rick_h_boom, there goes power00:00
rick_h_thank you battery backup!00:00
rick_h_and laptops with extended battery power00:00
rick_h_droidCrap, and no power sucks01:25
jrwrenTeamXlink: you (or students) do not have any first ammendment rights when using someone else's network. youd 'lose the argument in court VERY quickly02:25
TeamXlinkWait, what argument?02:25
TeamXlinkThe comments about the internet usage policy and what not02:27
TeamXlinkWeren't related too the questions:02:27
TeamXlink[16:50:18] <TeamXlink> How far could you get based on the argument, by signing a document that is mandatory for attending a *public school*, you are signing your constitiutonsl freedoms away?02:28
TeamXlink[16:50:24] <TeamXlink> Assuming the student is 18, (Or else rights are really vague)02:28
TeamXlink[16:52:39] <snap-l> TeamXlink: I have no clue02:28
jrwrenoh, what are you signing then?02:29
TeamXlinkOh, hmmmm02:31
TeamXlinkhold on02:31
TeamXlinkLet me browse my logs again.02:31
TeamXlinkI can't find the part of the log where I was talking about the internet usage policy.02:32
TeamXlinkI think it might have been not saved when I unplugged my pc.02:33
snap-lGood morning14:48
snap-lOff to do the grocery shopping.14:48
rick_h_devinheitmueller: ping16:56
devinheitmuellerrick_h_: pong16:56
rick_h_hey, need a favor, I picked up an HD antenna, but I need to help find a good place for it in the house16:56
rick_h_I'm thinking of getting a usb tv tuner for the laptop16:56
rick_h_and I can test it up stairs/down, etc16:56
rick_h_suggestions for one that should work ok?16:57
devinheitmuellerYou interested in digital or analog support?16:57
rick_h_running arch linux on 3.016:57
rick_h_I want to test if I can get ota HD for the tv16:57
rick_h_so digital16:57
devinheitmuellerThe HVR-950q is pretty good for that.16:57
devinheitmueller... and it's well supported in 3.016:57
devinheitmuellerI don't know about Arch, but Ubuntu ships with the firmware.16:57
rick_h_ok cool16:57
devinheitmueller(if not, you can download it from kernellabs)16:57
rick_h_and any boostrapping of the software side I'll need to scan/test channels?16:58
devinheitmuellerNo, just need to install the firmware, and install whatever packages provides "scan"16:58
devinheitmueller(typically /usr/bin/scan)16:58
devinheitmuellerThis wiki article explains the process pretty well, although nothing there is specific to the 950q:  http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Talk:Hauppauge_WinTV-HVR-950Q16:59
rick_h_yea, I figured step 1 was working hardware and then most software should work regardless16:59
devinheitmuellerCorrect.  Essentially all drivers implement a common interface which is used by applications such as Kaffeine, tvtime, and MythTV.17:00
devinheitmuellerOn second thought, this article is probably a bit better:  http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Talk:OnAir_USB_HDTV_Creator17:00
devinheitmueller(use ^ article instead of the 950q article I referenced earlier)17:01
rick_h_you back in town?17:01
devinheitmuellerYeah, got back in Wednesday night (but too late for CHC)17:01
rick_h_ah, cool. Well I'll bring the gear to CHC and if I get stuck I'll bug you :)17:02
rick_h_thanks for the guidance on it17:02
devinheitmuellerno problem.17:02
devinheitmuellerYour "out of the box" experience should be pretty good as long as you have the firmware installed17:02
devinheitmueller(if not, you will see an error along the lines of "xc5000-1.4 firmware not found" in the dmesg log.17:02
rick_h_ivtv-utils is the only package that references hauppuage, so installed that just in case17:03
devinheitmuellerMost packages won't reference a specific vendor.17:04
devinheitmuellerivtv-utils though is a good package to have if you're going to do any work related to analog, since it contains the "v4l2-ctl" tool that lets you query the device.17:04
rick_h_gotcha, cool17:04
devinheitmuellerYou probably need a package along the lines of "dvb-utils" (or something named along those lines)17:04
rick_h_libdvbpsi linuxtv-dvb-apps me-tv17:05
rick_h_come up with a dvb search17:05
devinheitmuellerYeah, probably linuxtv-dvb-apps you want.17:06
devinheitmuellerme-tv is a tv watching application, and libdvbpsi is a library.17:06
rick_h_snap-l: ping17:42
snap-lrick_h_: poing17:51
rick_h_hey, so thinking of checkout out this caribou with the meeting room17:51
rick_h_how was it?17:51
rick_h_any kind of board/anything in there?17:51
snap-lIt was pretty nice.17:51
snap-lThere's a board, a TV, and a round table in there17:51
rick_h_hmmm, cool.17:52
snap-lCosts $25 in a gift card, which you can use for coffee, or anything in the store17:52
rick_h_did you check if there was a meeting cost or anything with it?17:52
rick_h_ah, ok cool17:52
snap-lso, not free, but definitely amortizable.17:52
snap-lrick_h_: You got power back, I'm assuming. :)17:52
rick_h_yea, and gives me some thinking of the whole idea of something more meeting like sometimes17:53
rick_h_heh yea17:53
rick_h_around 3am17:53
rick_h_so out for about 7:30-3am17:53
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, not sure if it would work for CHC, but I'm keepingit in the back of my brain for jams, MUG-like meetings, etc.17:53
snap-lrick_h_: Ugh. Glad it's back though17:53
rick_h_why not for CHC?17:54
snap-lwell, since we've been there for a while....17:54
snap-lBut yeah, if they're full, or something like that17:54
rick_h_well, I was thinking if it worked out just might make the migration17:54
rick_h_to have promised space, the ability to do some more 'class-like' things17:55
snap-lYeah, that might be neat.17:55
rick_h_get my hands on a projector and would be pretty cool, start up something east side python meeting or something17:55
rick_h_I've always thought of doing something like the web dev meeting or python group out here17:55
rick_h_maybe I'll head down in a bit then and check it out. Work from there for a bit17:56
snap-llmk if you do. Wouldn't mind meeting up17:56
rick_h_k, will check with the wife here in a sec.17:57
rick_h_thanks for the heads up, got the gears going lol17:57
rick_h_cool, ok going to pack up and head down18:00
rick_h_snap-l: ^^ so if you're free meet you down there, if not I'll hang out and chat with them down there18:00
snap-lSure. Are you doing work there, or just bopping in / bopping out/18:02
snap-lrick_h_: ^^18:05
rick_h_snap-l: going to hang out fora few18:54
rick_h_taking some time for her to get the schedule straight and have time to kill until dinner18:54
rick_h_snap-l _stink_ Blazeix waldo323_ widox devinheitmueller if CHC was moved to here would you stop coming? http://goo.gl/yCQqt19:17
devinheitmuellerrick_h_:  probably not.  It's only a couple miles further than I go anyway.19:17
devinheitmueller(and I'm only here for another four weeks anyway)19:18
rick_h_devinheitmueller: cool, thanks19:18
rick_h_won't be this week, butmight start week after, 24th or whatever19:18
rick_h_they have a meeting room I can get I'm working on trying to get for a while out19:18
rick_h_yea, think it's worththe slight extra distance19:19
snap-lWEll there goes my thoughts of ever walking to CHC. ;)19:37
Blazeixrick_h_: nope, I'd still go.19:38
rick_h_Blazeix: awesome, thanks19:42
devinheitmuellerrick_h_: are you there now?19:46
snap-lYeah, we're here now19:49
rick_h_devinheitmueller: yea, checked it out today19:51
rick_h_working on getting it reserved19:51
devinheitmuellerI need some coffee.  Will swing by for a few minutes.19:52
widoxrick_h_: um, I'd still go19:56
widoxits about a 5min diff for me19:56
rick_h_widox: awesome19:57
widoxlike how the street view is from dream cruise time19:57
rick_h_oh yea? hah19:57
widoxtons of 9ld cards19:57
widoxhow many people can you get in the room?19:57
rick_h_widox: we could probably get up to 18ish if we did some org19:59
rick_h_by default it's 10 I think19:59
rick_h_there are two big tables put side v side19:59
rick_h_plenty of power, a whiteboard with markers20:00
rick_h_honestly, htinkig long term we might be able to do some python/webdev group meetings type material here20:00
rick_h_there's room to get double digit people in fora talk20:00
rick_h_but we'll see20:00
snap-lGood afternoon.21:16
brousch1i'm working with someone on a python project, his first. he rejected bitbucket because he didn't like the privacy policy, so i emailed the file back to him with my changes. he disregarded them all and made a bunch of changes22:34
brousch1his major changes were to add comments, remove argparse in favor of self-parsed arguments, and add () in each if statement and print statement22:39
snap-lbrousch1: Why are you working with this person?22:55
brousch1side project23:01
brousch1he wanted to do the tricky part23:02
brousch1interesting. i didn't think print() worked in python 2.523:02
brousch1he's a smart kid. i just need to slap him with the pep8 snake a little more23:03
rick_h_brousch1: yea, print() has worked for a while23:32
rick_h_just not mandatory like it is in 3.x23:32
rick_h_and sucky with the whole bitbucket/etc crap23:32
TeamXlinkDoes anyone know what time hungry howies or little ceasers closes on sunday?23:40
TeamXlinkAre they closed do you think?23:40
brousch1Why would you want to eat greasy cardboard topped with vomit?23:41
rick_h_I'd guess you'd have to call/look them up online23:41
brousch1papa johns is the best chain pizza. get it extra sauce and well done23:42
brousch1their online ordering r0x23:42
snap-lprefer Jets, personlly23:52
TeamXlink./me prefers non chain pizza......................23:58
TeamXlink./me prefers pizza from GR Pizza or Cherery Valley Pizzeria.23:59
TeamXlink./me can't get that pizza anymore.23:59

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