khooverhey, anyone have a good way to explain FOSS to a luddite?00:26
khooverdscassel: cassel, if you can come up with a good way to do so, i'll praise you as a god. just give me some examples of what you've done.00:29
dscasselWhat sort of luddite?00:37
dscasselKnowing your audience is important.00:38
khooversorry, technologically illiterate00:38
dscasselIf they're left-leaning and anti-corporate, I'd probably launch into a spiel about the four freedoms.00:38
dscasselIf they're a talk-radio-listening conservative, it gets a bit harder.00:38
khooverand you have a winner on the first one00:38
khoovergoing into university for environmental law/politics, forget which.00:39
khooverpolitics, nvm00:39
khooverenviro politics*00:39
dscasselGreat! Free software (and stick to free software) allows you to put your work out there for others to use, learn from or adapt to their needs.00:40
dscasselAs a user, it means nobody can ever take some program you've come to rely on away from you. Even if a company goes away or kills the product, someone else can come along and build on their work, so you can keep using it.00:41
dscasselIt relies on a community of people working together to make the sort of software *they* want to use, not just what will sell.00:41
khooveri'm just gonna use that verbatim, seems much easier than rephrasing.00:42
dscasselGood luck. :)00:44
khooverso, exactly which pitch shall i instruct the choir to sing today?00:45
khooverfor your praises.00:45
dscasselGet them to drop by my wiki page and give a testimonial and I'll be happy. :)00:45
khoover...i dunno what to say, though.00:46
dscassel"He's helpful on IRC" is a good start.  DOesn't have to be much.00:47
khoovernow to create a login.00:47
dscasselThanks. :)00:47
khooveroh, planning on finally setting ubuntu up on an external hard drive, containing my music in an NTFS partition. how can i keep my music safe (don't have enough storage space lying around to just ctrl+c ctrl+v) while reformatting?00:52
dscasselIck.  Um, making a backup is a good idea.  Maybe on store it temporarily on Amazon s3. Cheap, but it'll take a few days to upload.01:00
dscassel(Bandwith caps aside... :/ )01:00
dscasselIf you don't mind only a slight chance of losing everything, though, using GParted to resize the NTFS partitiion doesn't *usually* cause problems.01:01
dscasselAnd the Ubuntu installer will do it automatically.01:02
khooverand, Ubuntu runs perfectly fine with NTFS?01:02
dscasselI really like having a backup though.01:02
dscasselWell, no, you'd resize the NTFS partition so you have room for Ubuntu partitions.01:02
dscasselOh! You can use Wubi.01:03
dscasselNo repartitioning necessary.  Just run the Windows installer on the Ubuntu CD.01:03
dscasselIt'll create a virtual disk file in your Windows partition and you can boot into that.01:03
dscasselNot exactly ideal if you want to do much more than trying things out, but you can always copy stuff over if you eventually get a drive specifially for Ubuntu (or decide to risk partitioning.01:04
khooveroooooog. was bout to ask what it really meant.01:05
khooverwell, it's commited01:11
dscasselCool, thanks. :D01:12
khooveryo no hablas wiki-syntax.01:16
dscasselDoesn't help that moin moin wiki syntax is different enough from mediawiki to be confusing if you have to switch between the two. :P01:17
khooveryeah, no tilde-comments. =(01:21
khooverlooking for new ISP, anyone have suggestions?02:18
khooverthis is in toronto, so, no shaw.02:20
khooverI have an idea for what will become an IRC meme, if done.02:26
khooverit involves creating many, many bots, to emulate a cattle herd going through. Each bot will be named cow#, going sequentially, with a rancher named Pablo keeping them in check.02:26
khooverthey will join various channels across various servers, and proceed to act as a herd of cows and a rancher would. They would then leave, and travel to the next, never stopping, never ending.02:26
khooverWHO'S WITH ME?02:26
khooversuch overwhelming response02:29
* dscassel is packing for a Montreal trip in a week...03:00
khooverhave fun, friend of mine's there already.03:01
dscasselMake pablo an eliza-style bot who replies only in broken Spanish and I think you have a winner on your hands.03:01
khooverand i figured as much03:01
dscasselThe cows, of course, reply only with "Moo."03:02
khooverthe cows just go /me moo, not even moo03:02
khooverand you grasped pablo's essence right there. all we have to do is figure out how to make them all pick the same server/channel combo, and we're good.03:03
khooverwe may have offended the taco.03:16
BluesKajHiyas all12:04
billybigriggerhey all anyone here running gnome3.0 yet from the ppa?20:48
khooveroh, if i want to use xfce instead of gnome, how would i go about doing that?22:21
willwhkhoover: easy :)23:24
willwhI *just* made the switch, I use xfce with debian, on my laptop23:24
willwhbut my desktop OS is ubuntu 11.0423:24
willwhkhoover: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop23:25
willwhthen - when you're logging in, make sure you set the session to "Xubuntu" ']23:25
khooverany way to drop just the gnome desktop after, w/o losing the tookit?23:25
willwhyou mean remove the gnome libraries?23:26
khoovereh...sure. i'm probably thinking of gnome as an app is the problem.23:27
willwhI wouldn't bother removing it23:28
willwhunless you are really low on space23:28
willwhprobably a bunch of the stuff you have installed needs them23:28
khooverah, bugger.23:32

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