locodir-userAnybody here?07:36
airurandois loco.ubuntu.com down?19:34
* el_seano checks19:39
pleia2works for me19:39
mhall119airurando: we've been having on-again off-again problems with the server19:39
el_seanohmm... it's pingable, but http requests are timing out19:40
mhall119but it's coming up okay for me19:40
* el_seano shrugs19:40
mhall119and I haven't been getting any error emails since this morning19:40
el_seanooh hey, there it is.19:40
airurandoah no prob19:40
el_seanorefreshed a couple of times and it went through19:40
airurandoI'll try again19:40
mhall119are you going through a proxy of somekind perhaps?19:40
airurandomhall119 sorry I walked away for a bit20:01
airurandono proxy involved20:01
airurandobut it has come up for me now.20:02

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