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MrCurious3 minutes and i can take another try at making a bootable ubuntu stick03:05
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kapinterHi! Is there a way to start ubuntu-arm on pandabox with console login? Without gui?07:44
dokois janimo online today?09:00
Captain386So, I had a question regarding an ubuntu install that I was doing on a beagleboard. I followed the instructions posted here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OmapNetbook and successfully installed the OS on my beagle. The problem is, I can't log in. It goes straight to a login screen without setting up any user info. If someone could provide an explanation/help I would greatly appreciate it.09:15
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plasmasolutionsHi guys...I'm on a beagleboard-xm with my beloved ubuntu but can't manage to get the gles2 SGX demos to run properly...has anyone a hint in which direction I should have a look?10:46
plasmasolutionsthe gles1 demos are running without a problem10:47
ogra_infinity, why are you still awake ?11:06
plasmasolutionsI just solved it ... was using the wrong drivers 2.0 in contrast to 5.0...so solved11:12
olivewhat's the correct way to build omap4 ubuntu kernel ?12:13
oliveI used this : http://seabright.co.nz/2011/03/29/building-the-ubuntu-pandaboard-kernel/12:13
olivebut, how to install the kernel ?12:13
oliveseems have to copy some files (uImage, zImage ?) in /boot, right ?12:14
ogra_well, you surely also want the modules12:17
oliveoh. yes :)12:17
ogra_and you need to create an initrd12:17
ogra_for which you need to boot the panda12:17
oliveyeah. do you have a link to help me ?12:18
ogra_just copy the files in place, boot the board with an existing kernel and run update-initramf for the kernel version12:18
oliveupdate-initramfs needs arguments ?12:19
ogra_yes, see the manpage12:20
oliveupdate-initramfs -c -k the_name_of_my_kernel ?12:21
olivein previous example, seems to be "uImage", right ?12:21
ogra_copy zImage into /boot (as vmlinuz-${your version}, copy uImage into the vfat partition, then roll a tarball with the cross built modules and copy that into the rootfs12:21
oliveI'll try12:22
ogra_then you boot and run: sudo update-initramfs -c -k ${your kernel version} && sudo flash-kernel12:22
oliveokay! thanks. :)12:23
ogra_btw, there should be howtos about cross building a package instead of doing a raw build, that would make your life easier (you would just need to dpkg -i it)12:25
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oliveogra_: oh wait, my kernel _is_ cross builded12:48
olivebuilt* (sorry, don't speak english very well :/)12:49
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infinityogra_: What made you think I was awake? :P14:44
ogra_infinity, dircproxy messing up logging i think15:36
infinityogra_: Fair enough. :)15:42
ogra_infinity, so i was a) wondering wheer to put my code in live-build and b) how to use a chrooted command, nothing in live-build/auto/build does that and i wonder why15:44
ogra_is the chroot around until live-build/auto/clean is called or is it wiped earlier already ?15:45
infinityogra_: It's around until it's cleaned, which is pretty much "forever" from the POV of auto/build.15:46
ogra_so everything i put below the tarring in live-build/auto/build will be in the chroot but not affect the tarball content, right ?15:47
infinityIt's actually even more vile than that, the chroot exists twice.15:47
ogra_well, i need the one that has /dev, /proc and /sys15:48
infinitychroot/* is the one installed to, then it's copied to binary/boot/filesystem.dir, and tarred from there.15:48
ogra_i dont think both have that mounted15:48
infinityNeither will have that mounted by the time the tarball is created.  Hrm.  Fair point.15:48
ogra_i need to update the initrd so i will need that15:49
ogra_but i can do that from my code if needed15:49
infinityYeah, I'm looking to see if there's a "right way" we can do it that doesn't reinvent wheels.15:50
ogra_there is likely an lb command15:50
ogra_but with that quality of documentation nobody can expect we use it :P15:51
infinityYou'd think.  Looks like it's broken into several.15:51
infinityI'm not convinced that we ever have a fully-populated /dev, BTW.15:55
ogra_well, i'm not sure what update-initramfs needs actually, but i think /dev needs to be popuzlated a bit at least15:56
ogra_doesnt lb have an initrd command that cares for all that ?15:57
ogra_one would think such a thing should exist :)15:57
infinityBut "lb chroot_devpts install ${*}" and "lb chroot_proc install ${*}" and "lb chroot_sysfs install ${*}" should get you dev/pts proc and sys.15:57
ogra_heh, great, thats not much different to a mount line for each15:57
ogra_and i bet i need an lb unmount command too for each :P15:58
infinityNot really, no. :P15:58
infinityClean kills them all, but you could use a remove line explicitely too.15:58
ogra_so i guess by looking at the other code i want:15:58
ogra_Chroot chroot blah ....15:59
ogra_to exec my commands15:59
infinityUnfortunately, it looks like the update-initamfs stuff isn't abstracted out, and just happens in chroot_hacks. :/15:59
infinityBut again, it's just one command.16:00
ogra_the more i hack on live-build the less i like it16:00
ogra_its not like it improves *anything*16:00
ogra_beyond being maintained in debian16:00
infinityPart of that is our fault for being too slow to release livecd-rootfs.  I tried. :/16:01
infinityBut by the time we got it released as free software, this other project was well underway.16:01
ogra_well, i was pointed to http://people.debian.org/~jak/mkrootfs-doc.pdf today16:02
ogra_looks like a saner approach than live-build16:02
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infinityogra_: Oh, and I found out why my ac100 was sad.16:17
infinityogra_: The total abootimg size was definitely larger than the 8M partition allotted for it.16:17
infinityogra_: flash-kernel probably needs a sanity check of target_partition versus image before it just mindlessly tries to dd 11MB to an 8MB partition. :/16:18
infinity(And this is going to be a recurring problem... Those image files will be large)16:19
infinityI only got mine down by switching to MODULES=dep in initramfs.conf... Which will only help for a while until that becomes too big too.16:19
ogra_infinity, no problem since the installer creates a proper bootimg.cfg that definaes the max size16:26
ogra_seems yours didnt have that16:26
ogra_infinity, MODULES=dep is set by the installer too16:27
infinityAhh, I guess I need to fix my bootimg.  I just used one you gave me. :P16:28
infinitybootimg.cfg, even.16:28
ogra_well, i likely gave you one i use16:28
ogra_which definitely defines 8M as max size16:28
infinityWell, then it doesn't work as expected. :P16:28
ogra_bootsize = 0x80000016:28
infinityCause it happily creates an unbootable system instead of erroring out or something.16:28
ogra_weird, it should definitely error16:29
ogra_iirc there is also a check_size call in flash-kernel that actually double checks16:29
infinityI'll have to look at that later.16:30
infinityMy tuits aren't particularly round right now.16:30
ogra_                                abootimg --create $TMPIMAGE -f /boot/bootimg.cfg -k $kfile \16:30
ogra_                                        -r $ifile >/dev/null 2>&1 || return 116:30
ogra_                                imagesize=$(wc -c "$TMPIMAGE" | awk '{print $1}')16:30
ogra_                                check_size "Bootimage" $imagesize $AC_SIZE16:30
ogra_AC_SIZE is defined as: $(abootimg -i $dev |grep "image size"|cut -d ' ' -f5)16:31
ogra_which is quite ugly16:32
infinityWell, now that I know it's *supposed* to work, I'll look into it a bit later and see why mine appears not to.16:33
ogra_probably the abootimg output changed16:33
infinityI still think that, even if it DTRT, it'll blow up "soon" when kernel+MODULES=dep ends up over 8M. :P16:34
ogra_well, i cant do much more than MODULES=dep adn diverting plymouth16:34
infinityWe need to shove a chainloader in that 8M partition and jump to our real kernel.  grub on ac100, plox.16:34
ogra_which should get you an initrd below 2M16:34
ogra_i wrote all that already ... using kexecf16:35
ogra_as initrd shellscript menu ...16:35
ogra_NCommander, picked that up and created mukluk from that idea16:35
ogra_but the unstable state of kexec made us never use it16:35
* NCommander runs and hides16:35
ogra_and controversial discussions sbout grub or UEFI etc16:36
* infinity nods.16:36
infinityI was being partially facetious.  I see little point in retrofitting fancy boot loading options for an EOL product.16:36
ogra_hmm, so why are my mouse clicks not recognized anymore and why does my unity launcher hang around in front of all windows16:37
* ogra_ cant change channels in xchat 16:37
infinityBecause you haven't switched to Xubuntu yet.16:37
ogra_ni, i'm unity-2d fan16:37
ogra_and xubuntu would have that prob too i guess, i think its metacity acting up16:38
infinityI use unity on my netbooks, but I have fundamental disagreements with it on my hi-res 4x3 laptop screen.16:38
infinityxubuntu doesn't use metacity...16:38
ogra_ah, indeed, there is that xfce WM16:39
infinityTook me less than half an hour to make my xfce look shockingly identical to my old GNOME2 setup, so I'm happy.16:39
ogra_aha, it was the panel ...16:40
infinityAnyhow.  Less idle chatter, more working.16:40
ogra_i guess i should update ... i'm on pre-A3 ...16:40
infinityMaybe I need bacon, then more work.16:43
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RoAkSoAxhowdy guys18:25
RoAkSoAxI'm trying to get a pandaboard18:25
RoAkSoAxto netboot18:25
RoAkSoAxhowever, it seems that it doesn't even turn on18:25
RoAkSoAxor something18:25
RoAkSoAxas I can't see any output connected though minicom18:26
renswinddose some one have problem with installing the img file of ubuntu on the panda? my is installing but when the installation is finished and want to reboot it just loop the installation on it again,,, im using Natty Narwhal 11.04 img to install it...18:39
armin76RoAkSoAx: guess you don't mean you're trying to boot it without an sd card :)19:04
RoAkSoAxarmin76: lol of course not19:07
RoAkSoAxarmin76: but I got further this time, still no minicom output though19:07
RoAkSoAxarmin76: but at least I know the swtich detects a link with the connected network cable19:07
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Captain386Does anyone know the username and password to login when using the natty image?22:13
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: were you able to at least see the x-loader/u-boot messages?23:03
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: otherwise could be the wrong first partition format23:04
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: if you want to test your pandaboard I'd suggest you the latest linaro nano image: https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/DevPlatform/Ubuntu/ImageInstallation23:04
rsalvetigrab the lt-panda hwpack and the nano image23:05
rsalvetithat should be enough for you to test the board, have proper console output and such23:05
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: yes I was, It seems it was due to the partitoins23:12
RoAkSoAxrsalveti: but managed to get the SD card partitioned correctly23:12
rsalvetiRoAkSoAx: cool, great23:12
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