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philipballewHow would I scan my network to see all the names of my computers connected to it03:01
stlsaintyour router can show you03:02
* philipballew had a brain fart03:07
semitonesthere's a program to do it without logging into the router though right?03:08
philipballewi think nmap would somehow maybe, but i wasnt sure03:09
stlsaintphilipballew: nmap is a port scanner03:10
philipballewah, it can tell me what ip addresses are being used though i know03:11
philipballewwould anyone wanna recommend a good router?03:32
Tomikassshow to move left side icons to bttom?08:10
philipballewhow are you gonna do that?08:15
bioterrorTomikasss, I'm not a unity user08:15
bioterrorI cannot help you08:15
philipballewi am08:15
bioterrorphilipballew, if you have a spare computer, I would suggest to use pfSense as a router08:16
philipballewnever heard of it. what does it do bioterror08:16
bioterrorphilipballew, it's a firewall/router08:16
philipballewTomikasss, you want to move the dock?08:16
bioterrorphilipballew, Mon06:32*<philipballew> would anyone wanna recommend a good router?08:16
bioterrorphilipballew, I'm using pfSense as my router on a intel atom board08:17
philipballewbioterror, ill look into that. I figured that was what you were talking about. probably really secure08:17
bioterrorit is08:17
bioterrorand easy to configure and does a DNS to your home network without a problem08:17
haaalpwhat does "Daemon is inhibited" mean? o.O08:17
haaalpi'm trying to mount an ntfs partition08:18
philipballewubuntu or ubuntu server?08:18
philipballewis this a windows partition?08:18
haaalpit has been used with windows, tho it's not the C: partition08:19
philipballewhum, and what did google say?08:20
philipballewmaybe? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160456308:22
philipballewive seen this one08:22
haaalpi just looked at that xD lol but that tells me to reboot, and i'm on liveCD right now and want to install, but dont want to remove that ntfs partition08:23
philipballewwhat partition are you wanting to install to?08:23
haaalpread eveyrthing there an non of it helped, i actually removed the C: partition and only have the D: partition(the one i want to save) and have unallocated memory, but i dont know how to install ubuntu without removing the D: partition because everytime it say's that it will remove it "/08:30
philipballewyou might be installing it wrong08:49
haaalphow can i install it wrong if i haven't even passed the partition screen? :S11:13
bioterrorgood question11:15
haaalpif i choose sda1 to install the boot loader on, will it still affect my ntfs partition?11:18
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KathrinHello everyone. I'm new to Ubuntu and if it's okay I would like to ask a question.20:26
KathrinOh just read the heading which says 'just ask' so I'm just gonna ask:20:27
KathrinI plugged in my headset and then the sound comes out of both the speakers and the headset and I'd like to mute the speakers but not the headset. Can you help me?20:28
KathrinOh nlsthzn you're here too20:29
KathrinYour name is hard to type :-)20:29
nlsthzn_workKathrin: just type the first three letters and then press tab ;)20:29
nlsthzn_workworks for any user name...20:30
Kathrinnlsthzn_work: oh nice! Thanks for the tip20:30
nlsthzn_workI find it very useful :) np20:30
Unit193Kathrin is using Ubuntu 11.0420:31
KathrinOh yes. I should have mentioned that. Thank you.20:31
philipballewthere is a ppa that installs upstream sound drivers20:33
ubot2A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa20:34
ubot2A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa20:35
philipballewlet me grab that20:35
ubot2Factoid 'ponies' not found20:35
ubot2If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.20:36
KathrinWow he knows a lot. Like a small wikipedia.20:37
philipballewwhats your model number of this computer20:37
KathrinSo I go to the sound thing and read a little.20:37
philipballewno, well you can. hold on im gonna look up stuff once you give me the model number20:37
KathrinSorry, but I don't know what model numer means.20:38
philipballewmy keybord sucks20:39
philipballewbut https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules20:39
philipballewi want you to install this first20:39
philipballewwould you like some help installing :)20:40
* nlsthzn_work was wondering if it might have been alsa related... naughty alsa...20:41
KathrinWell yes... I was too embarassed to ask...20:41
philipballewnlsthzn, you think installing the ppa is a good idea?20:42
philipballewopen a terminal Kathrin20:42
KathrinIt's open.20:43
philipballewcopy these lines one by one pressing enter after eac hline is pasted20:43
philipballewsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa20:43
philipballewsudo apt-get update20:44
* nlsthzn_work is not qualified to give advice at this time (he might never be :p)20:44
philipballewsudo apt-get install linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r)20:44
Unit193nlsthzn_work: +120:44
KathrinOh my password does not work.20:45
nlsthzn_workthere will be no stars... just type it and hot enter ;)20:45
philipballewthe laptop wont show you entering your password, but its still gonna be typing it20:45
KathrinOh now I get it.20:46
philipballewthe thing doesnt know to put *'s so it puts nothing20:46
KathrinHm, it says I am not in the "sudoers file"?20:47
philipballewnlsthzn_work, have you seen that before?20:48
philipballewis this your own computer or do you share it?20:48
KathrinIts my own.20:48
KathrinOh but wait.20:48
* philipballew waiting20:49
KathrinWhen I installed I made two accounts: One Admin thing and one without admin20:49
nlsthzn_workOn a fresh install without any tom-foolary there shouldn't be an issue...20:49
KathrinDo I have to switch the user?20:49
philipballewswitch to the admin user20:49
nlsthzn_workAnd this is on Ubuntu 11.04 correct?20:49
KathrinOk I switch.20:50
philipballewsounds good. now two things20:51
philipballewput those commands in and give me the model number of your computer20:51
philipballewill look online and see if anyone has had this exact problem.20:53
philipballewHow new is this computer?20:54
philipballew... she left when I was helping. I dislike this20:57
nlsthzn_workphilipballew: her net connection not to stable... give a moment I am sure she will be back :)21:01
philipballewI hope that ppa works21:01
holsteinyeah... you never know why folks drop :/21:02
holsteinphilipballew: you were asking about routers.. i like the ddwrt firmware, and i buy compatible routers (usually used)21:02
philipballewddwrt is nice. holstein is it possible to configure a router remotely?21:03
holsteinphilipballew: sure... i dont leave mine setup that way though21:04
holsteinyou can make it where the admin page is accessible from the outside21:04
holsteini use dynsns to translate my IP to a domain name21:04
holsteindynDNS **21:04
philipballewyeah, I'm goin back to san diego for another year of college and the rents need a new router. the currently have the stock att router21:06
philipballeweww... I know21:06
holsteinphilipballew: you could always do something like teamviewer, and go in from the rents box that way21:06
philipballewthat would work. team viewer is nice for fixing computers remotely if need be21:07
* philipballew prefers ssh, but...21:07
holsteini like it... easy for the rents to understand, and doesnt have to be running in the background21:08
philipballewsome routers that do ddwrt are pretty cheep21:09
philipballewits not in the repos i dont think21:09
philipballewbut a deb is easy to install21:10
philipballewdpkg -i21:10
holsteini got 3 for $30 the other day :)21:11
philipballewoh nice, what kind were they?21:12
holsteinlinksys wrt54g's21:12
philipballewthose are nice, I own one of those21:14
* philipballew will be taking that to college. 21:14
KathrinSorry for taking so long.21:15
philipballewno prob21:16
KathrinCan you tell me again what to do?21:16
philipballewsure. whats the model number for your computer21:17
KathrinI don't know. How can I find out?21:17
philipballewlook on the bottom probably21:18
philipballewlike mine is a dell studio 155821:19
philipballewthat way i can see if anyone else has had the problem to.21:19
KathrinThere are several numbers. But one says 'Aspire 5250' and then lots of more numbers.21:20
KathrinIs that the right one?21:21
holsteinKathrin: yup21:21
holsteinthats an acer21:21
holsteinacer is the manufacturer, aspire 5250 is the model :)21:21
KathrinOh yes Acer. That's also what's on the top.21:21
KathrinAnd when I start it also says acer21:22
holsteinKathrin: unfortunately, this might just be one of those tricky things that you never quite get sorted out21:22
philipballewalright hold on a couple minutes. im gonna look this up21:22
KathrinOh :-(21:22
holsteini would suggest opening the terminal and run21:22
KathrinOh ok, but let's wait for philipballew before I do anything.21:23
holsteinyou can try fiddling around there and see if you have a way to mute the speakers with headphones plugged in21:23
Nubi1KenobiI have looked through most of the Ubuntu manual....need to know how to map my NAS drive in Ubuntu21:23
holsteinyou can also try installing a package which will add some functionality to pulse audio21:24
philipballewgo do what he says while i look around :)21:24
holsteinsudo apt-get install pavucontrol21:24
holsteinKathrin: neither of these will do anything permanent them selves21:24
holsteinthey are just places to make changes that might get you the result you are going for21:24
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holsteinother than that... filing, and keeping up with a bug would help21:25
holsteinfiling over at alsa would be ideal21:25
holsteinNubi1Kenobi: what NAS?21:25
holsteinssh? ftp? sftp? samba?21:25
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, Basicallly a just a network drive21:26
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, dns-323 to be more specific.21:26
KathrinOk I opened alsamixer. But I do not know what to do.21:26
holsteinyou could check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab Nubi1Kenobi21:27
holsteinKathrin: you literally just tweak things (carefully)21:27
holsteinsee if you can get the headphones to be working, and the speakers muted21:27
holsteinjust notice what you did, and know how to undo it21:27
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, i found what i was looking for21:27
philipballewholstein, she might wanna run lspci -vvv so we can see her sound card21:27
holsteinKathrin: pavucontrol is more "GUI", i would go for that first21:28
philipballewvvv will show the driver in use21:28
holsteinphilipballew: sure... thats one way to go... im just assuming theres no better support available21:28
holsteinbut, maybe there is :)21:28
KathrinOh that's going too fast for me. So what do I do first? The lspci thing?21:29
holsteinKathrin: i would step back...21:29
holsteinask yourself... how important is this to you?21:29
holsteini can say... its not going to be an easy 'click a button' fix probably...21:30
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, can you look at this....a little confusing to me. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=110526421:30
holsteinthat being said, you can totally get this sorted, even if you have to file a bug at ALSA21:30
philipballewgo to this website: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/  Kathrin21:30
holsteinKathrin: if you want to paste bin the output of lspci, that'll help21:30
philipballewnow paste the output of lspci -vvv and do it with the terminal all the way maximized21:31
holsteinNubi1Kenobi: you know your IP? can you ping it?21:31
KathrinOk. Well it's not THAT important but would be nice if it worked21:31
philipballewthen just pit the link you get after you click paste21:32
holsteinKathrin: with linux, i usually suggest to pick your battles... this could literally easily eat a way a few days of your life, and you are still not getting the thing to do what you want21:32
holsteinthe code is all open, and the teams are willing... the hardware vendors are another story though21:33
holsteinusually, if hardware can work, it does21:33
holsteinwont hurt to look around that21:33
holsteinand check the options in pavucontrol21:34
KathrinI pasted, this is the link: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/666809/21:34
holsteinphilipballew: updating alsa is a good call too21:34
holsteinKathrin: would you run a few more commands and paste bin them?21:35
holsteinaplay -l21:35
holsteinarecord -l21:35
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, Yes I can ping it.21:35
holsteinNubi1Kenobi: thats a good start21:35
holsteinthe rest just looks like what i would expect... permissions, and adding to fstab21:36
holsteinnot trivial, but do-able21:36
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, just seems a bit tediuos21:36
holsteinNubi1Kenobi: yup... i would probably just get samba going and navigate to it as needed21:37
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, And I would have to do this eery time right?21:37
holsteinNubi1Kenobi: well, it would hopefully look like navigating to it, and clicking21:37
holsteinnothing crazy21:37
holsteinbut, yeah...21:37
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, is there an easy way to create a script to handle this?21:38
Kathrinphilipballew: was the link meant for me?21:39
philipballewits the updated sound drivers21:39
holsteinKathrin: how would you feel about trying ubuntu 10.04 live?21:39
nlsthzn_workhehe... Unity for ever :p21:39
holsteinNubi1Kenobi: define easy... ;)21:39
nlsthzn_workThis channel is almost becoming as crazy as #ubuntu (and me posting isn't helping) ... lurk mode ACTIVATE21:40
holsteini think easy is going to be fstab in the long term, and just navigating each time in the short term21:40
Nubi1Kenobiholstein, I could write a quick ahk script in win7.....21:40
KathrinIsn't 10.04 older?21:41
Nubi1Kenobibut that would not work here21:41
philipballew^steps to help21:41
holsteinKathrin: im reading that the sound device is well supported in 10.04 (the LTS, long term support)21:41
holsteinKathrin: you could try it live, see if the card works, then... you can decide if you want to install 10.04, or make note of the alsa and kernel versions and we can discuss your options21:42
holsteinKathrin: if 10.04 *doesnt* seem to work any better, then you still know something helpful21:42
KathrinOh wait this is all going too fast.21:43
holsteinKathrin:  no hurry21:43
holsteinno stress either21:43
holsteini say, do what you feel comfortable with21:43
holsteinfor me, when i was a new user, and even still... i use live CD's to learn things... what kernels work, how well hardware support used to be21:44
holsteinthis is something that is easy to do, and not affect the machine at all21:44
dec_beginner question, I've installed the ide jGrasp to /opt/jgrasp and it launches from a script /opt/jgrasp/bin/jgrasp which launches the executable /opt/jgrasp/bin/linux/jgrasp. Trying to launch the script I'm getting an error and the instructions say You may want to add the "bin" subdirectory of this directory to your execution path or create a soft link to .../jgrasp/bin/jgrasp from a directory on the executable path.21:48
dec_what command do I use with ln -s to create the symlink it wants ?21:49
KathrinOk I read the links. If I understood correctly, I have two options: installing alsa driver or using the old Ubuntu. The third thing with HdaIntelSound I didn't understand.21:50
holsteindec_: i would probably just try and do that in the GUI21:50
holsteinrightclick, make link...21:50
dec_I don't have a gui...21:50
holsteindec_: good for you:)21:50
holsteindec_: whats your beginner question...21:51
dec_I'm trying to launch the script for jgrasp and I think it can't find the executable it wants21:51
philipballewKathrin, hey! so i would boot into the cd like you did when you installed ubuntu but this time use 10.04 and not 11.0421:51
holsteinln -s filename linkname is all in know :/21:52
philipballewthen see if sound works, if not id say install updated sound configuring software onto the laptop. then if neither of those work. well see other options21:52
KathrinI dont think I have 10.04. The disc says it's 11.04. Or is both on the disc?21:52
holsteindec_: its ~/jgrasp175/jgrasp/bin/jgrasp right?21:52
philipballewyoud download 11.0421:52
philipballewdid you download 11.04? or how did you get it21:53
dec_No, it's /opt/jgrasp/bin/jgrasp21:53
dec_the script is21:53
holsteindec_: yeah, im looking at something old21:53
KathrinDownload? I bought a magazine with a CD21:54
KathrinNo DVD sorry.21:54
dec_so the script errors out with ./linux/grasp: not found21:54
philipballewwell Kathrin do you have a black cd anywhere?21:55
holsteindec_: what script? pastebin that...21:55
KathrinI think I have one. I'm gonna look for it.21:55
philipballewif you have a flash drive you can use that to21:56
dec_Here is the pastebin of the script21:56
KathrinI don't know what a flash drive is but I found a blank DVD.21:57
philipballewblank dvd works perfectly21:57
holsteindec_: sorry... over my head :/21:58
holsteinhang around though, im sure someone will come along who can help21:58
dec_okay thanks21:58
philipballewholstein, she found a blank dvd and can download if she needs probably21:58
holsteinKathrin: its up to you really21:59
holsteini mean, if it were me, and that was my first linux install, id be happy sound is working :)21:59
holsteinKathrin: did you upgrade your pacakges?21:59
holsteinthats an easy thing to check on21:59
holsteinsudo apt-get update21:59
holsteinsudo apt-get upgrade22:00
KathrinIn the terminal?22:00
philipballewKathrin, use the update manager\22:00
philipballewif you dont prefer the terminal22:00
holsteinyeah, use whatever you want to use Kathrin ... terminal, update manager, synaptic22:00
KathrinOk. The terminal is hard to understand. So I start the Update Manager.22:01
philipballewsounds good. click check and let it load and search for updates22:01
holsteindepends on what you are used to... i find the update manager cumbersome22:01
philipballewi only use update manager when it pops up with updates, otherwise i use terminal.22:02
holsteini disable it pretty quick after install22:02
philipballewbut when i was using ubuntu as a new user, back in its brown days i used it exclusively22:03
holsteinhehe... yup22:03
* philipballew still wonders why brown was default22:03
holsteini liked it... it was really an interesting look right out of the box22:04
KathrinIt says I'm up-to-date.22:04
holsteinKathrin: i would have called that 'the easy fix'22:04
philipballewalright. what would you do first holstein? ppa or test live?22:04
holsteinlol... i would just deal with it22:05
holsteinbut, i never plug headphones into my laptop22:05
philipballewi use headphones like no other22:05
holsteinassuming you know how to purge that PPA, it wont hurt to try a newer alsa22:05
holsteini would look in pavucontrol though22:05
holsteinthat would be easy too22:06
* philipballew once had a sound issue, but 18 hours straight in front of computer later... fixed!22:06
holsteinphilipballew: i hear you ;)22:06
Kathrin18 hours?22:06
KathrinWithout a break?22:06
philipballewyeah, it was really bad Kathrin22:06
KathrinWow, I couldn't d othat.22:07
KathrinMy eyes would hurt.22:07
philipballewyeah, it wasnt a common thing, but it was all evening through the night.22:08
KathrinOk so I do what it says in the link?22:08
philipballewyeah. i can just paste the comands for you to paste in the terminal here22:08
philipballewwould you like that Kathrin22:09
KathrinIf you don't mind.22:10
KathrinSorry, to bother you with all that. I feel stupid. :-(22:11
philipballewid love to :)22:11
philipballewdont feel stupid. I come on here all the time with questions22:12
philipballewsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa22:12
philipballewsudo apt-get update22:12
philipballewsudo apt-get install linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r)22:12
philipballewsudo reboot22:12
philipballewmy friend had an asus that had your problem and this fixed it22:15
KathrinOh that sounds promising :-)22:15
philipballewholstein, even if the ppa isnt gonna work. someone can file a bug and then sometime her ppa will update and sound would work22:16
philipballewyeah, Kathrin even if it doesnt work. these sound packages your installing update frequently, so an update might come one day and all the sudden it works22:17
philipballewlets hope it works when she returns22:21
KathrinI'm back.22:23
philipballewwhats up :)22:25
philipballewhow is the sound?22:26
KathrinOh I forgot to test.22:26
philipballewhaha. anytime. no hurry22:27
KathrinOh it works!22:27
KathrinThank you so much.22:28
KathrinAll of you.22:28
philipballewSWEET POTATOES!22:28
philipballewanytime :)22:28
nlsthzn_workso what was the fix in the end?22:28
philipballewthe ppa sudo apt-get install linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r)22:28
philipballewthe upstream has fixed it22:28
philipballewKathrin, I hope you love ubuntu. anything else with ubuntu we can probably find some way to answer here to :)22:29
* nlsthzn_work hands philipballew a cookie for all his effort... 22:30
KathrinYes I like it very much :-) And now that I can listen to music without annoying anyone its even better22:30
* philipballew munches cookie yum yum yum22:30
philipballewalways a plus. is there anything with your system you are unsure of or have any question about?22:31
KathrinHm, no everything else is fine.22:32
philipballewexcellent. well whenever you have a problem you now know where to come :)22:32
KathrinYes :-)22:32
KathrinAnd thank you again.22:33
philipballewif i am not here whenever you come by, holstein or someone will be here, if not ill be on soon.22:33
philipballewyou are welcome :)22:33
KathrinCan I also come if I don't have a question?22:33
philipballewvery much so22:33
KathrinI mean just to hang around22:33
philipballewhang out is good22:33
KathrinOk great.22:33
philipballewwe talk on here and also you can maybe help someone if you can. feel free to stay loged in22:34
KathrinOh I think till I can help someone I have to learn lots more.22:34
philipballewfor sure, but here is a great place to learn lots more22:35
KathrinWhere are you from? US?22:36
KathrinOr should I not have asked?22:41
KathrinSorry :-(22:41
philipballewsorry, i was takin a shower Kathrin22:42
philipballewi live in ca22:42
philipballewwhat about you?22:42
KathrinDoes ca mean california?22:42
philipballewyes it does22:42
KathrinWow nice.22:42
KathrinI'm in Germany22:43
philipballew^thats me!22:43
philipballewnever been there. is it nice?22:43
philipballewca is nice. its 100f here today22:43
philipballewbut thats normal22:44
KathrinOh you look so young. I thought you were older.22:44
KathrinGermany is ok.22:44
KathrinI don't like it THAT much.22:45
philipballew19, that pic does look a little young. is that were you've always lived22:45
KathrinHow come you know so much about computers with 19?22:46
philipballewhum. ive used linux for 4 years22:48
philipballewprobaly just from breaking my system and having to fix it or have someone help me fix it22:48
KathrinOh I see.22:49
philipballewwhat made you wanna try ubuntu?22:50
KathrinI heard that with Ubuntu you don't have trouble with viruses. And I read an article some time ago about the guy who invented it and what he is like. It said he wants everyone to have a good experience with computers and for free. That sounded very nice so I thought I give it a try.22:54
philipballewyou wont get viriuses and its never gonna slow down on you. its not gonna be yur "perfect windows replacement" but will do most everything you need to do22:55
KathrinYes, I mean I mostly use the computer for surfing and listening to music. And that works well.22:57
philipballewexcellent. it seems like you like it so far?22:58
KathrinYes. It's not as hard to understand as I thought.22:59
KathrinExcept for the terminal thing.22:59
KathrinOh no, it's 01:15 already!23:13
KathrinI have to go.23:14
KathrinSee you. And thanks again to all of you.23:14

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