wrsthey SavageOrange00:38
cyberangerhey Svpernova0900:58
cyberangerany relation to orangeninja ;-)00:58
* wrst peeks in03:38
* cyberanger pulls wrst further into the room04:24
cyberangerwrst: hey wrst, how's the night?04:30
wrstwent well cyberanger :)11:10
cyberangerwrst: lol15:54
cyberangerwrst: this is gonna be an intresting monday night20:02
cyberangerremember the trip I took in June 2010, kept asking where I was, while I was tethered to a boost mobile cell phone, chatting on IRC20:03
cyberangershorter trip, but better connection (Virgin Mobile's Broadband2go) and this time, I'm providing it to everybody via wifi20:03
cyberanger(I'm the only one with a smartphone, everyone else has an ipod touch or similar, and I use mine about the same way, since wifi is everywhere)20:04
wrstcool cyberanger21:01
wrstnothing like being connected while going21:01
cyberangerspeaking of going, you forgot to say goodbye21:46
vychunesup people22:28
cyberangernot much23:23
cyberangerjust missed you while enjoying a hambugere ;-)23:23
Unit193He doesn't stick long...23:55
cyberangerI think he does when we're active, and has dsl, which seems to be troublesome here, perhaps the same too23:57

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