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* benonsoftware can't come to tonights meeting :(05:00
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Hay, my username is Benny for the site06:03
head_victimbenonsoftware: Ok you should be able to create content, please ping someone to just quickly review it before publishing as 2 sets of eyes usually picks out any of the dramas.06:05
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Would I make it a event for the calendar?06:14
head_victimEither an event or story is fine, we try to steer people towards using the calendar on loco.u.c as their source so the website is more just getting the message out.06:15
benonsoftwarehead_victim: Ok, I'm just going to use the text from the loco event page I made is that fine?06:18
benonsoftwareloco.u.c is loding slowly for me :(06:19
benonsoftwarePublished :)06:23
head_victimCool, I'll dent/tweet it probably tomorrow, don't want to spam everyone too much in one day :)06:25
benonsoftwareThats fine06:26
sagacidoing the package gftp, the string reads: The width of the filename column in the transfer window. Set this to 0 to have this column automagically resize.06:26
benonsoftwareBTW I can' come to the meeting Jared06:26
head_victimsagaci: yeah I've noticed some people like the word "automagically" :/06:27
sagaciis automagically a word, or should I just let the tongue in cheek expression go06:27
head_victimbenonsoftware: yep you've said before, I'm not 100% sure I'll be here myself, I'm hoping to be back in time.06:27
benonsoftwareIs it me or do all the tweets in Ubuntu-AU in l.u.com apear twice?06:28
head_victimsagaci: I don't know of any policy one way or the other to be honest06:28
sagaciI'll just leave it for now06:29
benonsoftware Gotta go might see you all Monday06:29
head_victimSee you later benonsoftware 06:29
head_victimsagaci: I guess if the people writing it want to use words like that who are we to judge.06:30
head_victimDoes seem odd but some people do like a bit of randomness I guess.06:30
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sagacijaddi27, ping09:52
sagacihi, sorry I'm late. The expression, "have you tried pulling it in" rings so true right now10:03
sagacianyone around for the meeting?10:03
fabricator4Trip over the power cord?10:04
fabricator4Nothing happening yet.10:04
jaddi27I am here, but will be only half paying attention10:04
sagacino, plugged in power cord but not the dsl cord :(((10:04
sagacii'm like, y u no work modem10:04
sagaciso I guess I should just start it and see who's around10:05
MootBotMeeting started at 05:05. The chair is sagaci.10:05
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]10:05
sagaciWelcome to the August Ubuntu-AU IRC meeting, please register your attendance by raising your hand or saying hello... :)10:06
jaddi27Hi everyone10:06
fabricator4Hidi Ho10:06
fabricator4The rest might need another couple of minutes?10:07
sagaciyeah, I'll wait a few10:07
MoLE_Here, but only able to lurk for the most part.10:09
sagaciwell anyway, three's a crowd. We only have a few agenda items anyhow, Speaking of which: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/130/detail/10:10
sagacifour's a big crowd... hi MoLE_ 10:10
sagaciLet's get started on our first item10:11
sagaci[TOPIC] Find more events to go to - Clinton Hunter10:11
MootBotNew Topic:  Find more events to go to - Clinton Hunter 10:11
sagacisince mrshr3d isn't here at the moment, I guess we can talk about it anyway...10:12
zabomberwell than you can fill me in on what "events" you specifically looking at?10:13
sagaciI've already posted an event for a booth at linux.conf.au 2012 open day - http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/1150/detail/10:13
fabricator4I'd like to go to some uni open days and set up a stand.  Haven't approached any one yet though.10:14
sagacithis is all just tentative, whoever wants to setup and attend to the stand is quite welcome to do so10:14
sagacifabricator4: your uni may already have a linux user group10:14
fabricator4There is at Queensland uni.  I've also never seen them have  a presence at any of the open days.10:15
jaddi27fabricator4, What is the name of the UQ linux user group?10:16
fabricator4QUT, I haven't seen any mention of a LUG10:16
sagaciit may help just to fire an email around on a mailing list mentioning an intent to setup some kind of ubuntu/linux stand10:16
jaddi27ah, right10:16
fabricator4Good question.  I think they run educational stuff on the weekends.10:16
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.sci.usq.edu.au/lug/ 10:18
sagaciah righteo10:18
sagaci[IDEA] set up stands at uni open days10:18
MootBotIDEA received:  set up stands at uni open days 10:18
sagacianything else?10:19
fabricator4head victim mentioned local computer markets.10:20
fabricator4They are usually monthly10:21
sagaciaround brisbane?10:21
fabricator4Yes, there's one: http://www.sundaycomputermarket.com.au/ (warning, has a popup :-(10:22
sagaciah, might be worth approaching them10:23
fabricator4I think head victim had it in mind for Free Software Day, but it would work other times also.10:24
sagaciyeah, of course10:25
sagacimind if we move onward?10:25
MoLE_Go for it.10:25
sagaci[TOPIC] Event documentaries & YouTube - Clinton Hunter10:26
MootBotNew Topic:  Event documentaries & YouTube - Clinton Hunter 10:26
sagaciSo I think it would be beneficial for us to create a youtube channel where we could post content under the ubuntu-au banner10:27
fabricator4How to's?10:28
sagacisome tutorials/screencasts/how-to's are much better with someone talking/explaining rather than terminal commands that newer users might not feel comfortable with10:28
sagacifabricator4: installing etax under wine, desktop tweaks, ubuntu advocacy, etc10:29
fabricator4Absolutely.  Setting up a VM.  Basic install etc10:30
sagaciexactly, reviews possibly, endless options10:30
sagacihow to translate, fix bugs, get on IRC, change your mirror prefs10:30
fabricator4What tools are available?  I've seen it done, never tried it.10:31
MoLE_Is the a template howto so noobs like me can create a screencast?10:31
sagaciI can't really advocate for any specific program but you can use ffmpeg, gtk-recordmydesktop and kazam, amongst others10:32
zabomberwouldn't that be re-inventing the wheel? surely theres a million tuts online?10:33
sagacithis would be better suited to the mailing list but I guess we'd just set it up to be similar to ubuntu.org.au/IRC whereby longtime contributors/admins, elky, head_victim et.al., would admin the project and review/approve content to post to the official channel10:33
fabricator4Yes, there's plenty out there.  But if Ubuntu au could produce some quality presentations it would be a one-stop shop10:34
sagacizabomber: maybe but as Jorge Castro said in a lightning talk at UDS, much of the information is wrong and is obsolete10:34
jaddi27zabomber, I think it would be useful for people who want to hear people from their country giving examples - an Australian accent with Australian spelling is nicer to hear/read10:34
MoLE_There would be a niche for au specific config etc.10:35
fabricator4Some of the presentations are a bit ordinary, miss the point, or yes obsolete10:35
zabomberok. true that.10:35
sagacihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc062mjMmAw - example of good content10:35
MootBotLINK received:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc062mjMmAw - example of good content 10:35
sagaci[ACTION] Youtube channel - defer to mailing list - concerning setup and administrators reviewers/approvers10:36
MootBotACTION received:  Youtube channel - defer to mailing list - concerning setup and administrators reviewers/approvers 10:36
fabricator4OK, not a bad idea10:36
sagacialso goes for possible video content of Ubuntu-AU events, etc10:37
jaddi27sounds like it would be a great way to get more people using ubuntu for the first time, and helping out people who would like to try out new parts of the operating system10:38
sagacimaybe it's just me, but I watched lots of youtube linux/ubuntu related videos just to hear someone else talking about it, rather than just reading things on a screen10:39
jaddi27yes, i can see the advantage of that10:39
sagacianyway.. anything else to add?10:40
sagaci[TOPIC] Professionally-made Name Badges - Clinton Hunter 10:41
MootBotNew Topic:  Professionally-made Name Badges - Clinton Hunter  10:41
sagaciI don't mind this idea but unless anyone has anything to say about it, I'd be inclined to push this to the mailing list, since mrshr3d is absent10:42
jaddi27I'd agree with moving it to the mailing list - it is really something that needs to be discussed with everyone10:43
sagaci[TOPIC] Ubuntu-AU Doc Jam - Benny10:43
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu-AU Doc Jam - Benny 10:43
jaddi27Benny is not here, but wanted everyone to know that he will be running a Doc Jam10:44
MoLE_Yes, I saw his apology on the list.10:44
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/1149/detail/ 10:45
sagaciat the risk of being accused of self-promotion, I'd just like to say that the Ubuntu-AU team has two Jams running, the Documentation Jam on Friday, 2nd September at 7pm-9pm AEST and my en-AU translation jam on Saturday 3rd September from around 2pm-4pm10:45
MoLE_Cool, I think I have that weekend off.10:46
sagaciMoLE_: well now you don't :P10:46
jaddi27It will be good if we can get a few people along to both of those10:46
sagaci[ACTION] benonsoftware and sagaci to send out reminders to mailing list in re: to Jams10:48
MootBotACTION received:  benonsoftware and sagaci to send out reminders to mailing list in re: to Jams 10:48
sagaci[TOPIC] Ubuntu-au Mailing List & Gmail - Boden Matthews10:49
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu-au Mailing List & Gmail - Boden Matthews 10:49
sagaciI think this is mostly out of our hands unless anyone has anything else to add10:49
MoLE_I've noticed this is an issue.  I presume upstream us aware?10:49
sagaciyep, head_victim has notified whoever needed to be notified10:50
MoLE_Ok, watch this space then.10:50
sagaciand as Dan from Linux Outlaws says, "we'll keep an eye on that one to see how it turns out"10:51
gorillaoops.. I forgot. sorry all :-/10:51
MoLE_Those blokes have eyes everywhere.10:52
sagacispeaking of which10:52
sagaci[TOPIC] Localised Ubuntu-AU cdimage - Joel Pickett 10:52
MootBotNew Topic:  Localised Ubuntu-AU cdimage - Joel Pickett  10:52
MoLE_Welcome gorilla10:52
MoLE_Cool idea.10:53
sagacibrainstorm ideas for ubuntu-au localisation, k GO10:54
jaddi27Obviously translations should be included10:54
sagaciwallpaper, translations, artwork, australian-specific documentation (etax), default IRC channels, (#ubuntu-au)10:54
sagacilogin sound10:55
jaddi27I think the desktop background could be changed, but I like to see what the official desktop background is with each new version10:55
sagaciartwork may exhibit Australian culture/places of interest10:55
jaddi27the animal for that release in an Australian setting ...10:56
sagacipolar bear on Uluru?10:56
jaddi27yes, that is about right10:56
sagaciphotoshop/gimp skills anyone?10:56
fabricator4bundy bear...10:56
jaddi27an ocelot on the sydney harbour bridge10:57
sagacibut is it necessary and/or worth the effort?10:57
fabricator4no, and yes10:58
jaddi27translations yes, others maybe10:58
sagaciartwork could reside on the wiki10:58
fabricator4An Australian image would make it more attractive10:58
sagacisame with Aussie documentation10:58
sagacimaybe as an ubuntu-au metapackage, (down the road, future)10:59
sagaciany other ideas, otherwise I'll finish it up...?11:00
MootBotMeeting finished at 06:02.11:02
sagacigg, thanks11:02
jaddi27still managed to make the meeting last an hour with a few people and only a few topics11:03
fabricator4some  good ideas11:03
sagacijaddi27: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/173/detail/11:05
jaddi27Thanks for that. Hopefully I will be properly available for it11:08
jaddi27I think it should be fine, but I will let you know closer to the time11:08
skottyHey people11:47
skottyI have a few qu's if someone is able to give me a little bit of advice?..11:47
jaddi27I might be able to, but am doing other work at the same time11:50
jaddi27ask away, and I will see what I can do11:50
skottyLooking at butting Ubuntu 11.4 on my PC... dunno if I would have many errors or how smooth sailing it will be...11:51
jaddi27is it a laptop or desktop?11:52
skottyAMD Phenom x2 6core 1055T, 8gb ram, and a 30GB SSD..11:52
jaddi27do you just have the SSD?11:52
skottyI'm downloading the 64bit version11:52
skottyI've got a HDD aswell...11:52
skottyProb better off installing it to my HDD I guess incase I don't like it so I don't lose my windows install hey?..11:53
jaddi27do you have windows currently installed that you want to keep? is it on the ssd or hdd?11:53
jaddi27yes, that would be best11:53
jaddi27i would allocate about 30gb to ubuntu on the hdd, but you could go smaller if you want11:53
skottyGuess ubuntu will run fast enough on the HDD as its not a hog like windows I've been told..11:54
skottyHad a mate that use to run Linux Mint and swears by linux distros11:54
jaddi27i use ubuntu on a normal hdd, and find it fairly fast11:54
skottyIs there anyway that I can install microsoft office on ubuntu or do I have to run it in a virtual box?11:55
jaddi27obviously ssd will be faster, but for trying it out and most use cases, a standard hdd will be fine11:55
* skotty not a fan of open office11:55
jaddi27you would have to install ms office on a virtual windows machine in virtual box11:55
jaddi27you can use wine (a windows emulator), but i have found the virtual machine to work better11:56
jaddi27because it is a proper windows install11:56
skottyJust doing a bit of research on trying to find a few programs for ubuntu, and how easy does ubuntu work in regards on running on a network..11:56
skottyBecasue its going on my desktop - and have several comps accessing data off my desktop..11:56
jaddi27my computers just detect the wireless network and connect once you have entered the password11:56
skottyhow well does the filesharing side of it work?11:57
jaddi27if you have windows shares set up on the desktop, you would have to set it all up again in ubuntu11:57
jaddi27i haven't done much filesharing, but the few times i have accessed a windows comp from ubuntu, it has worked fine11:57
jaddi27i can't say about windows -> ubuntu, as I have not tried it11:58
skottystill trying to figure out of gains I will get with running linux or windows tho lol..11:58
skottyHow well with ubuntu go in the way of finding drivers for itself?11:59
jaddi27i find ubuntu faster than windows, but windows has some programs that you cannot put on linux easily (e.g. Dreamweaver, MS Office, etc)11:59
jaddi27It normally finds drivers fairly well, and if it doesn't find them, it is normally easy to get them set up12:00
skottyI'm guessing if I like ubuntu, I'd be better off running it with dual boot then...12:00
skottyfor some windows apps and what not..12:00
jaddi27yes, that is what i would do initially12:01
skottyis it hard to setup the daul boot..12:01
jaddi27install it to the hdd, try it out for a bit, and then decide what you want to end up doing with it12:01
jaddi27no, it is very easy12:02
jaddi27ubuntu will find the drives, and you just need to select the correct drive and select the amount of space it can have on that drive12:02
jaddi27it will install its own boot loader to replace the windows one, which works well12:02
jaddi27i recommend you do a backup of your data in case something goes wrong, obviously, but i haven't had any bad experiences installing it12:03
skottyMain programs that I use in windows is mIRC, SABnzb, PS3 Media server... which I have found for Linux anyway12:04
jaddi27yes, there are equivalent programs for most programs, and the majority work very well12:05
skottythanks for ya help jaddi2712:08
skottyI'm going to go and give it a crack :)12:08
skottyThanks again!12:08
head_victimEvening jaddi27 and skotty 12:08
skottyhiya head_victim12:08
jaddi27skotty, let us know how you go12:08
skottyOnly think I prob won't be able to find a app for in ubuntu I'm guess is my keyboard..12:09
skottyLogitech G51012:09
jaddi27ubuntu should recognise the keyboard and use the appropriate mappings12:09
jaddi27i know my logitech K340 works properly in ubuntu12:10
skottyI'm meaning I probably won't be able to use a few of the apps on it?12:10
skottyMines a gaming keyboard with the headphone jacks in it, and LCD up the top of it... (and the ghey colour changing lights lol)12:10
head_victimskotty: I use a logitech mx5500 on this computer now, it has a lcd12:11
head_victimThere are bits that work and bits that don't. If it's set up under windows first it pretty much all just works ok with linux12:11
head_victimBut I'm going to be throwing it all away soon hopefully. Logitech have really burned me with this set. Has lasted so poorly.12:12
skottyI love my logitech keyboards12:13
skottyhavent had anything other than logitech in the last 10 years lol, had all the G15 V1, G15 V2, and now the G510 :)12:13
skottyThey have proven to be outlast me with spilling soft drink in them and covering them with ciggi ash (I need to look after my hardwear more).12:14
head_victimThis mx5500 is not a cheap set, it retails upwards of 250. Less than 2 years down the track the mouse has to be constantly (daily) reset as it freezes and the keyboard has to be reset weekly as keys get stuck.12:14
head_victimThe key action is so poor it's making me mistype.12:15
head_victimI loved it when it was new, it just didn't last well enough to make me want to buy anything logitech again, especially keyboards.12:16
head_victimI'd happily trade the LCD screen for a keyboard that lasted longer :D12:16
head_victimjaddi27: my power tripped out at 2100 on the dot, was there much of the meeting after [Sun 14 Aug - 21:00:48] <sagaci> any other ideas, otherwise I'll finish it up...?12:18
skottyanywyas going to go and give ubuntu a crack12:18
skottyhopefully I don't kill anything important hahah12:18
skottycheers guys I shall return :P12:18
head_victimskotty: good luck, we're here to help12:19
jaddi27head_victim, after that there was a #endmeeting12:20
jaddi27so you didn't miss anything at all12:20
head_victimjaddi27: thank goodness, I got home and went to see how it all went and the computer was off, the power circuit tripped for the first time in years :/12:21
jaddi27yes, i saw you go offline around then and thought it was unusual12:23
head_victimNice of it to at least catch the meeting for me.12:23
head_victimI only ever go offline when the power is out :/12:24
head_victimI have wireless broadband failover on my router so even if the cable internet drops (has happened once in the last 2 years) I should stay connected, might be a brief reset though.12:24
jaddi27yes, at least it got the meeting12:24
jaddi27the wireless is very useful in that way12:25
head_victim And if I'm really desperate I use my mobile phone.12:28
head_victimYAAIC has just updated with some features I was hanging out for so is now just abouta s good as IRC'ing on a mobile can get I think.12:29
jaddi27i might look into that if i get an android phone12:33
head_victimI used to use mirrgi on my nokia12:34
head_victimIt wasn't spectacular but it worked.12:34
jaddi27i just have a normal phone, but have iPad and iPod touch12:35
jaddi27haven't found a really good client yet, but i haven't looked for a while12:35
head_victimAh my wife has an ihpone4 but she doesn't IRC anymore so can't really say for that platform12:36
jaddi27if i can't find a good one, then i might look into writing one for it - but that won't be for a while12:38
jaddi27I'll be off now - need to finish drawing up a circuit for uni tomorrow12:40
jaddi27speak to you later12:40
head_victimNo worries, have a good one12:40
head_victimEvening sagaci, sorry I missed it :/12:51
head_victim(the meeting)12:51
sagacino worries12:51
sagacionly a few items on the agenda anyhow12:52
head_victimYep, just read the log, looks like it went well12:52
sagaciso would you be ok to admin/create a youtube channel for ubuntu-au?12:53
head_victimYeah, I was actually just googling how to achieve it12:56
head_victimThey've been depreciated apparently12:57
head_victimHmm maybe a ubuntuau channel13:04
head_victimDo the same as I did with twitter and use the ubuntu-au-owner email address so its tied to the team?13:07
skottyHowdy, I'm back...13:07
skottyGot ubuntu installed no dramas.. :-)13:07
head_victimskotty: that's what I love about Ubuntu, easy enough for even people like me to install.13:08
sagaciskotty, which version?13:08
skottyNow time to try and find a decent IRC prog... had a mate try to tell me that there was a mIRC version for ubuntu.. I didn't think there was..13:08
skottysagaci:  11.4 64bit13:08
head_victimxchat is what I use, similar to mirc13:08
sagacigoodo, so did I13:09
head_victimsagaci: is there a better video sharing network than youtube as well13:10
skottyWith apps, do they have to be for ubuntu or can I use ones that say Linux/GNOME and that kinda stuff?13:10
head_victimskotty: the best way to install software in Ubuntu is through the software centre. That way they will always be updated.13:10
skottywill it auto install?13:11
head_victimMOST (not quite all) software is available through the software centre, it's just not always the absolute latest (beta) versions.13:11
sagacihead_victim, maybe technically superior but youtube has the popularity/reach13:11
skottyLast time I played with linux was 12 months ago... with mint... I know I had to type in some command line..13:11
sagaciskotty, you don't have to do it via the commandline13:12
sagaciwhat do you want to install?13:12
head_victimsagaci: just checking if we could use better formats in other places or something.13:12
skottyJust trying to get together a few programs I regually use...13:13
skottyIs there any decent video decoder packs out there for linux? the one I use on windows don't make a linux version :(13:13
sagacierm, ubuntu-restricted-extras13:14
skottyPS3 Media Server I wanna install..13:14
sagacinever used that13:15
skottyStreams media to playstation 3...13:15
skottytranscodes on the fly..13:15
skottyWhats ubuntu-restricted-extas?13:15
head_victimBe right back :)13:15
sagaciby video decoder packs, I thought you meant like k-lite or something like that13:17
skottyThats exactly what I mean :)13:17
skottyon windows I use Sharky 00713:17
sagaciwell if you want to play pretty much any format out there, ubuntu-restricted-extras is a metapackage that installs most common codecs with openjdk and flash13:18
skottywhere can I get that?13:19
sagacifrom the software centre13:19
fabricator4Scotty: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats13:21
fabricator4The software center is good.  Open the dash and type the name of the program you want.  I should start showing you relevent icons after a brief moment.13:23
skottyI just need a decoder for MKV really :)13:24
fabricator4You should also run automatic updates13:24
skottyto run with PS3 media server so I can stream bluray rips to PS3..13:24
skottyWhere do downlaods from the software centre go :/13:25
fabricator4The debs get downloaded to /var/cache/apt/archives, but they will get installed automatically.  You don't need to do anything except wait for it to finish13:27
skottyWhere do I go to access them then :s13:27
fabricator4Oh, you mean how do you run them?13:28
skotty_87Think I might of sussed it.13:28
fabricator4Try typing the program name in dash, or see if there's documentation on the program13:28
skotty_87I'm actually rather enjoying ubuntu13:30
skotty_87almosted tempted to install it to my SSD13:30
fabricator4Yes.  Give it a few days though, to be really sure.  13:31
skotty_87Yeah, mainly depends on if this ubuntu-restricted-extras can deal with MKV and how well it works with streaming media,13:32
fabricator4Try googling.  I know there's some PS 3 specific programs out now.13:33
skotty_87The one I use on windows is also avaible for OSX/Linux13:33
skotty_87I have nfi how I will go with installing it tho..13:33
fabricator4Also type PS3 into the software center and see what it turns up.13:33
fabricator4see if there's a debian install package.  13:34
sagaciskotty,try VLC or mplayer13:34
fabricator4Download the debian install, then open the containing folder with the file manager and just double click on it.  Easy :-)13:35

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