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gantrixxI'm having trouble troubleshooting a mounting problem14:13
iheartubuntui would lile to introduce maksim (makushimu) to the california team chat. he found us through the pasadena ubuntu hour. woohoo!18:58
pleia2welcome makushimu :)18:59
makushimuThank you =)19:00
iheartubuntuhad a great yard sale yesterday and gave out 10 ubuntu discs. i cant believe i slept 12 hours last night :) so tired19:00
iheartubuntuhi seidos how are you19:02
iheartubuntui started up a linkedin acct. if anyone is interested in connecting there, i am at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/iheartubuntu19:04
iheartubuntuhas anyone heard of fiverr.com ? you can find a ton of projects and services people will do for $5. some interesting things there :)19:05
* pleia2 remembers to send out meeting reminders \o/19:26
pleia2some days are harder than others :)19:26
* grantbow waves from berkeleylug.com meeting21:11
* seidos waves back21:13
grantbowjdeslip is here with 11 of our closest LUG friends.21:14

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