silverarrowwhich dvd codecs are for lubuntu?11:58
silverarrowto play DVDs11:58
ubot5Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats11:58
silverarrowworks !! ;-)12:04
kvarleyGood evening, fellow lubuntu-ers :)17:29
kvarleyHow do I move the minimize/maximize/close buttons to the left on lubuntu?17:30
frankboothevening kvarley17:42
frankboothit's pretty easy, just launch Openbox Configuration Manager and see the Appearance-tab :)17:43
GreppeAfter hiding "Decorations" or what it's called in english (hide the top bar of a window), how do you get it back?17:46
frankboothGreppe move the cursors to the top/bottom until you get the option to resize the window, and right click17:47
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kvarleyfrankbooth: How do I launch the configuration thing?18:48
frankboothPanel-menu -> Preferences18:49
kvarleyfrankbooth: Sorry I missed it, I glossed over the text field with the layout in. Thanks - got it sorted now :)19:00
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joaoi need help23:16
joaoanyone speaks portuguese?23:17
joaocome on23:18
phillwjoao: I am looking for you!23:19
joaocan you help me23:19
phillwI do not speak protugeuase23:20
joaoi need to uninstall a ati driver from lubuntu23:20
joaothats not a problem23:20
joaoi speak a little bit in english23:20
joaowheree is the ati folder on lubuntu23:20
joaoim going check it23:22
phillwI am sorry, but even though I have virtual machine available, I use the AMD chip system23:22
joaook thanks23:22
joaoas lubuntu a forum23:25
joaoim about to quit from using lubuntu23:25
phillwyes, use the main forum area and use the lubuntu flag when registerring23:25
phillwjoao: all the lubuntu atit / nivid stuff comes from a central source.23:26
joaooh well23:28
joaoany way thanks23:28
joaoim going to mint again23:29
phillwokies joao best, recent one I could find is http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f64/solved-proper-way-to-install-ati-drivers-570272.html just for those who follw the logs of tis channel.23:30
phillwI love [SOLVED] tags :)23:30
MoShahHi All, I'm currently using ARANDR to extend my desktop, does anyone know how I can default to this setting everytime my machine boots up?23:33
MoShahAs it does not save it?23:33
phillwMoShah: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxrandr/+bug/621689 has it as bug fixed?23:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 621689 in lxrandr (Ubuntu) "lubuntu - lxrandr does not save and restore changes" [Wishlist,Fix released]23:36
MoShahWould I have to just set it everytime?23:37
phillwno, that is why the bug is marked fixed - have you the correct version of lxandr, or are you something diferent?23:38
MoShahI'm using ARANDR23:39
MoShahbut can use lxrandr23:39
phillwMoShah: I am not at all familar with that, what operating system are you using? (please include version nember)23:39
phillw*version number*23:40
MoShahLubuntu 11.0423:40
MoShahand installed arandr from the package managee23:40
phillwMoShah: ahh.... that may explain things, totally remove the old amandr and then grab the correct version of lxandr23:41
MoShahwill do right now, Thanks for that23:42
phillwMoShah: This bug was fixed in the package lxrandr - 0.1.1-2ubuntu123:42
phillwany release after that should be okay.23:42
MoShahI'm using 0.1.1-2ubuntu423:43
MoShahbut cannot save the setting and I'm unable to use it as an extended desktop.23:43
phillwbut, you are using arandra and not lxandr?23:44
MoShahthat is the version number of lxrandr23:44
MoShahI have both installed23:44
MoShahbecause lxrandr didn't work23:44
phillwwell, totally remove the arandra & log off / log in23:44
phillwyou cannot run the two together, they will fight!23:45
MoShahlxrandr didn't even give the option to use extended desktop though23:45
MoShahok i will uninstall now23:46
MoShahThanks for your help everyone23:46

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