holsteinanyone sitting around bored and want to help the news team summarize articles ??13:20
BugeyeDhi all, recommendation requested ... in-laws are currently running 9.10 ... i'm about to take to them a newer computer and want to give them 11.04. how do i best retain their "stuff" ?18:22
BugeyeDtwo options are to simply install new and copy over their entire home directories. but i worry that if i don't upgrade in-place their home directory / settings / preferences will not correctly be updated for 11.04 ... anyone?18:22
holsteinBugeyeD: i say, plan for the worst, and do what you think is best18:39
holsteini would backup the /home, and anything else they might want18:39
holsteinsettings wont matter to much, as far as look and feel18:39
holsteini still *hate* doing an upgrade in place18:39
holsteintakes so long...18:39
holsteinshould work fine though18:39
BugeyeDoriginal plan was a fresh install (new hardware anyway) then copying over the entire home directory. just worried that the upgrade would have made changes to /home that would be missed otherwise.18:50

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