sveinseDoes upstart stop and start services is specific order when a condition change? I'm hoping that it's ensuring that all stopping services are indeed stopped before it starts new services.06:36
sveinseMy case is two conflicting services running in two different runlevels, and I want to ensure that the stopping one is stopped prior to starting the other when changing runlevels (and I cannot make them depend on each others with "on stopped")06:37
Super_Cat_Froghi - im trying to write an upstart script for a program which i need multiple instances of. What ive done is ive written a script which loops through the config files and starts on instance per config file, then monitor that in my script. upstart run (and monitors) myscript, but its starting dozens of instances of my program14:27
Super_Cat_Frogbut when i run my startup script it runs the correct number (2)14:28
Super_Cat_Frogany ideas? my guess is that upstart thinks my script isn't running, and dies, but it has an infinate loop checking th epids, and only terminates when a pid dies using if [ -z $pid ] 14:28
Super_Cat_Frogah, my script is terminating, perculiar14:33
Super_Cat_Frogignore me14:33

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