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tumbleweedjtaylor: poke. when are you going to apply for MOTU?19:11
jtayloryou think I'm ready for that?19:17
jtaylorI'm just involved a couple of month19:17
tumbleweed6 months is the minimum, but you are doing good work and are well involved in the community around here19:21
tumbleweeds/minimum/stated recommended minimum/19:22
jtaylorI was planning on applying for dm when I ahve my 6 month, I'll also apply for motu then if you recommend it19:26
micahgjtaylor: tumbleweed +1, you've definitely have the community involvement and minimum time and good packaging work19:27
* tumbleweed reckons you could go straight for MOTU, although the DMB recommends going via contributing developer19:28
micahgno need to go for contributing developer unless you feel the need to hone your packaging skills more first19:28
* jtaylor reading application process19:32
directhexjtaylor, i don't advocate for DM, fwiw. someone's good enough for DD, or not good enough for DM, IMHO.19:36
Laneywell I don't recommend that anyway19:42
jtaylorhm ucd seems just like an aknowldgement of my current status19:49
jtaylorso I could skip that19:50
micahgjtaylor: it's mainly for people that have been contributing to development, have sustained effort, but aren't there yet with the packaging skills19:50
Laneynot necessarily, it's just a way of getting membership19:52
directhexmicahg, that seems wholly inappropriate in this case19:52
micahgdirecthex: agreed19:52
micahgLaney: ubuntu-dev grants membership as well, if the skills + contribution are there, a person can go for at least PPU19:53
LaneyI know19:53
Laneypeople can go for whatever they want though19:53
micahgI know you know :)19:53
tumbleweedanyway, jtaylor has the packaging skills, deserves membership, and can probably get good endorsements from a few people in this conversation :)19:57
jtaylorthx for your advice, I'll look into applying next week19:59
sladenLaney: as it happens ...I picked up a leadlet about bikes on trains in Germany.  In the UK Brompton sponsor+publish a very good "bikes on trains" leaflet (which helpful points out that through the myriad of restrictions, Bromptons /are/ allowed on all services in the UK20:04
Laneysladen: oh, that sounds useful. If only Bromptons were something you'd want to take on a bike tour20:10
Laneyprobably 50ish miles per day + carrying camping kit, perhaps not20:11
jtaylorhm bug 823009 now needs an ffe as it wasn't confirmed before the freeze or?20:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 823009 in argparse (Ubuntu) "Sync argparse 1.2.1-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82300920:21
tumbleweedjtaylor: it should probably have an FFe request, yes. Which means an explanation for the necessity of the sync20:24
jtaylorit is a bit problematic20:25
tumbleweedthe version we have, or the one you want to sync to?20:25
jtaylorthe sync will likely introduce an upgrade failure, I spoke with barry about it and he prefers to jsut break it instead of adding a delta20:25
tumbleweedwhat do we gain from doing the sync now, and not in p?20:26
tumbleweednot causing this upgrade failure?20:26
jtaylorif we only sync in p we have to add a delta for the general users, if we sync now we can just tell the alpha testers how to fix it manually20:27
jtaylorthe delta is a pretty ugly preinst20:27
micahgjtaylor: why not add the delta and sync again in P?20:27
micahgoh :(20:27
jtaylorne the delta would ahve to be added to the version in debian20:28
tumbleweedjtaylor: the reason for the sync sounds valid. I'd prepare the FFe request (I won't be able to grant it, it's in main, but there is no FFe queue atm)20:28
tumbleweeds/I'd/Go ahead and/20:29
sladenLaney: very well suited to the task.  I did 20km in an <1 hour to get the ferry earlier this afternoon.  I had camping kit (eg. stove, sleeping bag) aswell as the usual assortment of Debian kits and the like20:36
sladenLaney: low centre of gravity and a luggage system that doesn't throw the weight of the bike sideways when you go around a corner++20:37
Laneytumbleweed: we can't do main FFes? I wasn't aware of that.20:42
LaneyI thought everyone did everything.20:42
Laneysladen: I ought to try one really20:42
tumbleweedLaney: err I know we're there for universe, I assumed that meant we shouldn't do main20:44
LaneyI just thought we were extra bodies, but maybe we'd pick universe stuff over main if there's a choice20:45
tumbleweedLaney: fair enough. it's not like there's motu-release any more20:46
Laneyindeed, that's part of the point I think :-)20:53
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