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* Kilos waves to all10:07
superflyhi Kilos10:14
* nlsthzn_work waves 10:21
* kbmonkey waves10:25
sakhihi Kilos 11:33
kbmonkeyhi kilos11:33
Kiloshiya sakhi kbmonkey 11:36
Kiloshowdy superfly 11:36
kbmonkeyI might be moving to CT soon11:36
Kiloseish that no good weather there unless you a penguin11:37
Kilosor very fat so you got insulation11:37
kbmonkeyja i'll have to gather a couple warm bodies to insulate me11:38
Kilosha ha ha11:38
Kilosthat can work11:38
Kiloskbmonkey, why do you say might11:39
kbmonkeywell to see if i can find tenants for this place, maybe find a job in CT, and a place to stay11:40
kbmonkeyand its a big, big place!11:41
Kilosthats a big shift from durbs weather to ct weather11:41
kbmonkeydit sal lekker wees om op blouberg strand weer te loop :)11:41
Kilosdie water is te koud om te swem daar11:41
Kilosbut the crash kid managed11:42
kbmonkeyek het al daai waters geswem en 5am nogal. te koud, i'd rather watch ty!11:42
Kilosi couldnt even get past my knees at 3pm inna avy11:43
kbmonkeyswem is vir die visse :p11:43
Kilosnee man dis lekker en baie gesond11:44
kbmonkeyplus my netbook will get wet!11:44
Kilosen die strande vol talent11:44
kbmonkeyapt-get install wetsuit11:44
Kilosask nuvolari  every now and again he goes to the beach to let his tongue hang out 11:45
nlsthzn_workthe sea water in the cape it too cold... to have fun you have to be on the east coast :p11:49
Kilosdo you ever go to the beach up there nlsthzn 11:50
nlsthzn_workSure... but here it is more like a big flat bath... I think if this lot had to see some proper waves they would run away yelling tsunami :/11:51
Kiloshee hee hee11:51
Kiloshaai ma, kydaai groot dam11:52
nlsthzn_workThe local beach here you can walk into it about half a kilometer and then your knees get wet :p11:54
nlsthzn_workit does get deeper further on... deep enough for big scary ships to float along...11:54
Kilosoh my, no body surfing there hey11:55
Kilosneed to windsurf11:55
Kilossea water very healthy11:56
kbmonkeybut it tastes not so good, not as good as Maaz's coffee at least11:56
nlsthzn_workI am not so sure... you know all the things fish get up to in there :p11:57
Kilosnature keeps the sea clean, only man pollutes it11:58
kbmonkeytrue Kilos. I worry about all the radioactive stuff in there :/11:58
Kiloskbmonkey, i dont wanna worry you, but12:00
Kilosneed to see if i figure correctly12:00
Kilosanyone else can jump in as well12:00
Kilosthat recovery mode when you get you boot options must be after grub has done its bit or not12:01
Kiloslike a scandisk chkdsk tool12:01
kbmonkeywhat do you mean?12:02
Kiloswell, let me try explain my fuguring12:02
kbmonkeydo you want to fix your recovery boot option?12:02
Kilosyes but just wait first. i need to know if i am on the right track12:03
Kilosmy grub boots kiff12:03
Kilosian bust his dpkg and that recovery repaired it12:04
Kilosalso i have used it when pc got slow12:04
Kilosso surely it checks everything not just grub12:04
Kilossomewhere there must be a package that installs the recovery mode12:05
Kilosim sure its not part of brub12:06
Kilosor even grub12:06
Kilossee we often get power cuts here and thats a great way to fix without having to bug you guys12:07
kbmonkeyim not sure what you mean by "surely it checks everything not just grub"12:08
Kilosok , here is an example12:09
Kilosmy nm didnt connect once time and i ran the recovery and it worked after that12:09
Kilosand similar things12:09
kbmonkeyrecovery mode, as far as i know, just boots you into a root terminal. yes?12:10
Kiloseven evolution couldnt open once and recovery fixed that12:10
kbmonkeyit doesnt magically fix everything, it just gives you access to a terminal to do stuff in12:10
Kilosit just runs lotsa script on its own12:11
kbmonkeyumm... im not too sure about that 12:11
Kiloschecks lotsa stuff too fast to follow and then gives you the option to boot normally12:11
kbmonkeyrecovery mode just boots a root login. those 'scripts' you see is the usual boot process, but normally ubuntu hides it12:11
kbmonkeyrecovery mode just shows those boot scripts for debugging puposes12:11
kbmonkeyoh wait... did ubuntu change the recovery mode maybe?12:12
* nlsthzn_work has no idea as he never has to use the recovery console... he does things the Windows way...12:12
Kilosi dunno i have googled lots but most of it has to do with windows probs12:13
Kiloswindows way format and reinstall12:13
kbmonkeyrecovery boot option boots into a text only runlevel as root12:14
kbmonkeywhich is why some people opt to disable that option12:14
Kilosbut anyway kbmonkey i did all that stuff in that link you gave me so my grub is kiff12:14
kbmonkeythe fact that your jumps back to the grub menu, indicates that your boot option is misconfigured, cannot boot the kernel, and returns back to grub :)12:15
Kilosnee man ek kan lekker boot12:15
kbmonkeyi will install an ubuntu VM and have a look for you :)12:15
Kilosno rush lad12:15
kbmonkeybut you said there was something to  fix?12:16
Kilosyes pc slow12:16
kbmonkeyoh ja ill just let in install in the background while i work here12:16
Kilosuse maverick if you got12:16
Kilosi have got the ureadahead going  as well12:17
Kilosthat frightened me a bit12:17
Kilosthe article said remove the packs outa it12:17
Kilosand until rebooting pc was even worse12:18
kbmonkeywhat release # is that?12:18
Kilosthen the ureadahead reconfigured12:18
kbmonkeyis that 10.10?12:19
kbmonkeyah :)12:19
kbmonkeyi have a 10.10 iso12:19
Kilostumbles said it an ugly one that a reinstall would get rid of12:21
Kilosso its not speletjies12:21
kbmonkeywhat 'packs' did this article say to remove?12:22
kbmonkeywhat article?12:22
kbmonkeythis is confusing!12:22
kbmonkeythat only improves your boot speed hey, not your general speed12:24
Kilosi think i asked maaz to google it for me sec i check12:24
Kilosyes thats right12:24
Kilosbut i taking over 1 1/2 mins to boot12:24
Kilosthat like windows12:24
kbmonkeybe careful with that, people who obsess with boot times usually do so at detriment to the rest of the system ;)12:25
Kilosused to be under a min12:25
kbmonkeyit shouldnt slow down that much.12:25
Kilosi am not trying to make it better than it was12:25
kbmonkeydid ureadahead help?12:25
Kilosoh yes12:25
* nlsthzn_work hasn't seen any version of Ubuntu boot that slow...12:26
kbmonkeyme neither nlsthzn. maybe something else was the problem Kilos?12:26
Kiloswhen booting it used to bring the ubuntu logo with the 5 circles under it12:26
kbmonkeyim very suspicious of faulty hardware when my speed goes. 12:26
kbmonkeyi haven't shut down in 8 days. and nearly for a month last month!12:27
Kilosnow it actually brings it up twice and then goes to password page12:27
kbmonkeypc's lifetime shortens when you turn it on/off regularly12:27
Kiloslol i dont have a choice eskom does it for me12:28
kbmonkeyureadahaead messes with the boot process, i'm not surprised its all sillly now12:28
kbmonkeylol yes those buggers12:28
kbmonkeyi bought my old man a UPS for xmas last year. i swear by these things12:28
kbmonkeythen perhaps Kilos, a reinstall some day is needed :(12:29
kbmonkeyi try make backups regularly of my boot/OS partitions so if something like that breaks, i can restore to last backup state. it saves me to reinstall and update everything again :)12:30
Kilosyeah kbmonkey i would if not for the data prob.the update and upgrade are way too much12:30
kbmonkeyi underwstand this data prob Kilos, its very sad.12:31
Kilosdont forget sudo apt-get update is over 20 megs alone12:31
kbmonkeytalking to someone in sweden, they have a ridiculous cap of like 200gb :/12:31
* nlsthzn_work does not have a cap :p12:32
Kiloschristmas all year round12:32
kbmonkeyand here we sukkel so 12:32
* nlsthzn_work just doesn't have enough hard drive space for everything ;)12:32
kbmonkeynlsthzn i was on uncapped, but still its so stupid they throttle you when you go over a certain amount. :/12:32
nlsthzn_workkbmonkey: sure... I still have to find that limit though...12:33
kbmonkeyi was seeding linux distros and went to like 30GiB and that put me in the top 20% of usage. they made me slower than a 3G card. i am so cross :(12:33
kbmonkeybut now i went onto a limit again and i remembered at least i still have irc so its all good!12:34
Kiloslol you like me12:34
Kilosirc and pidgin work kiff12:34
kbmonkeyyes :)12:35
Kiloskbmonkey, have you put out cv's for work12:36
kbmonkeyKilos you should find out if there are any wireless groups in your region12:36
Kilosor you gonna go to the cape and then try12:36
Kilosthe nearest house here is 500 metres12:36
Kiloswe onna plot12:36
kbmonkeyflat land?12:37
Kilosbut then i would need a wireless card as well or not12:37
kbmonkeywireless cards have short range12:37
kbmonkeyyou get antennas that can extend your range into the km's :)12:37
kbmonkeybut those are line-of-sight, but on flat land you wil have plenty of that :)12:38
Kilosis there a way to check if there is wireless in the area without going door to door12:38
kbmonkeyin the city, its not so easy12:38
kbmonkeythere is!12:38
kbmonkeydurban/CT wireless user groups have websites that list all the people12:38
Kilosi found something in the old nokia that said search but it found nothing12:38
kbmonkeywe can find your region's site if there is one. lets hope!12:39
Kilosi dunno if you must tell it what for first12:39
kbmonkeyold nokia? what?12:39
kbmonkeyno you wont pick anything up yet.12:39
kbmonkeythe idea is to find others and setup antenna to point to your friends12:39
kbmonkeyand _then_ you can pick them up :)12:39
Kilosif i can find something i will use that fone as a modem12:40
kbmonkeyeven not, you can setup internet sharing and go dutch on a landline12:40
Kilosno landlines left here all cables stolen12:41
kbmonkeyyou can get ranges from 5 to 15km, and even 50km+ 12:41
kbmonkeyoh really? wow!12:42
Kilosmurphy says "as jy kan sukkel, sal jy"12:42
Kilostelcom even gave up replacing them12:42
kbmonkeywhat is the nearest town? how far?12:42
Kilospta about 15ks12:42
kbmonkeyah, great stuff. there a a pta wug :)12:43
Kilosok i go try lynx12:44
kbmonkeyyes its mostly reading there12:44
kbmonkeywow its the biggest wug in SA nogal12:44
kbmonkeychances are that some people in that wug also have the ubuntu repos shared so you could even update your pc all the time without internet12:46
kbmonkeyits like being on a local network with a whole bunch of other people12:46
Kiloswill check it ou ty kbmonkey 12:47
Kilossorry. debs came on pidgin to say night13:20
Kilosaw there no ptawug on irc13:20
Kilosthey say they dont provide internet access13:25
Kilosthey have irc but on another server13:43
Kilosnot freenode13:43
Kiloshehe they got a funny bot13:50
Kilos* infobot steals some of 's special coffee and gives it to on on a silver platter.13:50
Kilosthats how it makes coffee13:50
somaunnhello everyone14:38
Kiloshiya somaunn 14:38
somaunnKilos, hello 14:40
somaunni'm actually having a problem when setting my asus G2s laptop14:41
somaunnactually graphic card is configured,sound ok, wireless okay14:42
somaunnbut in fact i want to activate all the 4 speakers, control the light and have my webcam working 14:42
somaunnbut cannot find a good tuto to do that14:43
somaunnis there someone who ever tried to that before ?14:43
Kilosare the speakers internal or plugin14:45
Kilosi find this with maaz's help14:46
Kilosdunno if it will help14:47
Kilossomaunn, are you using ubuntu14:50
Kilosi find it needs drivers for the webcam for windows14:51
Kiloshere is the link for ubuntu14:52
somaunnKilos, internal14:52
somaunnthe G2S get 4 internal speakers but when installed the system's only using 2 of them14:52
Kilosare you using ubuntu somaunn 14:53
somaunnKilos, yes i'm using natty narwhall14:54
Kilosok check above link for the webcam drivers14:54
somaunnKilos, okay jumping there right now14:58
somaunni mean i'm really using the webcam everytime14:58
somaunnthe integrated Oled screen,speakers and external lights that's my point15:00
Kilosoh sorry15:00
somaunnKilos, no it's me i wasn't precise when asking for help. Sorry15:01
Kiloswhat external lights has it got15:02
Kiloslike disco lights15:02
Kilosi know very little about laptops15:02
somaunnKilos, yes ! look like disco lights15:03
Kiloswhat does the manual say or is that only for windows15:04
Kilosmaybe there is another asus user here that can help you15:04
somaunni've googled a bit about tht light 15:06
somaunnsome said they got it working great15:06
somaunneven speakers but i cannot find a good tuto to do the same15:07
kbmonkeyi also have little laptop experience and ubuntu15:07
kbmonkeybut google might know15:07
Kiloskbmonkey,  what would you ask google to find. maybe i asking wrong15:08
kbmonkeymmm im thinking15:09
Kilosi get hd indicator lights15:09
kbmonkeyno you searched well kilos but that page in that link doesnt exist anymore ? weird15:09
Kilosmurphy back again15:10
kbmonkeyhe is. lol :)15:10
kbmonkeyso the laptop has 4 speakers and only two work?15:10
somaunnis there an asus channel on irc? 15:11
kbmonkeysomaunn i would try use the alsamixer program to see the audio channel levels, maybe the speakers are mute?15:11
somaunnkbmonkey, yes15:11
kbmonkeythats a good start15:11
kbmonkeyyour webcam might work with this help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66614915:13
kbmonkeywow sorry the G2S doesnt seem to like ubuntu OTB15:14
somaunnkbmonkey, means ?15:18
kbmonkeyotb == out the box15:18
somaunnkbmonkey, ok15:19
Kilosand here is an ubuntu asus help15:20
kbmonkeythat's what is on the G2S? 15:20
Kiloshope that helps15:20
Kilosi find quite a bit for windows drivers but that just hurts my head15:22
kbmonkeyis there a problem with the video drivers?15:23
somaunnkbmonkey, nope15:24
Kiloslast one linux laptop wiki for that asus15:31
Kilosgood luck15:32
Kiloskbmonkey, i just remembered something about jobs15:38
Kilosa little while back someone was looking for someone to do linux aedmin i think it was15:38
Kilostry selling yourself on the lists. i am sure it was on there15:39
kbmonkeyyes i also remember thanks Kilos!15:39
Kilosyw good luck15:40
somaunnKilos, checking on that link15:48
Kilosi hope it helps somaunn . otherwise i am lost15:48
somaunnstill working on it16:05
kbmonkeymmm, what is the first issue to solve?16:07
kbmonkeyone at a time should be easier16:07
somaunnkbmonkey, the internal Oled (just for fun)16:08
kbmonkeyokay :)16:09
kbmonkeyMaaz search asus G2s oled linux driver16:09
Maazkbmonkey: I couldn't find anything that matched 'asus G2s oled linux driver'16:09
somaunnkbmonkey, okay! maybe we can jump to another track16:12
somaunnexternal lights16:12
kbmonkeylooks like you can install the drivers for oled16:12
kbmonkeywhat are these external lights? im a bit confused :p16:18
somaunnkbmonkey, the asus G2S had external lights that can be activated using fn+function key16:20
kbmonkeyfor what purpose? lol sorry im naive about flashing things :p16:23
kbmonkeythe stuff i see online doesnt saymuch about the lights16:25
kbmonkeyor the oled16:25
Kiloswhat is oled16:26
kbmonkeyits like a led panel on the case i think?16:26
somaunnkbmonkey, yes16:26
kbmonkeyhmm, it seems like all the other g2s people concentrated to get the essentials working, not so much the lights or led16:27
kbmonkeysomaunn there are plenty laptops that ubuntu is always working on to be 100% https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop16:29
kbmonkeythat asus is not even listed on the laptop test page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/Old16:31
Kiloskbmonkey, that wug is outa reach at the moment. they want you to map where you are with google earth and take photos off your roof16:41
Kilosbut lynx works kiff and is very economical16:41
Kilosim still under 2m for the day16:42
kbmonkeyyes i use it now too sometimes :)16:42
Kilosbut they dodo's as well they say you gotta buy and antennae but dont give prices, and i am sure i can build my own 16:43
Kilosi think all aerials still use the same fomulae as radio16:44
kbmonkeythey dont give prices because the shops vary i suppose, if you canbuilt your own evenbetter!16:44
Kilosso its just the wireless card to get16:44
Kilosgotta formula still in head for 35 years 486 over freq in megs16:45
Kilosfunny how some things stick16:46
Kilosi used to make wire aerials for cb and ham radios16:47
Kiloswhen i was young and sexy16:47
Kilosnow im just sexy16:47
kbmonkeyyes then you will have no problem!16:47
kbmonkeyha ha16:47
kbmonkeyim too sexy for my shirt, my shirt, my shiiiirt16:47
Kiloshee hee hee16:47
kbmonkeywell wireless 802.11 specification says what freq it runs on, im sure all the info is available16:48
Kilosthey say they use 2.6g and 5.2g16:48
kbmonkeyif you can build those for cheaper im sure you could sell them16:48
Kilosso its actually not a very big one16:49
kbmonkeycos the retails ones range from 1500 to 200016:49
kbmonkeyyes, wow16:49
kbmonkeyid have had one long ago if not for that!16:49
Kilosdo you have a wireless card16:50
kbmonkeyi did some electronics so could maybe build one, a timely task 16:50
kbmonkeyi do16:50
Kiloswhat kinda plug does it have for the antennae16:50
kbmonkeyit has a short arial screwed into the card16:50
kbmonkeyil need to check but think its a small RF connector16:51
kbmonkeystandard arial connectors16:51
Kilosdo you have wireless in the area16:51
Kilosno man they differ from tv to radios to cellphones16:52
kbmonkeythis one guy made an antenna from a pringles can LOL16:53
Kilosbut then them wug guys gotta give you an IP16:53
kbmonkeyim not sure how it all works16:53
Kilosok we will talk about that when your studies are done16:54
Kilosi will explain16:54
Kilosif the signal is strong in your area you dont need to make a yagi type on antennae like a tv one16:55
Kilosthey are directional16:55
Kilosyou make what is called a dipole16:56
Kilos2 pieces copper wire and your coax and plug16:56
kbmonkeyoh directional! okay 16:56
drubinLudo: Ludo is back ;)17:27
drubinwhere were you?17:27
Ludodrubin erm life...17:31
drubinLudo: blah :)17:31
Ludohad a heart to heart with inetpro last night.17:32
Ludoproo guy17:32
marcogis the next irc meeting supposed to be tomorrow or the following monday?17:32
kbmonkeyi think its next week marcog 17:33
drubinmarcog: tomorrow ;/17:33
kbmonkeyoh tomorrow?!17:33
drubinaccording to the gcal17:34
Ludowhat are you guys meeting about?17:41
Kilosmonthly ubuntu meet17:41
Kiloshiya drubin 17:41
drubinKilos: Good and you?17:43
Kilosgood ty drubin 17:43
Kiloslo ghostknife 18:11
kbmonkeyit is too, my reminder completely failed me18:13
ghostknifehi hi18:13
kbmonkeyi was meant to email everyone about it in advance.18:13
Kilosyou still got time18:14
kbmonkeywell 2 days would have been ideal18:14
Kiloswe will forgive you cause you a busy fella18:15
kbmonkeythanks for the encouragement Kilos!18:18
Kiloslol. yw18:18
Kilosdont you have an alarm kinda thing in your mail18:19
Kilosi think evolution has18:19
kbmonkeygoogle emails me reminders18:20
Kiloslol and forgets18:20
kbmonkeyi set it 2 days last month, wonder why it went to 6 hours. weird18:20
kbmonkeyoh well fixed now18:21
Kilossome wesley guy just send a reminder mail18:22
Kilosaka apie18:23
kbmonkeyfancy that as we spoke about it18:23
Kilosyou so lucky18:23
Kilosi enjoyed that18:24
Kilosmust be getting old and senile18:24
kbmonkeyyes i am getting senile it seems! ;P18:25
Kilosme man. dont steal my thunder18:25
kbmonkeysee it even shows here! he he18:30
Kiloswhat where18:31
kbmonkeyin irc18:31
kbmonkeymy senility18:31
Kilosyou better tell maaz to announce it as well18:31
kbmonkeywe should tell everyone to come 30 mins earlier, Maaz will have made them sarmies, wouldn't you Maaz ?18:32
Kilospity we not clever enough to tell maaz to remind each person as and when they login here18:32
kbmonkeyhe can leave reminders like that, but i dont think everyone will come to irc before the meeting18:33
Kilosand not everyone reads list mails18:34
Kiloswe need to teach maaz to send smses to their cellphones18:34
Kilosevryone looks at their smses18:34
Kiloshmm did that guy win with his lappy18:37
Kilosinetpro, meeting tomorrow night. be there18:38
kbmonkeyhe he18:39
Kilosnight everyone. sleep tight19:20
nlsthznGuys, what time tomorrow?19:47
kbmonkey19h30 i think nlsthzn 19:50
kbmonkeyT-23 hours 39 mins19:51
nlsthznkbmonkey, ok, thought it would be (same as last time...) So I will just have arrived @ work so I doubt I will make it... enjoy it regardless )19:53
kbmonkeyaw okay we'll keep some cookies for you19:54
inetprogood evening20:18
inetproMaaz: tell kilos I will unfortunately not be able to attend the meeting due to other commitments20:20
Maazinetpro: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode20:20
* nlsthzn waves night to all 20:30
kbmonkeygn all20:39
somaunni'm back on the track22:14
somaunnguys i need your advices 22:15
somaunni've actually found someone who really need to help our town to devellop and increase the usage of opensource softwares and system22:16
somaunnis there someone active <22:57

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