MSUUSERI just installed ubuntu 11.04 and and having trouble with disappearing windows.  They do not appear at all until I mouse over them, and then they only appear for a split second.  It is not even enough time for me to read the menu options00:40
philipballewMSUUSER, all apps or just some?00:41
MSUUSERI'm not even trying to use apps.  It is the OS windows/menus00:41
MSUUSERThe same goes for mouse-click menus.  If I right click with the mouse the menu flashes for a moment then dissappears.00:43
philipballewthat is interesting. might be a x problem, or even compiz00:46
MSUUSERSorry, I don't know what that is.  Any suggestions?00:46
urlin2uMSUUSER, have you updated the OS?00:47
philipballewliquidsnakex2, ill help here00:48
liquidsnakex2whats the difference ?00:48
liquidsnakex2well thanks for your help man00:48
liquidsnakex2my laptop is a compaq presario 2226 CL00:48
liquidsnakex2and it's old i know and it's only windows xp shit supported and i am sorry for my foul rude words but windows really is crap00:49
philipballewthen whipe it and run ubuntu entirely00:49
liquidsnakex2i see00:49
MSUUSERI tried, but am not sure if it worked. I managed to select updates and start the process.  I couldn't see if it was working since everything disappears. Then later I tried again, and it said updates were already there. So I think I did.00:49
liquidsnakex2philipballew would you please see the specs of the laptop00:50
liquidsnakex2and tell me about it00:50
philipballewwhat i would do is use a ubuntu live cd and install it from there. with that you can boot into the cd and run ubuntu from the cd before you install to your hard drive. you want me to look them up for you?00:50
urlin2uMSUUSER, can you log out and choose the classic desktop if not there already.00:50
philipballewill do that sure00:50
MSUUSERurlin2u, OK I can log out. But I don't know how to choose the classic desktop.00:51
liquidsnakex2thanks alot man00:51
liquidsnakex2i am still a new guy to the linux based OS philipballew so i really appreciate ur assistance alot00:51
liquidsnakex2i am planning to install it after couple of questions00:52
urlin2uMSUUSER, bottom of screen after click your name is a choice frop down.00:52
urlin2udrop down00:52
philipballewask away liquidsnakex2 :)00:53
liquidsnakex2well do i need the drivers of my obselete laptop ?00:53
liquidsnakex2or ubuntu 11.04 will just control it00:53
liquidsnakex2i ran the testing hardware proggie and kinda unchecked some stuff that's not available in my laptop like finger print and memory card port and so and it succeded i think00:54
MSUUSERurlin2u, That worked! Thanks! I can see!00:55
urlin2uMSUUSER, cool look in the menu additional divers I believe you may need a graphic driver.00:56
philipballewjust like software, software made for ubuntu will not run on linux and software made on wondows is not gonna run on ubuntu. drivers are in essence software and therefor each operating system weather windows, osx or ubuntu, each require their own driver for each piece of  hardware.00:56
philipballewubuntu has their own drivers00:56
urlin2uadditional drivers*00:56
liquidsnakex2well how can i obtain them i mean is there any program in ubuntu 11.04 that will allow me to search for the appropriate linux drivers00:57
liquidsnakex2thanks thanks guys very much now it's clear for me00:57
philipballewsometimes on newer systems drivers take a little longet time to get them made. but with your age of your laptop00:57
MSUUSEROK, thanks.  I'm off, now.00:57
philipballewdrivers with linux bassed systems are handled differently. chack this out!00:57
philipballewin wondows you have to manually install all drivers corrent?00:58
liquidsnakex2yes correct00:58
philipballewwith ubuntu 95 percent of all drivers are installed into the operating system already and the operating system just "pulls" whatever driver it needs from the system whenever it decects hardware requiring that driver is present00:59
liquidsnakex2that's good00:59
liquidsnakex2i see great00:59
liquidsnakex2so for an old laptop like mine it's like guaranteed it will be there00:59
philipballewsee, often with any bugs or problems they've already been fixed and are working01:00
liquidsnakex2thanks allot man01:00
philipballewbut still! heres what you need to do01:00
liquidsnakex2yes tell me please !01:00
philipballewboot your laptop from cd with the ubuntu live cd you'll download. then choose try ubuntu and play with it. see if it works01:01
philipballewhow much ram/memory do you have01:01
liquidsnakex2yea i am currently working from it philipballew01:02
liquidsnakex2my system specs :01:02
liquidsnakex21.5 GHZ pentium m , 992 memory ram, 57 or so GB hard disk01:02
liquidsnakex264 graphics , dvd rom, network rj45 , telephone jack, one firewire port, 2 usb's01:03
philipballewso 1 gig ram I see01:03
philipballewor so01:03
liquidsnakex2yea yea01:04
liquidsnakex2after graphics cutting and so the available is 992 for system usage01:04
philipballewubuntu will install on that01:04
liquidsnakex2i see01:04
liquidsnakex2and wireless network thing01:04
philipballewthe graphics card should run fine. if it doesnt ill recomend installing ubuntu with a different desktop on it01:04
philipballewim not garenteeing everything will work right out of the box though01:06
philipballewbut it will install and boot i would say01:06
philipballewand it should work after that01:06
philipballewdo you wanna install ubuntu 11.04 or 10.-401:07
liquidsnakex2here is my dead laptop's specs01:08
liquidsnakex2please take a look just a quick look and tell me01:08
philipballewhey holstein can you look at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00284681&tmp_task=prodinfoCategory&cc=us&dlc=en&lang=en&lc=en&product=445340 and see if you'd recomend ubuntu or maybe xubuntu or lubuntu?01:09
liquidsnakex2holstein ?01:09
liquidsnakex2oh ops not me01:09
philipballewyes, him. just wait a quick minute liquidsnakex201:10
liquidsnakex2i am here please don't ignore me01:10
philipballewi am not01:10
philipballewi might suggest you install http://xubuntu.org/01:10
liquidsnakex2thanks alot man01:11
philipballewits just a suggestion01:11
liquidsnakex2i see01:11
liquidsnakex2what's the difference between ubuntu and xubuntu ?01:11
liquidsnakex2which is better ?01:11
philipballewnot really better01:12
philipballewdifferent graphical user interfaces01:12
philipballeweverything is the same under the hood01:12
liquidsnakex2well if you say so then what would be the problems i might face installing ubuntu 11.0401:13
philipballewit will install. but your specs say you have 512 ram01:14
philipballewso xubuntu would just run a little faster was it01:14
liquidsnakex2no no01:14
liquidsnakex2i upgraded it man01:14
liquidsnakex2it's 1 GB now01:14
liquidsnakex2512 mb x 201:14
philipballewhum. then install ubuntu and see if the graphics work good and fine. if they do. good. if not do xubuntu01:15
liquidsnakex2i see01:16
liquidsnakex2well eventually i don't need to install drivers01:16
liquidsnakex2because unbuntu 11.04 will take care of it auto. ?01:16
KM0201512mb, id' run lubuntu.. xubuntu isn't that much "faster" than gnome nowdays, w/ all its bloat.01:16
philipballewif this is your only computer i would make both cd's just in case you install ubuntu and the graphics dont work at all you can xubuntu it. yeah. you might have something say like odd hardware like...01:16
philipballewmaybe a fingerprinf reader or something01:17
liquidsnakex2KM0201 it's 1 GB not 51201:17
philipballewbut most all things like usb. ethernet01:17
KM0201liquidsnakex2: oh ok, i just saw someone say specs say 512.01:17
liquidsnakex2philipballew i am sorry but i don't understand "maybe a fingerprinf reader or something"01:17
liquidsnakex2KM0201 no problem01:17
philipballewKM0201, yeah he later informed me he upped it01:17
philipballew*finger reader01:18
philipballewbad spelling on my laptop01:18
philipballewbasically if its hardware everyone has its gonna work01:18
liquidsnakex2yes i know but i didn't understand what you are saying about it01:18
liquidsnakex2i see01:18
KM0201liquidsnakex2: if you have oddball hardware, ubuntu may not configure it out of the box.. that's all he's saying.01:18
philipballew^ yeah, simple and sweet01:18
liquidsnakex2KM0201 it's not that old it's 2004/2005 guys :(01:19
KM0201he just used a fingerprint reader as an example01:19
liquidsnakex2not like 100 years old01:19
liquidsnakex2just few years01:19
KM0201liquidsnakex2: that really doesn't matter, 2004/2005 hardware, can be "odd" alsol01:19
liquidsnakex2KM0201 take a look and tell me about this01:19
KM0201liquidsnakex2: bst way to test for problems, is boot a live CD, and if you have questions about things you should check, etc.. come back here while on the live cd01:20
KM0201liquidsnakex2: that is totally useless... won't even bother.01:20
philipballewid try thee live cd and see how it works first01:20
liquidsnakex2kay man then why were you bothering yourself from the first place01:20
KM0201liquidsnakex2: because looking at the specs of the devices.. tells me nothing about what the actual devices are.01:20
liquidsnakex2philipballew i am currently writing from the live cd01:20
philipballewthe only thing i needed from there ram. KM0201 lets play nice01:20
KM0201philipballew: i am.. it's just pointless to look at the manufacturer specs.01:21
philipballewif your writting, then id say everythings gonna work then01:21
liquidsnakex2KM0201 okay save it for yourself and don't annoy us01:21
liquidsnakex2thanks for being negative guy in ubuntu forums01:21
philipballewkids these days...01:21
philipballewyou guys need to be friends :)01:21
KM0201liquidsnakex2: whatever.. .. i'm not being negative, i was just saying look at your specs is pointless, get help elsewhere.01:21
liquidsnakex2if you will help please do and i am thankful, if you don't then please leave01:22
liquidsnakex2philipballew directed me here and he is helping01:22
liquidsnakex2thank you very much for your politeness now go take a hike01:22
KM0201piss off01:22
liquidsnakex2go away01:22
KM0201i've been coming here for years.. i don't need your help, .. i'll jus tstop responding to your nonsense now.01:23
liquidsnakex2get lost01:23
liquidsnakex2are you pvt me ?01:24
liquidsnakex2get lost rude01:24
pedro3005KM0201, quit it01:27
KM0201pedro3005: day late dollar short, it's over.01:27
KM0201and frankly i didn't "start it"01:27
pedro3005it's over? k good01:28
liquidsnakex2you interfered and said 512 isn't enough bla bla bla and i didn't ask you01:28
liquidsnakex2and i replied it's "1 GB" but obviously you don't care enough to read, so what's the point of talking01:29
liquidsnakex2and when i asked you to check the specs you said, no need, then thanks but no thanks01:29
liquidsnakex2who started it ?01:29
pedro3005don't make a "who started it" discussion01:30
liquidsnakex2i am not01:30
liquidsnakex2just clearing it out01:30
liquidsnakex2that's all.01:30
* KM0201 chuckles.. 01:31
KM0201anyone who ccan scroll up, can see that went quite a bit differently, but whatever01:32
holsteinphilipballew: pong01:34
* holstein looking now01:34
holsteinliquidsnakex2: i say either01:35
holsteinxubuntu is arguably more 'normal'01:35
philipballewi am curious if his graphics can handle unity01:35
holsteinunity2d is actually pretty light01:36
urlin2uholstein, it's like looking in the mirror for me. ;)01:36
urlin2uup above01:36
philipballewis 2d in 11.04 or only 11.10?01:36
DarkwingDuck2d unity is the default fallback in the card wont/can't handle Unity01:37
holsteinphilipballew: AFAIK, both01:37
holsteinDarkwingDuck: is that offical? in 11.10?01:37
holsteini know thats *not* the case in 11.0401:37
DarkwingDuckAccording to Jono in his weekly Q&A01:38
DarkwingDuckYes, for 11.1001:38
holsteinDarkwingDuck: cool... i think thats a good call01:38
DarkwingDuckThey wanted to for 11.04 but, it wasn't quite ready01:38
DarkwingDuckas much of Unity but hey... whos arguing.01:38
holsteini think that was nice to give folks the gnome2 option easily too01:38
holsteinfor that transitional release01:39
DarkwingDuckYeah, but with gnome3... Ouch01:39
philipballewi cant stand gnome301:39
holsteini think its got some nice features...01:39
DarkwingDuckWell, then again I'm a KDE nut01:40
KM0201gnome 3 isa mess.01:40
DarkwingDuckAlthough reading Linus bash it in G+ was funny.01:40
KM0201i love gnome, but.. gnome 3 will end my use of that GUI.01:40
DarkwingDuckIt's kinda funny... Ubuntu said "I have a bad idea (unity)" Gnome went "Oh yeah? I can make a worse one (Gnome3)"01:41
philipballewi wonder how gnome foundation feels about linus now01:41
philipballew^ haha!01:41
liquidsnakex2hi holstein01:43
liquidsnakex2i kinda have some questions and i would be thankful if you can help me out01:44
holsteinliquidsnakex2: whats up?01:44
liquidsnakex2i have an old laptop01:45
liquidsnakex2and i want to remove this win xp 2 sp301:45
liquidsnakex2please don't laugh ...01:45
liquidsnakex2well can i just ask for 5 minutes of your time to take alook at my laptops specs01:46
holsteini think i did01:46
holstein512mb of ram01:46
liquidsnakex2i have 1 GB01:46
liquidsnakex2availble now 992 mb01:47
holsteineven better01:47
liquidsnakex2thanks alot01:47
holsteinsure, thats great01:47
holsteinyou can do a lot with a gig of ram01:47
holsteinif you arent doing video editing/rendering, you'll be just fine on a box of that era01:47
liquidsnakex2yea holstein but in win xp pro i can't do much01:47
liquidsnakex2no no no nothing like that i am just using it for office stuff and emailing and browsing01:48
holsteinliquidsnakex2: but, how old is that install?01:48
liquidsnakex2well it came with it i think ://01:48
holsteinyou really need to reinstall windows every now and then01:48
holsteinand maintain it01:48
liquidsnakex2yea ...01:48
philipballewwindows is more resource hungry i find and the windows install slows down often01:48
liquidsnakex2put antivirus consume the memory and resources01:48
holsteinnot that linux is magic, and maintenance free01:48
holsteinliquidsnakex2: download a live CD, thats what you will install from01:49
holsteintry it... you'll probably find the live cd faster than your current XP :)01:49
liquidsnakex2i did holstein burnt 2 cd's nd 2 dvds too as backups01:49
liquidsnakex2and yes i read about the live cd i am running the laptop from it01:49
holsteinyou dont need to really worry about backups of the installation media01:49
liquidsnakex2the question is about my drivers, which is annyoing that's all ...01:50
holsteinliquidsnakex2: whats not working?01:50
holsteinis this xubuntu? lubuntu?01:50
liquidsnakex2ubuntu 11.0401:50
liquidsnakex2the wifi led was blinking01:51
holsteinliquidsnakex2: run lspci and put that somewhere like pastebin01:51
holsteinliquidsnakex2: you cant trust any lights, but you'll need to make sure its able to be used01:51
holsteinnot disabled in the bios01:51
holsteinor turned off in the hardware somehow01:51
liquidsnakex2i doublechecked that yes01:51
liquidsnakex2before asking i double check it and write it down so i dont waste people's time01:52
liquidsnakex2not disabled in the bios01:52
holsteinliquidsnakex2: you're doing fine :)01:52
liquidsnakex2thanks man thanks alot01:52
holsteinive seen some time wasting happen, and you're not doing it01:52
liquidsnakex2i really need to get rid of this win xp01:52
holsteinliquidsnakex2: i would also try some other live CD's since you are new to linux01:53
liquidsnakex2and i have used the hardware testing program in ubuntu 11.0401:53
liquidsnakex2like xubuntu and lubuntu ?01:53
holsteini usually try the last ubuntu LTS (long term support) 10.0401:53
liquidsnakex2but i really like this ubuntu 11.04 it's really really fast and perfect01:53
holsteinand knoppix too... they have great driver support live, and you can learn from it sometimes01:53
liquidsnakex2i can even control peripherals and devices01:54
holsteinliquidsnakex2: right, im suggesting you could learn about how to get 11.04 working01:54
liquidsnakex2i see01:54
holsteinfrom another live CD01:54
holsteinliquidsnakex2: open a terminal01:54
liquidsnakex2i think i had a bitdefender knoppix cd ...01:54
holsteinand type01:54
holsteinand paste that into where philipballew said... pastebin01:55
liquidsnakex2yes thanks just give me a moment so the cd wakes up01:55
liquidsnakex2can't access the dash holstein01:57
liquidsnakex2what should i do i'm pressing the meta key01:58
holsteinnot sure01:58
holsteinwhat do you mean by 'dash' ?01:58
holsteinthere are other ways to get to a terminal01:58
holsteinliquidsnakex2: are you chatting from that machine?01:58
liquidsnakex2yea ...01:58
liquidsnakex2the other desktop is my father's he will get mad you know ...01:59
holsteintry and find the application 'terminal'01:59
philipballewin 11.04 click the ubuntu logo in the uper left hand cornel and when the search bar appears type terminal01:59
liquidsnakex2yea i am looking but there is no search bar02:00
liquidsnakex2perhaps bcause i am running the live cd feature ?02:00
liquidsnakex2sorry my mistake found it02:00
liquidsnakex2thanks alot holstein02:01
liquidsnakex2i did and pasted in pastebin02:02
liquidsnakex2please what else should i do02:02
bazhanggive the url02:02
philipballewthen we can see what hardware you have02:03
liquidsnakex2right away02:03
philipballewlspci shows information about all hardware connected via pci in your system02:03
liquidsnakex2is this correct ?02:03
liquidsnakex2yes i understood it's like system info in win02:03
liquidsnakex2thanks people for your assistance02:03
philipballewits what were here for :)02:04
liquidsnakex2thanks philipballew02:04
philipballewubuntu is all about helping out other users02:04
liquidsnakex2ubuntu for humans02:04
liquidsnakex2bill for dollars02:04
philipballewliquidsnakex2, in the livd cd are you connected to the internet wirelessly?02:05
liquidsnakex2no thru wired02:05
liquidsnakex2the wireless button is off02:05
liquidsnakex2should i turn it on ?02:05
philipballewholstein, http://ipw2200.sourceforge.net/02:06
philipballewturn it on. youll see your wireless work02:07
philipballewi assume your on a wired connection then?02:07
liquidsnakex2yes yes02:07
liquidsnakex2dlink router02:07
holsteinnice philipballew :)02:08
holsteinliquidsnakex2: you're good to go then :)02:08
liquidsnakex2thanks holstein02:08
philipballewINSTALL AWAY!!!02:09
liquidsnakex2do you see any problems that may occur ?02:09
liquidsnakex2any worries or uncertainty please tell me02:10
liquidsnakex2thanks !02:10
liquidsnakex2well final thing and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot for your help nd assistance, if i wanted to go back to win xp is it just like install, format and setup win ?02:10
philipballewyeah. you'd reinstall windows like you installed linux.02:11
holsteinyou have your XP discs?02:11
holsteinliquidsnakex2: ^02:11
liquidsnakex2sorry holstein i know lame and stupid but just asking that's all i know thaaaaaaaanks alot man02:11
liquidsnakex2thanks alot philipballew02:12
philipballewits all good dude02:12
holsteinyeah, no worries02:12
liquidsnakex2thanks people, really thanks, now i see that microsoft really sucks02:12
holsteini just dont want you to be freaked out in case you dont have install discs for XP02:12
philipballewhaha. what are you talking about. internet explorer man!!!!02:12
philipballewits awesome!02:12
liquidsnakex2hell no !02:12
liquidsnakex2firefox or chrome !02:12
liquidsnakex2IE like i sleep next to it so the page loads and dowloads quickly without crashing or stop responding02:13
liquidsnakex2holstein i am sorry man but it's like 4 am here i don't follow you02:13
philipballew7 here is california02:14
liquidsnakex2would you please rephrase02:14
liquidsnakex24 in egypt :D02:14
philipballewhows the install goin?02:14
holsteinif you want to return to XP after you install linux (ubuntu or otherwise, or any other operating system for that matter where you wipe the drive) you'll need the XP installation discs02:15
liquidsnakex2yea yea of course have them02:15
holsteinliquidsnakex2: you'd be surprised...02:15
liquidsnakex2philipballew i will just sleep for 2 hours then wake up and install ubuntu right away !02:15
liquidsnakex2tell me tell me02:16
liquidsnakex2how !02:16
philipballewalright. the install should take 30 minutes or so02:16
philipballewmaybe a little more02:16
liquidsnakex2no problems man earlier i used to sleep and let windows finish lol ...02:16
philipballewwhatever works for you.02:17
liquidsnakex2thanks man thanks alot02:17
liquidsnakex2holstein: how i would be surprised02:17
liquidsnakex2tell me02:17
liquidsnakex2& thanks !02:17
philipballewsome people dont have the disks02:18
holsteinliquidsnakex2: how many people expect an 'undo' button or soemthing02:18
holstein'i want windows back... what do i do?'02:18
holsteinthat kind of thing... not that theres anything wrong with that... but you need the discs02:18
liquidsnakex2lol yea no actually i took that MCDST course but didn't take the exam for financial problems :/ ...02:18
liquidsnakex2sure holstein of course02:19
liquidsnakex2so i understand i should have the source and so ...02:19
liquidsnakex2so no need for drivers no need for anything just click install !02:19
liquidsnakex2well thank you alot holstein & philipballew very very very very very much for your support help and effort time and assistance02:20
holsteinliquidsnakex2: things *should* run much like they are running live02:20
holsteinhardware support should be the same02:20
liquidsnakex2i see02:20
philipballewanytime! it is a pleasure. if there is any other problems were still gonna be here02:21
liquidsnakex2why i can't access the dash ? bcause im running the live cd ?02:21
holsteini say get in there and kick the tires, break things, ask questions... then you can always reinstall02:21
holsteinliquidsnakex2: im not sure what you are calling 'dash'02:21
liquidsnakex2yea best way trial and error02:21
holsteinis that something in unity?02:21
philipballewdont just use it for a day and give up02:21
holsteinlike... dashboard?02:21
bazhangthe dock he means02:21
bazhangdash is the correct term02:21
philipballewprobably ^02:21
holsteinliquidsnakex2: i would install, then, run updates02:22
holsteinand see if the dash is acting as expected02:22
liquidsnakex2yea the dash02:22
liquidsnakex2thanks alot people02:22
holsteinif not, we can troubleshoot from there02:22
bazhangor use unity-2d02:22
philipballewthe update manager should open up if not search for update manager02:22
liquidsnakex2sure man thanks alot no more lame questions anymore02:22
liquidsnakex2i see02:22
liquidsnakex2i install ubuntu 11.04 run update02:22
bazhangthere are no lame questions02:22
bazhangeveryone starts at zero02:23
liquidsnakex2yea thanks bazhang02:23
liquidsnakex2i have been a victim of this win thing02:23
liquidsnakex2hate it really hate it02:23
liquidsnakex2thanks philipballew,holstein,bazhang02:24
liquidsnakex2thanks alot for your help people really appreciate it02:24
liquidsnakex2i will close now so the laptop cools down and start ubuntu 11.04 !02:24
liquidsnakex2i will be here after i install it !02:24
liquidsnakex2bye and take care !02:24
liquidsnakex2thanks again !02:24
holsteinliquidsnakex2: o/02:25
liquidsnakex2thanks !02:25
philipballewthat guy was nice02:33
=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn_work
seth_Hey guys.  I need some help getting the sensors on my MacBook Pro 5,5 to work.05:32
seth_Just installed Ubuntu on a partition in order to dual boot.05:32
seth_But I can't seem to find any useful instructions on how to get my sensors running.05:32
philipballewsensors for what?05:33
ubot2For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages05:33
seth_I could be wrong, but it doesn't seem my fans are working.05:35
seth_Is there a way I can check?  Some kind of application?05:35
philipballewyeah, Ive seen that. let me check05:36
philipballeware you ppc ,ac?05:36
seth_Mac, Intel.05:42
philipballewi see. well lets first see if the fan is running05:44
seth_And how will we go about that?05:46
Axlin|MBseth_: in terminal: (1) sudo apt-get install lm-sensors libsensors4       (2) sudo sensors-detect      (3) sensors05:46
Axlin|MBLook for the line that says "Exhaust"05:46
philipballew^ beat me to it05:46
Axlin|MBhehe. I have a MacBook myself and had the same question before05:46
Axlin|MBPersonally, I've found that my CPU fan tends to run at about 1700 RPM in Linux, vs. roughly 3000 RPM in OS X (on average), and yet my CPU runs about 10C cooler in Linux than in OS X. The reason? OS X *hogs* the CPU, mostly thanks to its Spotlight indexer, mdsworker05:50
Axlin|MBEvery time I use OS X, the CPU is constantly running at 30-100%. Probably because mdsworker is stuck on indexing a corrupt file, but eh. I don't care enough to bother with it :-P05:51
seth_Thanks for helping me out.05:52
seth_I think coretemp is the only thing I need.05:52
seth_And I already added that to /etc/modules05:52
seth_So I guess I'm in good shape.05:52
seth_My MacBook usually runs pretty warm so I guess its no cause for concern.05:53
seth_Did you ever get Airport to work?05:53
seth_The online docs say it should work out of the box with Natty.05:53
seth_But it doesn't seem to for me.05:53
Axlin|MBWell, I have a Macbook (non-pro) 1,1. It's always worked "out-of-box"05:54
Axlin|MBBut that's quite different from a MBP 5,505:55
seth_I think there's a proprietary driver for it, but I can't seem to get it to install.05:56
seth_Okay, so I have activate the proprietary driver, but it says it's not in use.05:57
philipballewits not in use because you need to activate it i beleive :)05:57
philipballewit will download and install it. then you restart your laptop05:57
seth_I see.05:57
philipballewthey dont ship propitiatory stuff with the install cd05:58
seth_I guess I'll restart, then.  I bet I can get it to work.  Ubuntu seems to be pretty friendly with my MBP.  Thanks for all your help!05:58
seth_I'll be sure to hope back in here if I need anymore.05:58
Axlin|MBseth_: here's a thread you can look at for your model. I wish I could help you further, but I don't have personal experience with MBP 5,5's. http://forum.notebookreview.com/linux-compatibility-software/418403-linux-apple-macbook-pro-5-5-summer-2009-a.html05:58
philipballewhey freads07:50
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liquidsnakexhi people11:20
liquidsnakexi have a question, i am about to install ubuntu 11.0411:20
liquidsnakexshould i format all the hard drive or i can leave other partitions as NTFS or FAT 3211:20
liquidsnakex ?11:20
Sidewinder1This "how-to" should explain everything: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php11:22
nlsthzn_workliquidsnakex: also, once you install you get the oppertunity to set up partitions and format them to the required file systems... you don't need to do it before hand :)11:25
liquidsnakexthanks Sidewinder i can't find any answer to my question11:25
liquidsnakexthanks nlsthzn_work, i just have 2 partitions, C & D, i will format C: and remove the windows and install Ubuntu 11.04 should i format D: as well and any other storage device i have like flash drives and external HDD's ?11:26
nlsthzn_workliquidsnakex: you don't need to ...11:27
liquidsnakexi see11:27
nlsthzn_workit all depends on what you want to do with them :)11:27
liquidsnakexUbuntu 11.04 supports FAT 32 & NTFS ?11:27
liquidsnakexnothing just storage nothing more11:27
nlsthzn_workliquidsnakex: yup11:27
nlsthzn_workUbuntu playes nice with most file systems :)11:27
liquidsnakexi see thanks nlsthzn_work11:28
nlsthzn_worknp, enjoy your new install :D11:28
liquidsnakexnlsthzn_work thanks alot man11:28
liquidsnakexwhere can i find a documentation of the supported file systems as well as the Ubuntu 11.04 file systems ?11:28
liquidsnakexyea nlsthzn_work i am suffering with this windows11:29
liquidsnakexwhy are you laughing man " :D " i feel like i will be trapped or so11:29
nlsthzn_workThe defualt file system for Ubuntu is ext4 btw...11:30
liquidsnakexyea i see11:31
nlsthzn_workI always choose that and I have not had any issues with it... (just in case you choose to manually partition your harddrive during the install)11:31
Sidewinder1liquidsnakex, For more info on all of the various file systems: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_system11:31
liquidsnakexthaaaaaaaaaanks Sidewinder111:31
Sidewinder1I'm still using ext3 on Lucid. :-)11:32
nlsthzn_workNothing wrong with ext3 etiher :)11:32
liquidsnakexthanks alot guys11:33
liquidsnakexi am thankful people i know it's lame and silly q's but really i am tired and my eyes are popped out like drugged people from reading 500 paper manual11:39
liquidsnakexof ubuntu and linux and knoppix based os's11:39
liquidsnakexand thought to ask and11:39
liquidsnakexso thanks11:40
liquidsnakexso when i will install ubuntu 11.04 on C: it will format the parition and change the file system to ext4 by default ?11:40
geirhaIf you're talking about installing with wubi, then no.11:41
geirhaIt'll create a file to use as a virtual harddisk, and partition and format that file with ext411:42
liquidsnakexno geirha a pure clean install from the cd11:42
liquidsnakexbooting from the cd - > choose install Ubuntu 11.0411:42
liquidsnakexthanks geirha11:42
geirhaThen you can tell the installer to either wipe your windows partition and place an ext4 in its place,11:42
geirhaor you can tell it to shrink the windows partition, and create an ext4 for ubuntu next to it.11:43
nlsthzn_workliquidsnakex: the default install will make ext411:43
liquidsnakexthanks thanks geirha and nlsthzn work11:43
nlsthzn_workif you tell it to use the whole drive and wipe windows...11:43
liquidsnakexi get it now11:43
liquidsnakexyea i will do that man AND GET RID OF WINDOWS ONCE AND FOR ALL11:43
geirhaMake sure you remember to copy out all the files you can't afford to lose first ;)11:44
liquidsnakexyea geirha i copied all what i want from C:11:45
liquidsnakexdocuments , files, etc11:45
liquidsnakexso i don't have to format flash drives and any other external storage devices to ext4 , just the C: partition so ubuntu 11.04 can boot , am i right ?11:46
geirhaCorrect, Ubuntu can read and write to NTFS and FAT filesystem, it just can't live inside one.11:47
geirhaThough the support for NTFS is slightly limited. It can't fix errors on an NTFS filesystem, for that you need Windows.11:48
* nlsthzn_work sees that liquidsnakex is hesitant to believe :p11:48
liquidsnakexno no no man my mom is shouting11:55
liquidsnakexthat's all11:55
liquidsnakexbe right back folks11:56
liquidsnakexyes i am back12:21
liquidsnakexeveryone is here or zZzZzZz12:22
nlsthzn_workAlready installed liquidsnakex?12:22
liquidsnakexnope sorry i was having lunch ...12:23
liquidsnakexi am stuck in this thing, because i have 3 flash drives, 2 old IDE hard drives12:23
liquidsnakexi have an old IDE Western digital 40 giga and a maxtor 80 giga ...12:24
nlsthzn_workStuck in what thing?12:25
liquidsnakexi have old hard drives that i want to connect to the laptop later when i use ubuntu 11.0412:25
nlsthzn_workAnd you will be able to ... no problem...12:26
nlsthzn_workI share all of my externals and USB's etc. between my notebook (Ubuntu) and desktop (windows)...12:27
nlsthzn_workWindows is the limitng factor not playing well with other file systems... Linux welcomes them :)12:28
liquidsnakexnice nice thanks alot nlsthzn_work12:30
nlsthzn_workGood luck liquidsnakex ...12:31
liquidsnakexjust one final thing nlsthzn_work12:31
liquidsnakexand thanks alot for your help12:32
liquidsnakexif i want to install windows xp God forbid, all i need to do is just put the windows disc format C: and then install the windows right ?12:32
liquidsnakexno additional thing required to remove ubuntu 11.04 ?12:32
nlsthzn_workSure... if you are very unsure... you can duel boot... and keep Windows and also have Ubuntu...12:33
liquidsnakexwell that will eat the hard drive12:33
liquidsnakexit's just 57 GB after file system eats it's share12:33
nlsthzn_workwell, that is up to you... a typical Ubuntu install is only a few gig's in size... it all depends on how and what you plan to do... but reverting back isn't hard... pop in the XP disk and isntall...12:35
liquidsnakexi see12:36
liquidsnakexnlsthzn_work when i tested my laptop12:38
liquidsnakexthe testing hardware wizard , asked me to test my internal microphone12:38
liquidsnakexand i don't have one12:38
geirhaliquidsnakex: Well, just skip that microphone test then.13:42
geirhaIn general, the problematic hardware is graphics card, webcam and wireless.13:44
tdnI just got an extra monitor. How do I enable it? I can only get one of the montors to work.14:05
tdnBoth are connected though.14:05
liquidsnakexdetect the monitors tdn14:05
tdnliquidsnakex, how?14:05
liquidsnakexmake the ubuntu 11.04 identify them by the administration14:05
liquidsnakexwell wait14:05
tdnliquidsnakex, I can see all three monitors in nvidia-settings.14:05
tdnliquidsnakex, the one is the internal laptop monitor though.14:05
tdnI want the two external monitors working.14:06
tdnOne is on DVI the other is on VGA.14:06
liquidsnakexi see14:06
liquidsnakexthey are externals ?14:06
tdnliquidsnakex, yes.14:06
liquidsnakexare you working on laptop or desktop14:06
tdnliquidsnakex, laptop in a dock.14:06
tdnliquidsnakex, thinkpad t61p.14:06
tdn01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G84M [Quadro FX 570M] (rev a1)14:07
liquidsnakexcheck this please14:07
tdnI will14:07
tdnI use Kubuntu though. Is that a problem?14:07
liquidsnakexit should be the same idea you know with different names or so14:08
liquidsnakexi mean you should look for monitor preferences in it too and so14:08
tdnliquidsnakex, I did.14:08
liquidsnakexand ?14:08
tdnliquidsnakex, I have found them all three in nvidia-settings.14:08
tdnliquidsnakex, but I do not know how to enable them all.14:08
tdn2 sec.14:08
liquidsnakextake your time man14:09
liquidsnakexbe right back too .14:09
tdn• MetaMode 1 of Screen 0 has more than two active display devices.14:09
tdnThis is what nvidia-settings says in "current layout has some inconsistencies" dialog.14:10
tdnOK. So now I have this:14:10
tdnLaptop monitor and VGA monitor is connected. DVI monitor is black.14:11
tdnI want to have VGA and DVI monitors working and laptop monitor black.14:11
tdnWell. I think it works now! :D14:14
tdnI would like to automate this process though.14:14
tdnSo that I can do this from a shellscript or shortcut key.14:14
tdnOr just make the change permanent somehow.14:14
tdnBut only when the laptop is docked of course.14:15
liquidsnakexlol good14:18
liquidsnakexjust try to try different settings there tdn14:18
liquidsnakexand i think it will work14:18
liquidsnakexnow i have to go excuse me folks ! see you later !14:18
tdnOk. Thanks.14:33
scott__can someone help me w/ networking  problem?15:03
holsteinscott__: we can try? whats up? wifi not working? fresh install?15:04
scott__no. have home network. linux wont connect to windows systems15:05
holsteinscott__: can you ping them?15:05
holsteinwhat are you trying to connect with? samba?15:05
scott__i dont understand?15:05
holsteinscott__: when dealing with network connectivity, i make sure the machines can ping each other15:06
holsteini make a note of all the IP addresses... in windows, ipconfig, and in linux, ifconfig... those tell you IP addys and other info15:07
scott__win 7 has built in folder option to see other computers on the network. trying to do the same using ubuntu natty15:07
holsteinscott__: with samba?15:07
holsteinthere are other options, depending on what your goal is... such as ftp, or ssh15:07
scott__holstein: sry but i m new @ this. idk what samba is.15:08
holsteinscott__: let me get something for you to look over...15:08
holsteincheck out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba15:09
holsteinscott__: let me know if you have any specific questions15:09
holsteini mean, you *can* do whatever you need to do, you'll just need to decide what that is, and how you want to do it15:09
scott__holstein: i have external drive hooked up to win 7 system.  i m trying to access that external drive.15:09
holsteinif you say 'windows is not talking to linux', there is nothing in place to facilitate that, so thats to be expected15:10
holsteinbut, you can start an ftp server on windows, and share the external drive... you can do a samba share.. you can use something like dropbox... all kinds of options really15:11
scott__holstein: for example i have movies on my external drive (thats hooked to win  7 system).  I cant access win 7 system to access my movies15:12
scott__external drive is already set to be shared15:12
holsteinscott__: right... and thats not a bug, or an issue... you have to implement a system to share that to the linux system15:12
holsteinscott__: sure, its set to be shared to another windows box15:13
holsteinyou'll need to ask linux to do that with samba15:13
scott__how do i get samba? is it repo pkg? or do i goto web link?15:14
holsteinscott__: i would give a read to those links, and feel free and ask if you need more explanation15:14
holsteintheres a 'configuring samba' section at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ComprehensiveSambaGuide15:15
holsteinscott__: also, im not sure what version of ubuntu you are using, but in the menu in 10.04, theres 'system - network' ...i have seen windows shares just show up there automagically15:18
holsteinscott__: sorry, its not under the 'system' menu15:18
holsteinits under 'places'15:18
holstein'places - network'15:18
g3rdihi - everytime i minimize a window it disappears .. cant fint it on any of the panels 11.0416:40
venui just now installed ubuntu and connected to internet via wifi but when i try to update packages it is showing error----can some one help me on this17:47
KM0201well.. whats the error?17:48
KM0201venu: repeating your question w/o giving basic data, means nothing... there's a million errors you could be getting, what is the error.17:48
venuwhen i type sudo apt-get update this in terminal it will show "Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty-updates/multiverse/source/Sources  404 Not Found" eorror like this17:50
venuKM0201: if i tried from GUI also it is giving same error18:00
KM0201venu: it's quite possible that repository has been closed, Jaunty is EOL.. how long have you had ubuntu installed?18:02
Liquidsnakexhey holstein !20:01
holsteino/ :)20:01
holsteinyou get installed?20:01
Liquidsnakexwell the dvd rom is not working properly :@ ...20:02
holsteineh.. thats not a bad problem to have20:03
Liquidsnakexit's making some scratch sound i will buy an external unit, my laptop cannot boot from a USB drive either20:03
holsteincd drives are cheap, and free if you're looking in the right trash can :)20:03
Liquidsnakexi really hate old devices ....20:03
Liquidsnakexyea well here where i live it's pretty difficult to find an internal laptop dvdrom IDE one too ...20:03
holsteinLiquidsnakex: you could try plop20:03
Liquidsnakexyea yea i got it thanks reading it20:04
holsteinallows you to boot USB devices from CD (which maybe you can get to work well enough for this)...20:04
Liquidsnakexi see20:06
Liquidsnakexwel i have a 4gb flash drive i think it will get the job done20:06
holsteinthe iso's are CD sized20:07
holsteinok... gotta run...20:07
Liquidsnakextake care !20:07
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