ScottKdebfx: Should be able to in a bit.02:40
rbelemScottK, ping03:06
ScottKrbelem: pong.03:06
rbelemScottK, i need some help with dh7 :-)03:07
ScottKWhat's up?03:07
rbelemScottK, how do i pass parameter to cmake?03:07
rbelemScottK, i want to pass -DBUILD_HANDSET=TRUE03:08
ScottKLet me find an example.03:08
ScottKrbelem: Look at debian/rules in kdeadmin.03:09
rbelemthx :-)03:09
ScottKSpecifically the override_dh_auto_configure: bit.03:09
rbelemScottK, thank you very much :-D03:12
ScottKrbelem: You're welcome.03:12
rbelemyofel, i just uploaded the plasma-mobile package to revu04:02
* rbelem goes to bed04:03
ScottKdebfx: Done.  Thank you for your contribution to Kubuntu.04:18
ScottKyofel: What's your plan for kde-workspace?04:32
markeyulmlogger is sleeping here in Mamarok's bed (with her). he's about the only man I'm comfortable with doing that ;)05:22
markeyas I snore too much, I got the luxury of using my own bed, without sharing it with ulmlogger 05:23
markeyand I will bring ulmlogger to lunch into our cafeteria, then he can get to know my manager :)05:24
ulmloggerbulldog98: there is a new binary plasma-tablet :P08:12
ulmloggerthat one does not crash08:12
ulmloggercurious that plasma-mobile is installed when the handset ui is not built08:13
ulmloggerScottK, rbelem: the runtime patches to activitymanager are not particularly regression save :S08:31
debfxScottK: thanks. could you also take care of uploading pykde4 from bzr?09:10
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
QuintasanGood morning09:18
* bambee is packing touchegg09:19
* Quintasan is marking kwin-gles as postponed09:22
Quintasanbambee: Tell me if you want me to review09:24
bambeeQuintasan: for touchegg ? ok09:24
Quintasanrbelem: Great. Too bad we won't be able to do anything with it until we have upgraded kde-workspace :S09:24
bambeeUse of uninitialized value $arch in substitution (s///) at /usr/bin/dpkg-source line 255.09:29
bambeeUse of uninitialized value $arch in sprintf at /usr/bin/dpkg-source line 256.09:29
bambeeQuintasan: do I send touchegg on revu?09:59
bambee(it's useful to review something)09:59
Quintasanbambee: If it is a new package then you send it to REVU10:00
bambeeQuintasan: ok10:00
bambeeQuintasan: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=920610:05
bambeeoh wait10:07
bambeethere is an error into debian/copyright10:07
Quintasanbambee: I: touchegg source: binary-control-field-duplicates-source field "section" in package touchegg10:25
Quintasanbambee: The GNU General Public License is mentioned in debian/copyright but there seems to be no copy of it included in the source tarball, which is a requirement for it. 10:25
bambeeoh damnit10:27
QuintasanEither poke upstream to include it and re-release the tarball or do a repack10:27
bambeeI will repack the tarball and poke upstream10:29
yofelScottK: I was taking a look at how the abi manager works, but for that I need to be able to actually testbuild this, for which we need to fix the archive build failure first10:37
yofelScottK: if we really can't get this to work, can we dump the abi manager for libkwineffects? I mean, kwin is the only application in the archive that actually uses it currently.10:38
debfxyofel: kde-workspace should build once qtwebkit-source 2.2~2011week27-0ubuntu2 is published10:40
yofelok, thanks10:41
debfxyofel: is qt4-perl and perlqt the same thing?10:48
yofeldebfx: qt4-perl is old and replaced by perlqt10:48
debfxso it's a different upstream?10:49
yofelwell, not really, IIRC qt4-perl came from kdebindings too, it's just that it was built seperately10:49
debfxok, I just want to make sure that we use the same source name as Debian10:52
yofelI did give them the links to our perl packaging a few days ago, not sure if they even started yet10:54
Quintasanyofel: Or *wait* for MoDaX to add multiple CMake targets support :P11:10
yofelhe hasn't yet said when he'll do that11:11
QuintasanI don't think he even said he would do it11:12
yofelwell, he probably will /eventually/11:16
bulldog98yofel: keyboard11:26
bulldog98ulmlogger: ok thanks11:26
bulldog98ulmlogger: where is this binary?11:35
ulmloggerbuilt by plasma-mobile11:35
bulldog98ulmlogger: in the ppa? or do I have to compile it by hand?11:55
rbelemulmlogger, heya11:56
rbelemhey yofel 11:58
rbelemyofel, what needs to be done in kde-workspace?11:59
bulldog98Riddell: where do you have the code of your bzr dolphin plugin?12:01
ulmloggerbulldog98: I thought you already have it built ?!?!??!12:02
bulldog98ulmlogger: what exactly works for you?12:03
rbelemyofel, do you have changes for kdelibs and kde-runtime? ulmlogger asked me to make some changes to them12:03
yofelI'll look at it in a bit, doing something else ATM12:03
rbelemulmlogger, what do you mean with regression save?12:04
rbelemyofel, oki ;-)12:04
CIA-52[kubuntu-low-fat-settings] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110815120402-8besok801c7wmr7j * (env env/50lowfat debian/kubuntu-low-fat-settings.install) add env setting script12:04
ulmloggerbulldog98: plasma-tablet12:08
felimwhiteleyin case it's of interest that Akonadi error killing my machine (ate all 8GB of memory and CPU maxed out) was only solved doing what this guy did http://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2011/05/msg00046.html12:09
ulmloggerrbelem: well, there is plenty of changes to kactivitymanager in the runtime patches12:09
felimwhiteleyall working again... no idea how/why it was erroring12:09
ulmloggerthe manager is also used by plasma-desktop12:09
ulmloggerso since those changes are quite invasive there is no way of telling whether something will break in the desktop12:10
ulmloggerwhich is a bit scar12:10
bulldog98ulmlogger: k12:10
rbelembulldog98, revu has the latest plasma-mobile pkg12:10
rbelemwow! google bought motorola mobility :-O12:11
bulldog98rbelem: is it working?12:11
rbelembulldog98, yup12:11
rbelembulldog98, and it creates the links12:12
rbelembulldog98, and build handset12:12
* bulldog98 is really enjoying good news :)12:13
rbelembulldog98, i upstreamed some ftbfs patches and only one still in the debian/patches dir12:13
* bulldog98 hugs rbelem12:14
* rbelem hugs back bulldog98 12:14
* bulldog98 hugs ulmlogger, yofel, markey, Mamarok, shadeslayer, debfx, ScottK, Riddell, rbelem and everybody else doing good work12:15
* rbelem pokes ulmlogger 12:17
=== timblechmann is now known as tim
rbelemulmlogger, what do you mean with regression save?12:23
rbelemulmlogger, and what is ulm? :-D12:23
bulldog98rbelem: where is the PPA it is in. Also it is developed in git12:25
rbelembulldog98, oh! i did not uploaded to the ppa yet12:25
rbelembulldog98, i will do it right now12:26
rbelembulldog98, i just uploaded12:28
rbelembulldog98, new share-like-connect uploaded too12:29
rbelemScottK, i got "Version older than that in the archive. 0.0~svn20110814-0ubuntu1 <= 0.2~git20110811.084553-0ubuntu0~ppa212:33
rbelemis there a way to force?12:33
rbelemQuintasan, ^ 12:37
debfxyofel: have you found any other packages that are missing from the packageset?12:42
debfxso far I have http://paste.ubuntu.com/666459/12:42
yofeldebfx: all of the bindings, so I think add perlqt to the list, perlkde is in universe. Other than that, no12:45
yofelrbelem: where are you uploading that to?12:46
rbelemyofel, to ~kubuntu-active12:47
rbelemyofel, i deleted the version that was there12:47
yofelok, then give it a few minutes, should work then12:47
yofelrbelem: actuall, it got accepted12:48
yofelrbelem: I'm not sure why you have svn in the version though12:48
yofelrbelem: also, you didn't add ~ppa1 to the version12:48
rbelemyofel, we kept svn there just to make version compatible with the previous12:49
rbelemyofel, hum... i will do that next time, sorry :-(12:49
rbelemyofel, do you have some free time? :-D12:51
yofelright now, no :/12:51
markeyHarald Sitter is sitting next to me, doing his usual nerd stuff12:52
debfxok, I've requested a packageset update12:52
debfxyofel: have you tested the new icecc? should we sync it?12:52
yofeldebfx: is it up? I didn't check today yet12:52
* yofel looks12:52
debfxin debian, yes12:52
yofeldebfx: yes, that one will work, please sync ASAP12:53
* rbelem is still dizzy with google buying motorola12:53
yofelrbelem: your plasma-mobile package failed to build12:55
yofelrbelem: add shared-desktop-ontologies to build-deps12:56
ScottKrbelem: No.12:59
bulldog98rbelem: rename the version to ~git20110814+HASH-0ubuntu0~ppa113:05
yofelbulldog98: that won't quite work, although rbelem can use ~svngit... like the network package does13:06
bulldog98yofel: it will cause 20110814 is greater than 2011081113:06
rbelemshould i change from svn to git?13:07
bulldog98rbelem: yes it would be good if you’d use git, but that will make the version number smaller than the current one13:08
bulldog98yofel: ideas?13:08
CIA-52[kubuntu-low-fat-settings] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110815131014-sjxukg2382yvcd67 * (6 files in 5 dirs) move env to etc, somehow env is not particularly well suited for setting env variables .. fun13:10
bulldog98ulmlogger: you have to copy that env setting into the $HOME/.kde/env folder13:11
yofelbulldog98: but 'git' is lower than 'svn'13:12
ulmlogger/usr/env is also searched13:12
bulldog98ulmlogger: ok13:12
bulldog98yofel: I suggest naming it 0.0.0~git…13:12
yofelbulldog98: looks odd but would work13:14
ulmloggerScottK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/82674413:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 826744 in Ubuntu "[FFe] kubuntu low fat" [Undecided,New]13:14
bulldog98yofel: they’ll release soon, so it would change as soon as they release13:15
rbelembulldog98, isnt it lower than the current one?13:15
yofelbulldog98: but as I said, plasma-widget-networkmanagement uses ~svngit13:15
yofelwhy not just do the same?13:15
yofelrbelem: er no, 0.0 << 0.0.013:16
bulldog98rbelem: no because .something is greater than ~svn13:16
ScottKbulldog98: Dont use git hash as it doesn't always get bigger.13:16
bulldog98yofel: cause we’ll forget to change that into ~git if a release comes out13:16
ScottKulmlogger: Looking.13:16
yofelScottK: we use the hash after the date13:16
bulldog98ScottK: the date in the version is more important the hash is only to indicate the commit13:17
yofelbulldog98: well, true13:17
bambeeQuintasan: done , http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/touchegg13:17
ScottKbulldog98 and yofel: Hash should go in changelog, not version string.13:18
ulmloggerbambee: blimey, I actually had packaging lying around for touchegg ^^13:18
rbelemyofel, i will use the svngit. looks weird but works13:18
yofelScottK: hm, ok13:18
bulldog98yofel, ScottK but still I prefer seeing it in the first go13:19
ScottKulmlogger: Will this need a metapackage too?13:19
bambeeulmlogger: really?13:19
ulmloggerScottK: no13:19
ScottKbulldog98: It's not part of the version.  It's really an abuse of the version string to add it there.13:19
ScottKulmlogger: Thanks.13:19
bulldog98ScottK: maybe we should set up a wiki page explaining how to name git/svn snapshots13:19
ulmloggerScottK: the idea is that the user can simply install that bugger on whatever meta-system he has and get generally not too useful features turned off without much hassle13:19
bulldog98ScottK: ok13:20
ulmloggerbambee: yeah13:20
* bulldog98 is off for an 1 h or 213:20
ulmloggerbambee: also I talked to jose about missing copying and stuff13:20
ulmloggeralso he plans to merge touchegg with some gnome thing or something13:20
ScottKulmlogger: Approved.13:20
ulmloggerbambee: also I'd favor depending on pkg-kde-tools and use the lzma compression from there13:21
ScottKulmlogger: ping me when you've uploaded and I'll New it.13:21
CIA-52[kubuntu-low-fat-settings] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110815132145-b7z20m7flynidunl * debian/changelog Initial release (LP: #826744)13:21
bambeeulmlogger: actually this package doesn't use pkg-kde-tools13:22
ulmloggerScottK: should be in new in a couple of minutes13:22
ulmloggerbambee: yes13:23
ScottKOK.  Let's see if I can remember that long.13:23
ulmloggerpkg-kde-tools also contains a non-kde dependent helper for lzma13:23
bambee(I love when you say that, you know :D)13:23
ulmloggerand that is what you should be using13:23
ulmloggerbambee: http://markmail.org/message/o5pzrtmwhp65arpg13:24
ulmloggerrbelem: is share-like-connect in the archive already?13:25
bambeewoo! nice13:25
rbelemulmlogger, i dont think so13:25
rbelemulmlogger, it needs that kdelibs13:26
ulmloggerah, ok13:26
CIA-52[kdelibs] Philip Muškovac * 373 * debian/patches/ (7 files) fix patch naming13:31
CIA-52[kdelibs] Philip Muškovac * 374 * debian/changelog fix changelog13:35
ScottKulmlogger: compat 7, build-depends debhelper 8  which is correct?13:39
yofelulmlogger: https://code.launchpad.net/~yofel/kubuntu-packaging/kdelibs-active-4.7/+merge/71555 for the kdelibs stuff13:40
CIA-52[kdelibs] Philip Muškovac * 375 * debian/control description fix13:41
ScottKulmlogger: It looks like you're replacing some stuff in kubuntu-netbook-default-settings.  Is this on purpose/13:45
CIA-52[kde-runtime] Philip Muškovac * 223 * debian/ (4 files in 2 dirs) * Added plasma-active patches * Added activitymanager files to install files13:46
yofelulmlogger: and the runtime stuff https://code.launchpad.net/~yofel/kubuntu-packaging/kde-runtime-active-4.7/+merge/7155713:50
ScottKulmlogger: Would it make more sense to extend kubuntu_108_plasma_netbook_for_small_screens.diff in kde-workspace rather than have kubuntu-lowfat install stuff in /etc?13:51
ScottKQuintasan: Why no kwin-opengl-es package (re specs)?13:53
yofelScottK: we won't have on until we either fix or drop the abi manager13:53
ScottKOK.  I think it's premature to mark it POSTPONED.13:54
ulmloggerScottK: could but that would be rubbish IMHO13:55
ulmloggerI am not even so sure why the patch is there13:55
ScottKPart of it is to extend the environment.13:56
ScottKMost of it is for first run with plasma-netbook on netbooks since upstream has still not provided a way to do this.13:56
ScottKulmlogger: I think the stuff you've got in share/apps/plasma/layout-templates/ shouldn't be there.13:57
CIA-52[kubuntu-low-fat-settings] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110815135908-czlfkrz6y1hokoi0 * share/ (9 files in 8 dirs) ditch plasma stuff13:59
ScottKulmlogger: Can you fix the compat/debhelper requirement difference too?14:01
CIA-52[kubuntu-low-fat-settings] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110815141027-0pilipq88sdr6mtv * debian/compat align compat with debhelper builddep14:10
ScottKulmlogger: I'll reject the one that's there and you can re-upload ubuntu1.14:14
ScottKulmlogger: Accepted.14:26
ulmloggerScottK: thx14:27
* ulmlogger waves fist about how dist-upgrade broke his plasma-tablet14:28
ulmloggerScottK: do we have a mobile kernel yet?14:28
ScottKulmlogger: Ask mpoirier.  If you didn't upload anything, I'm pretty sure not.14:29
ulmloggerwe are doomed14:29
cmagina-afkis this a known issue or is something broken on my oneiric install? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/666548/14:31
=== cmagina-afk is now known as cmagina
ScottKulmlogger: lowfat binary accepted too.14:34
bambeeis it possible to ask debuild to create a debian.tar.xz instead of debian.tar.gz for packages rules?14:35
bambee(it works perfectly with the orig tarball but not with the debian.tgz tarball o_O)14:36
ulmloggerbambee: yes14:36
ulmloggeryou can use -Zxz or -Zlzma14:36
ulmloggerthough it makes more sense to ditch an option into debian/source/14:36
ulmloggerthough I can't remember the option14:36
ulmloggerbambee: plus I am not sure launchpad actually accepts those14:37
bambeewe could add an override rule into debian/rules... no?14:37
ulmloggerdebian/source/format is where that goes14:38
ulmloggerdpkg-source gives a bean about debian/rules14:39
debfxulmlogger, ScottK: could one of you upload pykde4 from bzr?14:39
bambeeyeah but you said that lp does not accept it :)14:39
ulmloggerbambee: debian/source/options14:39
* bambee checks14:40
ulmloggercompression = "bzip2"14:40
ulmlogger         compression-level = 914:40
ulmloggeror lzma or xz14:40
bambeeI did not wait your advice to search on google ^^14:41
ulmloggerScottK: debfx: doing tablet work right now and will get groceries with mark in a bit, so I'll not get to it within the next couple of hours14:41
bambeehowever I did not look at man14:41
* bambee blames himself14:41
* ulmlogger blames bulldog9814:52
ulmloggerrbelem: ScottK: so, after looking at the runtime patches again I'd land them but then test the activities in plasma-desktop a lot14:57
ScottKulmlogger: OK.  How about kdelibs?14:57
rbelemulmlogger, :-D14:58
ScottKShould we make a separate kdelibs-experimental-dev for the experimental headers?14:58
rbelemScottK, i dont think so14:59
ScottKDo we needs -libs patches?14:59
rbelemScottK, kdelibs, yup15:00
ScottKAny new headers/.so?15:00
rbelemScottK, new headers and so15:00
ScottKThere's no binary compatibility guarantees for those, so it can't go in the existing packages.15:01
ulmloggerScottK: kdelibs is fine though I already mailed rbelem some complaints about the non visibility of the experimental status15:02
* ulmlogger thought Quintasan and yofel already reviewed the packaging though :P15:03
* ulmlogger waves fist and rebuilds stuff15:03
rbelemulmlogger, yofel made some changes and i will make the changes that you asked on top of that15:03
Quintasanulmlogger: What package are we talking about?15:05
Quintasan<MoDaX> Quintasan: I don't think it is technically possible. SOVERSION property is cmake target specific after all15:05
Quintasanyofel: ^^15:05
ScottKulmlogger: OK.  I'd say let's do an FFe for the libs changes with a debdiff you can ack and then I'll approve.15:05
ulmloggerScottK: sounds good to me15:06
yofelQuintasan: don't ask me, I can't even look at it without workspace building15:07
* ScottK looks at pykde415:07
ulmloggeryofel, Quintasan: simply inhibit the abimanager on second build?15:07
Quintasanyofel: Well, it's MoDaX we are talking about15:07
yofelulmlogger: how?15:07
QuintasanThat's what I was about to ask15:07
ulmloggerwell, ask the modax :P15:08
Quintasan<svuorela> just stop shipping the headers. there are so far no 3rd party fx anyways15:08
Quintasanahahah ohwow.jpg15:08
ulmloggerthy shal obey the mighty word of the upstreams15:09
Quintasanbambee: looking at touchegg15:09
Quintasanulmlogger: What package are we talking about?15:10
QuintasanOpenGL ES?15:10
QuintasanIf GLES == 1 then lolABIManager15:11
ScottKThere is a 3rd party effect.15:11
yofelScottK: and if you missed it, icecc 0.9.7-2 should finally work right15:12
ScottKyofel: Yep.  I asked cjwatson to go ahead and get the sync done earlier today.15:12
yofelah, then thanks :)15:12
QuintasanDid we get new qtmobility?15:13
QuintasanIf not then no simon until we get it :S15:13
rbelemQuintasan, need to ask sync from debian, i think15:14
rbelemScottK, ^ 15:14
yofelrbelem: did you check whether we need to sync or merge?15:14
rbelemyofel, yes, just sync15:15
yofelrbelem: ok, file a sync request15:15
yofel(use requestsync)15:15
yofeland explain why the ubuntu diff can be dropped15:15
ScottKIt'll need FFe unless it's bugfix only15:16
rbelemyofel, the changes that Riddell made are in debian already15:16
ScottK(I'm sure it's not)15:16
yofelrbelem: not to me, on the bug15:16
yofeland right, file an FFe too15:16
rbelemcan i file a bug asking for both?15:17
Quintasanbambee: Missing libx11-dev for touchegg15:17
bambeeit's not implicit via libqt4-dev ?15:17
Quintasanand libxtst-dev is missing as well15:17
QuintasanNope, IIRC someone dropped that during merge and I think it was me15:18
QuintasanAdd these two and I can ack15:18
yofelrbelem: btw. plasma-mobile in the PPA failed again15:19
rbelemScottK, can i file a bug asking for both?15:21
Quintasanyofel: When are we getting updated kdelibs so I can go with ffe for s-l-c?15:22
rbelemyofel, i just sent a second upload15:22
yofelQuintasan: once someone reviews my merge and probably marks the libs as from experimental15:22
ScottKrbelem: Please make one bug per package.15:22
rbelemScottK, but can be one for sync and for ffe?15:23
Quintasanulmlogger: Can we have you review yofel's merge?15:23
ScottKrbelem: yes.15:23
rbelemnice :-)15:23
Quintasanbambee: When I is getting new touchegg upload? :P15:23
bambeeuploaded :p15:25
rbelemQuintasan, some changes are needed to kdelibs15:25
Quintasanrbelem: For what?15:25
ScottKcyphermox: How's ntrack going?15:25
rbelemQuintasan, he already reviewed15:25
* ScottK thought you were updating.15:25
* yofel wonders where _groo_ went missing15:25
QuintasanHe is apparently doing Calligra15:26
Quintasanno point imo but whatever15:26
cyphermoxScottK: there's still a merge request up; cjwatson was concerned about the fact that all the files were removed/re-added; probably caused by the fact that I took a snapshot from bzr, instead of an imported tarball like it was... but there is no tarball to import15:26
cyphermoxI'll ping him about it again15:26
bambeeQuintasan: ^15:27
Quintasanrbelem: for s-l-c we need updated kdelibs, right?15:27
rbelemQuintasan, yup15:27
ScottKcyphermox: What version are you going for?15:27
Quintasanyofel: https://code.launchpad.net/~yofel/kubuntu-packaging/kdelibs-active-4.7/+merge/71555 <-this?15:28
cyphermoxScottK: 014 (latest), + bzr 312, which includes the patch you did for cpu usage (that was 312)15:28
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=312&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 312 | rwilliam: Minor fix.15:28
yofelQuintasan: he said he had an apparently working digikam package from somewhere, but I can't find that anywhere15:28
rbelemQuintasan, do you want to make the changes that ulmlogger asked for?15:28
yofelso he probably still didn't upload it...15:28
yofelQuintasan: uh yeah, that one15:28
Quintasanrbelem: If they involve doing some coding then I'm the last person you want that from :<15:28
rbelemQuintasan, nope... just some packageing changes15:29
yofelQuintasan: no, I think it was rather marking the stuff from experimental as coming from experimental15:29
QuintasanYou are both talking about kdelibs, right? I can do them, what was that ulmlogger wanted?15:29
ScottKcyphermox: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=268038 - Not sure what the 015 version being discussed there?15:30
ubottuKDE bug 268038 in KDED Module "kded4 eating 100% cpu - ntrack related" [Normal,Resolved: upstream]15:30
rbelemQuintasan, i just forwarded the email that ulmlogger sent to me15:31
rbelemthanks Quintasan :-)15:32
cyphermoxScottK: afaik this is what the 3 commits on top of 014 were fixing15:34
Quintasanulmlogger: Should "This package contains experimental software and should not be used in production environment" be enought for libkactivities?15:34
Quintasanbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(lp-67418768:///~yofel/kubuntu-packaging/kdelibs-active-4.7/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport 15:37
yofelo.O - use branch15:37
yofelor are you trying to commit?15:37
QuintasanI want to push15:37
yofelerr... that branch is owned by me, not possible15:37
yofelyou'll have to push to your own15:38
Quintasanyofel: http://paste.kde.org/109741 commit this instead15:38
QuintasanThen I will review and we can upload it15:39
Quintasanruntime is more problematic15:39
Quintasanquoting ulmlogger15:39
Quintasan>patches are not particularly regression save15:39
CIA-52[lp:~yofel/kubuntu-packaging/kdelibs-active-4.7] Philip Muškovac * 376 * debian/control explain that libkactivities and libkdeclarative are experimental15:40
ScottKdebfx: Uploaded.15:42
Quintasanofc -j12 won't work....15:42
Quintasanfu pbuilder15:42
yofelI'm wondering what breaks that actually15:42
* Quintasan goes for a nap15:43
Quintasanmake[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/buildd/kde4libs-4.7.0'15:44
Quintasanmake[2]: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule.15:44
QuintasanOh wait15:45
yofelI'm not convinced that you have at least 11 cores on your system ^15:46
QuintasanI use -j1215:51
Quintasanyofel: Builds and installs fine15:54
QuintasanI do bzr push now, right?15:55
yofelwell, use bzr merge if you want to auto-close the merge request15:56
* bulldog98 blames ulmlogger15:59
Quintasanyofel: like16:01
Quintasankbzr branch kde-libs16:02
Quintasanbzr merge lp:~yofel/kubuntu-packaging/kdelibs-active-4.716:02
Quintasanand what?16:02
yofelcommit and push to main branch16:03
* yofel is off for a while16:06
rbelemQuintasan, -runtime was already uploadded by ulmlogger 16:08
ulmloggerrbelem: uploaded? I did not upload no nothing16:49
Quintasanbambee: touchegg advocated16:51
rbelemQuintasan, ^ :-D17:10
rbelemulmlogger, sorry, i thought you had uploaded17:11
* micahg wonders what ulm is17:25
yofelI town in germany17:26
rbelemScottK, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtmobility/+bug/82687417:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 826874 in qtmobility (Ubuntu) "Sync qtmobility 1.2 from Debian" [Undecided,New]17:35
debfxrbelem: why should we drop the Ubuntu delta?17:38
debfxgah, oneiric upgrade broke my sound :(17:39
rbelemdebfx, the changes that Riddell made are already in the package17:39
jussidebfx: my sound is borked for a few days now17:39
debfxrbelem: no, they are not17:40
jussiMind, my PC doesnt boot normally since the upgrade - I have to g to rescue, select resume, get to promt, login and run startx17:40
debfxlovely :/17:40
shadeslayeryofel: did i mention that i find German food to be bland? :P17:41
* rbelem goes to see qtmobility again17:41
yofelshadeslayer: depends on what you're used to - we certainly don't usually put a dozen different spices into everything so I won't exactly argue against you either17:43
shadeslayerhehehe, true that17:43
shadeslayeri'm used to very spicy food ...17:43
rbelembulldog98, plasma-mobile is ready17:46
jussiAnyone here going to froscon? 17:46
* jussi slaps Sput intermittently17:47
bulldog98rbelem: thanks for notifying17:47
ulmloggerjussi: so, you know, I am apparently in germany up until thursday or something or nothing, so I actually ponder going to froscon too :P17:48
jussiulmlogger: I will be at froscon, you should go!17:48
ulmloggerat some point I will eventually run out of clean wearables :P17:49
jussiulmlogger: go to a laundromat? 17:49
jussior buy more :D17:49
ulmloggerplus I should do actually useful things at some point17:49
jussiand froscon isnt useful? 17:49
nigelbyeah, desktop summit was so useless17:50
* jussi envies those who got to go to DS and get a nice tablet17:51
jussibrb, new kernel roboot - lets hope it starts...17:53
ulmloggerjussi: not particularly :P17:54
ulmloggerjussi: nice tablet17:54
* ulmlogger dies from laughing17:55
rbelemdebfx, you are right17:55
rbelemdebfx, it needs a merge, sorry17:55
rbelemQuintasan, ping17:58
ulmloggerScottK: any objections to dropping the -default- part for new settings packages?17:59
ulmloggerkubuntu-tablet-settings rather than kubuntu-tablet-default-settings17:59
ulmloggerkubuntu-default-settings makes sense, since they form the base but for the others that is nothing but rubbish17:59
shadeslayerjussi: yeah right, i went to DS and yet did not get a Tablet18:01
bulldog98shadeslayer: you missed the best talk :P ;)18:02
ulmloggeryour own fault I might say18:02
bulldog98ulmlogger: +118:02
shadeslayeryeah, well ...18:03
shadeslayerhave fun with your 'nice' exopc :P18:03
bulldog98shadeslayer: much to learn you still have :)18:05
jussiulmlogger: if you dont want yours, then Im more than happy to take it off your hands...18:14
ulmloggerjussi: sure if you maintain the tablet thing then18:17
jussibah, you want me to actually do something for it :( :P18:17
jussiHonestly, I dont think Ive got the skills to do that...18:18
bulldog98rbelem: /usr/lib/imports/org/kde/plasma/slccomponents/SlcMenu.qml is in both share-like-connect and the -data package18:20
rbelembulldog98, i will fix that now18:21
rbelembulldog98, i think you will have force just this time18:24
debfxjussi: apparently rm -rf ~/.pulse fixes all my sound problems18:24
bulldog98rbelem: what packages have been added, that i need to install for useing plasma-mobile18:24
bulldog98rbelem: I did that18:25
rbelembulldog98, next time it will be ok18:25
rbelembulldog98, you will need the default settings18:25
rbelembulldog98, ulmlogger is working on that18:26
rbelemulmlogger, is the package ready for use? :-)18:26
bulldog98ulmlogger: so default settings and what to configure, if I already used plasma-desktop18:27
bulldog98rbelem: I’ll help him debugging it :)18:27
ulmloggerI do not actually follow your conversation TBH18:27
ulmloggerdefault settings for what?18:27
bulldog98ulmlogger: mobile18:27
rbelemulmlogger, to get plasma-tablet running18:27
bulldog98ulmlogger: kubuntu-mobile does not depend or recommend kubuntu-mobile-default-settings18:28
rbelembulldog98, did you get the qtmobility1.2?18:28
ulmloggerbulldog98: because it is neither :P18:28
ulmloggerit is part of the mobile seed18:28
ulmloggerso to say there is no reason you should not use plasma-mobile on a desktop18:29
ulmloggerbut on a big screen you do not need the mobile settings most of th etime18:29
bulldog98rbelem: I think I have that18:29
bulldog98ulmlogger: so what binary is working atm?18:32
jussidebfx: no help here :/18:33
jussihrm, anyone tell me how to manually mount my USB HDD? it gives me perm denied from the popup...18:34
rbelembulldog98, you can call plasma-tablet --nodesktop18:35
yofelsudo mount /dev/... /mnt18:35
yofeldon't forget to umount it18:35
ulmloggerdont forget to sync before unmount :P18:35
bulldog98rbelem: where is plasma-tablet in? I haven’t that on my tablet, yet18:38
ulmloggerrbelem: did you also package plasma-tablet?18:42
debfxJontheEchidna: since upgrading to oneiric I get 50-60 fps in minecraft :D18:49
sheytanQuintasan ping19:06
ScottKulmlogger: These are, however, the defaults for tablets.19:22
ScottKJust as we already have defaults for netbooks.19:23
ScottKI think it makes sense.19:23
rbelemulmlogger, bulldog98, they are in the same source19:32
bulldog98rbelem: I don’t have a plasma-tablet binary on my system with newest plasma-mobile19:32
rbelemulmlogger, bulldog98, the latest package in https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-active/+archive/ppa/+packages installit19:32
rbelem*installs it19:33
rbelembulldog98, it is symlink19:33
bulldog98rbelem: to what?19:34
rbelembulldog98, to plasma-mobile19:35
bulldog98rbelem: ok, but that hasn’t worked for me with the last version19:35
rbelemdid you try plasma-tablet --nodesktop?19:36
rbelembulldog98, it is ok for me with latest version19:39
rbelembulldog98, ./usr/bin/plasma-tablet -> plasma-mobile19:39
bulldog98rbelem: wait a sec so I can check that19:40
bulldog98rbelem: your version is lower, that one of the previous ones19:41
bulldog98I have 0.2~git20110811.084553-1 on my system19:42
yofeljust force downgrade it, I would stick to rbelem's versioning19:44
bulldog98yofel: did the same19:45
bulldog98rbelem: problem solved (shouldn’t happen to anybody else)19:45
bulldog98yofel: you could have pointed me onto that19:46
yofelsry, I forgot ^^19:46
bulldog98Riddell: hi19:46
bulldog98Riddell: where is the code of the bzr plugin for dolphin?19:46
Riddellhi bulldog9819:47
Riddellbulldog98: not published yet, it's incomplete and not very functional, I was hoping to get it more finished today but then I was ill19:47
Riddellhopefully tomorrow, I hope to put it into kdesdk along with the others19:47
* bulldog98 hugs Riddell so he gets better19:49
bulldog98rbelem: ok got it running19:50
bulldog98rbelem: I want to run it on the tablet so the -nodesktop is a stupid option19:51
rbelembulldog98, nice :-D19:53
rbelembulldog98, modify the plasma-mobile desktop file from kubuntu-mobile-default-settings19:54
bulldog98ulmlogger: maybe we should provide some mouse gestures activated by default19:54
rbelembulldog98, and the startkde19:54
bulldog98rbelem: do I have to delete the .kde folder? before I do stuff like that19:55
rbelembulldog98, nope19:57
bulldog98rbelem: even better would be editing the kubuntu-mobile-default-settings19:57
bulldog98rbelem: so the ones in /usr/share/kubuntu-mobile-default-settings ?20:00
rbelembulldog98, yup20:00
rbelembulldog98, and startkde-mobile20:00
jussibollocks, can even create a usb stick to be able to reinstall... 20:01
jussiTraceback (most recent call last):                                                                                                                                                 20:01
jussi  File "/usr/bin/usb-creator-kde", line 24, in <module>                                                                                                                            20:01
jussi    from PyKDE4.kdecore import KCmdLineArgs, KCmdLineOptions, i18n, ki18n20:01
jussiRuntimeError: the PyQt4.QtCore module is version 1 but the PyKDE4.kdecore module requires version -120:01
bulldog98ulmlogger: you have to change the default wallpaper in the default settings20:03
jussimeh, usb-creator-gtk to the rescue20:03
yofeljussi: fixed20:04
jussiyofel: fixed?20:04
yofeljussi: that pykde issue was fixed a few hours ago20:04
bulldog98ulmlogger: for the fixme in startkde: add everything into the mobile settings as well20:13
ulmlogger do not compute20:17
ulmloggerbulldog98: I have to change the default wallpaper in upstream20:17
ulmloggerthat green stuff is totally messing with upstream vs. downstream branding20:17
ulmloggergotta complain to nuno about it20:18
bulldog98ulmlogger: nice idea20:18
bulldog98ulmlogger: also plasma-tablet isn’t getting started (everything else but that is)20:18
bulldog98oxygen branding missing too20:19
bulldog98ulmlogger: and kded takes 100% CPU20:26
ulmloggerbulldog98: you need to create an autostart file20:29
bulldog98ulmlogger: where?20:29
ulmloggeralso you need to add a sleep to that file, for me a direct start did not do the trick20:29
ulmloggerbulldog98: .kde/share/autostart20:30
bulldog98ulmlogger: something like plasma-tablet /n sleep 1020:31
ulmloggersleep2; plasma-tablet20:34
bulldog98ulmlogger: I also think we should’n use the plasmarc of the kubuntu-default-settings20:36
ulmloggerwhy nut?20:36
ulmloggerthere is no nothing in the plasmarc20:36
bulldog98ulmlogger: just noticed that too20:38
bulldog98ulmlogger: is there something else I have to do? Cause I can’t get kded4 to behave in a proper way20:39
ulmloggeryou are doing it wrong(tm)20:42
bulldog98ulmlogger: really I wouldn’t haved guessed that20:45
bulldog98ulmlogger: it’s hung up in the kubuntu-default-settings20:47
bulldog98ulmlogger: no it got further20:48
ulmloggeryou my dear friend are clueless :P20:48
ulmloggerbulldog98: are you on natteeeee or oneeyrick?20:48
bulldog98ulmlogger: oneiric20:50
bulldog98ulmlogger: it hungs before the tmp /cache link creation20:51
ulmloggerthe kded?20:51
ulmloggerbulldog98: mind that the sleepy will hangy20:51
bulldog98ulmlogger: the startup20:51
bulldog98also it doesn’t start plasma-tablet20:52
bulldog98and I have that autostart script20:53
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
Quintasanrbelem: pong22:11
* Quintasan goes to bed22:21

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