fwereadeanyone know anything about ensemble.state.sshclient.SSHClient?16:19
fwereadecan't figure out why we would make it raise txzookeeper ConnectionTimeoutExceptions instead of ensemble NoConnection ones16:20
fwereade(or ensemble ConnectionTimeout ones, or whatever)16:20
fwereadeniemeyer: ping21:39
fwereadehazmat, niemeyer: will lose internets in a few minutes; I hope one of you will see this.please rereview lp:~fwereade/ensemble/hide-instances21:58
niemeyerfwereade: Yo21:58
fwereadeniemeyer: heyhey21:58
niemeyerfwereade: Will check it out tomorrow for sure, thanks!21:58
fwereadeniemeyer: np21:59
fwereadeniemeyer: got stuck in chicago21:59
niemeyerfwereade: I've heard the trip back was a bit bumpy21:59
niemeyerfwereade: :(21:59
fwereadeniemeyer: not to worry, but I am still there21:59
fwereadeniemeyer: I'll be on for a bit your-morning on monday21:59
fwereadebut rather jetlagged and probably not v prouctive21:59
niemeyerfwereade: Don't worry about it.. get some good rest!22:00
fwereadeniemeyer: I will :)22:00
fwereadeniemeyer: I'm a bit unsure about the changes I made on that branch... I *think* they're good but I felt a bit lacking in context so I may have gone off the rails a little22:01
niemeyerfwereade: Hmm22:01
fwereadeniemeyer: and in hindsight I definitely should have kept them in a different branch22:01
niemeyerfwereade: Yeah.. it might be a bit hard to review22:01
niemeyerfwereade: But will see what I can do about it fiddling with logs22:02
fwereadeniemeyer: all that had actually changed at the macro level was the precise shape of the error spam during bootstrap22:02
niemeyerfwereade: My recommendation would be to try this logic for real22:02
fwereadeniemeyer: you have already reviewed 80% of it22:02
niemeyerfwereade: Attempting to connect to the instances repeatedly right after bootstrap22:02
niemeyerfwereade: This will yield all kinds of edge cases22:02
fwereadeniemeyer: I have, and it seems to me that it's a bit nicer22:02
niemeyerfwereade: That must be handled22:02
niemeyerfwereade: We already had a few things we needed to improve on this camp.. as long as we're not going back in terms of user interface, it's fine22:03
niemeyerfwereade: if you manage to improve on that, though, many bonus points ;-)22:03
fwereadeniemeyer: well, it was rubbish before, and my changes made it slightly more rubbish, so I tried to fix that22:03
fwereadeniemeyer: not the best move in hindsight22:04
fwereadeniemeyer: anyway, I'm boarding in a few minutes22:04
niemeyerfwereade: Well, sounds like a good goal.. just good to do in a separate branch to make it easier for people to review22:05
niemeyerfwereade: After it's been reviewed once, at least22:05
fwereadeniemeyer: I hope it's a bearable review... the only unseen bits are providers.common.connect, and state.sshclient22:05
niemeyerfwereade: But thanks for the changes in either case.. it'll be awesome to have that improved22:05
fwereadeniemeyer: there's churn elsewhere but I'mm 99% sure that's all related to the previous review points22:05
niemeyerfwereade: Cool22:06
fwereadeniemeyer: if the sshclient stuff has any problems, would you have any issue with me backing that out and merging the originally-approved stuff?22:06
fwereadeI wanted to do that originally, but was convinced otherwise :022:07
fwereade...sorry, time-pressure IRC is a bad time to discuss this22:07
niemeyerfwereade: I would..22:07
niemeyerfwereade: The change introduced UI problems22:07
niemeyerfwereade: It might be split in a separate branch and both merged together22:07
niemeyerfwereade: But merging without the UI problem being fixed would be bad22:08
fwereadeniemeyer: heh, yeah that would have been a better answer22:08
fwereadeniemeyer: I'd say it mutated UI problems (:p) but point taken22:08
fwereadeniemeyer, 22:08
fwereadeniemeyer: cheers; really must go now22:08
fwereadeniemeyer: happy sunday22:08
niemeyerfwereade: Cheers! Have a good flight back22:08
fwereadeniemeyer: sorry, it looks like I've screwed something up; please don't worry about that branch22:17
niemeyerfwereade: Ok, don't worry, we can sort that out22:18
fwereadeniemeyer: I think we're better off if you take a look at the other branches in the queue: I can revert that one to a focused state, and make a separate descendant that's cleanly reviewable22:18
fwereadeniemeyer: I'll WIP it for now22:18
fwereadeniemeyer: later :)22:19
hazmatthat sucks re getting stuck in chicago, looks there's been weather delays for most of the day22:58

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