rdeggesHey guys, I've defined a crontab that does `/usr/bin/aptitude -y safe-upgrade`, however, it always fails when run via cron. I can run it on the CLI just fine. When I log it's stdout/stdin to a text file, I see that it hangs on "Writing extended state information..." and never finishes. Is there a fix for this?01:48
rdeggesAm I missing something?01:48
alamarwhy don't you use the capabilities of the /etc/cron/apt cronjob or just cron-apt?01:49
rdeggesnever heard of thhose before01:49
alamarthey do essentially the same01:51
rdeggesHrm, thanks. I'm looking at that now.01:52
freakabcdhi all05:32
freakabcdis there a way to find out if my server has ECC memory onboard?05:32
freakabcdi'm not physically present at the location of the server and hence i cannot shut it down and look within05:33
KM0201freakabcd: sudo dmidecode --type 17      try that06:03
philipballewis it a good idea to set up and enable the root account in my server?08:03
ke1haHey guys, quick quesintion. I bult a 10.04 server, and after, I added a couple spare drives I had form another box, problem is, I forgot if they are ext3 or ext4, what's a quikx way to determine what they are as I dont want to reformat them before moving the data.08:04
ke1haNVM, I got it, wow, it must be getting late :-)08:10
RoyKphilipballew: depends if you're likely to need it10:45
philipballewRoyK, what uses would i have to need it10:45
RoyKphilipballew: or if you want to add a little layer of security - anyone with physical access to an ubuntu machine may reboot it into single user mode and without a root password, there'll be no password prompt for that10:46
RoyKhowever, anyone with physical access may boot the server from a cdrom or usb stick, and there's little to do about that10:46
philipballewblock that from bios maybe10:48
RoyKstill, anyone with physical access can open the machine and pull out the drive, or reset CMOS and then bypass whatever you added in the BIOS setup10:57
RoyKor even take the machine10:57
philipballewthats true, well im off to bed! thanks for the info to think about10:58
RoyKso, adding a root password to stop people from booting into single will stop newbies/idiots, but it'll never stop the Bad guys so long they're allowed physical access10:58
philipballewif they want it bad enough theyll take it10:58
* nancy-- things how to build a social networking site like facebook in easy way12:03
RoyKdunno if there's an easy way to do that - perhaps some open framework can help, but I don't know any12:06
nancy--buts it gives errors12:06
RoyKwordpress ins't really made for social networking12:07
RoyKshould be usable for it, though, given enough tweaks :P12:07
nancy--what are build for that purpose than?12:08
RoyKno idea12:09
RoyKI guess a CMS can do it12:09
RoyKwhile wordpress is may be called a CMS, it's rather limited12:10
RoyKhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_content_management_systems gives a list of what's out there12:10
RoyKold article, though12:15
* nancy-- things how to build a social networking site like facebook in easy way12:25
RoyKI guess google for it12:27
SSX_1can i ask a quick question - installed 11.04 on an old armada m300, install went ok, but it boots into black and white garbage??12:50
nancy--in ftp how to cut a folder and past it inside another folder (i dont want to download and upload it again) ?12:53
nancy--in ftp how to cut a folder and past it inside another folder (i dont want to download and upload it again) ?12:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #826022 in euca2ools (main) "euca-modify-image-attribute usage raises error" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82602213:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #826174 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-sqlite3 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82617413:34
SSX_1how to connect a usb wifi ?13:35
jeeves_mossanyone have a good reccomendation for a good "howto" for dovecot/postfix/spamass/clamav/tls/quota?15:16
RoyKjeeves_moss: there's one in the guide15:44
ubottuThe Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/15:44
jeeves_mossRoyK, thanks!15:44
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maxagaz_on a virtual machine, is it better to install ubuntu  64 or 32 ?16:30
RoyKmaxagaz_: doesn't matter much, but if you don't need >1GB memory, there's no need for 64bit16:49
RoyK64bit pointers means 2x space for those, so a wee bit more memory usage16:49
RoyKmaxagaz_: >1GB for the guest, that is16:50
droobuntuI have a dual nic mobo with ubuntu 11.04 server, I'm attempting to setup internet connection sharing >18:18
droobuntueth1 is the internet connection, eth0 is what the client machine will use to connect to the ubuntu server >18:19
droobunturtfm'd and implemented several "how to guides" but I'm having trouble18:19
droobuntumay I get some assistance? will post info that is required to help figure it out18:20
qman__the general linux term for it is masquerading18:21
droobuntuunderstood, I attempted some guides using dhcp3 w dnsmasq but couldn't get it working so I'm now trying static ip's on the server and the client machine18:22
qman__the firewall portion is really simple18:23
qman__did you set net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1?18:23
droobuntui did per a guide18:24
qman__cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward to verify18:24
qman__then you only need two iptables rules18:25
droobuntuthat responded with "1" via terminal (ssh)18:26
qman__sudo iptables -t nat -A -o eth1 -j MASQUERADE18:26
qman__sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth1 -j MASQUERADE18:26
qman__sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i eth1 -j ACCEPT18:27
qman__er, in your case18:27
qman__sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -j ACCEPT18:27
qman__all the instructions are based on eth0 being the internet18:27
droobuntuyes it's backwards, the gigabit nic doesnt like crossover cable at all so I'm having to use eth1 as the internet nic18:28
qman__but yeah18:28
qman__those two rules are all it takes18:28
qman__other than that it's networking configuration18:28
droobuntuthat's probably the problem, I've issued these commands before but I went through the process again just now as you directed18:29
droobuntuusually something simple18:29
qman__you can erase anything else that might have gotten in there with sudo iptables -F; sudo iptables -t nat -F18:29
qman__also, those rules won't be persistent after a reboot, there's plenty of ways of saving them18:30
qman__up to you which you want18:30
qman__mine is a bit more complicated due to port forwarding, so I wrote a script and added it to if-up.d18:31
droobuntuwell my eth1 = static with portfowarding set on the Modem/Router that it is behind18:32
droobuntusetting that up was cake18:32
qman__then what's this for?18:32
qman__the router should be doing everything you need to just plug the second one in18:32
droobuntuports for apache/ssh/team fortress 2 dedi18:32
droobuntuthe router/modem is across the house and wireless in this back area is unacceptable18:33
qman__bridge the interfaces18:33
qman__way simpler and you'll keep everything on one network18:33
droobuntuquick query about the client machine.. the nic gateway should be set to the Modem/Router? or the Ubuntu eth1 ip address?18:34
droobuntueth0 btw is set up on a 10.x.x.x ip set18:35
qman__ubuntu eth0 address18:35
qman__the gateway is the next router hop, it has to be in a locally reachable subnet18:35
qman__so if PC 2 is and the routing ubuntu is, the gateway on PC 2 is
droobuntujust dbl checked, thats what i have18:36
qman__then routing ubuntu also has, and its gateway is the modem/router,
qman__or whatever it is18:36
droobuntuwith the dns set for the isp of course18:36
droobuntui had this working with 11.04 desktop18:37
droobuntubut i opted for server this time and its been a real headache18:37
qman__with a bridge though, all that goes away18:37
qman__you can go back to DHCP18:37
droobuntuI'll rtfm on bridging net interfaces on *nix18:38
qman__but really, you don't even need a masquerade if there's only one computer18:38
qman__you could just simply route18:38
qman__masquerading is to share one IP address, which you don't need to do18:38
qman__flush the firewall, set to accept all18:39
qman__long as ip_forward is set to 1 it should just work18:39
qman__other computers on the network would need a route set though18:40
qman__to know where 10.x.x.x is18:40
qman__which is why bridging is better18:40
droobuntuthats what I thought as well but something somewhere is holding me back.18:40
qman__just install bridge-utils, set one up in interfaces18:40
droobuntuI have a lan connection on the client to the server, but no internet access18:41
qman__in that case, it's probably because the modem doesn't know where 10.x.x.x is18:41
qman__if you can set a route there, that'd be the quickest fix18:42
qman__otherwise you could static NAT, or go with the bridge18:42
droobuntunow my eth0 and eth1 arent auto starting up18:49
droobuntuI love a good challenge and learning experience18:50
droobuntuthank you for your patience and time qman18:50
qman__no problem, just passing the time18:51
droobuntuwell if you are REALLY bored you can ssh into this monster and help me figure this crap out18:51
qman__pretty sure you just want to have both interfaces come up without addresses, then DHCP (or static) the bridge18:51
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tenchi21for use in a server environment would you recommend an ATX or ATX12v PSU ?21:12
bernhard2 Installed nginx and php5 php5-fpm the website is working with html not not php the info.php does not show php info. did install apt-get install php5 php5-fpm php-pear php5-common php5-mcrypt php5-mysql php5-cli php5-gd php5-curl php5-imap php5-memcache php-apc restart both nginx and php5-fpm The nginx config files can be found here.. http://pastebin.com/tH4RaYB022:38
StevenRbernhard2: is fastcgi server running? Does netstat -ntlp show it?22:40
bernhard2yes its running see your pm22:42
StevenRbernhard2: please use a pastebin for that in future.... does fastcgi show the php scripts being passed to it? Do the nginx logs show the php scripts passign to fastcgi?22:43
StevenRbernhard2: stop using the pm. thanks. (you get the benefit of anyone else who might be listening here, rather than just me who has little experience with nginx and fastcgi)22:45
StevenRbernhard2: what do the log files show (please use a pastebin)22:46
bernhard2the nginx logfiles say nothing about fastcgi22:46
StevenRok, well what do they show when you attempt to access a php page?22:47
StevenRand what do the fastcgi log file show?22:47
bernhard2NOTICE: reloading: execvp("/usr/sbin/php5-fpm", {"/usr/sbin/php5-fpm", "--fpm-config", "/etc/php5/fpm/php-fpm.conf"})22:49
bernhard2NOTICE: using inherited socket fd=6, ""22:49
bernhard2NOTICE: fpm is running, pid 345322:50
bernhard2NOTICE: ready to handle connections22:50
StevenRif that's all, then you need to increase the logging for both pieces of software22:50
Jeeves_fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME  /scripts$fastcgi_script_name;22:51
Jeeves_Where are your scripts located?22:51
Jeeves_ /var/www i asume?22:51
Jeeves_I think it should be22:51
Jeeves_fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME  /var/www$fastcgi_script_name;22:52
Jeeves_I do it (with perl) like this22:52
Jeeves_  location ~ ^/otrs/(.*\.pl)(/.*)?$ {22:52
Jeeves_    fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME   /home/tuxis_otrs/otrs/bin/fcgi-bin/$1;22:52
Jeeves_That also catches the full URI instead of just the filename22:53
Jeeves_So in your case that would be:22:53
Jeeves_fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME  /var/www$fastcgi_script_name; should do, I guess22:54
bernhard2when i try to use info.php then i get page can not be found. the i see this in my log "GET /info.php HTTP/1.1" 404 31 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.2)"22:54
Jeeves_bernhard2: Did you change what I said you should change?22:54
bernhard2yes my php is in /var/www22:55
bernhard2<Jeeves_>  not yet one moment22:55
bernhard2 <Jeeves_>   fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME  /var/www$fastcgi_script_name;22:55
bernhard2<Jeeves_> this should be instead of .. ?22:56
Jeeves_bernhard2: Line 100 in your paste22:56
Jeeves_Hi Manu3222:56
Manu32I'm having trouble with visudo / running a script as a certain user. I set up the rule in sudoers but every time I try to run the .sh containing an svn update inclusive user it just tries to execute is as root?22:57
Jeeves_Manu32: That depends on the sudo-command you're using22:58
Manu32this is what's in my sudoer:22:59
Manu32TESTUSER2 ALL=(TESTUSER1) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/svn22:59
Manu32this is the content of the .sh I run as TESTUSER2:23:00
Manu32sudo svn --username TESTUSER1 --password '12345' update /www/dev/ 2>&123:00
Jeeves_that will run as root, yes23:00
Jeeves_sudo -u testuser (try to avoid capitals)23:01
Manu32syntax error? let me try23:01
bernhard2<Jeeves_> changed the line and restarted nginx and php5-fpm  the line: fastcgi_param  SCRIPT_FILENAME  /var/www$scripts$fastcgi_script_name;   and it works.. great.. :)23:02
Jeeves_bernhard2: Good23:02
Manu32<Jeeves> it didn't change anything unless I need to change the --password attribut too? (haven't used capitals in the real file)23:04
Manu32sudo svn -u TESTUSER1 --password '12345' update /www/dev/ 2>&123:04
bernhard2<Jeeves_> when i open a url it does not work when i do not put a / at the and of the path.. for instance http://domain/phpmyadmin does not start index.php but http://domain/phpmyadmin/ does start the index.php can this be fixed to work also without the / at the end ?23:08
Jeeves_http://domain/phpmyadmin calls for a file23:10
Jeeves_http://domain/phpmyadmin/ calls for a directory23:10
Jeeves_Manu32: You need to tell sudo as which user the command svn must run23:11
Jeeves_if you don't define a user with -u, sudo will try to run it as root23:11
Jeeves_sudo -u <usertorunas> <command to run>23:11
Manu32yes I just figrued the order of my command was mixed up...got it now. Cheers23:12

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