TheEvilPhoenixhey, how long does it take from the upload of a source package to a PPA to the actual recognition in launchpad that said package has been uploaded?01:52
wgrantTheEvilPhoenix: Up to 5 minutes.01:56
TheEvilPhoenixdoes that time also apply to the receiving of the accepted/rejected email from the ppa system?01:57
TheEvilPhoenixwgrant:  ^01:57
wgrantTheEvilPhoenix: Yes. A cron job runs every 5 minutes, processing recent uploads. When an upload is processed, and email is sent, and if it's accepted then it will appear in the Launchpad web UI.01:57
TheEvilPhoenixi see.01:59
TheEvilPhoenixso the fact that the system hasnt responded since the package upload from 15 minutes ago is abnormal?02:00
wgrantThat would strongly suggest that you didn't sign the package properly.02:00
TheEvilPhoenixOH THAT'S RIGHT02:01
TheEvilPhoenixstupid ******* shared keys...02:01
TheEvilPhoenixcan more than one lp account use the same PGP key?02:01
TheEvilPhoenixif its shared02:01
TheEvilPhoenix(i.e. a "team PGP key" shared by a 3 person team)02:01
wgrantAn OpenPGP key can only be associated with a single Launchpad account.02:02
StevenKGPG keys are not an exhaustable resource, create one or create many, it's fine.02:02
wgrantTheEvilPhoenix: Was this XBMC?02:04
TheEvilPhoenixwgrant:  no not that one.02:04
TheEvilPhoenixdifferent PPA02:04
TheEvilPhoenixdifferent package02:04
TheEvilPhoenixas pbuilder is failing miserably on multi-arch on this system...02:04
TheEvilPhoenixi am using a separate ppa to build the package for otesting purposes02:05
TheEvilPhoenixand will copy the finalized package into the actual ppa02:05
TheEvilPhoenixas for that...02:05
TheEvilPhoenixi need the Dependency Waits to be nuked02:05
TheEvilPhoenixas the actual alreadybuilt packages were copied over02:05
TheEvilPhoenixbrb, got to beat this computer with a stick02:06
TheEvilPhoenixassuming i've updated the keys, how can i get the ppa system to recognize the PGP keys and thus build the uploaded source packages?02:13
TheEvilPhoenixoop, found that...02:13
TheEvilPhoenixthere we go02:13
lifelesshmm, no ubot commentary?03:36
micahglifeless: ubot appeared03:48
lifelessmicahg: yeah, internets failing03:48
StevenKSnow + NZ + Internet == Failure03:49
ajmitchStevenK: I think it was general telecom fail rather than being snow-related03:52
StevenKBah, way to spoil a perfectly good troll03:52
lifelessajmitch: I think its snow related03:53
lifelessajmitch: snow = everyone at home03:53
lifelessajmitch: => backhaul FAIL (or something similar)03:53
lifelessajmitch: the DNS servers going down for an hour or so was probably the power loss in chch03:53
* ajmitch was seeing dsl authentication failures, and it affected quite a number of people03:55
ajmitchtelecom had some fault report about it with no useful info03:55
lifelessajmitch: heh, dsl was fine - reconnected and no change03:55
lifelesstelecom.*no useful info03:55
hazmatcan the launchpad api be used in an offline/disconnected mode relying on its cache dir?05:21
nigelbactually, didn't jml demo something like that at Belgium?05:23
nigelb(or was it james_w?)05:23
StevenKjames_w made a lightning talk that didn't involve his laptop bursting in flames?05:23
nigelbThat time, he borrowed someoen else's laptop because his didn't work05:24
StevenKjames_w has no luck at all with lightning talks05:24
nigelbThough, Budapest was the least disastrious05:24
nigelbHis only trouble was his key password.05:25
nigelbThree tries, and apparently, it was longer than the text box, and he got it wrong ;)05:25
lifelessjames_w's talk was about a couchdb backed replica, using twisted, not launchpadlib.05:28
lifelessvery interesting05:28
nigelbRight, I remember there was something :)05:29
nigelbStevenK: In Budapest he started off like this "My name is James Westby and I'm a serial lightning talk failure"05:39
gourany timeframe when something can be done about  bug #240067 ?09:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 240067 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad projects need wikis" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24006709:04
pooliegour, well, i certainly wish it was done too09:05
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gourpoolie: i must admit that if LP would have wiki, my decision between bzr/lp & hg/bb would be much simplet...09:05
lifelessgour: theres no slated time for a canonical team to work on it; and the scoping is still all over the place - its what I'd describe as a bucket-of-bits feature today09:06
lifelessgour: not thought out, integrated, clear in intent.09:07
lifelessgour: I think in some ways we'd be best off parameterising moin09:07
gourlifeless: so, there is no spec for the wiki?09:07
lifelessthere is - dev.lp.net/LEP/Wiki09:07
lifelessbut still needs -lots- of love09:08
gourlifeless: ok...that certainly means we won't see anything happen soon...09:08
bigjoolswhat's the status of wikkid?09:08
gour...and it adds to our equation...09:08
lifelessgour: and the love it needs, from a product strategist, is the position we're currently hiring for09:09
gourlifeless: good luck to make it happen...but you're losing people/projects due to it...it's pity for bzr since 2.4 seems to be really nice release09:10
lifelessgour: which aspect of it matters to you?09:11
lifelessgour: publication of docs? a regular wiki? markup in fields? history on metadata?09:12
gourlifeless: what do you mean by 'markup in fields'?09:13
lifelessfields - like blueprint whiteboards - being editable as wikis09:14
gouri'd like to be able to have some docs rendered..eg. https://bitbucket.org/tortoisehg/thg/wiki/Home09:14
lifelessthats one of the things we're trying to detangle09:14
lifelessgour: have you seen http://readthedocs.org/ ? it will pull from a bzr branch09:15
gourno, no intereset for blueprint stuff09:15
gourlifeless: real homepage for the project...otherwise i'd use fossil and host on my server everything, but that's what i want to avoid...otoh, having code at LP, wiki at some 3rd party wiki, download at SF etc. (there are real examples of such projects)...it really sucks09:17
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lifelessgour: what makes it suck? {I'm not trolling, its a genuine question: e.g. credential management?}09:19
poolieit would be nice if the new strategist can work out how to get at least one slice of it done09:20
gourlifeless: admin overhead and the web-presence is spoiled...i'm sure there is reason why github, bitbucket, google & SF have it09:20
pooliefor instance showing a readme on the home page would eb a start09:20
gouras i pasted in #bzr...people blogged about even in 2008 as one of the reasons for leaving LP09:22
poolieso the point is that for a small-medium project, you want all of your content on one  hosting service?09:23
pooliethat being basically showing some web pages about the project?09:23
* gour nods09:24
gouri believe it's not non-realistic expectation09:25
lifelessgour: sure; as I said, I think parameterising moin would likely be the fastest path to an ok implementation09:26
lifelesswe've ended up with a big pile of different requirements stuffed into one bug :(09:27
gourgood...the point is only when it will happen...iow, if it will be soon enough (for our needs)09:27
lifelessright now there is one community person interested in doing it; I suspect they are underestimating the complexity09:29
gourprobably...sad is that it's low-priority for the team09:30
gourmany people star their hosting with small things/projects and then start bigger ones...so, if the hosting does not cater to their needs, they are becoming lost09:31
lifelesswe're currently still playing catch up on performance as well as working on the privacy overhaul & derived distributions projects09:31
gourlifeless: is the performance of github & bitbucket so great?09:31
lifelessgour: yes09:32
lifelessgour: they do a lot less09:32
gourit's strange policy, imho...bzr itself was done  with usability & design at first place and then it went for performance...LP is doing the opposite, it seems09:32
lifelessgour: and so don't have the same scaling things impacting them (e.g. our site-wide bug search)09:32
lifelessgour: performance is a usability consideration, they aren't separate.09:33
lifelessgour: for all new work we consider usability, design, performance09:33
lifelessgour: it took *years* to get bzr fast after letting it get away from us right at the start09:33
gourin any case, as i was informed in #wikkid, no wiki in LP in short term09:33
nigelbgour: were you the person interested in wiki for L?09:35
gournigelb: probably not the only one09:35
nigelbWell, I wwas thinking of somehow trying to get something like readthedocs into Lp.09:36
nigelbTheir code is open source and it just uses sphinx09:36
lifelessnigelb: wouldn't it be easier to call out to them ?09:36
nigelbcall out?09:36
nigelbit would, but it would not be a launchpad feature.09:38
lifelesswhy not ?09:38
nigelbI guess I like having something like docs.launchpad.net/projectname09:39
lifelesssure, why not ?09:40
nigelblifeless: well, then someone from LP shuold talk to them about scale, etc. Like if they can handle us hitting them, plus API, and styling.09:42
lifelessnigelb: if someone wants to work on it :)09:43
nigelblifeless: I'd be glad to work on it, I really want that feature.09:43
lifelessnigelb: I'm just questioning the assumption that we'd need to do it; that we can't collaborate; that the only reuse we can get is code reuse.09:43
nigelblifeless: right now, nothing is stopping lp preojects from using readthedocs, then support bzr. But like I said, I'm partial to having docs.launchpad.net ;)09:47
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lifelessnigelb: right, so web 2.0 integration time :)09:53
nigelbDear. God. Web2.009:53
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om26erwhen i propose  merge i am constantly getting 'error: timeout' should I try a little later or something is broken?11:51
jelmerom26er: As far as I know everything should be working at the moment. What are you trying to propose for merging?11:57
om26erjelmer, this branch https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu/natty/unity/unity-fix-769703-3 to lp:~ubuntu-desktop/unity/natty11:57
om26erdo i have to delete the old request?11:58
jelmerom26er, You shouldn't have to.11:59
jelmerom26er: I was wondering if the branches were perhaps unrelated, which could make the proposing slow, but that doesn't appear to be the case.12:00
jelmerom26er, Can you file a bug with the OOPS number mentioned?12:00
om26erjelmer, sure I can do that.12:00
Laneyis there a tag for +localpackagediffs bugs?12:08
Laneyps: AWESOME12:09
jelmerLaney: not sure, "derivation" at least seems related12:13
jelmerLaney, ah, "package-diff"12:13
Laneyah yes12:13
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olzhashey guys13:05
olzhaswhat is Soyuz?13:05
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henningeadeuring: also your time to take over here.14:11
adeuringhenninge: argh, right14:12
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ricardokirknerhey, morning14:29
nigelbthat's a familar name.. hrm.14:29
henningehey ricardokirkner ! ;)14:29
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pindongaI was about to ask a dumb question but just checked myself in time14:30
dieckhi there! I tried to change a pot template name, and get a "Please try again". reloading after some minutes, as suggested, doesn't work, so I'll here to let you know as ordered :)14:35
dieckto be more verbose: a (first test) template was imported as template name i18n, after the directory it's in. I wanted to change it to match the parent directory, stock_merge_picking, so I can distinguish templates I'll add later. https://translations.launchpad.net/bremskerl-addons/6.0/+templates14:43
adeuringhenninge: can you help here ^^^? I have no clue...14:45
henningedieck: you cannot change a template name14:53
henningedieck: were did you try to change it and got the "Please try again" message?14:53
dieckhm, ok, but on https://translations.launchpad.net/bremskerl-addons/6.0/+pots/i18n/+admin it IS a input field, editable.14:53
dieck"tooltip" for that field is The name of this PO template, for example 'evolution-2.2'. Each translation template has a unique name in its package. It's important to get this correct, because Launchpad will recommend alternative translations based on the name.14:53
henningedieck: oh, I did not know that page was availble to you14:54
henningedieck: so when you try to change it there, you get the error?14:54
dieckI created that project, and added the template file :)14:54
henningeyes, but it used to be that only us admins could get to that page.14:55
dieckyes, if I change it, I get the error message14:55
henningeyou have tried it more than once?14:55
henningedieck: what other information is on the page?14:55
dieckyes, as suggested, I tried reloading after some minutes. when that didn't work, I started from scratch trying it14:55
dieckthe error page? Please try again, Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server. , Try reloading this page in a minute or two. If the problem persists, let us know in the #launchpad IRC channel on Freenode. , Thanks for your patience.14:56
dieckthat's all14:56
henningehm, ok14:56
henningesounds like there is a bug. Let me try to rename it.14:57
henningedieck: what should be the name?14:57
dieckthe template was imported with the automatic import. my structure is "modulename/i18n/template.pot". I plan to use pots for multiple subdirectories, but all direct parent directories would be called i18n. Is there a way to tell the automatic import to jump to the "grandfather" directory while naming the templates?14:58
dieckhenninge: i tried stock_merge_picking, as the directory is called14:58
henningeunderscores will get converted to dashes for template names but that's ok14:58
henningedieck: you will have to name the template file, then.14:58
dieckah, ok. but why is the template name i18n, not template then? or is template.pot a specific trigger?14:59
henningedieck: or use "po" instead of "i18n"14:59
henningedieck: that's a feature ;-)14:59
henningedieck: if the template name is generic (template.pot, messages.pot, default.pot) then the name of the directory is used.15:00
mpoirierbac: good day15:00
diecki used i18n because the project openobject-addons uses it, to keep it in the known naming scheme. I'll try renaming it15:00
henningeif the directory is named "po" (which is the standard) the name of the directory above that is used.15:00
bachi mpoirier15:00
dieck(it = the template file itself :))15:01
mpoirierbac: I tried another upload 5 minutes ago - still no luck.  Same problem.15:01
bachey bigjools, can you lend us a hand?15:01
henningedieck: yes, that sounds sensible (t#he file itself I mean)15:01
henningedieck: I get the same error when trying to rename to stock_merge_picking.15:02
henningedieck: can you please try if you can rename it to stock-merge-picking?15:02
bigjoolsbac: 'sup?15:06
mpoirierbigjools: we have a problem15:07
bacbigjools: mpoirier is trying to a kernel ppa upload and it isn't completing15:07
dieckhenninge: done. now I wait for the scheduler to find the file? do i have to / can I remove the i18n named template? or does the system recognize it's missing/renamed?15:07
bigjoolshanging with 1k to go by any chance?15:07
bacbigjools: i worked with the losas friday but the logs didn't show much15:07
bacbigjools: yep!15:07
bigjoolsthis is a router bug15:07
henningedieck: oops, I think we had a slight misunderstanding.15:07
bigjoolsyou can work around it by uploading with SFTP15:07
bigjoolsyou need a custom .dpuf.cf entry15:08
henningedieck: you don't need to rename the file to use dashes "-", it can continue to use underscores "_".15:08
henningedieck: I was asking if you can do the renaming on the +admin page.15:08
dieckah, ok, i see15:08
dieckyes, that actually works15:09
bacmpoirier: ^^15:09
bigjoolsbac, mpoirier: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/666584/15:09
bigjoolsadapt that to your taste15:09
dieckhenninge: so now, what mess have I created by renaming the file and having the automatic import active? :)15:09
henningedieck: and for your last question: you don't have to remove the template, you can simply adapt the template name and the file name on the +admin page.15:09
mpoirierbigjools: cool, let me take a look.15:09
henningedieck: none ;-)15:09
bigjoolsbac, mpoirier: make sure your SSH key is registered in Launchpad15:09
bigjoolsbac: I'll email the list about this.15:10
bacbigjools: glad you were around!15:10
bigjoolsbac: it comes up all the time, I'll do a FAQ as well15:10
mpoirierbigjools: ssh key is registered.  Ok, I"ll try and will get back to you.15:10
mpoirierbac: thanks for your time.15:10
henningedieck: you may end up with two templates if the import is quicker than you in renaming the existing template15:10
bacmpoirier: np...i learned something15:10
dieckhenninge: looks ok so far :)15:10
bacbigjools: is it a limited set of borked routers?15:11
henningedieck: I see you could rename the template. ;-)15:11
bigjoolsbac: no eye deer.15:11
bigjoolsbac: that's just our best guess.15:11
dieckok, thanks very much15:11
bigjoolsbac: routers have to do packet inspection with FTP to make it work with NAT15:11
henningedieck: so, if you'd like the file name to use underscores you can still change that (both in the branch and on the +admin page).15:12
dieckand now for something completly different :) After I approve a merge request, can launchpad merge on-site? or do I always have to branch, merge and push?15:12
dieckhenninge: as it works now, I'll leave it a dashes :)15:12
henningedieck: fine ;)15:13
henningedieck: ah, the import has already completed15:13
deryckadeuring, I can take IRC now.15:19
henningedieck: it's bug 321467, btw.15:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 321467 in Launchpad itself "Template name is not validated on admin form." [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32146715:20
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dieckhenninge: ah, ok. I hadn't checked the bugs as the page requested to ask here, and I'm on irc the whole day anyway :)15:25
henningedieck: np, I just showed it to you so you know it really is a bug (and will hopefully be fixed soon)15:25
adeuringderyck: thanks15:37
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mpoirierbac: still on ?17:54
deryckHi abentley.  I'll pitch IRC to you now.18:04
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abentleyderyck: Okie dokie18:04
c7phello people18:24
c7pi try to pull a branch but i got this http://pastebin.com/xYZiTKAx18:24
bachi mpoirier18:38
mpoirier bac: launchpad newbie question for you...18:39
mpoirierI have uploaded my packages as per instructions.18:39
mpoiriershould I see the newly uploaded package on my project page right away ?18:40
tsimpsonc7p: make sure your ssh key has been uploaded to your launchpad profile18:40
bacmpoirier: what is the url for your project?18:40
mpoirierbac: https://launchpad.net/~linaro-landing-team-ste/+archive/st-ericsson-u8500-public/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=&field.series_filter=18:40
mpoirierbac: this this cleaner link... https://launchpad.net/~linaro-landing-team-ste/+archive/st-ericsson-u8500-public18:41
bacmpoirier: how long ago did you complete the upload?18:42
mpoirierbac: couple of hours...18:42
mpoirierhence my question.18:42
bacmpoirier: yeah, you definitely should have seen it appear18:43
bacmpoirier: your best bet it is to look for bigjools in teh morning or wgrant later this afternoon.18:43
mpoirierbac: humm... not cool.18:43
mpoirierbac: ok thanks.18:44
c7ptsimpson: my key is online, check this http://pastebin.com/S1y7E1xN , i've changed my launchpad account from j0hn-07- to c7p. Although the bzr branch searches for my old account name (as you can see whoami shows my new account). I cant make sense of these18:47
tsimpsonc7p: have you done "bzr launchpad-login c7p"?18:48
c7ptsimpson:  no i havent.  But i still get the first message18:56
c7ptsimpson: i mean i get the http://pastebin.com/xYZiTKAx after login18:57
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khtaamHi! Is it possible to edit a comment in a launchpad bug? I published the e-mail address of someone else by accident21:08
deryckkhtaam, no, we don't have editing of existing comments.  Sorry.21:15
khtaamderyck, too bad21:15
khtaamwill have to be more careful in future21:16
deryckkhtaam, would be hard to completely remove from the Internet anyway.  Bugs send mail, and sometimes this goes to a mailing list.21:16
khtaamso it might be visible on some mailing list archive any way?21:20
deryckkhtaam, it *could* be.  Depends on which bug and who is subscribed.21:30
deryckkhtaam, for example, all ubuntu bugs go to a mailing list.21:30
khtaamderyck, i found it on mail-archive.com, they made a ... inside the mail address but there is a button to get the address21:31
khtaamderyck, launchpad should also have some function to obscure e-mail address21:32
deryckwe do for users to hide their emails, but not for any email in raw text like comments.21:33
khtaamyes, it was basically my fault, I forgot to remove the quoted text in my e-mail when I replied to the bug21:35
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