bobJabbaeto antok lol03:39
bobJabbareading python.org03:39
GreenCloudyou might also want to search for wxPython... cool stuff03:57
GreenCloudits a multi-platform GUI programming in python, 03:57
GreenCloudbobJabba: reboot lng ako... im intalling UNIX in my other machine... laters04:03
GreenCloudbobJabba: musta first meeting sir???05:44
bobJabbaGreenCloud: mamaya pa. 3:30pm. excited ka naman masyado lol05:45
GreenCloudngek...mmya p pla...05:45
tomI am an Ubuntu user from India. I need an offtopic help. Can anybody help?06:01
GreenCloudtom: what is your concern?06:03
GreenCloudlet's see if i can help you...06:04
tomIts offtopic. Not related with computer. I have a friend in Manila. She does not have an email address. I have to send her my Postal address. 06:04
tomThats all. 06:04
tomI called her but cannot understand the accents mutually06:05
tomCan you help me?06:05
GreenCloudi sent u a pm... check ur irc06:09
tomHer name is Olive /q GreenCloud Thanks alot06:12
GreenCloudolive? nice name... very familiar...06:16
GreenCloudi have a sister in law also named olive...06:17
bobJabbaGreenCloud: I'm leaving in a bit for the InfoLeak meet. Tama na yang chat-chat, punta ka na rin lol busy ka lang sa kaka-chat eh haha joke :P06:47
GreenCloudhehehe...may tinatapos din akong project sir...audio editing...06:50
GreenCloudi wish i could just show up and do my stuff at the same time...06:50
GreenCloudi would need to upgrade my brain first to do that06:51
GreenCloudbobJabba: GOODLUCK sir! mabuhay ka!! Salute!!!06:51
bobJabbalol kaya mo yan, ikaw pa. May free wifi naman dun eh. Tara na! I'm logging off now. See you there lol :D06:59
GreenCloudhehe...as if i can bring all my stuff there...06:59
bobJabbaGreenCloud: check your PM06:59
bobJabbalol bye06:59
str0nghi all :)09:16
shipcodehello stong09:18
str0nghi :)09:22
* bobJabba mano kay Shipcode09:27
bobJabbaah shit brb09:28
greencloudshipcode, testing lng to...09:36
greencloudwala p si sir bob...hindi p ata tapos ung meet-up nila...09:36
greencloudi just installed fedora here in my new machine...medyo hubad p to...09:38
shipcodeok nman09:48
shipcodeay nako09:48
str0ngTerminus-: kumusta? :)12:35
str0ngbah.. daming tao.14:47
GreenCloud`evening! master Strong!14:50
str0ngGreenCloud: gud pm po :)14:54
str0ngGreenCloud: medyo tahimik today..14:55
shipcodeoo nga eh14:56
str0ngano meron ngayon? hehe14:57
GreenCloudhello ship! wala p si boss bob, napagod ata sa meeting nila kanina with our fellow linux users14:57
str0ngmeetup nang mga hackers :) nice14:57
Terminus-heya str0ng. just checked irc. =)14:57
GreenCloudstr0ng: yep!!14:57
str0ngTerminus-: ! kumusta tol? :)14:58
str0ngTerminus-: long time no talk haha14:58
Terminus-str0ng: oo nga eh. hehe. just checked my eve account and now i'm about to go back to dealing with python. ikaw? =)14:58
str0ngoi nice! :)14:58
str0ngme.. same as usual.14:58
str0ngneed to learn a lot of things..14:58
str0ngbeen reading solaris/cluster/virtualizations.14:59
Terminus-i'm also migrating my old pf configuration to the new syntax.14:59
str0ngdaming solaris sa environment namin ngayon.. 14:59
Terminus-nice. i'm avoiding solaris because i'll probably get extorted by oracle. XD15:00
str0ngTerminus-: haha.. i have no choice.. it's on our environment, and we're supporting it15:00
Terminus-never had the chance to take a look at solaris containers.15:00
str0ngi see..15:01
Terminus-str0ng: well, i would use it as well if i didn't have to care about the licensing part. =)15:01
str0ngHPUX is also a pain :(15:01
str0ngTerminus-: haha.. well, i'm not paying for it.. the client does :)15:01
shipcode<GreenCloud> hello ship! wala p si boss bob, napagod ata sa meeting nila kanina with our fellow linux users >ahehehhe15:01
Terminus-it's weird how HPUX/AIX/Solaris feel totally alien.15:01
shipcodejust found a good free shell account na pwede lagyan ng bot 15:02
shipcodeat nagrurun ng perl15:02
Terminus-str0ng: good for you then. as long as somebody's paying, i'd give it a go. hehe15:02
str0ngTerminus-: haha.. well, they really are :)15:02
shipcodeubuntu 11.0415:02
Terminus-str0ng: switching between linux, bsd, and os x doesn't feel as weird. =)15:02
str0ngTerminus-: ow? 15:02
GreenCloudshipcode: nice ok yan ah...pki pasa nga bai! tnx!15:03
Terminus-str0ng: yep. it's mostly the same.15:03
str0ngTerminus-: haven't used *bsd for a long time.. 15:03
Terminus-solaris package management feels even worse than BSD package management.15:03
str0ngwhat I've noticed on these NIX's, they are all command driven15:03
Terminus-no dependency tracking? seriously?!15:03
shipcodekilala nyo sino mga to > http://www.darkcode.com/img/34faa395.jpg15:04
str0ngTerminus-: sol10 does (i  believed)15:04
Terminus-str0ng: last one i tried was sol10. didn't see any dep tracking there.15:04
GreenCloudkinsa man ni bai?15:04
str0ngTerminus-: oh.. that's still the latest version..15:04
GreenCloudnaa k diri?15:05
Terminus-str0ng: yep. tried it a few months ago. was only interested because of zfs.15:05
* str0ng i'm still not so acquainted with it :)15:05
str0ngahh.. zfs..15:05
shipcodeNBI Anti-fraud and Computer Crimes Division >  http://www.darkcode.com/img/34faa395.jpg  15:05
Terminus-everything i run is pretty vanilla. just need storage, vmware, and centos. =)15:07
str0ngTerminus-: have you tried zones?15:07
str0ngnice :) hehe15:07
Terminus-str0ng: zones are under solaris containers which i mentioned earlier that i haven't tried yet. =)15:07
str0ngTerminus-: ah :)15:07
GreenCloudhaha...pastilan!!!kinahanglan diay hinumduman pirmi ning mga nawonga15:07
str0ngTerminus-: we have a lot of `em 15:08
GreenCloudbaka bukas kumatok n lng bigla to sa bahay ko...15:08
shipcode<GreenCloud> haha...pastilan!!!kinahanglan diay hinumduman pirmi ning mga nawonga >tama15:08
Terminus-enterprisey storage is too expensive. can't get my hands on a celerra or equivalent.15:08
str0ngTerminus-: freeNAS :)15:09
Terminus-str0ng: yeah, i figured you'd use zones if you use solaris for everything. =)15:09
Terminus-str0ng: SAN != NAS =P15:09
str0nghehe.. 15:09
Terminus-besides, i don't need a fancy GUI. i can just use an iscsi target and initiator on centos. =)15:10
Terminus-FCoE is another thing that would be nice to play around with. hehe15:11
str0ngnice! :)15:11
Terminus-too bad it's yet another special switch to buy. at least it seems better than dedicated FC/IB hardware. hehe15:12
str0ngTerminus-: there's always an alternative :)15:12
Terminus-which is why i just use iscsi. good enough so far although i really need to get multipath up and running. =)15:14
str0ngexpensive :) 15:14
Terminus-i'm also trunking 2x gigabit ports to 20 VLANs on the new gateway for work. =D15:14
str0ngnice.. 15:15
Terminus-LACP + GVRP + VLAN \o/15:15
str0ngang saya!15:15
Terminus-just one problem. IPMI is shared with the first lan port and seems to stop responding after the OS starts. >_<15:16
Terminus-i guess a dedicated IPMI port is still better. OTOH, this is a cheap supermicro atom box.15:17
Terminus-anyway, time for a smoke and then back to hammering in vim.15:20
str0ngTerminus-: alright.. :)15:20
str0ngGreenCloud: taga asa ka bai?15:32
shipcodeako tga cebu15:32
shipcodebisaya oh15:32
str0ngnice :)15:32
str0ngyeah, i'm from Mindanao :)15:33
str0ngworking here in Manila.15:33
GreenCloudstr0ng: taga laguna ako sir...pero kabalo cebuano...fluent ko cebuano ug chabacano...15:47
str0ngGreenCloud: nice :)15:48
GreenCloudstr0ng: almost 5 years kasi ko tumira sa mindanao... then sa cebu naman almost 1 year ghapon...15:49
GreenCloudstr0ng: taga asa diay k sa mindanao?15:49
str0ngGreenCloud: butuan15:49
GreenCloudstr0ng: nakagala din ako jan sa butuan...pero mas matagal ako sa bayugan 115:50
GreenCloudpero while i was in bayugan, week naman napunta ako ng butuan...15:51
str0ngGreenCloud: ah.. bayugan, agusan del sur :)15:51
str0ngnice :)15:51
GreenCloudstr0ng: yes sir... agusan... ug prosperidad ghapon...15:51
GreenCloudnakagala din ako ng 1 month sa Tungao...15:52
str0ngcool :)15:52
str0ngwork related?15:52
GreenCloudim an artist sir...15:53
GreenCloudoil painter, landscape artist...15:53
GreenCloudthen i go there, for nature hopping...15:53
str0ngGreenCloud: oi.  nice..15:53
GreenCloudonce in a while15:54
str0ngGreenCloud: so you're using linux ?15:54
GreenCloudstr0ng: yes sir...15:54
str0ngGreenCloud: cool:)15:54
GreenCloudso what do you do sir malakas?15:55
str0ngGreenCloud: you mean, my work? :)15:56
GreenCloudyes sir...15:56
str0ngi'm a firefighter... on the different field :)15:57
str0ngGreenCloud: i work as a system admin.15:58
GreenCloudstr0ng: nice, one of the highest paid jobs i know ;)15:59
str0ngGreenCloud: oh.. you're probably referring to Terminus- :) hehe16:00
GreenCloudstr0ng: oooopz!~ maybe ~16:01
shipcodeout na ako bye16:30
shipcodemay pasok pa ako sa skul bukas16:31

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