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ibeardsleeget some snow?20:07
thumperibeardslee: yup20:08
thumperall schools closed here20:09
thumperso kids at home20:09
thumperI foresee not a lot of work getting done20:09
ibeardsleestill had snow on the lawn this morning20:14
snailthumper: let me introduce you to the concept of 'child labour'20:15
Atamiramorning !20:27
Atamirawhat a beautiful morning20:27
Atamiramother nature is howling and no one is listening20:27
ibeardsleemother nature needs to do something about her dandruff ..20:31
Atamirathats her cheap inexpensive sparkles20:36
Atamirawell they sparkle in the sunlight20:36
ibeardsleeohh my bad20:36
Atamiraand it disappears cause she doesnt want ppl to get greedy20:37
ajmitchit's not disappearing very fast20:38
Atamirait will if you try to collect it20:38
ajmitchtoo cold for that20:38
Atamiraand its cheating if you keep it in the fridge20:39
chiltswe had _massive_ snowflakes in Upper Hutt20:50
chiltsit was pretty cool!20:50
snailhttp://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/5442507/Agencies-told-to-open-up-databases looking good20:53
ojwbchilts: we were driving back from kapiti coast and wondering if we'd make it...21:10
chiltsyeah, we left Porirua at about mid-afternoon and it got pretty heavy once we got home - pretty lucky21:13
chiltsbut you got through ok?21:13
ojwbyes - the worst moment was the wheels skidding as we drove up the shared drive to the house!21:14
chiltswowser, yeah, your drive is pretty steep21:14
ojwbi knew there were chains in the garage at least21:15
ibeardsleelight snow falling outside my window at work23:03
chiltsyeah, it's started again :)23:04
chiltswell, not quite23:13
chiltsbut very nice23:13
chiltsoutside my window: http://wixcam.citylink.co.nz/courtenay/23:18
ojwbflurries here too23:23
ajmitchnothing much here today23:24
chrismsnzsnow in auckland, please :o23:24
ojwbapparently turoa has had 60cm23:24
chrismsnzojwb: awesome23:25
chrismsnzI was in ohakune last weekend when it was snowing23:26
chrismsnzmust have a 2.5m base by now eh23:26
ojwbwe drove up to whakapapa last sunday, and struggled on drifts on one corner23:26
ojwb(2wd with chains)23:27
ojwbmade it eventually though23:27
snailsnowballs being made on the kelburn campus23:29
chrismsnzjust read the snow report, turoa is looking to be >3m by the end of the day23:31
ojwbthe first time I skied there was the epic snow year - the next year there were a lot more rocks and cliffs than I remembered...23:33
ojwbthat was more than 5m IIRC23:33
snailno longer about to see willis street from kelbern parade23:42

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