soeeyofel, ok thanks for your help :) have a good night00:00
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programmingAmarok is telling me that it cant find an "id3 plugin" for python02:09
programmingbut I have python-id3 installed and tried to fix it through amarok too, to no avail02:09
programmingit's preventing me from playing music02:09
programmingI don't think I can file a bug, because this was originally an xubuntu system, and I then installed kubuntu-desktop later on after purging xfce.02:10
programmingany ideas on how to fix this?02:10
programmingMy main thought is to reinstall all the dependencies of amarok, or at least the python related ones.02:10
LINKSWORD2Hello, tjones02:14
=== tjones is now known as kingh3mp
LINKSWORD2Welcome. :)02:15
kingh3mpthere we r hi im a noob02:15
LINKSWORD2Hello there, n00b. I was talking to you on Facebook. :P02:15
kingh3mphi greig02:16
kingh3mpdown load is done02:16
LINKSWORD2Open the file where it downloaded to, and click it to open.02:17
LINKSWORD2It should ask for your password to authenticate install rights.02:17
kingh3mpcrud lol 1 sec02:18
kingh3mpi goofed02:18
LINKSWORD2I've messaged you in a one-on-one chat, which will appear on the left side in this chat.02:19
LINKSWORD2Hey everybody. I've been cooperating with kingh3mp on Facebook to try and resolve issues with a game that's not working for him. (ONLINE game)02:29
LINKSWORD2I decided that we need community help.02:30
kingh3mpidk its old lol02:30
kingh3mpim ready to blow it up02:32
kingh3mpstupid hp02:32
kingh3mpas bad  as a chevy02:32
LINKSWORD2I got it working for you. lol I didn't know it wouldn't work with your games....02:32
kingh3mpwont work on u tube02:33
kingh3mpbarely works face book02:33
kingh3mpemail is ok02:33
kingh3mpi g2g soon02:35
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DaskreechLINKSWORD2: pong02:41
LINKSWORD2Er.... lol kingh3mp needs help, and I've run out of ideas for the moment.02:42
Daskreechhi kingh3mp What's the issue?02:42
kingh3mpthings  like youtube an face book barely run02:43
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: Can I fill you in on things via PM?02:43
DaskreechAs in Flash works but it's horibly slow?02:44
DaskreechWhat's the architecture you are on?02:44
Daskreech 32 or 64 bit?02:44
LINKSWORD2.... Dang. Daskreech, you nailed it.02:44
LINKSWORD2It's an old HP laptop, 32-bit.02:45
kingh3mpya laggy mouse white patches02:45
Daskreechwell when you have a hammer....02:45
LINKSWORD2Pavilion DV1000.02:45
Daskreechhow old? Flash10 is terribly CPU hungry?02:45
kingh3mp6 years02:45
LINKSWORD2*Pokes Daskreech with a very sharp object.*02:45
Daskreech I'm on a 6 core 3.0 Ghz machine and my brother convinced me to install Flash yesterday. It's currently taking up 40% of my CPU02:46
* Daskreech ignores C# objects02:46
kingh3mpholy hanna02:46
DaskreechYeah I'm quite upset with it. How fast is the CPU?02:46
LINKSWORD2I did the initial install on kingh3mp's laptop for Kubuntu.02:47
kingh3mpi want a quad core dell laptop02:47
LINKSWORD2It's a single-core 2.3 MHz Centrino.02:47
* LINKSWORD2 agrees with kingh3mp*02:47
LINKSWORD2I'm not 100% certain about the specifications, but I believe I'm pretty accurate.02:48
kingh3mpya know if i had a home id have a massive desk top an wouldent have to ask stupid questions lol02:49
LINKSWORD2kingh3mp: search in the programs for Kinfocenter02:49
LINKSWORD2That will be able to show you what the processor configuration is.02:49
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: Ah Centrino should be interesting. Intel really played roulette with those.02:49
DaskreechPerhaps it doesn't have  media extensions?02:49
LINKSWORD2We'll have to see what KInfoCenter says.02:50
Daskreechkingh3mp: press alt+F2 and type kinfo02:50
kingh3mpi got it up02:50
Daskreechkingh3mp: what's the flash for?02:50
DaskreechFor youtube I just run them through mplayer02:50
Daskreechuses waaaaaay less CPU than flash though you do have to wait for it to download.02:51
DaskreechOn the upside you can grab like 15 youtube videos at once02:51
kingh3mp22% of physical memory used02:52
LINKSWORD2Wow. That's putting a lot of demand on that HP....02:53
kingh3mpintell pentium m processor 1.7 ghz max speed 170002:54
LINKSWORD2Wait, what?! It should be a Centrino or Centrino 2....02:55
* LINKSWORD2 shoot self.*02:55
kingh3mpapplication data 42% of memory, disk cache 42% and 11% free space02:55
kingh3mpjust a centrino02:56
Daskreechkingh3mp: hmm ok I used to run on a 1.2 Ghz T-Bird02:57
DaskreechJust gotta tune things down a little :)02:57
Daskreechwhat was the 22% of Memory for?02:57
kingh3mpide bus 93.2 gib storage02:58
kingh3mpim just reading off everything02:58
LINKSWORD2!ksnapshot | kingh3mp02:58
LINKSWORD2.... I want to slap ubottu02:58
kingh3mp? may i ask wat u been smokin link ?02:59
kingh3mplinksword2 i may stop tommarrow after i pick up the stuff i ordered03:00
Daskreechkingh3mp: He's not allowed to talk about that here :)03:00
kingh3mpoh lol03:01
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: After I slap ubottu, you're next. lol03:01
Daskreechkingh3mp: I suppose it would be too much to ask you to do a small screencast but could you perhaps take a screenshot of aa video runing?03:01
kingh3mpidk how to03:02
LINKSWORD2kingh3mp: in the programs menu, type in ksnapshot03:02
kingh3mpi got a pop p tat said youtube stopped working it lagged so bad03:02
LINKSWORD2Or just use PrintScreen to snap a shot and save it.03:03
U236Willyyeah i can run youtube on a p4 1.4ghz03:03
LINKSWORD2I've got a 2.66 GHz on this old Compaq desktop.03:04
DaskreechI'm probably going to bet the centrino doesn't have media extensions03:05
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: Did you enable multiverse ?03:05
kingh3mpno media extensions03:05
LINKSWORD2.... What?03:05
kingh3mp* looks around for some explosives*03:06
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: How would those extensions be enabled?03:06
LINKSWORD2kingh3mp: I told you to stop blowing stuff up....03:06
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: By Intel. It's when they make the chip03:06
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: how did you install flash? through kubuntu-restricted extras ?03:07
kingh3mptheres an expansion pack 4 this thing03:07
LINKSWORD2System updates.03:07
Daskreechexplosive expansion? isn't that redundant?03:07
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: I didn't install Flash, I don't think.03:07
kingh3mpbut a few of the cords are missing an it weighs as much as a small tv03:08
Daskreechkingh3mp: Lets attempt something. can you open a konsole?03:08
LINKSWORD2kingh3mp:  You may not even have Flash installed.03:08
kingh3mplinksword2 u remember that gevy thing with the hp cord at my place03:08
LINKSWORD2Yeah. But that's not what Daskreech is talking about.03:09
kingh3mpok konsole open03:09
kingh3mpim gonna end up zaping my cat03:10
LINKSWORD2lol @ kingh3mp03:10
kingh3mpit was chasing my mouse03:11
LINKSWORD2Isn't that what cats are for?03:12
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!03:12
kingh3mp<daskreech> i got konsole open03:12
Daskreech!info flashplugin-installer03:12
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (natty), package size 9 kB, installed size 184 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)03:12
Daskreechkingh3mp: ok type sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer mplayer03:12
Daskreech!info youtube-dl03:12
ubottuyoutube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from youtube. In component universe, is extra. Version 2011.01.30-2 (natty), package size 30 kB, installed size 156 kB03:12
Daskreechkingh3mp: ok type sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer mplayer youtube-dl03:13
LINKSWORD2bazhang: We're not off topic. Just a light chatter during troubleshooting.03:13
Daskreechkingh3mp: It will ask you for a password. It's the same password you use to login03:15
kingh3mpok got it started03:17
Daskreechkingh3mp: \o/03:17
kingh3mpim a slow typer03:17
Daskreechif you are confused about any thing that is being mentioned then you can ask03:18
Daskreechkingh3mp: Ah well in Linux if you highlight any text it's automatically copied03:18
DaskreechSo if I say you need to type blah blah snuffleupagus03:18
LINKSWORD2I'm used to highlighting and hitting Ctrl +C.03:18
DaskreechYou can just highlight that and then use the middle mouse button to paste it03:18
Daskreechsaves a lot of typing03:19
kingh3mpok it finished going in to test this thing03:19
LINKSWORD2Laptop, Daskreech. No middle mouse button.03:19
LINKSWORD2Left and right, no middle.03:19
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: If you press left and right at the same time it makes it a middle button :)03:19
DaskreechProblem solved03:19
=== magician is now known as RatPunk
* LINKSWORD2 is awed.*03:19
Daskreechkingh3mp: ok try youtube first03:20
Daskreechbut you can copy the youtube url from the browser and in the konsole type youtube-dl <youtube url>03:20
DaskreechJsut paste the youtube URL in the part that has the < >03:20
Daskreechhi RatPunk03:21
kingh3mpslowed to a crawl03:21
RatPunki just discovered this channel leh03:21
RatPunkchief, i got a question for you guys (linux guru)03:21
kingh3mpstupid hp03:21
RatPunki am experiencing my ubuntu become slower and slower03:22
kingh3mpworse than b403:22
RatPunkand i runnning a basic application available....is there any guide such as performance tweak03:23
LINKSWORD2RatPunk: What's going on, exactly?03:23
RatPunkMy apps launches slow, system hung sometimes, unity bar hung03:24
Daskreechsorry guys have to run for a little03:25
kingh3mpu tube works now03:25
kingh3mpi g2g too03:27
kingh3mpsee ya link and skreech03:27
LINKSWORD2RatPunk: Launch KInfoCenter and the system monitor.03:27
RatPunkok done...03:29
RatPunkLINKSWORD2: next?03:30
LINKSWORD2In the monitoring window, sort the programs by their resource use.03:30
LINKSWORD2Check what the top 5 are.03:31
RatPunkLINKSWORD2: i dun have monitoring window03:31
LINKSWORD2You don't have the System Monitor window?03:31
LINKSWORD2.... I want Pringles.03:32
RatPunkLINKSWORD2: from TOP Xorg03:33
LINKSWORD2I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that.03:33
LINKSWORD2You're apparently using a configuration beyond my experience.03:33
RatPunkLINKSWORD2: ermm03:34
RatPunkLINKSWORD2: more to command line stuff03:34
LINKSWORD2I'm not sure how to help.03:36
LINKSWORD2I'm just trying a couple basic ideas. :/03:36
RatPunkoh ok03:37
LINKSWORD2I try to look for programs that are dragging down on system resources.03:38
LINKSWORD2I'm usually able to tell what's system-required, and what's just a nuissance.03:38
LINKSWORD2So I kill the ones that aren't necessary.03:38
LINKSWORD2If you'll excuse me, I'm signing off.03:42
U236Willy... I sure have to get a whole bunch of -dev files just to compile minitube.  Anyone else find that it the 32-bit 1.3.? version in repositories doesn't work?04:07
U236WillyI have an 64bit quadcore (if that wasn't clear) and i can't get it work yet in linux mint or kubuntu... i'll try compiling.04:09
U236Willyhohoho minitube 1.5 does compile... now to make checkinstall04:30
jmichaelxU236Willy: had you tried to use the binary from getdeb?04:34
U236Willyno i didn't know there was one there... didn't think to look04:34
U236Willyand checkinstall says there's nothing to make but if i run the script in the build dir... it fires right up... I was kinda hoping to get a cute icon in the 'Multimedia' list...04:35
U236Willyso 1.5 works04:36
jmichaelxU236Willy: ok, i am using the one from getdeb, and it works just fine, although if you went through the trouble of compiling it, and it works, you might as well use your binary :-)04:36
U236Willykinda strange to have to terminal to get it.04:36
jmichaelxU236Willy: had you tried a binary from somewhere else?04:36
U236Willyi tried the minitube from kpackage.... and it would load... show me the thumbnails of videos but never play them... just sat there.04:37
jmichaelxahh, what version of minitube was in the repositories?04:38
U236Willy1.3... something04:38
jmichaelxi know that i had a lot of problems with some of the earlier versions.... i think 1.5 is finally sort of usable for me04:39
jmichaelxalso on 64-bit, btw04:39
U236Willyi laughed when d/ling all the -dev(s) it was something like 100+mb d/l of which the qt-docs was like 92mb (that was a good chuckle)04:41
U236Willywelp i'm happy it works..04:41
jmichaelxgood deal04:42
jmichaelxmaybe you can manually add an entry to the menu?04:42
U236Willydid the getdeb vers. go into your App list for 'Multimedia'? because if so... I might scrap this since it makes itself in that directory without plugging in..04:43
jmichaelxU236Willy: yes, i have an entry for minitube, under multimedia04:44
U236Willyi'll try it keep the one compiled in my home/src and see.04:44
DarkriftXanyone know when *buntu is going to get the 3.x kernel?04:50
jmichaelxDarkriftX: it will be there in oneiric04:51
DarkriftXk, thx04:51
jmichaelxDarkriftX: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/237931/ubuntu_1110_oneiric_ocelot_gains_linux_30_and_thunderbird.html04:51
U236Willynice one jmichaelx -- nice and neat and in the app list.04:57
U236Willythanks for the tip04:57
jmichaelxU236Willy: more than welcome04:58
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tar-gzHi! I have this little problem: I have bluetooth in my netbook, but don't know how i can turn on this.06:06
tar-gzO, i have- thanks06:08
tdnIn Konsole, the remote tab title is set to: "%h : %u", however, the title becomes " : " when I ssh to a remote host.06:38
tdnHow do I make %h show the hostname? And %u the user name?06:38
Tm_Ttdn: is that set to "remote tab" place?06:40
CloverHello there07:23
CloverHello all07:36
CloverI am having a bit of trouble getting the Natty Kubuntu Live CD to run07:39
CloverI get a very odd graphical error/crash after the splash screen07:41
CloverI'll get an image07:42
=== weber is now known as Guest17347
CloverIt crashes to a weird purple and green mess07:46
CloverHello ryrych07:46
ryrychwhy does comic strip in GHNS show only one comic?07:46
ryrychdo I need some package?07:47
CloverI wouldn't know I'm tying to try out kubuntu for the first time07:47
CloverThis is what I get after the splash screen http://www.imgjoe.com/x/img0153igi.jpg07:47
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CloverDoes kubuntu have a safe mode option?07:52
sri13I am getting an error like this http://paste.kde.org/109615/07:58
sri13while I am running sudo apt-get upgrade07:58
Unit193안녕하세요, 당신은 한국 채널을 가입한다08:01
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko08:01
Unit193sri13: Does running   sudo apt-get -f install   and    sudo dpkg --configure -a   ? What did you try to install?08:07
Unit193Running those in Konsole that is08:08
sri13Unit193: both are giving the error as I said above08:10
Unit193sri13: This is what I found on it http://www.khattam.info/solved-subprocess-pre-removal-script-returned-error-exit-status-2-error-2009-08-04.html  but I'm not sure how safe that would be so use it at your own risk!! (You could also stick around for another bloke to show up)08:14
avihaymmm, anyone know of a good package or article about how to box WINE in a different user in order to run software suspect of containing maleware safely?08:37
Tm_Tavihay: no idea, but I would assume virtual machines would be the way08:42
avihayya..., but virtual machine means running another copy of an OS, and that's kinda redundant, or so I think.08:44
James147avihay: wine dosent play well with virsus.. :) so its generally safe though not recomended... the best way to run malware safly is to do it inside a vm09:03
* James147 remembers http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/42031 :)09:04
James147^^ and by safe i mean not very :)09:05
masterdesamahlzeit zusammen:-)09:07
avihayya, I've read that, but, wine has gone a long way since then, still, as a different user, you can't (or souldn't be able to) effect the system or other users files09:07
James147avihay: even better would be to use a chroot envroment09:12
avihayhappen to know of a step by step guyd so a lazy bum (me) could do it without heaving to learn it properly?09:13
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James147^^ there are plenty of guides out there for setting up a chroot envroment... its not that difficult09:14
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tdnTm_T, what do you mean?09:24
tdnTm_T, you mean if ssh is remote? It is.09:24
tdnAt least when pressint ctrl+alt+S, it highlights the remote field and not the local if I am connected via ssh.09:24
naseCould not update ICEauthority file /home/nase/.ICEauthority09:32
nasehow to fix it09:32
naseit's showin on my ubuntu 10.10 desktop after rebooting the system09:33
Tm_Tnase: did you run some app with sudo09:42
* nase is away: Gone away for now09:44
Tm_T!away > nase09:47
ubottunase, please see my private message09:47
* nase is back.10:14
Tm_Tnase: did you get my question?10:21
Tm_Tnase: did you run some desktop app with sudo at some point before?10:57
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BluesKajHey folks12:00
krucksshello un docky for kde :D ?12:17
bazhang!find docky12:17
ubottuFound: docky12:17
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holocaust84Hi peeps, recently switched from ubuntu to kubuntu, love KDE so far, having some trouble getting used to the new programs though, on ubuntu I was using deja for backups, on KDE it's Nepomuk and I'm pretty much clueless with this app! Ideally I'd like to set up a RAID1 (I have 2 1TB HDD's, linux on one, other is blank, formatted ext4)12:50
=== magician is now known as magician_
holocaust84Greetings IRC traveler12:53
James147holocaust84: nepomuk is not a backup tool ^^12:53
James147and RAID1 is not a backup solution12:54
James147holocaust84: luckybackup is a nice kde frontend to rsync and useful for creating backups12:54
magician_chiko chiko12:55
holocaust84Nepomuk is indeed a backup tool, I'm staring at it right now, and it's asking me various questions about backing up my drives lol... I was told RAID0 turns both HDD's into one big one, and RAID1 mirrors one to the other so if one fails, you can retreive from the other?12:55
James147holocaust84: its not a backup tool is a meta data/indexer ... it has a tool that can back up ITS database but nothing else12:56
holocaust84James147: Ahh I see :) Well thanks for the suggestion I'll have a look at the program luckybackup12:56
James147holocaust84: yes, raid1 will mirror the disks... but dont rely on it as a backup tool as it wont protect you form the most common error... the user :)12:56
holocaust84James147: This is very true... I just had to reinstall Kubuntu 11.04 this morning because of some changes I made last night, Windows were opening locked into one place, would not quit, close, minimize, and rekonq was opening from boot on fullscreen and again would not close. I have no idea how I made those things happen, so I am dangerous as you say12:58
holocaust84James147: ergo I want to make sure I have secure backups in place before I start altering the "out of the box" feel to kubuntu12:59
James147holocaust84: quite a few probles can be solved by resetting the users configes rather then reinstalling... its normally worth trying before doing a complete reinstall (creating a enw user the the quiest way to test if it is the user configs)13:00
James147holocaust84: also, if you want RAID1 then you should set that up before installing kubuntu13:01
holocaust84James147: Everything was locked down, couldn't log out (tried hot key combo's etc)13:01
James147holocaust84: even alt+crtl+F1?13:01
holocaust84James147: Pretty sure I tried that, it was late though so I just gave up, and as I'd only installed yesterday it was no problem to wipe the slate clean, but now I want to make sure I've got a secure backup before making alterations.13:02
* James147 wonders about doing "cd / && git init &&..." :)13:03
holocaust84James147: The program you recommended, is it available in kpackagekit? :)13:04
James147should by13:04
holocaust84James147: Yes this is exactly the kind of program I was looking for, thanks :) ... However I think I was hasty with installing as the default partitions from the installer are not as I would like >.<13:16
James147holocaust84: if you know how you want the partitions why let the installer do them automatically?13:17
holocaust84James147: Early morning pre-coffee mentality I guess, we live and learn lol.  The installation I did yesterday I selected the option on the right (forgot the name, but it's guided and allows for easy resizing of partitions), this morning I chose the option on the left and told it to use the whole drive.  Ideally I want 20gb for / and I'll put the /home partition on my second HDD, and with 16gb SDDR3, do I even need13:20
holocaust84to make a /swap ?13:20
James147holocaust84: not unless you want to hybernate13:21
James147or regularly use 16gigs of ram :p13:21
holocaust84James147: Okay thanks, I don't ever use hibernate, and I can't recall ever going over about 45% of physical memory lol (I just had a lot of spare memory) :p13:22
James147holocaust84: more memory is always good... lets you ahve more disk cache :) and allows you to use more space for  ramdisks :D which are always fun13:23
holocaust84James147: Thanks for the info buddy, I would attempt to move the /home partition etc but as it's a clean install it's probably going to be easier to just reinstall with correct partitions, so I shall head off and do just that ^_^13:25
James147^^ if you want raid then I would look into setting that up as well before you reinstall13:26
holocaust84I was told I could do it post-installation, "fakeraid" ?13:28
James147holocaust84: not with fakeraid... but dont use fakeraid it has terrible linux support13:29
onebitXhi to all13:30
James147(notes that fakeraid is set in the bios and handles the disks on the cpu untill the os can take over)13:30
James147holocaust84: software raid can be set up before or after installation... though if you want the os inside the raid then its easier to do it before13:30
onebitXi installed kvpn i import all files13:32
holocaust84James147: thanks once again, will have a read, I may just leave the RAID out of the game altogether and just put /home on sdb withthe actual system on sda13:32
onebitXbut when i press connect he don't connect13:32
James147holocaust84: software raid isnt hard to setup... and there are plently of guides to show you how :)13:32
James147most show you as part of the installtion process as that generally when you set it up :)13:33
onebitXhi to all13:34
onebitXi installed kvpn i import all files13:34
onebitXbut when i press connect he don't connect13:34
onebitXWARNING: No server certificate verification method has been enabled. See http://openvpn.net/howto.html#mitm for more info.13:34
onebitX can someone help me?13:36
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onebitXHash algorithm "[null-digest]" not found. Please choose another one13:43
onebitXwhat this mean'13:43
onebitXin the  ovpn file there is cipher BF-CBC13:44
James147onebitX: if kvpn still used? cant the network manager widget handle vpn now?13:46
onebitXJames147: no .813:47
onebitXit conitnue to give me this error13:47
BluesKajonebitX, if you use tor with vpn , then you must expect problems13:52
soeehmm, can i turn on breadrcrumb menu in dolphin ?13:54
James147soee: you can make it load the editable bar by default by editing its settings13:54
James147wait i miss read that :) bread crumb menu?13:55
soeeJames147, got it just had to check show full path :D on right click13:55
* James147 notes thats the location bar not the menu bar ^^13:56
BluesKajbread crumb menu ?13:56
steveireIs it possible for me to install a particular version of a package from the command line?13:57
soeeBluesKaj, breadcrumb is like => home / soee / documents13:57
James147steveire: if you ahve the .deb for that version13:57
steveireThe problem is the packages are completely messed up http://paste.kde.org/109711/13:58
steveireThe dependency resolver is trying to install new versions of the libraries but not the applications13:58
steveireI need to force it somehow, and apt-get -f instll doesn't do so13:58
BluesKajlike?  it is or it isn't soee ...I just add dolphin to the panel13:58
James147steveire: you run an update?13:59
James147steveire: -f means fix broken not force13:59
soeeBluesKaj, http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/03/17/breadcrumbs-in-web-design-examples-and-best-practices-2/ :D14:00
BluesKajsoee, ok , I think i get it , but history works for me :)14:05
James147BluesKaj: its not history, but where you are currently located14:06
James147BluesKaj: makes it easier to move up one or more directories14:06
soeeit basicly create path from root direcotrey to where you are14:07
BluesKajsoee, interesting but why , i see root in dolphin places , one click away ...obviously I'm missing the point :)14:11
onebitXBluesKaj: i am not using tor with vpn :(14:11
onebitXthis is the first connection14:11
James147BluesKaj: because it can take you anywhere between the root and where you are14:11
soeeBluesKaj, if you are here: home/me/dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/ and you want to switch to dir214:12
soeeyou can click link in breadcrumb an thats all14:12
BluesKajso where's the breadcrumb in dolphin ?14:13
James147BluesKaj: its the location bar when its nor in editable mode14:13
soeeBluesKaj, http://soee.pl/kde/screen/breadcrumb.png14:15
soeeunder tabs if you turn it on14:15
szalmoin BluesKaj14:16
James147soee: you mean if you dont turn it off :)14:17
James147(though by default its turncated to popular places like $HOME14:18
soeeJames147, hm not sure i had to turn it on, before i have had dropdown menu14:18
eeanmis it possible to give access to a specific windows domain user to a samba share?14:18
* BluesKaj shakes his thick head ...still don't see the point14:19
James147soee: if you click it it becomes editable, but hit esc or click the tick at the end and it turns back14:19
=== paolo__ is now known as faLUCE
soeeJames147, yeah i know14:19
eeanmjust looking at the 'Share' tab of file properities atm, not sure if this is the best way14:19
James147BluesKaj: how else can you go up one directory?14:19
James147(or two or three)?14:19
BluesKajthe go option14:21
faLUCE Hi, I tried in all ways to make a bootable clonezilla on a usb stick. I used tuxboot, as well as unetbootin, but the result is that clonezilla hangs after choosing the first option, soon after boot.Is there a working alternative?14:21
szalBluesKaj: are you still on Oneiric?14:22
BluesKajszal, yes14:22
szalBluesKaj: what UI font do you use?14:22
James147BluesKaj: do "go > up | go > up" rather then "parentdir"14:22
BluesKajszal, I use fresans14:23
BluesKajerr freesans14:23
szalBluesKaj: *urgh* ;)14:23
szalBluesKaj: I was wondering, if you use the Ubuntu font, is the correct weight used?  they introduced a 'Medium' weight for Oneiric, and at least on Natty KDE uses that rather than 'Regular'14:24
szalwhen set to Regular, that is14:25
BluesKajszal, i like it better than ubuntu default , .. I'm using a large screen monitor (my 42" plasma tv) so the fonts ahave to look good from 3M away14:25
soeedroid = best font ever :)14:26
BluesKajthe ubuntu regular font looks like old default fonts from kde 3 , szal14:26
BluesKajthicck heavy and ugly IMO14:27
szalBluesKaj: it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing font, but it's very well readable imho14:28
BluesKajszal, if you run an app as root from the run command or the terminal the default font is still ubuntu regular unless you change it14:28
szalanyhoo, my question was, does KDE there use the Medium weight, which is almost as heavy as Bold, or the Regular weight?14:29
alvinYes, all typesetters in my office are unanymous: it's ugly and not well fit for a screen. I have to set the defaults back for everyone. Unfortunately, some things make the font go back to the Ubuntu font. Don't know why yet.14:29
suomipoikathis my first day with kubuntu :D its starting to lad lolz dunno14:30
soeesuomipoika, lag ?14:31
onebitXno one can help me?14:31
=== cmagina-afk is now known as cmagina
suomipoikasoee yes just started to slow and for example mouse pointer lags14:32
suomipoikabut internet works very fast compared to windows14:33
suomipoikaand cant double screen fuu :D14:33
BluesKajalvin, when you run apps that require root permissions , the default is ubuntu14:34
BluesKajubuntu font that is14:35
BluesKajit can be changed on some apps , if the option is available14:35
alvinI've noticed that, but sometimes the other applications start using the Ubuntu font after I ran a program as root. I'll file a bug about it someday.14:36
BluesKajmuon is fugly if you run it as root before using it , like an alias linked to sudoers14:37
BluesKajbut if it's run from the menu , it uses the system settings fonts14:38
=== amd is now known as kruckss
BluesKajI'm using simple plastik "workspace appearance / window decor" , due to crash and freeze probs with some of the other more attractive decors on oneiric14:48
BluesKajthe diff between root and user display/fonts http://imagebin.org/16794215:01
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=== alexandre is now known as Guest26556
=== dani is now known as Guest84089
techmikcan anyone point me to the proper channel, which i dont think this is? i need some config help with setting up multihead/multiseat using mint and kdm....16:08
techmikafaict, its purely an issue of proper kdmrc and xorg.conf.d/16:11
el_monkeymanHi everyone, this question is addressed to anyone devellopping Kubuntu. I'm still at KDE4.4 and I wanted to update to KDE4.7, how stable would the Kubuntu Oneiric be at Beta? Usually, I don't usually expect stability from beta but in this case, Kubuntu is based off of KDE 4.7.0 which is already done with all it's testing and the final release has been already since the end of July. Besides the desktop environment, I pretty much16:15
el_monkeyman install my own packages, so I would not expect to run into any problems installing Oneiric Beta as my daily driver. Is there any other consideration that I should be aware of??16:15
James147el_monkeyman: why not upgrade to natty and install the backport ppas? if all you want is 4.716:24
MasBlaMan99smal question any krusader users here?16:24
James147!anyone | MasBlaMan9916:25
ubottuMasBlaMan99: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:25
MasBlaMan99any way to find duplicate files?16:25
MasBlaMan99not a directory compare but to search the entire disk16:26
el_monkeymanjames147: that is a good idea and I would do that if I see that the Beta is not an option but I would rather start with a clean install of 4.7.0 instead of have to start with 4.6.x and update over it. Also, if I use Oneiric as my release, I could upgrade later on to 4.816:29
James147el_monkeyman: upgradeing natty would be the more stable solution ^^ plus you can always do a "clean" install once oneiric comes out... but if you want to try the beta then go a head but i suggest you try dual booting it first so you at least have a fallback option :)16:31
el_monkeymanJames147: you are probably right about this. thanks for your advice!16:32
James147el_monkeyman: also consider joining #ubuntu+1  if you are intrested in running the beta16:33
Daskreechel_monkeyman: The beta relies on a lot more things than just KDE16:33
el_monkeymanAh, I see. Like drivers and libraries and stuff like that?16:34
el_monkeymanThanks for your help everyone!!16:45
alvinMasBlaMan99: try fdupes17:00
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naftilos76hi everyone, have you guys tried KCM set to raster? I just saw something on youtube regarding a Graphics performance rise. Is that real? I am on KDE 4.7 and graphics card is Geforce 8600GS mobile17:46
tdnIn Konsole, the remote tab title is set to: "%h : %u", however, the title becomes " : " when I ssh to a remote host. How do I make %h show the hostname? And %u the user name?18:11
DarkriftXdoes anyone know of a (cli preferred) pop client that will basically just duplicate the contents of an email account on my machine without creating alerts or needing interaction? I have an email account I need to basically backup locally but dont really need to view it that often.18:19
akSeyahi fiolks, does apt use ipv6 by default?18:19
BluesKajakSeya, I don't think so , my router has ipv6 disabled , unless there's some kind of nat process going on that's hidden18:26
akSeyai have ipv6, and I want it to use it.. i mean, does it tries ipv6 first?18:27
BluesKaj!ipv6 | akSeya18:27
ubottuakSeya: For an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv418:27
jimmy51_i'm looking for a utility i can point at an IP range and have it map the network as best as possible.18:37
jimmy51_is there such a utility?  i see forum posts referencing something called Dude but it looks old18:38
jimmy51_and isn't in the repo18:38
tsimpsonjimmy51_: there is nmap (and zenmap for a GUI)18:45
_BS_Samba - will it make use (solely) of /etc/passwd? e.g. If I add a user to the samba group, are they good to go?18:46
CammyCan anyone please tell me how I can empty the trash? The trashcan icon disappeared long ago from Dolphin (without me ever touching it or selecting an option to turn it off) and my hard drive is nearly full18:47
jimmy51_tsimpson: thanks.  i'm trying zenmap/nmap an maybe nagios.18:50
tsimpsonCammy: re-add the icon to the places panel by right-clicking, choosing "Add Entry", and use the Location "trash:/"18:50
tsimpsonCammy: you can also just navigate to trash:/ and right-click anywhere blank18:51
CammyAhh, "trash:/", thanks! I hoped I could just re-add it, but wasn't sure of the assign18:52
CammyOr whatever it's called in Linux18:52
CammyThank you tsimpson :)18:52
tsimpsontechnically, it's a URL :)18:52
CammyAh, okay cool :)18:53
tsimpsonthe actual files are in ~/.local/share/Trash/, if you ever just want to nuke-it18:53
CammyAwesome, you've been very helpful :)18:53
SIR_Tacobut be careful... the files near there might end up with radiation sickness :P18:54
jimmy51_tsimpson: ok, zenmap did it.  THANKS18:54
lcbwow :o radioactive waste in Kubuntu. that's awesome18:55
SIR_Tacothey're easy to find... they have a nice green glow18:56
lcb.hidden waste. i'm always learning18:57
lcbthanks SIR_Taco. i don't know what i would be without it18:57
lcbi mean, you18:57
SIR_Tacook... back to website... haha18:59
lcbi'm playing with Gadmin-Rsync18:59
lcblooks to be one of/or the best backup tool19:00
SIR_TacoI've been kicking around the idea of using rsync to backup my sites instead of using a script... just haven't gotten around to it19:03
DaskreechCammy: trash:/19:07
DaskreechSIR_Taco: They have a Blue glow19:07
SIR_TacoDaskreech: well, they glow none-the-less :)19:08
DaskreechSIR_Taco: Esp if currently selected!19:08
programmingThis may be a stupid question, but I lost the window list on my panel in KDE. I can't find it in the widgets. I can find a window list, but I'm looking for the taskbar style one with the buttons.19:18
tsimpsonit's called "Task Manager"19:19
SIR_Tacoprogramming: 'taskmanager' is what you're looking for19:19
programmingtsimpson, SIR_Taco: thank you19:19
SIR_Tacotsimpson: too quick for me... I'll go back to sleep haha19:20
tsimpsonI must admit, it can be easy to miss the widgets the way they are currently displayed19:20
programmingthere are too many in the default view19:20
programmingi think a rating system could help19:20
tsimpsonI prefer the older "window with a list of widgets" way19:21
SIR_Tacothat's very true... I guess that's why they added the catagories19:21
programmingNow that gnome2 is condemned, KDE4 seems like the only good choice.19:22
programmingI tried every major desktop, and I've used all the little ones too, like openbox, awesome, etc, icewm even, ratpoison19:23
programmingxfce, lxde19:23
programmingkde is the only one that meets my expectations for usability19:23
tsimpsonconsidering you're in #kubuntu, you'll get no argument here :)19:24
programmingnot looking for argument, i am certain i am right ;D19:24
programmingi heard win7 copied features, like the drag window to top to maximize etc19:25
programmingdrag to side to place on side19:25
DarkriftXthey all copy from eachother19:25
programmingsuch obvious awesome features19:25
DarkriftXim sure lots of stuff from kde is from windows and mac19:25
DarkriftXand vice versa19:25
programmingwhy didn't we think of them in 199519:25
DarkriftXwhat matters is what features you want being in the DE that you want19:25
tsimpsonwell sometimes Windows copies features from the open-source world, and sometimes the open-source world copies ideas from the Windows world19:26
DarkriftXI hate windows, but I like some features from windows (such as the taskbar layout)19:26
SIR_Tacoas much as I prefer using Linux, I must admit that I do like Win7... they took a step-back and realized a lot of their mistakes and fixed most of them (kind of like ME-XP)19:28
=== sayakb is now known as sayakb_away
SIR_Tacoit's ok... ban me from the channel lol19:28
tsimpsonSIR_Taco: if you really want me to ;)19:29
SIR_Tacowell no, not really haha19:29
SIR_Tacohaha hello LINKSWORD219:30
LINKSWORD2Hello again, kingh3mp19:31
SIR_Tacoand hello kingh3mp19:31
kingh3mpwas up19:31
SIR_Taconow down?19:31
LINKSWORD2So kingh3mp, what was that problem?19:31
kingh3mpim gonna kill my hp19:31
kingh3mpits glitchy in you tube and my games19:31
LINKSWORD2I told you, you didn't need Microsoft anymore!19:32
LINKSWORD2We saved it. With Linux! :D19:32
kingh3mpim gonna run another test now i got a media player19:32
LINKSWORD2I'm back? Didn't know I left.19:35
kingh3mpany one got some c7 i can use on my hp19:35
LINKSWORD2kingh3mp: I told you not to do that.19:36
Daskreechprogramming: incorrect. Windows showed those features first. But they turned up two weeks later in all the Linux WM who cared less about efficiency19:39
lcbSIR_Taco: aboit *backing up* we talked about last year (sorry, i was away in business). i spent some time today comparing features and my final bet for a frontend, for rsync, with useful features is backuppc and gadmin-rsync (this one easyer) Both in our repos.19:40
programmingDaskreech: oh19:40
programmingDaskreech: i love this feature19:40
lcbhi LINKSWORD2. how's TTY and you?19:41
LINKSWORD2.... TTY? I'm not sure I understand you, lcb19:42
LINKSWORD2We're having some problems with kingh3mp's laptop.19:43
LINKSWORD2It is acting bizarrely slow, with flash-based games online, to the degree that they simply do not come up.19:43
Daskreechprogramming: It's great eh? The Linux implementation is quite a bit better than Windows though19:43
LINKSWORD2Of course, Daskreech.19:43
DaskreechThere are anumber of Windows implementations that are better than Linux19:44
programmingIf only x-tile understood multiple monitors19:44
programmingI would be really happy19:44
Daskreechthumbnails on the taskbar hover for instance19:44
SIR_Tacolcb: thanks, good to know, I'll check them out. greatly appreciated19:44
programmingI could implement it, but I don't have the time atm19:44
kingh3mpdang thing wont operate on a 1 bar signal19:47
SIR_Tacook LINKSWORD2 what's the issue?19:47
SIR_Tacosorry, missed it initially haha.... any idea on the video card? network connection? Kubuntu version? Browser? Flash version?19:48
kingh3mpscrew this thing19:48
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: doesn't seem that kingh3mp wants any help19:49
lcbLINKSWORD2: sorry, i were thinking on Linkmaster, the guy who plays with TTY backdoor entrances :)19:49
SIR_Tacolcb: I get the two confused all the time haha19:50
kingh3mpim sorry bout this but nothing is working19:50
SIR_TacoIRC is working :)19:50
lcbah i see. "<kingh3mp> im gonna kill my hp"19:52
lcbwhen we kill things others might not survive19:53
SIR_Tacosome people just don't appreciate my humour lol19:54
LINKSWORD2That was humor? You scared him off.19:54
lcbtoo technical, probably "IRC is working" :p19:54
LINKSWORD2Well, we want to get his laptop properly working.19:55
LINKSWORD2I'm sure the problem is based in Flash, but I'm not sure exactly what it could be.19:55
SIR_Tacowell sorry LINKSWORD2... but something like "I need help with printer... stupid thing doesn't work" what printer? "it's stupid" ok, but what printer and what version are you running? "stupid version of stupid printer" just doesn't give enough info to help lol19:55
lcbmaybe got too hot on his lap - top :)19:56
LINKSWORD2SIR_Taco: It's an HP Pavilion DV1000 that we've recently killed Windows from and installed Kubuntu.19:56
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: that's what we needed to know19:57
LINKSWORD2We've tried to load his games, Flash-based, on a number of browsers, and they're not loading.19:57
lcbusually because ppl install everything that says "java"19:57
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: any idea if he's using the Intel drivers?19:58
lcbthe default one works fine - or the original one, sun's java19:58
SIR_Tacoand from the specs, there is no integrated wireless... is he just having connection problem?19:59
LINKSWORD2His does have integrated wireless.19:59
lcbSIR_Taco: trying to have an excuse from him "disconnecting" from IRC?20:00
SIR_Tacolcb: maybe..... lol20:00
LINKSWORD2I know the guy. lol20:00
LINKSWORD2He said he was fed up with things not properly working, and disconnected.20:00
lcbjust a dad hair day20:00
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: has he updated his software?20:00
LINKSWORD2SIR_Taco: To which software do you refer?20:01
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: I mean everything (like sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade or the GUI equivalent)20:01
=== peer is now known as Guest58287
LINKSWORD2.... Oops.20:02
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: what happens when his "flash game doesn't work"? Does it say "you need a plugin"? Does it stall or crash?20:02
LINKSWORD2Just a moment. I'll have to ask.20:03
SIR_TacoIs he using Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Konq, etc.?20:03
LINKSWORD2We've tried Rekong, Konqueror and Chrome.20:04
SIR_TacoI'd like to solve the guy's problem, but guessing is just pointless20:05
LINKSWORD2Any ideas in particular, SIR_Taco?20:05
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: ok, but is there an error? is the spot where the flash game should go blank? does the page not load? does the browser crash/freeze?20:06
=== tjones is now known as kingh3mp
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: does he have "flashplugin-installer" installed?20:07
LINKSWORD2I'm guessing not. How would we get that?20:08
SIR_Tacoyou can use the package manager, or open konsole (ALT-F2 and type 'konsole') and type "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer"20:08
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: Didn't I install flash last night for him?20:09
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: Not sure.20:10
Daskreech[Sunday, August 14, 2011] [23:13:03] <Daskreech> kingh3mp: ok type sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer mplayer youtube-dl20:10
Daskreechalejandro: Hello20:10
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: I think you had him install MPlayer.20:10
LINKSWORD2Yep. lol20:10
alejandroque pedo que es esto20:11
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.20:11
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: You're too fast for me. lol20:11
SIR_Tacokingh3mp: I really can't help you until you give some sort of feedback on what's going on20:11
Daskreechalejandro: y #kubuntu-es20:11
kingh3mpim testing things20:11
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: kingh3mp and I are sitting side-by-side in my "office" with his computer and mine.20:12
LINKSWORD2His computer just stops loading flash-based pages.20:13
BluesKajinstall kubuntu-restricted-extras20:13
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats20:14
LINKSWORD2I'd forgotten about that, BluesKaj20:14
LINKSWORD2sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras ???20:15
LINKSWORD2.... Excuse me?20:15
yoyoyes LINKSWORD220:16
BluesKajLINKSWORD2, yes20:16
LINKSWORD2Thanks, yoyo & BluesKaj20:17
BluesKajLINKSWORD2, np20:17
lcbhow nice, i have ubuntu-restricted-extras. i don't remember to install it20:17
lcbnow, installed kubuntu-rest* and didn't remove the other one20:18
LINKSWORD2lol @ lcb20:18
SIR_Tacolcb: often you are asked with the latest upon install, or when you run into a wall like this, to install restricted extras20:18
lcbSIR_Taco: strange didn't remove the previous though20:19
Daskreechlcb: They have some cross packages but should not interfere with each other20:19
SIR_Tacoyea, I can't see there being a problem.... they aren't DE dependant usually20:19
lcbhope not, or i'll kill RE (restricted-extras) like kingh3mp did with his HP20:20
kingh3mpoooooooh...... green things20:20
SIR_Tacolcb: haha20:20
LINKSWORD2After installing the restricted extras, is it recommended to restart the computer?20:20
Daskreechkingh3mp: blotchy squares?20:20
BluesKajlcb, they both use the same libs/codecs etc anway20:20
lcbkingh3mp: that's nuclear waste, those green thingys20:20
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: logout and back in is the highest requirement20:20
kingh3mpsaying its working20:20
BluesKajLINKSWORD2, shouldn't need to20:21
LINKSWORD2Konsole is customized as black with green text. That's what he's talking about.20:21
lcbBluesKaj: tks :)20:21
SIR_Tacokingh3mp: excellent, patience is a virtue20:21
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: Though you don't need to do that for restricted-extras. Possibly close the browser and reopen20:21
lcblol LINKSWORD220:21
DaskreechLINKSWORD2: I rocked that so hard for a long time after Matrix :)20:21
SIR_TacoDaskreech: haha20:22
LINKSWORD2Daskreech: NICE!!!20:22
kingh3mpim waiting to see 66620:22
lcbthe devil?20:22
LINKSWORD2kingh3mp: lol20:22
kingh3mpi seen 5 8s in a row20:22
lcbi don't play anymore. i'm not goot at math20:23
lcbgood even + writing :)20:24
SIR_Taco 20:24
kingh3mpthe devil lives in my hp20:24
LINKSWORD2Green & black? :P20:24
SIR_Tacoseems like a good place to hide20:24
LINKSWORD2SIR_Taco: I want a taco!20:24
SIR_TacoLINKSWORD2: go get one20:25
LINKSWORD2.... Nevermind.20:25
SIR_TacoYou're welcome and whatever20:26
lcbSIR_Taco: you own Bell :)20:27
lcbSIR_Taco is SIR_Taco!~quassel@*dsl.BELL.ca (PSW)20:28
SIR_Tacolcb: I wish... then I'd make it not suck20:28
kingh3mpi back20:28
LINKSWORD2He's pretty good with spelling, when he puts some effort into it.20:29
kingh3mpdont make me hurt you link20:30
* LINKSWORD2 points to Linkmaster.*20:30
=== xcynthi is now known as xcynthii
SIR_Tacokingh3mp: so? did it work?20:33
lcbstill in aplha stage, i think :o20:34
LINKSWORD2Test: Youtube is working.20:34
lcbgrr alpha20:34
SIR_Tacoif youtube works, the rest should as well20:34
lcbIRC stopped wotking. That SIR_Taco wireless issue20:34
SIR_Tacolcb: yes... it seems I can disconnect wireless with thoughts and words haha20:35
SIR_Tacolcb's connection will go down in... 3.... 2... 1....20:38
SIR_Tacohmm... doesn't work for everyone I guess haha20:38
SIR_Tacoso much for my dreams of becoming a super-weapon on our Canadian war canoes lol20:39
lcbi decided to stop Nepomuk. no fun to see the fun working 24/720:40
lcbnot useful anyway (for me)20:40
SIR_Tacolcb: after the inital indexing, it doesn't do a whole lot unless a files is changed.20:42
lcbSIR_Taco: now i saw your /msg. you are taking lessons from Linkmaster TTYs engineering20:42
lcbSIR_Taco: check your memory loading and see how much Nepomuk eats20:43
SIR_Tacolcb: but you can change the amount it eats20:44
lcbSIR_Taco: i just cut it's food, for good20:44
SIR_Tacoif I add them all up, it's about 20megs20:44
SIR_Tacowell maybe closer to 30 with akondai in there20:45
lcbtalking about that, i love that small tool "Everything" for windows. does the job and do not eat a lot of resources20:45
SIR_Taconever heard of it, but it probably pulls from the NTFS index20:46
lcband it's FREE. get one until lasts. great to have on win virtual machines20:47
lcbSIR_Taco: http://www.voidtools.com/20:47
lcbtoo bad i have one win 7 VM just because there are no good enough apps for scanners in linux20:48
SIR_Tacohmm... the whole point of NTFS was an indexing FS, so that searches should take less time, but writes take longer (relatively, still quick as far as the user is concerned)20:51
=== claudio is now known as Guest64151
lcbWine and water goes well but not with everything. Either way i'm going to test "Everything" in my Wine20:52
SIR_Tacojust does it a little more efficiently than the MS implementation20:52
lcbSIR_Taco: try it. you'ld be amazed how fast that thing is20:52
tjonesmy laptop is assymilating20:54
LINKSWORD2Resistance is futile.20:55
SIR_TacoI don't use search in windows enough to try it, but I'll take your word for it20:55
lcbassimilating? like the conversion of absorbed food into the substance of the body?20:56
DaskreechSIR_Taco: probably because it's not running the same safety checks as Windows does20:56
lcbtjones:  how's that?20:56
tjonesno like surrendering to being probed20:56
=== tjones is now known as kingh3mp
* LINKSWORD2 performs head-desk.*20:57
lcbtjones aka kingh3mp: ah20:57
kingh3mpfergot to switch it20:58
lcbthe laptop?20:58
SIR_TacoDaskreech: very likely20:58
* Daskreech performs deskpalm20:58
kingh3mp20 minuts till probing complete20:58
Daskreechapt-get install alien20:59
Daskreechalien probes are so much faster20:59
* Daskreech puts in disclaimer that the above is a joke. Alien probes are much more painful in the long run20:59
Daskreech!info alien20:59
ubottualien (source: alien): convert and install rpm and other packages. In component main, is optional. Version 8.83 (natty), package size 82 kB, installed size 244 kB21:00
kingh3mp* dies laughing *21:00
SIR_TacoDaskreech: :)21:00
* kingh3mp watches LINKSWORD2 roll on the floor.*21:00
Daskreechkingh3mp: In the hall of death?21:00
kingh3mphes to buisy laughing to type21:01
lcbDaskreech: you made me recheck and probe what alien is good for :(21:01
BluesKajeeeuuuwww ...learned my lesson with alien a while back , but I see it sneaks in with lsb-core which is needed to install google earth now21:01
kingh3mpis alienware a liable computer21:02
lcbdapper grrr21:02
SIR_TacoI blame you all for my lack of productivity today.... haha21:03
Daskreechkingh3mp: Yes they make the highend dells21:03
DaskreechYo quiero21:03
lcbBluesKaj: i have google earth here to install and i did it before. i think it doesn't need any tricks :o21:03
kingh3mpi been thinking on getting one21:03
kingh3mpi g2g21:04
lcbkingh3mp: leave the HP here21:04
lcbtoo late21:04
LINKSWORD2Well, I think that's also my exit cue..21:06
LINKSWORD2lcb: Why leave the HP?21:06
lcbLINKSWORD2: so he does't kill it anymore21:06
lcbhis words ... :)21:07
SIR_Tacocould teach him some manners too21:07
lcbhe's busy21:07
lcbgoogle-earth-stable_current_i386.deb i don't remember where i got this one21:08
LINKSWORD2lcb the HP is now surrendered to the Borg. It now belongs to the Coleftive. Resistance is futile.21:08
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pietevening, anyone here who can help me with a window behaviour problem?22:21
=== james is now known as Guest83084
carininetHi, anyone using kubuntu with nVidia card?22:29
sithlord48what kind of nvidia card?22:31
carininetit should be the mobile version ... but AFAIX my problem (konsole freezind during resize) affect all nVidia hardware22:34
sithlord48i don't seam to have this issue on my Geforce2 or gefore440Go(nv17)22:36
sithlord48using the propertary on the go chipset older version i think its v. 96.x.x.x22:36
carininetit shoul be  GT 230M22:40
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