traskersI've got Conky set up more or less how I want it, but I have two issues. One, when I run it, (alt+f2) it opens a terminal for itself as well. Two, at the end of my conky display a little box (like [] but an actual character) shows up..00:00
leccyYankDownUnder, yeah we were just discussing the nuances of chmod :)00:00
TYDIRocksedbian, alright I'll talk to HP00:00
sudeSkype got crashed. I killed the process and it is creating another process. How to kill it completely?00:00
profiledsudo shutdown 000:00
traskerssude, can you run 'killall skype' ?00:00
edbianTYDIRocks: I think that your bios is set incorrectly.  Sometimes there is a setting to move onto the next device if no OS is found.  If this is off then when the bios gets to a device that does not have an OS it will display the no OS message instead of going on to the next device00:01
Polahmunzx: Run the who command, it'll show you who's currently online. Probably you, root and some daemon00:01
leccysude or pkill skype00:01
TYDIRocksedbian, but I have CD/DVD as the first so00:01
luigileccy: You know file perms are not the only thing that files have as metadata, right? You should look into file properties/modes.00:01
nubornurlin2u: Thanks, yes, the lower right corner is often a solution. By adjusting the mouse, do you mean something like slower speed/movement?00:01
edbianTYDIRocks: ahh, good point00:01
edbianTYDIRocks: Perhaps the bios does not support booting from a DVD (is this an older machine?)00:02
urlin2unuborn, depends you have to mess with the contols.00:02
luigileccy: Like +i, for instance. You can ruin someone's system without touching chmod once.00:02
sudetraskers it is not working00:02
sudeleccy it is not working00:02
edbianTYDIRocks: If you talk to HP btw, I suggest you tell the you're trying to boot a window CD (effectively the same thing).  They're likely to say 'we don't support linux'00:02
chaospsychexi still can't copy files to the directory00:02
TYDIRocksedbian, not entirely sure, I'm using a compaq v310000:02
chaospsychexwhats the command to elevate me to sudo00:02
gregggWhen capturing audio input through the rear mic, sound is very low and muffled--if I tap on my microphone I hear barely-audible thud-thud-thud's. I checked in alsamixer that the rear mic is not muted, and set the rear mic boost to 100%. Any ideas on how to go about getting the rear mic to work properly? I'm running Natty.00:03
nubornurlin2u: Ok, thanks, Ill try to check it out00:03
leccyluigi, but is +i a chmod flag? I thought for setting permissions, chmod and r,w or x were all you needed00:03
edbianTYDIRocks: It's not that old00:03
luigileccy: I'm not talking about file permissions. I'm talking about file properties and modes.00:03
edbianTYDIRocks: All signs point to bios boot order being incorrect.00:03
luigileccy: I mean, attributes00:04
TYDIRocksedbian, alright. I think I'll start off asking if they support linux. Then I can decide to lie xD00:04
chaospsychexcan someone help me set up a ftp server? like walk me through it00:04
chaospsychexim having all kinds of problems00:04
edbianTYDIRocks: good luck! :D00:04
luigileccy: man chattr00:04
TYDIRocks edbian, thanks00:05
Polahchaospsychex: Sure, though there's a lot of FTP servers out there, I'd recommend vsftpd though.00:05
leccyluigi, ok00:05
edbianTYDIRocks: sure00:05
Polahchaospsychex, of course, if you have openssh-server installed that allows access via SFTP so you don't need to install second insecure FTP server00:05
luigileccy: For instance 'chattr -R +i /' will RUIN A SYSTEM. So DON'T RUN IT, but feel free to learn from it.00:05
C_Smithhey, I'm trying to transfer videos to my Ipod nano 5g and I keep getting the error "the m4v format is not supported by the device, and no convertor was found" even after installing ffmpeg, what converter would Banshee use for videos on Ipod Nano 5gs?00:06
Josesordohello all, what is the name of the protocol you can use webcam and audio in pidgin?00:06
luigiJosesordo: PulseAudio?00:06
luigiNo, that's not it at all.00:06
sudeSkype got crashed. I killed the process and it is creating another process. How to kill it completely?  Details:http://pastebin.com/mSETwZAB00:06
leccyluigi, how can you view attributes? is there an ls flag?00:06
Josesordoluigi, no.. is a protocol like MSN but not private..xD00:07
luigiJosesordo: I don't know of a public one, sorry.00:07
matryxhi, can someone help me setup a network share so I can grab files from my WinXP PC00:07
tabakhasemy grub autogenerated win7 dosnt work... http://nopaste.php-quake.net/5494800:08
chaospsychexPolah: im trying to set up vsftp right now00:08
luigileccy: Why don't you look it up instead of me doing your work?00:08
sudeSkype got crashed. I killed the process and it is creating another process. How to kill it completely?  Details:http://pastebin.com/mSETwZAB00:08
Polahchaospsychex: Got it installed?00:08
Costanzameh tinycore is not good for making dd of mbr00:09
chaospsychexim trying to put files into 'srv/ftp'00:09
luigisude: killall skype00:09
C_Smithsude, just post the problem/question once, and someone will get to you, just be patient, as they're all volunteers.00:09
urlin2uCostanza, why are you dd the mbr?00:09
tabakhaseseems like windows killed my swap...00:09
munzxttthi! everybody .... when i run "uptime" in terminal i get 3 user despite i am the only user in the system! ..... does that mean there is an intrusion!!??00:10
luigiCostanza: Why not just use Clonezilla for full disk backups?00:10
Costanzai have an usb stick with an efi / duet /ed2 mbr and bootsector (pbr)00:10
anth0nyI have two bash .sh files in a directory that are almost exactly the same (they're files to start applications on startup after a "sleep" time, three lines, one has "exec thunderbird", the other has "exec xchat --minimize=2").  When viewing the folder in terminal, the thunderbird script appears green (executable) and the xchat script is white (standard).  Subsequently, the thunderbird script works on startup but the other (xchat) does00:10
anth0nyn't.  Any ideas as to why?00:10
sudeluigi : did that. It is not working.00:10
Costanzaim not doing it for myself i will upload it so others can restore it to their stick00:10
leccyluigi, no need to get smart with me. it's lsattr. I was only chatting. what is it with geeks and their 'i know more than you' egos? g'night.00:10
luigileccy: I didn't know it, I didn't feel like looking it up...00:11
icerootanth0ny: why not making it executable?00:11
anth0nyiceroot, how do you go about doing that?00:11
icerootanth0ny: chmod +x filename00:11
magpiifresh ubuntu install. how do i clear the desktop environment config files?00:12
luigisude: I'm not sure then. You could try ps ax | grep skype and seeing what processes it's spawning, then 'sudo kill -SIGTERM $pid' where $pid is the numeric pid of the process.00:12
anth0nyiceroot, thanks, trying now.00:12
C_Smithwow. leccy was the one with the bad attitude.00:12
Gentoo64magpii, on a fresh install?00:12
munzxtttplz! can anybody help me here?!00:12
munzxttthi! everybody .... when i run "uptime" in terminal i get 3 user despite i am the only user in the system! ..... does that mean there is an intrusion!!??00:12
C_Smithjust so I know, has anyone seen my question?00:12
edbianmunzxttt: Do you have more than one terminal open?00:12
edbianmunzxttt: each one is a user00:12
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magpiiGentoo64: indeed. after username and password input, the desktop loads, then mouse and keyboard become unresponsive00:13
anth0nymunzxttt, yeah, I get two... interesting.00:13
Gentoo64magpii, are they both usb?00:13
kijutsuI'm working with KVM and Qemu in an attempt to create virtual machines.  Is it possible to make a virtual machine access a physical drive on the host machine?00:13
TrDhi all, waths is the iptables rules to allow others PC visiting my website on my machine00:13
illovaemunzxttt: that's normal00:13
TrDi use apache00:13
magpiiGentoo64:  my mouse is wireless and my keybaord is oldsckool round pin connection00:14
illovaemunzxttt: see the results of the "who" command in a term00:14
luigimunzxttt: Linux is by design a multi user environment. Just on my system I have my user, isaac, the user who started the first process, init, and many other users that are running programs in the background for me.00:14
magpiiGentoo64:  the mouse is still responsive when moving around the screen but buttons are not00:14
C_Smithso, I'll simplify my message: what converter does Banshee use for videos for Ipod naon 5th Gen?00:15
luigimunzxttt: Unless you're logged in as root (a bad idea, graphically) you are guaranteed to have at least two users running.00:15
illovaemunzxttt: in a default config you have at least two users, you in the tty and you in the X session00:15
munzxtttedbian : sorry! :) u r right ... i had two terminal open ... but i still have 2 users ... is it like me (user) and root?!!00:15
Troy^magpii, are you using a laptop?00:15
luigiC_Smith: Probably some implementation of x264 for video, and faac for audio.00:15
milambermunzxttt: see what users are logged in by running the command: who00:15
C_Smithso, what package(s) would I install?00:15
edbianmunzxttt: Probably because sudo hasn't worn off yet.00:16
magpiiTroy^: this is on a laptop but the pc with the issue is not00:16
C_SmithI'm okay with installing via command line00:16
luigiC_Smith: ubuntu-restricted-extras usually does the trick.00:16
ylluminateis there an fseventer based on inotify for linux that is either textual or graphical?00:16
C_Smithhmmmmm, I believe that's installed00:16
munzxtttedbian : sorry! i am new to linux! ... what did u mean by "not worn yet"?00:16
Gentoo64munzxttt, do sudo -k00:17
Gentoo64thatll reset the timer00:17
munzxtttmilamber : i get my name twice!!!00:17
C_Smithyeah, they're installed already00:17
C_Smithand I still get the error00:17
luigiC_Smith: Look for ffmpeg as well. That might be used for the video blitter. I'm not good with banshee with video, so I can't help much past that.00:17
milambermunzxttt: if you have a terminal open you will get that00:17
edbianmunzxttt: When you do 'sudo something' then it caches your password.  For about 15 minutes.  If you sudo again for 15 minutes you will not be asked your password.  I think this is causing root to show up.00:17
edbianmunzxttt: make sense?00:17
luigiedbian: Root is always logged in.00:17
luigiOtherwise init would die.00:18
C_Smithffmpeg was installed earlier trying to figure this out myself00:18
milamberluigi: not logged in, but still owns processes00:18
edbianluigi: He is not logged in all the time.00:18
edbianluigi: check out who on your system right now00:18
luigimilamber: Yes, but it would show it as logged with uptime yes?00:18
luigiedbian: I'm on an arch linux install, and I have three users.00:19
munzxtttedbian : i ran "sudo su" but still!!! ... is it normal!!00:19
milamberluigi: shouldn't show up (in ubuntu)00:19
edbianluigi: hahah00:19
luigis/(.*)\.$/\1 running currently.00:19
edbianmunzxttt: what?  sudo su would log you in as root00:19
luigimilamber: Interesting.00:19
Gentoo64afaik you cant login as root on ubuntu, by default00:20
Gentoo64without setting root passwd00:20
magpiican somebody please give me the link to a stable current version of ubuntu as the one that i have installed over my windows os on my pc is seriously screwing with my calm00:20
munzxtttedbian : yea! i thought if i log in as root it will show only 1 user!00:20
Gentoo64magpii, 11.04 is current stable00:20
Gentoo64magpii, 10.04 is lts00:20
Gentoo64magpii, imo 10.10 is the best ubuntu00:21
magpiiit just opened up 0on its own, the dvd that was in the drive and then spammed the screen with 8 dir dialogue windows00:21
dctuserhow can i solve the problem of unsolved dependencies in ubuntu? what ever i try to install, cannot be installed00:21
milambermunzxttt: if you want more information about the users, run the command: w00:21
edbianmunzxttt: It would show root...  It will show at least two users if you're using a GUI one for the gui and one for the bash shell you're using to run who or uptime or whatever00:21
luigimilamber: Ah, my two users are both myself. w is a good command to remember.00:21
nubornOh, I opened 10 terminal windows and typed "who", and first now did I realize why theres multiple users logged in.00:21
magpii11.04 is the one that just wrecked 3 years of uni work and sent my calm through levels of chaos previously unrecorded00:21
nuborn(didnt before)00:22
munzxtttedbian : malamber : thanks ! :) i think i got it now! :) cheers!00:22
Gentoo64magpii, try 10.1000:22
Gentoo64it hasnt got as many problems00:22
edbianmunzxttt: sure00:22
luigimagpii: You are the one who installed it without a backup. You're the one who ruined it, not Ubuntu itself. Always back up what you have before making a major system change.00:22
magpiithose responsible for releasing an os into the public domian while it is still full of bugs need to be taken out the back and seriously pionted at00:22
milambermagpii: for ultimate zen, most people try to stick with the !lts versions, currently 10.0400:22
luigimagpii: Ubuntu is free software.00:23
tabakhase:D seems like my ubuntu is using the windows as swap right now... :D00:23
dctuserhow can i solve the problem of unsolved dependencies in ubuntu? what ever i try to install, cannot be installed00:23
kijutsuNot to mention the fact that ... windows isn't exactly 'bug free' either.00:23
Gentoo64magpii, but windows and all other distors / os have bugs00:23
munzxtttedbian : what i got "it's ok" ... that's enough for me! :) lolz thanks again!00:23
edbianmunzxttt: sure :)00:23
lion42magpii, you do realize your OS would not exist, and would not be as good as it is, were it not for public creation and public involvement? O.o00:23
milamberdctuser: if you are getting the error for more than one package, it is probable that a mysterious *something* is wrong with the package manager. can you pastebin the output of what you are trying to do?00:23
luigimagpii: "This Free software has bugs? How dare those people sit there and not fix it instead of volunteering even more time to fix my problem while I complain!"00:23
StevenRmagpii: software isn't perfect. No software, beyond "hello world" is bug free.00:24
magpiiforget it, its my fault for trusting in the hype, its my mistake, thanks for the help anyway00:24
Gentoo64magpii, why be like that?00:24
milambermunzxttt: np00:24
lion42rofl, that's the fakest non-apology I've ever seen.00:24
zabombermagpii: what would i hack if it wasn't buggy?00:24
kijutsuwhat the heck was that? :P00:24
macintoshhe quited00:24
Gentoo641 less linux user00:24
luigiStevenR: My brainfuck program that prints "hello world" segfaulted. :P00:24
lion42kijutsu, whiners on the IRCs.00:24
kijutsulion42: apparently :)00:24
lion42shocking rite.00:25
kijutsu"I WANT BUGFREE SOFTWARE>. WHINEWHINEWHINE."  Keeeep dreamin friend. :P00:25
zabomberhe's probably an old 45yr father who "used" to be lee7 in his day00:25
zabomberwindows 3.5.100:25
rwwmoving on.00:25
kijutsumoving on indeed00:25
StevenRluigi: maybe that's the desired output ;)00:25
macintoshI am a new Ubuntu user00:25
dctuseri can copy and paste it but it is not in english00:25
dctuserwell i am trying sudo apt-get python-matplotlib00:25
kijutsuDumb question of the evening:  How do I mount a physical disk under KVM without breaking everything?00:25
luigidctuser: And what happens?00:25
dctuserand it says that it depends on python-all but cannot be installed00:26
dctuserit depends on python2.6dbg and cannot be installed00:26
dctuseretc etc00:26
milamberdctuser: is the error in english?00:26
luigikijutsu: Don't have the host OS perform any I/O on its own.00:26
luigikijutsu: Leave the disk and its partitions unmounted, then just run the vm on it00:26
StevenRkijutsu: can you be more precise about what you want to do ?00:26
milamberdctuser: what version of ubuntu?00:26
luigikijutsu: I've once booted a system inside itself and only had minor hangups. Be safe, and you'll be okay most of the time.00:27
dctuser"the following packages have those unsolved dependences " ,........... "The build dependencies of python-matplotlib are not satisfied"00:27
dctuserjust in this case the dependencies are relevant to ubuntu00:27
kijutsuStevenR: I'm building a Windows XP virtual machine to create an audio server via shoutcast.  I would like this virtual machine to read the mp3s i have on a physical ext3 drive on the host machine.00:27
dctuserto python00:27
dctuserno ubuntu , but even if i try to install flash, there is problem00:27
macintoshare there any one here know how to mod WD sharespace OS?00:28
StevenRkijutsu: ok, then use samba to share them. Windows XP won't read them on it's own if it's ext3.00:28
anth0nyis there any way for me to downgrade from 11.04 to 10.04 LTS while maintaining all of my system files and settings?00:28
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.00:28
WaltherFInope, iirc00:28
luigikijutsu: Install some guest extensions in the guest system, and share your dirs from the host system.00:28
luigiThat's another idea.00:28
milamberdctuser: like i said, it's probable there is something going on with the package manager, try: sudo apt-get clean00:28
kijutsuStevenR: Doh.. I was hoping KVM had a middle-man software to convert to NTFS/Fat32 on the fly.00:28
bazhanganth0ny, full reinstall00:28
anth0nyubottu, this is good to know...00:28
bazhangmacintosh, please be clear cannot understand what you mean00:29
dctuserand then ? after clean?00:29
luigikijutsu: You could try using VirtualBox. It's a little bloated, but its guest extensions are wonderful.00:29
kijutsuStevenR: guess Samba is the answer -- I just hope the loopback network interface doesn't cause issues for streaming audio.00:29
bazhangmacintosh, what is mod WD sharespace OS00:29
macintoshI have a WD sharespace NAS box and I want to mod it00:29
milamberdctuser: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade00:29
StevenRkijutsu: nope, samba is your way here... or get an icecast/shoutcast server for ubuntu?00:29
bazhangmacintosh, how is that related to ubuntu support00:30
kijutsuStevenR: the shoutcast/icecast servers I found are.. unimpressive.00:30
macintoshsome one told me to come here to ask how to mod in order to increase its speed00:30
bazhangmacintosh, sounds like hardware00:30
macintoshits built in linux OS00:30
macintoshyes it is00:30
kijutsuStevenR: Thanks though. guess I'll have to go dig into some samba manuals and figure out how the heck to make that fly right.00:30
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bazhang##hardware macintosh00:30
anth0nyso, what's considered the best backup utility for Ubuntu?  I loved using Mac's Time Machine, anything like that?  Bonus points if it'd backup my Windows partition as well.00:31
bazhang!sbackup > anth0ny00:31
luigianth0ny: Graphically, I use dejadup00:31
ubottuanth0ny, please see my private message00:31
macintoshdo you have any recommend for me to increase it speed bazhang00:31
bazhangmacintosh, its offtopic here, please dont ask.00:31
dctuserwith the update it tells me to use apt-get -f install00:31
dctuserbecause of some independencies00:31
luigimacintosh: Why not ask in ##linux or ##hardware?00:31
dctuserof python2.6 minimal00:32
anth0nyubottu, are you a bot?00:32
ubottuanth0ny: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:32
milamberdctuser: -f means force the install, which would be the next option00:32
luigiIs ubottu a supybot?00:32
rwwluigi: yes00:32
luigirww: Thanks.00:33
kijutsuStevenR: while we're on the subject -- do you have any recommendations to create samba shares with a mimimum of hassle?00:33
dctuserpython2.6 L Depends from python2.6-minimal (=2.6.6-6 ubuntu7)00:33
dctuserwhich is not install00:33
StevenRkijutsu: you might look at SAT00:33
Cradamhi does anyone know the command to start the taskbar type thing?00:33
kijutsuStevenR: I did try that under PPC and it damn near took out the system.  Is it stabler under x86/x86_64?00:34
zykotick9Cradam, gnome-panel if you are using classic00:34
ActionParsnip!panel | Cradam00:35
StevenRkijutsu: not sure... I've always just used the manpage and vim to edit samba configs.00:35
ActionParsnip!panels | Cradam00:35
ubottuCradam: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:35
macintoshguys, I don't want to be fool (I am a newbie) but I would like to ask just 1 more question: could I install Ubuntu on my PowerMac G500:35
dctuserhow can i install python2.6 minimal00:36
JakeR003some programs put icon near my account near at the top panel00:36
JakeR003how can i force them to show at the buttom?00:36
luigimacintosh: Yes.00:37
CradamActionParsnip: the problem was that after i upgraded to 11.04 the top panel disspeared after the second reboot00:37
zykotick9dctuser, did you try "sudo apt-get install python2.6-minimal"00:37
urlin2uJakeR003, classic desktop?00:37
JakeR003gnome 200:37
JakeR003ubuntu 11.0400:37
JakeR003same desktop that came with it.. i never changed anything on it00:37
urlin2uJakeR003, that is the notification area in the top00:38
macintoshwhich version could I use, luigi?00:38
JakeR003urlin2u yeah it's kind of annoying because the icons show behind the power icon00:38
Cradamis their a command i need to do to make it start on login?00:38
JakeR003for shutdown and restarts00:38
JakeR003so it confuse me00:39
luigimacintosh: Any powerpc install.00:39
rww!ppc | macintosh00:39
ubottumacintosh: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ00:39
urlin2uJakeR003, try killall gnome-panel to see if the panel is correct00:39
JakeR003urlin2u now they always show there00:39
macintoshOk thanks you guys, I will try it now and I won't bother you anymore00:39
urlin2uJakeR003, you can add the notifaction to the bottom with add to panel.00:40
dctuserit says it cannot process /var/cache/apt/archives/python2.60mminimal ....00:40
dctusersub-process /usr/bun/dpkg returned an error00:40
JakeR003urlin2u what do i choose?00:40
JakeR003ad panel then what00:41
urlin2uJakeR003, notification area00:41
anth0nywhat's a quick way to set up an automount system to have my partitions/other HDDs accessible on startup?00:43
bazhanganth0ny, add them to fstab you mean?00:44
jrib!fstab | anth0ny00:44
ubottuanth0ny: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:44
KM0201anth0ny: the only way is, fstab.. if you want a GUI.... there's a utility that does00:45
Costanzai give up.. cant make the mbr pbr thing to work after i restore it with dd, the only thing that worked was using win32diskimager in windows but it made an 4gb.img file :/00:45
Costanzaso it does not want to backup 512 byes properly or something00:46
anth0nybazhang, jrib, KM0201, ubottu : thank you gentlemen/ladies00:46
Costanzabut the whole backup 4gb worked, so i wonder if this needs something dffferent00:46
bazhanganth0ny, one of us is a bot00:47
KM0201anth0ny: it's called pysdm   it's in the repositories (again, really only needed if you don't want to edit fstab manually)00:47
luigiCostanza: Clonezilla is exactly the program I think you need, but you haven't responded to me at all.00:47
Costanzai dont need to backup my hdd, only the bootsector of the usb stick00:47
Costanzaand clonezilla does not create .img files i can restore with dd, aint it00:47
DasEiCostanza: then use dd00:47
DasEiah, got it already00:47
anth0nybazhang, well, maybe ubottu was feeling unappreciated00:48
Costanzai used dd but when i restore the bootscore and mbr the pc complains, not system disk00:48
luigiCostanza: Clonezilla makes img files that are compressed however you want, buddy.00:48
Gentoo64Costanza, why do you only want to backup the boot sector btw?00:49
Costanzabecause i need it to restore to other sticks00:49
shinsukewas the flash player bug that caused almost 100% cpu workload patched a few days ago?00:49
Costanzacan i make an partition 10 gb and backup using whole disk dd backup or would that backup the unallocated space?00:49
ActionParsnipshinsuke: 32bit flash or 64bit flash?00:50
q_a_z_stevehow do I invoke 11.04's toram correctly? Assuming my system will boot the CD I'm burning...00:50
bazhangshinsuke, not sure, but there was a flash security upgrade just today00:50
Gentoo64Costanza, http://www.experts-exchange.com/OS/Linux/Q_21601291.html00:50
ActionParsnipCostanza: it will backup the space too. partmage may work00:50
luigiCostanza: If you use clonezilla or pipe dd to a compression program it will compress the empty space.00:50
shinsukeActionParsnip, 32bit00:50
Costanzai will try, thx00:50
ActionParsnipshinsuke: gotcha, not had a flash update knowingly00:50
Costanzaoh it says dd if=backup.boot of=/dev/hda bs=1 but i used dd if=backup.boot of=dev/hda  bs=512 count=100:52
Costanzato restore00:52
DoggetHaving issues installing the right drivers for my Brother MFC-J265W printer. Any help more than welcome00:52
bazhangDogget, what does linuxprinting.org say the correct drivers are00:53
q_a_z_steveActionParsnip: Have you ever loaded natty toram?00:53
bazhangDogget, from their database of printers list00:53
ActionParsnipq_a_z_steve: not personally00:54
ActionParsnipDogget: brother make linux drivers00:54
shinsukeis it possible to install ubuntu on an android and kick android?00:54
ActionParsnipDogget: did you check their website?00:54
DoggetWell you can get the right printers from Brother site directly but I am confused as what to do guys!00:54
q_a_z_steveI read that it was a functioning option, so I assume I would just enter toram in the custom boot options line???00:54
ActionParsnipshinsuke: I've seen someone run a premade linux and VNC to localhost00:54
luigiq_a_z_steve: toram will indeed boot to ram.00:55
ActionParsnipDogget: give me a sec and I'll make you a commad00:55
DoggetThank you very much guys00:55
DoggetThis is the site: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#MFC-J265W00:55
q_a_z_steveluigi: hopefully I can boot into 11.04 at all. I can get into 10.10 just fine livecd, but haven't had any luck with the amd64+mac atm.00:56
Gentoo64Dogget, i think you want the lpr .deb00:56
DoggetI am running Ubuntu  6400:57
miktorProblem: I'm trying to mount my music folder from windows with fstab, but fstab won't recognise backslash and a space as a space in the path. Here's my fstab file http://pastie.org/236828100:57
ActionParsnipDogget: what is the output of:  uname -m00:57
Doggethold on Action00:57
ActionParsnipGentoo64: brother make sweet linux drivers00:57
V13AxelI have an odd problem. When I turn my laptop on while it's plugged up, there are no issues. Themes and fonts load properly, everything is fine. However, if I unplug the laptop and log-in, I get an odd problem. My theme becomes broken for a moment, I get the default GNOME icons and menus. Any ideas?00:57
Gentoo64miktor, try ""00:57
Doggetit says x86-64 Action00:57
Gentoo64and spaces00:57
ActionParsnipDogget: hmm, ok00:58
auvajshello I wanna use the sort program. I wanna sort it numerically according to second column and later according to third columb but riversely... didn't figured how to write the script thougH:)00:58
mrdebthis happens V13Axel00:58
miktorAlright, i will Geentoo64. Will return in a moment if it does not work00:58
ActionParsnipDogget: http://myubuntux.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/synaptic-brother-driver.png00:59
ActionParsnipDogget: may be in software centre00:59
V13Axelmrdeb: So there's no fix for it? It's reliably every time I login and the laptop is unplugged, the theme breaks. If it's plugged up, the problem never occurs.00:59
V13Axelmrdeb: So there's no fix for it? It's reliably every time I login and the laptop is unplugged, the theme breaks. If it's plugged up, the problem never occurs.01:00
newbieecan anyone tell me what i can do with a vpn network01:00
raevolhi all, i am trying to see my dad's computer using vinagre01:00
V13AxelOops, accident.01:00
raevoli can ssh into his box, but how do i get him running a vnc server so that i can actually see his screen?01:00
mrdebi neve rnotriced that its with power plugged in01:00
DoggetThe link I gave in was specifically for my printer Action01:00
mrdebbut i have seen that happen01:00
dimas_is there any software i can record a voice confernece?01:01
V13Axelmrdeb: It's only one one specific laptop. My other two work fine, and I was planning on selling this one, so I have to get this fixed.01:01
ActionParsnipDogget: may help http://pastebin.com/mhPf7Fb801:01
defectzHello all, how do i check what my ipv4 address is?01:01
defectzHello all, how do i check what my ipv4 address is with ubuntu01:01
ActionParsnipDogget: its a generic package of drivers, it may contain the one you own01:01
newbieedefectz: i belive "ifconfig"01:02
luigidefectz: try whatismyip.com for your global IP, if that's what you're after.01:02
dimas_defectz even easier just on top right you have connection properties and there you see your ip01:02
DoggetOk Action what is the command you want me to type friend?01:02
defectzGentoo, luigi i need the network ip for port forwarding01:03
Gentoo64defectz, ifconfig01:03
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luigidefectz: ifconfig will tell you this.01:03
Gentoo64will tell you local address01:03
V13Axeldefectz: You can use ifconfig, or you can right-click the network manager on the GNOME-panel and click "Edit connections" you'll find it under the specific connection you're wanting to find it out for.01:03
miktorGentoo64: that did not work01:03
Gentoo64miktor, can you paste fstab again?01:03
ActionParsnipdefectz: curl -s checkip.dyndns.org | grep -Eo '[0-9\.]+'01:03
newbieei am wondering if i can use the other side server's ip addresses at on my server at home with a vpn network01:03
miktorGentoo64: http://pastie.org/236828101:03
ActionParsnipDogget: use software center to check if your printer is supported by the packages in the repos01:04
ActionParsnipdefectz: or to save installing curl:   wget -q -O - whatismyip.org; echo01:04
DoggetI am there Action, but not sure which one to pick!01:04
DoggetNot sure about cups/lpr drivers01:05
luigimiktor: You're missing options for your ntfs mounts.01:05
ActionParsnipDogget: read the descriptions01:05
Doggetit doesn't say much when I click on them Action01:05
DoggetJust going through the list01:07
miktorluigi: oh, what options? the windows one works anyway.01:07
ActionParsnipDogget: ok then you may need the url I gave in the pastebin, just use the deb files listed instead (Those are from the brother site)01:07
marezzHi everyone, how can I disable visual effects in ubuntu 11.04 classic? They seem to lag my videos...01:07
luigimiktor: Try '/dev/sda5 /media/backup vfat defaults 0 3'01:07
a_p3rsonhow do i update the clamav antivirus engine?01:08
Costanzai will try with  dd if=/dev/xxx of=/home/sam/MBRboot.image bs=512 count=201:08
Polahcostanza: What are you trying to do?01:08
luigia_p3rson: You can do it from the clamav client.01:08
dimas_when you use vpn in buntu and try connect remote desktop then it will give a warning to the other computer?01:08
Costanzait seems to only have backed up the mbr, but when i restore it the windows boot loader is still on the usb so dd did not bacup the EFI bootloader01:08
_ShaiSomeone can helpme installing gnome 3 in my ubuntu 11.0401:08
_ShaiSomeone can helpme installing gnome 3 in my ubuntu 11.04?01:08
miktorluigi: okay, and what for the last line?01:08
a_p3rsonluigi: how would i do that? i dont have a clamav client, but i do have clamtk01:08
marezzHi everyone, how can I disable visual effects in ubuntu 11.04 classic? They seem to lag my videos...01:09
Polah_Shai: GNOME3 is unsupported in 11.0401:09
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CostanzaPolah, trying to backup an efi mbr + bootaloder located on usb01:09
luigimiktor: For the three lines that have ntfs or vfat, add the word 'defaults' before the two numbers01:09
_ShaiPolah: In what OScan i run GNOME 3 ?01:09
Costanzausing count=1 it backed up mbr only, not the bootsector thingy :s01:09
willwhmarezz: System > Prefs > Appearance01:09
Jon--Having an issue with Ubuntu : Headphones go in headphone jack, sound continues to come out of laptop speakers.01:09
DoggetHonestly Action I am at lose here! Sorry for being a pain I just don't know where to start.01:09
marezzwillwh, Its not there01:10
willwhmarezz: one of those tabs lets you turn off effects01:10
rww!gnome3 | _Shai01:10
ubottu_Shai: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.01:10
Jon--Ubuntu 11.04. ^01:10
Gentoo64_Shai, i think fedora comes with it default01:10
willwhmarezz: maybe it's system > admin > appearance01:10
Polah_Shai: A handful, I don't know any specifically. GNOME3 will be supported in 11.10 when that is realeased in a couple of months01:10
_ShaiGentoo64: Okey01:10
willwh(my irssi session runs on a headless box, so I am not sure - ssh'ing from my phone atm)01:10
Costanzadoing a full dd of the usb drive works when i restore it to another usb01:10
marezzwillwh, its in system/pref/appearance but there is no visual effects tab there01:11
a_p3rsonLuigi: how would i do that? i dont have a clamav client, but i do have clamtk01:11
Costanzabut doing only mbr did not work01:11
marezzHi everyone, how can I disable visual effects in ubuntu 11.04 classic? They seem to lag my videos...01:11
willwhmarezz: I don't think you can if you are running Unity01:12
luigia_p3rson: man clamtk. I believe it describes the process there.01:12
willwhmarezz: I think you need to log in a ubuntu classic session (gnome) :)01:12
marezzwillwh, Dont you read what I said? Im using Ubuntu 11.04 CLASSIC01:12
willwhmarezz: no need to be rude, and apologies, I missed that01:12
marezzwillwh, Im not being rude, Im just pointing out something I wrote multiple times and you failed to see :)01:13
urlin2umarezz, you can switch to metacity, for less  metacity --replace in the terminal01:13
je0rJeymarezz: take your attitude somewhere else01:13
Polahmarezz: Select "Ubuntu Classic (No Effects)" as a session when logging in01:14
a_p3rsonluigi: man clamtk doesnt tell you how01:15
luigia_p3rson: Alright, I will go look it up elsewhere. I'll be back in a moment.01:15
miktorluigi: that fixed my other drives, but still, i don't know how to get fstab to handle that location with spaces01:15
luigimiktor: You've tried encapsulating it in quotes?01:15
miktorboth types of quotes yes01:16
miktorwith and without backslashes for both01:16
raevolnevermind on my vnc problem, got it01:16
marezzurlin2u, After I did metacity --replace, I no longer see video, I can only hear audio playing01:16
urlin2umarezz, check Polah message.01:16
luigia_p3rson: freshclam01:16
luigia_p3rson: That's the command. Simple, no?01:17
a_p3rsonluigi: doing that gives some errors, lemme pastebin it01:17
urlin2umarezz, you can run compiz --replace to get ity back logout and try the other suggestion.01:17
marezzurlin2u,  Is metacity -replace temporary? It wont stay like that next time I boot right?01:17
Polahmiktor: Why do you need to mount a specific location at a separate points. If you mounted /dev/sda1 already you can just navigate down through that to get to your music folder and add a link to that in your ~/.gtk-bookmarks01:17
marezzurlin2u, Ok, thanks, will try it now01:17
Dogget@Action Sorry I really can't get through the Printer install :-(01:18
a_p3rsonluigi: it needs sudo permissions correct?01:18
luigimiktor: Wait a minute, that file it's mounting doesn't exist.01:18
luigia_p3rson: I'm not sure.01:18
th0ra_p3rson: what are you trying to do?01:18
luigimiktor: What you want looks to be a symbolic link between the two directories. That's not done in fstab.01:18
a_p3rsonth0r: when using clamtk, the antivirus engine is reported as out of date01:19
miktorluigi: how do i do that then?01:19
luigimiktor: man ln01:19
th0ra_p3rson: that is clam itself. I think there is an update in the repo01:19
marzenhi all, i know this is a minor issue but it's been happening for quite some time .. when I maximize a flash video it doesn't resize to my screen width, it simply pops up at the same size with a very large black border01:19
marzenanyone know how i can fix that?01:19
willwhmarzen: any flash video?01:20
th0ra_p3rson: the latest is 0.97.2, and I have it here in debian. I might have picked it off the clam website, now that I think of it01:20
Gentoo64marzen, maybe its a 4:3 video01:20
willwhor is this a specific flash player on a specific website?01:20
willwhmarzen: ?01:20
marzenGentoo64: it's all videos, mostly youtube vids01:20
marzensorry, got booted, guess floodbots didn't like my quick comments01:20
th0ra_p3rson: btw, freshclam will fetch the latest antivirus signatures, not the antivirus engine01:20
HaH-Tarballa_3person: you can update clamav engine adding this PPA: launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive/ppa01:21
marzenthere are some that play correctly, such as vimeo ... but all youtube and most others have this issue01:21
marezzurlin2u, Polah , thanks guys, video is playing normally now! :)01:21
JodaZanyonen knows a good program to mount a scp server on windows ?01:21
a_p3rsonluigi: th0r: |      gksu freshclam      | gives this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/665367/01:21
HaH-Tarballa_3person: it will be updated to 0.97.201:21
DoggetAnybody kind enough to help me install the drivers for my Brother MFC-J265W: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#MFC-J265W01:21
a_p3rsonHaH-Tarball: will try01:22
a_p3rsonDogget: i have that, you will need some files01:22
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DoggetAH ok P3rson. Can you help at all?01:22
Gentoo64Dogget, have you tried downloading the deb and clicking it?01:23
a_p3rsonDogget: sure, lemme get this clamav thing figured out01:23
a_p3rsonDogget: ^^01:23
willwhDogget: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BrotherDriverPackaging01:23
DoggetSure P3rson, I will wait thank you :-)01:24
green_topmarzen: Are you running twinview/multimonitor?01:24
a_p3rsonHaH-Tarball: it asks for a apt line...i am blanking here01:24
marzengreen_top: yes, 2 monitors01:25
HaH-Tarballa_p3rson: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 5ADC203701:25
Costanzalol now i managed to bakup the bootloader but not mbr01:26
green_topmarzen: known bug I believe. I get the same issue as well.01:26
a_p3rsonHaH-Tarball: is that it?01:27
HaH-TarballYou must do this command to add its APT-Key01:27
marzengreen_top: odd, i've never had this issue until my latest update a couple weeks ago01:27
HaH-Tarballa_p3rson: this adds its APT key01:28
HaH-Tarballa_3person: then, this command opens sources list: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list01:28
a_p3rsonDogget: go here: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#MFC-J265W    and download the LPR and the cupswrapper files01:28
green_topmarzen: for youtube, I use FlashVideoReplacer with SMPlayer as a replacement.01:29
Costanzamaybe someone can take a look of this, http://tinypaste.com/b73cb if you understand how to back up both of them, thx01:29
a_p3rsonHaH-Tarball: then what?01:30
HaH-Tarballa_person: add this line at the end of the file:  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clamav/ppa/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main01:30
HaH-Tarballa_3person: replace YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION with lucid or whatever version you have01:30
sedulousi'm not sure for which package to file this bug i'm having, libopenal1 or liblwjgl-java... (liblwjgl-java searches for libopenal1.so but libopenal1 only contains libopenal.1.so.* (no symlink))01:30
Doggetrpm or deb P3rson?01:31
ActionParsnipa_p3rson: Dogget has a 64bit OS and the debs are 32bit01:31
a_p3rsonHaH-Tarball: or, i could use the software sources option too01:31
ActionParsnipDogget: I gave the debs you need01:31
sedulousthe debian libopenal1 package does have the libopenal1.so symlink01:31
ActionParsnipDogget: you may need to force install them01:31
a_p3rsonActionParsnip: Dogget: Ohhhhh01:31
ActionParsnipa_p3rson: exactly01:31
DoggetWell I donwload the dbe ones then01:31
HaH-Tarballa_p3rson: I've never tried it that way, but it may works01:32
DoggetOk downloaded guys01:32
a_p3rsonDogget: i didnt know that you were x64, sorry but i dont think my way will work01:32
a_p3rsonHaH-Tarball: yep, found 4 new updates for clamav01:33
DoggetBrother says the 32 should work too01:33
HaH-Tarballa_3person: Good. Try "sudo freshclam" after the update ;-)01:33
HaH-Tarballa_3person: sorry, upgrade01:33
a_p3rsonHaH-Tarball: its listed as a post-install command, should do it automatically01:33
DoggetMan I got rid of hp because their printers were bad, canon printer died on me and I moved to Brother01:33
HaH-Tarballa_3person: Good.01:34
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a_p3rsonHaH-Tarball: by the way, there is only 1 three in my name: a_p3rson01:34
ActionParsnipDogget: HP loves linux01:34
HaH-Tarballa_p3rson: Sorry for the typo.01:35
DoggetWell I have a brother Action and happy with it01:35
ActionParsnipDogget: if you download thoses debs I listed you may be able to force install them and get it going. This is one of the reasons why 32bit is recommended01:35
ActionParsnipDogget: oh brother is great :)01:35
DoggetAny specific command guys?01:35
DoggetBrother is your brother :-)01:35
ActionParsnipDogget: sudo dpkg --force-all -i filename01:36
ActionParsnipDogget: download and install the debs in the order I gave in the pastebin01:36
ohzieActionParsnip: My new HP's sound doesn't work. :( Other than that, everything is wonderful.01:37
a_p3rsonHaH-Tarball: perfect, i see a row of green checkmarks, thankyou01:37
DoggetAny specific command Action?01:37
DoggetOr just double-click install?01:37
ohzieActionParsnip: Would you be willing to point me in the right direction for troubleshooting it? Not 100% sure what to search for on the googles.01:37
HaH-Tarballa_p3rson: You're welcome! Enjoy your upgraded ClamAV.01:37
mrdebhow come ubuntu doesnt need drivers but windows does01:37
ActionParsnip!sound | ohzie01:38
ubottuohzie: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:38
ActionParsnipmrdeb: a lot of them are part of the default install01:38
ActionParsnipmrdeb: makes life easy01:38
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Guest10127yes hello, how would i go about applying a patch like this? http://lists.berlios.de/pipermail/bcm43xx-dev/2008-December/005001.html01:39
ActionParsnip!pathc | Guest1012701:40
ubottuPatches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.01:40
ohzieActionParsnip: Replacing alsa with OSS? OSS is still even around?01:41
ActionParsnipohzie: there is an alsa info script, if you can get the output of that then we can advise01:42
ActionParsnipohzie: sure OSS is around http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=OSS&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all01:45
ActionParsnipduckduckgo has a bang for searching the packages, neat :)01:45
redgetanim having problems booting my wubi-based ubuntu 10.04 (dual boot windows + ubuntu).  here is the error msg01:45
indy__hello all01:46
redgetanive been trying to follow instructions in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1167710 but it hasn't been helpful so far01:46
ActionParsnipohzie: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh01:47
tabakhasei just recoverd a dead usb stick, how? "plug in on a booted ubuntu" -.-01:47
indy__I would like to ask you if someone is able to help me to make the wilress work on a amilo xa 1526 with natty 32 bit. It seems that one have to load the sis136u driver using ndiswrapper. I did it but with no results. Any idea?01:47
urlin2uredgetan, read carefully. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163919801:47
redgetanurlin2u: thanks, i'll take a look at that01:48
ActionParsnipindy__: did you modprobe ndiswrapper ?01:48
BookmanI have a USB pendrive that I can no longer delete files on.  Is there a reason for this?01:49
urlin2uredgetan, no problem, bare in mind wubi is a bit different so look for that when fixing.01:49
indy__ActionParsnip I am pretty sure I did it. Anyway I did it now01:49
TheHackOpsHey, does anyone know why my mic decided to disappear on me this morning?01:50
je0rJeycan somebody please post their config file for newsbeuter01:51
indy__ActionParsnip I modprobe'd it and now I restarted the networking. No results01:52
TheHackOpsHey, does anyone know why my mic decided to disappear on me this morning?01:52
je0rJeycan someone please post their config file for newsbeuter..01:53
Cradamfor newswhater01:54
gregggWhen capturing audio input through the rear mic, sound is very low and muffled--if I tap on my microphone I hear barely-audible thud-thud-thud's. I checked in alsamixer that the rear mic is not muted, and set the rear mic boost to 100%. Any ideas on how to go about getting the rear mic to work properly? I'm running Natty.01:54
BookmanI cannot even delete files on my USB thumb drive01:54
TheHackOpsgreggg, do you know how to get my mic to even work01:55
craigbass1976Is there some trick to burning a wmv to dvd so that it will play in a regular dvd payer?01:55
urlin2uBookman, is there a trash on the thumb?01:55
TheHackOpscraigbass1976, Convert it, then burn it01:56
bazhangcraigbass1976, convert using handbrake, then use devede01:56
TheHackOpshehe bazhang01:56
bazhang!handbrake | craigbass197601:56
ubottucraigbass1976: handbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr01:56
bazhangcraigbass1976, there is also a PPA for handbrake01:56
TheHackOpsbazhang, could you please help me with my mic problem?01:56
Bookmanurlin2u, nope01:56
bazhangTheHackOps, not enough info, give the channels tons more info first01:57
gregggTheHackOps: The mic works properly when using the front port.01:57
urlin2uBookman, so what are the symptoms, right click and delete nothing happens?01:58
gregggTheHackOps: Oh sorry misread what you typed. I am not sure.01:58
TheHackOpsbazhang, ok so this morning i woke up and i went to use Google plus and it said no mic was found, when i went to check the sound properties it was all greyed out and that is where im at01:58
TheHackOpsgreggg, i can help you aswell if u want01:58
Bookmanurlin2u, yes.  the option to send to trash is greyed out.  If I select a file and press delete key, nothing happens01:59
escottBookman, can you !paste the output of "mount"01:59
TheHackOpsBookman, check your permisions for ur account01:59
urlin2uBookman, hit ctrl-h and see if there is a trash hidden, and it may be full.01:59
Bookmanurlin2u, no hidden trash directories02:01
TheHackOpsnvm i fixed it02:02
DoggetStill no luck guys for the printer issue...man oh man I don't want to use Windows!02:02
bazhangDogget, what driver does linuxprinting.org say that printer should use02:03
bazhangDogget, from their printer database02:03
malaphusHello friends.02:03
DoggetFrom here Bazhang: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#MFC-J265W02:04
indy__ActionParsnip Is it normal that modprobe -l |grep ndiswrapper gives the same result before and after loading the module?02:04
DoggetTwo good fellas tried to help me but I am still running after the install!02:04
malaphusI just installed 11.04 server (everything was fine, booted clean), then I did a dist-upgrade to get the box up to date and now when I boot, I get about 10-15 lines before the initial login prompt telling me the detected capacity of all 3 of my MD devices changed from 0 to <whatever they are>, anybody seen this before?02:05
Bookmanescott, http://pastebin.com/2g8aKkRA02:05
urlin2uBookman, fixing dinner now somebody will get you running. ;)02:05
ross_How do I reduce the temperatures of my cpu and laptop in general02:06
bazhangross_, ##hardware please02:06
ross_oh sorry02:07
DoggetBazhang I am running Ubuntu 10.10 64 bits02:07
K-Richhey all02:07
DoggetAs I can't install 11.04 at all I am keeping this version on.02:07
BookmanAnyone else have an idea about my unwritable usb stick?02:07
escottBookman, does id say uid=1000(keithclark)02:08
Bookmanescott, ?02:08
rypervencheBookman: maybe root is the owner?02:08
escottBookman, type "id" in terminal what is your uid02:08
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest29514
Bookmanuid is keithclark02:09
escottBookman, i need the #02:10
Bookmanescott, uid=1000(keithclark)02:10
escottBookman, ok. what error do you get with "touch /media/KINGSTON/test_touch.txt; rm /media/KINGSTON/test_touch.txt"02:11
Bookmanescott, http://pastebin.com/VG4D9tyW02:13
nronksrthe hyperlink when you first enter by ubuntu is invalid.  It needs the : removed from before the http to function properly. :)02:15
escottBookman, thats odd. try sudo mount -o remount,rw /media/KINGSTON; touch /media/KINGSTON/test_touch.txt02:16
jameswcan someone please point me to more general canonical chat?02:17
Bookmanescott, sucess02:17
bender_what up everybody02:17
bazhangjamesw, there is none, #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat02:17
jameswwhat about for employees?02:17
escottBookman, thats really odd. because mount said it was rw mounted. im not sure what the root cause of this is02:17
Bookmanescott, yup, weird02:18
bazhangjamesw, use alis. thats not really an ubuntu support question02:18
bazhang!alis | jamesw02:18
ubottujamesw: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*02:18
Bookmanescott, I can solve most of my issues on my own, but not this one02:18
jameswbazhang: ty02:18
Bookmanescott, I cannot even format it with gparted as root02:21
celestialhey every one i have a problem i have a external monitor that worked correctly in maverick and lucid but i upgraded to natty and it doesnt support the proper resoulution of 1360x768 is ther a app that can fix this easily?02:22
escottBookman, was this a promotional give away at a conference?02:22
DoggetAnything else you can help with Bazhang?02:22
Bookmanescott, nope.  I bought it and it worked fine until I installed Ubuntu 11.1002:22
escottBookman, so what error are you getting when you try to format it?02:23
Bookmanescott, the option is greyed out02:23
OerHeksBookman does it have a write-protect switch ?02:23
escottBookman, did you umount it?02:23
bazhangDogget, you installed the drivers?02:24
Bookmanescott, I believe so02:24
escottBookman, check if it is listed in `moun`02:24
DoggetNo Dude That is the issue I am having02:24
BookmanYes it is.  I pasted that here02:24
escottBookman, you can't format it if it is mounted02:25
Bookmanescott, ah...let me see02:25
escottBookman, you need to "eject" it or sudo umount /media/KINGSTON first02:26
vaihiHello all.  Just setting up a laptop in 11.04  Installed in English and want to switch entirely to French.  Is this possible?02:26
bazhangvaihi, sure02:26
Bookmanescott, formatting now!02:26
rypervenchevaihi: Bien sûr que oui^^02:26
Dogget@Bazhang: I need to obvisouly install the 64 bits version of the MFC-J265W drivers02:26
=== wilson_ is now known as Guest22477
bazhangDogget, do they exist?02:27
vaihiryper how do I do this02:27
nronksrcelestial: add the resolution via xrandr.  Do you know how to do that?02:28
escottvaihi, "language support" application02:28
celestialnronksr no i dontis a config file02:28
rypervenchevaihi: Je t'ai envoyé un PV.02:29
vaihiThis laptop is for my daughter and her family to use.  I speak French but am an expat and I am living in Tahiti02:29
nronksrcelestial: try this: cvt 1360 768 60 << 60 being your refresh rate.  You could use 75 or whatever as long as you know what it uses w/o blowing up at that resolution.02:30
nronksrcelestial: that's going to give you the modeline.02:30
DoggetWell not sure dude, I am not even sure I am trying the 32bits install correctly anyway02:30
nronksrcelestial: if you have xrandr, you can then:  xrandr --newmode "1360x760" (and copy all the data from the modeline "" to the end of the line.  ie:  xrandr --newmode "1360x768" 84.75 1360 1432 1568 1776 768 771 781 798 -hsync + vsync (that's my monitor) - copy your own modeline.02:31
rypervenchevaihi: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/17528/change-the-user-interface-language-in-ubuntu/02:32
JakeR003i did it because of love! don't hate me02:34
bazhangJakeR003, ?02:34
JakeR003i have this idea in my brain.. FORMAT! FORMAT!02:35
bazhang!ot | JakeR00302:35
ubottuJakeR003: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:35
Flannel /lastlog JakeR00302:35
JakeR003i don't type alot. don't worry02:35
JakeR003infact i finished customizing my ubuntu. so i will be leaving soon02:36
JakeR003you won't see me in a year or more02:36
jameswassuming i have the ability to install packages and run scripts  remotely on a system i administer, what is the easiest way to set up vnc or an x server or something so i can visually admin it via gui?02:38
escottjamesw, ssh -X ... sudo synaptic02:38
poseidonwhat is gnome's package name?02:38
poseidonto get the gdm02:39
Flannelposeidon: gdm02:39
DoggetStill no luck Bazhang I guess. Guess I have to use windows for printing...and it sucks big time!02:39
jameswthanks escott, this is close to what i want, any other ideas so i don't have to set up an x server locally? i am on a mac, it would be great to have vnc connect out to me02:41
maheanuuryper this is maheanuu, I have installed 11.04 on my daughters puter but can't seem to get the system to be in french as that is the mother tongue here02:42
escott!vnc | jamesw any other solution will be more complex02:42
ubottujamesw any other solution will be more complex: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:42
haosdenthello,this is my first time go to #ubuntu02:42
edbianhaosdent: hello02:42
jameswthank you escott02:42
maheanuurypervenche this is maheanuu, so you would recommend Mint for a newbie over 11.04?02:43
edbianmaheanuu: I would not.  ubuntu has a better upgrade path02:44
rypervenchemaheanuu: Both are fine. Use whichever you like. Stick with Ubuntu if you already have it installed.02:44
rwwUbuntu also has this channel for support. Mint is an unofficial derivative, so it isn't supported here, and Mint's IRC channel is... less active.02:44
edbianrww: smart choice of words02:44
maheanuuMy problem is the set up from the beginning, my french is lousy from a reading writing pov, but I speak pidgin  I am older than dirt and the family has had nothing but probs with windoze so I am trying to switch us all over to Ubuntu02:45
maheanuuI love Ubuntu but I havent switched to 11.04 as I didn't like the new layout02:46
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".02:46
escottmaheanuu, did you use the "language support" application02:46
edbianmaheanuu: You can run 11.04 and still use the gnome 2.x interface02:46
maheanuuI set them up in English and now want to get everything in french if possible02:46
tabakhaseinstalled ubuntu, installed windows. installed grub from livecd, grub->windows worked, grub->ubuntu worked, grub->windows sont work annymore?! windows is 5 minutes ago, commands issued during the ubuntu session: none, just reboot. ideas? (windows stops with black screen blinkin coursor)02:47
edbiantabakhase: Log into ubuntu and run sudo update-grub02:48
tabakhaseedbian should this make a difference? already done it from livecd on chroot02:49
escotttabakhase, hit F8 when booting windows and try safe-mode02:49
edbiantabakhase: It should make all the OSs bootable from grub02:49
maheanuuedbian, I know I have them switched to classic on their laptop but havent been able to get the french language for system so far02:50
tabakhaseescott stays at the blinking coursor02:50
escotttabakhase, do you get any kind of windows splash screen?02:50
tabakhaseedbian "it should", and before ive booted ubuntu ive already booted windows from grub once (livecd shutdown, grub->win7=worked)02:51
tabakhaseescott absolutely nothing02:51
escotttabakhase, in that case grub may not be handing over to windows correctly try and reinstall grub02:52
edbiantabakhase: I realize you are seeing strange behavior.  I suggest you keep trying things until you can get something that is at least consistent.02:52
tabakhaseedbian as usual ;-)02:52
tabakhaseecanto reinstall from livecd or harddisk ubuntu?02:53
jwigginsI switched my video card from a NVIDIA series to an Intel HD3000 (Sandy Bridge). The /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is customized for NVIDIA. How would I regenerate this for my Intel HD3000? I did install the edge sources for xorg intel drivers.02:53
urlin2utabakhase, did you update windows and get the sp1 installed?02:53
bindi_Shouldnt all 2.6 kernels have hz=1000?02:53
bindi_I checked and my ubuntu is running at 250 :(02:54
tabakhaseand ive checked /boot/grub/grub.conf the win entry looks little funy, but the UUID is fine http://nopaste.php-quake.net/5494802:54
tabakhaseurlin2u release march2011 so sp1 included02:54
urlin2utabakhase, cool the sp1 changes the mbr, just wondering with a fresh install.02:55
escottjwiggins, remove the xorg.conf most likely02:55
ActionParsnipjwiggins: just rename the file, see if udev picks it up ok02:55
jwigginsokay I will give that a shot, right now 3D apps are running just throwing NV errors02:55
=== rafase282 is now known as Rafase282
jwigginsbe back in a min restarting X02:56
escotttabakhase, --no-flop[p]y i assume you typo'ed?02:56
tabakhaseescott yes ;-)02:56
escotttabakhase, you are also missing --class windows --class os declarations between the menuentry and the curly-brackets02:57
escottbindi_, hertz are configurable and have been for years02:58
bindi_escott: on the fly?02:58
escottbindi_, no but during the make kernel-config02:58
bindi_escott: well I don't do that. why isnt it 1000 by default?02:58
ActionParsniphi hellothere02:59
hellotherehello ActionParsnip02:59
hellotherei am wondering02:59
escottbindi_, because they decided 250 was better. can't tell you the reasoning on that.02:59
hellotherewhat is the difference between compiling software vs packages?02:59
nimbioticsHello all. (using ubuntu 11.04) I downloaded the latest version of vuze and jre but i still cant make vuze work. The output i'm getting is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/665406/ Can someone help me make this work? TIA!03:00
jwigginsSeems to have worked, still get error "Xlib:  extension "NV-GLX" missing on display 0.0" running google-earth but glxgears is at 60fps with no artifacts.03:00
edbianhellothere: a package is software that has already been compiled03:00
jwigginsshould I be concerned about the NV-GLX error if I don't have a NVIDIA card?03:00
ActionParsniphellothere: packages are ready made bnaries, compiling source will allow you to use your own options and you can make a package from your compiled binaries03:00
hellothereedbian: is there an advantage to compiling?03:00
haosdentcompiling software don't need to compile ^_^03:00
escottjwiggins, did you switch your libGL to point to the mesa gl stack03:01
hellothereso there pratically is no difference between a compile install vs a package install?03:01
edbianhellothere: You can get older / newer versions by compiling03:01
indy__hello again. On my amilo xa 1526 with natty 32 biti loaded the sis136u driver using ndiswrapper, but while I say "sudo start networking" the answer is "networking stop/waiting". What can I do to make wlan0 work?03:01
edbianhellothere: sometimes you cannot find a compiled version of the file so you have to compile it yourself03:01
tabakhaseescott in real  --class windows --class os  are existent03:01
jwigginsescott, I did not, and I do not know how to do that. Any pointers or just google it?03:01
edbianhellothere: The package install is much different.  It automatically updates, allows you to easily uninstall, and handles dependencies03:02
escotthellothere, if you want to compile everything there is an entire distro dedicated to that process called gentoo03:02
edbianhellothere: You should always install packages from the repos first.  Only compile / install by hand if you have to03:02
zelozeloshellothere, sometimes its better to get the prog from the repo, occasionaly it dosent exist but no packages are there for that type of sys,03:02
hellothereebdian: thanks for the help03:02
escottjwiggins, did you install the updated mesa stack?03:02
edbianhellothere: sure03:02
hellotherebrb guys03:02
tabakhaseive just fired up windows repair, he detected smth on partition list while doing "fix startup"...03:02
hellotheremIRC is killing me.03:02
edbianhellothere: :)03:02
ActionParsnipjwiggins: make sure you disable vdpau in your apps and it won't mona03:03
zelozeloshellothere, compiling just points to the parts of the program thats needed to run , like sound device etc03:03
jwigginsescott, I do not believe so unless it was part of the xorg edge03:03
tabakhase1. its still grub bootloader03:03
tabakhase2. klick on win7 still brings the black screen and a coursor -.-03:03
indy__one thing more: dmesg says "couldn't load driver sis163u" and "couldn't prepare driver sis163u". what can I do?03:04
escottjwiggins, you need to have libgl1-mesa-dri                 7.1103:04
zelozelostabakhase, sounds like you messed up the winloader program, thers a program that will fix it, but you'll have 2 google it i dont remember its name03:04
urlin2utabakhase, if you don't get running, run this script and pastebin the text file.  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/03:04
zelozelostabakhase, its something similar to win.msi or .mui or something close to that03:05
ActionParsnipindy__: from the windows driver?03:05
jwigginsescott, apt-get saysI have the latest "libgl1-mesa-dri"03:05
jwigginsescott, so I guess I have it, maybe it is not set to be used?03:05
escottjwiggins, i dont care what apt-get says you have. i care what dpkg -l "*mesa*" says you have03:05
ActionParsnipindy__: you will need to download the driver for windows and use it in ndisgtk03:05
hellothereanyhows... so it isn't that compiling is "cleaner" than packages03:06
jwigginsescott, :) one moment, thank you for working with me03:06
edbianhellothere: what do you mean by cleaner??03:06
tabakhaseurlin2u im on the way.03:06
edbianhellothere: I would say 'no' because it throws files all around and the package install gives an easy way to remove them (compiled installed are hard to uninstall)03:06
zelozelosif i installed a compiled program via sudo make install, and deleted the compiling folders, how do i remove the installed program?03:06
indy__ActionParsnip from the windows driver 32 bit (I am on 32 bit) for windows 7 and vista03:06
tabakhasezelozelos a keyword more than "winloader" would be awesome? ;-)03:06
urlin2utabakhase, cool you have some great help but missing info. ;)03:07
jwigginsescott, "ii  libgl1-mesa-dri                             7.12.0~git20110811.9cd64ec3-0ubuntu0sarvatt free implementation of the OpenGL API -- DRI modules"03:07
sniggelHello, I am trying to mount an NFS export that is on my CentOS 6 onto my Ubuntu client v 11.04. I exported the folder as rw but I cannot write or make any changes to the mount (it is correctly mounted). When I do ll on the forlder, I notice these permissions drwxr-xr-x and the owner is a number (not my own username).03:07
zelozelostabakhase, im looking for it now sorry so vague03:07
hellothereedbian: how do you uninstall a compile btw?03:07
sav_ActionParsnip! You still here?03:07
edbianhellothere: You go to every file it dropped and delete that file manually.03:08
escottjwiggins, i guess edge pulled that in. did it also give you a 3.0 kernel?03:08
gogetahellothere: you need to have the souce still make uninstall03:08
hyperstreamGah, how do i stop the panel on the left(with all active/common/pinned applications ~ replaced the taskbar style.) from staying out. I hovered over it an hour ago and it never went back in.(First time)03:08
jwigginsescott, no I am still at 2.6.38-10-generic03:08
hellotherekk guys03:08
edbianhellothere: There is no good way to know where all the files are.  Sometimes the developer puts an 'uninstall script' in the software.03:08
gogetahellothere: do a make uninstall from the compiled dir03:08
phrostbiteI have my laptop running ubuntu connected to my tv and in th etop left it has the word "Mirror" how do I remove that?03:08
edbianhellothere: That makes it very easy.  But typically there is no such script03:08
hellotheregogeta: kk03:08
sav_Edbian: Hello again.03:08
jwigginsescott, was a little hesitant on the 3.0 update03:08
gogetahellothere: if you dont still have the source you gotta do it by hand03:09
edbianhellothere: However this is mostly about installing vs. uninstalling. Where installing means copying certain files to certain places in the system.  compiling does not mean installing necessarily.  They usually are done together though03:09
edbiansav_: hi.  I don't remember you :(03:09
zelozelostabakhase, i guess since its not a q about ubuntu i should send you a pm03:09
hellotherekk gogeta and edbian03:09
sav_edbian: Was here the other night with a corrupted drive. Guess you help a lot of people.03:09
edbianhellothere: :)03:10
hyperstreamIs there some sort of way i can reset/restart this side bar ?03:10
edbiansav_: I do :)  I remember vaguely though.03:10
edbiansav_: Can you not get Ubuntu to boot?03:10
edbiansav_: Do you have a strange 3 way external hdd cable?03:10
luigihellothere: make install in a chroot, see where it put files03:10
gogetahellothere: the best way to avoide that porblem is when you compile the code make a deb file as well so apt can handel it03:10
sav_edbian: The second thing is true, the first thing is way off the mark03:10
jwigginsescott, I will go ahead and do the 3.0 upgrade, since that is easy enough to revert03:10
hellotherekk guys03:10
hellotherei'll be back03:10
hellotherei hate mIRC atm03:11
sav_edbian: The drive never had important data on it03:11
escottjwiggins, i dont know if thats enough. check with edge, but the kernel needs to step with the mesa stack. in any case is everything in "locate libGL | xargs ls -l" pointing at mesa03:11
edbiansav_: hahah Trying to remember you :)03:11
sav_edbian: It's fried to death somehow, nothing I did helped.03:11
phrostbiteI have my laptop running ubuntu connected to my tv and in th etop left it has the word "Mirror" how do I remove that?03:11
edbianhahaha hellothere is funny03:11
edbiansav_: Is this drive in a laptop?03:11
sav_edbian: Nope.03:12
sav_edbian: It's external.03:12
edbiansav_: Can you boot ubuntu while the drive is connected?  (on a liveCD or otherwise)03:12
sav_edbian: I don't know why you keep asking that.03:12
sav_edbian: It's a blank external.03:12
edbiansav_: Sorry :P  Maybe we should start from the beginning because I don't remember. What is the issue in it's entirety03:13
=== bluemoon is now known as Guest48133
jwigginsescott, http://pastebin.com/957EnBPn03:14
sav_edbian: No, no, that isn't necessary at all. I just cannot do anything with it. I'm sure it's fried. There is no removing the corruption from that disk.03:14
jwigginsescott, I believe the answer is no03:14
tabakhaseurlin2u http://nopaste.php-quake.net/55016 bootinfoscript run from the installed ubuntu03:14
edbiansav_: ooooh ok :)03:14
tabakhasesdb and sdc are just USB03:15
sav_edbian: Ok would be a bad way to describe it.03:15
hyperstreamAnd non of the CCSM unity reveal positions are changing03:15
hyperstreamAnyway to remove unity back to the older?03:15
edbianhyperstream: log out, click your name, change the session, log in03:15
hyperstreamedbian, Thank you!!03:16
phrostbiteI have my laptop running ubuntu connected to my tv and in th etop left it has the word "Mirror" how do I remove that?03:16
edbianhyperstream: sure03:16
zelozelosphrostbite, close the monitor options program03:17
phrostbiteHmm. I did and no effect.03:17
jwigginsescott, BRB booting 3.x03:17
escottjwiggins, i think this may be nvidia /usr/lib32/libGL.so.275.21. check with apt-file search? google earth appears to ship with its own version of GLU don't know how that works maybe its just mesa?>03:17
szalsav_: 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX' didn't help?  (attn: COMPLETE DATA LOSS)03:18
sav_szal: I left it for hours. The operation never finished. The way dmesg looks, it seems as though it was totally unable to do anything.03:19
indy__ActionParsnip I have installed the windows driver using ndisgtk. It says "hardware recognized", but I have the same answer from the command "sudo start networking": I obtain ""networking stop/waiting"03:19
indy__ActionParsnip I feel that I am very close to the solution but I don't know how to proceed03:19
sav_szal: Hence why I'm totally sure this thing is fried to death, regardless of how recently I got it.03:19
ActionParsnipindy__: is ndiswrapper module loaded?03:19
szalsav_: RMA then03:20
hellothere007hello again03:20
hellothere007i was hellothere a while ago03:20
sav_szal: I got it for free from a friend. Can't do that.03:20
edbianhellothere007: :)03:20
indy__ActionParsnip yes, I can see it with lsmod.03:20
sav_szal: C'est la vie.03:20
hellothere007edbian... are you using windows atm?03:21
urlin2utabakhase, when having problems always remove the usb devices they have boot flags. Okay widows sda3 reads as busy, and shows no boot files, probably due to not mounting, if it were me I would run a chkdsk /f/r on the sda3 partition, or at least figure out why it is not mounting.03:21
edbianhellothere007: Sir!  I'm insulted!03:21
jwigginsescott, running 3.x now same error with google-earth as you predicted.03:21
indy__ActionParsnip I have errors in dmesg like: "cant load driverssis163u"03:21
edbianhellothere007: No I'm using Debian right now :)03:21
hellothere007sorry edbian... :D03:21
sav_Oh hey, all the people who ever helped me with this problem are here at once.03:21
edbianhellothere007: no worries03:21
hellothere007i'm tring to find a irc client03:21
edbiansav_: hi03:21
hellothere007for windows that works03:21
bazhanghellothere007, ubuntu support question?03:21
hellothere007edbian: mIRC isn't as good as mibbit.com03:22
ActionParsnipindy__: then the ndiswrapper isn't configured right. Is there no native driver?03:22
rypervencheedbian: Thumbs up to you good sir!03:22
sav_edbian: Er, hi?03:22
sniggelHello, I am trying to mount an NFS export that is on my CentOS 6 onto my Ubuntu client v 11.04. I exported the folder as rw but I cannot write or make any changes to the mount (it is correctly mounted). When I do ll on the forlder, I notice these permissions drwxr-xr-x and the owner is a number (not my own username). I would like to mount it so I can actually rw.03:22
tabakhaseurlin2u just pluged the USBs "now" - chkdsk from winrepair i presume?03:22
indy__ActionParsnip I cannot pastebin simply because I am without an ethernet cable to connect the two pc, I am passing package by package with an SD stick :)03:22
ActionParsnip!irc | hellothere00703:22
ubottuhellothere007: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines03:22
hellothere007centHOGG: how do you get the client to highlight your name when it is said?03:22
bazhanghellothere007, this is ubuntu support; please ask ##windows for windows support03:22
jwigginsescott, when I run glxinfo I am seeing that it is using GL_VERSION 2.1 Mesa 7.12-devel03:22
centHOGGnot sure03:22
ryoohkii asked this earlier with now reply:03:22
hellothere007ok linux question now:03:22
ryoohkiwhen i do "dpkg -l | egrep -i virtualbox-ose | tr -s ' '" i see "virtualbox-ose 4.0.4-dfsg-1ubuntu4.1" but i can see virtualbox-ose 4.1.0-dfsg-2ubuntu1 is out but when i do "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade" the update never shows up, as well as previous updates like virtualbox-ose  4.0.10-dfsg-1ubuntu1  which was out 2011-07-04( more than a month ago)03:22
edbianrypervenche: :)03:22
escottjwiggins, i would be sure to purge any nvidia related stuff03:23
ryoohkianye idea why the updates are being installed?03:23
urlin2utabakhase, the sdc1 has a partial windows boot files /bootmgr /boot/bcd, this may be p[art pof the problem. I would run the chkdsk or start it from the install disc booted to the repair terminal, will ask for one at reboot if it see's sda303:23
ActionParsnipryoohki: could try the virtualbox ppa03:23
escottjwiggins, personally i would urge patience. the 11.10 release should have the sandy's well supported, and its only another 3 months to release03:23
jwigginsescott, should I purge and reload the mesa and intel just to be sure too?03:23
indy__ActionParsnip apparently no: it is a problem that people already had on edgy, stating from ubuntu french, english and italian forums. They solved it using either your way (ndisgtk) or via command line.03:24
jwigginsescott, okay sounds good, I don't really need 3D that bad, this is a laptop03:24
escottjwiggins, shouldn't be necessary, but it probably won't hurt03:24
rwwmore like two months, actually03:24
tabakhaseurlin2u sdc1 is the windows install disk, booting now....03:24
ActionParsnipindy__: then make sure it's the right driver, you need the .inf and .sys03:24
urlin2utabakhase, with windows not monting we have to sort of peck at it with the regualr options a chkdsk wont hurt for sure.03:24
szalryoohki: if VBox-OSE follows the same naming convention as the 'official' VBox, then 4.0 != 4.1 (different pkg name); you could try to just install 4.1; it should remove 4.0 automatically03:25
indy__ ActionParsnip: I downloaded two drivers: the first was suggested by the french forum and they use it with success, This one  says "hadware not recognized" in ndisgtk. The other driver (Win7/Vista) says "hardware recognized".03:26
jwigginsescott, thank you for the assistance I will just wait for 11.10 to mess around with 3D again03:26
tabakhaseurlin2u already done a "automatic startup repair" where he found&corrected smth on partition table, but i think he hesnt done the chkdsk, doing it now as soon hes booted03:26
tabakhaseresults follow03:26
indy__ ActionParsnip: but the I cannot start wlan0 and dmesg confirms there is some error03:27
poseidonI'm about to do an ubuntu install.  Is it possible to force a gnome 2 for the desktop environment?03:27
jwigginsescott, though all the reconfiguring has seem to resolved the screen artifacts that I was getting occasionally03:27
urlin2utabakhase, the auto repairs can be problematic you mentioned it kicked out a grub mention, seemed strange I wondered if grub was not in the widows partiton.03:27
rww!classic | poseidon03:27
ubottuposeidon: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".03:27
ActionParsnipindy__: have you ran:  sudo modprobe ndiswrapper03:28
bazhangposeidon, choose classic, no need to force03:28
ryoohkiszal: thanks!03:28
ActionParsnipposeidon: the unity desktop also uses Gnome 203:28
poseidonbazhang: ok. thanks.  I haven't used a desktop manager in forever, so I'm a little rusty03:28
poseidonSo used to xmonad03:28
poseidonsetting up for someone else03:28
jwigginswill classic ever be phased out or will Gnome always be a part of Ubuntu?03:28
ActionParsnipjwiggins: unity2D replaces classic in oneiric03:28
escottjwiggins, gnome 3 has a different fallback mode03:28
indy__ ActionParsnip: modprobe is loade, but if you think is useful I can reload it03:28
puffinWho you setting it up for, aphrodite? oh ho ho03:28
tabakhaseurlin2u there is a "nonactive" broken grub on the win7usb, but shouldnt create any problems..03:28
rwwjwiggins: Unity is built on GNOME. Ubuntu oneiric switches to GNOME 3, and Unity works on top of that. GNOME 3 has a fallback mode that can be used.03:29
ActionParsnipindy__: if its ni then its ready to rock03:29
jwigginsah okay didn't realize that, it just looked so different03:29
BlackArchDogposeidon: did u ever get to slackware or gentoo and arch linux .. If you had would have learned that ubuntu comes with gnome as defualt03:29
ActionParsnipBlackArchDog: well the default desktop install does ;)03:30
indy__ ActionParsnip: first of all thank you for your help. I checked again dmesg and effectively the error comes out while loading ndiswrapper03:30
urlin2utabakhase, so run the chkdsk, remove the thumb and the W7 disc when done boot to Ubuntu and run a update-grub, it just may be that W7 was not mounting.03:30
BlackArchDogActionParsnip: yes we all know almost every distro does gnome as defualt there are a few distro's that do kde as defualt03:33
tabakhaseurlin2u chkdsk C: /f /r is running, satge 4/5 no errors so far...03:33
tabakhase5:30 and there is the sun btw...03:33
BlackArchDogActionParsnip: forgot few other distro'03:33
bazhang!ot | BlackArchDog03:33
ubottuBlackArchDog: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:33
urlin2utabakhase, okay.03:33
BlackArchDogbazhang: do you plane on having everyone progressing in the idea of using linux???? I love ubuntu I told this is a start ,but it is never going to be the end all to all of linux03:34
ActionParsnipBlackArchDog: you can install Ubuntu minimal then install whatever DE you want. The OS will tell you it's ubuntu but you will be using any DE you desire03:35
bazhangBlackArchDog, and this is not the place to discuss it, as you have been told many times.03:35
rwwBlackArchDog: Hi. You keep being offtopic in #ubuntu. #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. #ubuntu-offtopic is for offtopic chatter. I strongly recommend you stop confusing the two. Thanks :)03:35
ActionParsnipBlackArchDog: I can name loads of Linuxes not using Gnome, there are more than a few03:35
hellothereback again03:37
hellothereafter fixing things03:37
ActionParsniphi hellothere03:37
hellothereActionParsnip: any lightweight linux window managers like windows-style?03:37
LasersWindows-style? You mean bloated window manager?03:38
sniggelLast time I will ask, I will retry tomorrow:  I am trying to mount an NFS export that is on my CentOS 6 onto my Ubuntu client v 11.04. I exported the folder as rw but I cannot write or make any changes to the mount (it is correctly mounted). When I do ll on the forlder, I notice these permissions drwxr-xr-x and the owner is a number (not my own username). I would like to mount it so I can actually rw.03:38
BlackArchDogActionParsnip: I can to ... lol I was getting to that ... Sorry been drinking a liqueur... Takes a bit longer for transmission bewteen brain waves sorry03:38
nankurahellothere try IceWM , its pretty close to windows XP or older, or you can use openbox or XFCE and use a windows theme.03:38
hellotherenankura: will look into03:38
urlin2utabakhase, if the reboot to Ubuntu after the chkdsk, and the update-grub does not work run the bootscript ah=agin so we can se windows and if it's still not mounting and or the boot files are showing.03:38
hellotherenankura: right now i looked at wvm95 or wahtever it is called and it seems to need adjustments to the distro i'm using.03:39
tabakhaseurlin2u should i try windows first or going to ubuntu straight for getting "save dump&update"?03:39
urlin2utabakhase, go to ubuntu first and run update-grub.03:39
urlin2uthen reboot to see if windows boots03:40
hellothereoh... random question to all03:40
ryoohkiszal: adding the vitualbox.org pps and apt-get install virtualbox-4.1 worked03:40
hellotherehow did everbody ease their transition to linux?03:40
ryoohkiszal: ppa, not pps03:40
urlin2ustarted with it03:40
bazhanghellothere, #ubuntu-offtopic please03:40
=== christian is now known as Guest79855
hellotherebazhang: sorry03:41
Costanzai think i got it, in dd  dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/home/sam/MBRboot.image bs=512 count=2 , count=2 means 2 seconds , so top copy 63 sectors i would write 63 there?03:41
hellotherebazhang: i thought it was ubuntu related.03:41
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Costanza2 sectors*03:42
theadminhellothere: Yes, but it's not support-related03:42
hellotheretheadmin: kk.03:42
theadminhellothere: In this channel, only support questions are accepted.03:42
Guest64203channel fr03:42
rwwGuest64203: #ubuntu-fr pour francais svp03:42
Guest79855such a noob question but anybody know how to run .bin?03:42
urlin2utabakhase, you understand the update-grub from a terminal I assume?03:42
theadminGuest79855: chmod +x whatever.bin ; /path/to/file.bin03:43
tabakhaseurlin2u chkdsk were totaly happy, and hm?03:43
Guest79855thanks :D03:43
Guest79855appreciate it a lot :D03:44
theadminGuest79855: No problem. If the file is in current directory, you can as well use: ./file.bin03:44
theadminGuest79855: Or even $PWD/file.bin, if that looks prettier for you03:44
indy__ ActionParsnip: SÌÌÌÌÌ!!!! CAZZO CE L'ABBIAMO FATTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found the correct driver (it needed the WinNT version)03:45
urlin2utabakhase, shut down remi=ove the MS disc and thumb and boot to Ubuntu and in the terminal run sudo update-grub  then reboot to see if windows boots.03:45
tabakhaseurlin2u sure, just wondering about the "you understand the update-grub from a terminal I assume?"03:45
urlin2utabakhase, I asked due to this post  "save dump&update"?03:46
urlin2utabakhase,  don't know none of due if everybody understands just dotting the i's, crossing the T's03:47
centr0anyone have any experience with virtualbox?  im having trouble starting vboxnet0 at boot and #vbox arent responding :(03:47
indy__ ActionParsnip: Thank you very much! I have a question. ndiswrapper is always loaded on every reboot or I had to add it somewere?03:47
Dr3am3rHi all03:47
hyperstreamedbian, hey champ - my previous issues was cause by a 'update' which had not been restarted to complete everything. As i went to log out to switch sessions it prompted me to restart- everything working as intended ~ thanks again.03:48
edbianHyperbyte: glad you figuered it out03:48
Guest79855@theadmin : Thanks for a quick reply.03:48
Dr3am3rI am new to Ubuntu and I know you must get this all the time, but I just need few minutes of anyone's time , I would like to build or install a module03:49
rypervencheDr3am3r: What exactly are you trying to do ?03:49
theadminGuest79855: No problem.03:49
theadminDr3am3r: A kernel module?03:49
Dr3am3rI downloaded an app/tool for proxy and it says "To install this module, run the following commands:"03:49
Guest79855 Installation done :D03:50
theadminDr3am3r: Oh... Well, um, just follow those instructions03:50
theadminGuest79855: Installation of what, by the way?03:50
luigiDr3am3r: Did you run them?03:50
Dr3am3rusing the Terminal ? I don't know where to run them.03:51
theadminDr3am3r: Obviously :/03:51
tabakhaseurlin2u http://nopaste.php-quake.net/55026 and the diff http://nopaste.php-quake.net/5502703:52
Guest79855Packet tracer03:52
Dr3am3rThis is what I get when I type the first line "Checking prerequisites...03:53
Dr3am3r - ERROR: Class::Data::Accessor is not installed"03:53
Guest79855The gui is like you run it in wine :D03:53
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=== info is now known as Milos
theadminDr3am3r: Seems to be a Perl module, isn't it? Did you try using CPAN?03:54
urlin2utabakhase, windows is still not mounting your problem is with windows, you should try #windows for this to be honest. Not trying to push you off but windows is whwere the problem is.03:55
Dr3am3rit is a Perl module, I'm really new to Ubuntu I have installed it 4 days ago .. so i have no idea what a CPAN is, you can even direct me to a website/Guide or help me understand this.03:56
indy__I have another issue that I woukd like to ask you, and I hope the result will be successful as for the wifi03:57
theadminDr3am3r: CPAN is a Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, providing an automatic way to install modules. Try this: perl -MCPAN << install whatever::module::you::want03:57
tabakhaseurlin2u mounting sda3 brings me just a device busy, nothing to go further with?03:57
theadminDr3am3r: Err, not <<, but <03:57
indy__How can I make the Webcam work on my amilo xa 1526? It worked until maverick and in notty is not recognized03:57
tabakhaseforced umount or smth while its not mountet in /proc/mounts?03:58
urlin2utabakhase, not really I'm real familiar with boot problems, but the OS's have to be working for me to help, the windows channel though have people who are windows users, and may have better methods for debugging it.03:59
tabakhasentfs-3g.probe --readwrite /dev/sda3 returns zero03:59
kanupatarI am using ubuntu 11.0404:00
tabakhaseurlin2u theyll try killing me when i post "grub" in there ;-)04:00
kanupatarI would like to use old style task bar04:00
luigitabakhase: You're having windows boot problems?04:00
luigiMaybe I can hlep.04:00
tabakhaseluigi installed ubuntu, installed windows. installed grub from livecd, grub->windows worked, grub->ubuntu worked, grub->windows sont work annymore?! windows is 5 minutes ago, commands issued during the ubuntu session: none, just reboot. ideas? (windows stops with black screen blinkin coursor)04:00
luigitabakhase: Try a different bootloader first.04:01
tabakhaseso grub was able to mount&boot windwos one single time04:01
bazhang!classic | kanupatar04:01
ubottukanupatar: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".04:01
urlin2utabakhase, nah there are many dual booters there they realize a OS is OS, and are there to help, grub is not the problem, you could try putting the MS bootloader in the mbr, but  doubt that would work but worth trying to see if windows boots then.04:01
JayzOneiric is so slow04:02
luigitabakhase: Go install ms-sys04:02
JayzHope get best when finish04:02
bazhangJayz, #ubuntu+1 for that04:02
rwwJayz: #ubuntu+1 for oneiric discussion and support04:02
JayzIs only a coment04:02
luigitabakhase: And then try ms-sys -7 /dev/sda HOWEVER IT MAY BREAK THE BOOTLOADER ON THE SYSTEM SO HAVE A LIVE CD04:02
Dr3am3rtheadmin: Build.pl is the one I want to install correct ?04:03
urlin2uluigi, there is a helper in windows who has a updated ms-sys, even though it is as old as the greeks and not suggested, never know though.04:03
luigiurlin2u: It's always worked for me... Odd.04:03
tabakhaseurlin2u luigi ok ill do, get me a moment, il be back with news04:03
centHOGGms always dinks the mbr04:04
luigiurlin2u: I personally use archlinux, and ms-sys has worked to replace my BURG bootloader. I don't see why it won't work here, it's the same set up.04:04
indy__well, it will be for tomorrow04:04
indy__good night (at 6:04 am!!)04:04
urlin2uluigi, cool but regular boot loaders work on a working setup, notice the caveat onmy last post.04:04
Jon--Having an issue with Ubuntu : Headphones go in headphone jack, sound continues to come out of laptop speakers.  Ubuntu 11.0404:05
urlin2uluigi, did you look at the bootscript posts?04:05
luigiI don't know what those are.04:05
kanupatarubottu: thanks budddy04:05
urlin2uluigi, you might take a look windows is not mounting anywhere.04:05
luigiurlin2u: I don't know what they are.04:05
theadminluigi: yay Arch xD04:06
luigitheadmin: This is a support channel. If you'd like to talk about the arch master race we can go to #archlinux-offtopic.04:06
urlin2uluigi, quite helpful worth learning, hey if you can run arch you can understand the bootscript.;)04:06
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
theadminluigi: Sure, sure.04:06
theadminluigi: Or I could PM you if you don't mind.04:07
luigiurlin2u: I don't understand. Bootscripts native to Ubuntu?04:07
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest9733
urlin2utheadmin, lol04:07
luigitheadmin: I'm good, thanks.04:07
theadminurlin2u: Arch bootscripts are nothing like Ubuntu's. Ubuntu uses Upstart. Arch uses SystemD.04:07
tabakhaseluapz_ "win7 successfully written to device" rebooting... bootinfo btw http://nopaste.php-quake.net/5503204:07
urlin2uluigi, used most often I think in ubuntu.04:07
rwxwhen I use emerald my window controls dissapear. Halp?04:07
tabakhase" => Windows is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda."04:08
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.04:08
urlin2utheadmin, and grub legacy linux is lionux though.04:08
luigiurlin2u: Arch uses very different boot scripts based on the bsd style system. It's not like the debian upstart and init.d and all that stuff.04:08
urlin2uluigi, cool well we are way of topic here.04:08
luigitabakhase: Did it boot?04:09
TFGBDWill 11.10 run on the Xbox 360?04:09
rwwTFGBD: ask #ubuntu+104:09
TFGBDSorry, what does the +1 signify?04:10
nc__have someone speaking something?04:10
thunsucker!ubuntu+1 | TFGBD04:10
ubottuTFGBD: Oneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+104:10
rwwTFGBD: the one above the current version04:10
TFGBDAh, sorry.04:10
TFGBDOkay, how about 10.10 or 10.04 then?04:11
tabakhaseluigi urlin2u blinking coursor after "verifying DMI pool data" from bios, no reaction to F804:11
nc__shang bu qi a...04:11
thunsuckerTFGBD: google?04:11
lion42Why google when you can have people on IRC google for you.04:11
TFGBDEh, I can't say I found much.04:12
TFGBDPlus, it's always fun to hear comments and experiences in realtime.04:12
thunsuckerTFGBD: i found the answer in less than 10 seconds, try harder04:12
thunsuckerTFGBD: google: xbox 360+ubuntu04:12
bazhangTFGBD, this is not the channel for that04:12
ActionParsnipTFGBD: there used to be xboxlinux but I think it's dead04:12
TFGBDOh, I found some. But it's mostly for older versions.04:12
urlin2utabakhase, you have a MS disc put the MS bootloader in the mbr and see if it boots   terminal in the repair   bootrec.exe /fixmbr04:12
TFGBDYeah, I've noticed.04:12
luigitabakhase: This might be a stretch, but are you sure you didn't unmount the windows drive forcefully?04:12
TFGBDI get the impression most people don't care too much about linux on it.04:13
centr0ive just changed my /etc/network/interfaces  how do i reload the network?04:13
tabakhaseluigi for sure im not sure...04:13
luigitabakhase: In addition to what urlin2u said, I would also run a chkdisk on your windows partitions.04:13
luigiJust in case.04:13
Jokncentr0: /etc/init.d/networking restart04:13
theadmincentr0: sudo service network restart04:13
theadminOh, networking04:13
tabakhasechkdsk was done before "this" reboot, ill try mbr from restore now...04:14
thunsuckerTFGBD: the guides for install 9.04 and 9.10 will probably still work, the process has probably not changed04:14
hack27like to do some movie trailers any program04:14
hack27or there isn;t any04:15
Costanzawhen i opned a sector viewer i saw MBR on sector 0 and PBR on 63.. how would i actually backup both into 1.img file using dd :<04:15
ohzieActionParsnip: Hey I uninstalled and recompiled 1.0.23 and alsa works great now04:15
bazhanghack27, apple movie trailers?04:16
hack27but for linux04:16
hack27aint that for apple computers04:16
bazhanghack27, wget them. apple blocks linux04:17
TYDIRocksDoes it matter if I put Ubuntu on a CD or DVD?04:17
usermanageris it possible to install 11.04 over 8.0404:17
bazhangTYDIRocks, no04:17
bazhangusermanager, of course04:17
urlin2utabakhase, here are 4 commands commonly used to fix the boot and rebuild the bcd as well. http://paste.ubuntu.com/665449/04:17
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: no, just depends on if the iso is too large to fit on a cd04:17
ActionParsnipohzie: sweet :)04:17
usermanagerbazhang will all setting and data be ok ?04:17
hack27so i could imovie program04:17
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: burn the CD ISO to a CD, burn the DVD ISO to a DVD04:17
bazhangusermanager, you have a separate home partition?04:18
TYDIRocksAactionParsnip, How can I tell which I downloaded04:18
thunsuckerhack27: imovie is for macs only04:18
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: remember to MD5 test the ISO before you burn it so you know it's complete and consistent04:18
bazhanghack27, imovie on linux? no04:18
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: size is a dead giveaway04:18
thunsuckerhack27: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OSXApplicationsEquivalents04:18
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: use tab to complete nicks ;)04:18
bazhangusermanager, tell the installer to keep home then, also always have backups04:19
TYDIRocksActionParsnip, I already have tested the md5. For some reason Ubuntu isn't installing. Fedora would boot up find, but all I get with Ubuntu is "Operating System not found04:19
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: did you make the CD test itself for defects?04:19
usermanagerhow to check whether i got home partiton ? i forgot i install it in a single partion or 2 partion04:20
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: did you burn the CD slowly?04:20
luigiusermanager: sudo fdisk -l04:20
TYDIRocksActionParsnip, when burning in windows 7 I checked Verify disc04:20
theadminusermanager: See the output of "mount"04:20
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: what version? I always use a usb stick to install, created with unetbootin04:20
TYDIRocksActionParsnip, and I've tried 2 different DVDs.04:20
TYDIRocksthunsucker, I'm doing 11.04. And the USB version won't let me install to the harddrive, will it?04:20
tabakhaseurlin2u luigi BootRec.exe /ScanOs returned "total identified windows installations: 0" but the grafical repair finds my windows btw...04:21
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: if you want it to install every single time, and not have to worry about bad cd's/dvd's and etc and burn speeds, use usb04:21
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: yes sir it will, works just like the cd, you will notice no differences04:21
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: except you won't heard the loud buzz of the cd lol04:21
usermanageri got 2 i guess one is for swap04:21
luigitabakhase: You didn't destroy your windows system partition, did you?04:21
TYDIRocksthunsucker, I tried earlier today with a usb and it was wanting to install it on the usb itself it seemed04:21
urlin2utabakhase, rum all 4 in the order there are in and hope. ;)04:22
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: how did you create the usb stick?04:22
TYDIRocksthunsucker, then again. I put in a new harddrive because that one may of been mountfunctioning04:22
TYDIRocksthunsucker, with unetbootin04:22
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: the disk has a self test when it first starts to load04:22
usermanageri want to install 11.04 over 8.04 and want to keep my data and firefox setting and all password ..... how to do it04:22
tabakhaseluigi if that happend it wasnt me, i just booted and as u see my fstab is clear04:22
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: go back and try unetbootin, it shouldn't even prompt you to install on the usb stick04:22
ActionParsnipusermanager: install Natty then restore your data from bacups04:23
TYDIRocksActionParsnip, the disk seems to work find on windows. The wubi thing comes up find04:23
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: doesn't mean its ok, get it tested04:23
TYDIRocksthunsucker, well for the over 4.4 gigabytes, it was X'd out. Was that possibly because of a hard drive error?04:23
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: if you want to make sure, your normal hard drives will be similiar to /dev/sda1 and usb will be something different04:23
tabakhaseurlin2u luigi the restored windows (from repair using all commands) works!!04:23
usermanageractionparsnip , which folder or data should i backup ?04:23
ActionParsnipthunsucker: also test ram using the liveCD04:23
Dulakhack27: you can get apple trailers working with the gecko-mediaplayer package, it works for me in firefox04:23
TYDIRocksActionParsnip, how?04:24
ActionParsnipusermanager: ~/.mozilla     why do you not already have it backed up????04:24
luigitabakhase: Congrats. Looks like the problem was with grub.04:24
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: memtest on bootup04:24
ActionParsnipusermanager: I suggest you clear cache to save backing up temp internet files04:24
urlin2utabakhase, cool so just reload grub to the mbr or use easybcd your choice.04:24
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: don't over think it, just use unetbootin and see what happens04:24
TYDIRocksthunsucker, memtest of what?04:24
urlin2uI use grub myself tabakhase04:24
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: when the CD starts to boot, press SPACE and you should see the menu to test RAM and the disk04:24
ActionParsnipusermanager: again, why is the data not already backed up??04:25
TYDIRocksActionPasnip, how can I tell when it starts to boot?04:25
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: the usual bios screen will go and you'll see a blank screen or a boot splash04:25
usermanageri never did any backup for my ubuntu from the frist day i installed :)04:25
TYDIRocksActionParsnip, so when it is at the black screen press space?04:25
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: I just hammer space when it starts to load. I also suggest you try the minimal ISO and use a wired connection. You can install straight from the repos rather than a CD04:26
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: yes04:26
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: skip the tests, since you said you had a bad hard drive that you already replaced, just install and it will probably be fine, if not, then do the tests04:26
TYDIRocksAlright, I'll try the usb first. Also action, it checks the dvd itself right?04:27
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: there is an option to test boot media04:27
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: USB has no moving parts so checking stuff isnt necessary04:27
usermanagerare files saved on ubuntu  on home directory only ? or there's somewhere else i should check ?04:28
TYDIRocksActionParsnip, I meant when using the dvd04:28
tabakhaseurlin2u so plan now: boot livecd, shotdown, check windows still working, shutdown, grub from livecd, interupt, goto command, "retype" normal ubuntu from nopaste, boot harddisk ubuntu, update&install grub, see if windows works. (when still not repair again try bootmanaging from windows side (easybcd e.g.))?04:28
ActionParsnipusermanager: settings for each users apps are stored in $HOME04:28
ActionParsnipTYDIRocks: then you should run the disk check. USB install will be faster and is more reliable04:28
TYDIRocksActionParsnip, alright I'll try the USB first04:29
zenergiis it normal to only get 7.2 of 8TB on a freshly formatted drive?  I set the reserve space to 0 too.  Anything else I can do to get some of theother 10%?04:29
urlin2utabakhase, I can't quite follow that, but I think the W7 bootfiles got corrupted or wiped some how.04:29
urlin2utabakhase, originally04:29
thunsuckerzenergi: thats just the way it is04:29
ActionParsnipzenergi: if you used a journalling filesystem, you will be using some space to hold the journal04:29
luigizenergi: It's absolutely normal. There's a difference between MiB and MB04:30
urlin2utabakhase, eaybcd works with the MS boot in the mbr, not grub.04:30
usermanagerso is it possible to just copy the whole folder of home to a cd ? after a fresh installation of 11.04 then overwrite the entire home folder ?04:31
thunsuckerusermanager: I wouldn't overwrite it, but you could copy the files inside your home folder back to your home folder04:31
thunsuckerusermanager: something like /media/cd1/home/john/* /home/john/04:31
Lasersusermanager: Sure. Best to do it when *xdm isn't running. Make sure the permissions is correct too (to your name).04:32
ralarXhey, I have an athlon xp 1800 from 2003, which ubuntu version would fit me?04:32
TYDIRocksthunsucker, how can I make sure it's trying to install to the HD again?04:32
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thunsuckerTYDIRocks: lol it will automatically do that for you, if you must verify, it will label the hard drive probably /dev/sda104:32
LasersralarX: Err. Your choice. Latest Ubuntu or Stable Ubuntu.04:32
ActionParsnipusermanager: yes, when you install, just restore the folder and you are ready to rock :)04:33
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: but the size will an obvious give away04:33
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: how big is the hard drive you have in there now?04:33
TYDIRocksthunsucker, yeah it showed over 4.4 gb04:33
ActionParsnipralarX: any will be fine04:33
TYDIRocksthunsucker, 80 gb04:33
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thunsuckerTYDIRocks: did it show about 77 or 78ish?04:33
lolololyo, if you guys want a good target, richard clarke recently came out saying there is a huge 911 cover up when he was in office.04:33
lolololgeorge tennet responded http://georgejtenet.com/ClarkeStatement.html04:33
lolololedit that shit so it says they caused 911 lol04:33
thunsucker!spam | lololol04:33
ralarXLasers: site recommends 64bit, does my hardware fit that or is this unrelated?04:34
thunsucker!flood | lololol04:34
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TYDIRocksthunsucker, it didn't show the size. It showed the thing that it had over 4.4 gb.04:34
quiescensits more off topic tan flooding really04:34
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: well if your usb stick is 4g, and it showed more than that, you're good04:34
thunsuckerquiescens: i agree but I don't know the command for that04:35
LasersralarX: I have no idea how to check for 32/64bit capability on Windows.04:35
thunsucker!offtopic | lololol04:35
ubottulololol: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:35
thunsuckerthere we go04:35
ralarXI run windows 98 now :>04:35
LasersralarX: You want to find out if your machine can run 64bit. If it can, go with it. Otherwise, go with 32. You can take full advantage of your hardware that way.04:35
thunsuckerralarX: then you're running 32-bit LOL04:35
thunsuckerralarX: how much memory do you have?04:36
ralarX512 M04:36
thunsuckerralarX: if you go with ubuntu, use 10.0404:36
TYDIRocksthunsucker, yeah it shows 80 gb04:36
ralarX10.04, any specific reason for that?04:36
luigiDon't use x86_64 on anything under 1 GB of ram.04:36
thunsuckerralarX: it's LTS and the new interfaces say of 11.04 will eat your machine for a snack04:36
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: see you're good then :P04:37
needhelp1you can use grep to search a txt file for a specific word, right?04:37
TYDIRocksthunsucker: How come when I'm creating the name, it says that the name is already taken on the network when it isn't?04:38
thunsuckerneedhelp1: grep cat *04:38
nronksrI'd try bodhilinux on a system like that.  w/ 512 mb ram (ubuntu 10.04 w/ enlightenment) will run just fine, and very quick.04:38
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: are you at home or at a school?04:38
LasersralarX: Stability. What else? Also, 11.04 is on this new /possibly-broken/ thing called Unity.04:38
TYDIRocksthunsucker: home04:38
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: what are you trying to name it?04:38
TYDIRocksthunsucker: anonymous04:38
needhelp1thunsucker, so if im searching file.txt for all words of "test" i would do ..04:38
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: lol pick something else04:39
TYDIRocksthunsucker: I also tried tyler-ubuntu but that didn't work either04:39
TYDIRocksthunsucker: whenever I change a character it still says the same04:39
zenergiActionParsnip: thigns, i didn't think the journal would take 10% of the disk space04:39
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: i've have bad luck using special characters in names, make it simple, tyler04:39
needhelp1grep --text 'test' /file.txt cat  ? thunsucker04:39
zenergiActionParsnip: sorry, thigns = thanks :)04:39
TYDIRocksthunksocker: Turns out after I entered my password it was fine04:39
thunsuckerneedhelp1: no04:40
nronksrgrep -i test file.txt04:40
thunsuckerneedhelp1: cd into the directory of the files you want to search, type: sudo grep cat *04:40
TYDIRocksjust realized i spelt your name thunksocker lol04:40
thunsuckerneedhelp1: that will search all files in that directory to see if they have the word cat in them04:40
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: lol type thu and then press tab, types it for you :)04:41
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: a suggestions, quit over thinking things, just go with the flow04:41
TYDIRocksthunsucker, oh, that's cool04:41
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: lol04:41
TYDIRocksthunsucker, hah04:41
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: it's similiar to the way things work in linux, you can tab a lot of filenames and paths to make it easier04:41
TYDIRocksthunsucker, coolio04:42
thunsuckerzenergi: it's always been that way, a smaller example is my hard drive. it's a 160g drive but i only get 153g04:42
overcluckerstupid hd manufacturers and thier decimal numbering04:43
TYDIRocksthunsucker, also, I take it there is a tool in Ubuntu to partition a drive?04:44
TYDIRocksthunsucker, after installing04:44
tabakhaseupon the livecd im right now able to mount /dev/sda3... urlin2u04:44
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: why would you want to partition the drive after the install?04:44
TYDIRocksthunsucker, incase I want to use another distro of linux04:45
urlin2utabakhase, unmount before installing grub, and boot to Ubuntu first after grub install and run the sudo update-grub before trying to boot windows.04:45
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: if you want to eventually dual boot, you can use a program called gparted that will resize partitions to give you room to install the other distro04:45
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: but the cool thing is that most distro's installs will do that for you automatically04:45
tabakhaseill do..04:46
TYDIRocksthunsucker, oh cool. I was just thinking of maybe hopping backtrack on here. Although I now remember it was made for just running it off a cd04:46
thunsuckerTYDIRocks: i've been thinking about trying 11.10 with a dual boot, just to get a taste of what it'sa bout04:46
TYDIRocksthunsucker, nice :)04:47
urlin2utabakhase, cool I think your set I suspect the original not booting to Ubuntu after installing grub started a process, along with missing boot files in widows was the problem, hard to say just a theory. ;)04:47
urlin2utabakhase, you chrooted originally i use a different method I have never had to chroot to install grub, so I may be wrong on that.04:48
tabakhaseis there anything more that "could do smth" to my windows then fstab? no hm?04:49
urlin2utabakhase, hard to say a correct fstab I would think would not be a problem, personally I like my W7 only opened when I want and closeable.04:50
urlin2uno w7 in my fstab04:51
usermanagerwill my dsl dialer setting still there afeter i do a frsh install of 11.04 and then restore back the home folder ?04:52
wildbatusermanager: should be if you use nm .04:55
usermanagerok thaks bye04:56
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tabakhaseurlin2u http://nopaste.php-quake.net/55051 "bootinfo in chrooted from livecd after upadte-grub but before grub-install - and after grub-install http://nopaste.php-quake.net/5505205:00
tabakhaseno error on the bootsector thing of win7 for now...05:00
tabakhasenow booting linux from disk05:00
urlin2utabakhase, so you can boot to windows?05:00
lotrpyhello, after sudo add-apt-repository ppa:..., how to remove or delete the ppa? ubuntu 10.04 without GUI.05:02
urlin2utabakhase, the regular boot files for W7 not showing, but  have seen this before, and everything worked, you have some encryption so who know if it works your set.05:04
ActionParsnipLtHummus: ppa-purge05:04
llutz_lotrpy: find the sources.list file containing the ppa (grep -ri ppaname /etc/apt/*) and delete it then (sudo nano filename)05:05
tabakhaseurlin2u so, grup is installed, first ubuntu then windows test?05:05
lotrpyllutz_, I find it at /etc/apt/source.list.d/, is it safe just delete it?05:05
ActionParsnipLtHummus: install ppa-purge then use the same ppa address as an arg to ppa-purge and it will remove it for you05:06
llutz_lotrpy: delete the file only, not the dir. sudo apt-get update after doing so05:06
lotrpyllutz_, yes, just delete the file, not the dir, thanks05:07
lotrpyand sudo apt-get update after delete:)05:07
urlin2utabakhase, I always boot to ubuntu first and run update-grub just to make sure grub is and has read all the OS's with the os-prober.05:08
ntiyhey. I have bunch of files named f1 f2 f3 ... f9 f10 f11... f100. How can I list then in "numerical" order? if I gust do ls I get: f1 f10 f100 f11 f12... f19 f2 f20 f21... and so on05:13
llutz_ntiy: ls |sort -nk                just a guess05:14
frankbroIs jockey-gtk keeping proprietary video drivers updated or would installing the drivers given on manufactures site a possible update? 3d games can make my X crash and I can't even start minecraft.05:14
ntiyllutz_: sort: option requires an argument -- k05:16
llutz_ntiy: man sort (-k key to start)05:17
tabakhaseurlin2u following bootinfoscript mounting windrive failed again, device or resource busy, =( | so restore windows, boot from livecd, write grub, boot disk(restore!) write grub, boot from disk(normal), boot win(when its getting so far without putting in busy)05:18
tabakhaseyears ago i had "hide" lines in my grub, might this help?05:18
yabootrying to install 11.04 desktop, but the screen blanks out during installation05:18
yabooany reasons why05:19
tabakhaseyaboo at what point goes to blank?05:19
ActionParsnipyaboo: what video chip do you use?05:19
urlin2utabakhase, so the windows is failing again?05:19
yaboojust afer the keyboard and some round symbol at the botton05:19
tabakhaseurlin2u right now yes, but this might been my fault...05:19
yabooActionParsnip, believe a nvidia chipset05:19
urlin2utabakhase, run the 4 commands and install easybcd that will work.05:20
tabakhaseurlin2u ill do one last try with recovery grubinstall before doing easybcd...05:20
ActionParsnipyaboo: add the boot option: nouveau.blacklist=105:21
yaboothanks ActionParsnip or its fedora for me then, if this fails05:21
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urlin2utabakhase, I have never used the recovery grub option I just use a live ubuntu cd, so not sure there theoretically supposed to work, but I like to use the terminal in this area.05:23
allandeeanyone familiar with Synergy?05:24
tabakhaseallandee quite05:25
ActionParsnipyaboo: it'll work ;)05:25
dd_would anyone be willing to help me figure out how to get my line printer working with lucid server?05:25
yabooone hopes it will05:25
dd_i can't think of anything else05:25
allandeetabakhase; I chose left- shift-ctrl-alt-left to switch to the machine to the left of the center screen, and it seems right alt-gr sticks when I use the mentioned hotkey to switch to it05:26
dd_my usb > parallel adapter shows up in lsusb05:26
allandeeeven if I didn'05:26
allandeedidn't use that as part of the hotkey-sequence to switch to it05:27
dd_lsmod shows everything i think should have loaded05:27
dd_yet there's no device05:27
allandeefor the "client" machine, the left/"client" machine being an ubuntu 11.04 box, using quicksynergy05:28
tabakhaseallandee why is a "veryfi" button neccessarry? im happy with the 250ms delay and scroll button to "lock" the mouse to a screen05:28
bindi_Using TightVNC server + viewer, how can I view the primary X session? Instead of a new one05:28
allandeetabakhase: I'm not aware of a verify-button in my mentioned setup?05:29
dd_nobody likes line printers? :(05:29
allandeedd_: I love line printers05:30
dd_would you be able to help me? i can't figure out why my oki microline 320 isn't orking for the life of me05:30
dd_i mean, the printer works05:30
dd_just not with lucid server :(05:31
JohnnyLIs it possible to make a call to get a snapshot of an app screen under X?05:31
allandeedd_ what is the lucid server, how does it not work, and what are you trying to do that provokes the failure?05:31
dd_10.04 server05:32
dd_the device doesn't show up in /dev05:32
dd_lp or parport05:32
dd_they show up in lsmod05:32
dd_my usb > parallel shows up in lsusb05:33
dd_but there's no device :(05:33
dd_i just want my sweet sweet paper logs05:33
allandeedd_: we're talking about the dinosour type oki 380 that takes  paper with holes on both sides of fed paper here?05:34
dd_i was reading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=894223 and couldn't find anything05:34
dd_oki 320 turbo05:34
allandeewhat are you trying to print to it?05:34
allandeeor; if you're trying to print a plain text file, "lpr myfile.txt" should do -- or even "cat myfile.txt > /dev/lp<thedeviceit'sbeenassigned>"05:36
dd_i had a program i wrote for windows that printed out log lines for another program, i'm just trying to make one for ubuntu05:36
dd_i have a strange setup that runs a vpn and bgp with some odd services05:37
allandeeit should be as easy as directing standard output into standard input the device that has been set up for your printer05:37
dd_should be :(05:38
allandeeis the printer attached to the computer that is ultimately receiving your print job?05:38
allandeeif you issue "lpr" on that box, what does it say?05:39
bindi_Using TightVNC server + viewer, how can I view the primary X session? Instead of a new one05:39
dd_lpr just seems to hang, lp says Error: no default destination available05:40
dd_i should have a /dev/lp* or /dev/parport* though shouldn't i?05:41
allandeelpr hangs - have you done anything to set up the basic printing facilities?  (does lpq also hang?)05:41
allandeedd_: you should, and in which case, you should be able to do    echo "lol" > /dev/lp005:42
tabakhaseurlin2u look there, on windows!!! this is "from crooted live cd" http://nopaste.php-quake.net/5506905:42
dd_installed cups and the lp programs, that's all. I've never had to install a printer in linux so most of this printer stuff is new to me05:42
JohnnyLlinux sucks05:42
allandeeand your printer would do the obvious thing05:42
dd_yeah that was my plan05:42
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: don't use it then05:42
JohnnyLActionParsnip: ok05:42
allandeedd_: cups will ruin your life in this case.05:42
tabakhaseurlin2u wonder if that stays when rebooting from disk...05:42
dd_i'm afraid of cups from the time i used it 5 years ago05:43
ActionParsnipJohnnyL: plenty of alternative OSes to choose from :)05:43
luigiJohnnyL: Use Haiku then.05:43
urlin2utabakhase, hopefully, boot straight to the ubuntu desktop no recovery and run in the terminal sudo update-grub, and it should be fixed, the W7 files are showing.05:43
llutz_just ignore the troll05:43
urlin2utabakhase, as fra as chrooting you g=have to close it correctly  believe as wel.05:44
gogetaActionParsnip: lo05:44
randomusrDo I need to uninstall and re-install my video drivers each time i  update my kernel? Or can I simply install the drivers while booted to the new kernel?05:44
allandeedd_:  be afraid.  however;  if your BIOS is standard-y, the /dev/lp* should have have an entry that gives you direct access to it05:45
allandeedd_: what does ls /dev/lp* say?05:45
dd_no such file :(05:46
ActionParsniprandomusr: what drivers do you use and how did you install them?05:46
_newbie_ciao a tutti05:47
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».05:47
urlin2utabakhase, are following the 11th and 12th instructions here. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot05:47
theadmin!it _newbie_05:47
theadmin!it | _newbie_05:47
ubottu_newbie_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)05:47
allandeedd_: that is unfortunate.  there is not even an entry, with an unresolved link, to /dev/lp0?05:48
urlin2utabakhase, 11 through 16 minus the 13th https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#ChRoot05:48
dd_nope :/05:48
ohzieHey guys, another question. All the laptops I've had for a while have had scrollbars on the right side of them, this one doesn't. Is there anything I can do to emulate a scrollbar?05:48
randomusractionparsnip: used the nvidia drivers from nvidia using the install process from their website05:49
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mygfiscontradicti'm ssh into my server and trying to download via wget but it just says connecting.05:49
mygfiscontradicti've checked internet connect and its working05:49
ldrohzie they are two x options called emulatewheel and emulate wheel button which let you scroll by "moving" the mouse when you press a certain button05:50
dd_allandee, i have a usb to parallel converter for it, so i was thinking that it was causeing the problem05:50
mygfiscontradictfirst present to help me gets a thank you!05:50
allandeedd_: I don't think Ubuntu is the distribution you would like to choose as your starting point then. I imagine any/all other distros heed that ancient protocol.05:50
crusHi guys. im running Ubuntu 11.04 on a white macbook 13", it seems it has crashed trying to run tuxracer.. I can't alt+tab.. or alt+ctrl+del, is there any other way to recover from this kind of crash without pulling the battery?05:51
dd_ah, i may have to give it it's own little windows server then :/05:51
allandeedd_: oh, certainly, that changes things :p05:51
allandeelp* is for the physical devices05:51
ldrcrus you can install openssh-server and connect from another machine for example05:52
JohnnyLllutz: easy to stoop so low as to call a person a troll.05:52
dd_yeah i don't wanna do it either05:52
jribcrus: can you hit ctrl-alt-f1 and get to a tty?05:52
crusldr: its in the crashed state, how am i going to install anything?05:52
ldrcrus sorry thought it was more of a general question05:52
crusjrib: no response.. the machine is responding to pigs however05:52
cruspings even05:52
JohnnyLyou know lutz stands for 'Famous Fighter'.05:52
jribcrus: pigs?05:52
JohnnyLIt's short for Ludwig.05:52
jrib!sysrq | crus05:53
ubottucrus: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key05:53
dd_it shows up in lsmod so i'm really confused as to why the device isn't there05:53
allandeeJohnnyL; really?05:53
JohnnyLallandee: yes05:53
robin0800crus, tap power button this time and next time enable ctl+ alt=backspace to kill the x server05:53
allandeeJohnnyL: I didn't know this, fascinating05:53
JohnnyLallandee: it's my last name, i should know. :)05:53
crusrobin0800: seems like the only workable solution05:54
crusjrib: macbook doesn't have a print screen button05:54
allandeedd_: which is the pertinent line from lsmod?05:54
dd_allandee, if i lsmod | grep ls i get . . .05:55
dd_lp 9336 005:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 9336 in util-linux (Ubuntu) "2nd cd/dvd automount broken 2 ways" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/933605:55
jribcrus: you probably need to just hold the power button for about 10 seconds then05:55
dd_parport 37160 2 ppdev,lp05:55
crusjrib: indeed.05:56
bindi_I set up remote desktop from the menu, tried connecting with tightvnc.. it hangs on "status: protocol version negotiated"05:56
allandeewhole lot of sense that made.  and still, no globs on /dev/lp* ?05:56
RKyleI tried upgrading Maverick to Natty and while I was letting it download (because my internet is very slow so it was unattended) and my laptop got unplugged and now my install is broken. Is there a way I can fix it offline?05:56
dd_nope :(05:57
ldrcrus but you should make preparations so you can avoid doing this again this method of shutting down can do damage to your file systems05:57
jribRKyle: start with « sudo dpkg --configure -a »05:57
crusldr: yep, which is why i was looking for a clean method.. I'm going to enable the dont zap.. although im hoping the key combination can be changed... there is no backspace key on this thing, only a delete key05:58
RKylejrib, I tried and I got an error however I forgot what that error was.05:58
jribcrus: delete key acts as backspace though05:58
jribcrus: at least mine does05:58
jribRKyle: not sure how you expect me to respond :D05:59
allandeeddi_: I'd like you to do this: open a terminal window, switch to a root context, tail -f /var/log/messages05:59
ldrcrus i would still recommend installing the openssh i can come handy in a lot of cases05:59
allandeethen unplugg and replug your mouse05:59
allandeeobserve the messages05:59
tabakhaseurlin2u even when after installing grub from livecd i boot directly to recovery sda3 gets stuck and is busy again05:59
allandeethen unplug and replug your printer, and do the same05:59
urlin2utabakhase, did you see my post about unmounting the chroot enviroment?06:00
allandeeand see if you get any clues as to why your printer isn't being routed through an lp* device06:00
robin0800jrib, Are you sure as backspace back deletes rather than delete which forward deletes06:00
RKylejrib, I'll try again though, I may be back soon but I'll write a file with the error and transfer it to my Windows partition if it happens again.06:00
tabakhaseurlin2u jeps, im doing it already exacly like that06:00
jribrobin0800: it does on my macbook.  It's probably a setting06:00
allandeetail -f /var/log/syslog actually, on ubuntu06:01
marezzHi everyone, I got a problem with watching videos, screen is black but I can hear the audio, I can only see parts of the video when I open dropdown menu in the player, when I open new window over the player I can see the video like on this screen shot http://imagebin.org/167757 This happens with every player, anyone knows how to fix this?06:01
crusrobin0800: the delete key on a macbook does seem to have the same behaviour as the backspace key on a PC.. no idea how you would infact do a delete :D?06:01
dd_allandee, nothing unusual06:01
jribrobin0800, crus: in any case, fn+delete seems to act as delete so if your delete button on your macbook acts as delete, fn+delete is probably backspace06:01
crusjrib: ;) just tried it as you said it06:02
allandeedd_: what's the usual, in the context of unplugging and replugging your printer?06:02
allandeethe line where it assigns a device to your printer06:02
bindi_I set up remote desktop from the menu, tried connecting with tightvnc.. it hangs on "status: protocol version negotiated"06:02
makarai'm having trouble with usb network devices on natty 32bit. i've tried all the obvious fixes, I need someone who understands log files to take a look please06:03
jribcrus: yes the other useful one is fn+enter = insert so shift+fn+enter lets you paste what you last selected (like middle click)06:03
marezzHi everyone, I got a problem with watching videos, screen is black but I can hear the audio, I can only see parts of the video when I open dropdown menu in the player, when I open new window over the player I can see the video like on this screen shot http://imagebin.org/167757 This happens with every player, anyone knows how to fix this?06:03
dd_usb 4-2: ... new usb device using uhci_hcd and address 406:03
crusjrib: nice! thanks for the heads up :)06:03
dd_usb 4-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice06:03
urlin2utabakhase, so when your doing these things, I notice that although maybe safe, extra things are done, like opening W7 on the live cd, and running the bootscript from the chroot,  not sure about this extra stuff. Personally I have never had a fail in these areas loading the mbr and such including the 4 commands for rebuilding the bcd. So I'm wondering if doing these extras is causing some sort of errors, user or system.06:04
dd_lsusb says Bus 004 Device 004 : ID ... MosChip Semiconductor Printer cable06:05
allandeewell, you could try sending output to there, but also:06:06
marezzHi everyone, I got a problem with watching videos, screen is black but I can hear the audio, I can only see parts of the video when I open dropdown menu in the player, when I open new window over the player I can see the video like on this screen shot http://imagebin.org/167757 This happens with every player, anyone knows how to fix this?06:06
ldrmarezz could be realted to some compositing stuff of your window manager, which one are you using unity?06:06
allandeewhy aren't you connecting directly through the printer port?06:06
dd_ah i forgot the command that tells you what it is06:06
marezzldr, I use ubuntu classic06:06
marezzldr, without effects06:06
urlin2utabakhase, you might just reload the mbr with the MS boot and install easybcd, could be any number of things happening, it would be a option to see if it works.06:06
crusjrib: hmm, shift fn enter doesn't let me paste :O well not in the terminal anyway06:07
dd_compusa didn't sell one with a parallel to parallel06:07
Fudgeis lts 2 or 3 years06:07
tabakhaseurlin2u im kind of 5 minutes infront of format all, install windows and install ubuntu afterwards... problem in this is that my notebook already has my "full configured" ubuntu and when im getting the same problem there i dislike tuncating it...06:07
Fudgetrying to figure out when next lts is06:07
ldrmarezz hmm maybe try diffrent outputs with mplayers -vo option to see if its happens with everyone06:07
dd_nr do they ser db9 null modem cables06:07
dd_. . .06:07
jribcrus: you highlighted something with your mouse first?06:07
robin0800marezz, try metacity --replace06:07
crusjrib: iv got something on my clipboard, cause i can paste it manually06:08
allandeedd_: huh.  is this a laptop?06:08
thirteenthHello all, has anyone had success routing a PC's internet to a Dreamcast using a modem on each end..with Ubuntu?06:08
urlin2utabakhase, your choice it would be frustrating to me I would have wiped it long agao and reinstalled rather then fuss with it, but I backup everything.06:08
dd_allandee, nope, i moved and lost the old cable06:08
jribcrus: there are two clipboards in linux.  One is the one your probably used to (ctrl-c to copy, ctrl-v to paste) and the other is the 100 times easier to use one (just highlight what you want to copy, and middle click to paste (or shift-insert))06:09
dd_they only sold the usb to crazy printer connector06:09
marezzrobin0800, Im using ubuntu classic without effects but I did use metacity --replace as you said, no luck :/06:09
crusjrib: yep, trying that in the terminal, doesn't work for me06:09
dd_it's worked before with one so idk06:10
thirteenthoops, my question's not entirely relevant here. sorry.06:10
ldrmarezz i would still recommend trying diffrent video outputs maybe you find one which works06:10
marezzldr, Which one should I try?06:10
robin0800marezz, can you use classic? then you can use either compiz or metacity06:11
marezzrobin0800, What do you mean? I told you im using classic :)06:11
ldrmarezz xvidix,xv,opengl,sdl to start with all of the x ones if you have no luck06:11
allandee:)  well, I'm thinking, if it's treated through a generic host controller device, I don't see how a lot of the old Centronics status line statuses could have carried over06:11
ASKidwaihow do i make /usr writable by a server?06:12
jribASKidwai: why?06:12
allandeeand so it makes sense that it couldn't be treated as an lp device06:12
llutz_ASKidwai: bad idea06:12
jribcrus: I don't know; if you are in X, it should work06:12
crusjrib: all good, seems i can emulate a middle click on the trackpad by doing a 3 finger tap06:12
ASKidwaijrib for uploading stuff06:12
robin0800marezz, you said no effects try the plain classic instead06:12
jribASKidwai: be more specific06:12
dd_ah i guess that would make sence06:12
ASKidwaijrib I write for a site and it invovles uploading files as well. Whenever I try to upload anything it asks me if /usr/local/www/vhosts/psp-hacks/2011/08 is writable by server06:13
jrib!permissions | ASKidwai06:13
ubottuASKidwai: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions06:13
jribASKidwai: give www-data write permissions on that directory06:14
allandeedd_:  depending on your time/money schedule, maybe you want to look into a motherboard that has a centronics style parallel port output.  they're starting at around 15 dollars.06:14
dd_yeah i have one06:14
dd_just no cable06:14
dd_guess i'll have to search for one tomorrow :/06:14
ASKidwaijrib is it safe? one time I chmod-ed 664 and the computer wouldn't boot06:14
jribASKidwai: what did you "chmod 664"?06:15
allandee"db 25 cable"06:15
allandeemaleeeeeeeeeee male06:15
allandeemale male06:15
dd_hah yeah i've made that mistake before06:15
yaboomight install 10.10 and not 11.04, one hopes this does not give me the blank screen during startup issue06:15
ASKidwaijrib /usr06:15
ameroany way to install local .deb while resolving all its dependencies?06:15
robin0800yaboo, what startup issue?06:16
dd_kinda frustrating that compusa doesn't sell db25 or db9 cables and the local stores are closed on the weekends, but that'll probably be a lot easier to get working ;)06:16
llutz_ASKidwai: you don't chmod /usr, you chmod the dir you really need to write to06:16
crusjrib: another weird thing, when im in an app, say - chromium and i hold in alt.. i can see the File, Edit, View.... come up.. but i cant hold in alt and press F to bring the file menu up?06:16
marezzldr, Still not working06:16
jribASKidwai: don't do that.  Modify only the directory you need the server to write to.  Additionally, you likely want to give www-data read, executable, and write permissions; not *just* write permissions (or as in 664: you do not want to omit executable permissions from directories usually)06:16
ldrASKidwai maybe you should have a look in the file permission link above and read what happens when you remove the execution bit form a directory then it you will understand why your computer didnt boot after that06:17
llutz_ASKidwai: and 644 on dirs is always a bad idea06:17
ldrmarezz you tried all of them?06:17
raj_darkmysteryamero, use your ubuntu dvd as repository and you can resolve all the dependencies06:17
jribcrus: I don't know06:17
tabakhaseurlin2u hm i found some, now ive just done _only_ a "BootRec.exe /FixBoot", windows boots, recovery mount /sda3 fails, booting windows fails EndOfStory: my ubuntu is doing "something" to sda3, but what =(=(06:17
yaboorobin0800, when I try to install 11.04 during desktop install the screen goes blank, tried the net install 11.04, and during reboot screen goes black also06:17
marezzldr,  Yes06:17
yaboousing a p4 3ghz with agp nvidia card06:17
ASKidwaildr, llutz_, jrib, thanks06:17
tabakhaseyaboo try booting a 8.04 livecd, that worked for me06:17
dd_thanks nyways though06:17
marezzldr, Note that I watched videos earlier today, not sure whats wrong...06:18
ASKidwaiso I should just cd /usr/local/06:18
ASKidwaiand chmod www?06:18
ldrmarezz which player did you use? mplayer? maybe mplayers console output can give you some hint06:18
marezzldr, smplayer06:18
jribASKidwai: no, what directory did you tell us www-data needed to write to?06:18
yabootabakhase, but when I dist-upgrade this will fail during reboot, so its a issue for me either way06:18
tabakhasealready tryed?06:18
ldrmarezz try running mplayer from the console and see what the output tells you maybe you find something useful06:19
llutz_ASKidwai: you really should read the link about permissions ubottu gave you06:19
ASKidwaithis --> /usr/local/www/vhosts/psp-hacks/2011/08 is writable by server06:19
robin0800yaboo, you could try the alternate cd would give more info if things fail its also more robust than the live cd06:19
ASKidwaillutz_ I am06:19
yaboorobin0800, ok will download the alternate cd then06:19
jribASKidwai: so if that's what needs to be writable, that's the directory whose permissions you should modify06:19
marezzldr,  How do I do that?06:19
ASKidwaijrib: thanks for clearing it up06:20
ldrmarezz open terminal and type mplayer <videofile>06:20
urlin2utabakhase, post the last bootscript you ran I did notice a anomaly that has some code between identical kernel sets.06:20
ldrmarezz you need to replace <videofile> with the filename and location of the videpo you want to play of course06:20
tabakhaseurlin2u what exacly? how to get?06:21
RKyleOkay, I tried dpkg -configure -a and it returned the error "unknown option -o" and I don't understand this and I'm sure I didn't enter -o.06:22
llutz_RKyle: --configure06:22
llutz_RKyle: 2 -06:22
RKyleI'm dumb.06:22
ASKidwaijrib: so why shouldn't I just chmod -R /usr ?06:22
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
makarai'm having trouble with usb network devices on natty 32bit. i've tried all the obvious fixes, I need someone who understands log files to take a look please06:22
randomusractionparsnip: used the nvidia drivers from nvidia using the install process from their website06:22
randomusrDo I need to uninstall and re-install my video drivers each time i  update my kernel? Or can I simply install the drivers while booted to the new kernel?06:23
jribASKidwai: because you don't want you web server to be able to write to anything unless it has to06:23
marezzldr, Ok I did it06:23
marezzbut it wont let me copy the terminal output06:23
urlin2utabakhase, it may be that you need to purge grub in the chroot and reinstall it. the grub2 link tells how but it is just sudo apt-get purge grub-pc grub-common    then sudo apt-get install grub-pc grub-common   then whne asked where grub goes it will be sda use the shift to tick the sda line.06:23
ldrmarezz, why not? maybe you need to close the player beforehand06:24
marezzldr, u was right :)06:24
marezzldr, Here it is http://pastebin.com/1DS6i51k06:25
ASKidwaijrib: ah, thank you! so I should only give read write access to the last directory, I mean in my case /08 is the last dir, so I should just chmod 644 /08 only?06:25
tabakhaseurlin2u so, resotre win, boot livecd, croot, purge&install, see if windows "survives"?06:26
jribASKidwai: chmod is meaningless without owner and group information.  Also, you almost always want executable permissions on directories06:26
ASKidwaijrib: what else should I use?#06:27
randomusrDo I need to uninstall and re-install my video drivers each time i  update my kernel? Or can I simply install the drivers while booted to the new kernel?06:27
jribASKidwai: what do you mean?06:27
urlin2utabakhase, I don't tyhink you need to restore windows qwe saw the files there when you were in the chroot and ran the bootscript.06:27
ASKidwaijrib, an alternate to 644 so that it is readable + writable + x06:27
jribASKidwai: 75506:28
ASKidwaijrib: THANKS06:28
jribASKidwai: 755 is 644 with executable permissions for everyone06:28
tabakhaseurlin2u on restore sda3 was dead already, weve seen it from livecd-chroot06:28
robin0800randomusr, no that is done automatically now at least on newer kernals06:28
ASKidwaijrib: THANKS06:29
ASKidwaialso, I have another question06:29
ASKidwaiwhen typing in terminal, if I incorrectly cd to another dir, how can I go back to the dir where I was before?06:29
randomusrrobin0800, then why does my old kernel boot without issue, but the new one boots to the shell?06:30
jribASKidwai: cd -06:30
The_fallen_arch_hello allyou can just type in cd root06:30
The_fallen_arch_or cd06:30
randomusrrobin0800, I should point out that I've used the nvidia installer06:30
urlin2utabakhase, the script that you last ran in the chroot looked like it should be running. So since you want to keep trying it seems a purge and reinstall of grub may be the answer who knows, these things can look like they should work and just not.06:31
The_fallen_arch_randomusr you have used the nvidia installer with success?06:31
ASKidwaijrib: perhaps this example will help06:31
ASKidwaicwd = /home/stuff/c/proj06:32
urlin2utabakhase, the ubuntu forums might help, if you have the widows boot the mod there and others that are very keen in this area might have other answers, I learned it all from them.06:32
randomusrThe_fallen_arch_, yes on the original install. After updating, the driver only works with the original kernel not the update kernel06:33
The_fallen_arch_ah ok well that rules me out then i tried on my system and boy that was a mistake06:33
tabakhaseurlin2u can i boot my harddiskubuntu from the livecd grub? just to validate if sda3 survives or not?06:33
randomusrThe_fallen_arch_,  although i must say I haven't tried manually installing with the new kernel for fear it my break the first one06:34
urlin2utabakhase, generally the disc is only for reloading the mbr not booting a install directly, not sure freally.06:35
The_fallen_arch_well i am using backtrack 5 which is ubuntu "lucid" with mulitple monitors when i install and configured i had double screens on all monitors06:35
urlin2utabakhase, I use supergrub2 in that sort of attempt.06:35
robin0800randomusr, I know nvidia-current does what I said but a re instillation may be needed for the propriety driver06:36
randomusrThe_fallen_arch, tha that sounds more like a config issue06:36
randomusrrobin0800,  will that break either kernel?06:36
The_fallen_arch_that is what i had though but i re config everything time for about 2 days every possiable way and no luck it would wither work but be real buggy or not work at all06:36
The_fallen_arch_so i just went back to the linux default06:38
randomusrThe_fallen_arch_, which kernels are you dealing with? also, do you have any system specific updates, meaning specific to your motherboard?06:38
tabakhasehm this wouldnt even make sense at all cause grub is still there and after /fixBoot the w7 from grub works just fine...06:38
robin0800randomusr, no you should see the patch being built against the new kernal and then installed06:38
urlin2utabakhase, here is supergrub2 it is for booting systems that wont boot, only a 1.7mib download and a cd burn you might try that to see if you get in, if so we can purge from there if neded.06:38
randomusrrobin0800, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. please elaborate06:39
tabakhaseurlin2u im getting quite sure that grub itself is not the problem.... right now im booting with installed grub into windows06:39
tabakhasebooting my ubuntu "kills" sda306:40
dd_RIP sda306:40
robin0800randomusr, when you run the installer that's what you should see06:40
wookienzi am trying to run the kill command with sudo, but the prcoess fails to stop. WTF?06:40
dd_it was a good partition06:40
dd_a father to many files06:40
randomusrrobin0800,  ah06:40
dd_a son to sda06:41
randomusrand both kernels should continue to function06:41
dd_and a friend to us all06:41
Myrttidd_: please stay on topic06:41
dd_oh sorry i've been drinking i'll leave now06:41
tabakhasedd_ the magical part is that it goes busy, BootRec.exe /FixBoot retrives, but only until i start ubuntu again, than it falls back to "busy"06:42
RKyleOkay, so when I try sudo dpkg --configure -a it says it's read-only.06:42
urlin2utabakhase, another bootscript from a live cd may show any anomalies. You have more patience with it then I would. ;)06:42
jribRKyle: pastebin your command and full output06:42
jrib!pastebin | RKyle06:42
ubottuRKyle: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:42
urlin2utabakhase, you don't have to chroot to just run the script.06:43
RKyleI know about pastebin but it's on a different partition on this computer and I tried saving error messages to a text file but everything is read only when I try in recovery mode and manual recovery when I try to boot it up.06:44
RKyleSeeing as it's already in root in recovery mode I don't see how everything is read only.06:44
jribRKyle: are you on the system now?06:44
RKyleI'm on my Windows partition.06:45
jribRKyle: type up the output06:45
RKyleAlright, I'll right it down on a piece of paper. Be right back.06:46
karanis there any one who knows restore boot screen06:46
karanmy one messed up06:46
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jribRKyle: check out the output of « mount » as well06:46
RKyleWhen I attempt to mount it, it returns that it is already mounted or busy.06:47
jribRKyle: just check the output to see if anything is mounted read-only.  What are you attempting to mount?06:47
urlin2ukaran, the background? can you be more specfic and give any cause why.06:47
RKylejrib, /06:47
RKyleJust the command sudo mount / should work right? If not what is the proper command to use to mount it with write properties?06:48
theadminRKyle: mount -o remount,rw /06:48
jribRKyle: just look at the output and let's go from there06:49
RKyleAlright, be right back again.06:49
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karanurlin2u its boot screent06:49
urlin2ukaran, please do not PM me and just answer the questions.06:49
karani installed startup manager and my boot screen messed up06:50
karani see black screen while start n shut down06:50
urlin2ukaran, okay what do you see at the bootscreen.06:51
karanits all black06:51
urlin2ukaran, is ubuntu the only install?06:51
karannope dual boot with ubuntu n win xp06:52
cyanydedisconnet one of the monitors to resolve black screen06:52
karanbut using grub bootloder06:52
ASKidwaijrib, I want to go back to c06:53
ASKidwaihow do I do it06:53
ASKidwaicwd = /home/stuff/c/proj06:53
urlin2ukaran, not sure here startup manager works, but if you get a kernel update it does not adjust. Do you have the same disc you installled ubuntu with?06:53
jribASKidwai: cd ..   would do that in that example06:53
ASKidwaiI'll try06:53
ASKidwaijrib, Thanks a lot, you are a gem06:54
karanya i have but i think i updated my kernal06:54
jribASKidwai: but to go to the *previous* directory (as in: where I was right before I issued my last cd command), you would use: cd -06:54
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ASKidwaicd-: command not found06:55
melvincvHi everyone, I'm having trouble using Microsoft fonts from my Windows XP installation in Ubuntu. LibreOffice doesn't list the fonts...06:55
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mygfiscontradictAction 'configtest' failed.06:56
mygfiscontradictThe Apache error log may have more information.06:56
karanUrlin2u , are you there ?06:56
mygfiscontradicthelp help help help06:56
urlin2ukaran, can you boot the install disc and let me know when you do for some commands? Just boot ot and do nothing else.06:56
mygfiscontradictcan someone help me?06:57
melvincvOpenOffice used to list the fonts when I copied the ttf fonts to the /usr/share/fonts/truetype dir... what happened now?06:57
urlin2ukaran, this is a natty install?, and a Natty disc just making sure we are on the same page here.06:58
milambermelvincv: what version of ubuntu? and did you remove ooo to install libreoffice?06:58
karanhave to boot my pc through disc ???06:58
melvincvNatty, it came installed by default...06:59
milamber!info msttcorefonts06:59
ubottuPackage msttcorefonts does not exist in natty06:59
milamber!info ttf-mscorefonts-installer07:00
ubottuttf-mscorefonts-installer (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.3ubuntu3 (natty), package size 34 kB, installed size 216 kB07:00
tabakhaseurlin2u installed easybcd now, windows boots, sitch to grub(from easybcd menu) works, booting ubuntu works, reboot, easybcd fails: A disk read error occured. press ctrl+alt+del to restart, so defently my ubuntu is doing some wired shit over there...07:00
melvincvOh, so just copying the fonts won't do... Right, thanks :)07:00
milambermelvincv: microsoft fonts are not installed by default, you have to enable the multiverse repo and then install them07:01
tabakhaseurlin2u now going to tuncate, install windows, install ubunt, i see coming that even this wont work :D07:01
urlin2utabakhase, so you have easybcd, do you have the MS boot in the mbr?07:01
tabakhaseurlin2u yes msboot in mbr, but it fails now after ive launched linux07:02
urlin2utabakhase, bummer.07:02
tabakhasereinstall ubuntu on that machine not a problem07:03
tabakhasebut if i have to do it on my notebook to?... =(07:03
urlin2utabakhase, not sure what you mean.07:03
ohzieldr: How do I use these options07:04
ohzieldr: Like where can I turn them on07:04
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Angelus_Mortishello all07:07
ldrohzie can you wait 10 minutes have to solve some other problem first07:07
Angelus_Mortisanyone here use any other version of ubuntu other than basic ubuntu?07:07
staar2Angelus_Mortis: you mena xubunut, kubuntu ?07:08
ldrohzie the short answer is most likely /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d07:08
Angelus_Mortisno like backtrack07:08
ohzieldr: Thank you, and yes I can totally wait07:08
ohzieDoes anybody know why flash won't share my sound card? :[07:09
ldrohzie what do you mean with share?07:10
ldrohzie okay do you have a file /etx/X11/xorg.conf on your system?07:12
Angelus_Mortisanyone here use backtrack linux07:13
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GreenCloudhi, does anyone know how to get the SHA256 checksum of a file at the command-line? thank you?07:15
Hot2Trotcan anyone tell me how to enable vim control on the command line when I press escape?  I can't remember the command07:16
wildbatGreenCloud: sha256sum07:16
rajulost my grub now in live cd07:17
ldrohzie are you still here?07:17
urlin2uraju, ?07:17
wildbat!grub | raju reinstall it then07:17
ubotturaju reinstall it then: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)07:17
GreenCloudwildbat: thank you very much!07:18
rajucommands , running with live cd07:19
EEMPHASISS_How do I install fonts in Lubuntu, please?  (I tried the #ubuntu channel but it's dead quiet in there...)07:21
auronandace!fonts | EEMPHASISS_07:21
ubottuEEMPHASISS_: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer. For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/07:21
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auronandace!backtrack | Angelus_Mortis07:22
ubottuAngelus_Mortis: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition07:22
EEMPHASISS_auronandace: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto doesn't work in Lubuntu, pal.07:23
auronandaceEEMPHASISS_: lubuntu has synaptic, install fonts from there07:24
^Phantom^Why is Daemon drunk?07:26
EEMPHASISS_auronandace: Yes, I know I *can*.  And got ms ttf and a couple of others.  But I have local .ttf files that are NOT in the repository, that I need to have the system recognise.07:26
^Phantom^"Unable to unmount 120 GB Filesystem.  Daemon is inhibited."07:26
wildbat^Phantom^: quit gparted yet?07:27
=== sour is now known as s0ur
EEMPHASISS_auronandace: just reading that web page further, it talks about installing local fonts.  PSB.07:28
^Phantom^How can I fsck an NTFS drive?07:28
^Phantom^Even if there are risks, I want to07:28
Eddie303^Phantom^: ntfsck ?07:28
Eddie303just a guess07:28
^Phantom^not found07:29
Eddie303I did before and I don't know if it was ntfsck or fsck-ntfs07:29
^Phantom^I get error 2 when executing07:29
Eddie303fsck.ntfs I mean07:29
wildbat^Phantom^:  just fsck , it usually will find the correct one for you .07:29
tanukiIs there any particular reason why the Ubuntu Sans font has one style of 'a' in roman and another style in italic?07:30
^Phantom^wildbat, it's giving me fsck: fsck.ntfs: not found07:30
^Phantom^then error 2 while executing fsck.ntfs for /dev/sdd107:30
Eddie303^Phantom^ do you ave ntfsprogs installed ?07:31
^Phantom^I don't think so07:31
ohzieldr: Yes sorry, I've been in and out07:31
^Phantom^Er, it says it is already the latest version07:31
Eddie303^Phantom^ are you sudoing ?07:32
ohzieldr: I do NOT have an xorg.conf :[07:32
^Phantom^Eddie303, yes07:32
wildbat^Phantom^: reinstall it07:32
^Phantom^actually, i wanna redo the sectors and stuff on that drive to all 99999999907:32
^Phantom^And hear the drive die07:32
^Phantom^cause it's already half-dead07:33
ldrohzie good then the right place is /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d07:33
ldrohzie now we need to determine which file is used can you poste /var/log/Xorg.0.log in pastebin plz07:33
ohzieI do not have one there either07:33
ohzieldr: sec07:34
wildbat^Phantom^: ntfsfix07:34
^Phantom^wildbad, I mean the drive is dying physically07:35
wildbat^Phantom^: and what you wanna do?07:35
^Phantom^run hdparm on the thing and give it values that will make the drive scream and clank07:36
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
ldrohzie btw /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d is directory which you most certainly have07:38
bullgard6Firefox 5 offers a service to complete entering a login name and password once you have agreed to. Where can I delete 2 such entries of the past because they are typos?07:41
auronandacebullgard6: just a guess: try clearing the history or private info07:43
urlin2ubullgard6, edit preferences security saved passwords07:43
bullgard6urlin2u: Excellent! Thank you verymuch for your help.07:47
robin0800ohzie, you may not have an xorg.conf file it has been removed from newer versions of ubuntu07:48
bullgard6auronandace: urlin2u'answer did help.07:49
auronandace!yay | bullgard607:50
ubottubullgard6: Glad you made it! :-)07:50
urlin2ubullgard6, well I got one person helped no problem. ;)07:50
SoothsayerI'm trying to run php in a shell script with a shebang on top. It does not work07:50
ldrohzie no offense but with the speed you are working it will take us days to get anywhere :)07:51
* jrib wonders what "does not work" means for Soothsayer07:51
Soothsayerjrib, when I do a ./foo07:52
SoothsayerI get a "bash: ./ninja.php: /usr/bin/php^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory07:52
llutz_Soothsayer: msdos lineending, use dos2unix to convert07:52
jribSoothsayer: first issue is your ^M at the end of the line, second is that you probably want php5 (not sure on this; check that you have /usr/bin/php)07:53
EEMPHASISS_aurondance: Re: installing fonts. Thanks for that. Copied them to /usr/local/share/fonts (other directories also possible).  Then cd'd to there and ran sudo fc-cache -f -v07:53
auronandaceEEMPHASISS_: good work07:54
Soothsayerllutz, jrib, I do have php5. Checking on the windows lineneding bit now07:56
llutz_!info dos2unix07:57
ubottudos2unix (source: dos2unix): convert text file line endings between CRLF and LF. In component universe, is extra. Version 5.1.1-2 (natty), package size 39 kB, installed size 224 kB07:57
jribSoothsayer: when I said "you want php5", I meant "/usr/bin/php5" instead of "/usr/bin/php" by the way07:57
llutz_^^ Soothsayer07:57
Soothsayer/usr/bin/php -v  gives a php 5.3.507:57
Soothsayerllutz, jrib: I think the dos2unix bit worked07:58
Soothsayerhow did you figure that? did I have a CRLF ?07:58
jribSoothsayer: ^M in your output07:58
llutz_Soothsayer: ^M <- sure sign for cr/lf07:58
SoothsayerI see.07:59
jribSoothsayer: ah, php5-cli.postinst sets up /usr/bin/php with alternatives :D08:00
Soothsayergot things working :) thanks guys!08:00
jribgreat, now you can move on to a real programming language08:01
* jrib snickers08:01
Soothsayerjrib, oh c'mon, not the language war again.08:02
hamubanybody who knows pyqt and qtsql08:03
jribSoothsayer: just kidding around08:03
jribhamub: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)08:03
Angelus_Mortisanyone have a good resource for msi baord drivers for linux kernels08:03
Soothsayerjrib, hehe. well I've been a Java, C# and PHP developer in my life. I think php works well. Never seen it become a bottleneck _yet_.08:03
hamubhow do i write code to insert data from a query into a table widget i am using qt desiner and pyqt408:04
plouffehamub, try #python08:05
BesogonHI! Could anybody tell me What program is used to view logs? in ubuntu08:06
Angelus_Mortiswhat kind od logs08:06
Angelus_Mortisi use gedit08:06
icerootBesogon: less08:06
icerootBesogon: and if you want a gui i guess gedit is a good start08:07
linxehdoesnt ubuntu come with a log file viewer still ?08:07
linxeh System -> Administration -> Log File Viewer ?08:07
linxeh(I'm running headless ubuntu)08:07
Besogoniceroot, ubuntu has a gui program but as I'm using xfce now I can't find one. (I'll look at "less")08:09
icerootBesogon: great i am also using lxde08:10
icerootBesogon: the editor in lxde is called "leafpad"08:10
Besogoniceroot, oops, I knew about "less" it is opposite prog of "more" ^^08:10
icerootBesogon: it is the improvment of "more"08:11
jrib*obligatory mention of "most" here*08:11
icerootBesogon: less is a very nice tool to look at files with "G" you can go directly to the end, with "g" you go to the start, with /foobar you can search for "foobar"08:12
RKyleWell, the mount command given to me by that one guy allowed me to run dpkg --configure -a then apt-get upgrade -fix-broken repaired my install.08:12
icerootjrib: does not come by default08:12
icerootjrib:  all the good tools are not installed by default.... (zsh, vim, most, lxde)08:13
* jrib nods :)08:13
jribaptitude now too08:13
icerootjrib: yes and openssh-server08:14
RKyleHowever now updates won't install and everytime I try to run the update tool it crashes but in command line it doesn't work.08:14
jribRKyle: pastebin08:14
icerootRKyle: error-message please08:14
=== RKyle_ is now known as RKyle
icerootif a process in top is showing 135% cpu usage does that mean the process is using threading because it goes over 100% or is there another reason for a value more then 100%?08:16
jribiceroot: do you have more than one core?08:17
icerootjrib: one core with hyperthreading08:17
RKyleNevermind, I got the manager to come up and it said it was because of the partial upgrade and I am repairing it.08:17
icerootjrib: so top shows 2 cpus08:17
jribiceroot: yeah with 2 cores, I'm pretty sure mine works that way (100% for each core)08:18
icerootjrib: but if it is a single process it must the an implementation fo threading in the program?08:18
jribiceroot: that would be my guess08:18
hamubhow do i register my nick on freenode08:18
RKyleThanks though jrib and iceroot.08:18
jrib!register | hamub08:19
ubottuhamub: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:19
=== hamub is now known as hamub2002
icerootjrib: ok, thank you08:20
=== hamub2002 is now known as hamub
aatishhi everyone. i have matlab for linux. i run the ./install command from the terminal after switching to the dvd rom directory but i get "eval: 1: /tmp/mathworks_29066/java/jre/glnxa64/jre/bin/java: Permission denied Finished". i get this even if i use sudo. can some one help me on this08:20
aatishthanks in advance08:20
jrib!matlab | aatish08:21
ubottuaatish: MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks. More info and install instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB08:21
icerootaatish: is the java thing on the dvd?08:21
archstanton657anyone know if there is a v7 rdp client for natty yet?08:21
jribaatish: check there, no idea if it helps with that issue though08:21
icerootaatish: ah sorry stupid question08:21
archstanton657need to be able to do dual screen rdp08:21
aatishiceroot: i already have eclipse installed and running on my computer. but there is a folder java in the dvd08:22
icerootaatish: yes but the path you posted is on the hdd08:23
ubottuMATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks. More info and install instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB08:23
icerootaatish: i first i thought maybe it want to change something on the dvd which is read only08:23
milambericeroot: i think you are right, he has to copy and set executable bit08:24
icerootmilamber: but the error message he posted was for a file on the hdd so i guess i am wrong with my first guess08:24
aatishiceroot: i already tried copied all the files to the hard disk and set executable bit but in vain08:24
icerootaatish: can you run "touch /tmp/mathworks_29066/java/jre/glnxa64/jre/bin/foobar"? or does is also give permission denied08:26
milamberaatish: did you read this? http://www.mathworks.com/support/solutions/en/data/1-DHWZAO/index.html?solution=1-DHWZAO08:26
aatishlol. from this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB matlab 11.04 is not a supported system for matlab. and am using 11.04. is there any workaround?? lol08:27
aatishiceroot: once i get permission denied the /tmp........ get deleted08:28
jribaatish: my guess is you may have some issues with the gui, but install should be ok08:28
aatishmilamber: am trying your solution. will be right back. thank you all08:29
archstanton657anyone know a v7 rdp client for ubuntu?08:29
tabakhaseeven when hide+ing sda3 from ubuntu in recovery mode it gets corrupted =( @ urlin2u , i will try other way around now...08:33
=== vivek is now known as Guest58480
Guest58480how to identify then?08:33
urlin2utabakhase, your still up what time is it there?08:33
y34tzHello I have a quick question can I run both SunJDK and OpenJDK on the same system hassle free?08:34
tabakhasetabakhase 10:31 am08:34
icerooty34tz: yes08:34
y34tziceroot, great thanks08:34
tabakhaseurlin2u im in "reshuddeling" proccess ;-)08:34
Guest58480is their any servers for backtrack?08:34
iceroot!backtrack | Guest5848008:34
ubottuGuest58480: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition08:34
urlin2utabakhase, 1:34am here pacific NW08:34
tabakhaseurlin2u mez -> +1/208:35
chenthuhow to change the "su" password if i have forgotten the password or never created it?08:35
Guest58480yeah i have the same ques.08:35
icerootchenthu: dont use a root acocunt08:35
y34tziceroot, I want to install processing.org which requires SunJDK but I was afraid it might interfere with other applications I have running which require OpenJDK08:35
iceroot!sudo | chenthu08:35
ubottuchenthu: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:35
tabakhasechenthu sudo passwd root? or its just disabled08:35
urlin2uchenthu, you can reset the user password.08:36
iceroottabakhase: please dont suggest here to create a root-account, we support only sudo08:36
y34tziceroot, Thanks again bye08:36
Guest58480hey . can we run IDM on ubuntu?08:36
urlin2uchenthu, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword08:36
icerootGuest58480: what is idm?08:36
Guest58480internet download manager08:37
chenthuiceroot, tabakhase urlin2u , i my sudo is working cause i know the password for my user name but when i give su it askes for a password and none of my oassword work08:37
Guest58480its a download manager08:37
icerootchenthu: su is asking for the root-password which is disabled by default, sudo is asking for the user-password08:37
archstanton657rdp for ubuntu cant believe theres no decent rpd client as default08:37
urlin2uchenthu, use sudo -i08:37
icerootarchstanton657: rdesktop (non-free)08:38
tabakhaseiceroot its not about creating, its just adding a keyfile/new password ;-) and surly not recommend...08:38
icerootarchstanton657: also x2go should have a rdp function too08:38
archstanton657does it handle dual screen?08:38
tabakhasebut on server im doing everything on root (debian)08:38
iceroottabakhase: and we dont support doing something as root08:38
chenthuiceroot, oh ok...isnt there a need for it to be enabled?....are su and sudo same?08:38
chenthuurlin2u, k08:38
archstanton657or have any of the performance improvements of 6.1 v708:38
icerootchenthu: there is no need for an enabled root-account08:39
icerootchenthu: you can to everything with sudo too08:39
chenthuurlin2u, its working thank you08:39
milamberarchstanton657: you could also look into rdesktop08:39
archstanton657will check rdesktop and x2go08:39
chenthuiceroot, but when i am trying to move a protected directory to usr/ahr it says ommiting08:39
iceroottabakhase: also debian does not provided a root-account in the expert-installation, debian is using the same config as ubuntu there with only sudo and an disabled root-account08:40
icerootchenthu: sudo mv foo bar08:40
iceroot!sudo | chenthu08:40
ubottuchenthu: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:40
lotuspsychjeany sugestions for fastest SSD for natty 64?08:41
chenthuiceroot, thnk you08:41
icerootlotuspsychje: ##hardware08:41
lotuspsychjeiceroot: tnx08:41
chenthuurlin2u, iceroot thank you08:42
urlin2uchenthu, no problem.08:42
=== joel is now known as Guest60508
urlin2utabakhase, I'm going to crash see you again hope y9ou get that thang worked out. ;)08:43
tabakhaseurlin2u bye, thanks so far. im now "first windows then ubuntu" on desktop, when thats done start thinking about notebook... backup ubuntu and do same or try to get win "afterinstalled" working over there08:44
tabakhaseand you quitet half a second to early.08:44
chenthuhow can i grant myself control over a directory?....if i use chmod 500 then my overall user group would be 500 right? i dont want that i wanna have rights only with that particular directory08:44
lotuspsychjetabakhase: install ubuntu as single you wont regret :p08:44
icerootchenthu: chgrp groupname08:45
icerootchenthu: chown username dir08:45
icerootchenthu: or chown username:groupname dir08:45
tabakhaselotuspsychje what fails exacly in the moment where i need to connect my telephone system (elemg c48.net)08:45
icerootchenthu: and dont!! change the ownership in /var/srv or where you tried to move something08:46
milamberchenthu: be careful with changing directory permissions08:46
lotuspsychjetabakhase: im sure there's a solution for your telephone for ubuntu too08:46
milamberchenthu: what are you actually trying to do?08:46
archstanton657rdesktop is only rdp v508:47
tabakhaselotuspsychje the com port is not giving all features, its a strange tunnelt telnet via a winxp driver with a virtual modem by usb :D08:47
lotuspsychjetabakhase: you got hardware/driver problems with it?08:47
chenthuiceroot, i wanna move the bitcoin directory, which i extracted to Downloads and it is with default permissions 500 , how dp i cpy it ...cause it says omiiting direcoty when i give sudo cp08:47
icerootarchstanton657: also e nonfree version?08:47
tabakhasethe voip or so is not a problem at all08:47
icerootchenthu: can you post the exact error message please08:48
icerootchenthu: and the command you used08:48
chenthumilamber, i wanna move the bitcoin directory, which i extracted to Downloads and it is with default permissions 500 , how dp i cpy it ...cause it says omiiting direcoty when i give sudo cp08:48
chenthuiceroot, ok08:48
archstanton657iceroot, e?08:48
lotuspsychjetabakhase: maybe there's another way around to tunnel through ssh or something?08:49
milamberare you giving the -r option (recursive)?08:49
tabakhaselotuspsychje maybe yes.... but keeping "a harddrive" is right now the easyer solution aaand: its nearly monday08:49
milamberchenthu: pastebin will also help08:49
icerootarchstanton657: the08:50
chenthuonto it08:50
milamberarchstanton657: i think the new one in 11.04 is something called remmina? (it has been a while)08:50
chenthumilamber, ONTO IT08:50
icerootarchstanton657: by keybaord isnt i a good state (cola in it :) )08:50
archstanton657yeah just trying that08:50
milamberchenthu: didn't mean to come off as rushing, just agreeing with iceroot :)08:51
chenthuiceroot, milamber  http://pastebin.com/wqCSZmeP08:51
archstanton657iceroot, no cola its the worst may aswell have spilt cilit bang in it08:51
lotuspsychjetabakhase: or maybe virtualbox(install win) on ubuntu and try the virtual usb modem?08:51
icerootchenthu: sudo cp -r foo bar08:52
=== peeps[lappy] is now known as peepsalot
icerootchenthu: you forgot the -r which means recursiv and is used to copy directorys08:52
milamberchenthu: to copy directories you have to include a -r, so: cp -r bitcoin-0.3.24 /usr/share08:52
icerootchenthu: the error has nothing to do with permission issues08:52
chenthuiceroot, milamber , k... thank you :)08:53
Hail_Spacecakewhat exactly does startup disk creator do to make a bootable usb stick?08:53
Hail_SpacecakeI need to do this from another linux os08:54
icerootHail_Spacecake: you have an iso?08:54
icerootHail_Spacecake: sudo dd file.iso /dev/sdX08:54
Hail_Spacecakeoh that's it?08:55
icerootHail_Spacecake: that will create a bootable usb-stick from the iso08:55
Hail_Spacecakeand that'll boot okay?08:55
archstanton657remmina definately looks like the rdp client to go for they so should have used it as default08:55
llutz_iceroot: not from ubuntu-isos08:55
Hail_Spacecakewait, to the root of the device? not a partition on it?08:55
archstanton657its still not there yet but dont think theres anything better as yet08:56
milamberarchstanton657: i am pretty sure that is the default for natty, i tend to stick to the lts though08:56
icerootllutz_: doesnt matter what iso08:56
archstanton657still rdesktop as default in natty just installed08:56
llutz_ ubuntu-iso aren't hybrid-iso (yet), you cannot just dd them to usb-devices (they won't boot)08:56
icerootllutz_: sure they do08:56
icerootllutz_: i am creating my usb-sticks with that method08:57
icerootllutz_: used alternate cd08:57
llutz_iceroot: ok, destop won't08:57
milamber!info remmina08:57
ubotturemmina (source: remmina): remote desktop client for GNOME desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.3-2 (natty), package size 234 kB, installed size 1192 kB08:57
llutz_iceroot: last alternate i used was 9.10, also failed.08:57
icerootllutz_: 11.04 i tried and it worked08:58
milamberarchstanton657: seems it is available at least. any reason you can't use vnc?08:58
icerootllutz_: i dont get why it should not work08:58
llutz_iceroot: hybrid-iso is a feature-request, not decided yet afaik08:58
icerootllutz_: dd it to a stick is the same as burning it to cd isnt it?08:58
archstanton657i need dual screen and also want v7 efficiencys over wan08:58
RKyleI don't know if this has anything to do with it but it probably does but I installed kubuntu-desktop and removed ubuntu-desktop and when I logged in it looked like it is trying to use the default ubuntu desktop with the theme but there are no menus however everything else still works fine. Do I need to set KDE to be the default session or something and if so how do I do it or is this even the problem?08:58
llutz_iceroot: the way the bootloader works is differnt.08:58
icerootllutz_: what is e.g. k3b doing different then dd?08:59
archstanton657rdping from windows 7 to windows 7 or 2008 is a great experience want it matched in ubuntu08:59
milamberRKyle: you can't really remove ubuntu-desktop as it is a meta package. you should be able to select your session from the login screen08:59
llutz_iceroot: it "burns" cd/dvd using cdrrecord/wodim08:59
llutz_iceroot: same reason you cannot use dd to write iso9660 cds09:00
milamberHail_Spacecake: what version are you creating the ubuntu stick from?09:00
icerootllutz_: but the iso-fs is in the iso istn it? and dd is just copying it09:00
RKylemilamber: When I ran 'apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop' the command worked fine and didn't return any errors and I know I can but I want to set KDE as the default.09:00
Hail_Spacecakelatest one09:01
milamberHail_Spacecake: you mentioned that you were going to be creating the stick from a different version of linux, what version is that?09:01
llutz_iceroot: yes but when the bios calls it, cd and usb-devices work different, thus the need of hybrid-iso to get both working09:01
Hail_Spacecakeoh, arch liux09:01
Hail_Spacecakebut if you're just dd'ing the iso to the stick you can do that from pretty much any unix-like09:01
icerootllutz_: hm didnt know that, interesting point, i guess i will do some readup09:02
icerootllutz_: and hybrid iso means it can run i386 and amd64?09:02
llutz_iceroot: syslinux has an article on that, unfortunately i don't have www right now to get the link.09:02
icerootllutz_: i have access to google :) so no problem09:02
llutz_no, hybrid only means "boots from cd + usb" without mods09:02
llutz_32/64 is something different09:03
icerootllutz_: ok09:03
milamberHail_Spacecake: unetbootin is a common tool for creating usb linux sticks, can you see if it is available from arch linux repos?09:03
RKyleSo is it possible to change the default session to KDE or no?09:04
dessshi everyone, could anyone help me finding xorg.cong in ubuntu 11.04?09:04
milamberRKyle: echo startkde > ~/.xinitrc09:04
llutz_desss: theres no by default09:04
desssllutz_:  how can I edit my display options then?09:04
desssllutz_: I want to setup dual monitors09:04
milamber!meta-package > RKyle09:04
ubottuRKyle, please see my private message09:04
Benkinoobyhi, i have a corsair pendrive, that causes me trouble. when plugging it in, dmesg give me http://pastebin.com/fp1fLWMM Further on it will not be listed in /dev Is it broken?09:05
llutz_desss: /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/   seem to be the place to put your configs.09:05
icerootllutz_: but i thought with grub2 there is no different how the bios is handling something because grub2 is doing the job then09:05
desssllutz_: I cannot find anything display related there, only mouse settings etc09:05
icerootllutz_: and the call for grub2 should be the same on any devices but i guess i will do some reading on that09:06
spartan-11510desss -> menu-> optimisation -> screen09:06
aatishthanks again everyone i succeeded in getting the installer. i just needed to set executable bit for the java binaries in the java folder. i only set for install earlier. thanks09:06
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
llutz_desss: create a new file containing your config settings09:06
=== Whitesqu` is now known as Whitesquall
desssspartan-11510: that does not work for me (cannot see 2nd monitor even though it is plugged in)09:06
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest44980
desssllutz_: how should I name it? does it matter?09:06
spartan-11510Have you make the last update?09:06
llutz_desss: your choice09:07
senderhello, I've switched off session management, but when I restart, all the 'session' windows open up automatically. How can I reset this? Thanks09:07
desssspartan-11510: me?09:07
spartan-11510dess ->Yeah09:07
desssspartan-11510: I do updates every day or so09:07
spartan-11510dess -> e find the  screen09:07
llutz_iceroot: when dd-ing a non-hybrid iso to usb-device, the BIOS won't even be able to run the bootloader. so its not a grub2-thing09:07
icerootllutz_: but the bootloader is always at the same position isnt it?09:08
desssspartan-11510: e?09:08
spartan-11510dess :He your computer?09:08
Benkinoobydesss, try a programme call arandr or any other *randr09:08
llutz_iceroot: usb-devices are different in some way. i don't know details09:08
senderI've set "automatically remember running applications when logging out" to not be checked - but still the windows open09:09
bullgard6Youtube: "You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Upgrade to Flash Player 10." Where should I properly download Flash Player when using Ubuntu? As a Firefox 5 plugin via Firefox?09:09
desssI tried everything so far, now a friend of me emailed me what should I write into xorg.conf (+ mentioned what SHOULD have been there allready) - but apparently there is no xorg.conf so I have no idea what to write into it09:09
Benkinoobydesss, oh good point... i don't have a xorg.conf either!!! don't know why ubuntu is so different at that point09:10
icerootbullgard6: which ubuntu version?09:10
spartan-11510dess: i've read it's depreacaed to modify the xorg.conf. Can you see the 2 monitor?09:10
desssspartan-11510: yes I can see it, it is on my table09:11
bullgard6iceroot: 11.10 Alpha 309:11
icerootbullgard6: #ubuntu+109:11
desssspartan-11510: just kidding sorry, the 2nd monitor is plugged in (lscpi sees it) but does not work (gnome-display-manager does not see it)09:11
spartan-11510 :D... I want say in the program for configure the screen?09:11
llutz_iceroot: /usr/share/doc/syslinux/isolinux.txt.gz has some info about09:12
icerootbullgard6: but it should be "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer"09:12
milambericeroot: a bit by bit copy of an iso will not make it bootable09:12
asftmhola , como se renombra un archivo ¿?09:12
spartan-11510ok, have you dupplicate screen on second screen or it's off09:12
icerootmilamber: but the iso already have the info about the boot-sector09:12
Benkinoobydesss, have you tried arandr?09:12
desssasftm: commo esta usted, only english here...09:12
desssspartan-11510: its off09:12
desssBenkinooby: what should I try with arandr?09:13
Benkinoobydesss, I use it to set up my two monitors09:13
Benkinoobydesss, it is pretty easy to use...09:13
desssBenkinooby: in Ubuntu? what should I do?09:13
Benkinoobydesss, but it's a gtk tool... so you can not use it from commandline09:14
Benkinoobydesss, sudo apt-get install arandr09:14
desssBenkinooby: that is an advantage, isnt it? :P09:14
asftmI don´t speak english desss :/09:14
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:14
desssasftm: this is english channel09:14
Benkinooby!es asftm09:14
asftmbye !09:14
jose__Hi, what i can do with this "this driver is activated but not currently in use" with nvidia on ubuntu 11.04? Thx09:15
Benkinoobyjose__, reboot maybe?09:15
milambericeroot: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/termsi/g/isofile.htm09:15
GoodADElfix c'est un pd09:15
jose__Benkinooby, i was rebooted but not work09:16
spartan-11510GoodAd -> Useless09:16
desssBenkinooby: I installed it, did it appear in the menu for you?09:16
Benkinoobyjose__, ok, that was my guess... now i don'T know further09:16
GoodADuse une lesse? c'est toi que je vais mettre en lesse.09:16
icerootmilamber: no info about the boot-sector09:16
lotuspsychje!fr | GoodAD09:16
ubottuGoodAD: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:16
icerootmilamber: and it says ALL infos are in the iso09:17
Benkinoobydesss, it should be in your menu... if it is not, you can at least test arandr by starting it from command line... just use the command arandr09:17
spartan-11510GoodAd : Mmh pour insulter les gens vas ailleurs s'il te plait09:17
GoodADje n'insulte personne09:17
GoodADc'est toi qui m'insulte09:17
desssBenkinooby: I installed and runned it, but the same problem as in gnome-display-properties, I only see 1 VGA09:18
Benkinoobydesss, right click to te gry area09:18
Benkinoobydesss, *gry=gray09:18
llutz_lp 52480309:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 524803 in Ubuntu CD Images "isolinux hybrid mode should be used - all other major distributions do so since last year" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52480309:18
desssBenkinooby: yes, only VGA 1 >09:18
milambericeroot: "It's a different process than burning a bunch of music or document files  to a disc because your CD/DVD/BD burning software must "assemble" the  contents of the ISO file onto the disc." therefore a bit by bit copy does not create a usable media09:18
Benkinoobydesss, do you use a lpatop`09:19
icerootmilamber:  i mean the step "burning an iso with k3b" or using dd for an iso. has nothing to do with the normal "burn files and documents"09:19
Benkinoobydesss, do you use a laptop?09:19
icerootllutz_: thanks09:19
desssBenkinooby: PC, the problem is I use 2 video cards (both have only 1 VGA output)09:20
icerootllutz_: but that bug explains why it was working with 11.04 and not with 9.1009:20
icerootllutz_: but i am wrong it was patched after 11.04 release09:21
llutz_iceroot: so maybe from 11.10+09:22
Benkinoobydesss, what drivers are you using?09:22
icerootllutz_: maybe i was using a point-release from 11.0409:22
icerootllutz_: if there is one already09:22
Benkinoobydesss, run this programm in your command line "jockey-gtk"09:23
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Natty, and help keeping the servers' load low!09:23
lotuspsychjeany sugestions for this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/71318609:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 713186 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "theme resets to default grey theme on boot. have to logout and back to get my theme again (dup-of: 639913)" [Low,Incomplete]09:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 639913 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "gnome-settings-daemon random crash at session start (xorg badmatch error)" [Low,Confirmed]09:23
iceroothm no point-release09:23
milambericeroot: dd is a bit by bit copy, essentially the same as copying files. burning w/ k3b would build the necessary steps09:23
icerootmilamber: but the file-system is already in the iso09:24
icerootmilamber: if you mount an iso you hace the iso 9660 thing (or what it is called)09:24
desssBenkinooby: what am I supposed to see there? I only see 1 experimental driver (for nVidia - the extern card)09:24
milambericeroot: mounting an iso is different than creating a bootable media09:24
icerootmilamber: mounting an iso is always read  only because it has the iso-fs09:24
Benkinoobydesss, ah ok... jockey-gtk will show you want drivers you can use for your cards09:24
jose__Hi, what i can do with this "this driver is activated but not currently in use" with nvidia on ubuntu 11.04? Thx09:25
Benkinoobydesss, mybe this site cna give you some inspiration http://cornerstone.multitouch.fi/cornerstone-documentation/multiple-graphics-cards09:25
lotuspsychjejose_: try to activate09:25
icerootmilamber: yes but i dont get why k3b will create a new fs if all the infos are already in the iso09:25
icerootmilamber: iso is not something like tar.gz is a complete image with filesystem09:26
icerootmilamber: also grub2 can boot isos and if i am correct grub2 is reading the boot-sector from the iso09:26
jose__lotuspsychje, how?09:26
icerootmilamber: and when i have a ubuntu-cd and doing an image of that with dd, ALL infos from the cd goes into the iso09:27
icerootmilamber: + boot-record. like when i dd a harddrive to an image, there is also the boot-sector09:27
milambericeroot: "the image now has to simultaneously look like a CD and a partitioned USB disk" so even though the iso has the file system there are other boot options to consider/create09:27
bullgard6iceroot:  Done. --  Thank you.09:27
senderhow to change a lot of file associations (all text stuff) from one application to an other? (all assocs with gedit to sublime text 2)09:28
tsaknorriswhere i can find that kind of chart where i can see CPU and GPU. I mean i can look some intel CPU and see what is best GPU for it.09:28
Benkinoobydesss, do you have at chance a window installed on the same computer?09:28
tsaknorrisi know that there is that kind of chart somewhere09:29
icerootmilamber: but why should dd not read the infos when i do "sudo dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/foo/bar.iso09:29
Benkinoobydesss, i mean window operationg system09:29
icerootmilamber: where are these bootoptions?09:29
senderjose__, lotuspsychje: that fix didnt work, NIVIDA drivers and 11.04 never worked for me. I downgraded to 10.10.09:29
desssBenkinooby: yes, I am running Ubuntu 11.04 but only one monitor works09:29
Benkinoobydesss, and with windows both work?09:29
N47hzhi thr09:29
lotuspsychjesender: im sure you can fix nvidia for natty09:30
senderlotuspsychje: i've tried almost everything09:30
jose__sender, i think that too09:30
N47hzi need help is anyone of you from South Africa09:30
milambericeroot: if you created an iso backup of a hard drive, and then copied that to an external, do you think the external would then be bootable?09:30
senderlotuspsychje: it was 2 months ago or sth, maybe it changed09:30
desssBenkinooby: both? the 2nd monitor is off even though it is plugged in09:30
desssBenkinooby: and yes, I am in a graphics mode09:30
senderlotuspsychje: I also installed the NVIDIA drivers from the NVIDIA site09:30
lotuspsychjesender:im sure this channel could help09:30
Benkinoobydesss, i am speaking about the windows operating system09:30
N47hzi need someone to help me with a SQLi09:30
senderlotuspsychje: I've asked in here :)09:30
=== Milos is now known as info
=== info is now known as Milos
desssBenkinooby: MS Windows?09:31
Benkinoobydesss, yes09:31
desssBenkinooby: I tried running it aswell, everything works in there09:31
senderlotuspsychje: actually today I updated all packages, downloaded the latest NVIDA (180) and tried again, nothing but problems09:31
icerootmilamber: if i do "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/foo/hdd.img" and then do "sudo dd if=/foo/hdd.img of=/dev/sdb" sdb is bootable09:31
lotuspsychjesender: did you clean install natty or upgrade?09:31
Benkinoobydesss, ah, ok... so for windows it whors, for ubunut it doesn't ... until now ;)09:31
icerootmilamber: i only need the first 512bytes to make it bootable09:31
senderlotuspsychje: clean install09:31
Benkinoobydesss, whors = works09:31
lotuspsychjesender: 32/64bit?09:32
icerootmilamber: so why should a cd be different. thats the point i dont get09:32
senderlotuspsychje: running x6409:32
desssBenkinooby: it has not ever worked in Ubuntu for me09:32
jnsl_Hi can i add a user to two unix groups at the same time with usermod?09:32
Benkinoobydesss, ok09:32
lotuspsychjesender: i got natty 64 on ati..09:32
N47hzhai know how you can get NVidia LOL09:32
N47hzi hte Natty09:32
Benkinoobydesss, can you use the command "lspci" and see if you can find both video cards?09:32
N47hzi rather use 10.09:32
senderlotuspsychje: ATI? ok that would be completely different right?09:32
N47hzi will rather use 10.0409:33
desssBenkinooby: I can, kernel seems to see them09:33
lotuspsychjesender:yes, but im sure there's a solution for your prob09:33
N47hzbetter support09:33
Benkinoobydesss, ok09:33
dessslspci | grep VGA09:33
desss00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)09:33
desss05:04.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro] (rev 15)09:33
FloodBot1desss: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:33
lotuspsychjesender: did you paste stuff in channel?09:33
pk4rHello, need some help. Just installed 11.04 to Asus A6kt laptop with Mobility Radeon X1600, upon first login I'm just seeing background and mouse cursor only.09:34
N47hzi am lost09:34
pk4rUbuntu 2d seems to work.09:34
senderlotuspsychje: I think so, only it needs to be addressed by an ubuntu dev or a nividia dev I guess - there's a launchpad bug with a lot of subscribers, including me. Never was 'notified' of a solution09:34
Benkinoobydesss, ok09:34
icerootmilamber: its not that i dont trust you but i dont understand the difference between a cd and a hdd image created with dd09:34
milambericeroot: i don't believe that is correct. i have made several copies of different hard drive images and copied them to externals, they are not bootable. grub2 requires a special entry to be made for it to find the iso. when creating a usb stick the first 512bytes are created from the iso information09:34
Benkinoobydesss, use the command "glxinfo"09:34
desssBenkinooby: that has got a p huge output09:34
Benkinoobydesss, paste it pastebin.com or send me the output as private message09:35
desssBenkinooby: I am using the intern Intel card at the moment (seems to be better)09:35
icerootmilamber: the part with the hdd is 100% true09:35
desssBenkinooby: ok09:35
icerootmilamber: grub needs the first 512 bytes09:35
icerootmilamber: if you want the boot-sector from your hdd "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/foo/bootsector.img bs=512"09:35
jnsl_Hey! I'm using this command to add a existing user to existing group "usermod -a -G ftp tony" but can i add the user to 5 groups in one line ?09:36
icerootmilamber: that is 100% working09:36
lotuspsychjesender: pastebin xorg logs maybe in channel?09:36
llutz_jnsl_: yes, group1,group2,group34509:36
jnsl_llutz_ ah Oki, thanks :))09:37
Jigalgood morning. Can someone tell me how i can get into my bios menu on an ubuntu system09:38
nemo911всем привет09:38
lotuspsychje!ru | nemo91109:38
ubottunemo911: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:38
desss!cz desss09:39
desss!cs desss09:39
icerootmilamber: The Master Boot Record (MBR) is the first 512 bytes of a storage device. The MBR is not a partition; it is reserved for the operating system's bootloader and the storage device's partition table.   https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Master_Boot_Record09:39
nemo911что на английском только калякаем09:39
Benkinoobydesss, ok, from your glxinfo paste at http://pastebin.com/nLZupSPT i take that only one video card is active. nothing new09:39
iceroot!ru | nemo91109:39
ubottunemo911: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:39
Benkinoobydesss, now i am pretty much out of ideas09:39
desssBenkinooby: so am I09:40
desssBenkinooby: anyway thanks09:40
Benkinoobydesss, the problem is that i don't know how to activate the second monitor09:40
Benkinoobydesss, one last thing maybe09:40
desssBenkinooby: I got an email from a friend of mine, but he is like "ok here is my xorg.conf - __you should see similiar stuff in yours__"09:40
senderlotuspsychje: thanks for the help but I think I'll refrain from the trial and error path for now (again) ;)09:41
Benkinoobydesss, you can go and ask very very very nice in #debian if they can give you a hint. usually #debian hates it, when ubunut folk are asking them for ubuntu support, but because ubuntu is based of debian the might be able to point out the right direction09:41
desssBenkinooby: thanks :)09:41
senderlotuspsychje: do you know it's possible to have rename,delete,copy,cut commands in the right click menu, in open/save nautilus windows?09:42
Benkinoobydesss, but be warned: it could also be that the send you away immedeatly09:42
Benkinoobydesss, the = they09:42
icerootdesss: if you have a ubuntu-related questions ask here, if it is debian related ask in #debian09:42
babilenBenkinooby: Please do not send Ubuntu users to #debian09:42
desssiceroot: it is dual monitor related :P09:42
icerootdesss: on ubuntu? or on debian?09:43
icerootdesss: what is the problem?09:43
desssno help here though, it is a complex issue09:43
desssiceroot: I am trying to setup dual monitors on my PC09:43
icerootdesss: normally only the question/details are bad09:43
Benkinoobybabilen, usually i do not, and i also gave him "warning". the point is, that #debian has some very experienced users that might give you a hint in the correct direction.09:43
icerootdesss: that is not complexe09:43
lotuspsychjesender: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164785509:44
icerootdesss: what vga? nvidia? ati? intel?09:44
=== Calinou_ is now known as Calinou
Benkinoobybabilen, in general you are right. but many times when i was not able to find a solution in the bew, or get usefull help here in #ubunut an nice ask in #debian helped me09:44
desssiceroot: the problem seems to be that I have 2 video cards - intern Intel and extern nVidia - both only have 1 VGA output - at the moment I am running the intern Intel and the second monitor (plugged in nVidia) does not work09:44
Benkinoobybew = web09:44
milambericeroot: a usb mbr and a cd/dvd mbr are not the same thing. they need to be created for them. the hybrid method that is coming will make itself look like both so you can do a bit by bit copy09:44
icerootdesss: there is a utility in gnome/ubuntu to setup the xorg.conf09:45
babilenBenkinooby: I know, I am a regular in #debian -- The point is that we can not help Ubuntu users as we do not know Ubuntu.09:45
icerootdesss: also there is vi(m)09:45
desssiceroot: I know, but in gnome-display-properties I cannot see the 2nd monitor09:45
icerootdesss: is "xrandr" showing both cards?09:46
senderlotuspsychje: I've tried downloading and installing by hand - I got a desktop but still no compiz effects and very very bad performance when having 5+ windows open on 4 workspaces09:46
desssiceroot: only 1 of them (lspci shows both thogh)09:46
icerootdesss: ok xrandr is (imo) using xorg.conf for detecting09:47
lotuspsychjesender: dont give up, at the end there's a solution for everything09:47
icerootdesss: can you paste your xorg.conf to pastebin?09:47
desssiceroot: the problem is there is no /etc/xorg.conf in Ubuntu 11.04 as far as I know09:47
fatihhi all, i wanna learn a programming language and i chose Pascal. How can i start? What should i setup?09:47
icerootdesss: /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:47
fengWhen I use vim + ctags in ubuntu to browse kernel source code, I got a problem that if there are more than one implement, say ioremap, the vim just give the first implement, not give a list of implement09:47
Jigalgood morning. Can someone tell me how i can get into my bios menu on an ubuntu system09:47
desssiceroot: there is no such file09:47
icerootdesss: sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf :)09:48
Benkinoobybabilen, some things are ident in ubuntu and debian and in that case #debian can be very helpful. but again, you're right.09:48
llutz_Jigal: thats a matter of your mainboard, not of the uses OS09:48
milamberJigal: that is not related to ubuntu, that is hardware09:48
lotuspsychjeJigal:Bios is accessed at pc boot pressing esc/del/f2/f1009:48
senderlotuspsychje: I know, thanks  :)09:48
desssiceroot: it is empty09:48
Jigalok and what if my keyboard is not working09:49
icerootdesss: there is also a nvidia-tool "nvidia-xserver-config" or something like that which will create a xorg.conf for you09:49
lotuspsychjesender: i would follow iceroot sugestion pastebin xorg.conf09:49
llutz_Jigal: get a new one09:49
desssiceroot: from what I understood so far, xorg cfg files moved to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d for some reason09:49
Jigalllutz, its a laptop09:49
milamberdesss: as mentioned before, xorg.conf is not included w/ ubuntu by default. you can however create one (from scratch)09:49
icerootdesss: no09:49
Jigalwho says its broken09:49
llutz_Jigal: again: that is NOT a mtter of the OS. BIOS access is earlier as any OS runs09:49
desssmilamber: how can I create one? or well, generate one?09:50
fatihHow can i use  Pascal programming language on Ubuntu ?09:50
icerootdesss: can you try the nvidia toll and see if it is detecting both cards? then you dont have to fight with creating an xorg.conf by hand09:50
Benkinoobyhi, when i mount my pen drive, it gets recongised and mounted just fin. but i only get read permission for it. how can i change that?09:50
icerootdesss: gksudo nvidia tab tab09:50
llutz_Jigal: get the laptops manual, read it or ask in #hardware. its offtopic here09:50
icerootdesss: something like nvidia-xserver-config09:50
desssiceroot: I am using the intern Intel card now, is not that a problem? (nVidia is the extern one)09:50
milamberdesss: in any text editor, for example: sudo nano xorg.conf (then add whatever you need to the file ~ lots of examples available via internets)09:50
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icerootdesss: should be a problem09:50
icerootdesss: should not be a problem09:51
DaghdhaHi, i want to backup my systemdisk. SHould i just use dd?09:51
desssiceroot: nvidia-detector, nvidia-settings09:51
icerootdesss: the whole disc?09:51
icerootdesss: nvidia-settings09:51
milamberdesss: and have you checked to see if the extern is linux compatible? are there drivers?09:51
sedulousDaghdha: partimage is more disk space efficient09:51
icerootDaghdha: the whole disc?09:51
Daghdhaa single partition.09:51
BenkinoobyDaghdha, dd is just fine. make sure you set the right parameters to backup the MBR too09:51
lotuspsychjeDaghdha: there are several cool backup tools in software centre09:51
llutz_Daghdha: backup /etc/, /home and mayb parts of /var + a list of insatlled packages. no need to image a system, easier to install new09:52
desssiceroot: yeah it shouts at me that I am not using the nVidia driver09:52
babilendesss: Could you explain to me once more what you are trying to do? Are those two cards actually an optimus one?09:52
Daghdhalotuspsychje: I think system has to be offline for proper backup no?09:52
DaghdhaI'm gonna use system rescue cd09:52
icerootDaghdha: you can use dd to backup a partiton (the image will have the same size as the whole partition)09:52
BenkinoobyDaghdha, ok, forget my MBR comment sice you only want to back up one partition09:52
Daghdhasedulous: partimage is on that dis :P09:52
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senderlotuspsychje: do you know it's possible to have rename,delete,copy,cut commands in the right click menu, in open/save nautilus windows?09:53
fatihCan anyone help me about programming language usage on ubuntu?09:53
desssbabilen: I got one intern video card (Intel) - using it now, and an extern - nVidia - both only have 1 VGA output, which seems to be the problem here, so far I only found solutions for video cards which have 2 VGA outputs09:53
icerootfatih: what language?09:53
Daghdhaok, thanks. Will reboot and start doing all that stuff09:53
fengWhen I use vim + ctags in ubuntu to browse kernel source code, I got a problem that if there are more than one implement, say ioremap, the vim just give the first implement, not give a list of implement .Why?09:53
sedulousfeng: i think #vim is more likely to yield an answer09:54
icerootdesss: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/desktop-x-windows/139469-dual-monitor-intel-82915g-nvidia-riva-tnt2-model-64-fc6-dell-optiplex-gx520.html  here is en example how to edit the xorg.conf for dual-screen with different cards09:54
babilendesss: You mean that you have a single VGA output for both cards? (that is most likely an optimus card) -- What are you trying to do/achieve?09:54
icerootdesss: i guess you have to do the steps by hand for your setup09:54
desssbabilen: to setup dual monitors09:54
fatihiceroot: Pascal language09:54
icerootdesss: ah, are you using nvidia ion?09:54
Benkinoobyiceroot, ok to get that straigt. ubuntu uses xorg.conf just like any other distro too, but it doesn't create it my default, so it has the be generatey by the user09:54
Benkinoobythe be = to be09:55
babilendesss: How will you connect two monitors if you only have a single VGA out? What is the output of "lspci|grep -i vga" ?09:55
icerootBenkinooby: no, its using hal or something else instead of xorg.conf09:55
babileniceroot: udev09:55
icerootbabilen: ok09:55
babileniceroot: HAL was used in the past, but is now obsolete09:55
dessslspci | grep VGA09:55
desss00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)09:55
desss05:04.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV5M64 [RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro] (rev 15)09:55
desssbabilen: kernel seems to see both09:55
FloodBot1desss: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:55
desssbabilen: gnome not09:55
icerootBenkinooby: udev is doing the job instead of xorg.conf. if you create a xorg.conf the things from udev are ingored when stored in xorg.conf09:56
llutz_iceroot: which always can be overriden by personal xorg.conf or parts from in in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d09:56
Sazhen86fatih: install gpc, the GNU Pascal compiler09:56
LNNTnecesito el canal de ubuntu en español , por favor09:56
Benkinoobyiceroot, aha!09:56
icerootllutz_: yes09:56
sedulousi need help with filing a bug. it affects 2 packages and i don't know which is wrong. (one package lacks a file that another assumes to be there)09:56
fatihSazhen86: How?09:56
Benkinoobyiceroot, so wouldn't it be a nicer way to do the settings in udev (if that is possible)09:56
icerootBenkinooby: no09:57
fatihSazhen86: sudo apt-get install gpc             like this?09:57
Benkinoobyiceroot, ok09:57
babilendesss: And both of them have a single VGA out (which gives you two VGA outs in total) ?09:57
milamber!bugs | sedulous09:57
ubottusedulous: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:57
Sazhen86fatih, looks fine to me09:57
icerootBenkinooby: creating the xorg.conf is the way "changing settings from udev"09:57
desssbabilen: both have only 1 VGA output yes09:57
icerootBenkinooby: also there is /etc/udev/rules.d/09:57
Benkinoobyiceroot, ok thank you09:57
Benkinoobyiceroot, makes things clearer to me :)09:58
icerootBenkinooby: but that will be a big fight which you will lose09:58
sedulousubottu: maybe the mailing list is the best approach? i don't feel like filing a bug when i'm not 100% sure that it's the correct package09:58
ubottusedulous: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:58
sedulousrer, milamber ^09:58
icerootBenkinooby: so you create xorg.conf to overwrite udev-settings09:58
fatihSazhen86: Sorry, but i cannot understand anything09:58
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wildbaterr any tools in ubuntu to extract *.??_  like .dl_   .CA_09:59
icerootsedulous: creating a bug is always the best idea if you create it for the wrong package its not a problem09:59
icerootsedulous: it will be changed to the correct package by someone09:59
Sazhen86fatih: type the command that you posted at the command line09:59
sedulousiceroot: good point. thanks.10:00
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
milambersedulous: the package that expects the file should be changed. it should be a depend10:00
Sazhen86fatih, it'll ask you for your password, list  a bunch of dependencies.  You should answer Y and let it do its thing.10:00
icerootsedulous: with what command you have a bug?10:00
LNNTubuntu en español ¿?10:00
icerootsedulous: or with what program?10:00
sedulousmilamber: basically libopenal1 is missing a symlink: /usr/lib/libopenal.so10:00
iceroot!spain | LNNT10:00
ubottuLNNT: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:00
sedulousanother pacakge, "liblwjgl-java" can't find libopenal because of that10:01
LNNTgracias ubottu10:01
sedulousiceroot: ^10:01
milambersedulous: then i would file it against liblwjgl-java because it should be a depend10:01
babilendesss: You essentially need an xorg.conf with two Device sections, or rather one each in a file ending in .conf in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d (assuming Ubuntu uses that too) for each intel and nvidia -- You can create an initial xorg.conf with ""X -configure :1" (if server is running) or ""X -configure" (if not) -- I would recommend the /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ method as the rest of the system will be automatically configured.10:02
sedulousmilamber: it does depend on libopenal1 already. debian's libopenal1 contains that file by the way10:02
sedulous(it's merely one symlink)10:02
icerootsedulous: then the bug seems to be in libopenal1  because its not creating the symlink10:03
milambersedulous: just read the first part of that, the file it against libopenal1 and include the patch ~ that always makes devs happy :)10:03
icerootsedulous: but as i said its not a big problem when the bug is started with the wrong package10:03
sedulousgood to know10:03
vagothcppcurious, is there any way to easily download a package and its dependencies from another terminal and then install then on an ubuntu system?10:04
icerootsedulous: http://pastebin.com/bfitjePj10:04
fatihSazhen86, r u there?10:04
bazhang!aptoncd | vagothcpp10:04
ubottuvagothcpp: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline10:04
icerootvagothcpp: sudo apt-get install -d packagename10:05
sedulousiceroot: that's interesting. there must be some reasoning behing that split. why would ubuntu move it to the -dev package?10:05
icerootvagothcpp: have a look at "man apt-get" if it is not downloading dependencies10:05
Shvelocan i create a customised ubuntu livecd?10:06
vagothcppiceroot: I ask this since i have no internet on my linux box10:06
Benkinoobyhi, when plugging in a pen drive it gets auto mounted just fine, but i don't get write permission (only read). what service setting is responsivle for giving me the write permissions? i guess it has something to do with that gvfs but i am not sure10:06
vagothcppim at an internet cafe so i need to download software remotely10:06
bazhang!remaster | Shvelo10:06
ubottuShvelo: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility10:06
Sazhen86fatih, yep!10:06
fatihSazhen86, it doesnt work10:06
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.10:07
fatihThe command said that gpc packet is not exist10:07
Sazhen86fatih, what happened?10:07
icerootsedulous: http://pastebin.com/SCyj2xTM10:07
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal10:07
Sazhen86fatih, which version of Ubuntu are you using?10:07
iceroot!info gpc10:08
ubottuPackage gpc does not exist in natty10:08
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD10:08
GoodADniko c'est un ircop pédophile qui abuse des négros, attention, il veut enculer blanche neigre avec ses copains les nains de jardins !10:08
sedulousiceroot: oops. and thanks. i'll just depend on -dev then. i'm happy as long as it's consistent between debian and ubuntu and i don't have to provide separate packages10:08
icerootsedulous: great :)10:09
Sazhen86fatih, maybe it was removed from 11.04.  I'm still on 10.04 LTS10:09
fatihThen, how can i find it ?10:10
fatihDo you know a command ?10:10
Sazhen86fatih, I just looks on pkgs.org and it seems to have been removed after 10.1010:11
fatihAnd it means that i wont be able to use it ?10:12
Daghdhaok, backupping ;)10:12
fatih .s10:13
fatih05 .s10:13
Daghdhai used partimage. seems simpel10:13
Kartagisfatih: what do you want to do?10:14
Sazhen86fatih, maybe you can find a package somewhere else.  Or you could use free pascal10:14
Sazhen86fatih, that seems to be available on 11.0410:14
Shvelowill the software centre in ubuntu 11.10 have the new look?10:14
Sazhen86fatih, sudo apt-get install fp-compiler10:14
icerootShvelo: #ubuntu+110:14
fatihKartagis, i want to learn Pascal but i cant use it10:14
fatihSazhen86, ok i am tryin' immadiately10:15
=== denny- is now known as denny
Sazhen86fatih, good luck!  Gotta go now.10:15
chenthuguys how to remove a directory even if it has contents in it and not empty.....using this "sudo rmdir [dir name]" is not working as it says " directory not empty10:15
fatihok thanks a lot10:16
llutz_chenthu: rm -r10:16
chenthullutz, ok thank u :)10:16
thechefI heard xorg.conf is deprecated? Is that completely true? I still use it to configure evdev, there seems to be no other way.10:16
Daghdhafatih> ; why pascal. it is a bit dated isn't it /10:17
Benkinoobyhi, when plugging in my pendrive, it gets automounted, but i don't get write permissions. when mounted the pendrive is owned by root. hwo can i change that so that i don't have to give men wrte permissions manually10:17
KartagisI have a few problems. 1- my screen is dimmed when I start a GUI program with a dark background. 2- whenever I start up a video file10:17
SyriaHello!! can I ask something about the ultimate edition here?10:18
Benkinoobythechef, no it's not. its just not generated my default10:18
fatih Daghdha, yes you're right but i dont know anything about programming languages.So, i have chosen it10:18
KartagisI have a few problems. 1- my screen is dimmed when I start a GUI program with a dark background. 2- whenever I start up a video file, all I get is the first image, like there's something wrong with codecs10:18
Benkinoobythechef, usually everything is done by udev, and xorg.conf is used to over write the udev settings10:18
Kartagissorry, I accidentally hit Enter the first time10:19
llutz_fatih: wouldn't it make more sense to start with a language with practical use?10:19
Benkinoobythechef, we had that dicussion just 10 minutes ago.... iceroot knows more about that :P10:19
Kartagisfatih: start with PHP maybe?10:19
fatihKartagis, i didnt like it10:19
ShveloPHP is easiest10:20
fatihbut C is good for me10:20
llutz_fatih: perl, c, c++, python, java10:20
Daghdhafatih; google a bit. i think an object oriented one is probably better.10:20
icerootthechef: now udev is doing the job but if you want to change things udev detected (or did not detect) xorg.conf is the correct way to overwrite udev things10:20
fatihYes llutz,Kartagis, Daghdha  all you right10:20
fatihi will an electronics engineer after 4 years10:21
SyriaI have something to ask about Ubuntu ultimate edition.. is that possible.10:21
fatihso my real aim is learning of C10:21
ikoniaSyria: sorry, no10:21
icerootShvelo: what is the ultimate edition?10:21
icerootShvelo: sorry wrong nick10:21
icerootSyria: what is the ultimate edition?10:21
JakeR003how do i make ubuntu select a default account and ask for a password when i boot the OS? atthe login screen10:21
chenthuHey guys i had a problem installing stunnel..... here is the error.....can u tell me what this error means ? -----------------> http://pastebin.com/Z6GZimxR10:21
JakeR003i don't want to select the account10:21
Daghdhapitty to learn antiquated concepts with a procedural language10:21
fatihBut i dont know where i will start10:21
icerootfatih: then start with c if you want to learn c10:22
Syriaiceroot:  it is not an official thing. it has more themes and useless stuff.10:22
thecheficeroot, ah thanks. I was looking a very long time on how to disable mouse button emulation completely in lucid and then found the xorg setting. I did nothing wrong then.10:22
Syriaikonia:  Thnx.10:22
icerootthechef: correct :)10:22
Benkinoobyfatih, java might be a better language for beginning10:22
Syriaiceroot: http://ultimateedition.info/10:22
Daghdhajava or c#10:22
icerootSyria: sorry not supported here10:22
fatiheveryone says a language10:22
=== JoFo__ is now known as JoFo
fatihi am confused10:23
icerootfatih: if you want c then learn c10:23
icerootfatih: start with c and everything is fine10:23
bhaskar00666SyriaL talking about vista window10:23
ikoniafatih: this isn't really an ubuntu discussion - maybe take it to one of the offtopic/general channels10:23
fatihİ wondered that if i start with C10:23
fatihhow can i setup it this Ubuntu ?10:24
ikoniafatih: setup what ?10:24
fatihikonia, C programming language10:24
Benkinoobyfatih, this one might be of interst for you http://www.iu.hio.no/~mark/CTutorial/CTutorial.html10:24
ikoniafatih: it's not something you setup. It's a programming language10:24
Shvelocan you tell me which theme is best for gnome? i want it to be transparent10:25
icerootwhat is the common way to change the uuid of my user? after changing sudo is not working also i can not change the owner of ~  is a real root account the only way?10:25
gryfatih: well. you just need to install gcc. it is a part of some package. I forgot its name.10:25
ikoniaShvelo: there is no best, take a look at gnome-look.org and find one you like10:25
Syriaiceroot:  I Have a question about ubuntu now, i want to upgrade from Meerkat 10.10 to Natty 11.04 am I gonna lose themes and personal settings that i have?10:25
bhaskar00666faith: start with c ,,,c is is the start rest are derived from it10:25
Benkinoobyfatih, it's like some kind of c dicitionary ;)10:25
fatihgry, thx10:25
chenthuguys i have an account called "postgres" in my users and groups....any idea how it got created? or what it is? i never created anything by that name10:25
icerootSyria: normally not but having a backup is a good idea10:25
ikoniaiceroot: type "id" against the user you are having a problem with and paste the output10:25
icerootSyria: also why you need to upgrade?10:25
milamberfatih: you can start with sudo apt-get install build-essential10:25
Shveloikonia , all the themes are trash.10:25
icerootikonia: id is showing the new uuid10:26
fatihBenkinooby, i am looking know thx10:26
icerootikonia: sudo says unknown uuid10:26
ikoniaShvelo: ok, then you don't like them, so game over10:26
ikoniaiceroot: can you please show me the output10:26
milamberfatih: the compiler for c is called gcc and is included in that package. you can also use the c++ compiler (g++) to compile c code10:26
fatihikonia, i know what is C.10:26
ikoniafatih: ok - so why are you asking how to set it up10:26
Syriaiceroot:  Because Natty is newer! that's all.10:26
Benkinoobyfatih, you also might try to get a good c development environment that will point out typos for you and show you mistakes as you type10:26
fatihİ mean how can i practice on it10:26
icerootikonia: uid=1000(michael) gid=1000(michael) Gruppen=1000(michael),4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),46(plugdev),112(lpadmin),120(admin),122(sambashare)10:26
ikoniafatih: you get a tutorial and follow it10:26
Shveloi use default theme (light)10:26
icerootikonia: the old uuid was 225010:26
ikoniaiceroot: how did you change the uid10:26
icerootikonia: directly in passwd10:27
chenthullutz,  guys i have an account called "postgres" in my users and groups....any idea how it got created? or what it is? i never created anything by that name10:27
llutz_chenthu: its a system-account10:27
fatihmilamber, how can i use gcc10:27
ikoniaiceroot: ahh easy then, exit your shell and restart it10:27
chenthullutz, oh k....so i need not meedle tih it?10:27
ikoniaiceroot: your session is locked to a uid that no longer exists10:27
=== walter is now known as JPSman
cleptollurz: its for the postresql database program may have been installed as a pre req to another program10:27
fatihwill i use it directly ?10:27
icerootikonia: a great :)10:27
Kartagisfatih: man gcc10:27
fatihKartagis, ok ;)10:28
chenthullutz_ ,i had a problem installing stunnel..... here is the error.....can u tell me what this error means ? -----------------> http://pastebin.com/Z6GZimxR10:28
llutz_chenthu: no sry, no www here10:28
Shvelochenthu , maybe it's for PostgreSQL10:28
chenthullutz, oh ok ...thank you :)10:29
chenthuShvelo, whats postgres sql?10:29
milamberfatih: i would recommend starting with c++, there are more current tutorials available - see cplusplus.com10:29
chenthullutz_, oh ok ...thank you :)10:29
Shvelochenthu , it's a database10:30
fatihi wanna start with C thanks10:30
chenthuShvelo, data base for ?...would be needed by default?10:30
Shvelochenthu, maybe some program uses it for data storage10:31
fatihi still cant run compiler10:31
chenthuShvelo, ok i will gogle abt postgres...but hacn u help me with this?... -----------------> http://pastebin.com/Z6GZimxR ....i got the warning s while installing stunnel10:31
ikoniafatih: what guide are you following ?10:32
Shvelochenthu, i'm using phone , sorry10:32
chenthuShvelo, oh ok... :)10:32
fatihikonia: i ve downloaded an e-book10:32
ikoniafatih: which one10:32
chenthuiceroot, i had a problem installing stunnel..... here is the error.....can u tell me what this error means ? -----------------> http://pastebin.com/Z6GZimxR10:32
fatihIt's Turkish10:32
ikoniafatih: what command is the book telling you to run10:33
Shvelochenthu, can you paste the error text?10:33
Shvelochenthu, pm me10:34
zabombersomebody for the love of god help me run the useradd command in ubuntu that assigns the password at create?10:34
zabomberthis is my script10:34
fatihikonia: i am telling you that i don't know any language.Moreover, to apply the info i wanna use compiler10:34
zabomberread -p "Friend username:" friend10:34
zabomber        read -p "Friend email address:" friendemail10:34
zabomber        read -p "Create VPN account for user : (yes/no)" yesno10:34
zabomber        RPASS=$(makepasswd --char=6)10:34
zabomber        echo $RPASS10:34
FloodBot1zabomber: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:34
zabomber        egrep "^$friend" /etc/passwd >/dev/null10:34
zabomber        if [ $? -eq 0 ];  then10:34
fatihI think thats too clear10:34
chenthuReading package lists... Done10:35
chenthuBuilding dependency tree10:35
chenthuReading state information... Done10:35
chenthuThe following extra packages will be installed:10:35
chenthu  stunnel410:35
zabomberit adds the user10:35
chenthuThe following NEW packages will be installed:10:35
FloodBot1chenthu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:35
ikoniafatih: 1.) this is not "C" or "GCC" support in this channel 2.) you need to learn how to use the compiler, follow your book10:35
Benkinoobyhi, i could use some help from a permission-wizard. when plugging in my pen drive, it get's auto mounted alight, but i don'T have write access :( root is the owner of the device instead of me... i checked out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB w/o luck10:35
zabomberbut i can't ssh in with that user10:35
ikoniazabomber: try #bash for your own personal script help10:35
fatihikonia: i dont ask you how to compiler use10:36
ikoniafatih: what are you asking then10:36
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions10:36
fatihikonia: i am asking that how can set up compiler and use on Ubuntu 11.0410:36
ikoniafatih: have you installed the compiler ?10:36
fatihThats the problem10:36
milamberfatih: you have already been told to start with: sudo apt-get install build-essential10:37
ikoniafatih: then install it, open a package manager and search for gcc, then click "install"10:37
szalsudo apt-get install build-essential10:37
llutz_fatih: sudo apt-get install build-essential10:37
Benkinoobyfatih, do as milamber and/or ikonia say... as soon as you have all the toll i think it is best you go to the channel ##c that is for c programming.10:38
Benkinoobyfatih, toll = tool10:38
fatihBenkinooby, my problem not about C, i want to set up C compiler10:39
ikoniafatih: that command will setup the compiler10:39
fatihnow, i will try essentials milamber thx10:39
ikoniafatih: if you do not follow advice - your support will end.10:40
Benkinoobyfatih, i that case use "sudo apt-get install build-essential" as some suggested before. that will provide you all you need for compiling10:40
DaghdhaCan i have a resolution in ubuntu that's not supported by my monitor? My monitor is 1920x1080. But i want ubuntu to be e.g. 1910x98010:40
Benkinoobyhi, i could use some help from a permission-wizard. when plugging in my pen drive, it get's auto mounted alight, but i don'T have write access :( root is the owner of the device instead of me... i checked out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB w/o luck10:41
fatihCould not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)10:41
llutz_Benkinooby: create a udev-rule to change ownership10:42
ikoniafatih: you have more than one package manager open10:42
fatihTerminal said that "Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)"10:42
szalfatih: close Synaptic or Software Center or whatever you were using first10:42
BenkinoobyFatherJack, you might have a package tool like synaptic ore something open10:42
ikoniafatih: close the other package manager10:42
Kartagisfatih: if you have synaptics open, close it10:42
KartagisI have a few problems. 1- my screen is dimmed when I start a GUI program with a dark background. 2- whenever I start up a video file, all I get is the first image, like there's something wrong with codecs10:43
fatihbuild-essential is already the newest version.10:43
fatih0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.10:43
milamberKartagis: that usually means the hardware is busy and what media player are you using?10:43
llutz_Benkinooby: like: SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0abc", ATTRS{idProduct} =="0xyz", OWNER="youruser", GROUP="yourgroup" , then " sudo udevadm control --reload-rules"10:44
szalfatih: in other words, compiler and all it needs is installed10:44
Kartagismilamber: totem10:44
milamberfatih: then you have gcc available to you. that is the compiler, now you have to find a c and/or c++ tutorial on the web10:44
milamberfatih: programming support in #programming10:44
Kartagismilamber: I haven't a problem with vls but why does totem do that?10:44
milamberKartagis: it probably is codecs, fwiw the only media player i use is vlc, it runs everything i throw at it10:45
Kartagismilamber: I haven't that problem on my installtion at work10:45
fatihmilamber, i wrote gcc and it gave me "gcc: no input files"10:45
ikoniafatih: that is not how you use the compiler10:45
Benkinoobyllutz_, i am just reading http://reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html but that a bit overwhelming... do i have to enter your caommnd just like that to the command line?10:45
ikoniafatih: follow the guide/book you're using, we do not teach you how to use it in this channel10:45
carl-ericHi - how can I have a gnome launcher on a removable drive? I'd like to have an icon show up when a removable drive is mounted (aim is to give Mom a one-click backup once she connects her external harddrive)10:45
milamberfatih: the syntax is: gcc <yourfile.c> -o <yourexecutablename>, but as i said, find a tutorial on the internets - there are many available10:46
llutz_Benkinooby: nope, that is just an example for a file you put into /etc/udev/rules.d10:46
fatihthanks milamber10:46
fatihi try the book again now.10:46
fatihThanks all u ;)10:46
JakeR003llutz is there a way to ask ubuntu to choose a user name at the login screen without click on it?10:46
Kartagisfatih: gcc thefile.c10:46
Benkinoobyllutz_, hm... i wonder who i could ever have messed up my udev rules10:47
llutz_JakeR003: ask the channel, idk10:47
KartagisJakeR003: on mac os, I just click the first letter, then hit enter10:47
KartagisJakeR003: ubuntu might do that too10:47
Soothsayercould someone recommend a clipboard manager?10:48
Soothsayersomething that just works with ease.10:48
KartagisSoothsayer: what's wrong with ubuntu's?10:49
Benkinoobyllutz_, if your automount is working fine and you et write permission you paste me "ls /etc/udev/rules.d" and "cat /etc/udev/rules.d/*"?10:49
mtfkhi, I looking package kutils for 10.0410:49
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maalacneed help here. Need to check if my ubuntu 10.10 is compromise . what are the things i need to do to check it ou?10:50
ikoniamaalac: why do you think it is ?10:50
SoothsayerKartagis, does it have one? I'm talking about maintaining an history of my clipboard10:50
mtfkany one know why kutils is not in 10.04 main repository?10:51
maalacikonia:i'm not sure ..sometimes it just went slow ..10:51
ikoniamaalac: that's no reason to think it's compromised, that's just random assumption10:51
maalac ikonia: hmm. ok ..how do i check when my laptop when slow for some reason ?10:52
ikoniamaalac: well, when it slows down, look at the cpu and memory utilisation, look at what processes are using the resources up10:52
llutz_Benkinooby: there are no mount-related rules by default in10:52
milamber!info libkutils4 lucid10:52
ubottuPackage libkutils4 does not exist in lucid10:52
milambermtfk: interesting, are you talking about the dell/latitude kutils?10:53
mtfkmainrain: I need libkemoticons.so10:54
mtfkin maveric this lib is in kutils package10:54
Benkinoobyllutz_, on a fresh install usually writing on a mounted pen drive is possible... so i have changed something... but i never messed around with udev/ruels.d (directly) once i was on a "everything must be minimal"-trip and removed some services... might be that i am lacking one that fixes the permissions?10:54
mtfkbut in 10.04 there is no any package with this lib10:54
mtfkmilamber: sorry not kutils but in kdelibs510:55
Benkinoobyllutz_, is there a service that is responsible for fixing permissions?10:55
mtfkbut in 10.04 there is no this lib and I try find it out10:55
llutz_Benkinooby: i dont know10:56
Benkinoobyi am really reluctant to edit rules.d when i am sure i didn't touch it10:57
milamber!info kdelibs5 lucid10:58
ubottukdelibs5 (source: kde4libs): core libraries for all KDE 4 applications. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.5-0ubuntu1.1 (lucid), package size 7218 kB, installed size 29380 kB10:58
Benkinoobyllutz, can you paste me the output of your  "ps -A | grep gvfs" - i am assuming that you can write on automounted pendirves10:58
mtfkmilamber: but in this package there is no libkemoticons.so10:58
llutz_Benkinooby: mind if i pm you? i don't have www for pastebin10:59
Benkinoobyllutz_, yeah, never mind10:59
Benkinoobyllutz, why are ppl so serious about pm?10:59
llutz_Benkinooby: idk, i usually refuse PMs ;)11:00
Benkinoobyllutz_, why?11:00
Benkinoobyllutz_, btw, i have the exact same result11:00
voxcroixubuntu 11.04 or fedora 1511:01
llutz_Benkinooby: i give public support but not personal, so  no need to handle all those queries11:01
Benkinoobyllutz_, also you might have use for "pastebinit" it is in the reps and pastes textfiles to pastebin.com for you11:01
Benkinoobyllutz_, ah, ok11:01
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llutz_Benkinooby: i have pastebinit but no access to anything except my irc right now :)11:02
Benkinoobyllutz_, ok11:02
Benkinoobyfunny setup11:02
Benkinoobyllutz, can you paste me "ps -A | grep gnome"11:03
jonkristianWhen i test my hdmi audio aplay -D plughw:0,3 etc.... I get only static noise, is this a driver issue? Im using ati 5450 card.11:05
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DaghdhaIs it possible to update mono beyound what version is in the package manager?11:07
Daghdhai use 10.x ubuntu not 11.x11:08
DaghdhaOr is it coz 2.6.7 is long term support? Hmm i see.. i think i know enough. Thank you :)11:09
ross_can someone recommend software that monitors my laptop's temp?11:09
ikoniaross lmsensors11:10
Ramsesmadlib is being used for MP3 decode in ubuntu?11:10
ross_ah looking it up now11:10
ikoniaross_: front ends such as conky (one example) are good real time monitors in terms of visually watching it, that works with lmsensors11:11
ross_I'm going to see if sp manager has it11:12
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Charmanderhello,  just got my LiveCd Ubuntu Lucid i386 to look a bit better. Can anyone tell me how to save my updated font configuration (as in find the config file). I'm already sftp'd to another box. tx11:12
ross_Oh according to this I've already got it installed, I can't seem to find a place to open it though ?;11:13
ikoniaCharmander: you can't save it, it's a livecd11:13
Daghdhai think he wants to save i on another machine he sftp'd too11:14
Charmanderyes , I want to copy it to the home directory of the other box, then use it as a reference. I don't have a persistent setup , was experimenting with it11:16
ross_I've install lm senors and the applet but it says "no sensors enabled"11:17
ikoniaross_: you have to configure it11:17
ross_does that mean my computer doesn't support such software11:17
ross_Where do I do I this?11:18
ikoniaross_: I'd have a little read up on how to use it11:18
ikoniait's not as simple as just clck "enable"11:18
ross_ok, I'll try to understand11:18
Daghdhathere's packages for it i had it enabled a while in the 'taskbar'11:19
ross_oh god!11:19
wildc4rdafternoon al11:20
Sidewinder1ross_, You may also have to enable from within the BIOS, when you boot.11:20
ross_There's no way I can do this alongside with my limited tech knownlegde I have a limited control inthe BIOS it's an acer11:21
ross_Is there any other software to cool down my laptop, like speedfan for windows,11:22
gryross_, use hardware11:23
ross_but it's only 5 days old :(11:23
ross_50 idling and 70ish when using programs11:23
UncleLazross_: probably you'll have to buy a cooling pad for your laptop11:25
d3s3rtdw3ll3rross_. is that CPU usage?11:26
ross_Are those things even affective11:26
ross_No it's temp of the cores11:26
ross_using realtemp11:26
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:26
staatsfeindinHow can i register my nickname on freenode?11:27
ross_ /msg nickserv register <passworf> <email>11:27
szal!register | staatsfeindin11:27
ubottustaatsfeindin: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:27
szalross_: passworf?  an access control Klingon? :D11:28
ross_What temps does everyones laptops hit?11:29
* szal doesn't have a laptop11:29
ross_tthis is the first time in a while that  I have a laptop11:30
staatsfeindinross's answer helped :D11:30
ross_:) I love helping people11:31
staatsfeindinAre there any popular chats in irc?11:32
staatsfeindinwich are not about pc's and such?11:32
staatsfeindinGimme some :P11:33
gry#ubuntu-offtopic for one11:33
Sidewinder1staatsfeindin, Tru #ubuntu-offtopic.11:33
Sidewinder1Beat me :-)11:34
gryI had to cheat and avoid the proper punctuation. :-( ;-)11:34
tabakhasecan i chainload groub infront of / after truecrypt bootloader?11:35
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AMDcan i use photoshop on ubuntu?11:39
bazhang!appdb | AMD check here11:39
ubottuAMD check here: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:39
d3s3rtdw3ll3rAMD use GIMP11:40
bazhangAMD, /join #winehq for help with that11:40
AMDbazhang: thanks11:40
AMDcan i download any advanced video editor like adobe Premier Pro or edius?11:42
dr_willisIve not kept up on video editors for linux, theres been some new ones out this year i recall. No idea how advanced they were.11:43
dr_willisnot sure what 'advanced' even means in this ussage. :)11:43
auronandaceAMD: try openshot11:43
KartagisI don't know if someone has replied to me, but I got disconnected and had to switch IRC clients11:44
auronandace!info openshot | AMD11:44
ubottuAMD: openshot (source: openshot): Create and edit videos and movies. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.0-1 (natty), package size 13834 kB, installed size 43408 kB11:44
Gentoo64i dont really use them but i know of pitivi and avidemux11:44
AMD how can i download that?11:45
annkasis there an issue regarding wpa password in wireless ubuntu?11:45
Kartagisso, my problems are 1- ubuntu dims the display everytime I start a GUI program with dare background, like terminal11:45
lotuspsychjeannkas: i had issue with that11:45
lotuspsychjeannkas: did you try WEP?11:45
Kartagis2- I don't get visual when viewing a video file with totem11:45
annkasis there an issue regarding wpa password in wireless ubuntu?.-(11:45
annkaslotuspsychje, am not able to log in to the router11:46
auronandace!packages | AMD11:46
ubottuAMD: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!11:46
lotuspsychjeannkas: what wifi card you have?11:47
HeroinCan anyone help me; i am looking for software which will allow me to share my media files across the network, but i would prefer to avoid streaming. I am currently thinking of a Online File Explorer which will allow you to download the media files so a user can watch it on their own computer11:47
Charmanderok , I'm gonna try sbackup, and (hopefully) backup the livecd changes to try and get around the problem:               just got my LiveCd Ubuntu Lucid i386 to look a bit better. Can anyone tell me how to save my updated font configuration (as in find the config file). I'm already sftp'd to another box11:48
annkaslotuspsychje, am not able to log in to the router:-)11:51
=== cypha` is now known as cypha
dr_willisHeroin,  it all depends on what devices  are accessing the files.. and how they can play them.11:51
annkaslotuspsychje, found the password for the router11:51
dr_willisHeroin,  samba and a videos  'share' directory works very well for our home lan. If  you can get the shares/pcs all seeing the shares..11:52
Heroindr_willis, from my network server to their desktops :) which will be mostly apples and windows laptops w. VLC i bet11:52
dr_willisHeroin,  other apps on a pc such as xbmc, and boxee, can access shares, or a upnp server.  and have a lot more 'features' then vlc.    it depends on your needs.11:52
Heroindr_willis, i am afraid 10 people will start streaming and ddosing the server11:53
dr_willisHeroin,   most all those play the files from the server. but thats technically not 'streaming' in my book.11:53
dr_willisdepends on your network.11:53
d3s3rtdw3ll3rHeroin. Setup a podcast server11:53
Heroind3s3rtdw3ll3r, urm never really thought about that11:54
KartagisI am using Lucid, and don't get a notification that natty is waiting. how can I ping the repos so that I get the notification?11:54
dr_willisI have to wonder how a podcast server, would differ from any other upnp server. I got a mixed set of videos/players/pcs here.. seeral laptops. androids, roku, boxee, tvs that do upnp. :) and a boxee.11:55
ikoniaKartagis: lucid is an LTS release, natty isn't thats why you've not been notified11:55
cyphahey dr_willis11:56
dr_willisNormally its the players i have more issues with then the video servers...11:56
dr_willisHowdy cypha11:56
Kartagisokay, thanks ikonia11:56
cyphahow goes it?11:56
cyphawhy r u awake?11:56
Kartagisikonia, can you help me with my problem? ubuntu dims the display everytime I start a GUI program with dare background, like terminal11:56
dr_willisIm on sick leave.. going back to work tonight. :)  3rd shift..11:57
dr_williscypha,  been on leave for 2 weeks now.11:57
cyphaoh wow11:57
cyphahopefully everything's ok?11:57
d3s3rtdw3ll3rKartagis. are you not being prompted for elevated access?11:58
Kartagisd3s3rtdw3ll3r, elevated access? oh, it's not like sudo11:58
dr_willisHeroin,  i saw this the other day in the blogs a  new video-home-server setup (not tried it yet) -> http://www.amahi.org/11:59
Heroindr_willis, thanks i will give it a look11:59
Benkinoobyhi, when automounting a pendrive, root gets the ownership, denying me write access. to make sure it's not cause by my user settings, i created a new user, but got the same result. i use ubunut 10.04 How can I get (automatically) write permissions on a pen drive?11:59
dr_willisHeroin,  ive not even looked at it closely. seems its in beta, a server, that runs on fedora only. :(   (checking the specs now) but it does support those 'plug' computer/players that ive seen.12:01
dr_willisHeroin,  perhaps they will get ubuntu support someday soon. :(12:01
AMDWhere i Can found the E-books about the Ubuntu tips and traps?12:01
Heroindr_willis, yah it still looks a bit too young for my needs. Currently i am thinking of a setting up apache with an online file explorer12:01
staatsfeindinIs in ubuntu a possibility like "Strg + alt + entf" To quit programms wich do not respond?!..12:02
dr_willisHeroin,  that mediatomb i think had options to 'download' or 'play/stream'  but i dident use it much.12:03
AMDstaatsfeindin: use alt +f412:03
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, You may want to have a look at the chown command.12:04
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BluesKajHiyas all12:04
BenkinoobySidewinder1, but will it be persistent or do i have to run it every thime i connect?12:05
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, If done properly, it will persist.12:05
d3s3rtdw3ll3rAnyone have a config to display battery status in Conky?12:05
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, You must prefix it with sudo.12:06
BenkinoobySidewinder1, ofc :)12:06
staatsfeindinlol? @ amd12:07
staatsfeindinthat will quit the programm iam running12:08
staatsfeindinbut not the programm wich doesnt react..12:08
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, Something to the effect of sudo chown -R Benk...:Benk... Pendrive UUID.12:08
BenkinoobySidewinder1, can i appy chown on devices like my pendrive? man pages only talks about files (I know, everthing i a file in linux) but i am not sure if automount will always mount to the same pace.. and waht about using more than one drive12:09
allu2Hey what program is used to encrypt /home on ubuntu?12:09
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, Where Benk... is your username on the system.12:09
gry!encrypt | allu2, maybe this? see12:09
ubottuallu2, maybe this? see: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory12:09
dr_willisBenkinooby,  you normally do it to filesystems or files   what you are describing.12:09
Gentoo64staatsfeindin, whats the program called thats not responding12:10
dr_willisBenkinooby,  what is the filesystem of the device? and what are you trying to do exactly?12:10
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, I have 5 ext HDs and chowned each and everyone that way. :-)12:10
Sidewinder1All 5 are ext3.12:10
d3s3rtdw3ll3rBenkinooby, what dr_willis asked may be key to your prob12:10
Benkinoobydr_willis, this is my problem description:  hi, when automounting a pendrive, root gets the ownership, denying me write access. to make sure it's not cause by my user settings, i created a new user, but got the same result. i use ubunut 10.04 How can I get (automatically) write permissions on a pen drive?12:11
HitmeI have a problem12:11
simion314hi, i have on my PC 2 mic inputs, but not Mic is listed in pavucontrol12:11
staatsfeindin@ gentoo64.. at the moment noone but that happened to me on firefox and xchat .. lately..12:11
Gentoo64staatsfeindin, try sudo killall firefox12:11
Gentoo64if it happens12:11
spantherHello there :) I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 32bit with all Patches installed. My system has AMD HD6870 1GB Graphics, 4GB DDR3 Ram 1333mhz and Phenom2 x4 945 @3GHz CPU. I've installed the proprietary ATI drivers and they worked fine. But there was one problem, the whole time when I moved windows or played movies, it was like "very little fps". It lagged sort of. Then I logged in again with "Ubuntu Classic (no effects)" and now everything is very s12:12
spanthermooth. I thought maybe somebody wants to know about this issue or knows more about it? :)12:12
Benkinoobyd3s3rtdw3ll3r, Sidewinder1 dr_willis i want to be able to write on automounted pendrives. atm a automounted pendrives is owned by root and read only for me12:12
Hitmewhy my update manager keeps having partial upgrade and distribution upgrade even after i run it?12:12
dr_willisBenkinooby,  its all depends on what filesystem is on the pendrive.. you do not just chown/chmod NTFS/Vfat stff.12:13
dr_willisBenkinooby,  but you CAN mount them with differnt options to allow users full access.12:13
* Sidewinder1 That's why I mentioned that my HDs were all ext3. :-)12:13
dr_willisBenkinooby,  and the reverse.. you DONT use mount options on ext2/3/4   , but you chown/chmod those as needed.. :)12:13
dr_willisBenkinooby,  so.... what filesystem is the pendrives :)12:13
Benkinoobydr_willis, /dev/sdb1   *           1        1022     3928537    b  W95 FAT3212:14
dr_willisUnless theres been some improvements.. im still pretty sure you cant chown/chmod ntfs/vfat ;)12:14
dr_willisBenkinooby,  so you use the proper mounting options..12:14
staatsfeindinallright will remember that @ gentoo6412:14
dr_willisBenkinooby,  used to be the tool 'ntfs-config' could tweak the settings.. but im not sure how well it works any more.12:14
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, Ah, fat32; please disregard my advice, it was wrong; thought it was ext*, sorry.12:15
spantherWill Ubuntu Classic Mode stay available with later releases too? :)12:15
AMDcan i download safari web broser for ubuntu 10.10?12:15
jribspanther: no12:15
Benkinoobydr_willis, Sidewinder1 what buggs me most, is that on a default ubunut this should be no issue at all.. i really don't know what i changed :(12:15
bazhangamd no12:15
spantherjrib, why not :(12:15
Gentoo64spanther, i think the next one iwll be gnome 312:15
BenkinoobySidewinder1, never mind, thank you (- didn't know that this is fs dependet)12:16
Gentoo64there sohuld be fallback mode for gnome 312:16
Hitmeavailable on ppa12:16
Hitmeclassic is available on ppa12:16
d3s3rtdw3ll3r Benkinooby. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions12:16
Hitmebut its called gnome-fallback btw12:16
AMDcan i download gom player for ubuntu?12:17
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, No problem, sorry I initially misunderstood your problem, but dr_willis is much better with mount options of non-ext* filesystems than I.12:17
bazhangAMD, what is gom player12:17
Gentoo64a media player12:17
Gentoo64AMD, theres tons of othe rmedia players12:17
Gentoo64and browsers12:17
robin0800spanther, don't think so perhaps only gnome shell12:17
* szal gets the impression that AMD rather wants Mac OS X12:18
bazhangAMD, why would you possibly need it. there is mplayer12:18
AMDits a media player.....12:18
HitmeVLC is the best12:18
Hitmeit has everything12:18
Benkinoobyd3s3rtdw3ll3r, i don't think that is for pendirves... i rad a ubuntu site about mounting pendirves too, but it didn't help me12:18
bazhangAMD, its completely unneeded12:18
spantherGentoo64, but Unity was lagging heavily here. The classic mode doesn't and I don't know the reason why. The ATI/AMD driver can't be the reason because at gnome (ubuntu classic) it runs smooth :/12:18
dr_willisbetween vlc, mplayer, and  the default totem.. :) i rarely see any that have features i need...12:18
RamsesI preffer my own media player12:18
gryAMD:  https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/GOM_Player is Windows only; use another linux player12:18
MrFireBitwhat program converter wma for mp3?12:18
dr_willisTheres boxee, and xbmc  for the  hard-core couch potatoe types./ :)12:18
gry!player | AMD, like these12:18
ubottuAMD, like these: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs12:18
gryMrFireBit: ffmpeg ?12:19
Ramsesmrfirebird try ffmpeg12:19
Benkinoobyd3s3rtdw3ll3r, this it the one i read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB12:19
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
MrFireBitthanks, have a nice day, bye12:19
Ramsesmrfirebird the quality of your mp3 will be very low]12:20
Sidewinder1MrFireBit, And if you prefer GUI for ffmpeg there's winff.12:20
Sidewinder1Oops, not quick enough, he left. :-(12:20
Benkinoobydr_willis, i read this and followed it w/o success https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB12:20
nmvictorHey guys am pleading for some knowledge which is not drirectly related to ubuntu, anyone willing to help is free 2 pm me. I have this Huawei Broadband USB modem. I dont know where to place it.Is it ADSL modems that support PPPoE emulation12:22
ccmonsterok, so my video settings are ALL wacked out12:22
ikonianmvictor: please keep your non ubuntu questions out of the channel12:23
dr_willisBenkinooby,  i normally just make a fstab entry that does what i need.. or half the time i install/run ntfs-config and checkthe right check box's and  the ntfs/vfat then get mounted with the right options12:23
spantherokay I'll change to xfce in future then :P12:23
ccmonsterout of the box, 11.04 was fine, then I installed compiz and the ati catalyst driver, now unity side bar doesnt show, and top panel neither. Also, if i go to settings and click on the catalyst control center, it just errors out.12:24
Gentoo64spanther, thats a good choice it looks nice12:24
dr_willisBenkinooby,  that guide gives likje 4 differnt ways to do things... so you may want to give the channel a bit more detail :)12:24
spantherGentoo64, hehe I love minimalistic gui's x)12:24
ccmonsteri did a unity --reset and I get an I/O error about a compiz setting.12:24
nmvictorikonia: Actually i purdoned myself before posting the question and matter of fact, I am using the modem in ubuntu.12:24
ccmonsterrather, if i do unity, the I/O error is what I see. Unity reset does nothing12:25
robin0800nmvictor, under mobile connections in network manager12:25
HitmeUnity sucks for 11.0412:25
ikonianmvictor: yes, I understand that, however pardoning yourself doesn't mean you can ask, please keep the non-ubuntu stuff out of the channel12:25
Hitmebut far better in 11.1012:25
dr_willisio error - normally implies a filesystem issue, or hard drive issue from my experience.12:25
gryHitme, for you it does12:25
ccmonsterthe drive is fine.12:26
spantherGentoo64, but I would have preferred Gnome if it would stay likt it was (dark, 2 panels, logical splitted 3 parts menu) :(12:26
gryHitme, is there something suport-related that you have to say12:26
Random832ccmonster: what do you have in dmesg related to the i/o error12:26
nmvictorikonia: I got you, give me a break now and that's rude of you12:26
dr_willisccmonster,   check 'dmesg' output and see if anything is mentioned..  ive seen 'the drive is fine'  said in here many a time... then the hd burst into flames.....12:26
ikonianmvictor: it's not rude, I'm just informing you of the channels rules.12:26
ccmonsterit also will give me a 'Segmentation Fault' if i do Unity now12:26
Random832lol i had a drive that had huge chunks of it bad, and it was relatively stable [i wasn't using it for anything important though needless to say]12:27
Benkinoobydr_willis, i did the section"automounting" and all ist subsections... i did not follow manually mounting or any other of the following sections... i read some parts of the troubleshooting (namely 5.6 and 5.7) but it was of no use either12:27
spantherbrb switching x)12:27
Hitme11.04 is mostly broken12:27
Random832ultimately the head crashed when i had a power failure at exactly the wrong moment12:27
bazhangHitme, thats enough12:27
AMDassalamu alaikum12:27
Hitmego back to 10.10 or to 11.1012:27
spantherHitme, log out and pick "Ubuntu Classic Mode (no effects)" will do well ^^12:27
bazhangHitme, thats not a support question.12:27
dr_willisBenkinooby,  when in doubt.. fall back to the basics.. and mount them by hand so you understand how mounting works.. then make a fstab entry.    the 'users,noauto' option maybe of use if the pendrive is not in all the time.12:28
Benkinoobydr_willis, will that work for different users and pendrives as well?12:29
ccmonsterOnly unity error im seeing is : unity_support_t[2875]: segfault at 4 ip 00587824 sp bf98fc80 error 4 in libGL.so.1.2[50e000+c9000]12:30
arvutHi.. if I have a 10.04 install and winxp install, and reinstall xp (which overrides the mbr with the winloader) and then install open artist (10.04 edition as I assume that's still a supported project), on a new partition. Will that then fix grub for me? or must I do it manually with livecd/dvd/usb to fix-grub?12:31
ccmonsteri dont see any hd issues12:32
Benkinoobydr_willis, ok, let me try and report back12:32
yeats!derivatives | arvut12:32
ubottuarvut: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition12:32
ccmonsteralright, everytime i try to start unity dmesg shows something along the lines of : [  856.197808] compiz[3832]: segfault at 4 ip 00c4d824 sp bfaf2960 error 4 in libGL.so.1.2[bd4000+c9000]12:33
ccmonster[ 1362.506957] compiz[4576]: segfault at 4 ip 02265824 sp bfe0e330 error 4 in libGL.so.1.2[21ec000+c9000]12:33
ccmonster[ 1726.818478] compiz[4635]: segfault at 4 ip 02521824 sp bf96b520 error 4 in libGL.so.1.2[24a8000+c9000]12:33
Random832anything before that?12:33
lcneon_hoi hoi12:33
Random832also, pastebin12:34
ccmonstertalking to me Random83212:34
Random832not looking for unity errors - anything about I/O in general, like, hard drive reset stuff12:34
ccmonstercan i grep dmesg?12:34
Random832"I/O error" doesn't just happen randomly12:35
Random832dmesg | grep whatever, but i forget what the message i'm thinking of looks like12:35
ccmonsterthe thing is, the i/o error doesn't look like an actual hard drive error, the error refers specifically to a compiz file12:35
ccmonsteras if something is incorrectly configured, and then it just doesn't start correctly.12:36
Random832that means the error happened when it was trying to read that file12:36
Random832i don't know - it's too early in the morning12:36
ccmonsteris there another way to fully reset unity other than unity --reset?12:36
ccmonsterbecause that does nothing.12:36
Random832"I/O error" is a BIG red flag - 90% of the time it means a hard drive failure or hard drive controller failure in my experience12:36
Random832dunno, never used unity12:36
coz_ccmonster,  you could simply restart x12:36
Random832i don't actually use ubuntu at the moment, i'm just here to give support on general linux stuff12:37
ccmonsterwhat will that do to unity?12:37
Random832restart it12:37
coz_ccmonster, that will restart it12:37
ccmonsterok, im in classic mode at the moment12:37
coz_ccmonster,   ctrl+alt+F1  log in    then sudo  restart gdm12:37
bazhang!google | me12:39
ubottume: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.12:39
g0tResults for | me on Google:12:39
ccmonster2so i restarted, no dice on the unity12:40
hamid11771hi all12:40
ikoniag0t: are you active ?12:40
ccmonster2im in standard mode, but no panels12:40
coz_ccmonster2,  so you restarted back onto classic mode or did you change the sesssion to Ubuntu  Unity12:40
hamid11771is there any special server version for embeded systems ?12:40
hamid11771(ARM i mean)12:41
ccmonster2because I also want the specific error i saw12:41
coz_ccmonster2,   do you have the launcher on the left side..yes?12:41
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:41
ccmonster2no, no side panel12:41
arvutyeats: open artist is a ubuntubased distro, so I just want to know if installing another ubuntu based distro would repair grub (as I assume it would do what ubuntu does when you install it side by side with windows, install grub2 and include the other OS(s) in the bootmenu.12:41
ccmonster2no app bar or w/e it's called12:41
ccmonster2nothing on top, nothing on the side12:41
coz_ccmonster2,   can you open a terminal12:41
arvutdoes grub have an irc?12:41
coz_ccmonster2,  lspci | grep -i vga12:42
coz_arvut,   yes   #grub12:42
Gentoo64arvut, no harm in trying to join12:42
coz_arvut,  if you  dont know how to switch channels,, where you type here  , type  /join #grub12:42
hamid11771@hamid11771 :D12:43
arvutcoz_: /j works just fine, just thought I might ask, as they sometimes have different names than you would guess.12:43
coz_arvut,  I k now :)12:44
ccmonstersmmkay lol12:45
ccmonstersI/O warning : failed to load external entity "/home/brian/.compiz/session/10c75891a892b601ce131332553752044000000054290000"12:45
ccmonstersthat's the error i see12:45
coz_ccmonsters,   that's odd12:46
ccmonstersthen if i do unity --reset , now i get an odd error12:47
dr_willisnow would be a good time to make sure you have proper backups...12:47
yeatsccmonsters: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/34405312:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 344053 in compiz (Ubuntu) "I/O warning : failed to load external entity" [Low,Invalid]12:48
dr_willisresetting compiz. is difernt then resetting unity also..12:48
aparna_i have a problem booting ubuntu 11.04 beta....it doesnt show in d boot menu alongside windows xp12:48
gryaparna_: Why beta?12:48
aparna_does anyone know any solution12:48
ccmonsterswhat's this yeats ?12:48
yeatsccmonsters: thought it's marked "invalid", there are some potentially useful comments12:48
Benkinoobydr_willis, i followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB#Manually%20Mounting wich will provide me with write access. few paragraphs later the say:"There is a program called pmount available in the repositories which allows unprivileged users to mount drives as if they were using sudo, even without an entry in /etc/fstab." Following the link of /etc/fstab to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab it seems that fstab is pretty stati12:48
Benkinoobyc and not the best choice for pen drives (changing devices and UUIDs, changing file systems, different numbers of pen drives) or did i missunderstand something?12:48
coz_aparna_,  11.04  or 11.10?12:49
dr_willisBenkinooby,  i mount mine based on the label that i set for each pendrive.12:49
aparna_hmmm 11.0412:49
coz_aparna_,  if it is 11.04  beta  stop using that and get the released version...if it is 11.10  then  go to #ubuntu+1 channel :)12:49
dr_willisBenkinooby,  did you try the simple way of just running 'ntfs-config' and checking the 'allow users access to ntfs/vfat' ?12:49
aparna_ok...nywys i downloaded 2 days bk12:49
lobeznohi there! how to add an generic txt only printer on ubuntu?12:49
aparna_let me confirm if its 11.0412:50
dr_willisccmonsters,   to reset compiz ---> gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-112:50
coz_aparna_,   in terminal  lsb_release -a12:50
aparna_it is 11.0412:50
ccmonstersok, so just put that in the cl?12:51
coz_aparna_,  then there lies the problem,, get the release of 11.0412:51
dr_willisccmonsters,  if you want to reset Compiz back to defaults.. yes..12:51
aparna_wat problem?12:51
Benkinoobydr_willis, will do now... sorry, but today i am not the fastest & most effective... sorry for being so troublesome to support :P12:51
coz_aparna_,  didnt you say you had issues with booting the beta?12:51
aparna_i am sure there should be some solution to boot it up12:51
coz_aparna_,   well if you are using the "beta" version of 11.04  it is bound to be somewhat buggy12:52
dr_willisBenkinooby,  how linux mounts things. is one of those 'core' concepts that its worth just learning how its done from the lowest levels up..  I never use pmount. Ive learned how to do things by hand when i want stuff done. :)12:52
aparna_haha...i expect it to atleast start up12:52
SSX_1I installed server 11.04 on an old armada m300, however display output is garbage black and white....12:52
aparna_do u know any solution for d start up12:52
SSX_1any ideas12:52
coz_aparna_,  I havent used the beta for many months now so I couldnt say if it booted or not12:52
Benkinoobydr_willis, ntfs-mount is of no help, I installed it, but there are no devices listed (my pendirve is fat)12:53
dr_willisisent there a 11.04.3 out? or was that for the other lts release...12:53
coz_aparna_,  yes   download the 11.04  release and install that12:53
dr_willisBenkinooby,  check the box for allowing users full access.. it works for ntfs or vfat . the disk dosent have to be inserted at the time..12:53
aparna_well 11.04 is still beta12:53
nancy--in ftp how to cut a folder and past it inside another folder (i dont want to download and upload it again) ?12:53
ccmonstersok, I did that dr_willis , now do a unity --reset?12:53
ccmonstersor waht?12:53
coz_aparna_,  non it is no longer beta12:53
bazhangaparna_, no its not12:53
coz_aparna_,  it is released now,, 11.10 I believe is still in alpha stage12:54
dr_willisccmonsters,  if you have done it recently.. i doubt if it will help. :) but you can try i guess.12:54
dr_willisBenkinooby,  im on the beta so cant tell you the exact wording of the ntfs-config tool. its a bit of a flakey tool sadly. :(12:54
ccmonstersIt does nothing, I just keep getting the error @ http://pastie.org/237032212:54
aparna_dey just have beta version12:54
aparna_i just checkd the site12:54
coz_aparna_,   you downloaded  the wrong version let me get link hold on12:54
coz_aparna_,    http://www.ubuntu.com/12:55
coz_aparna_,  click the "Get Ubuntu"   big red button :)12:55
dr_willis'the jolly candy like button' :)12:56
ccmonsterslol @ coz_12:56
skyreddoes Webmin reply on a webserver such as Nginx or Apache?12:57
Benkinoobydr_willis, the pendirve is mounted but ntfs-config doesn't show anything http://imagebin.org/16778112:57
aparna_i have d same iso12:57
ccmonstersok, so issue is that the unity panels are not showing12:57
coz_aparna_,  what you might want to do is use the mini iso12:57
coz_!mini | aparna_12:57
ubottuaparna_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:57
d3s3rtdw3ll3rBenkinooby. Thought it was a fat32 FS12:58
dr_willisBenkinooby, err.. notice the check box.. 'enable write support for external.....'   Check that.. :)12:58
SSX_1how to force ubuntu server to use text only mode for display?12:58
Benkinoobyd3s3rtdw3ll3r, it is... dr_willis told me to use ntfs-config...12:58
aparna_well i dnt have high speed internet12:58
aparna_n i do have d same iso12:58
Benkinoobydr_willis, oh, sorry, i had it checked and unchecked it for testing reasons12:58
ccmonstershow do i open the system settings from the cl?12:58
Gentoo64SSX_1, isnt that by default?12:58
dr_willisBenkinooby,  then  when you insert any vfat/ntfs   they should get moutned where all users have full access... thats all i think you need to do. :)12:58
aparna_so wat difference will it make?12:58
dr_willisBenkinooby,  check it.. You MIGHT want to reboot.. but i dont think so...12:59
Benkinoobydr_willis, it is checked, i unmounted, mounted again... no write12:59
nancy--in ftp how to cut a folder and past it inside another folder (i dont want to download and upload it again) ?12:59
SSX_1Gentoo64: i thoutgt so, but it boots into a black and white screen with unreadable text12:59
dr_willisBenkinooby,  its possible any fstab entry/opther tweaks may mess with it.. but 90% of the time. I just check that box on a new install and then it works from then on.12:59
dr_willisBenkinooby,  if you are mounting by HAND , then you are overriding the automounting stuff... so that box wont matter..12:59
Gentoo64SSX_1, unreadable how?12:59
dr_willisBenkinooby,  IF you are mounbting by hand. you MUST use the proper options.   so pick one way or the other. :)13:00
Benkinoobydr_willis, are you speaking about the ntfs-config chekcbox?13:00
dr_willisBenkinooby,  yes. that checkbox tweaks the automounting subsustem13:00
SSX_1Gentoo64: screen is white, text is black and garbaged,13:00
SSX_1Gentoo64: you can't read the letters13:00
Gentoo64ah, no idea :s13:00
Benkinoobydr_willis, it is checked and the pen dirve is remounted13:01
Benkinoobydr_willis, let me reboot13:01
dr_willisBenkinooby,  so if you have done any fstab entrys, you may want to comment them out, check that box. and reboot.   then insert the pendrive and see how its mounted.13:01
Benkinoobydr_willis, my fstab http://pastebin.com/H5GDiD0N13:02
SSX_1Gentoo64: any idea when im in rescue mode where to set the video settings13:02
Benkinoobydr_willis, seems like there are only entries for my hdd partitions there...13:02
dr_willisBenkinooby,  you havent done anything to that - as far as i can tell. :)13:02
Benkinoobydr_willis, i never had my hand on it - correct13:02
zabombercan i script the addition of users to the sudoers ?13:03
Benkinoobydr_willis, brb13:03
dr_williszabomber,  you can script most anything you want.. :) if you got the skill.13:03
Gentoo64zabomber, what do you mean?13:04
d3s3rtdw3ll3ranyone know how I can set a key sequence to run a command?13:04
zabomberdr_willis: http://pastebin.com/G4VL0vkC i want to add the ability to option in for a user to be added to sudoers13:04
dr_williszabomber,   to what end? if you want a user to have full sudo rights, you add them to the proper group normally13:05
zabomberyeh… so he/she she can act like root13:05
zabomberusermod -G etc?13:05
dr_williszabomber,   somthing like that. I rarely have to mess with it.. as for your script.. Im not sure that using sudo IN a script.. always works properly.13:06
zabomberwhats the difference between sudoers and root?13:06
dr_willisI think the script may not continue afterwards.13:06
Gentoo64zabomber, sudoers is the rules13:06
dr_willisroot is a specific user...     sudo gives users access to do speciric things as root.13:06
dr_willisYou can set up sudoers to allow users to run Very specific commands as root If you wanted to.13:06
JakeR003dr_willis can i give sudoers to have full access/permission to all files/folders?13:08
Gentoo64jakemp, it is by default13:08
dr_willisJakeR003,  by default sudo has that allready....13:09
JakeR003now it says permission " root "13:09
Gentoo64sudo = allows user to execute any command13:09
dr_willis depending on how you define 'full access'13:09
dr_willis  sudo cp/rm/whatever  /path/to/file     ---> full access..13:09
JakeR003copy yeah i did that but without typing the command13:09
bindi_I set up remote desktop from the menu, tried connecting with tightvnc.. it hangs on "status: protocol version negotiated"13:10
JakeR003like i can use the GUI file manager to drag and move13:10
JakeR003i wwant to be able to do that13:10
Henriquezhow about chmod ?13:10
dr_willisrun the file manager as root... logically...13:10
JakeR003how to run it as root then all the time?13:10
gry!gksu | JakeR00313:10
ubottuJakeR003: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)13:10
dr_willisyou DONT run a file manager as root 'all the time' unless you want to accidently trash the system.13:10
dr_willisuse sudo/gksudo as needed.. get the task done.. close the filemanager..13:10
JakeR003well. i'm an admin all the time on windows13:10
JakeR003never did13:11
gryJakeR003: Bad practice.13:11
JakeR003who cares13:11
Gentoo64JakeR003, you can just gksu nautilus13:11
Gentoo64and if you accidentally delete important sruff then dont complain13:11
JakeR003Gentoo64 yes man. how?13:11
Benkinoobydr_willis, no change... pendrive still owned my root :(13:11
szalJakeR003: don't come whining here if you hosed something13:11
Gentoo64JakeR003, gksu nautilus..13:11
dr_willisBenkinooby,  somthings weird then.13:11
gryJakeR003: Linux does not work *that* bad. You can NOT have a gui app running as root easily.13:11
gigenieksHello all :)13:11
Benkinoobydr_willis, ideeed13:11
gryConstantly, I mean.13:11
gryIt will only launch when you implicitly ask it to.13:12
dr_williswindows actually  has a higher admin user i belive that you are not using all the time..   but thats for #windows13:12
Benkinoobydr_willis, so what you did to make an fstab entrie for ech pendrive assuming that their fs does not change13:12
dr_willisBenkinooby,  somthing similer to --> #LABEL="Videos1000" /media/Videos1000 ntfs-3g defaults 0 013:12
gigenieksIs there manual for gmusicbrowser somewhere? which explains EVERYTHING ?13:13
dr_willisBenkinooby,  with extra options as needed.  most likely you want to set a   defaults,uid=1000,gid=1000,noauto13:13
=== snimavat is now known as sn
gigeniekswant to know exactly what does what..13:13
coz_gigenieks,  in terminal   man gmusicbrowser   maybe13:13
=== sn is now known as Guest83232
dr_willistheres always the apps homepage, wiich may have a forum/guides/wiki13:13
Benkinoobydr_willis, i really wonder what i messed up... as i said, for a default ubuntu install, all this is no issue13:14
Henriquezand there is a manual/guid in > http://gmusicbrowser.org/guide.html13:14
coz_Guest83232,   sn was way easier to tab :)13:14
ccmonsterstill no dice13:14
=== Guest83232 is now known as snimavat
dr_willisBenkinooby,  no idea. I rarely fight with the automonting stuff. If i want it to mount - i mount it. :)13:14
Benkinoobydr_willis, default install just mount your pendrive with write permissions, without fstab messign or anything else13:14
gryccmonster: ?13:14
ccmonsterbasically, all i cant get to is the top panel and the sidebar13:14
dr_willisBenkinooby,  im on the beta now. so cant even double check stuff for you.13:14
gigeniekscoz_:  I need with screenshots and for GUI gmusicbrowser ;)13:14
Benkinoobydr_willis, i am somehow tiered of manually mounting it every thime13:14
ccmonsteri can shuffle workspaces , etc13:14
ccmonsterjust no panels13:15
coz_gigenieks,  ah i see,m,m  did you check online for any sites that may offer screenshots of gmusicbrowser?13:15
compdocbindi_, from the menu? meaning System menu>Preferences>Remote Desktop?13:15
bindi_compdoc: yes13:15
dr_willisBenkinooby,  theres the forums and askubuntu.com they may mention somthing ive overlooked.. 90% of the time that ntfs-config works.. but its an old app and has always been buggy13:15
gigenieksjust their homepage13:15
gigenieksI would like to have manual like Virtual Box have.13:15
gigenieksvery detailed13:15
tt_1does anyone know how to install kismet-newcore dependencies?13:16
Ulfalizerwhat's the "preferred" way to install a git server that launches on boot? editing boot scripts the old-fashioned way, or is there something more automatic?13:16
gigenieksSo I know exactly what option does what and how everything connects etc etc13:16
Benkinoobydr_willis, can i use my launchpad login for the ubuntu forum?13:16
compdocbindi_, that requires that someone be logged into the desktop when you want to access13:16
Henriquez@ ggve you tried their wiki http://wiki.gmusicbrowser.org/13:16
bindi_compdoc: there is13:16
dr_willisBenkinooby,  no idea. tryit and see.13:16
dr_willisBBL. gotta  do a errand.13:17
tt_1cannot make libcapability support to work13:17
compdocbindi_, I think that one uses port 590013:17
bindi_compdoc: yes i tried that and it's the same as not having a port13:17
compdocnot sure what that means13:18
compdocoh, you mean you dont have to specify a port13:18
gigenieksseems like no one uses gmusicbrowser? Maybe I am asking in wrong channel?13:19
compdocdid you install tightvnc on the machine youre trying to connect to? thats a slightly different service than the built-in one13:19
yeatsgigenieks: you might end up having to contact the project for more details - many open source projects docs are sparse and potentially out of date13:19
yeatsgigenieks: of course you can probably volunteer to improve that situation for projects you care about ;-)13:20
Dragon64you talkin about google music?13:20
coz_gigenieks,    http://gmusicbrowser.org/faq.html13:20
robin0800gigenieks, have you seen the Shimmer project take on gmusicbrowser13:21
gigenieksyeats: I probably will read everything about music, video, image etc software, so I don't think I have time to volunteer to all projects lol :) But I could for now file a bug (Xfburn) waiting for replies in Ubuntu forums13:22
gigenieksrobin0800: no13:22
compdocthe built-in remote desktop sharing is vino13:22
gigeniekscoz_: i was there, it not enough..13:22
Sebohi, Can you tell me how can I list all opened TCP ports?13:22
Soothsayercould someone recommend a clipboard manager?13:22
Random832Sebo: netstat -lnt13:22
Random832er, that's all listening - depends on your definition of "open"13:23
robin0800gigenieks, they claim there is lots of bugs that they have fixed in the standard module13:23
SeboRandom832: That is it. I just wonted to determine if my headless virtualbox is listening for rdp connection13:25
gigenieksrobin0800: I didn't get what you ment. many bugs in gmusicbrowser? I am using it only because it is by default on Xubuntu and it is supposed to be lightweight on resources (have old PC) I just want to fully understand everything I use in my system (Xubuntu, Virtual Box, gmusicbrowser, etc etc) not in one day or week, but after some time I would like to do everything what I want and how I want and understand why things works in way they are working :) )13:26
nullziongigenieks, best way is to write you own then :P13:26
gigenieksnullzion: I have no clue what you meant...13:27
SeboI'm trying to set up vbox @ ubuntu serwer with no graphical GUI. And till now I can run the vm and take PNG snapshot of its screen. but I can not connect to it in any way :/13:27
nullzionSebo,  did you install ssh server on it?13:28
exutuxSebo: do you have installed extpack ?13:28
herrgabrielWhen I click on a link in Gwibber, Empathy or other Programs, the link is not opened in the default browser, but instead with Geany. Why is that? (11.04)13:29
exutuxSebo: I mean from oracle site VirtualBox 4.1 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack13:30
Benkinoobydr_willis, i am putting my question to the forum ubuntuforums.org . i will explain why state and what i want to achive. i'll paste my fstab and mount (with and without pendrive) and tell them that ntfs-config did not work. did i forget anything to mention fo a successful ask in the forum?13:31
Sebonullzion: I had - I've exported the vm from the desktop host and here (@ desktop) I've installed openssh at the vm. And everything is fine when it is runned from the desktop host.13:31
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, He had to go; but your info looks correct.13:31
dr_willisBenkinooby,  not that i can think of.. check askubuntu.com also.13:31
Sidewinder1Sorry, he's back. :-)13:32
Benkinoobydr_willis, Sidewinder1 ok, thank you both for your time, interest and patience13:32
nullzionherrgabriel, try gconf-editor, under it go to desktop->appliactions->browser and then on the right side under exec change it to whatever browser u want13:32
SeboI did not installed VMbox guest extensions cause I suposed to connect to the vm by ssh only ;]13:32
Sidewinder1Benkinooby, You're more than welcome. :D13:32
gigenieksSo, will anybody add something or I can quit channel for now? :)13:32
ccmonsterhow do i get the notification panel back?13:32
exutuxSebo: It isn't vbox guest addition it is an extpack that enable VRDE on server13:33
coz_gigenieks,  I cant add anything more,, not all applications have good explanations or tutorials13:33
dr_willistheres always the source. :)13:33
herrgabrielnullzion, it states "firefox" as default browser. The url-handler in gconf-editor also shows correct entries for http:// and so on. But still no luck13:33
SeboAnd I use oracle VBox 4.1 cause the ubuntu virtualbox-ose did not worked.13:34
coz_gigenieks,  that's true ,, you can always take a good look at the code13:34
exutuxSebo: If you want use ssh only, why you need RDP enabled?13:34
Benkinoobydr_willis, Sidewinder1 maybe i should add the groups my user belongs to13:34
Seboexutux: So this might be the case.13:34
nullzionherrgabriel, uhh, thats past my limits about ubuntu, good luck tho13:34
SeboI just wonted to check why the ssh is not working13:34
robin0800gigenieks, Well still suggest you google the Shimmer Project13:34
herrgabrielanybody else maybe?13:35
Sebocause at the screens of guest I've got bringing up eth0 and the sshd.13:35
SSX_1how to connect a usb wifi in terminal ??13:35
coz_herrgabriel,  who is online depends mainly on timezones..so  at a different time there may be someone available with different solutions13:36
herrgabrielcoz_, ... i know?13:36
exutuxSebo: well if you want it, install extpack before, and after run you guest machine VBoxHeadless --startvm 'name' then you can connect from another client with rdesktop-vrdp ip_server:338913:36
tobetterhello, my microphone don't work on my laptop, can someone do me a favor?13:36
=== Random833 is now known as Random832
Seboexutux: what is the package name of this extpack? I can not see anything I would suspect to be this.13:38
gigenieksrobin0800: and what next?13:38
exutuxSebo: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads13:38
exutuxSebo: wget it in your server and install it by VBoxManage13:39
gigenieksrobin0800: found this: https://launchpad.net/gmb-shimmer13:40
robin0800gigenieks, see there take on gmusicbrowser its one of their projects there's even a ppa to install it13:40
Seboexutux: and that is what I did: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-4.1 dkms13:40
exutuxSebo: is it installed?13:41
exutuxvirtualbox ^13:41
Sebowith this repo: deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian lucid contrib non-free13:41
Seboand it it13:41
gigenieksrobin0800: what you mean with words "take on gmusic.."? That they have manual or someone from that project could explain everything I want to know?13:41
exutuxok and do you have created guest machine in your server?13:42
induzis there anyway i can image of drive c: of a Computer13:43
engammalskoHow do I send an email from my server from command line? I have a LAMP server.13:43
exutuxSebo:  ok and do you have created guest machine in your server?13:43
Gentoo64induz, clonezilla13:43
induzis image is also called snap13:43
gryengammalsko: sendmail ?13:43
SeboNo I've created guest on my desktop and exported it to the server via *.ova13:43
engammalskogry: More detailed please : )13:43
Jon--engammalsko, man sendmail13:44
Henriqueztry vmail http://danielchoi.com/software/vmail.html13:44
sveinseI want to display a splash (not plymouth theme) which is a png file on the screen (I guess /dev/fb0). How can I do that the simplest way?13:44
gryengammalsko: http://www.feep.net/sendmail/tutorial/run/commandline.html ?13:44
exutuxSebo: via *.ova?? what is that? maybe .vdi??13:44
induzis there any application like ImageX[ in Windows] in ubuntu13:45
EliripsHello everyone. I'm trying to test gnome3 from ppa, following the instructions here: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-gnome3-on-ubuntu-11-04-nattyubuntu-10-10-maverick.html. But whenever I do 'sudo apt-get install gnome-shell', I get 'Package gnome-shell is not available, but is referred to by another package.' any ideas what might be wrong=?13:45
induzI am looking for something like ImageX to capture an image of a PC13:46
Seboexutux: I use bridged networking so I needed to vboxmanage modifyvm name --bridgeadapter1 eth0 .13:46
=== pIsIq is now known as octet
exutuxSebo: It doesn'n matter13:46
herrgabrielElirips, have you included the repository from gnome3 into your packagemanager and then "sudo apt-get update"?13:47
induzGentoo64, colezilla takes the sectorBysector image13:47
Eliripsherrgabriel: yes, I followed the four steps mentioned there. How could I test that the repo is really in by now?13:47
exutuxSebo: you must create a guest machine on the server too, and after attach to it your *.vdi  HD13:47
Sidewinder1!gnome3 | Elirips13:47
Seboexutux: when I chose file -> export apilance at my desktop vm host I can chose betwean ova and ovf export formats13:47
ubottuElirips: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.13:47
gigenieksOK bye for now. Good luck. ;)13:47
Gentoo64induz, no it dont13:48
exutuxSebo: ok RDP doesn't run in that format at all13:48
herrgabrielElirips, you could open up synaptic and manually search for contents of the repository13:48
damnocan I override the default_bar_size parameter in a conky script?13:49
herrgabrielElirips, this is all they have in that repo: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome313:49
Seboexutux: Ok so I'll try to make it at the server from strach :] ...anyway I thoght creating this et desktop woyld be more user frendly ;]13:49
SSX_1I've got a usb wifi, that is recognized by the os, how to turn it on??13:49
compdocclonezilla only does a secotr copy if you use LVM13:49
exutuxSebo: clone your .vdi with VBoxManage clonehd /path/*.vdi  /pendrive/*vdi  copy it in the same way into your server, create a new machine, attach .vdi13:49
Ramsesnothing is user friendly13:49
engammalskogry: I'm installing sendmail atm.  :)13:50
damnocan I override the default_bar_size parameter in a conky script?13:50
Eliripsherrgabriel: shouldnt I see something about gnome3-team in /etc/apt/sources.list after adding the repo? When I add the repo I get this output: http://pastebin.com/tNpx611013:50
exutuxSebo: yeah, isn't more userfriendly use vbox without GUI :)13:50
Gentoo64induz, i backup my ssd (60gb) with clonezilla, only takes up 1gb space13:50
Eliripsherrgabriel: I also had gnome3 installed some time ago, then removed it again, (using ppa-purge), so maybe something is broken because of that?13:50
exutuxSebo: I'm learning more about it in this period of my worklife!! and it is awesome :p13:51
herrgabrielElirips, that might be. I doubt that ppa-purge reset everything to the pre-gnome3 state.13:52
herrgabrielyou could set up a VM with your ubuntu version on it and try installing the ppa there13:52
damnocan I override the default_bar_size parameter in a conky script?13:52
=== wmnnd is now known as wmmnd
engammalskoI don't understand "sendmail"... Can a send a mail to someone with it? Or how's it working...13:52
wmmndHi there, can you tell me what I have to do if I want my application packaged for Ubuntu universe?13:53
Eliripsherrgabriel: Thanks for your help! The repo was "disabled" in synaptic, I added it, and trying to install gnoem3 now.. (in the hope, that the dynamic-clock option for the radeo-driver, will prevent my card from getting 90°+, when running gnome)13:53
herrgabrielElirips, god speed with that13:54
Ulfalizerengammalsko: sendmail is the program that sends off the mail. you hand it the mail contents, recipient, cc/bcc, etc. and it talks to the remote mail server in the language it understands to send off the mail.13:54
Eliripsherrgabriel: thanks. Ah, I'm so pissed about ati and their fglrx-driver :P13:54
herrgabrielget some nice nvidia cards then ;)13:55
Ulfalizerso it has no gui or anything like that. it's often used by other programs, e.g. mutt.13:55
Eliripsherrgabriel: I will, probably with a thinkpad t420s13:55
Ulfalizerunless you're doing something fancy, you might not have to deal with it directly13:55
engammalskoUlfalizer: Could you tell me how I can send an simple mail? : )13:56
Ulfalizeri don't know sendmail - sorry :/13:56
Ulfalizerif i remember correctly, it's syntax is pretty arcane13:56
engammalskoUlfalizer: Ok, I just want to find out if my server supports mailing :/13:56
Ulfalizeri think most ISPs block outgoing mail (stuff going out on the sendmail port), to prevent spamming13:57
oCeanengammalsko: sendmail is not very easy to configure. Default MTA for ubuntu is postfix, which is easier. If *sending* mail is all you need (e.g. not receiving) the the nullmailer package is quite easy13:57
Ulfalizerif you have a simple "user" account, that will probably be hte case13:57
engammalskooCean: Thanks.13:58
Ulfalizerhmm, scrap that. might not be most ISPs at all, seeing as i can use mutt just fine to send off mail (i use it with gmail).13:58
gryengammalsko: http://www.feep.net/sendmail/tutorial/run/commandline.html13:58
Ulfalizeri remember my old local ISP doing it at least. bauhaus apparently doesn't.13:59
Ulfalizerunless i'm confusing things somehow13:59
gryengammalsko: Or what oCean said.13:59
engammalskogry: I looked there but didn't understand which flag etc to use to send a mail ehe...13:59
gryengammalsko: Listen to oCean then.13:59
engammalskogry: Yeah, already installed it : )14:00
deus|-|I did a filesystem check on an ancient Logical Volume of mine, and it came back as "unclean" is the problem be carried back to the Volume group or Physical Volume?14:00
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
Ulfalizerengammalsko: your smileys are spacey :S14:00
oCeanengammalsko: your ISP probably has provided you with the information of their outgoing mailserver e.g. smtp.domain.com. When using nullmailer that is ALL you have to set in the configfiles14:00
Ulfalizeror you could use e.g. gmail. some work to set up, but there are good guides.14:01
Ulfalizerprovided your ISP lets you send stuff on the sendmail port to any server, and not just their local ones14:01
archmanhow to make pidgin to not start minimized? any ideas?14:02
Gentoo64archman, is there a way to disable the taskbar thing?14:03
=== str is now known as dkd8
haosdent1when I open eclipse, the eclipse is freeze on "loading workbench"14:03
archmanGentoo64: pidgin is integrated in MeMenu on my system14:03
haosdent1does anybody know how to solve this problem14:03
Gentoo64archman, im not sure then. add pidgin to autostart?14:04
Gentoo64so it pops up?14:04
archmanGentoo64: i mean, it starts minimized to the taskbar, not the tray14:04
prod_HI all, can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. I am trying to install oneiric alpha dvd amd64. I hit small bugs on both install and live so am insatting in text mode. My partition setup is: 10GB sba1 as /boot and the rest of the drive is a logical group where / is a logical volume in that group. but i cannot install grub. red screenerror on text mode14:04
archmanGentoo64: don't want it on startup14:04
engammalskooCean: What should hostname be?  mail.myisp.com:25 ? Or something like localhost:25 ?14:05
Gentoo64archman, im not sure, sorry :(14:05
oCeanprod_: 11.10 support in #ubuntu+1 channel14:05
prod_thank you14:05
archmanGentoo64: nvm :)14:05
auronandacearchman: that is the indicator applet14:05
oCeanengammalsko: what, where?14:05
archmanauronandace: MeMenu? Yes.14:06
engammalskooCean: /etc/esmtprc14:06
archmanengammalsko: system hostname? why not a simple name14:06
oCeanengammalsko: that is not from nullmailer?14:07
auronandacearchman: not sure what its called14:07
archmanauronandace: what's your point, anyway? :D14:07
gantrixxI can't get my NAS to mount anymore14:08
auronandacearchman: i thought you were talking about the indicator applet (it doesn't autostart the app)14:08
gantrixxwhat is the best log for troubleshooting that?14:08
Johnny_GigglesIs this the place to discuss 11.10?14:08
oCeanJohnny_Giggles: no, #ubuntu+1 is14:08
Gentoo64Johnny_Giggles, i thinkm its ubuntu+114:08
auronandacearchman: there are guides to disable it14:08
gigenieksguys, if I want to copy-paste command output from terminal and paste it in pastebin.ubuntu.com what should I choose "simple text" for easier reading for others?14:08
Johnny_Gigglesok thx14:08
archmanauronandace: nah, when i launch pidgin, it starts minimized to the taskbar14:08
grygigenieks: yes14:08
Gentoo64gigenieks, or use ubutnus wgetpaste type thing14:09
engammalskooCean: Can I just run the command echo "test" | sendmail mymail@gmail.com ?14:09
auronandacearchman: oh, sorry i misunderstood14:09
archmanauronandace: i don't want to disable the indicator applet, that's a shiny part of ubuntu14:09
engammalskooCean: Or is that really nullmailer?14:09
oCeanengammalsko: no, you need a program to handle your outgoing mail. A program that knows where to drop your mail. That program is nullmailer14:09
engammalskooCean: Ok. But I've just installed it with default conifgurations.14:10
engammalskooCean: Can I use the mail() function now in php? Or do I need to do something more?14:10
oCeanengammalsko: do you know what your ISP's smtp server is?14:11
engammalskooCean: Heh, no.14:11
oCeanengammalsko: well, you have to find out, since that is the server where to deliver the mail. That severname (smtp.domain.com) has to be in /etc/nullmailer/remotes14:11
oCeanthat's all14:11
archmanfrom where does rhythmbox fetch the lyrics? do you guys recommend banshee better?14:11
engammalskooCean: I just have "mail." Should I change it too what you said?14:12
oCeanjust mail? what..14:13
oCeanengammalsko: what does that mean just "mail"14:13
engammalskooCean: ehrm.. If I open the file remotes in gedit...14:14
engammalskooCean: I have one line that says ".mail"14:14
engammalskooCean: So I changed that line to "smtp.domain.com"14:14
oCeanengammalsko: oh, that can be some default, I dunno.14:14
oCeanengammalsko: that won't work14:14
oCeanengammalsko: as I said before, you have to use the smtp server of your ISP14:15
engammalskooCean: Ok, what should I do then? I'm pretty stupid when it comes too things like this.14:15
oCeanengammalsko: call your ISP and ask which smpt server you should use14:15
engammalskooCean: Seriosly.. I don't even know what ISP is.. hehe14:16
oCeanengammalsko: the company that is providing your internetconnection14:16
engammalskooCean: I think it's Hi3G Access AB14:16
engammalskooCean: And I think that's right since I'm using a 3G mobile internet atm hahah14:17
Sidewinder1engammalsko, I think if you have an email client that you've been using with your current ISP, if you look in that program's configurations, you'll find the SMTP server address for your out-going email.14:17
engammalskooCean: ofc I don't normally use the mobile internet when I'm running my server.14:17
engammalskoSidewinder1: I've only used gmail (webmail).14:18
engammalskoSidewinder1: Can I see it there too?14:18
Sidewinder1engammalsko, I don't think that'll help as it's web-mail.14:18
ionitehow do i make rekonq run java plugins?14:19
oCeanI would expect smtp.tre.se14:19
Sidewinder1engammalsko, As oCean Suggested, you'll have to call your Internet Service Provider and ask them for the address of their SMTP server, for out-going email.14:19
Sidewinder1engammalsko, Or perhaps outgoing.tre.se14:21
Sidewinder1I'd try bith.14:21
Sidewinder1both, even.14:21
=== wu is now known as Guest95729
engammalskoBut, what do I do when I know what smtp my isp uses?14:22
oCeanengammalsko: then, enter that name (or ipaddress) in /etc/nullmailer/remotes file14:23
oCeanengammalsko: according to this: http://www.ports.net/support/smtp.asp your smtp would be smtp.tre.se  I cannot connect - what happens if you try   telnet smtp.tre.se 2514:24
icerootis there something like a hook in /etc/fstab? like when something mounted successfully to run a script14:27
engammalskooCean: Ok, I've changed remotes now. Anything more? If it's not working I'm trying the other smtp :p14:28
haosdent1haha,when i delete the ".meta" in the workspace , the eclipse work normally14:28
oCeanengammalsko: you first have to try if you can actually connect to that server. You're currently configures smtp.tre.se? Then try  telnet smtp.tre.se 2514:29
engammalskooCean: just entering the domain in my address bar in my web browser? XD14:31
Sidewinder1oCean, JFF I tried to telnet to that addy and it "timed-out".14:31
engammalskooCean: I guess that's not right at all xD14:32
oCeanSidewinder1: engammalsko yes, for me it times out as well. So engammalsko better call his ISP and ask. We're not going to figure it out here14:32
Sidewinder1oCean, Agreed; at least we tried. :-)14:32
jpw1391Hi would it be against this channels rules to post a dropbox invitation?14:32
compdocISPs often block port 2514:32
oCeanjpw1391: yes, nothing offtopic here14:32
jpw1391I really need a few people to sign up just 3-4 would be perfect14:32
jpw1391oCean fair enough14:33
engammalskooCean: Ah ok. I just wanted to know how I should do. : )14:33
engammalskoThanks a lot.14:33
Sidewinder1engammalsko, You're welcome.14:33
Sidewinder1jpw1391, Perhaps in #ubuntu-offtopic?14:34
i_am_a_dog212I bought a new laptop and I put ubuntu in my RAM is currently 1 GB and I bought a new 2 GB RAM and going to give to the computer shop to replace it so when I replace it will the OS (OS: Ubuntu) be damaged.14:34
compdocthe swap file will be a little small, is all14:35
compdocerr, swap partition14:35
jpw1391ill try there14:35
StevenRi_am_a_dog212: assuming the computer shop doesn't do something stupid, no. Upgrading RAM won't break ubuntu.14:35
adnchello, what is the image filename of mp3 icons? I would like to use my own in an icontheme i found14:37
ionitehi. i got this error Applet not loaded properply. please reload page. it's from rekonq when i tried to load this website https://pib.uob.com.sg/PIBLogin/appmanager/Login/Public14:38
Benkinoobydr_willis, so, posted it at the forum... the launchpad id can indirectly be used (by connecting your launchpad id with a new/existing user in the ubunutfoum over OpenID) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182483714:40
rabbi1font-viewer is not working...... :(14:40
archmanadnc: /usr/share/icons/Humanity/mimes/48/audio-mpeg.svg or something like that14:41
adncarchman, I can try it, but they all do look different, something like gnome-xxx14:41
elizabethcan someone help install flashplayer?14:43
theadminelizabeth: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installert14:44
theadminelizabeth: installer, rather14:44
vincentvdBerghor use the FLASHAID addon in Firefox.14:44
theadminvincentvdBergh: Not everybody uses Firefox, trust me on that.14:44
adncarchman, for example I do have a file gnome-mime-audio-x-mp3.svg but it still shows an icon from an other theme14:44
elizabeththanks tons14:45
rabbi1ibus won't start during startup , even after including it in the "startup applications"14:46
adncarchman, i made a link from my file to audio-mpeg.svg and it did work, is there a list what they need to be named?14:48
archmanadnc: got no idea, sorry14:49
RB2Hello. Has anyone seen where empathy suddenly stops displaying google talk contacts? The account shows as signed in and Available.14:52
RB2I've done some searching, but haven't come up with much14:52
rabbi1font viewer is not starting. any suggestions. also ibus is not starting at startup.... :(14:57
olzhashey guys14:58
olzhastry this14:58
theadminolzhas: This is a support channel ; please do not spam either.14:59
gabe_hello community, what is the directory path to the terminal please? I'm trying to open a telnet link and firefox asks me to choose the application I'd like to use to open the link (the terminal in this case) but I don't know where it's located15:01
theadmingabe_: /usr/bin/gnome-terminal, but that ain't gonna work with Firefox15:01
theadmingabe_: You need a short script15:01
gabe_theadmin: why is that? would you be able to make it happen?15:02
rypervenchegabe_: Get the telnet link and type it in manually into the terminal15:03
Heraklesllutz, Do you have some small time free... ?15:04
rabbi1font viewer is not starting. any suggestions. also ibus is not starting at startup.... :(15:04
theadmingabe_: https://pzt.me/3ygi - save this in /usr/local/bin as "telnet-for-firefox" or something. Make it executable. Point Firefox to it.15:05
gabe_rypervenche: the address doesn't show... there seems to be a java script associated with it or something like that15:05
gabe_theadmin: thanks I'll give it a try :)15:05
olzhastheadmin, ok15:05
=== ArcadeDawg is now known as Arcademan
Kreative`Hi, quick question, I just installed 11.04, and I am wondering would it  be safe to update to 11.10 alpha via update manager -d?15:08
openbeesheloo guys it's good to see large cloud of ubuntu lovers after very long time .!15:08
xanguaKreative`: no15:08
xanguaans is neither suported here15:08
Herakleshelp!        Would somebody be so kind to check my small problem ? Softwarecenter does finds the media; I guess it is looking in wrong location (/media/cdrom...); only /media/Ubuntu 11.04... is existent; directory cdrom is in root-directory; please check my pastes; I am holding a screenshot... where do i post it ?15:08
=== Arcademan is now known as ArcadeDawg
xanguabut do as you wish15:08
oCeanKreative`: support for 11.10 is in #ubuntu+1 channel. But it's still an alpha release, so expect troubles15:09
Kreative`Ah ok, thanks.15:09
potatoeI am editing my menu.xml for my media machine. When I select the item, I want to replace the image that appears on the right ( right now I see a joystick )15:09
potatoeoops, wrong room ;)15:09
openbeesis gnome3 repository for ubuntu 11.04 is stable now or not?15:09
xanguaopenbees: is not15:09
mustardCUopenbees, just wait until 11.1015:10
openbeesmustardCU : that's what people  suggested to me on internet too15:10
mustardCUopenbees, you're welcome15:11
=== rsg is now known as a
openbeesmustardCU : hat if i try to to install with unstable repository ?15:11
=== a is now known as Guest30826
rabbi1How do i set a 3 mins delay for the "Network Manager" to start connecting automatically15:12
iridiumsearch for unstable definition15:12
=== Guest30826 is now known as rsg
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.15:12
ccmonsteris there a gui or anything to control my fans?15:12
oCeanopenbees: no promises or support from this channel15:12
ccmonsterit sounds like my fan just wont stop running, even though I am pretty sure it's not overheating or anything.15:12
mustardCUopenbees, I did that before.  Gnome 3 started with a weird theme and Unity is broken.  If you really want to use Gnome3, test it on a virtual machine first.15:12
openbeesoCean : i am not expecting such things :-)15:13
FxIIIhi all15:13
mustardCUopenbees, oh, and I couldn't go back to the stable Gnome for whatever reason so i had to reinstall.  Another reason why you should use a virtual machine first.15:14
gabe_theadmin: it doesn't work :( the terminal opens for 1 second and then disappears15:14
FxIIIis there a way to get a script run when a device is plugged in?15:14
theadmingabe_: Odd15:14
theadminFxIII: udev rules15:14
meeyayjoin #hi15:16
openbeesmustardCU : u could downgrade to ur older gnome...15:16
theadminopenbees: You can't.15:16
mustardCUopenbees, i tried.  Didn't work.15:16
openbeestheadmin : thanks i goted15:17
theadmin!gnome3 | openbees, mustardCU15:17
ubottuopenbees, mustardCU: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.15:17
Herakleshelp!        Would somebody be so kind to check my small problem ? Softwarecenter does finds the media; I guess it is looking in wrong location (/media/cdrom...); only /media/Ubuntu 11.04... is existent; directory cdrom is in root-directory; please check my pastes; I am holding a screenshot15:17
FxIIItheadmin: where I can find documentation about this?15:17
Herakles 15:17
theadminFxIII: Tons of places honestly15:17
gracielahi guys, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 64b with kernel 2.6.38, but I cannot connect with the wifi card . The error is:15:17
gracielaroot@graciela-laptop:/home/graciela# ifconfig wlan0 up15:17
gracielaSIOCSIFFLAGS: Error desconocido 13215:17
gracielaerror desconocido = unknown error :)15:18
gracielaany idea, please?15:18
openbeesubottu : thanks dear i know you are bot ...but realy you are smart enough !15:18
ubottuopenbees: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:18
FxIIItheadmin: a simple tutorial to start out...15:20
oCeanHerakles: do you know where the dvd is actually mounted?15:21
norbert_The installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk:15:21
norbert_[Errno 5] Input/output error15:21
norbert_This is often due to a faulty CD/DVD disk or drive, or a faulty hard disk. It may help to clean the CD/DVD, to burn the CD/DVD at a lower speed, to clean the CD/DVD drive lens (cleaning kits are often available from electronics suppliers), to check whether the hard disk is old and in need of replacement, or to move the system to a cooler environment.15:21
FloodBot1norbert_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:22
norbert_how come everybody and his mom gets that error message15:22
HeraklesoCean, yes...15:22
oCeanHerakles: is it currently mounted?15:22
HeraklesoCean, yes...15:22
norbert_I mean, 2 completely different computers I got that error, and now my friend is installing it on his pc and he Skypes me that he got that error15:22
openbeeshave a nice day/night guys...thank you so much for time...:-)15:22
oCeanHerakles: what is the output of the  mount  command?15:23
oCeanHerakles: (in pastebin please)15:23
mustardCUYou're welcome, openbees15:23
HeraklesoCean,  no output....15:23
Heraklesit ismounted automatically....15:23
Herakles 15:23
oCeanHerakles: typing    mount      in terminal should show all currently mounted filesystems15:23
HeraklesI don´t have a problem mounting the cd...., oCean15:24
oCeanHerakles: I want to verify where it is mounted15:24
=== pete is now known as Guest18074
HeraklesoCean, , please check my paste...., it is mounted in /media as Ubuntu 11.04........15:25
Guest18074can anybody help me get rid of this error? "error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"15:25
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:25
oCeanHerakles: no, your paste does not show that. Show me the output of the   mount  command15:25
Herakles#ls /media; dont you see the Ubuntu-directory in my paste ?15:26
oCeanHerakles: do you want me to help you?15:26
Guest18074can anyone help me with epsxe?15:27
=== Guest18074 is now known as peate
HeraklesI have no output if i am using mount command, oCean15:27
=== dvz-_ is now known as dvz-
oCeanHerakles: that's a problem. It should. Try  cat /proc/mounts15:28
peate"can anybody help me get rid of this error? "error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"15:29
norbert_peate: install Windows 715:29
peatethanks norbert but no thanks15:29
oCeannorbert_: how is that helpful?15:29
auronandaceHerakles: open a terminal and type "mount", it should show you what is mounted where15:29
Herakles/dev/sr0 /media/Ubuntu\04011.04\040i386 iso9660 ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf8,mode=0400,dmode=0500 0 015:30
contrastGreets, everyone... Anyone know how I might get suspend working on my laptop again? It mysteriously stopped working ~a week ago (goes to a black screen with blinking cursor and blinking caps lock light on the keyboard).15:30
norbert_oCean: then he can use other software that do not require libtk libraries or certain versions15:30
norbert_damn, let me retry that15:30
norbert_oCean: then (s)he can use other software that does not require libgtk libraries of certain versions15:31
peateright norbert but im trying to set it up on linux. im very close i just need that15:31
oCeannorbert_: this is ubuntu support channel, you better stop silly remarks like that15:31
oCeanHerakles: I need all of the output15:31
Heraklesokay, just a sec..15:31
peateso does anyone have any suggestions?15:32
auronandacepeate: what are you trying to setup that requires gtk1?15:32
rumpe1peate, http://titan2x.wordpress.com/2010/07/18/installing-libgtk-1-2-on-recent-versions-of-ubuntu/15:33
edbianpeate: Is this some very old software or something that requires gtk 1?15:33
peateauronan, im trying to setup epsxe and i have everything except for that libgtk1.215:33
peateyes it it15:33
peatethanks rumpel, ill take a  look at that15:34
oCeanHerakles: somehow it is mounted twice. Also at /media/apt, which is probably the actual apt location.15:34
contrastpeate: You're trying to compile epsxe? I'm pretty sure there's a PPA for it...15:35
oCeanHerakles: from your screenshot it seems the system searches in /media/cdrom.  So do this in a terminal:   sudo ln -s /media/cdrom /media/apt15:35
lazarus_hi all15:35
peateRUmple you are a life saver!! thank you!!!15:35
peaterumple, that link worked perfectly, +1 in my book for you15:35
oCeanHerakles: no wait15:35
Heraklesmoment, please..15:35
peateand contrast, i couldnt find one15:36
contrastpeate: https://launchpad.net/~rinoadiary/+archive/ppa?field.series_filter=natty15:36
rumpe1peate, give the +1 to google :)15:36
peateit worked! and google, +1 to you15:36
Heraklesfogfromdust@Home:~$ sudo ln -s /media/cdrom /media/apt15:37
Herakles[sudo] password for fogfromdust:15:37
Heraklesln: Erzeuge symbolische Verknüpfung „/media/apt/cdrom“: Das Dateisystem ist nur lesbar15:37
theadmin"Can not create symbolic link '/media/apt/cdrom', the filesystem is mounted read-only"15:38
theadminoCean: ^15:38
oCeansomething weird happened there15:38
theadminHerakles: I suggest you run "LANG=C bash" in terminal before running any commands if you're not using an English sytem.15:38
theadminHerakles: system, rather15:39
contrastpeate: i recommend always searching here before trying to compile anything: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas ;-)15:39
peatethanks contrast!15:39
ZahradaI have a question.15:39
theadminZahrada: Ask it.15:39
peatebut i already did it15:39
oCeanHerakles: so, to be sure, there is nothing in /media/cdrom directory, right?15:40
Zahradadoes Ubuntu have this countdown to boot a default OS as Fedora has?15:40
theadminZahrada: 10 seconds.15:40
ZahradaI find that rather handy15:40
edbianZahrada: yes, that's a feature of grub15:40
edbianZahrada: edit /etc/default/grub/15:40
ZahradaI never had that with older editions of Ubuntu, that's why I ask :)15:40
HeraklesoCean, , if you see my paste; that directory /media/cdrom is not existent...15:41
ZahradaBut then again, I had this RAID setup that wasn't optimally supported :)15:41
auronandaceZahrada: it only appears if you have other OS's installed alongside ubuntu15:41
ZahradaI did auronandace.15:41
oCeanHerakles: exactly. Now try   sudo ln -s /media/apt /media/cdrom  (I think I had it backwards previously)15:42
auronandaceZahrada: i'm not sure about raid though15:42
Benkinoobydr_willis, MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH IT IS SOOOOLVED! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=182483715:42
theadminoCean: hint, the syntax is "ln -s TARGET LINKNAME"15:42
heckmanQuestion for everyone:  Any idea what would cause my frame rates to go to hell when upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 yet running the same video drivers?15:42
theadminoCean: Not sure what you want to link where so15:42
heckmanI'm running a high-end graphics card with the non-free ATi drivers.15:42
oCeantheadmin: trying to solve this: http://imagebin.org/16779315:42
heckmanBut 11.04 makes my FPS *suck*15:42
livingdaylightcan someone tell me how to change font color in Libre Office Writer? It's black by default15:43
theadminoCean: Ah, I see. Can't you just modify sources.list to point to a proper location?15:43
HeraklesoCean, i got no output on that; should i try to find the DVD using the Softwarecenter now ?15:43
oCeanHerakles: please try15:43
Benkinoobysome1 here who has an help.ubuntu.com account and i read to do a small edit? i have all links at hand and it's jsut a few lines (that why i don't want to bother to create an account)15:43
oCeantheadmin: not sure how this works, since there's 2 mounts for this dvd: /media/apt and /media/ubuntu 11.04    http://paste.ubuntu.com/665834/15:44
Benkinoobysome1 here who has an help.ubuntu.com account and is ready to do a small edit? i have all links at hand and it's jsut a few lines (that why i don't want to bother to create an account)15:44
archmanBenkinooby: you don't have to repeat, people will see15:44
theadmin!repeat | Benkinooby15:44
ubottuBenkinooby: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:44
theadminoCean: That mix of English and German on the screenshot is "ugh" :/15:45
* heckman stabs Natty15:45
Benkinoobyarchman, theadmin i corrected some typos that made my comment senseless.... but you're right15:45
oCeantheadmin: not my paste :(15:45
theadminoCean: I meant the original screenshot of the problem15:45
theadminoCean: And yeah, weird. I didn't know you can mount twice, unless you did a mount --bind...15:46
oCeantheadmin: it could be that some part of this is handled by the automount of the dvd. But still, the software center looks in /media/cdrom, which is now linked to /media/apt15:47
oCeanany progress Herakles ?15:47
HeraklesoCean,  just a second please, my Internet is so slow...15:47
HeraklesoCean, http://imagebin.org/16780015:48
voxcroixhi all15:48
oCeanHmm, that is probably because *that* part of it actually tries to mount at /dev/cdrom (which is now not possible?)15:49
HeraklesoCean, shoul i create a directory called "cdrom"    in     "/media"-directory ? (/media/cdrom)15:50
oCeanHerakles: well, you did a ln -s before from /media/apt so, there should be a link with that name (cdrom) in /media15:50
HeraklesoCean, yes.. there is...15:51
gracielahi again, I'm having trouble with my compaq laptop and Ubuntu 10.04 64bit lts . I cannot use the wifi, mon0 appears to be down ... or missing15:51
oCeanHerakles: but the link is probably what now prevents the dvd from mounting, but this is weird since its already mounted15:51
gracielaany idea please?15:51
gracielahere is a pastebin of my lspci15:52
HeraklesoCean my i send private messages...15:52
oCeanHerakles: I don't know what to say. Removing the link from /media would be a start:   rm -i /media/cdrom15:52
oCeanHerakles: rather not, I have to leave in a few minutes15:52
archmangraciela: are you sure it's mon0? isn't it supposed to be wlan0?15:53
Heraklesk oCean, hmmmm15:53
Heraklesgoog bye...15:53
gracielaarchman, you're right . it's wlan0 , sorry15:53
Heraklesgood bye...15:53
oCeanHerakles: have you tried to start over? I mean unmounting everything and inserting the dvd again?15:53
archmangraciela: and "ifconfig wlan0 up" isn't working?15:53
oCeanI'm a little stumped about the dvd mounting 2, 3 times15:53
HeraklesIU am having problems following the stream of the display...15:53
HeraklesoCean,  see ya....15:54
gracielaroot@graciela-laptop:/home/graciela/Escritorio# ifconfig wlan0 up15:54
gracielaSIOCSIFFLAGS: Error desconocido 13215:54
gracielaerror desconocido = unknown error15:54
HeraklesoCean... a new install may be neccesary; because, there might be a problem with the dirve apt was using as cdrom, but which in reality is a USB-Stick...15:56
Heraklesdid you get my point ?15:56
douglHow can I move the dock in 11.04 to the bottom of the screen15:57
archmangraciela: seems like a known issue..15:57
oCeanHerakles: I don't think you have to re-install, it's just a little puzzle. You have to go through the steps to check 1) if /media is empty if you unmount all other images and then start from there by 2) checking what happens (what gets mounted) as soon as you insert the dvd15:57
oCeanHerakles: unfortunately I have to go, I'll be back later on15:58
Heraklesk.., talk to you maybe later...15:58
edbianWiCkD1: hi15:58
gracielaarchman, yes .... but I dont know if I should upgrade kernel or not15:58
douglwhat is the dock called in ubuntu?15:59
gracielanow I'm using 2.6.32-2115:59
theadmindougl: It has no name, it's a part of Unity15:59
edbiandougl: 'unity bar'15:59
dougltheadmin, thanks...15:59
dougledbian, that is a good name for it - thanks.15:59
archmangraciela: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/299993/comments/1815:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 299993 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ath5k doesn't work anymore! SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable" [Undecided,Won't fix]15:59
exutuxgraciela: but, iwconfig what says?16:00
Heraklesunity bar; means dock; is that what is also called "panel"16:00
edbianHerakles: no, panels are at the top and bottom in gnome 2.x16:00
edbianHerakles: The unity bar is on the left side (and it usually much larger)16:00
gigenieksHello all, please help me my thread --->16:00
HeraklesI am using Unity as well...16:01
gigenieksI'm stuck...16:01
gracielaexutux, http://pastebin.com/rdGAya4B16:01
theadmingigenieks: Making an ISO?16:01
theadmingigenieks: Simple enough, you can use the following command: genisoimage -o something.iso /path/to/your/folder/16:01
archmangraciela: would be wise to test linux 2.6.39 to see if the problem is fixed16:02
=== vivek is now known as Guest26485
gracielaarchman, ok, I'll give it a try . thank you :)16:04
exutuxgraciela: which ubuntu versione do you have?16:04
archmangraciela: np :)16:04
archmanexutux: lucid16:04
gracielanow I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 lts  2.6.32-21-generic16:04
HeraklesoCean, still around ?; please feel free to get back to me later on......16:05
douglIs there a way to move the unity bar to the bottom of the screen?16:06
gigeniekstheadmin: its not so easy ;)16:06
exutuxGraciela: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic16:06
edbiandougl: no :(16:06
sul4bhhello all16:06
Guest26485how to configure 3g usb modem in ubuntu?16:06
exutux:o she's gone16:06
archmanupon upgrading to a new ubuntu release, will rhythmbox be replaced with banshee or can i keep it?16:07
gigenieksI can't install XP via Virtual Box using that iso. My guess it is not bootable.16:07
archmansame for pidgin/empathy16:07
Guest26485how to configure 3g usb modem in ubuntu?16:07
Guest26485plz.. help16:07
dougledbian, no - hmm, seems like such a basic thing to be missing/unable to do = thanks...16:08
auronandacearchman: it won't uninstall whatever you have installed during an upgrade16:08
theadminGuest26485: You should look "usb_modeswitch" up.16:08
theadmingigenieks: Huh? It is.16:08
edbianarchman: rhthmbox might be replaced with banshee but you can install it again (and have both or either one)16:08
archmanauronandace: but it will add banshee even though i don't have it?16:08
edbiandougl: Yeah, unity is new16:08
gigeniekstheadmin: bootable?16:08
edbianarchman: I think it will add banshee yes16:09
theadmingigenieks: Uhm... Well, I'm not sure how that's done... But I think all that's needed are proper files16:09
edbianarchman: but you can remove ite16:09
theadmingigenieks: Anyway, I've got to head off for a while16:09
edbianarchman: You'll have to update eventually16:09
auronandacearchman: i think so yeah, but i usually stay away from upgrading (always better to do a clean install)16:09
douglIs there a way to keep the unity bar visible/on top (turn off auto hide when window is occupying the same space)?16:09
archmanedbian: i'm on lucid, so i'm cool till april 2013 :D16:09
Guest26485hey ubuntu s/w centre doesn't accpet universal proxy settings what to do?16:09
gigeniekstheadmin: in translation you haven't got time now? I got this ---> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11150967&postcount=916:10
gigeniekssee attachment16:10
edbianarchman: :)16:10
Guest26485hey ubuntu s/w centre doesn't accpet universal proxy settings what to do?16:10
heckmanI asked the question earlier and didn't seem to get a response.  Any theories why 1116:11
heckmanI asked the question earlier and didn't seem to get a response.  Any theories why 11.04 would have a lower frame rate than 10.10 even with the same ATi driver?16:11
edbianheckman: different version of the same driver?  Is it radeon?  ask in #radeon16:11
sul4bhI need to setup a disk indexer for searching.16:11
Guest26485can we do voice chat here?16:11
heckmanedbian: I am installing driver directly from them, so same version of the driver.16:11
sul4bhWhich indexer do you search ?16:11
edbianheckman: directly from 'them' ?16:12
edbianheckman: are you referring to fglrx ?16:12
edbianheckman: then I'm not sure.  Try the radeon driver, it's open source and it might work better16:13
heckmanNah, it was doing that tearing crap.  Hence the reason I had to jump to fglrx...16:14
archmanis there a way to make apt-get ask for confirmation after issuing "aptitude install foo"?16:18
faminwhen I mount my windows partition only root can access, how can I get my normal user to be able to access it16:19
theadminarchman: aptitutde != apt-get16:19
archmantheadmin: my bad, sorry, i meant apt-get install16:19
theadminfamin: The following line in your FStab should do: /dev/sdz500 /media/ntfs ntfs-3g user,defaults 0 016:19
theadminfamin: Replace the device name and mount-point properly of course16:20
khanxwhats the relation with aptitude ?16:20
EliripsHas anyone an idea, where gnome3 stores its settings? Everything works as a fresh user, but my old user only gets a 'failed to load session'16:20
khanxi cant see your point16:20
x3n4bug: i have disabled both 'gnome login sound' in startup applications & 'play log-in sound' in login screen settings - but the sound continues to be triggered at login! any ideas?16:20
theadminkhanx: Both aptitude and apt-get are package managers using dpkg. No relation between them whatsoever16:21
khanxoh reading his msg again, i understand it ok16:21
axisyshow do I copy my home dir from my laptop to a attached usb flash disk fast? my laptop has 8G mem and it is running 64bit natty. use nautilus? rsync? lftp? it is about 350G folder with few 8G VMs and in total of 45000 files/folders16:22
Braber01Hi I'm not quite sure where to ask this but How to I set up Duel-Monters? (eg. Have one program on one screen and another program on the other?)16:22
edbianaxisys: All those methods will take the same amount of time16:22
theadminBraber01: There are quite a few programs for that. Twinview, xinerama...16:22
Braber01theadmin: Thank you very much16:23
khanxsudo cp ~ (flash disk directory)16:23
theadminBraber01: I suppose you meant "Dual-Monitors" though16:23
theadminBraber01: "duel" = "fight" xD16:23
Braber01yeah, the crazy thing is I can spell in Japanese, but not in English...16:23
archmanis there a script checking user's hardware to tell if they'll be able to run unity 3d? (I guess i915 can run unity 2d?..)16:24
khanxdueru monitorusu16:24
axisyskhanx: so I guess I do not know very well how cp works.. if it is using one session.. will it take advantage of memory to read and put it buffer and then write.. (learning)16:24
theadminarchman: You just need your card to have 3D acceleration16:24
Redb3ardis there  a way to configure xserver to open all on my desktop rather than all open on extra monitor?16:24
khanxwell i dont know about it's memory usage im learning too =)16:25
archmantheadmin: direct rendering is On.16:25
archmantheadmin: from glxinfo16:25
elik_What's with ubuntuforums.org and all the locked threads (requiring login or something)16:25
khanxprobably the guys in ##kernel could help16:25
khanxor somebody here16:25
axisyskhanx: the ##kernel thing is for me?16:26
x3n4has anybody had problems with deactivating the login sound?16:26
yeatsaxisys: I would use rsync rather than cp16:27
hexacodehey you guys....u now when u turn on and boot up ubuntu, theres a black screen that pops up with some white text...where is the log located for this?16:27
khanxyeats,  is probably right16:27
Redb3ardeverything i open, opens on my extra monitor (a tv) and i have to drag it over to my desktop.. is there any way to fix that?16:27
archmantheadmin: so 11.04 live cd will definitely run with unity 3d on my machine? (if direct rendering is "Yes")16:28
mgjhexacode, you can try 'dmesg' or look around in /var/log16:28
yeatsaxisys: and I don't think there is a way to speed anything up, unfortunately - just give it a long time to finish16:28
x3n4i don't know how devs working on an allegedly mature distro can botch something this basic16:28
archmanx3n4: haha, many stuff like that, don't panic tho :)16:29
=== yusupha is now known as saviola
archmanis there a way to change the title bar buttons size?16:30
axisysyeats: ok16:31
axisysusb falsh drive mounted like this16:32
axisysdev/sdb1 on /media/My Passport type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks,uid=1000,gid=1000,shortname=mixed,dmask=0077,utf8=1,showexec,flush)16:32
dAnjou[natty] hi, i have "python-nautilus" installed and there is a working extension which uses the python module "nautilus" ("import nautilus"). but if i call "import nautilus" in the interactive python console, i get "ImportError: No module named nautilus". what's wrong there?16:32
Redb3ardneed xserver help16:32
axisysdoes vfat support larger than 4G file?16:32
douglis there a way to change the size of the unity bar icons so more icons/tasks fit on it?16:34
yeatsaxisys: no - you can only copy 4G at a time - you can use gparted to reformat it ext316:34
axisysyeats: ok16:34
yeatsaxisys: note that ext3 would usually only be readable by Linux - NTFS would be another option if you need a Windows machine to use it16:35
trismdougl: you can shrink them a little bit in compizconfig-settings-manager in the unity plugin16:35
axisysi guess i will loose the data on usb if i convert the fs.. correct?16:36
axisysno problem.. just wonder16:36
yeatsaxisys: correct16:36
axisysyeats: thanks16:36
dougltrism, thanks for the info :)16:36
Redb3ardanyone here any good with setting up xserver for an accessory monitor?16:37
dougltrism, sorry to bug you... where do I find ccsm in 11.0416:40
shinsukeis there a way to use ustream with highquality under ubuntu?16:40
edbiandougl: system -> preferences16:41
mgjshinsuke, ustream is just flash, no? Shouldnt matter what your OS is, as long as your browser has flash support16:41
gr72mgj True16:42
trismdougl: or click the power button next to the clock, System Settings/CompizConfig Settings Manager16:42
shinsukemgj, under windows you get a software that drastically improves your performance created by adobe themselves16:42
dougledbian, I do not have a system preferences that I can see16:42
trismdougl: it isn't installed by default so you may need to install it first16:42
hellotherehello again16:42
edbiandougl: unity?16:43