ...but I'm on kde 4.7 so it might different in gnome country :)13:10
penguin42dr_willis: ? I'd assumed that was it's aim - big fat buttons down one edge you can prod with a finger13:10
penguin42BluesKaj: That --> machine is on KDE, and this <---  is on Unity13:10
WaltherFII wonder when Canonical orders some tablets from a no-name asian company and starts shipping them with ubuntu in their names and with the official support13:10
dr_willispenguin42,  how is the panel supposed to appear? :) if ya touch the side i guess...13:11
penguin42dr_willis: Stay up all the time?13:12
BluesKajpenguin42, sorry , you confused me13:12
penguin42You can get some Tegra tablets for £160 - I'm not sure if anyone has tried forcing Ubuntu onto them13:13
dr_willisYep. seeing more and more tablets all the time.. got a cheap one at CVS pharmacy the other day.. but suddendly the  Amazon app started crashing on it. :( i was using it as a book-reader.13:16
penguin42buying a tablet at a pharmacy could get confusing13:20
BluesKajpenguin42, here in Canada there's a retail chain called London Drugs , it's hard to find the drug aisle or pharmacist ..it sells pcs , big screen tvs , stereo systems , speakers :)13:27
dr_willis:) had a %25 off cupon. I got the tablet just for watcing videos. and  i set it  up with a ssh-terminal and keybord. so i can IRC from it.13:32
jussisigh. Still no sound on Oneiric13:34
cdbsjussi: pulseaudio -k13:35
cdbsjussi: ^^ fixes things for me13:35
cdbsjussi: pulse hangs frequently, the only way to fix it is to kill it and force it to re-spawn itself13:35
jussicdbs: what does that do?13:35
cdbsjussi: it kills pulseaudio so that gnome-session starts it again13:35
cdbsand it also makes sure it is started again :)13:36
jussicdbs: I fear for me on kubuntu it wont be helpful, but Ill try13:36
cdbstry it13:36
cdbsjussi: worked?13:37
dr_willisI dont even have speakers on my Testing box here..  no idea if sound works for me.13:38
BluesKajI just remove pulseaudio ...no need for it here13:39
jussicdbs: nope13:41
jussiKmix shows "dummy output" :(13:41
mendredHi... i had upgraded from ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10, and i now get an error: incompatible license when i select a kernel and boot..the os boots just fine after that..but the plymouth splash doesnt appear....i am trying to debug the cause of this..any pointers would be appreciated..13:41
kavurtmy ubuntu's internet connection is too slow, it was the same in alpha 2. is it common?13:44
dr_willishavent heard many people mention the issue kavurt  you wired? wireless? what chipset?13:47
kavurtit's wireless. i have kubuntu natty on the same computer. it's normal13:47
kavurtdr_willis: i have 20 mb connection, natty shows that. but oneiric downloads updates with 10 kb13:49
BluesKajjussi, do you absolutely need pulseaudio?13:50
jussiBluesKaj: doesnt help if I remove it sadly13:51
jussithen kmix just wont start13:51
kavurtdr_willis: ahterow communications ltd. ar928x wireless adapter13:51
BluesKajjussi, what about alsamixer , does it show your soundcard?13:52
dsathekavurt: nope no issues here13:55
prod_HI all, can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. I am trying to install oneiric alpha dvd amd64. I hit small bugs on both install and live so am insatting in text mode. My partition setup is: 10GB sba1 as /boot and the rest of the drive is a logical group where / is a logical volume in that group. but i cannot install grub. red screenerror on text mode14:06
BUGabundogood afternoon folks14:06
Johnny_Gigglesevening all14:08
Johnny_GigglesMay I ask about development on 11.10?  Are there any significant changes from 11.04 in terms of gcc, make, etc? I do a lot of C coding in gedit14:09
jtaylorthe most significant is --as-needed default14:11
Johnny_GigglesI don't know that option14:11
jtaylorbut it only causes problems for buggy builds14:11
jtaylorgcc 4.6 has a much improved link time optimizer, thats probably the most significant improvement14:11
BluesKajprod , could be you have setup a boot partition where grub needs to be installed , let grub install itself without a flag14:12
jtaylor--as-needed avoids linking shared libraries which are not used in the code14:12
jtaylorand it requires the commandline used to link to be correctly ordered14:12
jtaylorobjectes needing symbols before libraries providing them14:13
Johnny_Gigglesso if one file references another file and there is the opportunity for optimization, can it optimize?14:13
jtaylorif compiled with -flto yes14:14
Johnny_GigglesSay one file calls function() and the second file contains function() which always returns a constant.  Can gcc discard the function call entirely?14:14
Johnny_Gigglesis -flto not default, and if not, why?14:14
jtaylorit can pretty much do what -combine -fwhole-program did before14:14
jtaylorbut much more scalable14:14
prod_BluesKaj. I am trying to use this partition for xen use and development. Needing much space for kernels and xen and booting into all kinda of environments14:14
jtaylorits very new14:14
jtaylorbefore 4.6 many projects could not compiel with flto because it used to much ram14:15
jtaylore.g. firefox14:15
jtaylormany of these issues have ben fixed in 4.614:15
jtaylorbut its still a quite ressource intensive operation14:15
prod_ok false alarm, even though i was getting errors saying grub couldnt be installed it did and i have managed to boot14:15
BluesKajprod_, try to install grub to / ?14:16
prod_ / is a logical volume14:16
Johnny_Gigglesok thx jtaylor14:19
penguin42anyone else seen 'the PyQt4.QtCore module is version 1 but the PyKDE4.kdecore module requires version -1' - and have any idea which package to report it against?14:21
jtaylorwhat do you mean with version 1?14:24
jtaylorIn [45]: PyQt4.QtCore.qVersion()14:25
jtaylorOut[45]: '4.7.3'14:25
penguin42well that line came out of running ubuntu-bug and a similar error came out of running lp-shell14:26
* penguin42 really should learn python14:26
jtaylorI don't understand the problem14:27
* penguin42 resets this conversation14:27
penguin42When I run lp-shell or ubuntu-bug I get an error similar to the one above; and am wondering what to report it against14:28
BUGabundopenguin42: afaik only you and yofel where having problems with KDE packages14:28
penguin42BUGabundo: Something is obviously not happy somewhere in the python stack on kde, but I don't know any python to suggest what the most sane package to report it against is14:29
yofelodd error14:29
* penguin42 picks python-kde414:29
* BUGabundo hands penguin42 a bigger poking stick14:30
jtaylormh lp-shell could use a better shell14:31
jtaylorregular python shell sucks³14:31
bullgard6network-manager annoys me endlessly: "Authentication required by wireless network" after it had told me at the beginning: Wireless network disconnected." I am connected to the Internet vie Ethernet. How to get rid o these messages for this running session?14:34
penguin42right, bug 82632114:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 826321 in pykde4 (Ubuntu) "[Oneiric] the PyQt4.QtCore module is version 1 but the PyKDE4.kdeui module requires version -1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82632114:35
bullgard6s/o /of /14:35
prod_wow, my gnome apps are crashing like crazy on alpha :D14:54
prod_desktop apps*14:54
BUGabundonot only yours14:54
BUGabundohalf of mine crash14:54
BUGabundoI just press cancel14:54
BUGabundo8 times in a row14:54
prod_can you change the position of unity bar?14:55
bullgard6prod_: My GNOME 3 applications do not crash.  -  Catch error messages and report them to Launchpad please.14:57
prod_update seemed to help stop the crashing14:57
BUGabundoprod_: I tend to be a gnome classic user... but on lubuntu right now. login is borked for me14:58
yofelpenguin42: rebuilding pykde4 helps14:58
prod_xen gonna hit the xen14:58
BluesKajseems ppl are avoiding kde , but it also appears to have fewer probs than other desktops atm15:52
nperryUbuntu Mono is nice!!15:53
penguin42pulse isn;t entirely happy16:03
penguin42it's occasionally dying on me16:05
BluesKajpenguin42, do you have pavucontrol , paman or paprefs installed  ?16:46
* penguin42 thinks so16:47
penguin42all of them16:47
BluesKajpenguin42, do you feed an audio receiver or any such device or is it strictly pc soundcard connections, and do you feed multiple audio sources/streams to your network ?16:50
penguin42BluesKaj: Very simple - just audio out of stereo socket16:51
BluesKajpenguin42, then if yo're just listening thru pc speakers and not feeding other sounds over a network then you really don't need pulseaudio ...it's redundant in a setup like yours , alsa should fill your needs16:55
penguin42BluesKaj: It solves the problem of multiple things trying to drive audio at once16:56
BluesKajpenguin42, for example ? I don't quite understand16:57
penguin42BluesKaj: With just alsa I can't play flash at the same time as my music player running16:58
cjohnstonDoes anyone else have an issue where the unity bar does not come to the front when the pointer is at the left (or top left) of the screen?16:58
BluesKajpenguin42, but why would you ?16:58
penguin42cjohnston: Doesn't for me16:58
penguin42BluesKaj: ?16:58
BluesKajhave different sounds playing simultaneously ...guess i'm getting old16:59
penguin42BluesKaj: Oh, I have music playing but will watch a short youtube thing17:00
cjohnstonpenguin42: since an update two days ago, if I have any other windows maximized, I can't get the unity bar to come up without hitting the ubuntu button on the keyboard.. and that brings out the entire window17:00
penguin42BluesKaj: Or have music running and start a game going ; with Alsa one of them will probably crash/hang failing to open the sound device17:00
* BluesKaj just shakes his head , ok penguin42 , nm17:01
penguin42cjohnston: It's being a bit random for me - pressing the windows key is bringing it up at the moment - but the Ubuntu icon at the top left has gone17:02
cjohnstonpenguin42: thats the issue i have17:02
penguin42right, time to make some dinner - back in 3017:03
penguin42crumble is in17:46
celerymanhello, using ubuntu 11.10, lightdm login... cant login as user, guest is fine, after i put in password for user, does like a soft restart then takes me back to login? any ideas? and thanks18:12
trismceleryman: anything in /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log or :?-greeter.log can also be interesting18:13
celerymanwould you like me to post?18:14
trismceleryman: sure18:14
celeryman[+0.16s] DEBUG: Logging to /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log18:15
celeryman[+0.16s] DEBUG: Starting Light Display Manager 0.9.4, UID=0 PID=55218:15
celeryman[+0.16s] DEBUG: Loaded configuration from /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf18:15
celeryman[+0.16s] DEBUG: Registered seat module xlocal18:15
celeryman[+0.16s] DEBUG: Adding default seat18:15
celeryman[+0.16s] DEBUG: Starting seat18:15
celeryman[+0.16s] DEBUG: Starting new display for greeter18:15
celeryman[+0.16s] DEBUG: Starting Local X Display18:15
celeryman[+0.17s] DEBUG: Using VT 718:15
celeryman[+0.17s] DEBUG: Activating VT 718:15
celeryman[+0.17s] DEBUG: Logging to /var/log/lightdm/:0.log18:15
penguin42in a pastebin!18:15
celeryman[+0.17s] DEBUG: Writing X server authority to /var/run/lightdm/root/:018:15
celeryman[+0.17s] DEBUG: Launching X Server18:15
celeryman[+0.17s] DEBUG: Launching process 613: /usr/bin/X :0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -nolisten tcp vt7 -novtswitch18:15
celeryman[+0.19s] DEBUG: Waiting for ready signal from X server :018:15
celeryman[+1.81s] DEBUG: Got signal 10 from process 61318:15
celeryman[+1.81s] DEBUG: Got signal from X server :018:15
celeryman[+1.81s] DEBUG: Connecting to XServer :018:15
celeryman[+1.82s] DEBUG: Starting greeter session18:15
celeryman[+1.83s] DEBUG: pam_start("lightdm", "lightdm") -> (0x948dc88, 0)18:15
celeryman[+1.83s] DEBUG: Starting session unity-greeter as user lightdm logging to /var/log/lightdm/:0-greeter.log18:15
celeryman[+2.07s] DEBUG: Opened ConsoleKit session 02e722025a206b8abe560ce24e449379-1313343769.256612-29548208018:15
celeryman[+2.07s] DEBUG: Adding session authority to /var/lib/lightdm/.Xauthority18:15
celeryman[+2.42s] DEBUG: pam_open_session(0x948dc88, 0) -> 0 (Success)18:15
celeryman[+2.43s] DEBUG: pam_setcred(0x948dc88, PAM_ESTABLISH_CRED) -> 0 (Success)18:15
celeryman[+2.43s] DEBUG: Launching session18:15
celeryman[+2.43s] DEBUG: PAM returns environment 'GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL=/tmp/keyring-oA0rBT GNOME_KEYRING_PID=1197 PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games LANG=en_US.UTF-8'18:15
celeryman[+2.43s] DEBUG: Launching process 1198: LIGHTDM_FROM_SERVER_FD=16 DISPLAY=:0 HOME=/var/lib/lightdm GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL=/tmp/keyring-oA0rBT XDG_SESSION_COOKIE=02e722025a206b8abe560ce24e449379-1313343769.256612-295482080 GDMSESSION=unity-greeter LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LIGHTDM_TO_SERVER_FD=19 XAUTHORITY=/var/lib/lightdm/.Xauthority USERNAME=lightdm DESKTOP_SESSION=unity-greeter18:15
celerymanoh, sorry...18:16
penguin42what about the .xsession-errors file for your user?18:16
celerymanquick question, never used pastebin before, do i just copy a link into here?18:17
trismceleryman: yes, after you pastebinit just give us the url18:18
celerymanthat is var/log/lightdm18:19
trismceleryman: don't really see anything unusual there, ~/.xsession-errors may explain why the session is failing as penguin42 suggested18:22
celerymanokay, one sec18:23
dr_willisIt would be neat if 11.10 does multiseat support in an easy to use way..  I just noticed that   n> [+0.16s] DEBUG: Adding default seat     line and rembered seeing it in the lightdm configs...18:25
celerymanthats all of it   thanks again for all yalls help18:25
nperryWith the Ubuntu mono font, is it always going to be a seperate name from Ubuntu font?18:31
dr_willisarent most mono fonts that way?18:32
dr_willisI seem to recall droid sans being that way also..  never really paid attention to it. :)18:33
nperryJust checking, they normally are.18:34
nperryBut ubuntu mono looks nice in my urxvt18:35
celerymando i need any more info?18:38
dsatheanyone here tried to build nvidia current on a custom kernel18:42
dsatheERROR (dkms apport): kernel package linux-headers-3.0.1-ck1-sathe-rev5 is not supported18:43
dsatheany solutions18:43
celerymancomp tweaked... sorry18:46
trismceleryman: sorry, I'm not really sure what the problem is, may want to try creating a new user and see if they can log in successfully18:47
penguin42nothing too obvious - nautilus is really not very happy from that - but I don't know if that's really the issue18:48
trismyeah I get those nautilus errors with a 'working' session18:49
celerymanokay, thanks18:49
penguin42wonders if there is any aim to have .xsession-errors empty unless something bad happens - it would be nice18:50
dsatheany idea18:50
dsatheplz anyone18:50
dsathei cannot seem to get nvidia-current to build against a custom kernel18:50
celerymanreally appreciate yalls help..18:53
* penguin42 bets celeryman is Texan18:54
BluesKajdsathe, why a custom kernel anyway ?... bound to be probs18:59
penguin42dsathe: My guess is that the nvidia driver (that I don't use) explicitly checks the version and rejects other versions - so you might just have to shortcircuit the check19:01
bjsniderdsathe, custom kernels are your own project and are not supported19:02
bjsniderBluesKaj, since his kernel is tagged -ck it likely means he's using con kolivas's scheduler instead of the built-in kernel scheduler19:04
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penguin42bjsnider: He can't expect support, but if anyone knows it's not unreasonable to ask19:06
dsathei guess19:06
dsathebuilding nvidia from src too19:06
dsathebjsnider: i realise but dkms of an os should work , ubuntu must support such basic functions19:07
dsathethis is no M$ had anfor gods sake19:08
Ian_Cornei didn't quite understand that last one :p19:08
dsatheif we cant install custom kernels on a linux dist i think its rather limiting19:09
bjsnideryou did install it19:09
bjsniderthis is all offtopic19:09
guntbertdsathe: remember you are running an alpha version19:09
dsathebut someone would know rite19:10
Ian_Corneyes, probably, and most likely they are not here in this 20 minute timeframe you're talking now19:10
dsatheno harm askin :( if someone can help19:10
bjsniderdsathe, find the dkms maintainer and ask him19:10
Ian_Cornethat's true offource :)19:10
dsathek ill figure it on my own den , thanks neway19:11
Ian_Cornewell, your question is asked, should some1 with the required knowledge happen to read it, they might respond, but I doubt they're checking ehre for the backlog19:12
bjsnidercheck the dkms control file and it will tell you the ubuntu/debian maintainer's name and email address19:12
dsathebjsnider: it will be easier to build from src19:12
dsathei dont think its right to bother him with something small as this19:13
Ian_Cornethe ubuntu maintainer is contacted at ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com19:13
Ian_Cornethat's not really bothering, it's an email to a list :)19:13
Ian_Cornethere is however this: Please consider filing a bug or asking a question via Launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly.19:14
dsatheIan_Corne: thanks for the info , ill generate a more complete bug report on it first then submit19:14
Ian_Corneok :)19:14
dsathei am aware of of lp i use it ;)19:14
dsathei though it was a bug on my side or a small trivial error , not a major one that would need the maintainers interaction , if i could solve it without that no harm giving it a shot , else ill mail19:16
bullgard6network-manager annoys me endlessly: "Authentication required by wireless network" after it had told me at the beginning: Wireless network disconnected." I am connected to the Internet vie Ethernet. How to get rid o these messages for this running session?19:21
dsatheinteresting there is a package that reads nvidia-current-updates and nvidia-current19:26
dsatheboth have exactly the same functionality19:26
dsathein oneric19:26
dsatherepos , is that wierd ?19:26
dsatheboth point to 280.13-0ubuntu119:26
BluesKajdsathe, depending on the nvidia card , the drivers from nvidia's site appear to be working , such as the 280.13 for more recent cards19:28
vvcvshould i use 10.04 10.10 11.04 or 11.1019:31
BluesKajI'm using the 289.13 from the launchpad ppa ..dunno if it's been modded vs the nvidia more proprietary one19:31
BluesKajerr 28019:31
vvcvshould i use 10.04 10.10 11.04 or 11.1019:32
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.19:32
dsatheBluesKaj the 2 packages in the rpo is something wierd and new19:32
dsathei hope its not a bug19:33
dsatheis ubutnu rel planning a to provide bleeding edge updates as nvidia releases a new stable unix drivers19:33
dsathein the form of nvidia-current-updates19:33
vvcvshould i use 10.04 10.10 11.04 or 11.1019:33
dsathevvcv 11.0419:33
dsatheto all users , if so i think its brilliant move19:34
dsatheesp for ppl trapped with fermi gpu19:34
dsatheand new to nix , building is a pain19:34
BluesKajguess he din't get the hint19:34
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Ian_CorneBluesKaj: you could at least tell him that 11.10 is not meant to be used as a system for working :p19:39
BluesKajIan_Corne, Me? ..why me ? :)19:41
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Rods_TigerI?ve just updated to 10.10 but I'm having a problem with the screen settings. Is there an obvious way of having the screen stay on forever? It seems to have a maximum limit of one hour, which is clearly nowhere near enough.20:04
guntbertRods_Tiger: 10.10 is supported in #ubuntu20:05
Rods_Tigeris it?20:05
Rods_TigerI thought it was still in alpha, hence here20:05
guntbertRods_Tiger: of course, this channel is for 11.1020:05
Rods_Tigerthat's the one20:05
guntbertahm you mistyped :-))20:06
Rods_Tigerno, I didn't, I didn't realise it was called 11.1020:06
guntbertRods_Tiger: its easy: year.month20:06
Rods_Tigerthis is 2011 already? time flies20:07
Rods_Tigeranyway, that's beside the point, I didn't ask about the name of the thing, I asked about the screen settings20:08
guntbertRods_Tiger: sorry, no help from me in that realm, in my 11.04 there is "never" at the bottom20:11
bjsnidervlc has got to be the hardest package to build from source that we have in linux20:12
Ian_CorneRods_Tiger: I asume you mean on a laptop?20:13
Ian_Cornehmm, probably desktop too20:15
Ian_CorneI also don't see any way to set it higher then an hour, or disable it..20:15
Rods_TigerI used to have an xset setting, when I knew how to do that sort of thing, but the upgrade ate it.20:18
Ian_Corneyeah, i know what you mean20:18
Ian_Cornethere's also no option in the power settings menu20:19
Ian_CorneRods_Tiger: I suggest filing a bug against the gnome-control-center package20:19
Rods_Tigerthis is going to cause a lot of people to complain - what about the people who watch films on their computer? Most films are more than an hour long20:19
Ian_Corneor whatever the package is with the screen option20:19
Ian_CorneRods_Tiger: most movie players keep your OS from doing that20:20
Ian_Cornethey keep an "alive" state20:20
Ian_Corneflash full screen doesn't20:20
Ian_Corneor didn't20:20
trismRods_Tiger: currently I have: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver idle-activation-enabled false; and then xset -dpms; and that seems to have killed it20:20
Ian_Corneaha, the very handy setting " gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver idle-activation-enabled false" ofcource :p20:21
Rods_Tigermine was something like that. In fact, it was a couple of years ago so I can't remember any of it now, but it set the screen to power up in the morning, then power down at midnight, and left it on all day (as a photoframe).20:22
Rods_Tigerwith the help of a cron job20:22
Ian_Cornewell, there also was a gui way to do it in 11.04 (not timed tho)20:23
Rods_TigerI'll just have to learn how I did it all over again.20:23
Ian_Cornewell yes, maybe commandline, but the setting should still be in the power menu or the screen menu20:24
trismpreviously I could just disable the screensaver and set blanking to never in the power manager but those options are gone unfortunately20:24
Ian_Cornecan't have a grandma having to do commandline stuff because she's thinking to long about her next scrabble move20:24
Ian_Cornetrism: exactly what I meant20:24
Rods_Tigerit could do with a special 'photoframe' mode (which is what I use it for, not counting the apache server)20:33
Rods_Tigerthat way it can display the photos folder forever. If it had time off and time on options, I'm sure a lot of people would find use for that.20:33
Ian_Cornewell if you set gnome eye or what is it, to slideshow and cycle20:34
Ian_Cornedoesn' tit keep the display alive?20:34
Rods_Tigerthat'll override the screen blanking?20:34
Rods_TigerI use feh, btw20:35
Ian_Cornetry it :)20:35
Ian_CorneI'm wondering why you even have unity running when there's only apache and that running :)20:35
Rods_TigerI shall. I tried almost all of them some time back, and none of them were suitable for one reason or another, and feh was the only one that was20:36
Rods_Tigertrue - it's just in case it needs to get used as a 'normal' computer now and then (which pretty much didn't happen in the end)20:36
Rods_Tigerit's an Acer Aspire One netbook with a knackered battery of 10mins lifetime now, connected to a spare 15 TFT display, and this was a good use for both otherwise redundant units.20:38
Ian_Corneyou can still use it without unity20:39
Ian_Cornebut that's not a solution to the general problem ofcource20:39
Rods_Tigerwhich is unity? same as gnome?20:40
Ian_Corneyeah it's the DE20:40
Ian_Cornedesktop environment20:41
Rods_Tigerthe upgrade asked me about something like a DE or a lightDE20:41
Ian_Cornefor you, you could just start a basic X session and run the feh command :)20:41
Ian_Cornethat's lightDM20:41
Rods_Tigeraha. I chose the lightDM20:41
Ian_Cornethat's something else :)20:41
Rods_Tigerit's not a particularly heavy computer20:42
Ian_Cornewell, it replaces GDM20:42
Rods_Tigeraha - the thing that signs me in?20:42
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diverse_izzuehi guys. my laptop is doing something new: under high load, the CPU reaches 100 degrees celcius and the kernel performs an emergency shutdown. that never happened under earlier releases. ideas?21:38
Ian_Cornewell, do you have anything to compare it with, another version of ubuntu or windows loaded on the system?21:38
Ian_Corneotherwise, it could be just dust clogging up the cooling vents21:38
urlin2udiverse_izzue, install htop and look at whats running things can be shutdown with htop.21:39
diverse_izzueurlin2u, the problem is not the high load, that's intended. the problem is rather that the fan doesn't step in enough to cool the system.21:39
diverse_izzueIan_Corne, I could be wrong, but I guess the fan control doesn't work like it used to21:40
Ian_CorneWell, i don't have that issue atm21:42
Ian_Corneurlin2u: even with the cpu at 100% at all times, it should not reach 100°C21:43
Ian_Cornethe fans should cool it enough21:43
urlin2uIan_Corne, there are controls for that but I forget their names, I have a netbook that wont use any of them.21:44
urlin2uIan_Corne, must run a bit slow with 100% cpu.21:45
szalmoin folks22:02
szaldo I see correctly that the new version of the Ubuntu font is considerably bolder than the old one?  (pkg version 0ubuntu5 (Oneiric) vs. 0ubuntu2 (Natty))22:03
szalI hardly see a difference between Regular and Bold at 10pt in Konversation22:05
szalhmm, possible explanation..  KDE (4.6.5) uses the Medium instead of the Regular22:20
Ian_Corneshould 11.10 be on 4.7?22:27
szalis that fixed in KDE 4.7?  I see that Gtk applications use the correct font22:27
* szal is not on 11.1022:27
szalI just pulled the ttf-ubuntu-font-family pkg from Oneiric22:27
szalin the hope that something else about the font was fixed, but it isn't22:28
Ian_Cornedid you file a bug report with the thing that you would like to see fixed ?22:46
szalIan_Corne: not yet, just noticed that 2 hours or so ago22:46
Ian_Corneok :)22:47
Ian_Cornewell a good first step is seeing if it's fixed already, so good for you! :)22:47

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