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alex_mayorgaAnyone else experiencing "funkyness" when doing Alt+Tab?00:43
urlin2umy computer plays Pfunk.00:44
Daekdroomalex_mayorga, Alt+tab is very slow here, but Dash is even slower.00:54
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: what's "Dash"?00:54
alex_mayorgaI get overlapped UI on Alt+Tab00:55
DaekdroomIt's what shows up when you click the "Ubuntu" button in the launcher00:55
Daekdroomtry unity --reset to reset compiz settings to default and have only the new Alt+tab appear.00:55
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: let me try that, does it need sudo?00:56
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: a bug I see in "dash" is that the arrow keys doesn't move the selection00:56
alex_mayorgagot a bunch of warnings there, worth reporting?01:02
alex_mayorgaabove is the output of  unity --reset so far01:31
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: is my unity messed up?01:32
pr0dall is not well in the ubuntu camp. http://pastebin.com/Rdv08yqr . Im trying to add a pci device for passthrough in xen 4.1 ubuntu 11.10. Any help would be hugely appreciated, google didnt help01:35
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: the terminal where I ran unity --reset is yet to return a prompt, would it break anything if I Ctrl+C ?01:37
Daekdroomalex_mayorga, yep01:38
alex_mayorgapr0d: time to bug virt-manager it seems01:38
Daekdroomalex_mayorga, you can use Alt+F2 'unity' so you can close the terminal.01:38
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: so I better leave it alone until it finishes?01:38
DaekdroomWell, the terminal will be busy as long as that unity PID is running.01:38
DaekdroomI forgot to mention you should have used &disown, my bad.01:39
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: no worries, did you get a chance to look at my paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/666127/01:39
alex_mayorgaperhaps it does need sudo01:39
DaekdroomNope. Whatever causes those errors is not because you didn't run it with sudo.01:40
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: mind giving me the complete command once more?01:40
Daekdroomunity --reset &disown01:40
alex_mayorgaI see01:40
Daekdroom--reset specifically sets everything to default01:40
alex_mayorgaAlt+Tab looks better now, though01:41
pr0dcan anyone tell me where the xm vm config file are stored. I cant seem to find the plain text files i am used to on previous distros01:44
alex_mayorgaDaekdroom: this is the latest http://paste.ubuntu.com/666141/01:58
alex_mayorgais a compiz crash expected here?01:58
alex_mayorgait also crashed chromium while at it02:00
DaekdroomI can't tell.02:00
DaekdroomUnity has crashed a lot in here, specially the window manager.02:01
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bobweaverhi there I was told to come here to talk about my boot splash03:54
bobweaverHi there I am playing with my boot splash right now and having some troubles . I have a nvidia-current installed but it don't show up in lsmod only nouveau I tried to blacklist this Nothing stays loaded I try sudo rmmod nothing says it is running I drop x and still nothing03:54
bobweaveruname -a03:54
bobweaverLinux bob-Compaq-Presario-CQ60-Notebook-PC 3.0.1-030001-generic #201108060905 SMP Sat Aug 6 10:43:25 UTC 2011 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux03:54
bobweaverseems to be a bug in the Kernel ?03:55
bobweaverI know nothing about this03:55
bobweaverI would like to say that it is natty also with kde frame03:56
bobweaversudo update-initramfs -u03:57
bobweaverI removed ubuntu logo did not think that that would kill it03:58
bobweaverit is the firmware that I am missing03:58
bobweaverbut then I think that I have nivdia card in  computer makes me wonder if nivida-current and nouveau are fighting03:59
bobweaverlspci -nn | grep VGA04:00
bobweaver02:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation C77 [GeForce 8200M G] [10de:0845] (rev a2)04:00
urlin2ubobweaver, you saving this for posterity?04:01
bobweaverwhat is posterity ?04:01
urlin2uyou use later or future generations.04:03
bobweaveranyone can04:04
bobweaverright that is the way opensource works04:04
urlin2uthe channel is for help not your play by play action is the point. ;)04:05
bobweaverI thought that that info is important sor any one trying to help04:05
bobweaverI thought that that info is important for* any one trying to help04:05
bobweaverI even use paste.ubuntu.com04:06
urlin2uit just helps to wait for the help with a question, posting as you have knocks out most who will help, as it is not channel use policy, do wht you want, it just cuts down your chances,;-)04:11
bobweaveryou know what bro I would not even begin to say how nevermind -|- ()() |_04:14
LaibschCan somebody please verify whether or not bug 379382 also occurs in oneiric?04:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379382 in gnome-utils "gnome-screenshot (Alt-Printscreen) black/blanks out top of windows in multi monitor xinerama" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37938204:19
PythonPupHowdy.  After today's update, the GUI won't start.  I tried stopping and starting lightdm from another VT.  Any other suggestions?07:45
questionsaboutshpuld i use 11.1007:49
IdleOnenot if you don't like unity07:49
PythonPupAnd not if you need a stable system.  It is only an alpha at the moment.07:50
PythonPupBut, if you like to experiment and have a spare system, then sure.07:51
LaibschCan somebody please verify whether or not bug 379382 also occurs in oneiric?07:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379382 in gnome-utils "gnome-screenshot (Alt-Printscreen) black/blanks out top of windows in multi monitor xinerama" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37938207:52
PythonPupDoes anyone know why oneiric keeps trying to install java?  It seems to be a dependancy for several media apps, for some odd reason.07:52
LaibschPythonPup: "aptitude why $java-package" for the package you want to know about07:59
PythonPupinteresting command.  I'll try it.  thanks.08:00
magn3tsplease do not remove synaptic08:02
PythonPupThey plan to just remove it from the CD, as far as I have read.  It will stay in the repo, so after you boot up, just go to a command line and   sudo apt-get install synaptic08:03
mvoor install it from software-center even08:03
PythonPupApparently, you are now supposed to launch all applications from the command line.  I can't get anything to launch from Unity any other way.08:12
karnameHi, I upgraded to 11.10 alpha3 from 11.04 but when system wants to boot , I get this error from gurb : symbol not found : 'grub_divmod64_full' , can you help me?10:37
karnameI googled somethings  about it , someone said you should purge grub , but I can't access to my ubuntu to purge grub10:39
karnamehow can I do it ?10:39
chris|karname, boot from a livecd, mount your harddrive and chroot into it10:42
LynoureIs there really no sensors monitor GUI for kubuntu in the new release? No kima, no ksensors.10:47
LynoureI can do with cli myself, but it seems like a somewhat serious lack.10:47
karnamecan I fix it with super grub disc ?10:52
Chipacakarname: not sure what super grub disc does. Maybe?10:55
edgyHi, my .local/share/akonadi is about 7G so I moved .local to another disk and symlinked to it11:23
edgybut now kmail gives an error11:23
edgythe details of the error is here: http://pastebin.com/vcqxcSkx11:23
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PythonPupI want to make a new install of Oneiric.  The install image is too large for a CD, so I am trying to make a USB boot.  I am using a natty system to make the boot USB drive.  The Make Startup Disk button won't enable.  I have plenty of free space.  Any ideas?11:32
jbichaPythonPup: are you sure that the ISO is selected? I believe startupdisk creator has an annoying tendency to not select the11:34
jbichaISO you just added11:34
PythonPupYou are right that it does not remember the new iso, even though I have used it several times.  I just selected it, and then selected the disk drive.11:36
Gummyjust asking, is the unity menu bar transparent in the latest update?11:39
Gummythe start menu itself i mean11:40
Gummyand the logo is now at the bar11:40
BluesKajHey folks12:00
Chipacahellup! I have two alt-tab windows at the same time!12:03
* Chipaca is drowning in alt-tabs12:03
Rods_Tigeris there a way of quickly disabling the screensaver / screen blanking altogether in ocelot?14:02
jtaylorI'd also like to know that14:02
Ian_Corne22:20:41 < trism> Rods_Tiger: currently I have: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver idle-activation-enabled false; and then xset -dpms; and that seems to have killed it14:02
Ian_Cornedidn't that work last night Rods_Tiger ?14:03
jtaylorwhen the saver kicks in I ahve to crash it to get back to the desktop14:03
jtaylor(luckyly crashing it is very easy ^^)14:03
Ian_Cornejtaylor: hmm14:03
Ian_Cornemaybe it's the screensaver that's slow after suspend..14:03
Rods_Tigerreally? I've used xset -dpms in various combinations but although it keeps the screen alive, there's still something that just draws a 'blank page' over the screen content14:03
Ian_Corneif you wait long  jtaylor it comes back14:04
Rods_Tigerand also another thing, setting it to 1 hour doesn't give one hour - more like a few mins14:04
jtaylorwell I can type into windows under the screensaver so its all still running14:04
jtaylor(typed my user pw into irc because of that once ._.)14:04
Rods_Tigeraha - what's that idle-activation-enabled false?14:05
Rods_Tigerwhere does that go?14:05
Ian_Corneoh jtaylor that hurts14:05
Ian_Corneit's a command14:05
Ian_Corne"gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver idle-activation-enabled false"14:05
Ian_Cornein the command line14:05
Rods_TigerI'll try that14:05
Ian_Corneit will set that key to false14:05
jtaylorthx I'll try if that setting works14:06
Rods_TigerI've typed it in. Now I just need to wait until nothing happens, to see if it works14:07
Rods_Tigeractually, I thought of an idea for ocelot for when it is released - implement 'airprint' functionality built in, so that iPads can print to ocelot connected printers. That'd be extremely popular. No idea how to do it myself though.14:11
Ian_Cornebleh apple stuff :p14:12
jtaylorhurray it worked14:23
jtaylordoesn't oneiric have airprint already? I read a mail about it in -dev a while ago14:24
funkyHatRods_Tiger: yeah, 11.10 should have airprint working already14:26
ali1234bug 71177914:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 711779 in cups (Ubuntu Natty) "AirPrint support in the Avahi patch for CUPS does not work" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71177914:37
ali1234fixed... so yeah14:37
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Rods_Tigerexcellent - that's going to please a lot of people if that's publicised14:43
kancermannew way unity/compiz is working is pretty cool, too :D14:43
brandon_ 15:10
Rods_Tigerthe gsettings idle-activation thing worked! Excellent, thanks15:14
Ian_Cornewell thank trism :p he told you that last night :)15:19
SpamapSCurious.. has anyone run into this while trying to configure the latest kernel:16:03
SpamapSE: /usr/share/syslinux/debian/extlinux: No such file or directory16:03
SpamapShmm.. seems extlinux causes issues when installed w/o recommends16:13
archman_i am on the live session of oneiric and i am trying to run ccsm16:19
archman_when i enter a command in the alt + f2 prompt, nothing happens16:20
archman_any ideas?16:20
Ian_Corneit's not intall by default16:23
archman_Ian_Corne: i installed it now, but it does not appear i can use it..16:28
archman_aaargh, i installed it with that software center, but it seems it is not installed...16:30
Ian_Corneit's probably still busy?16:31
archman_works now16:32
archman_installed it with apt-get16:32
archman_i cannot seem to change the left bar width in it16:33
archman_any ideas?16:33
archman_left vertical bar16:33
Ian_Cornego to the Ubuntu unituy plugin16:58
Ian_Corneclick experimental16:58
Ian_Corneand there you can change the icon size16:58
Ian_Cornethat's what changes the width16:58
Pici!info python18:04
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.7.2-5ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 161 kB, installed size 768 kB18:04
rlyI would like adhoc networking to work in 11.04, but is appears that you need a fairly new kernel for that to work; one which is available in Ubuntu+1. Are there also backported kernels (with nvidia packages) available?18:29
Picirly: no.18:30
dsathePici: still no luck on either a compile or a install of nvidia on a ck kernel18:30
rlyPici: it is quite disappointing that these basic things don't work (they did work in 10.10, so I have read)18:30
dsatheany ideas ?18:30
jarnosIt seems like Oneiric installation made swap unavailable to other installatons.18:31
rlyPici: will installing Oneriric Ocelot release gremlins?18:31
PiciNew kernel versions aren't backported, and I don't believe that the 3.x release was stuck in the kernel ppa.18:31
Picirly: yes.18:31
rlyOneiric Ocelot*18:31
PiciIts rather often that people are asking in here about nvidia issues :/18:32
jarnosIs it safe to reformat swap partition so that Natty can use it?18:32
dsathefunny these issues seem very ubuntu specific too18:32
dsatheoneric specific more like it18:33
trismdsathe: may be something specific to the ck kernel, I build 3.0.1 with make-kpkg yesterday as a test and nvidia-current rebuilt for it without issues18:36
rlyI find it curious that every single time I just have built the last released kernel everything has worked while distro specific kernels always have more bugs.18:38
trismdsathe: oh, actually as a test I just moved the source directories out of the way so the links to the source would be deleted and just the headers package used and I'm getting the same error you are18:42
trismdsathe: so you may want to try rebuilding the kernel with make-kpkg so you have the built source available18:42
trismdsathe: it seems the linux-headers package is missing some files the dkms scripts expect, but they are present in the source tree (vbox is dying on Makefile_32.cpu here according to make.log)18:49
kyubutsuit took me about 10 seconds to realize there are no dropdown menus in dolphin19:04
kyubutsui like. i was inclined to do things without menus anyway.19:05
kyubutsurekonq seems much more stable than in 11.04 for me19:06
kyubutsuand the new folder icons are cool too. but one of the best things is the font rendering . so much nicer to read nau19:08
kyubutsui lied. it took me a day to realize there were no menus in dolphin..  i didnt miss them19:12
kyubutsuam expecting someone to say it's a big deal .. whos it gonna be?19:14
kyubutsuin all. am very excited for these set of smart changes for kde19:16
kyubutsujust so you know19:16
Ian_Cornehehe kyubutsu19:17
kyubutsuanother small change, the default clock widget.. +1 !  o.019:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 709363 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "swap partition disappeared during installation" [High,Incomplete]19:19
dsathethanks tht is interesting19:19
dsathei did notice broken symlinks19:19
dsathein src from the headers right now19:20
dsathelemme try that out ;)19:20
dsatheso what is causing this kpkg or binutils19:20
dsathearch n gentoo forums seemd to be wailing about some diffs in binutils as culprit19:21
BluesKajI wonder when the digital clock in thew panel will report the time in AMPM 12 hr format  as it does in KDE Clock settings Kontrol module19:23
dsathetrism: any way we can gen a log to see which step makefile fails at ?19:23
trismdsathe: the logs are in /var/lib/dkms/some_module/some_kernel_version/log/make.log19:24
dsathefrom var19:24
dsathealso too cryptic19:24
dsathedoes not tell u what exact file he's lookin for when he fails19:24
dsathetrism:  tht is too cryptic19:25
trismdsathe: it was straightforward here, can you pastebin yours?19:25
trismdsathe: oh you mean the path I gave?19:25
dsatheone sec19:25
dsathethe error log in itslef19:25
dsatheit tells u failed19:26
dsathedoes not give specific line numbers19:26
dsathethat one expects make to give19:26
kyubutsuBluesKaj: you mean three digit clock for 12hour format?19:27
dsatheheer u go http://pastebin.com/zVP7nCNn19:27
dsathethis one is from the nvidia binary19:27
dsathewait ill post dkms logs too19:27
BluesKajkyubutsu, well it's 4 digits , but yes19:27
BluesKajkyubutsu, been a problem since natty was a baby19:28
dsathethe log gen by dkms is even more useless http://pastebin.com/k9DjN4e419:28
BluesKajnow it's in oneiric19:29
kyubutsuits not so awkward to me. but i do agree it shouldnt show a zero upfront for am/pm time format19:29
BluesKajkyubutsu,the "0" isn't problenm for me , I'm used to the time in AMPM , not the 24hr format , which it displays now no matter what the setting19:31
trismdsathe: right, I forgot about that, the log I was looking at was actually for the vbox modules (they killed the build before it could get to nvidia-current), they were more informative19:32
dsathecould u pastebin those19:33
dsathemaybee i could figure out19:33
dsathelook asm symlinks19:33
dsathewere broken in /usr/src19:33
dsathegen by kernel headers19:33
dsathealso surprising19:33
dsathei think19:33
dsatheversion.h could be causing it19:34
trismdsathe: sure one sec, I'll break it again and try to build both19:34
dsathe"-ck" is appended to version by ck patcheset19:34
dsathecould be casuing issues19:34
dsathein way its being handeled19:34
trismdsathe: I don't think that is the issue, I appended -jco-05 to mine19:35
dsathei did too19:35
dsathei appended -ck-dsathe-rev519:35
dsatheindicating my .config revisions19:35
trismdsathe: but it built correctly when I had the source available (failed with only the headers)19:35
dsathethats why i said19:35
dsatheissue could be with kpkg or binutils19:36
dsathewhile generating the kernel itself19:36
dsathei mean headers19:36
dsathedkms could be clean19:36
dsatheyep i restored the symlinks to build source now seems to be compiling :D19:38
dsathewait a sec19:39
dsathedid u install the headers deb at all or not19:39
dsathecoz it failed19:39
dsathei renamed the src to original19:39
dsatheand reinstalled both packages19:39
dsathecould that be a issue19:40
trismdsathe: yes I installed the headers deb, but with debs made with make-kpkg, the links will point to the source directory if available, but if missing, will be deleted and point to the headers path instead19:40
BluesKajis there such a command as lshdmi ?...I have dci out on my graphics card with hdmi connector on the tv input end and phonon lists 9 hdmi outputs and they all output the "test sound" , so they must be bussed to thru soundcard , but there's no hdmi port on the graphics , or mobo . Anybody have a similsr setup .I find it rather odd.19:44
ali1234i have dvi on my graphics card too. but i also have hdmi19:45
BUGabundoI have no sound .... for two days19:46
ali1234i heard that dvi doesn't carry the audio, even though it is electrically identical to hdmi19:46
BUGabundoany help?19:46
ali1234but that might be BS19:46
BUGabundotried both trunk PPA and archive19:46
trismdsathe: when it fails I get the same make.log for nvidia as you, vbox has this log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/666738/19:46
kjeldahl`So am I the only one with two different task/window switchers active now (alt-tab)?? Anybody know how to get rid of the old one?19:46
kyubutsuBluesKaj: Digital Clock Settings>Appereance>Date Format   <---next to it there is a settings button for it, have you tried changing anything in there19:47
BluesKajali1234, no, dvi doesn't carry audio  , afaik ...maybe I should check the tv speakers , which I seldom use19:47
dsathewhat patches u using ?19:48
dsathejco ???19:48
trismdsathe: no patches, it is a stock 3.0.1 with a trimmed .config19:48
BluesKajkyubutsu, yes the lttle wrench icon is the KDE Clock Settings Kontrol Module19:48
dsathemine seems to be fine19:49
dsathelemme see ill brbr19:49
* dsathe rebooting19:49
BluesKajali1234, nope no audio thru the dvi19:53
bjsniderBluesKaj, wait, you have a dvi cable going from your graphics card to an hdmi at the tv?19:55
BUGabundoBluesKaj: I have *no* audio.. none at all19:55
bjsniderBUGabundo, what does the sound indicator say about this?19:56
dsathenoticably faster kernels :)19:57
BUGabundobjsnider: I'm on lubuntu19:57
BUGabundocan't login to any gnome19:57
BUGabundoactually I can't even get to lightdm19:57
BUGabundousing startX19:57
BUGabundoits not my fault you guys break it19:57
bjsnideri'd say you have worse problems than sound at this point19:57
BUGabundosound is the worse problem right now19:58
BUGabundobroken CIFS on boot is 2nd19:58
BUGabundolightdm would be 3rd19:58
BUGabundoif this keeps up, this might be my last dev cycle19:58
BUGabundofinally getting tired of always having something broken19:59
BUGabundoso far 11.10 was the worse dev cycled I've been in :\19:59
BluesKajbjsnider, yes . I bought an adapter cable dvi>hdmi . since there's ni hdmi out on the nvidia 8400gs19:59
BluesKajno hdmi19:59
dsathewhat is the command to increase lcd bbrightness19:59
rlyBUGabundo: I agree in general. I don't know specifics in this case.19:59
bjsniderso then what is your procedure to carry audio to the tv, rf cables?19:59
bjsniderstereo plugs?20:00
rlyI would like to know whether it is incompetence (unforgivable) or just ignorance (w.r.t. what the hardware does, which is forgivable)20:00
bjsniderbest idea would be to buy a $50 nvidia gt 210 and just use hdmi20:01
BluesKajbjsnider, no, I use spdif /digtal coax out to an DAC input on an audio receiver20:01
BUGabundofonts changed again20:01
MrDavewhen i push on say, media apps icon in dash, it doesnt populate the applicatoins installed20:02
MrDavedash just dissapears20:02
BluesKajbjsnider, my plasma tv is also my pc monitor ...it does double duty20:03
dsathehow do i increase my screen brightness/lcd backlight using command line , my right arrw tht increases brightness is spoilt :(20:03
bjsniderBluesKaj, an external dac. let me guess, the logitech z5500s, right?20:04
rlydsathe: you need platform support for that.20:05
dsathesuch as ?20:05
dsatheyep its my func key20:05
MrDaveim sorry is it to early to ask for support for Oncelot?20:05
BluesKajno bjsnider , it's not an external DAC , it's the one on the Harman Kardon receiver20:05
dsatheplus a right arrow that does it20:05
rlydsathe: you need documentation for the exact platform as a developer.20:05
bjsniderah, i c20:05
rlydsathe: or you have to reverse-engineer Windows drivers.20:05
dsathethe gnome 3 screen had a slider20:05
dsathethat  i used20:06
rlydsathe: so, e.g. Novell has supported certain devices.20:06
dsatheit disapperaed suddenly one day via some random update20:06
rlydsathe: they work, because they were designed to work.20:06
dsathei was lookin at something simpler20:06
dsathethe key is physically spoilt20:06
rlydsathe: ok20:06
dsathei used xmodmap to remap it20:06
dsatheto another20:07
dsathebut that one does not do the brightness up func20:07
dsathewith the Fn key combo20:07
dsatheis there a comment to emulate a keypress20:07
dsathetht way i could simulatex86BrightnesUp20:07
dsatheor soething like that20:07
rlydsathe: which laptop is this btw?20:08
BluesKajbjsnider, alsa does a great job of passing the DTS and DD signals thru VLC to the receiver ..I'm quite impressed.One has to get the settings right in the VLC tools/audio section tho.20:09
MrDavewhen i push on say, media apps icon in dash, it doesn't populate the applications installed20:10
bjsniderBluesKaj, pulse was supposed to have passthru by now20:11
BluesKajyes it does , but I don't bother with pulseaudio20:11
MrDaveshould i not ask for help yet?20:15
billybigriggerhey all20:17
MrDavedont bother20:17
billybigriggeri'm just doing an upgrade to 11.10, just wondering is lightdm now the default as setup is asking me to choose between gdm and lightdm...20:17
billybigriggerand i would prefer to choose whatever 11.10 is going to use as default20:18
Picibillybigrigger: lightdm20:18
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:18
BluesKajbillybigrigger, go with gdm, from what I've seen there's bugs in lightdm20:18
bjsniderMrDave, ^^^20:19
MrDavebillybigrigger,  heres a good article on that,  http://www.webupd8.org/2011/07/how-to-switch-between-gdm-lightdm-or.html20:19
Picibillybigrigger: The plan as I understand it is to use lightdm.20:19
dsatheXF86KbdBrightnessUp how can i emulate thi event ?20:19
billybigriggeralright thanks for the input guys :) appreciate it20:19
MrDavewebupd8 tells you how to set lightDM up20:19
billybigrigger11.10 has now switched to gtk3 aswell correct?20:20
billybigriggerright arm20:20
billybigriggerBUGabundo: ping20:21
billybigriggerBUGabundo: just wanted to give you a high five! hah it's been awhile, catch ya on the flip side20:22
bjsniderhe can't hear pings anymore since his sound doesn't work20:23
billybigriggerany major show stoppers with the 3.0.0 kernel yet?20:24
billybigriggeror is that just a kernel version change for the bling factor?20:24
bjsniderthe latter20:24
billybigriggeri've been away from my computers for waaaay too long :P20:24
billybigriggerany new decent games out for nix lately?20:26
billybigriggernative or ports?20:26
BUGabundobillybigrigger: pong20:26
billybigriggerhah thanks bud :P20:26
BUGabundothank you bug20:27
BUGabundobjsnider: correrct. but I can see the blue highlit20:27
billybigriggerBUGabundo: how the hell are ya?20:28
BUGabundotoo hot today20:31
BUGabundoAC is off20:31
BUGabundomaybe I should turn it on! are you one Google Plus or something ?20:31
bjsniderBUGabundo, do you have g+ yourself?20:34
billybigriggerwtf is google plus...ill look into it20:39
billybigriggergoogle IM i'm guessing?20:39
billybigriggerahh google's take on facebook20:40
BUGabundobjsnider: prolific20:40
BUGabundobjsnider: http://l.BUGabundo.net/Plus20:40
BUGabundobillybigrigger: WOW you were *really* away :O20:40
billybigriggeroh yeah buddy haha20:40
billybigriggerwhat's the best way to install nvidia drivers....dl and run the .run or alternate drivers via ubuntu20:41
billybigriggererrr...i should say less hassle not best way20:41
BUGabundobillybigrigger: not running blob at all :)20:42
BUGabundobut if you really really want, jockey20:42
billybigriggerwell native ubuntu doesn't like my hdtv, i cant see any of the top or bottom, meaning i have to create launchers for everything on the desktop, ie, /home, terminal, etc etc20:43
billybigriggerhoping the drivers in 11.10 will be better than .0420:43
billybigriggerand maybe i can figure out this resolution problem20:43
ikoniayou do know they are not made by ubuntu right ?20:43
Ian_Cornebillybigrigger: that wont help20:43
billybigriggerxorg drivers20:43
Ian_Cornetvs cut off part of the resolution20:43
ikoniabillybigrigger: yes, you know they are not made by ubuntu ?20:44
billybigriggeryeah, by xorg20:44
Ian_Cornean hdtv is not really 1920x1080 visible20:44
billybigriggeri hate to say this but winblows 7 has no problem, i'd prefer to get it sorted in .10 so i can quit using it on this desktop20:44
billybigriggerso if 7 can do it, i'm sure i can get it figured on .1020:45
Ian_Corneweird :)20:45
billybigriggermind you i got it configured correctly via nvidia system control, so i was thinking i'd need the 280.13 drivers in ubuntu aswell20:45
Ian_Cornei've found something in amdcccle, it lets you select PAL as screen size20:45
ikoniabillybigrigger: it's called "windows"20:46
* billybigrigger hates the word20:46
ikoniabillybigrigger: the xorg drivers for nvidia are made by nvidia - not xorg,20:46
billybigriggersince when?20:47
* billybigrigger didn't know that20:47
BluesKajbillybigrigger, yup, 280.13 is best so far , works well with my elcheapo 8400gs ..no res probs20:47
ikoniabillybigrigger: since always20:47
ikoniabillybigrigger: they are a closed source product made by nvidia20:47
ali1234HDTV *better* be 1080 visible, otherwise it's only "HD ready"20:47
billybigriggerhmmmm learn something new every day20:47
ikoniabillybigrigger: hence why problems can't really be resolved, as they are closed to all but nvidia20:47
bjsnidernvidia also has its own closed-source opengl system. they don't use mesa at all20:48
ikoniabillybigrigger: they have to be compatible with 200+ distribution using many different versions of libc/xorg/kernel in different combination20:48
billybigriggerwell i guess it's 280.13 for me20:48
ikoniahence why they don't always work20:48
BluesKajali1234, plasma tv here , 1920x1080 res is just fine20:49
BluesKajtv info setting rads 1080p20:50
Prettotsclient was removed from repository?20:51
BluesKajPretto, seems so20:51
PrettoBluesKaj: ok, thank you20:53
billybigrigger_hmm compiz crash already :(20:56
coz_billybigrigger,  do you have the crash report plugin enabled?20:57
billybigrigger_if not enabled by default then no, all i can see right now is my background, im running off my 52" hdtv via hdmi and resolution is messed up20:58
billybigrigger_alt-f2 doesnt work so i have to create launchers for everything off the desktop20:58
billybigrigger_anywho, i see that jockey STILL doesn't show you what version of a driver it's installing...ie i have 2 choices for nvidia drivers, NVIDIA accelerated grapchics driver (version currenct [Recommended] or Experimental 3D support for Nvidia cards, neither show a driver version number21:00
Ian_Cornethe current is 280.1321:00
billybigrigger_yup i know it is21:00
billybigrigger_jockey doesn't say anywhere what version im installing21:01
billybigrigger_how do i know it's installing 280.13? :P21:01
Ian_Corneapt-cache policy nvidia-current!21:01
billybigrigger_i thought i filled a bug report on this lonnnnnggggg time ago :P21:01
billybigrigger_that's not what i'm getting it21:01
Ian_CorneI know21:01
BluesKajbillybigrigger_, stay away from the experimental , nvidia current should be the 28021:03
billybigrigger_i will say this, ubuntu is alot easier to look at compared to winblows 7 on this tv21:03
billybigrigger_BluesKaj, i see that experimental is free drivers, not licensed, so i'm assuming they are very new, i stayed away from them :P21:04
billybigrigger_ok need a restart, brb21:04
BluesKajbillybigrigger_, good cuz i tried the experimental...broke X21:04
billybigriggerdamn resolution, have to hard restart my computer because i canèt see anything21:05
BluesKajbillybigrigger, ok , one thing ..there's a chance you may need to do a nomodeset in grub21:06
Ian_Corneapw: hey21:06
billybigrigger_hmm this is messed right up21:09
MrDaveis the ATi driver safe to install on 11.10, anyone know?21:09
ikoniawhich ati driver ?21:10
ikoniawhich one21:10
Ian_Corneif it's in jockey, it should be safe I think21:10
MrDaveATi, HD370021:10
MrDavei the only duel booter here?21:11
BluesKajfglrx /21:11
MrDavenot good?21:12
Ian_CorneMrDave: you're dual booting 11.04 and 11.10?21:12
BluesKajMrDave, dunno21:12
MrDavenah ocelot/win721:12
Ian_CorneI've got win7 on here too21:13
MrDavei wish i could have 3 boot options, i would like to have fedora on the same drive21:13
Ian_Cornebut i can't last longer then an hour21:13
ikoniaMrDave: that would be unwise21:14
ikoniaubuntu's grub2 configuration is not helpful for multi-distro booting21:14
MrDavei see, what would i need to do that21:15
Ian_Corneand also, running fedora and ubuntu on the same homedir21:15
ikonianothing. its a bad idea21:15
Ian_Cornewill get your sessions messed up21:15
ikoniadon't share home21:15
Ian_Corneyou can do it, but it's a hassle :)21:16
MrDavei dont want too, i want to install fedora on a seperate partition21:16
Ian_Cornewell, obviously on a seperate partition :)21:16
MrDavei dont know how to make it so that partition is bootable though21:17
Ian_Cornebut see, if you don't know this, you're in for a world of pain :)21:17
MrDavecan i use gparted to make say, a HAIKU OS partition bootable?21:17
ikoniaMrDave: did you put a bootloader on that partition ?21:18
MrDavei have not created it21:18
MrDavei have 2 as of now21:18
MrDaveubutnu/win partitions21:19
MrDavehehe damn beer21:19
MrDaveanyone checked out HAIKU, its really cool21:20
MrDaveanyhow, another OS welcome to the GNU family21:21
IdleOnethis is the Ubuntu dev release channel not the advertise other distro channel21:21
MrDaveHAIKU has nothing to do with any linux distro21:22
MrDaveim just chattin general21:22
IdleOnethis is also not a general chat channel, you may want to try #ubuntu-offtopic or #defocus21:22
MrDaveHAIKU is forked from BeOS21:22
MrDaveok sheesh21:22
IdleOnethank you.21:22
MrDavewhere all GPL family. >:)21:23
IdleOnebut each member of the family has their own house21:23
MrDavei would like to thank all the developers for Linux for providing such great free software.21:25
Ian_CorneMrDave: this is an official channel, it is logged, just general chatter can be had in the channels IdleOne gave you :)21:25
MrDavei cant say thnx, sheesh21:26
MrDaveit got humid an hot again here21:27
BluesKajwow, methinks there could be a little lightening up in here folks21:27
Ian_Cornehehe :)21:28
MrDaveso what chan can goto for 11.10 troubleshooting21:28
MrDavelike i click an Icon is dash, an then dash just closes21:29
MrDaveanyone else have that prob?21:31
billybigrigger_hey all21:32
BUGabundohey billybigrigger21:32
billybigrigger_figured out the Overscan option in nvidia settings helped out my resolution problem21:32
MrDavei guess no one understands21:32
BluesKajbillybigrigger_, cool21:32
billybigrigger_that hdtv's overscan :P21:32
billybigrigger_still can't see bugger all haha21:33
billybigrigger_have to change my xchat font to 16 to be able to see this window21:33
Ian_Cornetake a picture, so we know what you're talking about? :p21:33
billybigrigger_no i got the desktop viewable, just that fonts are too tiny to read21:33
Ian_CorneI don't see hwat your problem is MrDave21:33
Ian_Cornebillybigrigger_: change your DPI?21:34
MrDavethe icons in dash21:34
billybigrigger_camt find font settings in 11.10 now21:34
Ian_Corneexcept I don't know where i can find that21:34
Ian_Cornegnome-appearence-settings is gone :D21:34
MrDavewhen you click on one it brings a list of installed apps up...21:34
billybigrigger_yeah i know21:34
MrDavewhen i do that, dash simply closes21:35
billybigrigger_MrDave, report a bug, i'll confirm it21:35
billybigrigger_media apps, internet apps, more apps, anything i click kills the dash21:35
billybigrigger_the search bar still works for me21:36
Ian_CorneAhan I see what you mean MrDave21:36
billybigrigger_so if i knew the name of the font settings app i could change my dpi :P21:36
BluesKajbillybigrigger_, I'm using 13 font size , but my tv is 42' , so you'llrobly need15 or more21:36
BluesKajerr 42"21:36
Ian_Cornebillybigrigger_: i've searched for font in the system setings, but it's not found anything :p21:36
billybigrigger_alt-f2 run dialog gone in 11.10 too?21:36
billybigrigger_gconf still works :)21:37
Ian_Corneno billybigrigger_21:37
Ian_Corneit should still work21:37
Ian_Corneit does for me21:37
billybigrigger_in gconf /desktop/gnome/font_rendering21:37
Ian_Corneupdating now tho21:37
billybigrigger_dpi is set to 96...i dont really know which way to go with this being a hdtv21:37
billybigrigger_anyone here a font guru? that could lend a hand?21:38
Ian_Cornego bigger21:38
billybigrigger_on what scale21:38
Ian_Cornetry 120? :p21:38
billybigrigger_hehe love your random thoughts haha21:38
BluesKajyeah, always wondered where the font settings are in gnome ....kde is application appearance/..set the dpi to 120 ..it's smoother on an hdtv21:38
Ian_Corne120 rings a bell billybigrigger_21:39
Ian_Corne72 also21:39
billybigrigger_any quick ways of restarting gnome these days? i remember ctrl alt backspace used to restart gdm, but not anymore since i'm using lightdm21:39
Ian_Corneand login21:39
Ian_Cornetry to update21:41
Ian_Corne"update manager has closed.."21:41
billybigrigger_setting the dpi to 120 did sfa21:41
billybigrigger_sweet eff all21:41
Ian_Corneyou shouldn't have to restart gnome btw :p21:41
Ian_Cornealtho i don't know if you use gconf21:42
Ian_Cornemaybe the gconf settings were for gnome2...21:42
Ian_Cornei've seen some1 use gsettings21:42
billybigrigger_cmon no devs around can tell me how to change the font dpi?21:47
MrDavetheir crabby21:47
=== __mikem is now known as mmiller235
billybigrigger_we are now running gnome3 in 11.10 correct?21:48
billybigrigger_atleast i can start looking in #gnome or the web...this is kinda bs considering someone in here knows the answer to a simple question...21:50
MrDavewhats mindmapping21:51
Ian_Cornemaybe they're not around atm?21:51
billybigrigger_#gnome is very helpful :P21:55
billybigrigger_fyi, dconf is for gnome3 settings21:55
billybigrigger_just to let everyone know21:55
billybigrigger_and gnome-tweak-tool lets you freely scale the font dpi, apparently the dpi is all hardcoded to 96 in gnome321:55
billybigrigger_gnome-tweak-tool seems the best way to change dpi22:00
billybigrigger_you can change system fonts, text scaling factor, hinting, and AA in there22:00
billybigrigger_i guess you can change gnome3 themes in there too22:01
jonneapt is having issues with a broken package named libmono-webbrowser4.0-cil_2.10.3-1_all.deb . is there something i can do to fix this or do i have to wait for the maintainers to fix the issue?22:04
jonnedpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libmono-webbrowser4.0-cil_2.10.3-1_all.deb (--unpack):22:05
jonne trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/mono/4.0/Mono.WebBrowser.dll', which is also in package libmono-webbrowser0.5-cil 2.10.1-4ubuntu122:05
jbichajonne: you can manually force remove the 0.5 version and install the 4.0 one, or just wait22:12
jbichabillybigrigger_: alt+f2 isn't gone, it just may not be working as well in new Unity, keyboard shortcuts especially have had issues22:13
billybigrigger_ok thank jbicha22:15
billybigrigger_anyone know how to disable audio via hdmi in with an nvidia card?22:15
billybigrigger_i have dvi out from my 9800gtx+ going to hdmi in on my tv...22:16
billybigrigger_and 3.5 jack out to L/R rca's for my audio in on my tv22:16
jbichabillybigrigger_: no idea, but did you try Sound Setttings?22:16
billybigrigger_music worked fine this way in winblows 722:16
billybigrigger_so i know it works22:16
IdleOneunplug it22:16
billybigrigger_unplug what?22:16
jonnesudo apt-get -f remove libmono-webbrowser0.5-cil  ?22:17
jonnedoesn't seem to work22:17
billybigrigger_IdleOne, unplug what?22:18
IdleOnebillybigrigger: sorry I misunderstood what you were asking.22:19
jbichajonne: yeah, it's not a simple one to workaround, I think I used Synaptic, it's probably safer to just wait for it to get fixed22:23
* micahg made a patch for the mono issue, but we're waiting on a sync from experimental to fix it22:26
jonnewell, x is broken too, so, yeah22:41
jonnei'll just use cli for now on that box22:42
BUGabundonite folks22:42
=== kklimonda is now known as Guest71858
gogeta1heh unity 2d doesent make me wanna hulk smash my server23:57
kyubutsuclock works, cannot reproduce your bug, BluesKaj23:58
=== gogeta1 is now known as gogeta

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