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somethingintereshead_victim: sorry about missing last night's meeting. I see the Team Report remains incomplete for July. I will work on that now. 12:41
head_victimsomethinginteres: thanks for that, I actually missed the meeting myself due to some short notice of some family issues.12:41
head_victimActually just doing up a tweet for the doc jam now though12:42
somethingintereshead_victim: I missed it due to only now feeling recovered from a rather nasty cold12:42
head_victimIt's going around at work at the moment again as well12:42
somethingintereshead_victim: yeah it seems like its hitting everyone atm12:44
somethingintereshead_victim: so, so far we have a translation and documentation jam in the works. Any others? 13:00
head_victimThat's all I'm aware of.13:00
head_victimUnfortunately I'm at work for the weekend or I would ahve asked the local LUG for interest in an installation jam.13:02
head_victimMind you last time I asked them if there was any interest in actually doing anything there was no response, not even a negative one.13:03
sagacithere's only so much you can do13:04
somethinginteressagaci: this is true. Just curious if I missed anything :) 13:05
head_victimsomethinginteres: unless you're offering ;)13:05
somethingintereshead_victim: haha not at this stage. The PhD proposal is taking all my time :P I will be attempting to participate in both currently being run by others though. 13:05
somethinginteresI'll do all I can just so I don't have to keep seeing "Wastebasket" instead of "rubbish bin" :)13:07
head_victimHah if you're on anything natty or newer you won't see it :D13:07
somethingintereshead_victim: wonderful! 13:08
head_victimYou've really got sagaci and jaddi to thank for that, they've done awesome work.13:09
sagacii'm nearly 20%13:12
sagaciand nearly top rosetta contributor, by karma13:12
sagacibut then you look at people who've sustained 100,000+ karma over years of contribution and it puts it into perspective13:14
head_victimI like to maintain a solid 8000 or so 13:16
sagaciit's hard to grasp i've clicked on translation strings about 60,000 times13:18
sagaciin the past 5 months13:18
somethinginteresI need to be doing more bug fixing but my programming skills are limited 13:44
somethinginteresThe July Team Report has been completed, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/TeamReports/11/July13:54
somethinginteressagaci: no problem14:00
head_victimsomethinginteres: nice work on the team report 14:12
somethingintereshead_victim: thanks14:12
head_victimIt's been really good these last few months having more people involved. 14:13
somethingintereshead_victim: glad to help 14:15
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