flaccidsmoser: hmm, checking out cloud-init for porting. where is the master source ?01:26
flaccidwhat in cloud-init requires cloud-utils out of box? is it really a dependency for cloud-init to work?03:10
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erichammondflaccid: smoser works on a completely different shift (early Eastern)07:37
flaccidoh yeah np erichammond, i sent him an email07:38
erichammondI think he wraps up his work day around 1pm our time.07:38
flacciderichammond: also finding time to address all your things regarding debian images from your mailing list reply07:38
erichammonder, Pacific.  Not sure which timezone you're in, as you might not be situated near RightScale HQ.07:39
flaccidi can do pretty much all of those requests. half were not done because this is on the side07:39
flaccidi live in australia07:39
flaccidso the real EST07:39
erichammondheh, yeah.07:39
flaccidaka AEST07:39
erichammondI remember the first time I learned about that EST.  It was in the 80's when I was corresponding by email with a person doing research in 3d anti-aliasing.  I told him his clock was off because his emails were getting sent from the future and he educated me.07:40
flaccidheheh, yeah we are +10:00 here07:41
flaccidback to the future07:41
erichammondIt was also an eye opening experience with the Internet.  I had no idea I was corresponding with somebody in Australia, and he had no idea he was corresponding with a kid in college.07:41
flaccidwe tried to get access a much as we could. we missed most of the dotcom boom in those times07:41
erichammondNo, the 80's, not the 90's :)07:42
erichammondIn the 8007:42
flaccidhow early?07:42
flaccidi was born in 81..07:42
erichammondIn the 80's, ".com" was despised.  Much preferred were .edu, .mil, .org07:43
erichammondMy first Internet experience was probably 1985 or 86.07:43
flaccidunfortunately a tad too early for me chrono. i was there after albeit in AU07:43
flaccidmine was before 1990 but its hard to place when07:44
erichammondI believe my first email address was: uunet!wec!bwi!kgw2!esh07:49
* flaccid is jealous07:49
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