MuscovyGood day, all.16:57
MuscovyI'm going to start the meeting now, as I'm afraid I have little time.16:57
Muscovybarrydrake, Crisco MadnessRed MichealH Omega Silasle16:58
MuscovyFirst, perhaps, the release version of focus.16:58
MuscovyI think we should skip over natty and go straight to oneric, as not to double-do unity sections.16:58
MuscovySound reasonable?16:59
barrydrakeoneiric is looking quite a bit different now from Natty16:59
MuscovyThis is a rather free-form meeting, so does anyone have any topics?17:00
MuscovyQuestions/concerns/ideas, etc.17:00
barrydrakemy first meeting here, so I'm lurking17:00
MuscovyWelcome. :)17:00
MuscovyMadnessred, do you think we could fold the development branch into the main branch?17:01
MuscovyMadnessred, do you think we could fold the development branch into the main branch?17:01
MuscovyIt's been stable for a long time, from my experience.17:01
MadnessRedwe just need people to convert the tours to the new branch17:02
MuscovyOk, that can be done.17:02
MuscovyIn the next week or so I need to get going on tour completion.17:03
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MichealH#chair Muscovy17:03
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MichealHGo ahead17:03
MuscovyWe've got lots of tours that are 3/4ths done.17:03
MuscovyOh thanks, MichealH.17:03
MichealH!hi | everyone17:04
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MichealHubottu db FTW17:04
MuscovyNot sure about other editors, but I tend to get lost when I don't know what needs doing, so I'll get a list together soon.17:04
MuscovyFor those who haven't seen, MadnessRed has a really cool new thing set up, that lets you click parts of the UI to open pages about that part.17:04
MuscovyGreat for explaining Unity and eventually more applications.17:05
MuscovyOh, and I'll also get back on the PPA again.17:06
MuscovySorry again that I've been kinda dead, I've been really busy this year. :P17:06
MadnessRedno problem, I think we all have17:06
MadnessRedok, just going back to an earlier point, should I change the "Development focus" to "ubuntu-tour developement"17:06
MadnessRedat the moment lp:ubuntu-tour is the old natty branch17:07
MuscovyWhat I figured was change natty to be oneric, and merge the new things in from development.17:09
MuscovyIf I remember correctly, we originally made development because it was unstable.17:09
MuscovyMerging might be tricky. By the look of things people have been editing both branches for content.17:10
MadnessRedProblem is that development and natty are very differnt17:10
MadnessReddevelopment has a different language and tour system17:10
MuscovyShould we make a converting tool or just do it manually?17:11
MuscovyI could adapt them, it doesn't seem too difficult.17:12
MadnessRedWhat I would suggest is that we work on the development branch, then once a new version is released we branch devevlopement to that codename17:12
MadnessRedeg we work on development now, once oineric is released, we branch development to oineric, the development branch then has code updates and tour updates for p___ and any tour cahnges for oineric can be made in that branch17:13
MadnessRedhow are we doing for authors?17:18
MadnessRedthat are still around and contributing?17:18
MuscovyWe're low.17:18
MuscovyOnce I can get a TODO list, we need to get more members.17:18
MuscovyWe've basically had contributors slowly dropping out of the project.17:19
MadnessRedI can sort out another post on OMG!Ubuntu!17:19
MuscovyThat'd be great!17:19
MuscovyLet's just wait until we know what needs doing though.17:19
MadnessRedbut I think we need to get a few more of the basic tours sorted first17:19
MuscovyRemember the chaos when we first started and everyone was all over the place? :)17:19
MadnessRedyh, we need to know what needs doing17:20
MadnessRedprobably have empty tours set up17:20
MuscovyI'll also get going on the Unity one, that's really important.17:20
MuscovyYeah, and have better documentation than last time.17:20
MuscovySo everyone knows how to write, edit and translate.17:20
barrydrakemaybe it would be good to treat it like 'bugs' and assign small tasks?17:20
MadnessRedtranslations are doing through launchpad now17:21
MadnessRedwhich should make it simpler in that respect17:21
MadnessRedand also means translators aren't presented with any of the source code, which makes it nicer for them17:22
Muscovybarrydrake: certainly, we can use the bugs system like that for "content missing" and "content  incomplete" and so on.17:22
barrydrakesounds goo - effort is not duplicated that way17:23
MuscovyYeah it's also a good way of knowing who's doing what.17:23
MadnessRedwe also need to think about the interactiveness17:24
MuscovyYou don't want to people with different ideas inadvertently writing two half of one tour.17:24
MadnessRedthings like arrows, and hints17:24
MadnessRedthe tour writers need to tell the programmers what they want17:24
MuscovyNow that Unity locks positions, the arrow will be a lot easier to use.17:24
MadnessRedand we need to make sure the tour writers know how to use the arrows17:24
barrydrakeBTW, the instructions for installing ubuntu-tour on the website don't work.  I'll have to use bazaar to get the current code, and build it.17:25
Muscovybarrydrake, I'm guessing it says there's not a version for natty?17:25
MuscovyI've not updated it in a while. :P17:25
barrydrakeit isn't that helpful.  It says the binary is 'missing'17:25
MuscovyWell, I'll update it and take a look this evening or tomorrow.17:26
MadnessRedwill the ppa install the languages for the developement version17:27
MuscovyThe PPA doesn't have that version yet.17:27
MuscovyDevelopment will be for code, (relase codename) for writing, correct?17:28
MadnessReddevelopement for code and tours for the next release17:30
MadnessRedeg tours for oineric would be done in developement at the moment17:30
MadnessRedthen tours for natty in the natty branch17:30
MadnessRedI don't think the code is complete enough in development to move it into a tours only branch17:31
MuscovyHmm ok.17:31
MadnessRedif we branched oineric now, i think we would spend a lot of time, merging code changes between development and oineric17:33
MuscovyYeah I agree.17:34
barrydrakecurrently, the appearance and behaviour of Unity in Oneiric seems to be changing daily ...17:34
MuscovyI just wasn't totally sure what the delineation between branches was.17:34
MuscovyYep. XD17:34
MadnessRedI think, when the code is complete enough, each release we make the development branch stable, branch it into the codename, and do all the tours there17:36
MuscovyMakes sense.17:37
MuscovyAlright, well I've got to go shortly.17:39
MadnessRedok, another topic... the website, hardly every works for me17:39
MuscovyAs in it's frequently down?17:39
MuscovyThat's odd.17:39
barrydrakeI haven't seen problems with it - only there is not a lot of informarion up there17:40
barrydrakethis is why I'm lurking here, to see what's happening17:40
MuscovyYeah, the site needs work.17:41
MuscovyMadnessRed, we switched to Omega for hosting a few months ago, for me at least that made the downtime issues go away.17:42
MadnessRedit's hardly ever up for me17:42
MuscovyThat's not good.17:43
MadnessRedtry accessing it through a uk proxy17:45
Muscovyhttp://isitdown.co.uk/ubuntutour.org you're right. :/17:49
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MuscovyIf I remember correctly philw was another hosting option at the time.17:50
MuscovyIf we can't sort out what's wrong now, I'll talk to him.17:50
MuscovyAnd now, I'm afraid I'v got to run.17:51
MuscovyThanks for coming to the mini-meeting everyone, I'll get together a TODO list as soon as I can.17:51
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MadnessRedok kl, thanks everyone17:51
OmegaI missed the meeting :< I'm sorry guys, I just moved here and I was moving to another place20:46

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