pooliehi all00:25
thomiIs there a script somewhere I can use to generate a large bzr branch for testing things?00:40
poolieyes, there is00:40
thomiI guess I could also just branch a big project from launchpad....00:41
pooliethat could be good00:41
pooliethere's a plugin that makes arbitrary-sized history00:41
poolieit depends what you want to do with it00:42
pooliei can't recall the name at the moment though00:42
thomiok, no worries.00:43
thomiI guess Bazaar itself, or launchpad would be reasonable candidates00:43
poolieyep, depending on what size you want00:49
poolieand linaro-gcc and emacs are bigger again00:49
pooliehi jam07:23
jammorning all08:08
jamhi poolie08:08
pooliehi there08:15
pooliehi riddell, how are you?08:27
Riddellfunny, I feel hungover but I didn't drink any alcohol yesterday08:45
Riddellrather I did a 6 hour paddle and a 2 hour climb.  I think I must have got dehydrated without noticing08:45
Riddellanyway, I'm going to see if I can finish off this KDE Bazaar integration today08:46
AuroraBorealisis anyone here familiar on how...bzr packages its installers?08:46
AuroraBorealissince its the only program i know that is written in python / pyqt08:47
RiddellAuroraBorealis: it entirely depends on the platform08:47
Riddellfor ubuntu it's a normal .deb package using the normal debhelper python scripts08:47
AuroraBorealiswell mostly mac / windows08:47
AuroraBorealissince linux is easy08:47
AuroraBorealislike windows has a exe that runs python08:48
AuroraBorealisand mac os x has an installer but no nice app bundle08:48
RiddellI believe there's some well known process that turns python into a .exe on windows but I don't know any more than that08:48
pooliehi AuroraBorealis, jam has worked on the windows installers at least08:48
pooliethere's a tool called py2exe08:48
AuroraBorealisand im assuming that works with pyqt08:49
jamAuroraBorealis: we use py2exe to create a .exe program08:49
jamThen innosetup (IIRC) to build the setup.exe08:50
AuroraBorealiswhich includes python and pyqt in it?08:50
gourif the bug has low priority @LP it means one cannot expect anything within next 6 months?08:55
jamAuroraBorealis: py2exe bundles up a python script with pythonXY.dll08:57
jamand creates a library.zip containing the python code08:57
jamand pulls in needed libraries, etc.08:57
AuroraBorealisah, thanks for the info =)08:57
pooliegour: some low priority bugs are fixed but generally only when the developer has some other reason to fix them08:58
poolieeg it's on the way to fixing something else or it personally annoys them08:58
gourpoolie: i'm thinking about bug #24006708:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 240067 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad projects need wikis" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24006708:58
gourwe're on the point to decide between bzr/hg & LP/bitbucket08:59
pooliewell, apparently geoff is working on it08:59
gourjust asked about it at SO08:59
AuroraBorealiswikis dont seem like a trivial thing to implement09:00
AuroraBorealisbut i feel they are really needed cause they are super useful09:00
gourpoolie: i cannot understand that LP team is dragging this for more than 3 years...SF,Google, Github,BB...everyone has it09:01
gourpeople were even blogging about moving from bzr/Lp due to it (http://www.artima.com/weblogs/viewpost.jsp?thread=242653)09:01
poolieyou'll probably get more traction in #launchpad09:01
AuroraBorealisits just that there are no other websites for bzr other then launchpad09:02
AuroraBorealisthere was one that was starting up but its not even functional09:02
gouri must admit i never got much response there09:02
* gour has asked question about it - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7063145/bzr-launchpad-vs-hg-mercurial09:02
poolieso the big thing that launchpad has been working on for the last year or so is speed09:02
poolieboth application speed and development speed09:03
pooliei mention this because it's actually first on the list of that blog post from 200809:03
gourpoolie: it's a pity that LP & bzr are losing 'customers' because of that09:03
gouriow, hard work of bzr devs is wasted due to missing features in LP09:04
gouractually, not wasted, but you get the point...09:05
AuroraBorealisit doesn't seem THAT hard to just use markdown files like github does. of course i'm not the one working on it so yeah =P09:05
pooliegour, so, xaav was making fairly fast progress on some of these bugs09:07
gourAuroraBorealis: problem is that LP people have other priorities...it seems that they even didn't get spec...although it seems it's not rocket science considering so many hostings have it09:07
poolieperhaps he will get this one up09:07
AuroraBorealisa wiki would be very nice to have.09:07
AuroraBorealisat least the start of one :309:07
gourAuroraBorealis: the bug is over 3yrs, old :-(09:08
poolieso, basically, you're saying09:10
ccxCZI plan to just use ikiwiki/sphinx/whatever can generate static html for a wiki09:10
poolielaunchpad ought to do this next, as an official feature, because it's the single most important thing?09:10
pooliei'd like to at least show branch content formatted as rest/markdown09:10
poolieeven if it's not editable in the first cut09:10
* gour nods09:10
AuroraBorealisthat would be acceptable ^09:10
AuroraBorealisthats kinda what github does anyway09:11
AuroraBorealisand is easily editable through the source anyway09:11
gourit would be cool to have e.g. sphinx reST docs rendered09:11
gour..but having nothing as 'project page' really sucks09:11
ccxCZgour: I think there's an independent service for that already09:11
AuroraBorealisid offer to help but i doubt my skillz are that good =P09:11
gourccxCZ: there is, but its not the same09:12
gourthere is readthedocs.org09:12
ccxCZtbh I decided to go fully decentralized and build simple stack of project management tools anyone can install (unlike launchpad)09:13
AuroraBorealislooks cool, but i still think bazaar should have something integrated to the website itself09:14
ccxCZroundup, buildbot and probably sphinx will be the building blocks for that09:15
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jampoolie, jelmer, vila: anyone up for a teddy-bear chat about the get_parent_map stuff I'm working on? I think I've got it, but it would be nice to work through it with someone09:28
pooliehi jam09:29
pooliei might be, but not tonight09:29
pooliehm, not right now anyhow09:30
jamside point, we were talking about backporting bug #609187 to 2.1 for Lucid, right?09:30
ubot5Launchpad bug 609187 in Bazaar 2.1 "users are not warned when branching ubuntu:foo (or lp:ubuntu/foo) and the package import of foo is out of date" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60918709:30
jamwow, backporting to bzr-2.1 means NEWS instead of doc/en/release-notes...09:39
jelmerjam: sure09:44
pooliejam oh if you get the chance could you read https://code.launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr/faster-stacked-tree-build/+merge/7038109:44
pooliejam, yes, ideally for 2.1/lucid, but i wouldn't pay an unlimited price if there's something that makes it hard09:45
pooliebeyond the location of the news file ;)09:45
pooliepoolie: jam oh if you get the chance could you read https://code.launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr/faster-stacked-tree-build/+merge/7038109:45
jampidgin just died... very weird09:45
pooliepoolie: jam, yes, ideally for 2.1/lucid, but i wouldn't pay an unlimited price if there's something that makes it hard09:45
jampoolie: I feel like faster-stacked-tree just needs someone to become its new mascot/driver09:45
jamI've sort of avoided poking at it, but if you want I can move it to the DOTO queue09:46
jam(Do Too?)09:46
pooliedistcc has a 'DOTO' protocol unit for a .o file :)09:46
pooliewell, if you don't mind09:47
pooliespiv is still around a bit09:47
pooliei'd better go09:47
gour1poolie: thank you for the hint @SO...wasn't aware of it09:49
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gourpoolie: i've added --append_revisions_only to my 'upstream' repo, added a 'feature' into upstream and added a feature to 'feat1' branch. tried to merge upstream into feature and then pushed backe feat1 to upstream and got 'bzr: ERROR: Operation denied because it would change the main history, which is not permitted by the append_revisions_only setting on branch 'upstream'...so it looks as that setting for10:00
gour'init' prevents one to do the 'mistake' and forces one to use 'correct' (for bzr) workflow?10:00
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lelithi, is there any specific reason why the cmd_merge builtin does not honor a --verbose flag (even if "bzr merge -h" says so?) like cmd_pull for example?11:51
lifelessjam: hi; did you see the loggerhead issue when we rolled it out ? with dictionary size changed during iteration12:09
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jamlifeless: sorry I missed your ping. I did not see the loggerhead issue. do you have a link? I don't think I even saw a loggerhead bug report.13:45
jamugh, looks like in all the revamping, I lost my subscription to loggerhead bugs...13:45
jamwhy do I lose subscriptions I want, and still get email about every lp-oops-tool that I don't care about... :(13:46
jamlifeless: https://bugs.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/826136 this looks more like a launchpad codebase issue.13:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 826136 in loggerhead "dictionary changed size during iteration" [Critical,Triaged]13:47
jamAt least https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=2051CBA110 does13:47
jamit appears to be failing in "lp.codehosting" not in bzrlib or loggerhead code.13:47
jamjelmer, Riddell, poolie, vila: I just updated http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/PatchPilot for the next few weeks. I just copied the rotation for the last few weeks. Double check if anything won't actually work. I tried to look at the calendar13:54
jambut that might not be complete.13:54
jelmerreminds me, I should send a report for last week13:54
jamjelmer: also, we wanted to pair on the quilt stuff. I wasn't sure, but it looks like I'll be available whenever.13:56
jamI think I'd like to chat with Martin tomorrow after the standup (if he's available), and you said Wed was no good.13:56
jamBut I could do later on Tues, or Thurs13:56
jelmerjam: Thursday?13:57
jamjelmer: works-for-me13:58
=== Riddell changed the topic of #bzr to: current topic is: Bazaar version control <http://bazaar.canonical.com> | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: Riddell
Riddelloh aye13:59
jamhey Riddell, how was your conference?14:00
Riddellnice to catch up with desktopy people14:01
RiddellI got some ideas and requests for bzr14:02
jelmerhah, switching between colocated branches works15:05
jmlmgz: hey, had a chance to look at the assertThat bug yet?15:50
mgzhey jml.15:59
mgzI have a branch, need to make a few choices about output changes16:00
mgzI think the simplest option is adding a Python 3 style repr for Python 2,16:00
mgzfor anywhere %s is currently used in matcher stringifying and describe methods16:01
mgzthe regexp case is a bit funky, I wonder if we could make up r"" style strings16:02
mgzI'll put up some suggestions based on your branch shortly.16:03
jmlmgz: cool. thanks.16:03
jmlmgz: The main thing with regexes is to avoid the double slashes.16:04
jmlmgz: not sure there's any other special handling worth doing for them.16:04
jmlmgz: I wonder if we could somehow add some more automated tests guaranteeing that matchers have proper unicode behaviour.16:05
mgzI've added a few tests for Mismatch describe behaviours16:05
jmlmgz: that's good. thanks.16:09
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DerNaliahow do I fix this: bzr: ERROR: Couldn't import bzrlib and dependencies.17:33
DerNaliaI just tried checking out a repo17:33
DerNaliatold me to Please check the directory containing bzrlib is on your PYTHONPATH.17:33
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jhtranif i'm in trunk, how do i 'checkout' an old revision based on date?18:27
jhtransuch as using git, i just do git checkout <date>18:27
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kkrevhow do you undo 'bzr resolve somefile' so you can redo the merge for just that file?21:00
kkrevI guess 'remerge' works21:04
kkreveven after you marked resolved21:04
wilxDoes anybody have experience with using Bazaar for disconnected development against Subversion?22:11
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wilxIt seems that once I make revisions graph non-linear by a merge, I cannot push to Subversion anymore.22:12
jelmerhi wilx22:12
jelmerwilx, you have to set "append_revisions_only = False" to push changes that change the branch mainline22:12
lifelessor use dpush22:12
jelmerlifeless, that will still try to change the mainline, it just won't push extra metadata22:13
lifelessI thought it rebased locally as needed22:14
jelmerit will discard the local bzr revisions and replace them with revisions fetched from svn after pushing22:16
jelmer(effectively rewriting the local revisions that were pushed to no longer include data that can't be represented in svn)22:17
jelmer'evening Riddell22:18
Riddellhi jelmer, I'm afraid I'm not too well and spent today in bed, so if I don't make it to the meeting in the morning it means I'm not better22:19
jelmerRiddell, Sorry to hear that22:21
jelmerRiddell: I'll mention it in case when you're  not around tomorrow22:21
jelmerRiddell: get well soon22:22
mwhudsonjelmer: hi22:25
jelmermwhudson, hello22:26
mwhudsonjelmer: i was wondering why we still have the ~launchpad-pqm/bzr-svn/devel branches22:26
jelmermwhudson: survived the flight back to .nz?22:26
mwhudsonjelmer: rather than referring to particular revisions of lp:bzr-svn22:26
mwhudson(& so on for bzr-git etc)22:27
mwhudsonjelmer: apparently!22:27
jelmermwhudson: Why not go one step further.. perhaps we could just use by-value nested trees for the various sourcecode branches22:27
jelmermwhudson, lp-pqm's bzr-git still has a patch to allow deregistration22:27
mwhudsonjelmer: oh right, that hack22:28
jelmermwhudson: I guess we could get that landed upstream if we'd really have to22:29
mwhudsonjelmer: well carrying changes in general is a good reason for a separate branch22:30
mwhudsoni'd forgotten we were doing that22:30
mwhudsoni also forget a bit _why_ we do that22:30
mwhudsonjelmer: do by-value nested trees actually work yet?22:31
jelmermwhudson: by-value nested trees have worked well for years :)22:31
mwhudsonoh right, i think i'd gotten the kinds of tree messed up22:32
jelmerby-reference nested trees are not yet supported22:32
dOxxxjelmer: is there going to be a stable release of bzr-svn for bzr 2.4.0? The last official release was August last year.23:08
lifelessjelmer: ah! it was your patch - 826136 :)23:09
lifelessjam: thanks for the analysis, thats excellent.23:10
hazmatis it possible with the bzr plugin api to alter existing commands, or is it only  for the addition of new commands? i'd prefer to avoid monkey patching the existing commands, so i'm looking for a replace option23:20
hazmathmm.. found this http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/plugins/en/plugin-development.html#extending-an-existing-command which is effectively empty23:22
hazmatah.. ic the decorate param looks like it does the trick23:22
jelmerdOxxx, hi23:35
jelmerdOxxx, There is another release planned23:36

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