bkerensahi all05:29
* bkerensa is off to watch netflix :D05:32
shantorngood morning all15:44
shantornhow are you MarkDude15:55
MarkDudeGood- still wondering why I woke up at 6am15:55
shantorni had to get up ay 3 to get my wife to the airport15:56
shantornyeah i feel terribad16:01
shantornwhat new in ubuntu these days?16:03
MarkDude90% more Unity16:15
MarkDudeLinus has not seen fit to say it sucks16:15
MarkDudeLike he did with Gnome 316:16
shantornanything good been going on?16:58
shantornis that a yes or no?17:18
bkerensaNothing much here17:26
* bkerensa is just waking up17:26
bkerensaI see some new faces in here... el_seano and Epitrope :D17:27
* bkerensa waves17:27
shantornhi new people17:28
el_seanohiya :D17:35
bkerensael_seano: How did you hear about Ubuntu Oregon?17:49
el_seanoOSCON, actually17:54
el_seanoand then a few other sources.17:54
el_seano(read: friends, internets)17:54
* MarkDude was hoping to hear there were people going door- to- door recruiting for the local team17:57
bkerensaMarkDude: Such duties are delegated to thefinn9317:59
bkerensael_seano: Will you be coming to the Ubuntu Global Jam event on Sept 3rd?17:59
MarkDudeHello- I would like to leave this literature with you- it has our contact info on it18:00
el_seanobkerensa: I dunnO!  Will need to look at my schedule, etc etc18:02
shirgallbkerensa: ping19:13
bkerensashirgall: pong19:14
shirgallbkerensa: could I please have one of those Google+ invites you were offering earlier. I created a separate google account so I can have a profile and now all I need is an invite.19:14
shirgallbkerensa: Google Apps does not allow profiles, and you can't have Google+ without a profile.19:15
bkerensashirgall: Sure PM me the e-mail you want invite sent to19:15
shirgallbkerensa: As a result, I have create shirgall@gmail.com19:15
shirgallbkerensa: Pretty messed up, huh? I like google apps most of the time, but the lack of certain apps hurts sometimes.19:15
shirgallbkerensa: Thanks!19:15
bkerensashirgall: Sent you should get a e-mail soon or be able to login to plus.google.com now :)19:16
shirgallbkerensa: Don't get me started on having to start an instance of Google chrome with a separate user dircetory so I can be logged into that account and not have it messed up by my normal google apps accounts. :)19:16
shirgallbkerensa: Yes, thanks, just got a notification. 謝謝你!19:16
bkerensashirgall: I know right... I think Google needs some unification between apps and gmail19:16
shirgallbkerensa: my normal apps account on pun.org (and canonical.com) works great for most things, esp. google docs.19:17
bkerensashirgall: This channel has become a little more active over the last few weeks huh?19:18
shirgallbkerensa: Yes, it's encouraging.19:19
* bkerensa nods and heads to watch netflix19:20
shirgallbkerensa: Thanks agian, later19:21

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