ubottuIn #ubuntu, anth0ny said: ubottu, this is good to know...00:28
rwwLjL: I lied, looks like there is still a Ginbuntu ban in ot. 3929400:32
PerfieMI didn't even saying!00:32
rwwPerfieM: You're banned from #ubuntu. Please do not attempt to join it.00:32
PerfieMrww: not cool, not at all!00:32
PerfieMrww: since when?00:32
rwwPerfieM: April00:32
PerfieMI was hoping we could but that behind us00:33
PerfieMYou know, like MATURE people00:33
rwwIf you acted like "mature people", you wouldn't be banned from #ubuntu :)00:33
bazhangthat would require both parties to be mature PerfieM00:33
PerfieMbazhang: What makes me think I havent?00:33
bazhangPerfieM, thats neither here nor there, your ban evasion is not a good idea, and against freenode policy00:34
PerfieMI forgot I was banned!00:34
bazhangPerfieM, now you know.00:35
PerfieMrww, bazhang, I'll be seeing you both in hell00:36
PerfieMDoes this channel consist of the ops from #ubuntu-women too?01:18
rwwPerfieM: why?01:18
PerfieMrww: Why nor?01:19
PerfieMrww: is that a yes?01:21
rwwPerfieM: I'm waiting for an answer to my question.01:21
PerfieMrww: Same here01:22
CarlFKPerfieM: "This channel is for operator/abuse questions"01:22
PerfieMrww: I got banned and I'm wondering why01:22
PerfieMCarlFK: because of that, you dont get cookies01:22
rwwPerfieM: one second01:23
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rwwPerfieM: Your most recent ban in #ubuntu-women was for ban evasion and acting out your usual role as a complete and utter waste of linefeeds.01:24
PerfieMban evasion?!01:25
PerfieMI've never been in that channel b401:25
PerfieMwaste of linefeeds?01:25
rwwPerfieM: Ah, correct. I got it mixed up with the -offtopic output. Just the second part, then.01:25
PerfieMrww: name calling is offtopic on freenode, champ01:26
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.01:27
rwwanyways, #ubuntu-women isn't part of the Ubuntu core channels, so that doesn't even really apply :)01:28
* rww gets the impression he's contradicting himself a lot here, should probably get off IRC in his condition01:29
PerfieMI'm going to become on #ubuntu-op01:31
PerfieMminus the #01:31
rwwI find this doubtful.01:31
PerfieMA kid can have nightmares, right?01:32
PerfieMbut in all seriousness what is ubuntu-women?01:33
* PerfieM sighs01:33
PerfieMnot as cool as I thought01:37
rwwPerfieM: Is there anything else we can help you with today?01:43
PerfieMOh, is idling not allowed?01:43
rwwPerfieM: no, it isn't01:43
PerfieMlol sorry01:43
tonyyarussoHappy birthday Myrtti02:27
bazhangblackarchdog seems to be only offtopic03:33
bazhanghe's been asked many many times to curtail it.03:36
Myrttitonyyarusso: thanks03:36
rwwbazhang: he's about to meet the blunt end of a banhammer03:37
rwwbazhang: and there we go.03:38
bazhangrww, nice03:39
Sp4rKyjust fyi, GoodAd is still the same guy from belgium who is moving from one chan to another insulting people and so on, since a few ... years now.09:18
bazhangthanks Sp4rKy09:19
bazhang<AMD> can i download safari web broser for ubuntu 10.10?12:16
bazhangalso wanting imovie for linux12:16
jribprobably a troll12:18
bazhanghe was asking for home delivery of OS disks yesterday as well12:19
bazhanghitme seems to be trolling +1 as well12:34
oCeanoh, g0t is in #u again? I removed ban yesterday. Let's see if he still has his script enabled12:39
oCeanoh wait, he isn't..12:39
oCeanhe's in #freenode actually12:39
bazhangnot disabled12:39
gryg0t bot at #ubuntu12:40
oCeanin #u too?12:40
oCeanyeah hang on12:40
ikoniaahhh he's in here12:40
oCeanmaybe I should stop removing bans?12:41
bazhangrww would throw a fit12:42
bazhangso DO IT12:42
jussioCean: nah, it happens, romving bans is a good thing, especially if you are watching for behaviour when/if they come back12:44
oCeanjussi: of course, I understand. Still, for those users it's just silly, since they absolutely have no intention to use the channel for support12:46
jussioCean: still, often users once banned for a few days wont bother coming back12:46
oCeanI heard that theory before12:46
bazhangsounds scientific12:47
IdleOneshould move this to -ot12:47
bazhangos2mac, hi13:27
bazhangos2mac, something you needed help with?13:29
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oCeanDERBIER> in #u, could be Lars T17:51
oCeanwhat's his status. I see (recently) removed bans?17:53
oCeanand he's back being the old lars.17:56
oCeanvvcv is now known as _WKLEOMRPORORMMO, also Lars19:38

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