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d3s3rtdw3ll3rI can even remember the last time I was on the IRC10:52
nlsthzn_workd3s3rtdw3ll3r: hi11:03
nlsthzn_workwelcome to the very quiet UAE channel :D11:04
d3s3rtdw3ll3rthanks, it is indeed11:04
d3s3rtdw3ll3rglad I found it though11:04
nlsthzn_workAt the moment it is mainly used for IRC Loco meetings :)11:04
nlsthzn_workBut in time for support too (holding thumbs)11:04
d3s3rtdw3ll3rIve recently joined loco11:04
nlsthzn_workAwesome :)11:04
d3s3rtdw3ll3rdidnt know there linux users in Dubai11:05
d3s3rtdw3ll3rwas toying with the idea of starting a Lug11:05
d3s3rtdw3ll3rthen found loco11:05
nlsthzn_workYup, there are many similar stories to that :11:06
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryou a saffa?11:06
nlsthzn_workhaha yup... and you?11:07
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryea, whereabouts?11:07
nlsthzn_workCool (that makes 3 of us in the Loco)... I am a bit far unfortunatly... Al Ruwais (all the way on the other side of the UAE)11:08
d3s3rtdw3ll3rdont even know where that is. I meant where is SA you from?11:09
nlsthzn_workOh :p11:09
nlsthzn_workSecunda, Mpumalanga11:09
d3s3rtdw3ll3rhaha I dont even know where Mpumalanga is11:09
d3s3rtdw3ll3rSecunda ok11:10
d3s3rtdw3ll3rso what you do for a living here in the land o sand?11:10
nlsthzn_workOh, making plastic :p11:11
nlsthzn_workWhere in ZA do you hail from btw?11:12
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryou a chemical engineer?11:12
d3s3rtdw3ll3rahh Mondeor, the suffering suburbs, right next to soweto, if thats its names still11:12
d3s3rtdw3ll3rso its not really an ish if I dont run ubuntu then? :P11:14
d3s3rtdw3ll3rwas a user till unity, twas the last straw11:16
nlsthzn_worknah, I wish I was an engineer... just an operator... Nah... I don't think not running Ubuntu should ever be an issue (and for those zealots who do have a problem just to bad)...11:16
* nlsthzn_work loves his Unity11:16
d3s3rtdw3ll3ranother saffa project : http://www.mxit.com/11:17
nlsthzn_workLong time mxit user... well until I came here... silly data prices here are silly :11:20
d3s3rtdw3ll3rI only discovered it today11:20
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryea I know, prices are extortionate, what they like back in SA?11:22
nlsthzn_workWell in SA it was a smart move... very cheap to communicate... since coming here it is cheaper for me just to get a DSL line and use what ever IM I want :)11:24
d3s3rtdw3ll3rhow long you been out of SA?11:35
nlsthzn_work... about 2 and a half years now...11:42
d3s3rtdw3ll3rso I take it as you are here, things have not improved?11:43
nlsthzn_workImproved back in SA you mean?11:43
nlsthzn_workWell, in my opinion no... crime is high, employment low...11:44
d3s3rtdw3ll3rhowd you end up here?11:45
nlsthzn_workyou should join #ubuntu-za... many very cool guys there with lots of Linux knowledge...11:45
nlsthzn_workGot an interview, got a job :p11:45
d3s3rtdw3ll3ryou like it here?11:45
nlsthzn_workbtw, what distro are you running?11:46
nlsthzn_workit is alright here11:46
d3s3rtdw3ll3rgone full circle11:46
d3s3rtdw3ll3rits damn expensive here methinks11:46
nlsthzn_workyes... they pay well, but then they take it all back again11:48
d3s3rtdw3ll3rhaha yep, same boat as before11:49
* nlsthzn waves night to all 20:30

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