htorquegood morning, everyone! the dash's home screen is not supposed to show any other categories/items than the shortcut ones, right? i just had an applications section in there. wanted to take a screenshot, now it's gone.07:27
apware we aware that when you click the sound notifier, and then attempt to click the volume control, the menu dissapears.  when reopening the menu the volume is then slaved to the slider regardless of whether one is clocked08:55
diwicronoc ^^09:01
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om26erephan, hey12:06
om26erephan, your branch seems to work fine now12:06
ephanthat's great om26er , thanks a lot12:11
ephanAlso sorry about asking you to test it for me :P12:11
ephanShould I propose it to merge or is there anything I have to do before?12:11
om26erephan, hmm waiting for design ;)12:12
ephanOk thanks om26er, I'll wait and see12:12
ephanBecause I still don't know how the Design team colaborates with the coding team12:12
om26erephan, yw12:12
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ephanom26er, how does it work then?13:44
om26erephan, its works13:45
ephanI'm talking about the way the Design Team collaborates with the Coding Team :S13:45
ephanOr "it works" is an answer to it?13:46
om26ernot totally sure some unity dev would know better13:46
ephanhm, thanks13:46
ephanom26er, I got an answer13:58
ephan"Won't fix"13:58
ephanWell, too bad, but what can I do13:58
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om26erephan,  :/ nothing I guess14:33
ephanYeah I know14:34
ephan"the what can I do" is retoric :P14:34
ephanAnd I always look on the bright side, at least I learnt how to make it14:34
madnickIm sorry for asking this here, but I have been working on this for 2 hours, the unity greeter compiles fine using the ./configure .. make .. make install, however parts of it using valac does not work, "Does not exist in the context of X", I am passing all --pkg arguments that is used by the make system. Especially X.CreatePixmap seems to be the problem.15:34
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jonosmspillaz, you rock, dude15:49
jonothanks for the work on the bug15:49
smspillazjono: I don't know 100% if its fixed15:56
jonosmspillaz, when will the fix be uploaded to Oneiric?15:56
jonosmspillaz, have you seen https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/822929 btw?15:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 822929 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Significant screen tearing when using Thunderbird" [Undecided,New]15:56
smspillazI'm not much of an expert on screen tearing, sorry :/15:57
jonosmspillaz, can you confirm if this is a compiz bug?15:57
jonoI assume it is15:57
smspillazjono: guess it is15:58
smspillazjono: I've not seen it though15:58
smspillazwill look into it later15:58
jonosmspillaz, thanks15:58
jonoif you could confirm it so it gets on the bug list, that would be useful15:59
jonoit really makes Thunderbird entirely unusable15:59
smspillazjono: my branch might fix that issue, who knows15:59
smspillazthe problem was quite deeply rooted15:59
jonoany idea when your branch will hit Oneitc?15:59
smspillazthe release process is generally stalled by a lack of testing16:00
jonowhat do you mean lack of testing?16:00
jonotesting the branch before it lands in 11.10?16:00
nhainesIf it hits a daily (or if I can update a daily, I suppose) I can test it on this Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)16:04
jonosmspillaz, ^16:04
jononhaines, you mean the TB issue?16:04
nhainesjono: yup.16:05
jononhaines, sure, just load TB and try to reply all to a message16:05
jonosometimes it doesn't happen, just try a bunch of times to see if it happens16:05
smspillazjono: its not likely to be intel specific16:23
jonosmspillaz, you think if anyone uses TB on compiz they should get that bug?16:25
smspillazjono: dunno, I didn't get it then myself16:32
apwis it me or is now unity a task switcher and i cannot configure it16:43
jjohansenapw: nope not just you16:44
jjohansenthat is what I am here to complain about atm16:44
apwat least if its going to be the unconfigurable switcher it could at least turn off the one whcih was enabled before16:44
apwnot that i think its reasonable to be non-configureable16:44
jjohansenit needs to be configurable, as its behavior is uhm to put it nicely not what I like at all16:45
jjohansenthe appswitcher is not great but a lot better16:46
jjohansenoh and having two switchers enabled at the same time is going to lead to more bug reports.  Doing the update enabled the unity switcher and didn't disable the appswitcher16:47
jjohansengood times :/16:47
jjohansenalso since the update my lens are missing16:49
jjohansenupdated this morning16:49
apwjjohansen, how would i know if my lenses are there or not (ie. what are they)16:50
jjohansenapw: they are the app lens, file lens, etc in the launcher or under the unity search16:50
jjohansenpress the windows key16:51
jjohansenshould show up as more apps or something16:51
jjohansenthey are missing from the launcher, that might be a design decision, as there is now an ubuntu icon in the launcher instead of at the top.  But they are also missing from the search16:52
jjohansenhrmm and search isn't working16:54
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jjohansenoh no I've got it.  They are back if I delete.  It seems search is remembering a space at the start16:55
jjohansenso it comes up completely empty but if I backspace I get the lenses16:55
njpateljjohansen, we know of the bug, will be fixed in this this week's reelase17:04
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