=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn_work
* nlsthzn_work will be home in a few hours and then he might just be able to get some of those summaries written...08:29
holsteinw0w... Jleddbetter and i knocked a lot of em out just now :)14:26
nlsthznall done now too...15:27
nlsthznGot to do a few at least :)15:27
pleia2nice work everyone :)16:06
holsteinjledbetter helped :)16:07
holsteini thought she was a guy though :/16:07
holsteini was so sure it was james ledbetter... now i feel awful... oh well16:07
pleia2she has a finace named james :)16:10
holsteini think i know a james ledbetter locally16:13
holsteinin my LUG or something... anyways16:13
holsteinim out for a bit16:13
pleia2later holstein16:14
pleia2nhandler: not sure if you've looked at team reports lately, but it might be worth reminding teams that they are included on a page and using huge headings and things makes the included report break formatting16:32
pleia2ok, we just need to add stats (should be done tomorrow morning) but otherwise, review time! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue22816:48
* pleia2 waves to jledbetter 18:58
jledbetterHowdy pleia2 :)19:03
* nlsthzn waves night to all 20:30
nhandlerpleia2: Yeah, I've not really been doing much with the reports since we stopped publishing the full thing in UWN. I went through poking teams about formatting before, but I can do it again.21:16
nhandlerAlso, for tomorrow, I will probably not be around much. If you really need me, shoot me a text and I can either reply to that or hop on IRC from my phone21:16
philipballewanything I can do to help this week?21:27
pleia2nhandler: thanks, I should be fine for tomorrow23:46
pleia2holstein: planning on doing release around 00:00 UTC (about 24 hours from now) will you be around? going to show new scripts and publishing to akgraner then too23:47

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