buddha0i need help15:31
buddha0call 911 pls15:31
mhall119won't help if we don't know your location15:38
nigelbsrsly? :|16:05
nigelbhow are ya?16:34
paultagnigelb: howareya16:34
paultagnigelb: well, thanks for asking, and yourself?16:34
nigelbpretty good16:35
paultagOK, time for a question: Who has a cool idea for a hardhack. I have some time and a little bit of cash to play with16:36
nigelbupto what height can you drop iPad, XOOM, and Playbook, and it not get damaged seems to be hard enough :P16:37
nigelbApparently, you have money too :P16:37
paultagnigelb: as fun as that sounds, I'm thinking hardhacks16:37
paultagso I'm considering taking a concerarge bell and making it interface to USB16:38
paultagand ding the bell when builds finish or something, or email16:38
nigelbpaultag: dude, do something with arduino16:38
paultagbut I get too much email for that to work well16:38
paultagnigelb: I have 3 already :)16:38
nigelbI want to buy an arduino and I have been too lazy to16:39
paultagnigelb: yeah, they're fun. I have an assload of stuff I've written for the Arduino over the last few years16:39
paultagfrom RFID readers to a RGB lamp that does the mac-style throb16:40
paultagso; ideas16:41
paultagI want to do a hardhack :)16:41
nigelbpaultag: ok, so make a generic framework where you can send a trigger from an arduino to indicator16:42
nigelb(libnotify that is)16:42
paultagnigelb: that's not a half bad idea16:43
paultagyou'd have to avoid the RX / TX bins on the 'duno, but it'd be doable16:43
paultagpins *16:43
nigelbit should be gneric enough that it can be yes/no or messages (like temperature)16:43
paultaga little udev hackery and a sly little daemon and it'll work great16:44
nigelbyup, so get started! :P16:45
paultagnigelb: well, I will, but it's not a hardhack :)16:46
paultagnigelb: I'll moosh it into my next spare moments at work :)16:46
nigelbpaultag: hah.16:46
nigelbpaultag: write a phone OS in python :P16:47
paultagagain; software!! :)16:48
paultaghardhack, something physical and badass16:48
nigelbbuild a computer, and write its os!16:48
nigelbpaultag: make a mifi!16:48
nigelbpluin any usb internets and it should broadcast wifi16:48
nigelband the product should be cheap16:49
pleia2good day paultag and nigelb! <317:09
nigelbMorning pleia217:09
paultagmorning pleia2! :)17:10
paultagpleia2: How's things, my friend?17:10
pleia2paultag: good good! you? :)17:11
paultagpleia2: really well, thanks! :) -- Just sitting around my house down the cape, have my big-boy computer online again, and just found an awesome website -- http://manpacks.com/17:12
paultagAll I need is to find a nerd girl who can beat me at something cool and I'll be living the perfect life17:12
nigelbpaultag: You should look at http://hackaday.com17:15
nigelbfor the hard hack, not the nerd girl :P17:16
pleia2paultag: haha, I've seen that site before, good stuff17:16
nigelbpleia2: I've taken a note not to look at your twitter stream on weekends. Its so full of fun! :D17:17
pleia2nigelb: this is the perfect adventure city :) just driving home from the grocery store has potential for fun detours17:18
pleia2ended up in japantown yesterday for lunch (fun!) while on the way to best buy to do a price match (boring!)17:18
nigelbpleia2: hehe :)17:19
paultagnigelb: yeah I know hackaday, I've been a big fan for a while17:23
paultagpleia2: totally :)17:23
nigelbpaultag: hah.17:23
paultagpleia2: how are you?17:38
paultagOh shucks, I already asked17:38
pleia2why yes, the weather here is beautiful17:42
nigelbzomgawesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrEk06XXaAw17:44
paultagpleia2: :)17:49
paultagI know I'm such a raging badass, but "Lucky" off OK Computer (Radiohead) almost brings me to tears every time. It's just so goddamn spot on it hurts18:19
paultagUgh, same with "The Tourist"18:25
paultagthis album is just gold18:25
pleia2paultag: you still about?19:30
pleia2"The LoCo Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 21:00 UTC. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 16th August 2011, 20:00 UTC" which is it? 21:00 or 20:00?19:30
paultagpleia2: sure is. Hold on, let me look at the metting time on my gcal, that seems to be right19:31
pleia2fridge thinks 20:0019:31
paultagpleia2: that screwed up some other team as well19:31
paultagpleia2: yeah, I think it's 20:00, let me double check19:31
pleia2it's the middle of our work day here in california, so I'd really rather not tell people the wrong time :)19:31
pleia2(not sure who all will be able to make it anyway, but if people re-arrange their work day for it...)19:32
paultag4-5 EST, by my watch19:32
paultagwait, that can't be right19:32
paultagI'm -0400, that would make it 00:00 UTC19:32
paultagOh but it's 16:0019:32
paultagso +4 is 20:0019:32
paultagright, awesome19:33
paultagpleia2: 20:00 is correct19:33
pleia2ok, can you update "The LoCo Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 21:00 UTC." on the agenda page? :)19:33
paultagpleia2: yes ma'am19:33
pleia2thank you sir!19:33
paultagno problem :)19:33
paultagall set19:34
paultaguh wait19:34
paultagfixed the commented out version :)19:34
paultaglookin' good19:35

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