matryxhi, can someone help me setup a network share so I can grab files from my WinXP PC00:04
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raevolhey guys00:28
raevoli need to figure out how to shell into my dad's ubuntu computer00:29
raevolhe broke something and isn't competant enough to fix it00:29
raevolany ideas00:29
JosesordoI dont have any idea.. xD00:29
raevoli need to get an ssh in somehow, he's behind a router00:29
Josesordoif you cant get help here.. you can go to #ubuntu channel ;)00:29
raevolyea, thanks00:30
Fudgealt f2 is run right? when i try to open stuff from it, i get web browser00:34
Josesordoyes.. xfrun400:40
FudgeJosesordo  was that to me00:52
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JosesordoFudge, yes :O01:09
Fudgeyep theyre installed, ctrl escape brings the menu up. im just trying to make stuff work with orca01:11
Fudgehow can i make stuff autostart, nautilus for example01:13
raevolgot it01:16
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raevolhey guys, i get a "things need to be written to decive" popup error (not a libnotify message) whenever i unmount stuff in xubuntu 11.0403:24
raevolhow can i get that error redirected to libnotify, or whatever it's supposed to be directed to?03:24
mltdwnSup guys, just installed Xubuntu, and it's running fast and smooth. Do you guys have any post installation tips?05:22
orngjce223I dunno, you'll accumulate your own over time05:26
orngjce223It's really your call05:26
orngjce223I like installing a stupid amount of extra programs afterwards, but I do audio and no doubt you don't05:26
mltdwnI get that, but I meant things that will make the system run better or add some cool functionality.05:30
orngjce223Unfortunately most of what I know consists of strange ways to get audio moving from program to program, so I'm not sure I could advise you.05:36
orngjce223To be completely honest, most of the reason I ever respond is to make sure people don't think the channel is completely dead and leave.05:38
mltdwnI see, so I take it's often quiet?05:40
Unit193This is kinda the wrong time of night05:45
Unit193Sun Aug 14 01:45:46 EDT 201105:45
mltdwnIt's 10pm in California.05:46
orngjce223Yes, but most people come here while they are on lunchbreak or right after work on the East Coast05:53
orngjce223Thus California noon and early afternoon05:53
orngjce223Not that it's much more active, mind, but somewhat.05:54
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BesogonHI! Could anybody tell me What program is used to view logs?08:06
Besogonin ubuntu08:06
philipballewBesogon, cant you just view the text files from nano or vi08:10
Besogonphilipballew, ubuntu has a gui program where you have ability to watch all logs in one place08:12
philipballewahh, thats right08:12
philipballewLog Viewer08:13
jrmyso reinstalled again.. hopefully I won't have to another time. first question how do I remove a repository I added, or does it remove it after teh update command. 2 how do I add oracle sun java? I think I only need the repo 'cause I'm pretty sure the installation would be called sun-java608:19
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:19
jrmySysi: do I have to remove the other repo I tried that didn't work?08:20
Sysiwhat repo is it?08:21
jrmyI don't remember08:21
jrmybut I think it's an outdated one08:21
jrmyidk could'nt find anything current with googling things so I had to come here08:21
kopteinis there any gui-program to connect to a ssh server and transfer files in Xubuntu (similar to the 'connect to server' option in nautilus)08:21
kopteini googled a lot but i guess i had the wrong keywords :D08:22
kopteinphilipballew: does putty manage to mount the remote filesystem into the local?08:22
Sysikoptein: if you have 11.04, filemanager can do it08:22
kopteinSysi: oh08:23
kopteinSysi: where is that option?08:23
Sysithere's "network" in side panel08:23
kopteinSysi: seems that there are just samba shares08:24
Sysijrmy: I think there is some GUI for managing repositories but I can't remember what it is/was.. anything under menu → system ?08:24
Sysikoptein: it should suport ssh too, browsing maybe doesn't work (I haven't used network shares myself) you could try gigolo too08:25
jrmyI'll check update manager and click settings08:25
jrmySysi: I think I found it.. removed it. now I'll ad the other one08:27
kopteinSysi: gigolo is exactly what i needed. thank you08:27
kbmaniachelp, booted xubuntu this morning, no "min", "max", "close" buttons or bar at the top, cant access any of my other 5 virtual desktops, all new windows open top LHS of window, no smart placement ... anyone any idea what to do ?08:30
jrmySysi: it looks like sun java has been removed.. I don't think I can get it this way anymore08:32
jrmyaka it didn't work08:32
jrmyno java I guess :[08:32
jrmyneed the real thing too because of the apps I use08:33
jrmyunless the maverick partnet works08:34
* Besogon <%.?&!@# wanted to tune Apache, and read about Vim, but is sitting and reading damn rsyslog.conf!!!08:39
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philipballewjrmy, you need to install java09:27
philipballewi can help09:27
philipballewi have jave on my ubuntu 11.0409:28
jrmy_philipballew: ok, and how do you get it?09:29
philipballewyou want sun java i assume?09:30
philipballewalright. you need the connincal partner repo enabled09:30
philipballewim gonna have you edit a text file with sudo and not09:31
philipballewcan you do that from the terminal?09:31
jrmy_are you asking if i know how to use the terminal?09:31
jrmy_that would be yes09:31
jrmy_do I know how to do exactly what you're asking, no09:32
jrmy_but I expect instruction anyways09:32
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »09:32
philipballewalright. sweet. I want you do 2 things: here they are go to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/09:33
jrmy_Myrtti: thanks I knew that already09:33
philipballewkeep that open09:33
jrmy_I'll use paste2.org09:33
philipballewsure thing09:33
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philipballewnow run nano /etc/apt/sources.list and paste everything in the file  there so i can see it09:34
jrmythought you said sudo?09:34
philipballewthats next :)09:34
jrmyoh lol09:34
philipballewnano is a file editos09:34
jrmyi know..09:35
philipballewOh, I have no idea what you know dude :)09:35
jrmydon't take it offensively09:35
jrmyI know that you don't know09:35
philipballewno worries. we dont need any sudo root as i was just wanting to see what in the file so i can see if the repo is not # off'ed09:36
philipballewanything good in the file?09:37
jrmyphilipballew: http://paste2.org/p/158417709:40
jrmywell that took alittle while09:40
philipballewi see!09:41
philipballewline 56 and 5709:41
philipballewyou see those have a # in front09:41
philipballewnow your gonna wanna uncomment them.09:42
jrmyyeah.. i see that now that you pointed that out09:42
philipballewrun the previous comand to open nano with sudo09:42
philipballewthen uncomment those09:42
philipballewthen sudo apt-get update09:42
philipballewjrmy, dont worry, Its all good :)09:43
jrmyyeah get teh sudo now09:43
philipballewif it was the last comand you entered just type sudo !!09:44
philipballewsudo bang bang will run the previous comand with sudo in front09:44
jrmyI'm sure i get what to do now though09:45
philipballewfor sure. ill explain sudo !!09:46
philipballewsudo !! runs the comand you entered right before you entered sudo !! with sudo privlieges09:46
jrmyyou confused me with bang bang and !!09:47
jrmyI know that sudo lets you do things with root permissions09:47
philipballewfor sure here let me give you an example: type09:48
philipballewapt-get update09:48
SaaMmYwhat is happening09:48
philipballew^in terminal09:48
philipballewSaaMmY, helping him install java on xubuntu09:48
jrmyphilipballew: I understand09:48
SaaMmYoh fine09:48
SaaMmYhelp me too09:48
philipballewSaaMmY, why? with what?09:49
SaaMmYI wish get again my java in both browsers09:49
SaaMmYchromium and firefos09:49
philipballewjrmy, did you install java yet?09:49
philipballewSaaMmY, what are you asking?09:49
jrmywell I'm in teh process of installation09:50
philipballewif your trooling its not cool09:50
SaaMmYto reinstall java plugin in both browsers chromium and ff09:50
jrmyk, all done09:50
philipballewwhy did you uninstall them?09:50
jrmyphilipballew: thanks09:50
philipballewno problem jrmy ! anything else :)09:51
jrmyhow do I move a file with the console?09:51
philipballewto move a file in the cli you'd ude the mv comand09:52
SaaMmY/home/user/folder/file mv /folder/folder/folder...09:52
philipballewex: mv/home/bob/DEsktop/file.text /Media/flashdrive09:52
philipballewex: mv /home/bob/DEsktop/file.text /Media/flashdrive09:53
well_laid_lawnI like mv -v file /path09:53
philipballew       ^ space09:53
philipballewtheres so many options :)09:53
jrmywell_laid_lawn: verbose can be a good idea09:54
SaaMmYI need java plugin in ff5 and chromium09:54
well_laid_lawnsure can09:54
jrmyso yeah I'm not a total noob with linux I'm more liek in the novice-intermediate stage09:54
philipballewi am to for the most part09:55
philipballewi just spend to much time on irc asking questions so i know a few things09:55
well_laid_lawnthe man pages are an excellent intro to using a terminal09:55
philipballewthat just happens to be one09:55
jrmyIf there was a website that had a list of commands with the explanation of what they are and you could search for a command by its basic use I'd find that most valuable for learning more on using linux appropriately09:59
jrmyand, I think I'd learn at a much faster pace09:59
jrmyas for instance if i searched for move mv would show up10:00
jrmyI don't want to be limited to ubuntu If another distro better fits my needs for whatever application I'm looking for10:01
philipballewtry debian sometime maybe10:01
philipballewtry arch10:01
jrmysay if I wanted to engineer a mobile gaming device and wanted a linux OS10:01
jrmyandroid is linux?10:02
philipballewheck yeah!10:02
philipballewits all linux10:03
philipballewwell. it runs off the linux kernal10:03
jrmyI've thought about building a mobile emulator for console games but definitely not knowledgable about that sort of thing yet10:03
jrmyinteresting fact10:03
jrmyquestion is can I obtain android to use for said mobile device?10:04
philipballewyou mean install android on your phone?10:05
jrmyno the mobile console emulator10:05
philipballewno idea10:05
jrmy"said" mobile device10:05
jrmyother question would be if android would even be compatible with the emulators.. which I'd doubt firstly10:07
knomeermm.. installing android in a phone is kind of offtopic...10:08
jrmynot a phone.. but still off topic sorry10:09
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager » Appearance (GTK+ theme) or Settings Manager » Window Manager (xfwm4 theme) to change the theme - find more themes at http://xfce-look.org/10:10
jrmyis there a site that lists terminal commands but makes it easier to search for commands that i don't know?10:14
philipballewi would think10:14
jrmyas in so I can look up something I want to do10:14
philipballewtheres also clicompanion10:14
jrmywhat's clicompanion?10:15
philipballewa app that list what the comands your entering do10:16
jrmywhy not just use man?10:17
jrmyno I need something that I can learn a specific command but don't know what the command is called10:18
philipballewyoutube tatorials maybe10:18
philipballewman is good10:18
* jrmy sighs10:18
knomejrmy, http://fosswire.com/post/2007/08/unixlinux-command-cheat-sheet/10:19
knome!behelpful | philipballew10:19
ubottuphilipballew: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.10:19
philipballewknome, I learned to use the terminal from youtube10:19
knomephilipballew, yeah, but jrmy specifically wanted a list of different commands.. youtube can definitely do that, but it's quite slow, and you're learning one command at a time10:20
jrmyknome: I think that'll work10:20
knomeno problem10:20
philipballewknome, true, didnt think it through. Ive seen pdf's with things like this. ill fond the link for him10:21
knomeyeah, there are probably dozens of those10:22
philipballewand its also a great way to learn10:23
knomeor just google "unix cli cheatsheet" and you'll get loads of useful results10:24
knomesome are more basic, some focus on real-life usecases, etc10:24
philipballew^ good idea10:24
jrmyah ha.. I found where themes are stored10:26
knomebut ~/.themes works as well10:27
jrmywhat if ~/.themes doesn't exist?10:27
knomejrmy, you can just create it10:28
jrmyhow will teh computer know to look for themes there?10:28
knomeit just knows10:28
knomeit will look there even if the dir doesn't exist10:28
knomeit's programmed so10:28
jrmyk, I'll take your word for it10:28
jrmyknome: idk if that works as you say seeing as I just tried it and couldn't find teh theme but I moved it to the themes folder in usr10:36
knomedoes it work from under the /usr dir then?10:37
jrmydoesn't seem to work either.. unless I have to reboot for it to work for either10:37
jrmythough the theme might not work as well10:37
knomewhat's the theme then?10:37
knomejrmy, right, that's an xfwm4 theme. did you look undert settings manager » window manager?10:39
jrmyit just modifies windows?10:39
knomeyes, just the window borders.10:40
jrmythat's why....10:40
jrmyso xfwm means xfce window manager10:40
jrmylol, well at least i know that now10:41
knome(how unexpected?(!))10:41
SaaMmYhey guys Idk why but I have java troubles in browser in ff5 keepvid10:43
SaaMmYwhen I start to load tha java app in keepvid ff crashes10:43
jrmyanother question, do I put mouse themes in the same folder?10:49
knomei don't know, but i'd suppose so10:50
jrmywell, I'd rather ask just incase I mess something up but then again its a learning prosess10:50
jrmylol just figured it out on my own10:54
jrmymaybe I don't need a support channel10:54
knomemost of the things can be easily found in google10:55
gigeniekshello guys12:18
gigenieksSysi: are you here?12:18
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ChristopherNGOmg! Finally I can get back to working on linux!14:14
gigenieksChristopherNG: huh?14:18
ChristopherNGI was just saying im glad the weekend is over so i can start working on linux again14:18
ChristopherNGI have alot to do this week, with bash scripts etc14:18
gigenieksmost people are glad when weekend comes not when it is over :D14:19
ChristopherNGYeah my life is in reverse at the moment, Im free monday to friday and work part time on weekends14:20
ChristopherNGIm at university which is out for another 6 weeks14:20
ChristopherNGSince I passed all my exams and I have no resits i have nothing to do except linux projects14:21
gigenieksyou have finished university?14:35
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Guest77900Have a question about screen resolution in Xubuntu 11.04.15:23
beardygnomeGuest77900: what's your question?15:23
Guest77900It won't let me set a resolution higher than 1024x768.15:24
Guest77900I can in Windows XP.15:24
beardygnomeis it that you don't have any options higher than in the Settings menu?15:26
Guest77900Right. 1024x768 is the only option. Also, it doesn't offer a list of refresh rates. Just 0.015:26
beardygnomewhat monitor are you using?15:28
Guest77900Dell M781p. Older 17" CRT. Have no problems with it in XP.15:29
beardygnomei wonder if it's not properly support in the kernel...15:33
beardygnomethis website suggests it might need some drivers: http://www.bioticaindia.com/m781p.html15:33
beardygnomeNOTE: i found that website via a search engine, i'm not commenting on its accuracy15:34
Guest77900I'll give it a shot. I just figured most, if not all, standard CRT monitors were supported in Linux.15:35
beardygnomewell you do have some support...15:36
TheSheepit does15:36
TheSheepit's usually the graphics card15:36
Unit193I had to get a x.conf15:36
TheSheepGuest77900: what graphics card do you have?15:36
Guest77900Integrated Intel. Not very impressive, I know...15:36
TheSheepGuest77900: that's actually well supported, so it's good15:37
TheSheepGuest77900: what does the command 'lspci | grep VGA' say in terminal?15:37
Guest77900One sec.15:37
Guest77900VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)15:38
Guest77900I set up Xubuntu alongside XP a few days ago. I haven't booted into XP since. Loving it.15:40
Guest77900Would just like to find a tweak to increase the resolution.15:40
TheSheepok, os the thing is that the monitor is too old to have your system autodetect the refresh frequenciesfor it15:41
TheSheepso it uses the minimal safe ones15:41
TheSheepbut you can tell it what frequencies are ok for your monitor in the xorg.conf15:41
TheSheepthere is a howto on that here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8397315:42
Guest77900Very good. Thank you!15:42
TheSheepyou can also try this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions15:43
Guest77900I'll give it a shot.15:45
Guest77900Much appreciated.15:45
TheSheeplinux generally doesn't have drivers for monitor screens -- but sometimes you need to give it extra info on your monitor15:46
Guest77900I can do that. Thanks!15:47
industrialHow do I get rid of the email icon in the indicator applet?15:52
beardygnomeindustrial: permenantly, or just for the moment?15:53
beardygnometo remove it permenantly, uninstall the indicator-messages package15:55
kevorHello, i'm trying to get my USB sound card to work with Xubuntu17:18
kevoranyone here can help me out?17:19
orngjce223USB sound cards? Ask #opensourcemusicians - they know more about such things17:26
Sysikevor: install pavucontrol and set it as output device17:32
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industrialsudo apt-get install ruby rubygems;sudo gem install heroku; heroku;19:24
industriallast one gives me command not found19:24
GridCubewhats gem?19:24
GridCube!info gem19:24
ubottugem (source: gem): Graphics Environment for Multimedia - PureData library. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.92.3-1ubuntu2 (natty), package size 2315 kB, installed size 6052 kB19:24
industrialruby package manager19:24
GridCubethat doesnt seem correct industrial19:25
industrialwhat ubottu spat out doesnt seem connect19:25
industrialactually it might, the package gem19:25
industrialbut the gem you see there is a binary from the package rubygems19:26
GridCubeapt-cache confirms ubottu's info19:26
industrialthe problem is that gem's installed binaries arent in the path19:26
industrialGridCube: do an apt-get install rubygems;which gem;19:27
TheSheepindustrial: try 'dpkg -L rubygems'19:28
TheSheepindustrial: and see where it put it19:28
industrialGem is installed fine19:28
industrialwhat gem installes, the binaries, are not in the path19:29
GridCubewouldnt it be > sudo rubygem install heroku ?19:29
industrialGridCube: rubygems provides a binary called gem. I'm in no way talking about an apt-get package called gem.19:29
GridCubeokay sorry19:29
TheSheepindustrial: are you sure they are not simlinked to /usr/bin?19:30
industrialthats the problem :D19:30
TheSheepI mean, maybe under a different name than 'gem'19:31
GridCubei think that gem is working, the thing not working is the stuff he wants to install whit it19:31
TheSheepI think that's normal for ruby programs to not work ;)19:31
Amacidiahey everyone, i have 10.04 running on a everex laptop, it doesn't appear that I can change the resolution in xfce, is this possible?19:41
GridCubeyou might need to update the video drivers19:42
GridCubeelse write xrandr and see what resolutions are available19:42
Amacidiahey, lots are available19:43
AmacidiaI'm currently set to 1600x1200, would be nice to switch to 1280x80019:43
GridCubethen write xrandr -s 1280x80019:44
GridCubeyou can install grandr  to use a gui front end for xrandr19:45
GridCubebut then you might need to add something to the boot to have xrandr change your resolution Amacidia19:47
AmacidiaYou know I feel like an idiot, I'm going to let update manager run as there are loads of updates. Perhaps that will fix the issue ?19:48
TheSheepdoesn't xfce come with settings->display anymore?19:50
GridCubeit should19:53
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AmacidiaAh Settings ---> Xfce 4 Settings Manager :)20:04
AmacidiaWell, I changed my resolution to 1024x768 but now when i boot up my screens all wacked out :/20:07
AmacidiaAnyone have an idea how I can get into recovery mode? I'm not even seeing the grub menu on boot20:26
AmacidiaMaybe from the cd ?20:26
knomeAmacidia, pressing right-shift should pop up the grub menu20:26
Amacidiahey knome, what happens is that I see the grub loading message now, but thats it, it just brings me right to xfce, which is messed20:29
Amacidiais that pressing right-shift with the install cd in the drive, or without?20:29
Sysileft shift key works too, hold it during boot20:30
Sysior before it20:30
AmacidiaAh left shift works, thanks20:31
ityler15does anyone know a permanent fix for b43? every time i boot my laptop i have to open terminal and run the modprobe command20:31
AmacidiaNow how can I get my video work lol ?20:31
AmacidiaFailsafe graphic mode looks good..20:32
AmacidiaFailsafe graphic mode would be good, but it keeps looping the same question "How would you like to reconfig your display ? "20:33
GridCubeityler15, ask in #bcm-users  you will get better help20:39
GridCubeAmacidia, move the xorg.conf file away and save it just to be safe and reboot20:40
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #xubuntu-devel in 64 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings20:56
ityler15edbian: IT WORKED!!!!!thank you sooo much man, this is what drove me from ubuntu before but now its fixed!21:04
GridCubeityler15, i guess that was for other channel21:09
ityler15gridcube: yeaaahhhhhh i thought we were in this channel21:11
GridCubeityler15, i would guess it was #bcm-users21:16
art_can anyone tell me how to select files found with a search done by catfish??? I searched my music archive and found 80 tunes that I'd like to move to another folder-but catfish won't let me select more than one tune at a time-how do I select all 80 tunes from the catfish search screen and move them to another folder?21:27
jrmyctrl-a didn't work?21:28
art_I didn't think of that!!! I was expecting to use the mouse to select fikes.....standby, I'll check control a from kb.21:29
Sysimv /home/$USER/Musicarchive/*matches* /where/to/move would work too21:29
Sysi*matches* like *artistname*21:30
Sysibut filesystem structure needs some getting used to21:31
art_control A only lets me select one file at a time-and even that file cannot be dragged and dropped.21:31
Sysicatfish is just search..21:32
charlie-tcaholding control while selecting?21:32
art_I have my archive in a usb drive, and want to move them into a separate folder on my desktop.21:32
charlie-tcause thunar21:32
charlie-tcayou can do a "Select by pattern" under edit, just tell it whatever you told catfish21:33
charlie-tcaIt will automatically select tham21:33
charlie-tcaI use that with stuff like *jpg to select every jpg in a directory21:34
art_when I hold down the control and the A key, and click on a file to select, nothing happens....21:34
charlie-tcahold control and click doesn't work either?21:34
Sysiif ctrl A works, it should select all without any clicking21:35
art_if I hold down the control key then click on a file, nothing happens, it won't even select the file!21:35
art_how doesa one activate thunar???21:37
art_Im new to linux.21:37
art_control A does nothing.21:37
art_btw, ty for help charlie.21:38
charlie-tcaIt the file manager, just click that right blue folder in the hidden panel at the bottom of the screen21:38
art_i activated the file manager, but nothing appears other than the screen and a list of the files.21:41
art_there is no right blue folder on my screen.21:42
art_this is so frustrating, I can't figure out how to select and move files that have resulted from a search.21:44
art_If I go to a folder using the file manager, I can select files and move them/copy them......but how do I move/copy files that I found wiuth a search?21:46
art_I've never used the desktop sharing application before, otherwise I'd show you what happens when I try.21:47
art_I guess i better give up-im so darned frustrated tho.21:50
ChristopherNGnot sure what the problem is but "giving up" is defeatist talk..21:52
art_yes, I know.......21:52
art_is it possibly a permissions issue with the folder??? The songs aren't on the hard drive with the os.21:53
charlie-tcaum, why can't you do it in file manager?21:53
ChristopherNGart_: are you trying to do something to the file but you cant?21:54
charlie-tcaSometimes, we just have to alternative methods to get the task done21:54
art_maybe I should make a video with the screen capture software and post it on youtube.21:54
charlie-tcaYeah, that's an idea. Maybe in a day or two, someone will tell you how to get those files moved then.21:54
ChristopherNGart_: dont know if you have tried this already but make a copy of the folder to give yourself the full rights to the folder if you have not done so already.21:55
art_Im trying to copy a list of 80 hits to another folder,   i searched for song titles, found 80 that meet my search criteria, and I want to selct them and move them to another file folder,21:55
ChristopherNGart_: Make a copy of the folder to get all the rights to it.21:56
ChristopherNGYou are probably unable to edit the contents because you do not have the rights to edit the contents etc.21:56
ChristopherNGBy copying the entire folder you get all rights to everything in that folder and then you can just delete the original.21:57
art_ok, there are 43 gb of music in the folder, so making a copy of the entire folder will take awhile!!!! But, I'll try it later with a smaller folder.21:57
art_the folder Im searching was one that I originally copied using drag and drop.21:57
ChristopherNGart_: 40gb is not much, I have done that for almost a terrabtye lol21:58
GridCubeim getting a 404 on ubuntu/pool/universe21:58
charlie-tcalocal mirror?21:58
charlie-tcamight be updating, which will give the 404 until it gets done,21:58
charlie-tcacould be an hour or two21:58
art_I can copy or move any of the files in the folder already.......but the issue seems to be with moving or copying files that result from a search.21:59
ChristopherNGart_: where is this folder located, on an external hdd? or a different computer altogether? sorry i just came into the channel22:01
art_for instance, I can open the folder and select songs to copy or move.....but, when I search for songs that meet my search criteria, I can't move or copy just those songs.22:02
art_np chris, ty in advance.22:02
ChristopherNGart_: have you tried to search for them and used a pipe to move them?22:02
art_the files are on my external drive, a 250 gb usb hard drive.22:02
art_the problem with a pipe is that I can't select the tunes with the mouse, I'd have to type every single filename.22:04
GridCubei wanted to try if meta tracker would work, but for some reason i cant install it, you could try tho22:04
ChristopherNGart_: what search parameters are you using? give the command here.22:05
GridCubeCommunity meeting is going on NOW on #xubuntu-devel22:06
art_I am using catfish to search, and searching the whole music archive folder for 'beatles'. I get a list of 80 tunes, but I can't drag and drop them from the catfish screen.22:07
ChristopherNGart_: trying something like find . / -name "taylorswift*" -print22:08
art_What I want to do is to copy just the result of the search into another folder so I can transfer them to a usb drive later on.22:08
ChristopherNGsorry .. "find . -name "taylorswift*" -print"22:08
ChristopherNGwhen you are in the correct directory with the music you want to copy.22:09
art_so u mean from the terminal??22:09
ChristopherNGyes ofc22:09
ChristopherNGls /media22:09
ChristopherNGcd /media/THEHARDDRIVENAME22:10
ChristopherNGyou went to the correct directory with the music and used that find command ?22:10
art_i open a terminal window, and type in:22:11
ChristopherNGfind . -name "whateveryouwantforsearching*" -print22:11
art_find . -name "beatles*" -print22:11
ChristopherNGand you get?22:12
spantherGood evening everyone :)22:13
art_I think I need to tell it to search on the usb drive-22:14
spantherI've installed the ATI drivers shipped with the repositories and use Xubuntu. Everything works nearly perfect, it's just a little thing which is not perfect. When I play a video in HD quality (1080p) I have "very little" stuttering22:14
ChristopherNGart_: like I said you have to move to the correct directory and use that command.22:15
ChristopherNGthe "." means find it here22:16
ChristopherNGspanther: stuttering is in the sound or the video jumps?22:16
spantherChristopherNG, the video has very little breaks, not complete stops, but you see a little stuttering22:17
spantherit just doesn't look "perfectly fluid" :)22:17
ChristopherNGspanther: have you tried or had the same problem with other films?22:17
spantheryes ^^22:18
ChristopherNGI sometimes get that aswell and sometimes it jumps for me, Ive always put it down to the file as opposed to the os.22:18
ChristopherNGor VLC.22:18
spantherit looks like the video only has 15fps :)22:19
ChristopherNGYeah well that would really explain it.22:19
spantherit happens with all movies (have over 100)22:19
spantherbut the video itself has much more fps ^^22:20
art_ok, I copied a folder to my desktop and tried the search from the terminal mode-nothing displayed after a brief flurry of hard drive activity.22:20
ChristopherNGart_: did you copy a folder to your desktop with beatles stuff in it?22:21
ChristopherNGBecause that command will only look for "beatles"22:21
spantherChristopherNG, do you know another player with many codecs instead to try out? :)22:21
ChristopherNGspanther: VLC is what I use personally, Ive never actually used perole that comes with the OS.22:22
ChristopherNGAlot of other people also use XMBC for a HTPC, Again ive avoided that.22:22
art_no, I grabbed a small file with 5 or 10 tunes, and copied them to my desktop. Then I searched for 'tommy', which was in one of the file names in the coipied folder.22:22
art_I changed the terminal command to search for an appropriate term.22:23
ChristopherNGart_: and you changed to the correct directory aswell where you started the search? If so i really cant help you beyond that.22:24
ChristopherNGie /Desktop/THemusicfolder/22:24
art_yes, am searching the proper directory.22:24
art_I didn't put the music folder in the music sub directory......just moved it directly to the desktop.22:25
spantherChristopherNG, mmh okay so I have to find another way to go around that :/ thank you for your assistance :)22:25
art_ /Desktop/22:26
art_this is so frustrating...........22:26
ChristopherNGlet me try it on my machine22:27
art_it's such a basic function and I can't figure out how to do it.22:27
ChristopherNGart_: what is your music folder called?22:28
art_is the desktop sharing utility difficult to use?22:28
art_it's called 'test'22:28
ChristopherNGart_: try this command "find /home/ubuntu/Desktop/test -name tommy -print"22:29
ChristopherNGtommy was the word you chose to search for, just change it to meet the correct spelling.22:30
art_ubuntu is so nice!!!! my daughter is going to use it instead of windows-it's fast, it works and she loves it after just a few minutes of using it herself!!22:30
ChristopherNGart_: with this command that I can given you it tells the computer exactly which directory to go and search.22:32
art_there are 2 tunes in the folder with 'tommy' in them.......if I change to the desktop folder and search it, the software should automatically search subfoilders also? ?22:32
art_I will cut and paste it into the terminal window.....22:32
ChristopherNGart_: the find command uses brute force to locate your files, it checks every file in all your directories.22:32
ChristopherNGif more than one file in a different direcotry has the same name "tommy" find reports them all.22:33
ChristopherNGbut in this case we have specified exactly which directory to search.22:33
ChristopherNGjust open a terminal and try that command lets not make a simple thing harder than it has to be.22:34
art_art@ubuntu:~$ find /home/ubuntu/Desktop/test -name tommy -print22:34
art_find: `/home/ubuntu/Desktop/test': No such file or directory22:34
art_these are the results22:34
art_ok, I see the problem...I use xubuntu, not ubuntu.22:35
ChristopherNGthe folder is actually spelt "test" just exactly like that?22:35
spantherChristopherNG, after disabling "Vsync" i have "little" cuts in the video in heavily moving scenes but it runs completely smooth now ^^22:35
ChristopherNGspanther: thats good to know for myself aswell, great!22:35
ChristopherNGspanther: by the way are you running 64bit or 32?22:36
spantherATI has an option to disable these "cutted windows" if movement comes up, it says it will use extra power to enable this. it seems like it sets the desktop to 60hz/fps and so the movie (24fps) stutters22:36
spantheri am using Xubuntu 32bit 11.04 :)22:36
spantherwith PAE kernel22:37
ChristopherNGart_: just check the spelling of "test" because unix is case sensitive.22:37
spantherwell now fast movement makes cuts inside the frame(s) but it runs smooth.22:37
ChristopherNGspanther: thats cool, I have a 64bit machine but i run the 32 bit iso because its more stable and i find things like flash and vlc less laggy22:37
spantheri still use vlc now :)22:38
ChristopherNGart_: you still there?22:38
art_test is all lower case.22:39
spantherso that means I can't enable this Vsync option for desktop otherwise it isn't able to play media with lower fps than 60 stutter free because it hasn't enough fps in the media :)22:39
spanthercause it can't calculate half frames22:39
art_still here22:39
ChristopherNGart_: close that terminal and open a new one22:39
ChristopherNGtype "ls" hit enter22:39
art_Desktop     how to save drivers in xubuntu.abw                Pictures22:40
art_Documents   linux laptop summary, cost vs processor type.abw  Public22:40
art_Downloads   linux laptop summary, cost vs processor type.txt  Templates22:40
art_forum post  Music22:40
ChristopherNGnow type "cd ./Desktop"22:40
ChristopherNGhit enter22:40
ChristopherNGnow type "ls" hit enter22:40
art_art@ubuntu:~$ cd ./Desktop22:41
ChristopherNGtype "ls" what do you get22:41
spantherglad I could help lol xD22:41
art_art@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ ls22:42
art_69_017 - Tommy Jiames & The Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion 192 St.mp322:42
art_linux laptop summary, cost vs processor type.txt22:42
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ChristopherNGnow type "cd ./test"22:42
art_it actually found another instance of 'tommy' on my desktop.22:42
ChristopherNGart_: ignore it22:42
ChristopherNGtype "cd ./test"22:42
ChristopherNGand then type "ls" and tell me what you get22:42
ChristopherNGyes now type "ls" and do you get anything in that folder?22:43
ChristopherNGor have you been searching an empty directory? :)22:43
art_art@ubuntu:~/Desktop/test$ ls22:44
art_69_017 - Tommy James & The Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion 192 St.mp322:44
art_69_017 - Tommy Jiames & The Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion 192 St.mp322:44
art_69_018 - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary 192 St.mp322:44
art_69_019 - Spinning Wheel - Blood, Sweat & Tears VBR JS.mp322:44
art_69_020 - Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue 192 St.mp322:44
art_69_021 - Blood, Sweat & Tears - You've Made Me So Very Happy 192 St.mp322:44
art_69_022 - Cowsills - Hair 192 JS.mp322:44
art_69_023 - Supremes & Temptations - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me 192 ST.mp322:44
art_69_024 - Sly & the Family Stone - Hot Fun In The Summertime 192 St.mp322:44
art_yes, that works, tnx.22:44
art_but the original problem still exists22:44
ChristopherNGnow type this "find . -name "T*" -print"22:45
spantherChristopherNG, If you enable Desktop Vsync option to remove cuts, it syncs to 60fps because your screen has 60hz, so it disallows half frames. movies have less frames per second so they stutter because it hasn't enough to show 60 full frames per second :) that was the issue ^^22:45
art_if I use catfish to search for 'tommy' on myt desktop, it will display 2 files....but how to move those files??22:45
ChristopherNGart_: ok, where do you want to move those files?22:46
art_I would be happy enough to copy them anywhere-but nothing works.22:46
ChristopherNGspanther: Thanks22:46
ChristopherNGyou know how to use the "cp" command?22:47
art_from tghe catfish screen, the hits from my search cannot be selected, so drag and drop doesn't work.22:47
spantherChristopherNG, if you set Vsync on, and then set your screen to 24fps (cinema mode) too just like your screen and your video has 24p, it will run fluid too but that is a big hassle to switch fps everytime :P22:47
art_no, I don't know 'cp'22:47
ChristopherNGcp = copy22:47
art_I assume it's 'copy'??22:48
spanthercp /your/source/file /your/desired/place/   thats how to use x)22:48
ChristopherNGlet me give you an example from my machine22:49
ChristopherNGcp archies.mp3 ~/Desktop/22:50
ChristopherNGbasically i went to the directory that had "archies"22:51
ChristopherNGand then copied it to my desktop22:51
art_ok, b ut will that command search for 'archies', and only copy those files??/?22:52
ChristopherNGyou can make a "pipe" like i was saying before22:52
ChristopherNGbut have you used the command line before?22:52
art_havent used the command line since the early days of dos.........22:53
art_circa 199022:53
ChristopherNGwell if your not strong on the command line last thing you want to be doing is using cp and rm with wildcards and pipes.22:53
art_I'm rusty at best, but understand the concept.22:53
ChristopherNGI would go read on the command line a little22:53
art_ok, I can do it-but sure would rather stil luse something with a qui22:54
art_tnx so much for your help22:54
spantherthe command line is a very strong tool :)22:54
ChristopherNGyour welcome, and just remember...22:55
art_I gotta get off the computer so my daughter can continue her linux introduction.22:55
ChristopherNGif you ever get a file and that you dont have full rights over, you just make a copy to get full rights and delete the original.22:55
art_gl to all22:55
ChristopherNGOk folks im probably going to get told to take this to offtopic but I did abit of research for famous linux users and apparently Ben Affleck and Jeff Goldblum are avid linux users.22:59
spantherlol *g*23:01
ChristopherNGbut then again someone on that site also said Paris Hilton made contributions to x0rg23:02
ChristopherNGobvious troll!23:02
spantherChristopherNG, you're using ATI too?23:06
ChristopherNGNvidia on this machine, Ati on my other.23:07
spantherok :)23:07
spantherati here, intel on netbook and nvidia on mothers notebook xD23:08
spantherall linux now :P23:08
ChristopherNGgreat, im going for a cigarette brb23:08
CrazyGirhowdy! I am having a pain trying to get xubuntu to properly restart networking23:08
spantherwhy restart? did you disable it before? :)23:09
CrazyGirwhen I issue service networking stop && service networking start (there's no restart) I get: networking stop/waiting23:09
CrazyGirusing ifdown/up I was able to get my IP refreshed on my nic, but I'm unable to get resolv.conf cleared and reissued23:10
spantherwlan or lan? atheros or realtek?23:10
CrazyGirso DNS is all wonky23:10
spanthermh :/23:10
CrazyGirspanther: restart becasuse I'm connected to a new network23:10
CrazyGirnew/different. I go between networks and having no connection a lot (live in the middle of the mountains)23:11
spantheroh ok23:11
CrazyGirspanther: it's a lan, connected to modem/router atm23:11
CrazyGirand restart because dns isn't working and resolv.conf looks like it needs a refresh :)23:12
madnickCrazyGir: use google dns23:13
CrazyGirthat's a windows answer23:13
madnickMy router dies all the time23:13
madnickwell the dns server stops working, so i have to use an alternate dns23:13
CrazyGirI don't need my router doing DNS23:13
CrazyGirI don't have my router doing DNS23:14
madnickI see23:14
spantheryeah... router slow down sometimes after some uptime because of their dns server is under heavy load or the hardware isn't fast enough :/23:14
CrazyGirI guess insight into why the networking service refuses to start would be heplful?23:14
charlie-tcabut something has to or your websites won't resolve. Using google DNS servers is often faster than using the local ISP DNS servers.23:14
spantherCrazyGir, if your networking would work, you could use teamviewer and show me the issue :) i then could compare with mine23:15
spantherbut you can't since it's down lol23:15
madnickyour websites won't resolve. Using  google DNS servers is often faster than using the local  ISP DNS servers.23:15
madnicki slipped the mouse23:15
madnickin irssi23:15
CrazyGirfiddling with resolv.conf is the hack23:16
CrazyGirfiguring out why xubuntu not working like it is supposed to would be the fix23:16
spanthermadnick, but google censors and so you never know if you got all true dns info :)23:16
madnickI did not mean to paste that23:16
madnickIt was not my message :)23:16
madnickspanther: oh23:17
spantheroh ok xD23:17
spantheri prefer openDNS :)23:17
CrazyGirdo either of your systems refuse to start netowkring if you stop/start the service?23:18
CrazyGirspanther: opendns annoys me with their auto-google-if-you-mistype23:18
spantherCrazyGir, heh23:18
spantherbut it is not controlled "by" google and that's good x)23:19
spantheri hate monopolism :P23:19
CrazyGiryou mean you dislike being taken advantage of?23:19
spantherall out of one hand is dangerous ^^23:19
CrazyGirwelcome to the clue :)23:19
CrazyGirnot sure how e slipped in there23:20
CrazyGirwell crap, I feel like rebooting is the only way to fix this.23:20
spantheri prefer more different services so if any goes down there aren't affected all you know? :)23:20
spantherone big company to trust "with every service" well... i'm paranoid xD23:20
CrazyGirit's so annoying how linux is slowly becoming more and more like windows23:20
spanthernah it's far away from being windows :)23:21
CrazyGirspanther: don't be paranoid, be realistic, someone profiting off your information does not care about you, they only care about continueing to collect your information23:21
spantherjust little bugs ^^23:21
CrazyGiryou haven't used BSD for long enough then23:21
spanthermost of the time it's a layer 8 issue x)23:21
spanthermeans: the one sitting in front of the machine :P23:22
CrazyGirthat is why I came here23:22
CrazyGirI know what the layer 8 issue is23:22
spantherkk xD23:22
spantherit's just that i bet there is a command you just don't know! x)23:22
CrazyGirbut yea, I haven't really collected any great insights into why xubuntu refuses to reset it's freeking resolv.conf23:22
madnickIn all fairness, the easy way of doing this23:22
spantherbut this doesn't make linux windows'ish23:22
madnickWould be to use nm-applet23:22
madnickand "disable networking" then reenable it23:23
CrazyGirlet me see..23:23
madnickThe nm-applet will generate resolv.conf23:23
CrazyGirhow would you start that applet?23:23
madnickCrazyGir: its on top right23:24
madnickif you are running GUI23:24
spantherCrazyGir, i bet you just install it over synaptic software center and then add it as panel app :)23:24
madnickthe two arrows in 11.04 :)23:24
spanthermadnick, CrazyGir is using Xubuntu so Xfce :)23:24
spantherno two arrows there hehe23:24
CrazyGirHAH, so the applet doesn't even pick up my NIC/eth023:25
spantherhuh? what?23:25
CrazyGiryea, exactly23:26
spantheryou mean the applet doesn't show eth0?23:26
spantheri enabled "auto-ethernet" here :)23:26
CrazyGirnope, I mean if I click the "show me some details" it says, "sorry, no active/valid connection found" and if I click edit connections, I see nothing.. all this despite having eth0 active (with an ip) and correct entries in /etc/network/interfaces23:27
spantheri only have "auto lo" and "iface lo inet loopback" inside the "interfaces" file :)23:28
spantherno eth0 entry O.o23:29
spanthermaybe you try mine? xD23:29
CrazyGirI miss OpenBSD.23:29
spantherbackup your interfaces and try mine :)23:29
CrazyGirhah, and there it works..23:29
spantherwhat works?23:30
CrazyGir(no, didn't try yours)23:30
spantheroh k lol23:30
CrazyGiryea, linux is getting a lot like windows23:30
spantherwell I just installed Xubuntu 11.04 freshly now today and haven't edited any file so far. this was the only two entries i had in interfaces but it's working just fine23:31
madnickIIRC Linux is getting less like Windows, Windows even removed POSIX support ;)23:31
spanthermadnick, i bet ballmer just doesn't want opensource invades windows and so he removes more and more compatibility stuff :P23:31
spantherlinux gets more automatism but this doesn't transfer it into windows :)23:33
Josesordoit isnt windows.. =P23:35
spantherthanks for saying this x)23:36
spantheranyone here has knowledge about WebcamStudio ?23:45
spantherI would like to stream to justin.tv or ustream.tv so i need this :)23:46

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