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mikii have a question currently i have a dreamplug with an arm processor i'm on it now my question is when i used the gtkterm and done the configuration and sent raw file miniterm.py why did it upload all the source code for the boot of everything that would boot?04:30
mikiBTW don't send minicom executable i made that mistake too lol04:31
mikiit sent everything as a souce code during boot thought it was cool04:36
mikiminiterm.py was useful program04:38
mikieven the help that i typed in displayed the contents of in the form of a man page04:41
mikianyone ever try miniterm.py in an arm processor?04:46
mikilike source code04:49
mikihmmm just thought about i'm using debian linux 5.0 for dreamplug maybe don't work with other distro's idk04:55
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