MutantTurkeyi figured out a pro tip for getting to a live cd situation to resize partitions without actually using a livecd/usb01:33
MutantTurkeyjust download tinycore, mount the iso (10mb), copy their Bzimage and kernel file over and thats it. from grub you can boot using those two fils01:35
MutantTurkeyinto a run in ram cd01:35
Sadinanyone else on twitter :)03:57
jrmyso it's 4 in the morning or so anyone awake?08:45
jrmyI haven't visited this channel in some time08:45
InHisNameso I missed the early birds - or was it late birds cause they may have all gone to sleep now ?10:21
JonathanDhey InHisName10:51
InHisNameHey JonathanD10:51
JonathanDWhats up?10:54
InHisNameNot much, can't say sky today.  So much fell out of it during the night.10:55
JonathanDwoke me up10:55
InHisNameIzzat why you said good morning way back at 2am and seemed asleep at 6am ?10:56
InHisNameI opened the back door to see how flooded the yard was but could not see.10:57
JonathanDInHisName: was this due to water pouring in the door10:57
InHisNameHowever I was tempted to sit out on the deck and just listen to the rain fall.  It was nice to listed to.10:58
InHisNameBut we have no awning, so I chickened out.10:58
JonathanDheh :p11:00
InHisNameJonathanD: there are two 5' x 1.5' grates in our back yard.  A large 'lake' forms covering both grates during heavy rains.11:00
JonathanDI had some water in the basement.11:00
JonathanDnot feeling great this morning.11:00
InHisNameThe edge has come up to almost 20' of the basement window opening.  Hurricane floyd, no power for sumps for 6 hours.11:01
JonathanDwe have unsheltered stairs that come to a basement door11:01
JonathanDsometimes water comes in the door11:01
InHisName18" in basement came up from groove.  None from lake.11:01
InHisNameMy raised floor computer room in basement uses 8"x2" lumber + 3/4plywood squares.11:02
InHisNameSo there was about 9-10" IN the computer room during floyd.11:02
InHisNameMy wife RE-built her french drains around the house further extending them.11:04
InHisNameNow floor hardly ever gets wet.11:04
InHisNamewake up for kids and readying for Church, c u l8tr11:05
JonathanDhey rmg5111:09
rmg51rain kept me from going for a walk so I slept in :-/11:10
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!11:36
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pleia2I like street cars, I am collecting them15:59
pleia214:57:09 < andrew> Ok, what's up with pleia2 and streetcars?16:57
andrewpleia2: do you have a big garage for all of them?19:06
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jedijfpleia2: i am selling my father-in-law's hallmark collection- wanna do them instead?21:36

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